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  1. I will look back later to pray for someone else.
    I am nearly 40, I was married for a short time in an unhealthy marriage before I became a christian. Please pray that God has redeemed and forgiven me. That he will make me strong and prepared to be a great wife. That a wonderful godly man who God chooses would come into my life to be a husband. That I may be a Mother too. Thankyou.

    • Before I make my prayer request, I would like to reply to Lou who made the request before me. I will pray for you and a godly man for you. I too, was married briefly in my twenties and found myself in a very unhealthy relationship. After hitting rock bottom and praying for answers and forgiveness, I divorced and turned whole heartedly back to God and his will for my life. I prayed, like you, for a Godly man and boy did God deliver. My first gift from him was a cross necklace. We married rather quickly, have two kids and teach a Sunday school class together. If you have asked for forgiveness, you have been forgiven. It’s just that simple. God will answer your prayers. Keep praying and have faith. God Bless! 🙂
      My prayer request is for guidance on my God sized dream. I am starting a new blog about my daily Christian walk. I have toyed with doing it for awhile, but it’s become kind of like Jonah and God is really nudging me to do it. My site is called Graceful Gaines. Please keep me in your prayers as I try to get it up and running. I’m not super technical. Please pray that I write what God what have me write and share what He would have me share. Thanks.

      • First I will pray for Wendy before I write my prayer request…..: God stay close to Wendy…You know how difficult Your God-sized dreams can be…there seems to be so many obstacles to overcome…..We know You are bigger than any of these problems Lord – please guide Wendy and unfold each of her days and weeks till her blog is successfully up and running…..Lord You have put on her heart to write for you ~ to encourage others in our faith….we know we can rely on You and You alone …you are faithful and want only the best for Your children……whatever plans you have for us will be successful…..give Wendy the confidence and assurance she needs to move ahead keeping her eyes on you Lord throughout every day……let her trust be totally in You God..and know Your provision comes on a day to day basis…You give us what we need when we need it and not before……..help her God to know Your power at work…… God you make what we see as impossible or very difficult at the least POSSIBLE and successful…guide Wendy’s words heavenly Father by Your Spirit who lives within her….AND when there is a delay for whatever reason guide Wendy not to go to disappointment but to Praise You God and wait upon You for resolving a problem or to know her next move…….Do this for Wendy God …I know You will be faithful in watching over Wendy with your sweet love and awesome care …..I praise you Lord for all the dreams You have planted and guided to success……You are such a Treasure to us….I pray in Your precious Son our Lord Jesus Name…. Amen…..

        well this is most interesting that my prayer request is so similar to Wendy’s…I have found God way’s are different from our’s and here He has had me pray for someone else with a similar need and of course what He guided me to write for Wendy is also what I needed to hear but I will still ask for prayer….
        I am 69 ..no family…2 pets….and have a worn out back with spinal stenosis (neck is quite bad…unable to write by hand for more than a few minutes….looks like impossible somedays) so many physical things I am not longer able to do…..I can not hold a hymn book or carry my Bible…my weaknesses are very evident…but God told me a few years ago what He wanted me to do was PRAY…..but there has also been a nudge from God….over the past couple of years to do some writing….so I have a series of children’s books on our faith that He has revealed to me…plus perhaps one for adults too….this has been since last december…….but many things seem to interfere…the needs of others….flareups of my condition….just maintaining myself daily…I will need an illustrator and I know God will look after a publisher also but it is easy to look at these obstacles and not keep my eyes on Him and just write as He guides me….I think I am asking for courage and strength to move ahead daily in this God-sized dream….and to hear from God what He wants me to write….and the style to use….I thank the next person my your prayer for me…..you are a blessing…May God bless you for blessing me …..edna

        • Edna, I am so encouraged by you! You may have a weak and failing back, but your faith is ROCK SOLID! When you still trust God after 69 years of trials, hardships, and heartaches, you are richly blessed! God has a special work for you in your writings, and He will give you everything you need to finish it. No doubt, He is directing your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6). It’s so exciting to know that God will never leave you in the early years of life, like Wendy, or in the later years like you and me (I am age 67 and also live alone). Don’t give up on your dreams, and give all the glory to God! He alone is worthy of praise, and we are HIS workmanship in Christ Jesus. I can’t wait to buy your books for my grandchildren!

          My request is for my two daughters, both in their 40’s. One works with me in my real estate business, and she has recently been diagnosed with a major blockage (don’t know yet what it is) that has nearly destroyed a kidney. She must have surgery right away. The last time she had surgery, hysterectomy 2 years ago, she had 3 pulmonary embolisms afterward. She helps me so much, and takes care of me when I am sick (MS, thyroid cancer, heart condition). Also, my younger daughter is being tested for abdominal pain. We don’t know what is causing that yet. Mothers everywhere would rather be sick than have their children sick. I know that our Father loves our children more that we do, and I trust Him completely. But it still hurts…..Pray that I will radiate faith, hope, and peace.

          • Dear Susi….I have no doubt you will radiate faith…hope and peace during this time of surgery for your one daughter and tests for the other……for you have done this in your prayer for me….this is an exciting journey God has each of us on…in spite of our suffering…in fact, I like, Paul can thank God for my suffering because in these last 6 years in particular i know God so so much better…….The Lord becomes sweeter every day……and I can help others because of my trials….I will keep you and your two daughters in prayer Susi…..your one daughter will remain safe during and after surgery….we can live on one kidney …it is a blessing God gave us two….praying He will keep her safe from the blood clots ….make sure the doctors know this happened the last time….know our Great Physician will direct the surgery and care of your daughter….and He will also reveal what is causing your other daughter’s abdominal pain…..it may well be nothing serious..this is my prayer Susi…..Give every worry to God….He wants to carry our burdens…lay them at the foot of His Cross Susi…..this is my first time on this comment site….I hope it is ok for me to thank you and Chris who also prayed for me….I don’t see why it wouldn’t be……..I know someone else will also pray for you and your daughters Susi…but I am adding my prayer ……May our loving faithful God hold you ever so tenderly but firmly during these worrisome times …May He watch over not just your two girls and their health concerns but you and your health too dear Susi…….your girls need you as much as you need them……may you always be surrounded by the deep and everlasting love of God….God will continue to bless you Susi….thank you again for your prayer for me…..I will keep your prayer for encouragement as the days go by……..love edna

        • Edna. Cheer up! God has made a way for us to just speak into a program and our words show up. Your voice is needed and the Lord has given you a message. Nothing is impossible with Him. Did you hear of the 80 year old cripple in East Germany during the Cold War? She was so crippled the government never bothered her or check on what she was doing. Every day her husband propped her up to slowly translate Christian Literature such as Corey ten Boom’s Hiding Place into her language and type it out for the underground church. She died with praise on her lips and God’s word in her heart. We Can DO anything through Christ who strengthens us.

          • Thank you Chris for your warm words of encouragement ….words I will keep close…and also for the story of the crippled woman in East Germany who did amazing work for our Lord…..work that will last literally for years…..work that has eternal significance….thank you Chris for your prayer for me…….blessings to you……edna

      • Oh Wendy, congratulations on the debut of your blog! Blessings to you.

        Father, thank You for going before Wendy as she steps out into her God sized dream of blogging. I know that her obedience will be rewarded in ways she cannot even imagine. You have promised to give wisdom to all who ask, and so I ask that as Wendy embarks on this journey, you will give her wisdom at every step. Let every decision she makes and word that she writes be guided by You and You alone. And, Lord, thank You in advance for making a way through every obstacle she encounters along the way. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


    • Lou,

      God will forgive you. Pray long and hard about being a good wife and wanting a Godly man for a husband. I did just that and at 39 God sent me the most wonderful Godly man.

      We found each other via yahoo personals. I recommend getting involved in church activities, singles groups and volunteering. If you don’t find anyone then try E-harmony or some other on-line dating service. I recommend E-harmony as it is Christian based.

      God Bless you my dear sister in Christ!

    • I first pray for Lou, that she will feel the immense unconditional love God has for
      her. God, please fill Lou with Your insight & encouragement to start afresh a new
      life with You at her center. May You bring a godly man into her life that also has a heart for being a parent. While Lou waits on Your perfect timing, God, please send Your Holy Spirit to empower her to wait on You & believe with a child’s heart.
      Please pray for me regarding a work situation I am dealing with. My school district has “involuntarily” reassigned me to work 8 hours/week in another dept.
      It is a very stressful reception desk for the disabled on a jr. college campus. My doctor wrote a note stating reassignment was too stressful & I need to return to my permanent job 40 hr./week. School district is NOT acknowledging my doctors
      note & has called a meeting in 1 week to discuss “accommodations” I would need
      to remain in reassignment. For this coming work week, I was told I was “expected” to return to reassignment. I am choosing to NOT return to reassigned dept. as my dr. note states until meeting in 1 week. I pray for God’s strength to empower me to hold my ground as I seek legal assistance thru my
      school’s union. God is in control & I claim He will work good out of this stressful situation. In Jesus name, I pray.

    • I have been called to help women, but have had some recent obstacles in my own life. Will you please pray for provision, a good job and peace in the midst of trials? God bless you.

      • Dear Janice,

        When God calls us into ministry & we say yes Lord I am willing,know that Satan will do whatever he can to throw obstacles, trials, disbelief,confusion. He does not want to see God’s children walking in victory. Therefore it is very important to find Scripture that pertains to the attacks of Satan. Pray them out loud when Satan attacks.
        Memeorize Jeramiah 29:11
        Whatever you go through as HIS servant God will teach you if you are willing how to have the victory SO you will be able to minister & teach the people He calls you to help, how they too can be an overcomer & has victory. Sometimes we have to learn the same lesson over & over again to gain further insight & victory.
        Lord I pray right now in Jesus name that You will comfort Janice, supplying all of her needs according to Your riches in glory.
        We pray that these obstacles will be removed when it is Your timing & she has gained the insight & faith she needs to overcome. Bring her a calm & gentle spirit, living her life with grace & thankfulness even for the things that are hard in her life. Lord you know her need for a job, & we know You have exactly the right one waiting for her when it is time.
        Lord you are not a God of confusion but perfect peace. Bind her mind to the mind of Christ & take captive ALL her thoughts, those that assail her & cause her to be anxious. Thank you for lessing of praying for Janice in the name of Jesus.

  2. Hey everyone of incourage!

    I had a problem that holds me down for many weeks. I was impatiently to wait for gods plans to me. As an paramedic I´m in a team with many men and I enjoy working. But the last time I felt, that there was something burning in my heart. It was the overwhelming wish to be loved and to be respected with the tender love of a man. At the same time I got to know a co-worker who was really sympathic and who really gave me the feeling of being respected – and to be wanted as a woman, not as a co-worker. I felt many feelings in my heart that weren´t always these ones who came from god. I knew that I had to pray but I was so excited to this adventure.
    One evening I pushed God aside almost completely. We kissed … but God saved me from that, that I deeply sinned against Him. Yesterday he saved me again from this sin, as I painfully realized, that my co-worker will never be interested in god and in the spirit I believe in.
    So I turned from my way, back to god again. This morning I prayed deeply and with trembling lips. God gave me peace. He gave me freedom. I felt new, fresh and deep love for my saviour and I´m determined to follow him with more passion that ever before.
    The bittersweetest thing of all is, that I know a church-member for many years. Four years ago my neutrality towards him changed in romantic feelings. I am waiting for any reaction of him (I think he is possibly in love with me, too.). I´m waiting, and waiting… but there is any reaction. Only deep glances. Long glances.
    As I prayed this morning and came back to god, all my feelings for this young church-member came back. Deep feelings and with passion, that I never felt so deep for a long time ago.
    I think I only kissed my co-worker because I felt lonely and unloved and the yound man of my church is taking up much of time.
    But now, NOW!, I really want to wait. Waiting for him, for the RIGHT one. Waiting for gods plans.
    Please pray for me, because I really want to follow my Lord, with all my heart and with all my passion.
    In deep thankfulness to those who take up the time to answer,

    • Rosie,
      Your faith and passion for God comes through so strongly in your prayer request! I believe that God will honor the prayers of your heart. Please know that I have lifted you up in prayer and that I will continue to do so. I pray that you will not settle for anything less than God’s very best for you and that you will have the strength to wait patiently on the Lord (easier said than done). I pray that God will bring the right man into your life and that He will continue to build and grow your dependence on Him. Waiting is one of the hardest things to do in life, but I will stand with you in your prayer to be able to wait on the Lord.
      With love and blessings,

    • Rosie I’m so thankful for your testimony! So many women just want to feel loved. They are so desperate, that they will settle for something that is wrong. You are a wonderful example of a godly woman, trusting in God!

    • rosie i cant type much as pain in my hand but few words with big heart of love for you dear sis,i know how you feel,my boyfriend called our relationship off in jan and until the day god brings me a man i trust god to be my husband,bless you dear one,i long to love and be loved,above all i am loved by my heavenly father,in jesus name, amen, bless you rosie, please pray my hand back shoulders are healed and the doctors know how to care for me, love you guys, vickix

  3. My prayer request is for my son who is taking a rebellious walk. He was once a Christ follower, but has gone astray. He was deeply hurt by another Christian whom he looked up to. I know that the Holy Spirit still dwells in his heart and I desperately pray that the Spirit will awaken, in my son, the truth that God loves him dearly and desires a personal and intimate relationship with him. I pray that hurts would be healed and the joy of living in grace and forgiveness would return to my son. Thank you, in advance, to all who will pray for him (and for me as his mom).

    • Rosie I’m so thankful for your testimony! So many women just want to feel loved. They are so desperate, that they will settle for something that is wrong. You are a wonderful example of a godly woman, trusting in God!

    • Bev. I don’t know why that posted on your reply. But anyway, I can encourage you today. I have a son,who once was so on fire for God, and who pulled away from God. He got into a life of drugs and some of the darkest things this world offers. It has been 17 years of fasting and praying for that one, and we are seeing a marked change. There were mornings that I would wake up and wonder if he were still in this world, not knowing day to day if his lifestyle had killed him. I had to completely trust God. There was nothing I could do. But God has chosen to continue His faithfulness to my son, who is also His son, and restore him. Never give up! Never give up prayer, thought the answers tarry, wait and believe that God had heard your crying and will respond, in His time, which is perfect.

  4. Bev,
    I hear how you feel. As I have a loved one that struggles with finding The Lord because of past struggles. I know all that it is heart wrenching to watch.
    I have prayed for your son and you. You raised him in the light of The Lord and I prayed he will recognize the Lords love and that he finds peace from his past betrayals. I pray for you as well that The Lord comforts you during this time.

