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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Just had dinner at friend’s home last night and the whole evening reminded me of this book. Wonderful fellowship and delicious food!

  2. Hey,
    I tried to link up my post at the “An InLinkz Link Up” highlight above, but it doesn’t direct me anywhere. I think there’s a problem html address perhaps. As soon as it’s fixed, count me in! I’m ready. Thanks!

  3. I love encouraging and loving my family and guests around our dinner table! Great fellowship. Our family can sit around after our meal for hours just talking and laughing.

  4. This book gave me the desire to get back to nurturing with food….rather than grabbing this and that and putting no thought or creativity into my meals, I am craving and desiring people around me while preparing, joining with others, nurturing at my table…and being in community…wanting my meals to be more than the time of day.. and I’d better get food on the table – to who can we have join us and let’s create something with lots of flavour…I’ve tried three or four of your recipes and the flavour combinations have opened up my taste buds…blueberry crisp LOVE, dates goat cheese bacon apps are divine, green well salad with balsamic vinaigrette oh ya! Love when the flavours stand out in a dish, it seems to create a starting point to some wonderful conversations about food and restaurants, but always ends up talking about family and dishes you remember having as children all the way up. LOVE, FAMILY and some great meals connect us all…

  5. This book has inspired me. I am NOT comfortable in the kitchen. But I’m learning. And Bread & Wine has challenged me to invite others to sit at my table DURING the learning process, and not wait until I feel I have it all figured out. Just last night I made an impromptu invitation to a friend to join us for dinner. I didn’t spend the afternoon cleaning my house, she had to move aside a few toys to sit down, the kids were running around . . . well, being kids. But it was good. We had dinner and enjoyed some wine. But most importantly, we enjoyed great fellowship. This is something I hope to see in our home on a weekly basis.

  6. today i am surrendering my vehicle….what represented a sign of achievement and success. maybe i did flaunt the wonderful blessings that my management position allowed, but my heart only wanted to be used more intensely for God. so within two years, i have left that position, no employment (funny i couldn’t find another job), was at the gates of Heaven and was sent back, and now i turning this symbol of what was back to the lender.
    but i am more blessed than i have ever been. i am alive!!!!! my daughters are women who have grown to know God in a deeper, more profound way because of the challenges i have been privileged to walk through. people are seeing, for themselves, what having God in one’s life means……God is not taking away from me….He is asking me to return to Him that which was His all along. all of our God given blessings are to be used for His purpose…in, and for, His time.
    He has need of this vehicle for someone else now. it has served His purpose in my life. He has caused me to KNOW (not just to believe) that He NEVER takes anything away….He just asks for it back….so that we can move on to the next lesson He has for us…..and there is sooooo much more He is planning on giving to us…..and it may not be material….for His comfort, and love, and peace and salvation are worth more than ANYthing that we can put our hands on.
    i am blessed beyond measure….exceedingly, abundantly…above ANYthing i’ve ever thought possible. i no longer “own” this symbol of man’s success…..i never did!!! i just never acknowledged that!!!
    God’s blessings for all who seek the only One who can truly give us what we need!!!!

    • May you continue to see with His eyes all that He has for you!!! God bless you richly for sharing at such a time as this!

  7. This was my first time doing the Bloom book study. I really loved the book, the videos, and all the yummy recipes I made. I’ve already made the blueberry crisp three times (and making it again tonight for guests coming over), the turkey burgers, and the breakfast cookies. I have ingredients for others that I’m also looking forward to trying. I love that they are gluten-free (and many are vegetarian and vegan) because, even though I don’t need to cook following any of those regiments, I have a lot of friends who do, and I want to make them feel welcome when I have them over.

    Digging a little deeper, I so appreciated and was encouraged by Shauna’s mommy stories and thoughts on shame brought on by the enjoyment of food and resulting body shape/size ;). Life-giving! And the whole concept of doing life together around food and fellowship (communion) is something to get passionate about! Thank you for this opportunity! I’ve been so blessed by the book and discussions.

    • Kay,

      I’m so glad you joined us this time around; I think a lot of people were first timers this go ’round.

      It’s such a blessing to hear how everyone has been impacted; you’ve made some points that I’ve heard over and over again the past few months.

  8. Thanks for the book study and conversation.
    Meals are about blessing others with whatever we have.
    Hotdogs or gourmet food!
    Fresh roasted beets …or canned.
    Being together at the table in love is what our God is all about!

