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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. Wonderful, head nodding, amazingly, and craziley hits so close to home! thanks! Wonderful book too! 🙂

    • Yes, the name satan means to cast separation between God and humans. Thank you for your share….Its good to remember that satan is part of God’s plan. kathy

  2. Lysa,
    I can so relate to having my people bump into my happy. I really never thought about it as Satan scheming to separate us and ultimately separate me from the peace I find in God through Christ. I get up everyday around 5 am. just for this reason. I like being in the quiet, with God and reading my Bible and posts like yours before my people rise. My 20 year old son, in particular, has a sure way of bumping into my happy depending on which side of the bed he wakes up on. I admit that I am sometimes resentful of his moods affecting my attitude toward the day. But, seeing Satan as my enemy, and not my son, helps my perspective tremendously. Watch out Satan; I’m on to your tricks!! Thanks for a truly helpful post!

  3. Unglued is sitting on my bedside table for summer reading. I can’t decide if I’m excited to read it, or worried I’ll be terribly convicted over some of my behaviors;) I see “growth opportunities” in my future!

    • Read it! Even for those of us who try so hard not to be controlled by emotions, it’s sometimes an impossible task, but “Unglued” is incredibly helpful. I just finished it, and, with the fall bringing my busiest 4 months yet (I work full time and then go to school 3 nights a week x 4 hours for my master’s degree), I guarantee that I will be rereading it before bed, hopefully to unwind from many, many crazy days.

      I’ve already found it so applicable that’s it’s a bit scary. 🙂

  4. Great post, Lisa! I can SO relate… My man and I recently bumped into each other’s happy while hanging pictures in our new home and it all quickly went downhill from there. What began as a tiny difference in opinion as to where to hang a few photos and pieces of art, evolved into a big mess of many differences in opinion over many different things. How we got there, I’m not really sure but I’m confident the enemy was actively working to divide and conquer. Gratefully, God is bigger than all of Satan’s schemes and we soon came back to our senses, set down our swords, and chose to forgive and love once again.

  5. Great post. Thank you.

    Unlike you, I almost ALWAYS wake up grumpy. Crabby. Not happy in general. Throw a 3-year-old into the mix – and his rather unpredictable morning mood – and well, I’ve got a recipe for some serious sparks near my gasoline puddle.

    God has been urging me to get up early – oh, so early – to spend time with Him first. He wants me to get my mind set on Him and THEN tackle the day via His strength. Not my own. The idea is to be on the OFFENSIVE against the dang devil rather than play defense all morning. (Because I know how well that does NOT work.)

    I have recently become aware that the devil gets me first thing, nice and early, and I’m not willing to let that keep happening. Joyce Meyer talks about controlling the day – not letting the enemy control it. I have been thinking about this, and now your post reiterates that to me.

    Thanks again for writing this. Great reminder for everyone.

  6. I’m with you on the temperature thing, Lysa! I love the strategy of rethinking who the enemy is. So often we make it out to be our loved ones, when in reality it is Satan. Great lesson here.

  7. Hello Lysa,
    This a wonderful refection. I find that our expectations contribute to our level of happiness and contentment as well. That is why events such as parties, which we expect to be fun, can sometimes leave us stressed and quiet everyday moments can bring us tremendous joy.

  8. Lysa, great article. I wake up happy too. Most days I can stay that way, but not without a fight. Not a fight with others, but a fight with self. I like how you worded it–when something “bumps into your happy.” It’s funny, when perfect strangers literally bump into us, we are quick to excuse them, but when something (or someone) bumps into our HAPPY, we go to a bad bad place in our minds and hearts! Thanks for the reminder of how schemed this whole mess. And we know Who is stronger than the devil, don’t we? 🙂

  9. My husband & I have this code we use when either of us react to something bumping into our happy – we will refer to the other having put on their “grumpy pants” and it has really helped to lighten the moment plus signify a warning that unpleasant grumpy behaviour has reared it’s ugly head!!!! I loved this post & as I am such a culprit of reacting to people bumping MY happy it has truly been a word in season. BTW in case you were wondering I also wear the grumpy pants most in our home….not proud of it but am going to take this different perspective on board & try to retire the said pants most of the time. I’m NOT letting Satan continue to have a field day at my expense 🙂 TK

  10. This was so encouraging. He is a liar and the father of all lies and he knows his time is short. I tell myself when someone bumps into my happy, take a breath, don’t be so quick to respond. That works for me.