    My request is simple. I pray that I will find a home church that suits my family. We moved here in June and have had a difficult time finding a church that makes all my family feel at home. So, if you could pray that The Lord leads us to a good place of worship I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  5. Andrea, I pray that God will direct your family to a place that allows each member of your family to be a part of worship and to have support. It is difficult to move and to meet the varying needs that each person has. Rest in Him and make friends along the way. Blessings to you and yours today.

    My prayer request is for my husband and me. He is struggling with addictions that take a huge financial and emotional toll on our relationship. I have ghosts from my past that creep up and also take an emotional toll. Please pray for healing and peace to flood our lives. Our teenage children are struggling too because of the unrest in our home. Prayers for them to make Godly choices in their lives so that they might avoid our pain would be appreciated too.

  6. So grateful for the blessings I received this week. A car that was fixed fir 1/3 of the first price I was quoted and my baby girl back to college. Please pray for direction for my husbands job and please pray for a financial breakthrough this week. “With God nothing is Impossible”. Thank you!

  7. Dear Kristi. I am bringing all your problems to the foot if the cross knowing that Jesus will bring u peace and comfort and he has a plan for your life. I too have teens and know how difficult this age can be. I will keep you and your precious family in my prayers I will especially pray for your husbands addiction I pray that Satan releases him if this bondage. God be with you this week and I pray you see a change. God bless !!!

  8. Dear Bev,

    thank you so much for your answer filled of love. It was like healing rain coming down directly from God’s hands and I feel more refreshed to walk on my path.
    To hear what has happened to your son hurts me as much as you as mother. Be sure that I’ll pray for your son. God has never forgotten him! Perhaps we’ll never meet on this world, but I’m excited to meet you ones a time in heaven.
    Be blessed,

  9. Praying for your husbands job Diane and praying for financial breakthrough for you family this week. It’s wonderful that you were able to get your baby girl back to college and I lift your family up this week.

    My prayer request is that this cycle of IVF that my husband and I are currently in will be the answer to our prayers. We pray that this is in God’s will and timing for us. After trying to stat our family for 4 years we had a miscarriage back in May of this year. It is and was still hard on us but for whatever reason it wasn’t our time. I know that we wouldn’t be prepared for our future babies if we hadn’t been through this struggle and loss. Our hearts ache to start our family and I pray that this is the cycle that our payers are answered and pray that God uses our doctor to help us conceive and carry our child to term. Thank you.

    • Shawnda – Prayers lifted up for you and your husband, that God will provide you blessings of children in His timing and that you both receive his gifts of strength, courage, comfort and all he has to offer as you both prepare to accept this precious gift. God has great plans for you!

  10. I am a newlywed who moved to a new city (DC) this summer. Our marriage has been wonderful, except sexually. It seems we click on every other level except in bed. I’ve been encouraged to find this website since its open about sexual intimacy.

    I’ve been incredibly disappointed. I waited to have sex so I was hopeful it would be good, but it’s not that enjoyable for me. We try and I feel disappointed and he feels irritated. I’ve read books on sex and intimacy and marriage. I’ve looked up techniques. I am plenty attracted to my husband, so iI’m hopeful we can fix our struggles.

    Please pray for improvement, for encouragement and for strength for me. I hope that things get better, but if they don’t, I want to still be able to love and serve him sexually without anger and hurt.

    Thank you for your prayers. I know this is a strange request, but we really do need prayers. Eager to pray for others through this site as well.

    • That’s not a strange request at all. Sexual intimacy is one of God’s gifts to His people and we are intended to enjoy it, within the boundaries of marriage. I’ll definitely pray for you and your husband in this area of your relationship!

  11. My prayer request? For direction for our family. We may have an option soon to move to another state and we want to be sure it’s what God wants for us before we take that leap. Our daughters are 12 and 9 years old, and I worry what such a move would do to them.

    • Kim – It is a big deal to uproot a family to begin a new life. I will continue to pray that God will guide you and give you peace about your decision to move or not move your family. And that if you do move, that God will be with everyone as you all adjust to a new living situation. Bless You!

  12. I am asking for prayer for my cousin who is a sister to me. She is fighting for her life in ICU after collapsing yesterday and being with out oxygen. She is a single mom of three precious girls. Please pray for healing, peace for the family and those three girls. They need their mom!

    • Becky,

      I am lifting your family up in prayer and asking that God provides the strength you all need to support and love each other through this trying time. I am also lifting your cousin up in prayer and asking that her struggles be painless and her recovery to be quick. I can not imagine how difficult this time is for you all.

  13. I am requesting prayer for strength and grace through this trying time in my marriage. My husband has expressed a desire for a permanent separation, but is still living in our home. Our 4 year old is experiencing something I never imagined he would, and it’s breaking my heart. I am sad about the loss of our family unit, the broken promises, and the possible changes this will cause for our son’s future. I have been shell shocked, and I am just now starting to understand that this is our new reality. He is my husband AND my best friend- so I feel as though I have lost “two” of most important people in my world. The hardest part is that there isn’t a specific reason- aside from he’s just generally not happy. There has been a lack of passion and an over abundance of life overstress in the last 4 years, but I thought it was just a season of our marriage. I never thought he would be capable of walking away. Please pray for my son, my husband, and myself. We are lost right now.

    • Chrissy, my heart goes out to you, and I will be praying for you. I have had a few seasons of severe problems in that area, one in which my husband did walk away, but there was a miraculous resolution, though it took much prayer and work. If I can encourage you, email me @ ladonna@misn.com. My prayer request is for healing in difficult relationships in my life outside my home. Not only for healing, but that I would not grieve, but instead trust God, when I have done all I can do.

    • Chrissy, my husband is also my dearest and best friend and I can feel how devastating this situation is for you. You are in my prayers ~ that God helps you find the grace and strength to work through whatever comes in your marriage, and to hold you and your son in his arms and bring comfort when it hurts so much.

  14. Today is a very sad day. My mother-in-law passed away in the early hours of today. My husband and I are separated and living in different cities. I am standing for my marriage and in theory we are a team. Very different economical situation has my son and I living with my mother and him with his mother and aunt.

    I wanted to be with him and yesterday afternoon I hear him happy about it but at night he decided that I needed to stay with my son, I’m respecting his decisión but I’m deeply hurt and sad.

    • Gina, I have lifted you up in prayer this morning. May you find peace and comfort and I pray that you and your husband have peace as well. Much love to you!

  15. Requesting prayer for total and complete healing in my mind. I know im forgiven but I keep feeling unforgiven. God bless all.

    • Prayers for you Ty – lifting you up that you know once we put our sins at the foot of the cross and ask for forgiveness, we have received. Jesus has already paid for your sins, you are paid in full! May you be encouraged and your relationship with the Lord deepen. God loves You!!

  16. Chrissy, I have been walking the same road that you are currently on. I understand what you are feeling. Lord I stand with Chrissy and ask that You surround her with your grace. Lord standing for our marriages is so very hard but so very worth it. Give her everything she needs to be obedient to You and help her cling to and depend on You for her every need. Hebrews 13:5 says You will never leave us and never forsake us. We claim that today for ourselves for our families. Thank you Lord that even in the trials You still meet us right where we are and provide for our needs. In Jesus Name, Amen. Praying for you sweet girl.

  17. Through a series of traumas and losses this year, I am thoroughly confused and lost. I feel I don’t know who I am or where I fit in life. I have a family and friends but I feel everything that made me who I was has been stripped away. Please pray for peace and direction. I’m floundering in this world and feeling overwhelmed.

    • Dear lost, I will be praying for you that you will find the place God has for you in this broken world of ours. I was arrested by your use of the word “stripped”. This is exactly how I am feeling just now and it is a vulnerable place to be in.but Believe God is stripping away that which kept me from resting solely on Him. Standing,, reputation, etc Lets lift each other to the Throne of mercy and trust and lean on our Mighty loving Lord. Weeping May endure for a night but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!!

  18. Love the fact that we can pray for one another throughout the world using this incredible gift of technology. My husband and I are in the midst of a contested adoption (severe domestic violence was involved, and our little boy’s precious birthmother made an incredibly selfless, tough choice to make an adoption plan…we have a wonderful open adoption with her and her family). Our baby boy’s birthfather (driven mostly by his mother, we believe) is contesting the adoption and we still do not have closure, as court dates continue to be delayed. Our sweet boy turns 11 months old today (we’ve had him since birth) and we just pray for a breakthrough. That God would work in the hearts of his birthfather and family and that we can mend that relationship, and have an open adoption…most of all, that we can finally officially be a family and call this precious boy our son. We love him more than words can say, and know God has a purpose in all this. But with 2 previous failed adoptions, and also a few foster placements (those are blessings and heartbreaks all wrapped into one…totally worth it, though), our hearts are just ready for this to be done (preferably in the form of a finalized adoption) 🙂 Please pray that we’d still find our hope in our Lord, no matter what He chooses to do in this situation (I admit, it would be so hard to swallow if God “dragged this out” so long and still ended up taking Samuel away from us), and that He will be glorified regardless. Mostly, we pray for Him to do a mighty work so we can get closure and move forward. The uncertainty is almost more than I can bear sometimes, especially as we love this little boy more and more every single second. Thanks for the prayers. We believe in a mighty God and pray that He is up to something AMAZING.

    • I have lifted you up in prayer this morning. May you find peace in the waiting and in whatever decision God brings in this difficult situation. Adoption is such a wonderful thing and I thank you for what you are doing to help children who need a loving family!

  19. God Bless u all!! Feeling very hopeless still digging deeper about this Lymphedema/Lipodema since 2003. Thursday night my fiance took me to the Emergency Room because I was having chest/heart pain, not to mention my back, legs & head. After having a heart attack which required a stent placement, I did not want to take chances nor did I want to keep suffering. All “tests” were negative for cardiac relative and the doctor/physician assistant’s “idea” is that is was all muscle-skeletal related possibly from inactivity?? As I cried my eyes out, trying to educate I began to shut down because of my depression & anxiety, My fiance jumped in to try and comfort & protect me without killing the guy, also trying to educate them. I am praying so hard and things just keep falling apart ~ ME. I currently have no cholesterol, diabetes, just obesity because I am unable to the Lymph stuff. I will be 40 in January and fighting to keep strong.

  20. Chrissy,
    I am praying for you, your husband and your son. I can’t imagine the pain you are feeling right now. I am praying for healing and restoration for your marriage. I also pray that God will give you strength and patience to wait on his timing. I wish I could give you a big hug!! ((Hugs))

    My prayer request is for my husband and I. We are struggling financially and are having a hard time figuring out what to do. We also have a 3 week old which adds to the need of being more financially stable. I am asking God to show us where we can cut back and for a job for me that will also let me see my daughter and finish school.

  21. My husband has been out of work except for temp work these past two yrs. I have just been told, unless something changes, I will be out of work also in October. Needless to say, I alternate between having faith and feeling full of terror… God has always sustained us, but we are both over 50 now, not the best age to be when starting over. Thank you for your prayers. Lou, i will remember you in my prayers today, may God lead you to your lifes partner! May everyone posting feel God’s presence in their journey! In Jesus name, Amen.

  22. I am asking for prayer for my 25 year old son. I know God is holding him tight, but my boy feels that his life has been nothing but discouragement and disappointment since he graduated from high school. So many changes have taken place. This last blow, he was seeking a relationship with a young lady that he knows from church, but it is not meant to be. I have been praying for God to lead and feel this is His answer, this gal is not for my boy, but that does not make it easy to accept and understand for my son. I worry he will turn his back completely on God. Right now it seems he is barely holding on. I, myself, am very sad and worried for my son, though I know the Word tells me not to worry and lay everything at God’s feet. I opened my inbox this morning and saw this email. A comfort and reminder God is still in control and we, especially me, have to be patient and wait on His timing for His plan for my dear child. Thank for your prayers and this website. God bless you all.

    • I pray that your son finds peace in the situation he is in now. I pray he is able to share his disappoints in life with others who are able to lift him up and see the good he is as he is. I pray that this girl problem gets settles one way or the other. I pray that as the LORD who oversees our lives, each and everyone of us, favour is found in the LORD where your son is concerned and that everything is resolved nicely, in JESUS’ Name I pray amen amen and amen.

  23. I’m tired with lots to do. I’ve come to my personal limit. Anything more would be so foolish. I’d collapse. We have to teach our grandson his school work and it’s hard going. He is slow and it takes patience and time. It’s extra energy for us. My husband and me. My husband looks tired as well. But, if we do nothing, he will not amount to anything in the end cos he’s struggling.
    In all my little ministries I’m doing, I’m doing it will all of my heart, so, it’s tiring as well. I’m a mother as well to the younger less experienced ones.
    O well, such is life and just plod on, right.
    God is my great reward and HE is a shield around me. Amen amen and amen.

  24. Dear Liesl, I can feel your pain and join you in praying for the birthfather and his family to be able to accept you as the baby’s parents. Meanwhile you are his guardian angels, a gift for both of you.
    I understand a little of what it is like to have a child you want to parent not be able to be with you. That is what is happening to my husband and a girl from a previous marriage. Please pray for Kat who is 17 and struggling with sexual pressure. She has some dysfunction in learning and was abused as a young girl by her bio father. Please pray that the talks we have had recently will have an impact and she will be able to withstand the temptations and pressures.
    Please also pray for my daughter by my first marriage who has 2 beautiful children and financial and other issues. The grandchildren told me this summer she is drinking a lot as her bio dad did. Please pray for P, L, and H. thanks.
    I am richly blessed with a loving husband, a believer, a man who has made my life so much better than it has ever been. I travel with him in his job as a semi driver. Please pray we will continue to be safe. I love being connected to other Christian women around the world like this. I live in Wisconsin, USA

  25. We would greatly appreciate prayers for our family. My husband & I started the international adoption process nine months ago after we tried to conceive for almost two years. We were matched with two beautiful girls five months ago & still have between 6-9 months before we can bring them home. Prayer for patience & for our paperwork to get into the right hands would be so wonderful! This would usually be my only request but three weeks ago we found out that we are pregnant! We know that this is a miracle baby but I’m also very nervous to go from 0-3 kids in a matter of months. I’m feeling all kinds of emotions on this & would love prayer. I want to rest in truth & not in the what-ifs because that 1) drives me batty & 2) is disobedient to the call God has on my life of living a life of gratitude & trust. Thanks!

  26. My prayer request may seem trivial but it’s something that is beginning to break me down. Back in May when our local animal shelter lost power during a 100 degree heat wave, I adopted a 6 month old puppy who had been living in the wild. This pup was starving for nourishment and love. I already have 2 older dogs who also were shelter babies and really welcomed this new dog to our home. I’m So struggling…..I ask for prayers that God help me find patience as every day I am tested by this new puppy. I find I’m losing my temper and feeling very isolated by the constant demands a puppy presents. My husband and I are older and it’s putting a real strain on our relationship.