  9. I’ve read other Bloom book club books and watched the videos, but this was the first time I followed along faithfully and read as they were being posted. I loved everything about this book. As a foodie, I loved being introduced to my first “food memoir”. I loved the stories and feeling so connected to Shauna’s life through the pictures she created. I live near the areas she writes about and love the lake as much as she does. I went blueberry picking and made blueberry crisp. All of that fits into what I would normally do. Where I was the most stretched was in the community part that she writes about. My biggest take-away was when she said that we invest time around the table with people and community so that when we really need those people, they are there. Love that! I loved every part of the book, videos and recipes. Thanks for choosing such a perfect summer study!

    • Erin,

      Well, now…your encouragement is so, well, encouraging! Thank you for taking time to let us know how this book engaged you; it is precious to see how you’ve been stretched, taking away, to me, one of the most important concepts of the entire book. Investing in people not to get a return…but it’s going to happen regardless because you did :).

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this. The book, videos and comments have been very inspiring to me. So much more than I ever thought it would be. I’ve made several of the recipes and have a few more I want to try. (Eating a breakfast cookie now!!) But beyond the great food is the fellowship. I feel more like I have the freedom to not be perfect and have everything just so, but to just have some good food and fellowship and not worry about presentation and perfection. It has been liberating. Been planning a “Blue” day with some ladies from church. We’re having Blueberry Crisp, Blueberry muffins, summer salad with blueberries, etc. Our goal is for no one to leave feeling “blue”! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful book club!

    • Diane!!!

      Your Blue Day is magnificent! What a FUN theme! I bet some other readers will pick that up and run with it! Thank you for sharing (and please forgive my excitement!!). 🙂

  11. I have loved every minute of this book and the book club. I’m at our cottage in Canada with my family making all the recipes while in my swimsuit. We are savoring all the dishes and adding them to our family dropbox. So grateful for the inspiration and encouragement. And my daughter is making pies – blueberry in fact. Thank you so much!

  12. The one thought that sticks with me of all Shauna’s books is her statement that if there were a fire in her home, she would not hesitate to save her table…the memories gathered around there mean more to her than photographs or great-aunt Sally’s china (totally ad-libbed). THAT spoke volumes to me and now, every day I pass my dining table and wonder “will this fit out the back door”? She’s right. There are sooooo many memores around that table. Family members and friends who’s lives I treasure. Events and food that celebrated life. She’s right. LIFE IS celebrated when we sit around the table. I love all her books, but Bread and Wine dropped everything into perspective. Thanks, Shauna!!!!

    • Cathy,

      That certainly isn’t a thought I had before reading (trying to lug out our dining room table); but I sure do appreciate the heart of what that’s saying. So glad you mentioned that here.

  13. I am thankful you have shared this book on (in)courage. I am not a good cook and I have never really been interested in cooking since the few times I worked really hard on it and it flopped. I, did, however buy this book for my girlfriend who is a good cook and an awesome hostess.

    In reading some of the blurbs, I have changed my mind and maybe this book is for someone like me afterall. I have reluctantly been the hostess of family gatherings for 20 years since my parents’ houses were never “company ready”. Since Dad died last year I want to retire from that position. It is not my gift, but my husband is great at it. My daughter is also a culinary trained baker and has some great skills! Perhaps it is just time to “re-think” or “re-create” my role in all this. Maybe I even need a new name like the shop is getting. I had even toyed with the idea of becoming a seller. =)

    thanks again~

    • Oooo, Lina…I think the Lord is stretching you right out of your comfort zone. THAT is a joy to see! That you’re rethinking about yourself and how you CAN cook…..I’m genuinely excited FOR you :).

  14. Enjoyed a potluck lunch yesterday with 5 ladies. Fellow shipping over food and sharing community with other believers is such a blessing. This so reminds me of the book Bread and Wine. Our homes need to be available for others.

  15. I have enjoyed this book tremendously. I am in the process of selling my home and packing up to move 2 hours away. Its a good move, my husband has a job there, I’m looking for one and we have a house there. All 3 of my adult children and their families live in that community, so it really is good. On the other hand, i am leaving my church. We have been knit together with these folks and it makes me sad to leave them. Knowing this was coming, I invited my 2 dearest friends here to do the book club read of Bread and Wine. It has drawn us together and helped us to be real in our most tender, broken places. If we didn’t know it before, we know now that we will remain friends no matter how far we live from each other. As I go, I carry a hope to establish fellowship around the table in a new community.