  11. You have reminded me that Satan is alive and well on planet earth…and that he hides very well! Oh, he has been in between me and my man for quite some time now. this gives me a whole new perspective on our trouble…that the instigator is to blame (not my man) for all this strife. You have given me a fresh new perspective on life today, thank you Lysa!

    • I understand this from my working days. I am now retired, thank you Jesus. But if you cannot clock in when you first arrive, then you forget later. Right?

  12. I know this is silly, but I feel led to tell you my story of what happened this very morning …
    I work in the office of a manufacturing plant and about 2 weeks ago our Human Resources Manager announced that none of the staff may clock in more than 7 minutes prior to our normal scheduled time, which is 7 am. The girls in the office thought that was just for the guys out in the shop. I always arrive early to work, anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes early, I clock in and I GO TO WORK. Well, this was not ok with Ms. HRM, she admonished me to STOP IT and do as I was told. So, I have been complying with her new mandate.
    In order to keep my morning routine in sync, I still left the house at the same time, but have refrained from clocking in until the proper time… that is until this morning. I totally forgot to clock in at all! I had been working about 5 minutes when I remembered, so I went and told Ms. HRM and she said “well go clock in”. Immediately I wanted to protest and insist that she mark me in at 6:53, I mean really, I HAD been working for 5 minutes and you won’t pay me!
    Of course the Lord has been dealing with me quite heavily about being respectful to others, especially those in the household of faith and how I must not quarrel, let my gentleness be evident to all, forgive as the Lord has forgiven me, etc.
    I feel really stupid even telling you how irritated I was… but Satan really bumped my happy this morning. LOL
    Thanks for letting me share 🙂

    • I understand this. If you cannot clock in when you first arrive, you get busy and forget it! I have done that many times, myself. Thankful now for retirement!

      • I agree…. that is a stupid HR requirement. Creates more headache than anything. Those are the EXACT type of things I “go off” on, too!

    • Suzanne, BTDT and totally understand. Here’s some advice that has worked for me in the past.
      How about setting a new “First things first” priority, to keep you balanced, focused, and alert to the time. For example go into work and pray for the first 5 minutes (for your coworkers/workplace/anything else you desire) and read a scripture or a devotional for 5 minutes. Then when that’s complete, go clock in. You’d still be at work, ready and willing, but alert and stayed on the Lord, prepared for the day. I suggest you try it for 30 days and watch and see what the Lord will do for you.

  13. God is so GOOD! I have been having a lot of bumps in my happiness lately, and just as I was reading I got another one. But because I was reading your post I had new insight and was able to quickly stop the “grumpy” and put things in perspective. It does help knowing others also “react” when their happy gets bumped! Thanks for the honesty and insight and good advice.

  14. What bumps my happy is my sweet and loving husband talking to me before I have my coffee. And I don’t mind if he just says good morning but I get grumpy when he tells me a long story and I cannot follow it yet because I am not awake. Please honey wait until later in the day! ha. Later, in the after noon he is dozing in his recliner and I am trying to talk to him and he is snoring! ha.

    • It is good that he WANTS to talk to YOU. In time, that may change if you are not listening. He may find someone who DOES want to listen. Just saying…. seen it happen over and over.

  15. I feel like reading this has me suiting up in the battle against bad moods 😉

    Loved it! Thanks Lysa!