    • nothing is to small for God. The animal is His creation. Ask God for wisdom, He has promised to provide it. And patience comes through the trials we face, even if they have to do with animals.

  27. Lord, I pray for Karyn and her family today, may they cast all their cares on You….help them as they teach their grandson, give them the strength they need each day. In Jesus name, Amen

    I would like prayer for two uncles ,unsaved, in hospital, that they would have someone who could speak to them to lead them to Christ and that they would be healed if it’s the Lords will. Thank you.

  28. Praying that He will be sufficient as you wait, for you, your family and that sweet boy….God’s heart is all about adoption, He adopted us into His eternal family. So the pain you are feeling He experiences as he waits for his children to turn and allow Him to adopt them completely.

    I will continue to lift you up as He reminds me…my heart is heavy for you in this journey. May His timing show itself to be perfect and His grace evident to you.

    My prayer need is concerning my caregiving for my sister who is disabled, new to faith. It is a miracle that I marvel at, after 40 yrs of addiction and abusive relationships out of state, she came home and I am helping her to live a healthier lifestyle. Have helped her get housing etc., due to her disability she is very low income, no car and few people to help besides me.

    The problem I’m dealing with is after a yr., she continues to resist growing in Christ, she didn’t graduate from H.S. and ‘believes’ she can’t read or do any ‘book learning’. I have high anxiety in caring for her due to my family not wanting me to help her (history of care falling thru & her self focus draining me) I attend a.great church and signed her up for different wom study than me and she not interested….she lived in area close to church so thought she may make friends near her…
    . I am leaning into Jesus to draw her deeper but as I wait she is exhausting. She resists meeting and making new friends, Shea in a senior bldg but is the ‘youngest’ therefore doesn’t want to know anyone. Pray as He leads, thanks so much.

  29. Tracy,
    I will pray for you and the little puppy. You rescued that little dog and it may be a picture of meeting anyone needy. You fed me when I was hungry, you gave me something to drink, you gave me shelter from the storm. It’s hard to love the unloveable but that is what our Lord does everyday with us.
    My prayer request is for my upcoming surgery. I have a herniated disk in my neck and have been in constant pain for over a month. I am praying against the fear of not making it through the surgery. I know our Lord will carry me through this, but I keep feeling afraid.

    • Marian ,

      My prayer for you is that your surgery is successful ,with a speedy recovery.I pray that you are able to get through this without any doubt going into it.Best of wishes and luck to you.

    • thank you for your prayer Marian. I pray for you as well ~ that you find peace and calm, that your surgery is successful and you are free from pain. God bless you,

  30. Miriam I will gladly pray for strength and grace for you. I know what you are talking about… You must be a sister of mercy! Me too! We long to see others in the joy that God has blessed us with. I sometimes want this more than they do. So I pray. I am a mom to 3 adult children, 2 adopted and those with disabilities. I have longed for and beseeched God for a turning around for our son for years. This is starting to happen. I also care for our daughter with Autism, with my older daughters help.
    My take away on all of these needs has been to take care of myself better physically and spiritually, and truly ask God how can I serve Him and this person best today. And then pray like crazy.
    I will pray along side you for wisdom and a fire to be lit in your sisters heart. That she will be leading others to drink from Jesus alone.
    God bless.

  31. Miriam, I pray for strength for you as you care for your sister. Thanking God for your compassion in this. I pray that you would not worry about your sister’s spiritual growth- that you would trust the Lord to work in her and draw her nearer to Him. I pray for opportunities for rest for you, and for encouraging people around you who can also offer practical help.

    Mine is a very practical request- a section of my carpet flooded and now smells horrible. I am renting abroad and though I speak the language it is up to my landlord if he replaces it, and I don’t think he wants to. However, I live in a city where it is very hard to find accommodation and and having moved in June would prefer not to have to do that again! So I would like this situation resolved quickly so I can continue to live here but not need my window open all the time as it is starting to get very cold outside.

    • Louise, I am praying for favor with your landlord so that the carpet may be replaced. May the Lord soften his heart toward you. How fascinating to be living abroad!

  32. My thoughts and prayers are with each of these requests. I ask that our Lord comfort, sustain, and heal those who are hurting and searching. This community is all about being authentic as we (in)courage and support each other daily. I am touched by the real and raw prayer requests here this morning.

    My request would be for family also. I ask for prayer for each of us as we find our way in God’s will for our lives.

  33. Emily is her name. She is 40 with three young boys. In April she became very sick and needs a liver transplant. She is an amazing Christian and mom. Her boys and husband pray with such hope and conviction,as we all do. She is # 1 on the transplant list. Thank you for praying for her!

  34. Hope,
    What a wonderful name! It will be easy to pray for you~ May the God who gives us hope and peace and grace,remind you that where ever you are, He is there with you. Where ever you go,he will go with you. May He show you the story of your life,and how to live it out. Blessings for your family!

  35. Hi,

    I am nearly 40 years and I was in a long term relationship that crumpled after we got engaged to be married. He said I didn’t give him any comfort in the relationship and he wasn’t sure I was the man. We both made mistakes during the relationship which I was more than willing to work on but I guess his mind is made since he has started seeing another woman. I am devastated by by all this as I truly and deeply loved the man and still do. In the course of the break up, I lost my job and so as I write, I am putting up with a Sister as I have no home and very little money. I am trying to walk with journey with God although its hard at times. Please pray for me that God will heal me of the pain of the break up and bless me with a good man to spend the rest of my life with. I am also desperately praying for a job so as to have my own home and take good care of myself.

    • Nkiru,
      I pray that during this time of pain, God will bring you comfort. May you draw near to God as the One who loves you more than you could ever imagine.
      I pray that God will so fill your life with His presence and blessings, that you will seek Him more than any person. As you place Jesus as Lord of your life, I pray God will open doors for you that no man can open, and close those doors that no man can close. That He will lead you to the perfect job, where you can serve Him. May God bring into your life, a Godly man who will be willing to walk this journey on Earth with you. As you seek God first, trust that God will fulfill the desires of your heart.
      Be blessed and seek Him,

  36. I just want to give Thanks and Praise to God for this blog and for the in-courage team! My husband and I have one son who is 31. For the last decade he has been out of our lives because of his violent outbursts against us. We gave him up to the Lord and raised him in a believing family. Christian summer camps, Youth Group on and on. Some days I cannot believe this is what God wanted for our tiny family. All my husband and I ever wanted was to be parents. We are both in education and have been able over the course of this time to be mentors and minister to others in their 30’s. It’s been a wonderful experience to know that others have reached out to us and found us to be fun and engaging to be around. For years our son has berated us and told us how horrible we were as parents. Words can build one up or tear one down. We are still healing from the years of abuse from him. Our pray is for a complete and utter healing for this man, our son. My husband and I fear that because of our age, late 50’s, we will be taken from this earth before this healing ever happens. My birthday is on 9/11 of this week. My boy hasn’t acknowledged it for so many years I cannot remember. I would ask that he would at least send an email to let me know he is thinking of me. The mother/son, father/son bond is an incredible thing. There is something intrinsically wrong when this bond is broken.
    Thanks ladies so very much for your prayers for our family!

    • Happy Birthday! May God grant you a special blessing. Life can be sad, but Jesus said He will overcome and give us joy and peace. I pray you heal and know God’s peace.

  37. Heavenly Father, if this Your wish, may you touch Louise’s landlord’s heart and make him realise that this situation is very disturbing for Louise and is affecting her life. But if it is Your wish that she moves to another house, may You help her to find a better accomodation. May Your Holy Spirit help her take the right decision.In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Please pray for my family, for my husband who is working and studying abroad. He was at home for vacation and went back since two days and we are missing him a lot. Our wish is that our family may be reunited definitely whether it be in our homeland or abroad. Pray for our little daughter, that God may bless her health and help me find a good school for her. And also pray for me, I am a working mother and I find it rather hard at times to take care of my daughter when my husband is not with us, may God give me courage and strength. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father God, you see Gem and her family and know how they long to be together. Please, in your best timing, work out this situation so that she and her husband may stay in the same place long-term, and that their daughter may have the blessing of both parents caring for her. Hold Gem in your arms, give her strength and courage to walk the path she is on right now, working and taking care of her daughter. Thank you for your great love for all of them, and that you are even now working all things for good. Amen.

  38. I feel that God is calling me to learn to bear witness to what He has been doing in my life. This is difficult on two fronts: I have many friends who are not Christian, and it is difficult for me to explain my faith to them; also, when I have expressed God’s movement in my life to other Christians, many of them do not seem to understand what I’m talking about (being saved from bondage to the law as well as bondage to sin).

    Pray that the Spirit would give me the right words to bear witness to His love and grace, which are so radically changing how I experience and live life, and the discernment to choose when to speak and when to (instead) listen to those around me and support what God is doing in their lives.

    Thank you so much, sisters.

    • Father I lift Sarah up to You now!
      Thank You for transforming her life in a way that only You can. Thank You for placing on her heart to witness to others so that she might show your love and compassion to those who are needing it too!
      I pray right now that you would open her eyes to see and her ears to hear when you are leading her to speak and when you are asking her to listen. Give her the words to say when she is meant to say them and fill her with trust in You that so long as she is seeking YOU first in all things, You are right there by her side, giving her direction.
      Place her in situations where her story is meant to be heard and please open others hearts to understand the compassion You have had on her life.
      Thank You Father, for going before us and for standing behind! I pray Sarah would place her faith on the Rock that is You!
      In Jesus’ name,

  39. I would love prayer for an increase in trust and in hope for me. After trying for a while my husband and I got pregnant in the spring only to have it end in miscarriage in June. I am longing for hope and trust in God as we try for another. I would love prayer that there WILL be babies for us – I have wanted to be a mommy since I was a little girl. Also, no fear in losing another baby. So far our timing has been horrible – the last two times “trying time” has fallen on the calendar we’ve had big things in the way. The first was an annual golf/camping trip my husband had with all his brothers and friends, which I was happy to have him go, they always have so much fun. But – then this last time is actually a second prayer request in that the day before the calendar and signs said it, my husband fell from a ladder at work and a HUGE praise would be that he will be okay. He did fracture/break five bones in his face that so far look like will all heal okay, and he broke both wrists, plus tore ligaments and had a couple dislocations in another. he goes in for surgery tomorrow morning to repair that with most likely only 50% flexion in his wrist returning according to the doctor. His spirits have stayed pretty positive and other than a little cabin fever he is doing well now.
    Prayer for safe surgery and no complications, plus an even better than hoped for outcome of the surgery would be so appreciated! Also just an uncomplicated recovery all around and for his spirits to stay up and positive as this active, “do-er” personality man needs to heal for at least 3 months. No financial strain because of it would be helpful as well!
    Sorry for such a long-winded request! I didn’t mean for it to take so long!
    Thank you for your prayers =)

  40. Lost in Texas’s post is pretty much the same as my prayer request.
    I’m weary in so many areas of my life.
    I am blessed with a husband who is a hard worker, and we don’t live an extravagant lifestyle, but we just seem to have a hard time getting ahead financially.
    I have a wonderful family, though we’ve gone through some huge problems, we are coming out of them.
    I am 52 yrs. old, and still feel like I’m missing my purpose. My desire has been to write children’s stories and devotionals. I also love photography, but I don’t know what to do with the desires of my heart. I know this sounds stupid, but I feel so stuck. I just wish God would show me a huge neon sign giving me step by step directions on how to get published. We don’t have the money for self-publishing. What causes sadness is the thought that it feels as if life is passing me by, and I am not living out my purpose that God created me for.
    I’m not sure this makes sense, but I appreciate the prayers. Thank you.

    • Lisa,
      I said a little prayer for you!
      I too have been writing children’s books and thought I would pass on a few things that I have found out if they are of any help at all.
      If you are able to get your hands on a copy of the 2013 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrators Market book I highly recommend it; it is filled with a wealth of knowledge for all of your options and tips for getting published.
      I am not sure how having an agent works as far as monetary things go, but from my understanding, you send your manuscripts in to them and if they believe in it, they will fight for the book for you with publishers and you pay them a percentage once your book is signed.
      Also, if you can find a critique group of peer writers in your town, it will be a huge blessing to you. Not only will you find where/if you need to fine tune anything, but most other writers are filled with knowledge and experience in at least submitting manuscripts if nothing else. You can learn from one another.
      I hope that helps a little bit! I pray you trust all of God’s BEST for you as you follow His leading in your life and the choices you are making.

    • Lisa, I’m hugging you tight. I know what it’s like to feel lost and in search of God’s purpose. I am lifting you up now and promise to keep you in my prayers. We share the same dream, so I’ll pray for you as if I’m praying for myself.

      The first of a few pieces of advice I have for you is to learn all you can about the children’s writing/publishing market. It is is ever-changing and highly competitive. You don’t need much or any money to do this. Two excellent blogs I follow are The Purple Crayon http://www.underdown.org/ (hosted by Harold Underdown, a children’s book editor) and children’s writer Boni Ashburn’s website http://www.boniashburn.com/index.html. There are a lot of children’s writing blogs out there – but most of them will lead you back to these two sites because they are that good.

      My other advice is, if and when finances allow, join the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators. As competitive as the children’s writing industry is, the children’s writing community it is one of the most encouraging and supportive groups of people I have ever encountered. Every writer I have talked to has said the same thing – join SCWI as soon as you can. The website is http://www.scbwi.org/ if you haven’t already checked it out.

      The last piece of advise I have is to just keep writing if that’s what you love. Most published children’s authors go through years of rejections and revisions before publication. And if they didn’t love what they were doing, it wouldn’t have been worth it. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Keep doing what you love and you’ll live your way into God’s plan for you. I believe it.

  41. Father, I pray that you will be with Gem and her family as they go through this season. Please them with peace and comfort. Help Gem to balance the needs of her daughter and her work. Help them all to feel your arms around them. Provide them courage and strength. Make a way for them to be united again. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Please pray for me to be able to finished moving, sorting, letting go off things. Pray I will get everything done that I need to for the house to be shown this week for sale and for a good offer. Pray for my daughter Jaimi who is leaving her boyfriend and coming to live with me in my new location. Thank you.

  42. We have a family misunderstanding that is causing much hurt and a wide separation. I would like the Lord to work this out for His glory and help the hurts to heal quickly. Also our daughter & son-in-law are in the process of adopting a brother and sister and we ask the Lord for things to go smoothly & stay on track. Thank you! Vicki

    • Dear Vicki,

      I know from experience how misunderstandings within the family can hurt one. But how wonderful that your daughter and her husband want to give these two Kids a new home. I think of you and pray for you and your family that everything works out well in the end. May He give you the patience that is necessary sometimes.