    • Margaret,

      I’ll be moving soon to a place three hours from home; as I go, I think I’ll follow your lead: carry hope to establish fellowship around our table in a new community.

      Lovely :).

      • I’m on the other side of a cross-country move and I’m thinking about opening my home to a ladies book study. Bread and Wine might be a good choice for the first one 🙂 With the move and 6 very active family members all has been very noisy…now it’s time to focus on listening to That Still Small Voice! I am indeed so thankful for the gatherings around our table..mostly family and sometimes friends.

  16. Sometimes God speaks to us things we can barely hear above all the noise of life. This bookclub has been that kind of whisper. Mealtime is a precious way to extend What Christ has done for me! Thank you again, Ladies.

  17. Loved Shauna’s book! I’ve tried many of her recipes first with my family and they loved them. But more importantly, I’ve shy’d away from inviting friends to my house. Always making excuses about my house isn’t put together enough, what do I do with the kids, etc. But I’m glad to say that Shauna has inspired me to start getting a Cooking Club together with dear, sweat friends AND friends are coming over this Saturday for fellowship around our table!

  18. Thank you for hosting this book club, ladies! It’s my first time joining in, and it has been so much fun! Shauna’s book was refreshing and renewing to me. She encouraged me to live with open arms, to walk one step at a time with Jesus, to keep exploring in the kitchen and LOVE others with the food I prepare. You all are a blessing, and your work here will bear much fruit! ((hugs))

    • Amanda,

      Your comment? A paycheck to the entire Bloom team. Thank you. It is no small thing that you’re acting on the encouragement and loving others in new ways. I know God is pleased, too :).

  19. I have enjoyed this study so much. I am single and actually travel a good bit with my ministry. To be honest, I don’t do a lot of entertaining or cooking. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do. But I have had some fond memories of when I was a resort missionary and lived in a 500 square foot house (yes I said 500) and had a sit down dinner part for over 15 people. (On a $25 a week salary I might add.) And when I was inspired by “Top Chef” to create my own summer sandwich, which involves cream cheese and honey dew. And the time when I was unemployed and lived with a family of 8 who invented “enchilada casserole” because it was cheaper than making individual enchiladas. Or a new Christmas tradition with the Johnson family, where we watch “Elf” and have spaghetti (maple syrup was available for the brave) and candy cane pie. Even if I only have folks around my table a few times a year. I want to make them memorable. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  20. (I haven’t updated my blog in ages – shame on me). I have gotten back into entertaining and am so glad I did. I love to cook, but found myself exhausted when I got home from work and couldn’t imagine adding one more thing to my list. It has been a joy to have people over again and have that connection. This weekend we took another couple to our very humble getaway in the mountains just to bless them with some R & R and we are the ones being blessed. Thanks for the encouragement to “just do it”.

  21. I do not have a blog to link up, but I heartily say Hooray to the emphasis on the hearts around the table foremost rather than the “Martha Stewart”-ish perfection of the setting that can be such a distraction as a host….we all love a pretty table, I believe, but again, the heart & God’s Spirit are where the nourishment really takes place…I am so excited to see what changes are in store and I ALWAYS enjoy the BLOOM book club readings and videos!! Thanks

  22. My sister called this week to say that Mom is failing quickly. The news caused many family scenes to meander through my mind: a picnic at the lake, where honeybees tried to sample much of our food, making homemade ice cream out by the cistern on the farm, sitting around the kitchen table on a 100 degree day with glasses of fresh lemonade. It’s funny how family memories so often revolve around food. Mom was a farm girl, and was more likely to serve a bowl of fresh, unadorned cantalope than a fancy dessert. The meat was from some of our own livestock, we probably knew the chickens who laid the eggs, and the green beans were the very ones you saw on her lap that afternoon as she snapped off ends and broke the pods in half. Simple, fresh, whole food. I miss the farm. I miss the sound of the leaves rustling in a summer’s breeze, the aroma of choice steak grilling outdoors or, in winter, over the living room fireplace. I long for the taste of sweet corn whose water was put on to boil before the ears were picked from the garden. Fresh, pure, and good. I miss the simplicity of it all, although there is a lot of hard work involved in keeping things simple. But most of all, I miss her. She isn’t even gone yet, and I miss her already.

