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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Jennifer,
    I use my precious gift of freedom to carry and read my Bible. I use it to pray over a meal in a public restaurant. I use it to write openly about my wonderful Savior and what He has done for me in hopes of being a giant directional arrow pointing back to Him. Thanks for your words and your artwork. So glad you are free to create as you do!

  2. Jennifer- you know I think you create beautiful things. Thank you for using your gift! I use my freedom to speak the name of Jesus in public places, reminding people of the hope we have in Him. And as Bev said above, being able to carry our Bibles to and fro, freely, that is such a blessed freedom.

  3. I vote. For if I do not, I’m ignoring my great freedom of my voice. I frequently write my Congressman to let him know I’m still opposed to high speed train going down our valley, ripping out prime farm ground when following I-5, desolate, down our state would not destroy towns and farms. I pray. I got a heavy burden a couple weeks ago that our First Lady needed prayer right then. So I prayed. I do not allow hate emails of any kind to pass through my emails for God places whom He places,,,if we are responsible to be voting and praying. Complaining in a group leads to division. Prayer and unity, exercising our right to vote,,, makes the difference in our land. Thank you for reminding me to pray abd the free PDF.

  4. Jennifer,
    Thanks for making this (and others) available for us to print out. Since I am very technically challenged 🙂 I could not get this one to print, but it is one of may favorite scriptures. I also own the beloved figurine- the woman holding a folded flag as well. I happen to be very patriotic ( and still cry as we sing the National Anthem). My family help support our local troops, as well as pray for them.
    Thank you for this!
    Blessings to you,
    Susan G.

  5. I use my God-given freedom to vote, go to church on Sundays, read the Bible and pray. I also do not allow trashy e-mails ot tv shows in my house. I watch 3 TV preachers during the week to keep my spirituality up.

    Praying for everyone! HU RAH!

  6. Tried clicking on the print, and was not directed to PDF download, disappointed it did not work, any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks, really enjoy reading this, it blesses me very much. Continue your good work in the Lord!

  7. I have tried several times to print the message and can’t get it to go to a pdf, this is even after you have commented that it is fixed, do I need a new e-mail to be able to print it out?
    By the way, I love your prints and so appreciate how you share your talent for God. I have a shelf above my table and always print them out and put appropriate decorations next to it, I have several people in my home over the month and many of them comment about the prints. Thanks again!

    • So happy to hear that you always print these out to put in your home, Mary!! Are you clicking on the small image of the print above in the post? It is just one click of that image and it should be opening the PDF file for you. I just checked it and it is working for me. Maybe you tried to open it through the email of the post, I don’t know if it would open that way? I hope that helps!

      • Thank for helping, I did get it to print this time, guess I just didn’t do it right the first time. Thanks again for sharing your gift!

  8. I am using my freedom by not wearing skinny t-shirts or tops and low necklines because we as women do have the freedom to wear what we want but I mean what are we tying to achieve through it?
    Are we trying to impress the men or what?
    I know that it is hard for men when women wear skinny clothes with low necklines! WE are the ones who make it harder for them and I think by deciding not to wear that kind of clothes we do not only honor God (since we are his holy temple) but we also honor men whether we know them or no. !:)