      (Sorry for my mistakes, English isn’t my first language.)

  43. Sarah, I will keep you in my prayers as I have many friends who are not Christian, and it is a struggle. It’s always so refreshing to be with women who understand your heart and understand what you are suffering. I am in a very difficult job situation. Been with the same company for 20 years and am thinking about switching camps? I’m so comfortable and I just don’t know if God orchestrated the move or I did. At first I was very excited and wanted the change and there are some things about the new place that I’m not sure I feel so comfortable about. Please pray for God’s will in all of this and not mine.

  44. Thank you for this wonderful idea to experience support.

    At the moment I need help while writing my diploma thesis. I procrastinate, I can’t concentrate, and when I work on it, I give in my perfectionism again. I’m so stressed and have problems sleeping at night. Please pray for me that God gives me peace so that I can rest at night and think clearly while working on the thesis. And that He gives me a boot somehow to start the work each day.

    Thank you in advance for your prayer.

    • Angelika,
      I will be praying for you- that God will give you peaceful rest at night and that you would wake up refreshed with a new found Grace to work on and complete your thesis. When I was in nursing school and under a similar stress, I would often think of the scripture that “I can do all things through Christ who infuses me with strength.” I could picture having an intravenous infusion of the blood of Jesus. All my old blood would drain away and instead I was strengthened by his precious blood.
      Many blessings on your day,

    • Angelika –
      When I started to type my prayer request, yours was the one just before mine. I am feeling called to pray for you – I understand the importance of your thesis, and also can relate to the perfectionism getting in the way. I just pray God’s peace and wisdom will surround you, that the Holy Spirit will give you exactly the words that need to be said, and that you feel the confidence that Christ is leading you in the way you need to go.
      Praying for your success and joy –

  45. I am grateful for the love and strength of the Lord whom I can turn to in my days of trouble.
    Please pray for my Bill and I. He has suffered with Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and now at 71yrs, he can been diagnosed with Dementia. The stress has been terrible for so many years and I am so exhausted and stressed out.
    Thank you for this opportunity to pray and be prayed for.

    • Hello Becky,

      I feel drawn to pray for you maybe because I worked extensively with older adults with Mental health challenges and I understand and have seen first hand the strain and stress the main carer is under. I have always said the carer suffers more than the patient. It is a non stop unrelenting job.

      I pray for God to grant you the strength you need to care for your Bill. More importantly may God send you help, people to aid you in caring for bill. Most importantly, may Gods healing hand touch Bill. There is nothing impossible for our God.

      Praying for you Becky.

      Gods grace.

      • Thanks so much Nkiru, I really appreciate your prayers. It’s been 19 yrs of hard labour. I just long to be released from this weight of burden.

  46. My husband and I are expecting our first child this spring and are ecstatic! That said, I come from a long line of mentally and emotionally unstable women with very strained mother/daughter relationships. We will be finding out the baby’s gender in the next few weeks and, as the date approaches, I am succumbing to fear and anxiety about the idea of having a daughter.

    My unspoken wish is that, at least for our firstborn, to have a boy. A feel horrible even writing that, much less sharing it with my support network and feel very isolated with these fears. Prayers for peace and joy, regardless of the baby’s gender, would be much appreciated!

    • Nicole,
      I have prayed for you and your husband this morning. Also for your precious baby. Be it boy or girl, you have a beautiful chance to break the chain if you have a daughter. Just let go and let God. Let God guide you through your prayers to Him and open your heart to Him. He has the answers for you. I will continue to my prayers for you. God is going to give you the way to have a beautiful relationship if you do have a daughter. I raised for sons. Always wanted a daughter but since I am terrible at brushing little girls hair and can’t tie bows, God knew exactly what He was doing by giving me 4 wonderful sons. But through them I now have my 4 daughters. You are going to do fine with your baby, boy or girl. The prayers will continue. Let me know what you have so I will then be able to pray for the baby by name. God Bless You, Candy

      • Thank you Candy, Cheryl and Lisa for your prayers! We just had our ultrasound a few hours ago and….we are having a healthy, baby girl. Continued prayers would be much appreciated!

    • Nicole – Congratulations to you and your husband as you plan for your first child, what a wonderful Blessing from the Lord! Prayers to you both that you accept God’s blessing just as He sends this blessing to you. Prayers for you both, that you develop wonderful, healthy, nurturing bonds with this child that continue to grow and flourish throughout your lives that you may be an example to all around you of a family relationship built based on the love of Jesus and the Word of God. May your fear and anxiety be replaced by His peace and comfort which surrounds you.

    • Congratulations Nicole!
      The prayers that have been written for you are everything I would pray, so I am joining in with their prayers.
      I would recommend reading the book by Stasi Eldredge “Becoming myself”. It has a couple chapters that deal with the mother/daughter relationship, that helped me out tremendously.
      Praying God’s blessings for you and your family.

  47. In my prayers sister, for peace of mind, may the gift of the Holy Spirit lead you each day. May the words need flow through you to complete your thesis with ease, peace and joy in the accomplishment. For through our Lord and Savior all things can and will be accomplished through His will. Peace be with you now and forever. In Jesus name, I pray peace of mind, heart a d soul upon you. Thank you God for bless I g Angelica this day and all the days of her life. Shalom. Amen. Shalom.

    By God’s grace I have been given the chance to love again. A very dear man of extra ordinary valor, faith and integrity entered my life in January. Last night he asked me to marry him. I am asking And too praying for the blessing of the Lord be upon us, as He binds two hearts to one. As a three strand cord is not easily broken. God is our center and I pray this area continues to be strengthened. Peace be with you all this day, in His glory may we stand. Blessed be this day, the Lord has made. Amen.

  48. I am thankful for my daughter and ask your prayers fr the right early college program admittance dpfor next year so she will fund the intellectual fulfillment and a peer group that accepts her fr who she is. I ask prayers for myself that God will empower me to do what is necessary in diet and exercise to get healthy and lose lots of weight after three years if foot and hip surgeries.

    • Pamela,
      I am praying for you and for your daughter. I know that God has a plan for you both and he will provide what is needed for you both. God Bless You

  49. Please pray for one of my grandsons going through basic training for the Army National Guard. He has hurt his back and won’t know will the middle of next week if he will be able to continue for the last 3 weeks of training. We are proud of him no matter what but this means so much to him we pray that he will be able to finish. Thank you for your prayers. His name is Joshua. God Bless You.

    • Sending prayers for Joshua as well as his family! Remember the Lord has plans for Joshua, and will place Joshua where He wants him to be. 😉 Praying Joshua has full healing and listens and follows where the Lord leads.

    • Candy,

      I pray to God that he heals Joshua’s back injury quickly and helps him to continue the training needed to complete his goals! I feel I needed to pray for both of you since I have a son who has just enlisted with the Army and will leave next August after completing high school. May God watch over Joshua and all military personnel in their health and well being and ensure their safety at all times! God bless you both!

  50. Dear Nicole, having a child is having the most wonderful blessing. It is also a huge responsibility that causes most of us no small amount of fear and anxiety as we try to do our very best for the souls entrusted to our care. I pray you will be filled with joy at the arrival of your baby and will entrust any and all your fears to Jesus. He walks with you holding you and your child’s hands as you go. He will always hear the prayers of both parent and child. And any mistakes you make (all parents make mistakes) He can turn to good for your child in the long run. He tells us to fear not but to bring our concerns before him. God bless you and your child today and always with a loving and warm and blessed relationship.

  51. Prayer request for my other half Jim who has neck, shoulder and arm pain due to what we believe is a pinched nerve. Please pray for recovery through Jesus Christ name – Amen.

    • Hi Cheryl! I will pray that Jesus would supply comfort and relief for this pinched nerve. May God provide Jim with the ability to relax and receive healing from the Lord.

  52. Praising God for His Faithfulness, Mercy and Grace!
    Please pray for my family. Specifically for my husband and I as we have finally come to a wilderness place and need to have a direct plan to get our finances in order. We are in severe and enourmous credit card debt and are drowning in the stress and anxiety of tryng to make ends meet each month. This is directly affecting our marriage and has for some time. He was shielding me from how bad our debt is and had become and had seriously become paralyzed from the shame and embarrassment of it all. (I went through major medical challenges last year with stage 1 breast cancer and also a subsequent hysterectomy after that.) This has affected our whole family, but specifically my 3rd child who was poised to start college. He waited one year after graduating from HS and was ready to move and begin classes at a wonderful school. We had to tell him one week before his move in date that we could not afford to send hme even with student loans. I’m not even sure if my husband was able to try to get help from the financial aid office at the school. This has been devastating to say the least. I am thankful that we are finally doing something about this problem that we have had for many years.

    Please pray for my son. That God would give him direction and a plan to move forward from this, to be stronger because of it, and that he would land a job that would help him save enough money to meet his goals and to attend school.

    Please pray for my husband and I! That we would pull together and work in unison to get on track with our spending and the medical bills and be kind and gracious with each other. We have a lot of hard work to do! Thank you!

  53. My prayer request is for strength and patience as I care for my husband who has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has been hospitalized twice so far and having him at home is so much harder than I imagined it could be. I care for his needs all day and he is up many times during the night needing care as well. Its something I want to be able to do for him with love and patience, but its such a struggle sometimes. Please pray for Gods mercy. His peace and for healing and grace for these difficult days and nights. Thank you so much…

    • Michele,
      May the God who gives strength to the weary, fill you with His strength. May the God who is peace, fill you to overflowing with His peace. May the God who hears our every prayer and collects our every tear, carry you and your husband through this time. In the name of Jesus, and by His stripes, may your husband find his healing. I pray that you will find glimpses of God’s love in the little things that happen throughout your day. Whether through a scripture brought to your mind, or a song being played, I ask God to reveal Himself to you. You are not alone. You are loved.

    • Oh Michelle honey,
      “PLEASE FEEL God’s Strength Lift and Hold You UP, and Take Care of ‘You’… as You Take Care of Your Husband!” Just ‘Know’ He’s There. Period. And also know We hold You in Prayer too.
      God ‘Knows.’ He Knows the needs of your husband, just as He
      Knows Yours. And He’s Strong Enough and Big Enough to Take Care of You Both!
      Just continue to do your best but you also ‘have to be’ GENTLE with
      Yourself. We forget Many many times that we are Only Human, thus very
      fragile. Wherever you leave off, just ask God to help you with the rest. And, “Believe” that He WILL.

    • I truly understand caring for a husband who is ill. It is not something we can do in our own strength, but God does not ask us to. He says COME TO ME and I WILL GIVE YOU STRENGTH. It is in His strength and grace you can do what you need to do. Do not be afraid to ask others for help. If you do not take care of yourself you will be of no good to him.
      I pray that this night you will both know peace and rest and God’s healing and strength.

  54. Hi, thanks for wanting to pray for us. Please can you pray for my mum? She starts 3 weeks of radiotherapy tomorrow. I’m very grateful to God because He answered prayer and she felt fine all through the chemo. She lost her hair, but she said she’d rather have no hair and feel fine than the other way round.

    • Sarah, I too went through radiation treatments. I will pray that your mom will also sail through the treatments just as well as she did the chemo. It is draining and she will feel very tired. Learning to rest and relax will be a great help to her. Let her know it is okay to feel yucky and it’s also okay to feel good.
      God is with her every time she will receive the treatments and he can use them to bring healing to her and zap all of those cancer cells from her body!

  55. Nancy, I will pray for you and your son. I have one son who had a difficult time “launching,” but through prayer and help from family members on both sides, was able to procure a wonderful, well-paying job out west, and support his wife and two children. He is now the grandfather of two. We did not want him to move so far away, but he is his own man and we respected that. My other son is disabled and dependent at the age of 34. We lost a daughter to brain cancer, and the other is struggling with her health. The apostle Paul said, in the midst of trouble, “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Philippians 4:11. My first daughter is safe with God, along with my two sons born too early. My two ill children trust Him with their lives. Entrust your son to God, and no matter what happens, be content.

  56. Please pray for my son as he is beginning a new career several states away from home. This week he will be moving into his own apartment. He has been living with a college roommate and his wife for four months so that he could save money. He has found the most economical apartment but with all the deposits, needing to purchase things for the apartment, he is so stressed. He works a part time job and usually puts in between 50 – 60 hours a week between both jobs. He is so overwhelmed. Even with the two jobs, he will have very little money to live on. At the end of this month, he is going to need around $400.00 for the balance of deposits. I have raised my son on my own since he was two. His dad got a girl pregnant at church and left us for her. It has been a very hard life with no child support. We have made it though by the grace of God. I am a teacher which is not much pay as everyone knows and I am trying to help him the best I can. We just need a financial miracle. My son wonders why God lets us struggle so much. I keep telling him to trust God and He always makes a way. Please lift him up in prayer. Thanks so much.

  57. Michelle, you have my prayers for yourself and your husband. I am 77 and caring for a disabled son, and would appreciate prayers for us.

  58. I will pray for you Gerrie.
    Please pray for me – struggling with 2 ‘friends’ betrayal and need to move on
    God bless you

    • Gerrie,

      I pray that the “2 friends” that have betrayed you will be guided by God to see the truth. I pray that God will comfort you and that you will find friends that are life long for both good and bad times!

  59. Prayer request: First, I am grateful to God for protecting my husband while hunting for the past few weeks, keeping me going with work and three children at home while he has been gone! May he return home safely.

    Our oldest continues to need support with a situation that has been overwhelmingly painful: marriage, becoming a father, baby falling, accusations, legal charges, and pending divorce. Thanks to God many of the issues that were painful have gone with a better outcome than originally thought.
    I pray that all remaining legal issues will be peacefully resolved soon so that he might find better employment that will be more supportive for his son and his needs, that he may complete the education that he is pursuing, and lastly to have the comfort and peace to have a life filled with peace and joy. May we as his parents and family find the physical, financial, and emotional needs to be supportive to him and his son and continue this journey with God’s help.

  60. Anne. I understand the pain of betrayal and am praying for u. For the person that prays for me, although I could always use prayer I ask instead u pray for my friend Brenda Slocum. She is fighting pancreatic cancer. Please pray for a healing for her!

    • Tena,

      I will gladly pray for your friend Brenda Slocum! We too have a friend, Tracy, who is struggling with pancreatic cancer. I pray that God will comfort and heal Brenda and all that suffer from this illness. I pray that God comforts you as you support your friend each day.

