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Lyli Dunbar enjoys karaoke in the car with her husband, digging into Bible study with the girls, and reading 12 books at a time. A writer, speaker, and mentor, her burning passion is to know Jesus and to make Him known. Join her at to find fuel for a...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh how delightful!! If I felt settled, really settled, I’d pursue a group of women like this!! As it is in my life today – I barely feel as if this is home. Lord, let me be content!! And wherever I lay my head, let it be home, and fill my life with lovely women like this!!
    Thanks for inspiring!!! Thanks for posting!!

  2. I was part of an un-book club too Lyli. The one who started it moved back to England so we met once a month and just ended up talking. There is something about the way a book will bring people from all walks of life together and create a beautiful circle of community. Enjoyed your story and learning a bit more about you.

  3. I really look forward to breaking bread with these women, Shelly. We’ve all been crazy busy lately and have not seen as much of each other. It is good for the soul to sit across the table with your friends. 🙂

  4. Oooh Lyli! I love that kind of book club! Friends sharing meals and sharing hearts. What a blessing those friendships are 🙂 Great storytelling friend!

  5. Lyli- love this! The UnBook Club! I admit that sometimes my small group (6 young women who all went to high school together)… We read & plan to talk. But once we sit down around the table, it’s so nice to just take a deep breath, relax, and talk to your girlfriends! (sometimes we talk for an hour and discuss the book for 5 minutes shhh) 😉 We just need that time with other women who “get it”, time to unwind & unload and hear that you’re not alone! Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

    • Emily, your small group sounds a lot like mine! We just finished doing Lisa Harper’s Malachi study, and we managed to get off topic almost every single evening… one of the girls has 3 little boys, and I think she was just glad to be out of the house and around someone who is not a male. 🙂

  6. Lyli, your story made me sad and happy all at the same time! Sad, because your Vienna cafe and friends all sound so lovely and I was sorry I wasn’t there too (in a good way :)). And happy because I LOVE happy endings! And God sure does write some “spectacular endings”! Amen. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

  7. It’s so wonderful to see you here, Lyli! Loving this tale. I have longed for the community of a book club since I left one, probably 5 years ago now. (Ironically, because everyone else had kids and I didn’t. Now who’s laughing?) But you’re right … the books aren’t what really matters, although I enjoy some book discussion. It’s all community. Always!

  8. I have a Bible study/Prayer Group that often forgets to open the Word, or spend time in prayer… and yet – the Word is shared and prayers are sent up unspoken every time we meet! I love this! Yes – send that Red Head a Thank You for sure!!!

  9. You are blessed, indeed, to have friends to do life with, no matter the stage you are in. When it doesn’t matter where you meet, what you eat – only that you have a great discussion – that is GREAT relationship to be cherished. Wonderful post, Lyli!

  10. What a delightful read! I have never been in a book club without a book! Maybe I need to try that!! I am glad I came by, Lyli. You made me smile! Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  11. Thanks for the memories! What a great time to eat and share how the Lord has worked in each life. We really do need to write that book one day–I’m sure we would all read that one. LOL

  12. Lyli,
    Found you! 🙂 Such a treat to read you here as well as your own blog 🙂
    Great post which I plan on sending to my girlfriends who “do life” with me!

  13. We did not read a novel again this month, but we did engage in storytelling.

    You’ve inspired me to start an Un-Book club…and maybe start my own collection of mismatched china. =)

    I’ve just moved back to my home state after being away for many years and I’m missing these kind of friendships- the ones where you circle up and do life together and spur one another on to pursue Christ.

    Thank you for sharing here!

  14. I love that you and your friends are participating in a “book club” where you are living in the chapters God is writing for each of you month by month. The blessing of friendship and your special Vienna is something sweet.

    Thanks for sharing your friends and your story here.

    • Thanks, Amy. This is a group of friends that I have known for many years. We used to all work together at the same Christian School, but now God has moved us to different ministries. I realize now how spoiled I was to have them in my life EVERY DAY for so many years. Our Vienna chats bring them back to me — these women are “home base” for me. They keep me centered, and I cherish their wisdom and prayers.