  23. I recently organized a monthy
    Dinner club with three other couples we are good friends with. Im really looking forward to community with them- and the food of course! 🙂

  24. I had never even heard of Bloom Book Club before and I absolutely loved it. The video discussions and cooking demos were so cool! And I did notice the beautiful dishes and since then have done more research on Dayspring website. A real bright spot in my summer, and truly some good growth in the area of welcoming others to my table and into my life. Thank you!!

  25. Oh my goodness…I have loved this book study! It was truly what my heart needed, on so many levels! We had friends over last night for dinner and it was so wonderful! I never would have had the courage to do it, had it not been for Bread and Wine, Bloom, and Shauna’s encouraging words! Truly, the chapter that really pushed me to invite friends into our home was Open the Door. I have actually read it a few times because it was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you for my book, the discussions, videos, and community! So looking forward to the next Bloom book! 🙂 Blessings!

  26. I learned it doesn’t have to be fancy but just genuine. That helped me a lot. I opened our home to a church meeting serving simple coffee and cake. It was a joy to open our home!

  27. I love to cook. Enjoy trying new recipes and making nice meals from scratch for my family and friends.

    Too often I just grab a bag meal and zap it into the microwave. That is quick and easy after a long day of work. Truth be told I probably should have been a chef or specialty cook of some kind. That is where my passion lies.

  28. Bread & Wine enriches with its recipes and topics for reflections at our meetings around the table. Last Friday of July, nine of us gathered around Blueberries Crisp and Watermelon Feta Cheese Salad. I kiss to the Girls on the Sofa and to Niequist. They bless me.

  29. Enjoyed this book study. We are in a season of our life that is very busy. I find myself chauffeuring and whipping through drive-thru windows more than preparing meals to eat around our table. This study has encouraged me to be more intentional to carve out time for us to sit and enjoy one another around the table (even if that means bringing the fast food home instead of consuming it in the car!). I’ve gifted several copies of this book to friends to encourage them in their journey of community. God is showing me how important community is as I’m attempting to be brave to open my home and my heart to others. They neither have to be in perfect condition…….come as you are……this is how we live. Authenticity is a good thing and right where God desires for us to be…with Him and others. Thanks Shauna for sharing your stories with us and to the Bloom Book Club for hosting!! I enjoyed my time around the table with you 🙂

  30. Have enjoyed the video’s and the book , immensly. Have shared with my friend sfrom fridanay noght bible study. We plan to do the book this fall. Thank you so much.


  31. I gave four copies of the book to friends, and one told me yesterday that she’s starting a dinner club at her house this week. Thank you for the inspiration!

  32. I absolutely loved this book. To Shauna, I have read Cold Tangerines and have been looking for Bittersweet. I was reading Emily’s (Freeman’s) Blog and she had mentioned in one of her “books I’m reading” that she had read Bread & Wine…I am such a foodie that it took me like 45 seconds to get my shoes on and run to Barnes and Noble to get the book…I LOVED IT! It is my very heart for community. I am divorced with 3 kids and live in a 2 bedroom apartment (for now, but believing God for a home) I would occasionally have people over and cook for them. But what seem to be easier was cooking and then taking it over to their house because I was a little embarrassed by my cubicle (my nickname for my apt). I have made the Green Well Salad, Goat Cheese Biscuits, Enchiladas (recipe is similar to mine) the Quinoa (with the chicken apple sausage of course) and Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs and now have in my possession all the ingredients to make the breakfast cookies! I have posted a few pics on Facebook and have dished out the recipe for some. I was happy to follow along with the book since I already had it. I loved so much of what you all shared. What connected with me so much was the communion of it. I had already read Angie’s book, MENDED….my favorite chapter was “The Road to Emmaus” and that their eyes were not open to Christ presence with them until he broke bread….just with that and then following up with this book I am just really awake to the need to have people around my table so conversations can happen and eyes can be opened…that happens ya know!!


  33. I loved the book, and the recipes are just amazing can’t just pick one as a favorite.
    A book on fellowship and food, the best combination with Jesus as the core.
    Thank you and God Bless,

  34. I just recently discovered your website. So I just saw your last video. I am looking going back to
    look at the others. I am excited about the study to come. I am a missionary home on furlough but I will be going back to Ethiopia soon. I am glad that I can still connect with women. This last year was
    our first year on the mission field and it has been a difficult year. God is good and I have learned a lot. But I have really missed my women friends a lot. So hopefully even though my internet access can be spotty and slow I am looking forward to studying the next book with you!
    Thanks so much!!