  61. I will be praying that God answers your prayers, Anne, and blesses you. I am asking for prayers for my family and myself. We are living in a bad neighborhood in a house that is not in very good condition. I have five children, 14 to 22, and two grandbabies, 2 1/2 and 5 months. I thank God that they are all doing so well considering the circumstances. I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and lost my job due to complications from the surgery. We have been living with my father, who is 88, and in failing health. I am trying to take care of everyone with limited resources. My two daughters are grown and have moved out on their own, and are doing pretty good. I send my 3 boys to stay with their dad and grandparents as much as possible due to the house and neighborhood. My father refuses to allow me to get him help, and I am struggling both emotionally and financially. Please pray that God helps us out of this bad situation and helps me find a way to be able to financially support my family and put them into better living circumstances. Thank you.

  62. I desperately need pray today for all of the pain and loss I have gone though was a divorce … I have masked it over the past 5 years with drinking… I’m afraid that if I start to cry I will never stop..:

    • please Sharon, go to an AA meeting and get help. God has put those out there for people who have issues and use alcohol to cope with life. It is not good for you or those you love. You are God’s daughter. He knows your pain and cares about you with unconditional love and grace. run to Him. seek His healing. If you can get the book and Unburdened heart please do. It is all about forgiveness and healing it brings us.
      Tears are appropriate. You are grieving the loss of a dream, a commitment broken, a marriage. God see that pain and He will carry you through. I know it from life.

  63. Forty years ago, as teenagers, after a single sexual encounter, we had a baby boy. We thought about giving him up for adoption, but decided to ‘do the right thing’ and instead gave up college and our lives as we had known them, married, and began some very difficult years together — working hard to provide a good and Godly life for our new family. We eventually had two more children. Our oldest son is almost 40 years old, married, and father of our only 4 grandchildren, ages 7, 6, 4, 2. Three years ago he decided ‘he no longer wanted to be a part of our family.’ We have done everything we can do – humbly asked for forgiveness, volunteered to go to counseling, tried to stay in contact with him – but his heart is hard toward us. We have not seen our grandchildren in three years. (We have never seen the younger two.) Our hearts are breaking. We are the only Christian family between both of our extended families, and the enemy is making a mockery of us. Our other two adult children are very upset that their brother is acting like this. We are all hurting. We can only pray and continue to ask God for mercy and favor and to bring peace and reconciliation to our family – and we keep asking what we can do in this circumstance that would bring glory to His Name. In the meantime, we will leave the porch light on for our prodical son.

    • Gabrielle,
      As a grandma of seven, I hurt for you. My daughter and her husband pulled away from us for a couple of years, and the loss of relationship with them and their children was horrible. I can relate a little in what you wrote. At the time, I cried out to God for something…anything…to give me hope, and He took me to the book of Joel. I honestly didn’t even know there was a book of Joel in the Bible! I started to read it, and thought that I had heard wrong from God, because it didn’t fit. But then I read the line, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten”. And I read that the first mention of the locust was actually, locust, but the second mention (2:25) was the enemy. Something about that verse hit me. “I will repay you for the years the enemy has stolen”, is what came through to me. I hung on to that verse. To what I believe was God’s promise to me. And He has been faithful. We are rebuilding a relationship with our daughter and her family. Is it where I would have it? No. But it is good, and I thank God for that.
      I pray God will give you a verse, a promise, to hold on to. That He will soften the heart of your son. I pray restoration for your family.
      Be blessed!

  64. Please pray for my sister, Jackie, who fell on Friday night and broke her left ankle and two places in her right leg. Also, need to find full time work. There is an opening in a place I would really love to work for and am praying that if that is where God wants me, He will open the door. Also, I am single, never married, and 60, but believe that God still has someone for me to spend my “golden years” with.

  65. After two weeks of being with immediate family and extended family, it is difficult to be back on the mission field thousands of miles away.

    • Donna, I’ve never been a missionary so I can’t know how difficult that is. . .but I am lifting you up in prayer today. I pray our heavenly Father will help you feel His presence and that He will provide you with encouragers close by. I pray He will help you do that work He has for you where you are and ease your sadness today. In Christian love, I pray.

  66. Please pray for my family and I to get out of our financial suduation. We are having trouble with making ends meat. We don’t have enough money to pay our bills plus eat. I don’t know what to do. I have ask so many people to pray for us but nothing. We are going to loose our home, our lovely home. Can’t afford anything. thank you for praying for us. Bless you.

    • Tammy,

      Don’t give up! The lord will provide! I pray that the lord will bless you with food, and better financial support. Just, don’t give up. I will pray for you and your family!

  67. Recently I sold our house (just my son and me) and the closing date is supposed to be Sept 30. Altho I have not gotten the definite date, I have been told that it will be close to that day, if not on that day. We still have not found a place to live. God knows all the details of what we need. In the meantime, could you all pray that we will find a place soon because it is causing me a lot of stress?

    Ever since I was a small child, my mom (who is not a believer) and I have not always gotten along well at all. Whenever she visits (she lives 6 hours away), she *announces* when she is coming, often just a day or 2 short of her arrival, vs asking if it would be ok to come and if we have any plans. Her visits always bring with it a tremendous amount of stress. This time she announced yesterday that she is arriving tomorrow. I was able to delay her visit for a week, just because it was just too short of notice and with the stress of dealing with finding a new home, it is more than I can handle right now. I know I need at least a week to mentally and spiritually prepare my head and heart for her arrival. Could you all also pray for this visit to be different, that we will actually get along, and any stress that might enter my home would just stop dead at the door….better yet, not even enter her vehicle when she leaves her house, so when she arrives she will be enveloped and saturated with God’s peace. And that I will watch my mouth when I am tempted to say something that might offend her or hurt her. I tend to do that when I’m extremely stressed…which always happens when she comes. Thank you all so much! I appreciate your prayers and the opportunity to share my needs with you. God is the God of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control….and I will need all of these to get thru the next several weeks.

  68. 6 weeks ago today we were awakened in the wee hours to the state police letting us know that our beloved son had been killed in an automobile accident. He had fallen asleep at the wheel. He was a great young man. He had just graduated and had enlisted in the United States Marines. He was to leave on Seot 2. Also his 18th birthday. We are grieving and God is doing some amazing things in our community. Please pray for our family. .. Here is where our story begins. . .http://farmingoncilleyhill.blogspot.com/2013/07/we-had-visitors-other-night.html

    • Tammy,

      I am almost in tears reading this! I am the mother of 4 sons and my second has just enlisted with the army and will leaving next August. I feel empty for you and your family. Hold onto each memory of him! I know that he will be doing wonderful things for God and is there for you too. I will pray for you and your family that God will comfort you and take special care of him.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. May the Living God who gave His son for us comfort you as he understands the “son loss” better than anyone in the world.

    • Tammy, I am so sorry for your sudden and devastating loss. I will be in prayer for you and your family. I know the LORD will hold you close and walk you through these difficult days.

  69. Sharron – I pray that God would be near you today. I pray that He would be your comforter in your time of need – that you would be able to turn to Him and find refuge in Him. I ask and pray that you would be released from all feelings of betrayal, anguish, bitterness, anger, guilt, shame, loss, and loneliness that your divorce has brought upon you. I pray in the Name of Jesus you would be SET FREE from your desire for alcohol, and in it’s place, that you would be filled with the gentle peace only Jesus can give you. I pray your desire for Him and Him alone would grow stronger. I pray you would have clarity and see how precious you are to the LORD and how He delights in you! I pray that beyond measure and understanding, you would know His enduring love for you. I pray you would hear Him whisper your name to ‘come to Him.’ I pray you would, on this day, be genuine before Him, take a step toward His saving grace, and say ‘YES’ to Him (and NO to the alcohol!) and start your journey of healing with His loving arms around you — holding you, loving you, helping you, giving you grace to make it through THIS day — one step at a time, one day at time. I pray He will turn the ashes of your life into beauty, and your mourning into JOY!!! I ask these things in His Son’s precious, healing, unmatchable name. Amen.

  70. We are less than 6 months in our new location due to my husband’s job change. This is the month that a committee decides whether he will get a raise at his job. We really need that as he took a cut in pay to get this job–although I know God can provide for us. This week my son had emergency surgery and I am trying not to worry about the bills/insurance covering it. I don’t have any friends here yet and we are trying to find the church we feel is a fit for us, We have no family that is a good support system. . .praying for provision, healing and support. Thank you!

  71. Praying that God gives you comfort and peace in the coming weeks and months, Tammy. I have two young children and can’t imagine life without them.

    Today I am thankful that I have recently come across this site. I can’t wait for the community groups to start.

    Please pray that God gives our family specific direction for our family and both of our jobs. For some time now, it seems we have been going in different directions which is making life in general more stressful than it needs to be.

    • I just read your blog post, Tammy. My oldest son is also named Elijah and his birthday is also September 2nd!

  72. Monica,
    I pray for God’s provision for you and your family. That your son has a full and painless recovery from his surgery, and that you feel His presence and love in all that you do.
    Please pray for my husband and me, as my husband has been very ill for about a year. He has kidney failure, and has had 4 surgeries this year, that have been botched. We just moved “back home” to be near our adult children. Please pray for God’s will and His guidance in all our affairs. I also have fibromyalgia which has me living in chronic everyday pain. I want to trust God with our financial issues.

  73. Our sons family is adopting a little girl and they need lots of prayers right now! Things are not going as planned. We know Gods got it, but satan does not want these children to be placed in Christian homes and he will try his best to block it. He comes as a thief to lie and steal. We know she is a gift from God because there have numerous Godincidences this past year to reinforce the fact that she will be theirs. I ask for prayers for ALL international adoptions. May these children soon be in their forever families.

  74. Praying for your family Melissa and others on this list. I love when we do this. God is a good God!
    A few prayers: we desperately need dental insurance, we are hoping the Lord will bless us with our 6th child and it would be a girl(4 boys already) and for more friends in our community…thank you so much!
    Love and blessings

  75. My daughter is leaving for Army boot camp tomorrow and my son is with the Marines in Afghanistan. Please pray for them and this mama’s aching heart.

    • Dear Father in heaven who had a son and saw him leave the corridors of heaven for service on earth, I pray for Laurie’s daughter and son. Both leaving in service to others. Your protection, your guidance, your love to hover over them each step, each breath, each day. Provide Laurie with the calm and faith needed to support her children and ease her aching heart. Amen.

      Prayer for my son, soon to be 22, who is moving out of a group home and into an apartment this week. Starting classes in a few weeks and starting another beginning of sorts. For direction, steadiness to stay the course and wisdom. My daughter, twenty, who has a heart of compassion and love for those around her. She tends to neglect herself and has low self-esteem. Provide her with an awareness of her love from a heavenly father and compassion and love for herself.

      • Father I pray for Judi and her precious children. I pray Father that you would grant protection for her son and guidance and direction for him as he enters a new season in life. Make Him strong in the Lord and in the power of your might. I pray for her daugther that you would give her strength and grace as she continues to pour out your compassion on those around her. Help her to understand and know her value as well and to see clearly her worth through Jesus. Amen.

  76. Father God, it is not coincidence that Your model for Godly love is that of a parent, so we know You feel the special ache Laurie is experiencing as not one but two of her children are in harm’s way defending our country. Lord, cover them with Your protection. Draw them close and let them sense Your presence when they are far from home. Send them Godly friends who help keep them connected to and focused on You. Quiet Laurie’s fears and be with her in a powerful way until that day when her babies arrive safely back home. I ask these things in Jesus’ name AMEN

    Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

  77. Please friends offer prayers for my friend Sandra who is having surgery tomorrow to remove a malignant brain tumor. Sandra loves the Lord and He has spared her many times already. We are asking for a miracle of healing for this dear sister.

    • Tracy,

      I have prayed and I believe God for a miracle and that Sandra would have a mighty testimony to share with others. Be blessed friend.

      In Jesus Name!

  78. Laurie, I’ve prayed for you and your children. I’m struggling with something I’ve never faced. I’ve sang in church since I was a little girl. (I’m 40 now.) You never get over being a little nervous. But lately the nerves are getting worse and today it felt like torture… to the point that I wanted to put the mic down and run off stage, never to return. Please pray The Lord will show me why or how to cope. Thanks so much!

  79. Mitzi,
    Satan was the chief muscian and would like nothing better than for you to quit or surrendar the gift that God has blessed you with. It is your ministry!! Satan does not want you to glorify God. He hates God. I will pray that you will be reminded and see that what you’ve been doing your entire life is much more than “singing”, but is glorifying your Lord and Savior. There are lives that will be touched and some even saved as a result of your gift. Your anxiety will be gone, in the name of Jesus as you ponder on this marvelous gift He has blessed you with. Remember, you were bought with a price and are His.

    My request pertains to the recent loss of my mother-in-law who I cared for in my home for the last two years. The funeral is tomorrow. Preceding this loss was the loss of my husband’s #1 client and a major negative impact on our income. Between the two events, we are seeking God’s direction for employment, income etc;

    Thank you.

  80. My first time here at incourage…. I need prayers that i may find the right path! I have been married for almost 25 years…. but… seperated for almost 5 years…. my husband is very sweet to me … and pays all the bills…. we go on dates… but. he still talks ( and i am not sure how much more) WITH the girl..( 15 years younger than him) that he cheated with.. says they are just friends… ya right!! I do still have feelings for this man, why I dont know.. but something in my gut keeps me speaking to him. I have tried numerous times to cut it off but he keeps calling or stopping by.. We have our oldest two sons getting married in the next year.. we need to keep some peace.. but the boys are tired of his behavior and dont understand why he cant come back to their mom… I just dont know what to do I pray and pray .. but I just am not seeing any answers ….

  81. Please pray for my Mom, my father is verbally abusive to her and even tho they’ve been together 50 years, it is a very difficult and painful situation to us all. Please pray for her protection and wisdom for us in taking care of her. And may God resolve it in a good way, it is the hardest thing I have faced. Thank you

    • Father,

      I pray for my sister Diane. Lord I lift up her mother and I ask you to grant her protection and safety and that you would step in and resolve this situation in her life peacefully as only you can. I pray that you would heal any broken-heartedness and help every member of the family who has been hurt to heal as well. Be with them all and I pray for this father that you would touch his heart and make it tender. Shine light in it and show him your love so that he would know true love and would thereby be able to love others.

      In the name of Jesus,

      • thank you Irene for your prayers. May God bless you and meet your needs today. Please keep us in your prayers. Hugs and blessings to you, Diane

  82. Father, I lift up Stacy before you Lord. I pray Lord that you would make her path straight and show her clearly what to do about her situation. You are not the author of confusion Lord, and you desire us to know your wisdom in every situation we are in. I pray in faith Lord, believing that you will grant direction and wisdom to Stacy so that she may honor you always and do your will.