  16. Thanks for this article. Ihad always been a victim of satan’s ploys when ever my happy went bump. But now I shall be on the lookout. I won’t allow those silly things to make me react in a way that that ties in with his expectations. Keep up the good work and God bless you

  17. Thanks for the wake-up and heads-up regarding who may be involved when people or things bump into my “Happy”…I certainly don’t want to make it any easy for the enemy of my soul to keep my off track and out of kilter…

  18. Thank you for your encouraging post…I just needed to hear these words…Something happened last night and my reaction was so wrong…so your words was once again a good reminder that I should not give any room to satan to steal my happiness!
    ps.”the fight” about the temperature at home made me laugh:it is just like me and my husband! 🙂
    Thank you again for sharing!

  19. Thank you so much for this timely post. I could relate to “the fight” over the temperature. Lately, my happy seems to get bumped often due to lots of hormonal changes. I’m fighting them and Satan it seems. It helps to be reminded that we are doing battle daily. I need to try to chill out and pray to God for his help. Thank you.

  20. Hi Lysa:
    This is so true for me!! I bought your book Unglued int he audio version last summer when it came out and I have listened to it more times than I can count. I had NO idea that Satan was my enemy using me and my loved ones to stir up nastiness in my life to the point of me hating my life! Satan totally destroyed my marriage (the divorce was final yesterday) and I am determined NOT to let him steal any more of my peace and good things in my life! No more grumpy mornings or explosions because something didn’t go my way, I’m going with the flow and making Satan angry. I have noticed that he has stepped up his game, but I have too.

    Thanks for the great post Lysa!
    🙂 Angie

  21. This is so timely, I was sitting here thinking of my battle that I am in right now, believing God for restoration in my marriage, so as Satan tries to bombard me with negative thoughts, this came in just in time. I thank God for using you to help me fight this fight. I crave prayers that I will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony..

  22. I am pretty sure that the Lord gives you, Lysa, the EXACT words to write so I can read them 🙂 I feel like most days, you are reading my mail, which is a WONDEROUS thing in my world. I praise God that you have the courage and perseverance to continue to do what you do, with the brilliance that you do it with!

  23. My hubby’s opinions on decorating can bump into my happy…which always “re-bumps” me into my checkbook which can crush my happy…but then, like a Labrador puppy who can not stay focused, I listen to my children laugh, listen to the Christian station on the radio, or catch that same hubby out of the corner of my eye looking cute, and I forget my happy was ever disturbed.

  24. Lysa,

    Your devotions are such a blessing. I have been reading your made to crave and doing the DVDs and I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it has been. I have 17 pounds and I love defeating the enemy with my food battle. My husband has promised me your unglued series next! Be blessed!!!!!

  25. Lately my son’s girlfriend has been bumping my happy. Feels more like she is bulldozing it! I would swear that she is doing it on purpose and trying to come between my son and our entire family – using me as the vehicle to do it. I know Satan is at work here! Of course, I thought he was working through her only. Just realizing he has me on his side too by my reactions to this situation! 🙁

  26. Lysa…thank you much girl. I love your honesty. I grew up with an idea that I had to look and act perfect in order to be a good Christian. Thank you for helping me recognize the lie and start accepting Jesus’ gift of freedom and salvation.

  27. Great post, Lysa! I generally wake up happy too. I never thought that it was the Enemy’s work when my happy got bumped! Now, I shall be on the lookout for him, the lair! Thanks again!

  28. Isn’t it too bad, and so sad that it’s always “our people” that can ‘bump into our happy’ the most…but then that IS the evil satan’s schemes for us – to get us to fight with our family! My challenge is to remain “unheated” when someone first gets ‘heated’ with me. If I would remain calm and neutral in my attitude without ‘biting back’, things would smooth over much quicker. I’m trying to remember to ‘take the high road’ and be the one to not get so irritated. But it has to be a daily asking the Lord God to give me the strength and wisdom to ‘hear’ the word – “be kind and don’t use a harsh word”. It is only by His Holy Spirit that we can keep our words and attitudes in check! Praise God He’s always there to help us!
    Thanks for this huge reminder Lysa! This happens to almost 100% of us, I’d say!

  29. The first thing I try to remember is that I’ve bumped Gods Happy way more than my happy has been bumped. If it wasn’t for Jesus saving me I wouldn’t have a happy to be bumped!

