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Hi, I'm Ruth. I'm a nurse, married with two children and once upon a time I was a teen mum too. I love notebooks, music and buttery toast, but spiders make me cry.

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  1. Beautiful. This is great encouragement! Jesus heard us even when words won’t form. ” You’re frantic, but He’s already working on it and you haven’t even asked, but He‘s heard.” – I love this. x

  2. What a beautiful picture of how the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groans when we can’t even find the words. Often, when my prayers are so desperate, I can only call out “Jesus”. Over and over again, I call upon His name. He knows what I need, he’s just waiting on me to call out for him. Thank you for a wonderful word picture – I’ll be forever reminded when I see dandelions gone to seed.

  3. I know this fear — my daughter was missing for merely 30 minutes. 30 excruciating minutes. Police involved. My prayers were liquid, emanating from my eyes. And just two words: ‘Oh, Lord.’ It was enough.

    Our story resolved quickly and safely. Not all can say the same. Yet He is faithful in all. And hears our every word — or lack thereof. Thanks for you words today.

    • Oh Kirsten, that must have been awful. I’m so glad that your daughter was found safe and sound. Thank you for stopping by today, God bless

  4. A lot of times, I just don’t know what to say or how to pray. This is encouraging….. 🙂

    • It can be tough to find words at times, can’t it? Even when there is no emergency. So glad you found this encouraging, I appreciate your comment – thank you!

  5. Oh, those times when we are “fearing the very worst and forgetting how to breathe” and all it takes is a simple, (though desperate) “please” or, “Jesus” to know that we are not alone and prayers are heard. It’s so reassuring that long sentences or religious phrases are not needed to summon God’s presence. He is already with us, alert to the changes in our breathing, the heart-stop feeling, the panic in our hearts, anxiety eating away at us from the inside out. No matter what we are facing, help is there to cope and survive. And even if we say nothing at all, God knows us inside out and is working on the solution before we can give it voice.
    This is a beautifully encouraging reminder to trust what we cannot yet see and believe what we do not fully comprehend. For Jesus does indeed care and intercede on our behalf – always. Thanks, Ruth! xx

  6. Thank you so much! That was so simple yet so profound and very comforting! ‘God knows the end from the beginning’. He says in Psalm 139:4 “Before a word is on my tongue, you Lord, know it completely.” So amazing and so reassuring!

  7. Ruth,

    Such a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us! It is truly comforting to know that the Holy Spirit is there for us when we are wordless & frantic.

    I usually light a candle in my dark bathroom get into shower & just pray–a lot of times I just let Jesus read my mind & spend some quiet time with Him!

    Praise God for His comfort & the Holy Spirit speaking on our behalf!

    Beautiful post–Glad your child was found!! God Bless!!

    • I love the idea of lighting a candle in the bathroom and the shower is a great place to pray (particularly if you have small children and struggle for quiet time!). Thank you for taking the time to comment, Beth!

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  9. Lovely juxtaposition of the images, especially dandelion O – that’s well clever. I think I’ll be carrying that picture with me for a while.
    We lost one of our children as a toddler at church one time (he hated crowds and had retired to the ladies loos to play with the taps & water.) Other half ran up & down the road frantically looking and he ended up putting himself back a week having had surgery.
    So glad your writing is getting out there Ruth x

    • Hello Jo! Isn’t it so terrifying when they disappear?! I love that you found him playing with taps though 🙂 Thank you for joining me here and for your encouragement, I so appreciate your comment!

  10. That was truly amazing. Right now I am frantic and feeling like you did looking for your son

  11. I think I’ve lived a year in this space of having nothing to say to Jesus, but Help Me. And so I’ve been quiet and I’ve spent days staring through old window panes and I’ve felt His spirit blow right into my quiet and I sit here tonight, never having felt more alive in Christ.
    Thank you~

    • That is such a beautiful picture, Lori. Sometimes, we just need to keeping seeking him in the quiet , I think, and that’s where he whispers us alive

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  13. What a beautiful piece and so encouraging for all who feel their inadequacies re prayer. I ‘lost’ my son twice at church and both times my heart became as lead in my chest and all I could do was ask God to keep him safe. He was only 2 years old the first time and the thoughts of him stepping out into the road in front of cars that would not be able to see him till it was too late horrified me.
    Your piece also was a nice reminder to thank God for keeping my children safe and healthy.
    Bless you.