    In Jesus Name,

    Please pray for me that I grow in my knowledge of the Lord….and that I would be able to pass on what He is teaching me to others well. Thank you so much in advance,

  83. I just feel empty – and totally unmotivated to address the items on the to do list. I just don’t want to do anything. I’ve had these feelings before, and I know they pass, in time. I also know that God loves and saves, no matter what my feelings are – His promises are true no matter if I am depressed or not depressed – but I would really like to feel happy and non-stressed again, at least some of the time.

    To Stacy – the person above me…..I can relate to praying and praying and feeling like there are no answers anywhere to be found. But I know God is faithful, and there are answers there that will be found when the time is right. In the meantime, I will pray for you to thrive in those “in between” times, and to know peace, even if you don’t know the right way or answer right at this minute. A former pastor of mine was fond of saying “God’s timing is perfect.” I believe that, but it is not easy to be in that waiting time.

  84. Lord I pray for Stacey, that she follows her gut instinct and hangs on to her marriage. I am sure in your infinite mercy, you will work all things out for her..

    I pray for my compassionate and totally giving daughter who with your blessings has had gorgeous twins boys 3 days ago but she needs to have a higher self esteem and love and take care of herself and get her easy going husband to take the chores on, so her blood pressure settles downand she loves herself. She needs to assert herself and take care of her needs first.

    I pray for lord that you send my send my son a godly caring wife and companion to bless and help him with the good work he is doing at Neal Analytics.Guide him and take NA to the skies for your greater glory. Heal his brokeness after Bri wasted his time for 2 long years.

    Heal my husband Bonnie and me of all our ailments and get us to live here with our twin children and grandchildren. Please grant and guide the good work you give to as a professor in college.

  85. Lord, I lift my sister Lynn up to you and pray that you would bless her and lift her spirit! Help her to not feel so empty inside and fill her up with your Spirit. I thank you for her and pray you would help her in her current situation! We all have times of discouragement. Bless her in the midst of her distress. (Psalm 42) Amen!

    I have a praise to report after the last “How Can We Pray for You”…I posted a prayer request for an impending diagnostic mammogram due to a suspicious lump in my right breast. The test revealed no malignancy! Thank you for your prayers!!

  86. Lord I praise you that you showed your hand so wonderfully in Dawn’s life. Lord you always provide us with hope and show us your love. I also thank you for the wisdom you give to medical professionals and the love and compassion they show to us.

    Please pray that I will be shown how I can re-join with a group of believers. I am currently in a position at home that makes attending Sunday services very difficult and I can feel my focus shifting and my friendships moving away. I desire to do the Lord’s will in my home but this crisis of faith is difficult to bear.

  87. I actually have several prayer requests. First off: I have a part-time NP (Nurse Practitioner) working with me in same clinic. Her husband has leukemia and is not doing well. He can’t tolerate travel. They live on a 5-acre farm in NC, but have opted to stay up here in Johnson City, TN in the house they own. He won’t see an oncologist for 1 month. She seems worn out from work, travel to maintain farm, etc.

    Also have another NP at same clinic that was diagnosed with either cervical or bladder cancer. This is her second bout with cancer. She is 64.

    Also have friend at church diagnosed with Leukemia and it is “killing” him to not be able to get out and do things. His wife/caretaker is being worn out also,

    My hubby has A/C, Acromioclavicular joint stenosis (narrowing) with gas in between on his right shoulder. It is painful most of the time. He does CTs and uses is shoulder a lot.

    Thanks for listening & Praying.

    • Beth,

      I am praying for you and so much going on at one time! There are so many people close to you who are suffering and in pain and just plain worn out! I know what it is to be the care-taker and be weary beyond tired. I am praying that God gives you the right words of comfort for those around you and a way to put a smile on their faces. I will be praying for healing and knowing the love and peace of God.


  88. My prayer request is for my husband. For about six months he has been suffering from severe chronic pain in his back. He went to several doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists. He had MRI’s and CT scans done of his neck and upper back since that’s where most of the pain was but everything was normal. The pain steadily got worse and also began to include his lower back. For the past three months he has been begging for a lower back MRI, since that was the last place they hadn’t checked, and finally a new doctor ordered one.

    My 32 year old husband has the lower back of a man twice his age. Disc degeneration, bone spurs, nerve encroachment…all of it. Some days the pain is manageable but some days it knocks him flat on his back. He can’t play with our boys or do much of anything.

    We’re meeting with a surgeon on Tuesday and will be exploring all the options available to us. Please pray for…something. Wisdom for doctors or miraculous healing or whatever the Lord speaks to you.

    And for me…I’ve been really mad at God over all of this. I know God can take this difficult time and use it for good, but right now it just really sucks. And I’m mad. I want my energetic, active, happy husband back.

  89. I would like to thank everyone for participating in these prayers. Just knowing this chain of support is going around feels like exponential love and strength. I would like to ask for prayer for me and my husband, that we would seek God more individually and as a couple. I would also like to ask for prayer for my mom who has advanced dementia and is recovering from recent surgery. I need wisdom in where she should live after her rehab. Thank you.

  90. I need prayer for wisdom, patience, and clarity. I am a teacher, and I do not want to teach any more. There are dreams and desires that the Lord has placed on my heart but I feel like I am stuck in this current season and do not know what to do in order to pursue something different after this year-know that I need to trust the Lord as my Provider and my banner but finding it hard to know what steps to take-if any.

  91. My prayer request is for our financial situation.My husband has not gotten as many hours at work lately. Also please pray for our lost loved ones.

  92. As I read over these ‘prayer requests,’ I almost felt guilty adding mine. Of course I know I’m Worthy to ask, as we All are, ‘although it took me SO VERY LONG’ to feel that I am. And sometimes I feel I should write EVERYONE’S Name in a Book so that I wouldn’t forget to pray for EACH of you, Individually. But this thought just came to me ‘as I wrote that,’ and that is, “GOD has HIS BOOK!” And In His Book ARE All of OUR Names, and… Individually too!! How Awesome to Know this!!
    And now if it’s Ok, I would like to ask for your prayers regarding a Decision that at my Age of 62, I need to make. And, on one hand I feel it’s nothing short of a ‘Blessing’ that has been presented to me. I’ve asked myself, “just how many chances ‘after’ a certain age do we have, to be able to CHANGE our Entire life? To have a New beginning?” And as much as I YEARNED for this, when it came to fruition, I was Shocked at myself for Not being able to find my Courage! And although it would be a BEAUTIFUL life, it would CHANGE my Life COMPLETELY, in EVERY way I Known it to be. And then I asked myself, “is it Courage I’m lacking, Fear? Or… is it something I really don’t want afterall??!” I’m torn, and worse of all, because of my age factor, I don’t know how much time I have to decide. Lastly, ‘whenever I finally tell myself that I HAVE decided and that the answer is NO, I tend to Relax and feel better about that. And then, and Not too much Later, I ALWAYS find myself, without trying, “feeling those Same feelings” again, and again. Almost like it has a hold on me. I don’t know how to say this without just saying it.. I’ve asked God, and on several occasions, to send me a Sign that only I would understand. He did, and on Each occasion. And I felt He was saying, “Mia, Go.” Each time I felt this I have to say I felt at Peace and was Happy. I only wanted to know that my answer came from HIM! But soon after, and again, I started rustling with it and I found a dozen, at least, reasons ‘why’ I wasn’t sure, Again. And so, I go on my way, again, doing my daily ‘routine and mundane things,’ and for awhile I’m Ok with the status quo. Only to find that soon after I’m going to and asking God for a More CLEARER sign, once Again! No, I am Not Content but that’s the ONLY thing I do know. I’m so exasperated and I’m only getting older in the meantime. And I think that After this year, this offer will no longer be available to me. I Apologize for going on like this and especially to those who have much More Dire needs than I feel I have. Some may feel my answer is right in front of me, and Yes, sometimes I Feel the Same. But then I ask, “what Good is that If ‘I Can’t See???” “I just don’t ever want to leave this earth one day and ever wonder if I was supposed to do something that God was directing me to do, and.. I missed it.” This is the FIRST time in my life that I’ve ever prayed for something like this, and for me. And so.. I Do humbly ask for your prayers at this time… maybe so that God will send a Sign to someone here who just ‘Cannot See’ for the life of them, and..to give Courage and Cast out any Fear that ‘may have’ been another obstacle in the way. I surely don’t know which of the two it may be. I thank You, and my heart thanks you at this time. I Will Pray for Everyone on this Site- for your physical healing, emotional and financial well being, not to mention anyone’s Heart that is breaking at this time. I’m also GRATEFUL that we CAN believe God even knows what we ‘write’ here! That ‘I’ may Not know You individually, but for CERTAIN, He DOES. Thank You for indulging me today and.. thank you so much for your prayers while you are in need yourselves. God bless You all.

  93. As I read these beautiful sisters prayer requests, I am humbled. The lord knows every hair on our heads. He only allows the things I’m our lives to grow and bless us…that being said…it all hurts and my heart hurts with you all. You are my sisters. I lift up these beautiful women and their struggles and ask you dear Father to let them feel your love and presence. The pain of loss, the pain of physical suffering, the anxiety of the unknown, the desperate cry of deep wounds. Father put us all under the protection of your wings and let us all feel today your peace that passes all understanding. I thank you Father for what you will do in each heart and situation because you are a perfect faithful daddy to us. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen 🙂

  94. I also need a prayer for wisdom and clarity in my life. I’d like to thank God and to praise Him for his love to me, for his wonderful care. Now I urgently need good constant job. I am 37 now. I have no such good health as before. And also I dared to ask about husband. I never date anyone. And I never prayed about husband seriously and constantly. There are some reasons.

  95. Dear Tetyana,
    Reading your prayer request was like reading something I would write. I’ll gladly pray for you, pray for us both. I also am in a great need for a good constant job at the moment especially after moving to a new country. I wish it was a teaching job but wathever God’ s will is.

  96. Tetyana may u have open eyes to see what God has for you, while you seek his face may you find rest and peace…and May The Lord introduce you that husband your are waiting for…In Jesus name Amen
    I need prayer for keep trusting the Lord in this healing process, and also for self-confidence for i’ve been strugling with that a couple of moths ago
    I’m thankful for I’m Free 😀

  97. Tetyana, I am happy to pray for a constant job for you, not only that, but a job that gives you joy and an income that is more than meets your needs. God gives us the desires of our heart…asking for a husband comes from your creator. That is my prayer request. After three years, my counselor supported my readiness to remarry. I left an abusive husband. He says in His Word that we are his heirs. So, God, my Father I ask that you send me, your daughter, an awesome, respectful, loving, safe, able to care for me Christian, joyful man to be my husband very soon..I am ready and need this man, so I can love back. I asked God to surprise me. Will you, the next lady pray that this man has no blockages in finding me. I so desire to marry very soon and share my love in relationship blessed by God and a new life filled overflowing with joy. Thank-you! Debbie

  98. Heavenly Father, I lift Debbie up to You, asking You, in Your perfect timing, to send a godly man to be her husband. Her heart is full of love she desires to share with a life partner, so they may serve You together. You answered this prayer for me years ago, and I still am in awe and so very thankful to You for my beloved husband. I pray You will remove all blockages to Debbie’s future husband finding her. Give him an affirmation in his spirit that she is the one for him. Continue to develop his walk with you and prepare his heart for his future with Debbie. Help her to stay focused on You as she waits … be her Heavenly Husband, meeting all her needs. May she find her completeness in You, whatever Your will for her life.

    My prayer request is for God to heal the rift between my adult daughter and I. She was brought up in a Christ-honoring home, but now claims she was “brain-washed” and was coerced into Christianity. She is now an agnostic and thinks Christianity is all a fairytale. She says she feels judged and condemned when she is around me, although I have been careful not to speak about my beliefs or preach when I am with her. My contact with her, her husband and my only grandchild is very limited because they are living in Europe. She has blocked me off her Facebook page and no longer Skypes with me, so I have no contact with my sweet little granddaughter, which breaks my heart. I recognize this is a spiritual battle, a ruse of the enemy, to discourage me and make me ineffective in ministry. I am a writer of inspirational articles, devotionals and prose and have a weekly devotional blog. I also speak to women’s groups. I need prayer to stay strong in the Lord, wait patiently for Him to do His work in my daughter’s heart, and not allow the enemy to weaken what God wants to do through ministry He has called me to.

    Thank you to all who pray for me. There is such power in the prayers of godly sisters.

  99. Okay…I’m the 2nd Mia sharing a comment yes prayer request.
    This passage has been very special to me . When I worked for the Billy Graham Evangelsitic Assoc. one of my special jobs was to help select cards for birthdays and anniversaries to send to donors. One year we had found a photo of water lilies interwined. We chose the passage from Ec. 4:9-14. The vines intertwined present the presence of God in a marriage. He is one of the strands that makes up the cord. Years later after my time at BGEA came to an end . A new chapter of my life’s story was ready to be written when I met my Prince Charming online . My first marriage at age 56. When we went to get our wedding rings we had Ec. 4:12 engraved on our rings and we invited Him not only to be a guest at our wedding but to be apart of our marriage. Because we have that strenght from the cord of three strands we have been able to not only with stand my husbnand’s spinal cord injury but we have grown stronger and more dependent upon Him. We give Him the praise and glory as HE guides us in our steps. He has shown us His ways , given us directions and we’ve followed even when we were not sure what He has in mind for us. We know we trust HIm each step of the way. Two years into our marriage , He had us packa nd move from Minnesota to a town in Maine which we never heard about until we started looking online for a new home. Tomorrow morning we are getting up early heading up to Lac Megnatic . Quebec to deliver 154 teddy beas and other stuffed animals to a pastor to share with children who have been affected by the disaster that hit their town back in July . A train with 70+ oil cars went off the track and destroyed most the downtown taking 50+ people . The remains of some still have not been found. Funerals are an on going thing. Imagine the strain on the clergy in that town as they care for the flock. The priest who we are making the delivery too had lost his home and has been living in temporary housing along withhis flock. Sounds like another Shepherd we know. Pray for us as we serve ” a cup of cold water” to those who are stuggling . Thanks

  100. In July 2010, I started itching really bad and it burnt too. So, my only response to deal with the itching was to scratch it. Having long nails really helped make the itch go away temporarily and because I scratched so hard, I was creating bright red rashes. With one medical dr, after another, it became increasingly clear that no answer for why this was happening. So in December 2010,. I took a closer look at the rashes to see if I could see anything out of the ordinary. Well, one thing I did notice that the rash resembled letters and numbers. The itching continued and I finally lost my patience with the itching and hospitalized myself in the psych ward just to get off my meds or something to figure this out. We thought they had figured it out to a medication but shortly thereafter the itching came back. In the meantime I’m trying to show pictures of the rashes that I was making to anyone who would listen to show them the letters and numbers that I was seeing in the rashes. It was like I was highlighting the letters and numbers which I found out were actually on my skin, not just in my rashes. I was just making my skin really red. So here it is Sept. 2013 and I have yet to have anyone listen to me about the letters and numbers on our skin. God did speak to me awhile back and he said that the letters and numbers prove creation, vs Evolution. He told me I need to tell people that Jesus is coming back soon and to show people the letters and numbers to prove creation. Well, I need prayer to help me talk to people. I have the evidence, but it’s sort of like Noah building the Ark or Joseph speaking of his dreams that put him in power one day. I’ve tried talking to people and they say it’s a coincidence. It’s not though. Please pray for me and other people to open up their minds and hearts so I can get this message out there. Thanks.