  30. Very true… The enemy wants to separate us from God’s love. The enemy will steal, kill and destroy.
    God loves His children … and He will never leave us.

  31. What bumps make happy is when Satan gets in a marriage and causes a separation. I have a friend who has triplets and they were finally coming to church. They were enjoying the church services . Satan did not like the fact he was not winning the battle for their souls . God was working in their hearts. Satan caused a wedge to happen in their marriage. Now they are separated. Could you please pray for this couple? I believe if we all pray we can help this couple defeat Satan and get their marriage back on track.

  32. I understood all that many years ago. I understand it deeper every year. Satan is great master to divide people. Many of them understand they are not God’s children and try to bump into God’s children happy. As for me I am bumped when I am tired and exausted and alone.

  33. My pastors wife & I are reading your book ‘Unglued’ All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for the words you have written. Your book is allowing me to see my reactions in a whole new light & I am desperately making “imperfect progress” through it. This post is just what I needed today to encourage me in this new reaction walk I’m taking 🙂
    Your an inspiration (& HILARIOUS!!)

  34. You have no idea how much I needed this. Right. Now. Today. I am simply stunned. Thank you and thank you, God.

  35. Lysa, I so agree with all that you have shared! and the 68 degree thing is an issue in our house too! My husband and I are always in a different climate with our temps.! too funny…
    I am thankful that nothing can separate me from the love of God even when my happy gets bumped. God also reminds me where my true “happy” comes from, the bumps are temporary, and not to let those circumstances (or the enemy) steal away the Joy of what is more important. His JOY is the real “happy” !

  36. I love the phrase “bumped my happy!” Such a wonderful way to describe it to the rest of the family when we begin to feel the sparks fly. Our second daughter always appears just in time when she feels the beginning of a disagreement and chimes in with the phrase “Peanut butter and jelly!” It’s a great reminder that we, as a family, need to stick together like peanut butter and jelly to always be effective for God. Excellent post, Lysa!

  37. The moments when I know I am being taken advantage of or being used…..or when those I love dearly are treated unfairly and unlovingly and/or disrespectfully……bumps into my happy extremely easily and extremely quickly. But before I allow my mouth to open I try to find my perspective in “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

  38. Oh boy – was this a good one for me!! I love the title and I can totally relate to what you have written!!

    I think I will remember this the next time my happy gets bumped again!!
    Thanks so Much

  39. You had me at, “Satan is scheming to have me help him out.”

    I don’t want to help him. It gives new meaning to Ephesians 6:10, the FULL ARMOR OF GOD.

  40. This so happened to me today. Someone in the grocery store parking lot said something to me about my husband and it lite me up…so of course, I had to call him and get it off my chest; therefore, placing him in a not-so-good mood and now the guilt comes…I allowed Satan to get the best of my relationship with my husband, who is my bestest friend ever and now I am sad.
    Get thee behind me Satan and leave my family and relationships alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Lysa for reminding me who my battle is against.
    Terribly sorry,

  41. I let others “bump into my happy” way too much. My four year old pitches a fit – bump. My husband has a bad night at work – bump. A coworker or fellow driver annoys me – bump. God is really working on me to help me find better ways to react. I am loving “Unglued”. I am becoming aware of ways to change my patterns of behavior. Thank you!

  42. What bumps my happy is catty ladies at church. One gets mad and they have to bring others into it instead of talking with you. A lady has misunderstood me but instead of asking me she is going around trying to turn everyone against me. The funny part (not really) is no one asks you what is going on I just look like the mean person. No one tells her why don’t you talk with me. Instead they would rather believe a lie. And I have tried to speak myself but I’m totally refused in anyway shape or form. So all I feel like doing is leaving the church. but like you said satan would be the winner. But I’m not sure I can do this……

  43. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post! I can completely relate and too easily forget who’s behind all the bumping so thank you for the reminder.

    As far as the warm socks…Google “fleece socks”. I live in northern Minnesota – trust me – they are AMAZING! (Of course fleece jackets are good too!)