  35. I loved Shauna’s book so much that I read it over a 3 day period. Every spare moment I had, my nose was in the book. To say that I enjoyed the book is an understatement. Shauna’s stories reminded me of good times with friends and family {in the past}. Since I moved to another state a few years ago, I seemed to have abandoned my time spent around the table. No more. I am making a concerted effort to gather my family around the table more. The house doesn’t have to be perfectly cleaned and the food doesn’t have to be perfect either. It seems I’m always fighting with the perfectionist within me which has caused me to lose out on the fun of many opportunities. Only God is perfect—what the heck do I think I’m doing trying to be perfect anyway??
    Due to illness, I have not tried out any of the recipes in Shauna’s book but I look forward to making each recipe this fall where I will gather my family around the table and thank the good Lord for his unconditional love.
    Here is a recipe that has been in my family for 3 generations—It’s for heavenly ambrosia!

    Thank you to Shauna and incourage for the loving reminder about what’s important.

  36. Jesus spent a lot of time eating and drinking with others, and I believe He was the perfect example of how we should view hospitality today. He is the bread of life, and when I make bread I watch it rise and think about how He rose again for me. He sustains me and provides for my every need. Every bite of fresh food at the table is a gift from Him, and I want my family to learn the art of giving thanks through the meals that we share together. My kids are still very young, so we are all learning the art and balance of family meals together. I love how Jesus doesn’t expect it all to be perfect. He never looks at my kitchen with doubt and wonder why it isn’t PInterest perfection, but He sees our hearts, yielding to Him and enjoying life together. I love sharing food and making meals for others, and in this way I can be His hands and feet!

  37. I am a mother of 5 and feel as though when cooking a meal for my family I am blessing me my family and God. I feel such gratitude that the Lord blesses me with the food, tools and happiness to prepare a meal. I thank you for showing me Grace and happiness through your blog and would feel blessed to serve my family with this beautiful giveaway. Thank you.

  38. I am on my second time of reading “bread and wine””. It is such a motivator to want to be with friends around the table. I loved her thoughts on sharing life with your tribe of people. Have tried blueberry crisp, breakfast cookies, and Brennan’s Caesar salad. All delicious! Have also shared these with friends. This book made me feel things I haven’t felt in awoke. So grateful I bought the book and watched all your videos.
    Love love love

  39. I loved the book and recipes and I also really enjoyed watching the videos you guys did!! 🙂 So fun! 🙂

  40. I wrote my posts days ago but all this blogging and linking stuff is new to me so I just got around to it now. Done! Can’t wait to read other posts! I loved this book so much and look forward to future studies.

  41. I haven’t read the book but all the comments above make me want to. While I do well entertaining, I have been forgetting to “entertain” my family. Maybe this will be my inspirtation.

  42. When I think about things I miss about home or family or friends, I think about those conversations over meals, afternoons spent after Sunday lunch, special “friends dinner” Christmas celebrations, summer BBQs, coffee dates, dorm room dinners on the floor, picnics, cooking or baking with my mom or sister, holiday family gatherings, vacation suppers, double dates for dinner…

    This week when talking about creating life to defeat death (during a sermon about the fear of dying), our pastor spoke about “food on table, feet under table” among other things. It hit home for me, not only because of reading this book but also because of where I am in life, post multi-state move and mom’s death. What do I miss most? The “food on table, feet under table” LIFE… Phone calls, texts, emails — those are all wonderful but I long for the live-long fellowship of “food on table, feet under table”.. in-person, up close nourishment of body and, most importantly, soul.

  43. Book adventure with the BFF was amazing! This is first time we did one together and it was great! Had the blueberry crisp delivered in a nice little package from her and it was amazing! Shared with a few coworkers and it was great way to tell them about book. My mom ended up ordering several once she heard about it. Bought all stuff for breakfast cookies and I’m on vacation and plan to make them. Tomorrow I’m off to a card class and made beer bread- Dip and cowboy cookies. Can’t wait to fellowship and enjoy girl time. I loved this book and plan in reading over and over. Blessings!

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