  101. Hi – Thank you for opening this forum for us to share prayers. First, I will pray for Mia. Father, thank you for people like Mia who have the passion, knowledge, and means to be a blessing to others as she and her husband travel to help those affected by a terrible accident. Father, please continue to provide and guide her steps that those she and her husband serve may see Your love in them and know that You are always with us and will always care for us.

    My prayer request is for my sister. Please pray that she will find hope and trust in God through Christ and that she doesn’t walk away. I know that she has been hurt by others who were not following Christ and I don’t want to see her follow the same path out of hurt. Let her see His hand in the midst of the hurt she’s going through. Pray for healing and pray that her life will be built on Him and her roots will grow deep down into His love.

    Thank you!

  102. I lift all of these requests up in prayer! There are so many hurting, needing God’s comfort, love, leading and grace. I add my request about my job and future, asking for guidance and peace. I am going to try to talk to my boss about some of my concerns tomorrow morning. This incourage community is such a special place for us to gather and share our requests and praise for answered prayers. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Blessings to you all!

  103. Praying now for CJ that God will give her guidance and wisdom as she speaks to her boss, and that He will clear the way before her so that she will be heard, understood, and appreciated.

    Adding my own prayers for a way for my husband and me to relocate away from this townhouse where we are living now because of the negative, meddling people whom Satan is using in his plots against us. I ask for prayers that we are able to find a house we can afford, that we can move sooner rather than later, and that God will bless our home and continue to bless our marriage.

  104. Dear Sisters
    I am in the midst of divorce after being married for 18 years. My husband is using the kids and mental torture to get what he wants from me bcuz we are still staying under one roof, as it is his parents flat and I’m a foreigner in the country. I’m also the sole breadwinner of the family therefore am left with little or no savings at all at the end of each month. He had asked that the kids and I to move out if I don’t fulfill his sexual needs. And he manage to put in a way that the fault will be entirely be mine. Initially, it was agreed that I would stayed on until the kids impending major exams are over but he has been so fickled minded esp wen paranoia and resentment begins to set in. That he would start to accusse me of things that he would have imagine I’ve done. I could never out talk him no matter how hard I try. Please pray for my kids and I that God will show us a way out and to have financial breakthrough that I may afford a place to accommodate, 2 teens, a dog and myself. I am totally at lost at times because I am alone. I feel so overwhelmed that I wish I could end it all. My husband has not been earning an income for the past 12 years or more.

    • So sorry to hear of your difficulties. They sound similar to my own story sadly. I would beseech you to remember that the enemy wants you to feel alone but the reality is that God is always with you – going before you and coming behind. Don’t allow the enemy to win in this area. Your children, your dog, your world needs you far too bad and God can use this hardship to change your life in ways you would never even imagine!!!

  105. Tammy, God gives you and your family the strength and fortitude to bear this loss. He alone will fill this void and His grace is sufficient for you.

    My newly wedded cousin had a car accident this evening. Doctors say he is stable and we believe that. Will appreciate your prayers for his family especially his wife who is out of the country.

    Also personally need prayers, just broke up with my fiancé of 2yrs, while I am at peace with my decision; I need prayers to be able to completely move on with my life. Also need clear direction on the next step and stage in my life as I quit my job because I was meant to move abroad after the wedding this year.

  106. I am asking for prayers for my youngest daughter. At almost 19, she is a prodigal who has been away from since she was 14 and the pain in no less today as it was the day she walked out the door. Please pray for God to restore our relationship fully and restore what the enemy stole. Also, please pray for our chocolate lab, Hershel. We adopted him thru a rescue group and he was undergoing heart worm treatment. Unfortunately, the treatments are very intense and he is not doing well. The vet bills are mounting and I am trying not to freak out about them but as a single mom, my budget is limited. It is a terrible place to be and I would appreciate your prayers in these areas. I claim the prayers being sent up and thank God for the resolution He already has planned.

  107. I would like to request prayer for my best friend Waylon. we are struggling with our relationship and finding peace together or separately. he’s searching for a job and find his place in this world. I pray and I hope you join me he finds God’s grace and mercy. may the Lord help him to not go astray. I can do mo more for him so additionally i pray to give it to God, lay it at the foot of the cross. Thank you.

  108. To Valerie, thank-you for your prayer and encouraging words for my future husband; I felt the Spirit close to me as I read your words. I also have an adult, somewhat, child who Has chosen to not see me for the last nine years. Someday, I will sit at our Savior’s feet and ask why? For those of us who serve in prayer ministries and other serving ministries this is a “suffering battle” to try to distract us from pointing the positive truth of Jesus Christ to those women who need Christ to heal their wounds and reveal His Glory and Steadfast Love that is there for them in mercy and grace. Romans 8 through 13. I have to remind myself that they are heirs in the Kingdom as they were once saved by accepting Christ. While they chose to drift away, ignore their Moms, God does ignore them and keeps them under His Wings and waits for them to return to a banquet table. I will uplift you in prayer for unspeakable Hope, that she will remember her Mom’s loving heart and arms and calls you in Love. debbie

  109. I have spent the last few hours going through these comments and my heart goes out to all of you (praying between fixing supper, doing laundry and cleaning house).

    Debbie. I pray God will bring reconciliation between you and your adult son. I understand there is more to the story than you can share, but we know Him who knows him and you as well. God bring comfort, strength and hope into Debbie’s life. Jesus Christ please provide her your healing touch for wounds on the inside only you can see. In your Name I pray, amen.

    I ask you to pray for my adult adopted daughter. She is in our local psych ward because her bipolarness has gone out of control. We are beside ourselves and do not know what to do. She needs help, but needs to help herself more. She is in denial and may even sign herself out of the hospital. She lives with us, but I don’t know if I can continue like this. She’s threatened suicide and that is why she is there right now. I trust the Lord and need His wisdom, strength and endurance. My husband is very supportive. I don’t know what I would do without him. Our son doesn’t know what to do either. I learned recently he grew up with a knife under his pillow because he never knew who my daughter would sneak into the house through her bedroom window. My daughter is 23 and my son 25.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  110. Thank you for praying for me. I appreciate it and am thankful for this community. Please know I’ve prayed for whoever you are, too…that God would bless you for your faithfulness and willingness to stand up for Him, too.

    Both of my boys are now in middle school and God is calling me to step out and do something more with the talents He has given me. Please pray for courage, discernment, and the drive to follow-through as He clarifies His call to me in the days ahead.

    Pray that I would be able to care for my family and find that balance of Wife, Mom and Business Woman.

    Pray, too, for the right people to come into my life in regards to writing, teaching, and moving forward.

    On a completely other note…Please pray for my husband as he is facing God’s refining fire in his life…and pray that God would use me to encourage him in the midst. There’s so much more to explain there, but God knows and He hears our hearts.

    Thank you so much for praying!

    Thank you

  111. I too, am praying for the comment above mine. May God bless you!

    I am burnt out in my job and I don’t know what to do. In the past 4 months I’ve left a very difficult job as a director of care, where I was emotionally abused by my boss. Then I started a new, difficult job and we decided to move. It has been a rough year in so many ways. I’m burnt out and I don’t know what to do. I’ve been praying and seeking but I don’t know what God wants me to do. I could quit and be home, but my children are in school now and I don’t have a lot to keep me busy. I’m lonely, having left my friends and support when we moved. I’m at a loss and I thought at 38 years old I’d have my life figured out.

    Thank you for praying.

  112. Chris, how my heart goes out to you! My sister-in-law and a cousin on my husband’s side are both bi-polar, and we have been through similar times with them. Please know you are not alone and hearts are molded together in the trenches.

    Heavenly Father, when You knit us together in our mother’s wombs You knew exactly who we would be and what we would battle in this life. Each of us are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made, Lord…in Your image. Our bodies and minds may not be whole, but You see our perfect souls. We give You praise even in the trenches of our humanity.

    Father, I lift up Chris and her family to You. Wrap Your arms around her daughter, Lord, and bring peace and clarity so the truth of her needs will be clear to her and she can get the help she needs where she is. Thank You for keeping them safe to this point, and for the battle You are fighting for them. Continue fighting, Lord…and let us remember …You Win. Be victorious in her life, and give Chris and her family the courage and strength to lean on You and trust You through it all.

    You are before all things, Lord, and in You all things hold together. May You be praised and glorified no matter what.

    In Jesus’s name, Amen

  113. The walls of depression and chronic pain would crash down and I could know true joy and peace again. It’s been many years. I need You Lord.

  114. The girl I told everyone was the world’s best daughter in law has decided that she wants nothing more to do with my son. He is lost as to what to do. He loves her, has tried to make her happy in every way, but she has lost the spark, and he thinks there is someone else. Please pray for her. She is a baby Christian, so either it was a phase instead of a commitment, or she is stepping out of God’s will. Pray that God will make Himself so real to her that she will repent or at least try to resolve her anger with God and my son. We are stunned and he is turning to the Lord and the church for help. She won’t talk to the church people or to him. I fear for her soul as well as what this will do to them, their families, and their friends.

  115. Please pray for my mother. She recently fell and broke her cervix and had a compound fracture of her forearm. She is still dealing with tough pain and recently found out she must have her arm broken again and reset. The Lord will move her through this…this I know.

    For Leona,
    I will be on my knees for you my sister after I submit this post. I too am in chronic pain, to the point of the unthinkable. It is a large desert and it’s been a long long walk. At times I forget my footprints and fear I circle back on ground I’ve already covered, then I sit and wait…and as a grown man weep for the Father to lift me up in his arms because I feel lost and cannot find my way forward, nor do I want to move. In my own mind’s eye, I see myself in this desert, with God through his daily grace giving provisions. I have a tent for shade, and every morning I wake there is bread and water next to my tent, I don’t know how it got there, because I did not gather it and it’s just enough to get me through another day. I’m overcome with emotion and gratitude for my Father because the day before when I woke I did not know how I would get through that day…but the bread was there for my hunger, and the water for my thirst. Because this is my walk, and my walk alone with God I picture a 2-way Ham Radio he has given me to communicate with others that try to empathize and share in my pain but ultimately cannot…my wife, my own father and mother, Doctors (the good ones who try their best to help)….this website and the prayer of others. I use this radio to reach out, to communicate verbally, but because it’s a radio and there is no way for others to see the true suffering of chronic pain and the depression it causes, they cannot truly be with me in the desert to share in that regard. In that regard, because I love them so much, I would not ever want them to be there, experiencing it. They share in other ways…especially the love and tenderness and understanding of my wife who in her own way suffers everday watching me, the man she loves, grapple and hold onto his Faith. The radio, the shade, the water, the bread…all given to me by the Father. Such a sweet walk of Faith with him and his Son it is, because I know there is something on the other side of this walk, this desert. Something greater he has planned in a way that will let me help others. So today I reach out to you…I click my radio transmitter and I send you this message…”I love you Leona Suderman wherever you might be in your own desert, and so does He.” I cannot be there with you, but you can hear me through this radio the Father has given us I know…and that comforts even me. AJ Mullinax

  116. Leona, I hear your hearts cry as our Heavenly Father does. When two or more are gathered in His name He inclines His towards us and hears from Heaven. I pray today for complete healing to your physical body and total restoration for your body, mind and soul. The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. Anxiety in a man’s (women’s) heart weighs it down (depression), but a good word cheers it up. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.
    In Jesus Name I pray
    God bless you!

    My prayer is for my husband. We are unevenly yoked. I have been praying for him for years. I don’t say much I just pray. I try to love as Christ loves but it is so hard trying to make this marriage work by myself. There is so much unforgiveness and judgement and mocking of my faith.
    A tired warrior!
    Thank you for your heartfelt prayers!

    • Lord Jesus, thank you for Diane’s faith and trust in you. Thank you for her perseverance in this trial of an unequally yoked marriage. Would you refresh her and encourage her heart today. Would you show her how deeply you love her and how intimately you know her heart, her desires, her needs, and how you see each and every time she chooses to love her husband with your love, despite his resistance to knowing you. And I pray also for Diane’s husband. Would you soften his heart, Lord, and bring other believers into his life as well to shine your love and point him to the truth? Please pursue him in radical ways that he might turn his life over to you, for his salvation and for your glory. In the power of Jesus’ name I pray this. Amen.

      • Please pray for my sister, Annie, who has an important court date TOMORROW with her “ex” who is trying to remove their three children from their school to move them out of their community for his benefit. Pray for favor for my sister in the eyes of the court, as well as for continued strength and wisdom for Annie as she endures trial after trial through this messy and heartbreaking divorce. And ultimately that God’s will will prevail over the schemes of men and that my brother-in-law will repent and turn his life and heart back to God. Thank you!

  117. Today I am thankful for my two younger daughters’ thoughtfulness and kindness to each other (not something I see often!), and (sort of) thankful for my oldest stepdaughter who entered into a relationship with a nice young gentleman from our church.

    I just ask for prayers today again for my kids: my oldest stepdaughter who is struggling with friendships in high school, my younger stepdaughter who dislikes her soccer coach, my 6-year old daughter whose personality clashes with mine and who has been very anxious about school, and for my 4-year old daughter to grow each day toward Christ. But mostly because my family is in a very tight spot right now. My business is going (seemingly) nowhere, I do work part time, but my husband has been treated very unjustly by his employer and we are struggling to keep our head above water. Please pray for new opportunities for him and for many miracles in our house.

  118. Whitney, I pray that your God will resolve your children’s struggles in school and sports. That their teachers and leaders may see the needs of the individual lamb God has entrusted them with each day. I also pray that your financial struggles will improve with God’s oversight and your constant faith that you will overcome your battles with His grace and love. Remember that Satan wants you to fail and give up the battle so he can win!!! Just keep praying in God’s name!!

    Please pray for my husband’s health so he can get well enough to look for and find a job.

  119. I pray for Whitney’s daughters, for her husbands work situation and for her business. I pray directions are made clear and answers come easily for next steps.