    Stay warm – and cool (as in attitude)!

  44. For a while now people, things, and circumstances (work) have bumped my happy. I wake up in a decent mood, but not the usually happy self I was. Never did I think that it was the devil trying to make me upset with people. My hubby and I have bumps every now and then, but eventually we work them out.

    As for the warm clothing, buy a pair of wool socks for the feet and wear sweatpants or work out pants. That plus blanket and warm cup of tea and I am toasty warm no matter the temp.

  45. This spoke volumes to me tonight. I’ve been thinking it was just a bout of bad PMS, but I’m seeing that I’m being set up by the enemy of my soul.

  46. Oh man, this is perfect timing on this post. My husband and I are both struggling with how the kids’ attitudes (er, normal kid behavior) “bumps our happy” so easily. We quickly lose our cool after an hour of toddler whining, fussing, and temper-tantrum throwing. I ended up in tears, praying last night for God to clean my heart, take away the anger, and give me the words to use with my 3 year old. My man and I are praying fervently for some help in this area, because we’re failing to keep it together… and I had completely failed to see that it was the enemy trying to take the natural frustrations of life and blow them up into a wildfire of screaming. Thank you for this post. Truly spoke to my heart today.

  47. Hello Lysa,

    Isn’t it fun how God can just put that right word right in front of us right a the time we need to hear just that? And often, it is the last thing we think we want to hear.

    I sat here tonight after some unpleasant words with my husband. Yet another time I just wanted to talk but he wanted to correct, and the same old ending: both of us just aggravated and tired of the effort. He going to bed, me sitting here…needing…..something. So, I checked my email. Disappointment followed…no one seems to want to email me tonight. What an unlikable person I must me. Husband in bed not talking, friends/family silent not emailing…..

    But there were notices from the few blogs I follow….sometimes…..

    I looked at one. Couldn’t get into it. Then my eyes fell on this one: “When my happy gets bumped”….I didn’t see your name at first (I am about 1/3 into Unglued).

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to open it. Maybe it was about some sweet young mother with little ones. I am way past that. Empty nesting and NOT enjoying it one little bit…yet….I keep waiting to embrace this time of life and not envy those young mothers.
    But I felt that prompting to go ahead and give it a read…now I know why. And I also know where the prompting was from.

    I read. And heard. I already know this (I’m older than you…so that makes me …wiser…right?), but I forget. Need reminding . A lot it seems. This (your words) is said what I needed said. My husband and I, yet again, had stepped into Satan’s trap.

    One of us has to not let that happen. I think, at least for now, it has to be me.

    Thank you for reminding this older…and …wiser??….woman to rebuke the enemy, to stop letting him take control and create disharmony in my marriage. I am aware of satan’s schemes…yet I let him weezle in and take over.

    Time for that to end.

    Thank you , Lysa. I may be “older”, but I am not too old to change and be stronger against the enemy, and stronger in the One who offers true peace.


  48. Oh Lysa, if we were in each others sphere I might like to think we’d be kindred sprits. Love this post and love your books . Thank you for being real, honest and not giving up on the things that God wants to change in you.

  49. Yes, Satan’s schemes bump my happy! Especially when they gain victories before I realize they have sought to pillage and plunder my happy! Love this, Lysa!

  50. Thanks so much for this article. It hit close to home especially now in a situation where my happy got bumped about a week ago and I realized I was still letting it “bump”.

  51. This post totally resonated with me as I am striving to not yell at my kiddos when things get out of “control” Recently I realized that every time I was about to come unglued Satan saw an opportunity & I was willing to go along with him. It does make a difference realizing it really isn’t so much about the tiny people up in my grill, but that Satan is up to his old tricks trying to defeat me & then layer me with a bunch of guilt after I loose it. Helps me to keep on keeping on. Thanks for confirming!

  52. Wow – I just recently “liked” your page on Facebook and have been reading some of your blog entries and just WOW!! I feel like you are in my head or in my living room! What a blessing that you allow God to use you in this way. I am so thankful for your teachings! This one really hit home – I have a shorter fuse than I care to with my little ones lately and this made me think of it in a different way. In NO way do I want to team up with Satan…so here’s to a new perspective!

  53. Love this. This is me….my happy gets bumped so easily. I have been so blessed with all your articles Lysa. Thanks for sharing.

  54. It does not take much for my people to bump into my happy. I am an exploder and struggle with negative self-talk. After years of suffering from infertility, God made us parents by entrusting us with an eight and a nine year old from my husband’s family. (FYI: adoption is the cure for childlessness, not infertility) They are now teenagers and oh how a fifteen year old girl’s bad attitude and a fourteen year old boy’s chronic dishonesty can take my happy (which was wavering to begin with) and bump it straight into oblivion. And my loving, hard-working man needs only to show the slightest sign of disapproval, indifference or disappointment to send my happy running for cover. The last thing satan wants is for us to have a happy, healthy marriage. He does not want my kids to feel loved, wanted or accepted. I refuse to allow him for another second to use me to achieve his destruction, I will not help him hurt the people I love most in this world. Thanks for reminding me who my enemy is and who it is not!

  55. Good food for thought. You know what just popped into my head? A line from the book “Catching Fire” (book 2 of the Hunger Games series). *SPOILER ALERT* As Haymitch, the mentor, is about to send his tribute Katniss into the arena for a second time, his parting words to her are “Remember who the enemy is.” It wasn’t the people right next to her in the arena he was talking about. He was talking about the government, the ones manipulating everything and everyone for their own benefit, to advance their evil schemes.

    It’s the same with us. When someone “bumps into our happy”, we need to remember who the enemy is. I think I’ll be mentally chewing on this for a while.

    • A Hunger Games illustration! LOVE IT! 🙂
      Such a good connection to the idea of remembering that we are in a battle and there is someone seeking to destroy us.

  56. It took me a long time to understand this same truth. I don’t always succeed in not succumbing to Satan’s schemes, but I’m getting better at remember who is the real enemy. Not those who bear flesh…but the one who wants to rule it. I’m learning to call him out and call him what he is…a liar. With his pants on fire. Thanks for the encouragement and perspective as always!

  57. I feel my shoulders tighten when my kids whine. Messes don’t bother me, it’s the whining when they don’t want to do something or are frustrated that makes me want to flip my lid! Thank you for this post!!!

  58. I’m so not a morning person, but I can relate to allowing things to bump into my happy and affect my relationships with the ppl I love! Satan loves to create havoc and discord in our lives! We just have to try to remember to breathe and think before we speak. Thats the hard part when we are frustrated! Thanks for your encouraging posts and ministry Lysa!

  59. even my illness can be an “excuse” for my temper to glare, all i need is to tell myself ‘it’s part of my illness, i can’t help it!!!’ it’s a trick of satan, though, and i need to remember that!!!

    thank you for the realization, i had not considered this possibility!!!

  60. I can certainly relate too well to having my happy bumped 🙂 Lysa, I love your way of looking at it. I have a new resolve… not to aid Satan’s schemes.

  61. Well, Satan successfully met me in Alabama for an extended family “vacation” and I decided to let him stay for the duration. I purposely didn’t read any of my in)courage posts (under the guise of “I don’t have time”) and he got himself ingratiated into my psyche. Ugh. It’s taken me a week and a half to pull myself INTENTIONALLY out of his grip. Wow, what a grip. Thank you for this poignant and scary reminder of how little it takes to let him in – and how much more it takes to get him out again. (Because really, were my mother’s generalized anxiety or my sister’s crazies helped by my moaning and groaning, tears and frustration & general impatience? Where was His love in me during all of that upheaval? Sigh…). Thank you, as always, for your brilliant way of nudging us a little closer to His grace. So glad I read this – FINALLY – this morning.

  62. Amen, sister. This homeschooling mama of 5 loves predictability and routine and bumps often bring out the ugly in me. Such a great reminder exactly who wants me off-kilter!