    I am thankful for my amazing kids and my husbands love & support. I have a new job. It has been an extreme challenge. I have a lot of hurt from my past job and anger that I’ve had to make this career switch at this stage of life. I ask for prayers that this job will either prepare me for whatever god has next or turn into a position that is a joy to go to each day. I am asking for prayers that I can find peace in the decision to take this job and the peace of knowing its what is good for my family.

  120. Praying for you Nanette! We must’ve been typing at the same time. I pray for your husbands health, for quick recovery, for rest, for guidance for what god has in store for you both .

  121. God, I thank You for Jen. I thank You for this new position and new season in her life. I thank You that You see the horizon while we see the moments. I thank You that Your plans for us are good, and that You use all things together for the good of those who love You. I stand with Jen and ask that You would make it clear the purpose of this job. I ask that You would grow more joy in her new position. I thank You that You are our peace. I ask that Your peace would encircle Jen. Lord, I ask that You would help Jen heal from the hurt of the past job she held. God I thank You that You redeem Your people.

    Please pray for my work and financial situations. I have two part-time jobs, and the possibility of a third, which would drastically improve my financial situation. Ultimately, I know God will take care of me. I want to do the work He has for me.

  122. Lord, help Bethany work through her jobs. You know that she needs that third job lord. Also while she’s working these three jobs let her not forget about You. Guide her Jesus.

    My prayer request:
    Thursday I’m having a tilt table test to check my heart. Something’s wrong with it and no one knows what it is. I have a history of seizures and abnormal heart beat. I’m scared. I need You Jesus to calm my fears. I’m 21 why does this have to happen to me

  123. Jesus please surround Kate with your love, We thank-you that each day of her life was in your plan before she was born. You created her inmost being, You Father know exactly what she needs. Please guide the doctors in all her tests and exams and let her feel you near.
    I’m asking for prayer for my son and his wife, that they build their life and marriage with God at the centre .

  124. Lord, I lift up Kate to you. You are the great physician and you know her better than anyone. Give the doctors wisdom as they determine what’s going on with her heart and body. Give Kate the peace in her heart and mind that only you can give. We know you are standing by her side and that you will be her strength this week. Thank you for your promises and your peace. And we pray for a good report from the doctors. Amen 🙂

    My prayer request is for my daughter. She is 6 years old and has in the past year developed severe allergies to 15+ foods and other environmental things. About once a month she breaks out in full body hives with no apparent trigger. Tonight was one of those nights and her eyes were nearly swollen shut. None of the doctors can figure out whats going on. We just need prayer that she will overcome whatever is happening and be a healthy little girl again. And prayer for peace in my heart as well. Thank you!

  125. God, please please be with Sarah and her daughter. Place you hand of healing on her in a powerful and miraculous way. Give them your peace and hedge them in with your love and protection. Please guide the doctors to figure out what is going on; give them your supernatural wisdom. Overwhelm them with your love, Father. Please surround them with an amazing community, guide people to help them and take care of them. Please Father, keep them safe.

    My prayer request is for my family, but especially husband. He is working 10-15+ hour days at work, on about 5/6 hours of sleep. He is going to burn himself out, and I’m scared for his stress levels, his health, and his relationship with God. While I would love to be a mom that doesn’t need his help with our kids, that’s not a place that I’m at right now, so he doesn’t get much of a break at home. The kids are quite young, so they can’t comprehend that they need to give him a little bit of time to relax while they play alone. Ideally, he just needs to work less!! And he and I need to get more sleep!


    • Lord, I pray for Courtney’s family especially her husband. I pray that you renew His Strength, teach him to rest and relax in You. Help him to depend on You for Strength and know that You are willing and Strong enough to bear him up. I pray Your blessings on this family, in Jesus name, Amen!!

      My prayer request is for peace in the waiting.. I’m single and would really like to get married. I need to learn to trust and believe that God sees me and will grant me this desire

  126. Diane,
    How ironic that here I am, right in line behind you. See, I have walked your road for a long time. I too know that mocking and have been hurt with unkind words and actions. It’s hard to be in a one-sided relationship and has left me feeling {many times}, defeated and all alone. I wish I had the words that would offer you hope and comfort, but the truth is….it would make me a hypocrite, since I’m going to be divorced. So obviously, I am not the one to be talking.

    That being said, I know that we serve the Almighty and that, through HIM, ALL things are possible! I can happily say that I’ve seen, firsthand, absolute miracles take place when it comes to marriages. Specifically, I know one couple that divorced for years, and are now reconciled, happily serving in the church. It can be done and today, I’m praying:

    Dear God,
    We come to you knowing full well that with You, ALL is possible. We’re asking for healing and restoration for Diane’s marriage, that you will open the heart of her spouse, softening his heart so that he is open to receiving Your guidance. Heavenly Father, my sister Diane is weary and I pray that you will lift her up, into the palm of your hand, gently pouring out your sweet spirit of comfort, peace, and love. Renew your spirit within her, giving her the strength to carry on, as well as the peace of mind knowing that You are in control. Please guard her heart, guide her steps, and bless her abundantly. We love you and thank you for your faithfulness and for hearing these prayers. In Jesus’ Name we humbly pray, Amen.

    Diane, please know that I’ll continue lifting you both up in prayer, praying blessings indeed. 🙂

    As to my own prayer request: I’m praying, with all my heart, for guidance on what to do with my life and where to go, as well as for God to provide a way where there is none. For the last year, I’ve been very ill, at times so swollen I could not walk. Doctors are still trying to determine the cause. My husband has just shared that he wants a divorce, which I’ve seen coming for some time…..In addition, I am currently working a job that pays very little and have no idea how I’m going to pay the mortgage, or rent someplace else and take care of my children. I am praying God will provide.

    • Dear Lord, I pray for Trinity. I thank You Lord that You have promised to guide her along the best pathway for her life and that You will advise her and watch over her (Psalms 32:8). I claim this promise over her life. I thank You because You are the One who heals ALL our diseases, so I speak your healing power over her body. I pray that You remove every sickness cause her body is your temple. I pray for your provision for her family, I speak your peace and restoration in her family right now. i thank You Lord that nothing is difficult for You. In Jesus name, Amen!

  127. Please pray for me. I feel I am nothing. no use, irrelevant. I get “left out” of conversations and feel I have lost all my confidence. I just feel useless and overlooked. I used to be involved in so many things, now I have no one I can relate to. I don’t know if God is doing this for a reason but I am worn out and feel like a unrivalled up person.

  128. Lord, I lift up Anne to you. I thank You becasue she is your beloved daughter and You love her so much!! I thank You that Your plans concerning her are plans to prosper her. I pray that You reveal Yourself to her in a fresh way. Help her see how much she is valued by You. Surround her with godly people who will help build her up. And I thank You that You are faithful to complete the good work You have begun in Her life!

  129. Good morning, ladies. Would you please pray for my father? He’s in his late 60’s and has multiple myeloma. I am praying for a miracle of healing for this incurable form of cancer. He is a follower of Jesus, so if God chooses to not answer my prayer I know his future is in heaven. But he is young by today’s standards, and has children and grandchildren who need and love him. Thank you!

  130. For me,Financial freedom and a healed, blended family.

    Diana, I have prayed for healing for your father and strength and peace for you and your family.

    • Amber I will pray for your financial needs so that you may focus on your family. I am part of a blended one and know it is tough to juggle all that. Have hope, faith and love them all even when they seem unlovable! My prayer is with you today.

  131. First of all I pray for all who have posted here. I am amazed by the commonality of our prayers. Love, good health, peace, joy, praying to fit in, to be wanted, to get out from under whatever is holding us down in our lives.

    My prayer is for all of you to see some hope and light today. To feel some love.

    I now ask that you pray for my people. My daughter, my sister, my husband. each with their own needs. Basic stuff that is just out of their reach. They are my prayer everyday. Fulfillment of their needs would give me joy. For myself, I want better faith. Help with my “unbelief.” Strength to be kind, to see God in all things and work from there. You all will remain in my prayers.


      • Thank you Marg for your prayers. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to move on you, and ALL of us, in a way that makes unbelief impossible! Thank you Father for never giving up on us!

  132. Lord we life up our daughter Nicola to you. I thank you because she is your beloved daughter and you love her very much. I thank you that you have plans to prosper. She is expecting her third baby Lord. Give her a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl if it is your Will. Teach her to parallel park and get her driving licence which she needs so desperately. We pray that you reveal Yourself to her in a fresh way. Help her see how much she is valued by you. Surrounhankd her with friends who will help build her up spiritually. Thank you Lord for all that you are doing for her right now. Bless her 2 sons and her husband. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name Amen

  133. Please pray for my son in law. He does not know Jesus. He grew up in a religious home with a physically abusive father. Needless to say, religion let him down. He is a kind man with a very confused heart. I know Jesus is his answer. Thank you for praying.

    I thank Jesus for Ronald and his daughter. Jesus is in the little things because with Him all things matter. Thank you Father for families. I love that you are our Father and love us so much. It is in your name we cry out and pray. I love you Jesus!

  134. I am thankful today for His never ending Grace, for the ability to rise with the dawn, to place my aching feet on the floor for yet another day that was never promised to me. I am thankful for the job that I will go to later, imperfect as it is, it brings income and experience to my life, teaching me daily to send Grace out in to the world, to love the unlovable and deem every walking human being worthy of His love.

    Prayerful thoughts for a phone interview this morning. I seek new employment and an opportunity has come that may be a very good fit with an incredible company.

    Thank you, and God bless you all.

    • Father, thank you for Kate and for the talents and abilities you’ve blessed her with. Thank you for this opportunity you’ve placed before her. I pray that the interview would go well this morning. That you would fill her mouth with the right words and that you would calm her nerves. I pray that if this is the perfect fit for her then you will smooth the path for her to get this job and if not that you would place another and better opportunity in her path soon. Thank you that you’ve already gone before Kate and that your perfect plan for her life is already in motion.

  135. I would really appreciate prayers for wisdom in raising my kids. Specifically my 7 yr old, the oldest. We’re homeschooling and we butt heads A LOT. I’m struggling with acting like an adult and keeping my temper and emotions in check. I, of course, love her dearly but liking her has been difficult these past few weeks. One of my prayers is that I would truly enjoy her again. Thanks.

  136. I am struggling financialy, I am trying to make crafts to sell, but having a hard doing that also. Please pray for me for guidance that I will make the right decisions. Thank you.

  137. Yes Lou….God has heard you and has forgiven you…Expect the best from HIM and you won’t be disappointed!….I too am in need of prayer….I have taken the boldest steps to get out of a bad marriage of 34 years! In 09 God gave me a dream….a BIG one! He gave me a dream of an invention to help people who are undergoing any medical procedures to be more comfortable. Since God gave me the dream….the next morning I HAD to write and draw it down in detail….etc….I pursued a patent….and Guess what….Christmas Eve 2012…the last thing of the day….in the mail came the news that I was issued a patent!!! ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! What a gift!!! To HIM be the glory!!! I’m in tears again as I write this of the overwhelming blessing of such a thing. This year I’ve taken the bold step of divorcing and moving away from my small family and I’m in a town pursuing my very exciting future….I’ve learned the meaning of courage….do it afraid! God the Father has been sooo good to me! Jesus has been my constant companion….and the tears I taste are of freedom and joy and blessing. My prayer request is I will continue to move forward and get this invention on the market in HIS timing….All Glory to HIM who daily loads us with benefits…..Thank you!

  138. Thanks a lot Sarah Schulz for your prayers for my little family.you are also in my prayers. You know,sometimes the best way to bear witness is when we bring God to others through the little things we do, little attentions that we have. i personally come from a multiracial country and work as a teacher.i have students coming from different cultures and religions. I really dont feel like talking about Christianity to them but even if i am not perfect, i try to be careful in the way i respond, in the way i talk to them.and it makes a difference. They feel free to come and talk about the things that are on their hearts and a relationship is built. Through this relationship, i can more easily talk about my faith. May God bless you abundantly Sarah and help you find the proper way to bear witness of His great love in your life.

  139. I would like prayer for my daughter who just started 2nd grade. We have homeschooled until now and this is a difficult transition for us to make. She loves school but she is anxious each day about the new day. I had to leave her with the principle in tears this morning because I had to leave for another commitment. We truly believe this is the right thing for our family at this time but it is so hard! I am also anxious myself as my father is coming for a visit this weekend and he is a very difficult person to be around. It will not be an easy time.

  140. I’ve been married for 32 years, and still struggle with my marraige. I’ve (we’ve) spent the past 2 years battling breast cancer (I’m good) which I thought would propel our relationship to a new level. It has not. This is so much work. I’m tired. I want to be married to my best friend. I don’t know what to do anymore, but something has to change. I can’t change him, only me. I need peace, and direction.

  141. Thanks for the prayers and encouraging words. It helps a lot to know you aren’t alone. I will be praying for all of you too.

  142. For the past 3 years I have struggled with eating disorders. Just when I seem to feel like it is “under control” I fail and fall back into the trap. It is a constant roller coaster ride. I have great support from my husband, family and friends, but I put on a good front most of the time. I am asking for prayers to put God first in my life and not the control of food in my life. It is so time consuming and if I would put that much effort into my walk with my Lord, I can imagine how different my life could truly be.

    • Sheila,

      When I came across your post I almost felt a sense of relief. Not because I want you to be in this struggle, but because you are not alone, which means I’m not either. I’ve been in a roller coaster of an eating disorder for 7 years or so. I’m in the same position of the being “in control” trap, only I don’t notice it’s a trap until I’ve fallen in it. It’s hard to explain because it takes up so much of my mind and my time. I want my life and my mind and my body to be so completely transformed but I also believe that will be through the power of God’s restoration. I’m praying that you will put God first in your life and trust he is in control. Don’t let the enemy beat you over the head with embarrassment, shame, or guilt. The battle’s already won. Jesus said, “it is finished”.

      “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13.

      love in Christ,


  143. Jen, you and your marriage relationship with your husband are on my mind and in my prayers. I, too, envision an “after the children are gone” kind of rekindled love with my husband.

  144. Sheila, I am responding to your prayer request, I don’t know if you listen to Mandisa’s music but her testimony is simular to yours and she just released an album Overcomer, check it out on youtube, very encouraging. I will be praying for you!! My prayer request is for my 2 teenage sons, one 17 and 15 that they would fall in love with Jesus and give their all to Him!! They currently attend church with us, and attended Christian School until High School when we could no longer afford it. They need to get plugged in somewhere and start a relationship with Christ, pray the Holy Spirit draw Michael and David to the Father. Pray for guidance and direction for our family, alot of changes with both boys graduating soon and I am starting to work again outside the home!! Love you sister In Christ.

  145. Praying for you Sheila. Dear Lord, please be very near to Sheila as she tries to conquer her eating disorder. We know that you go before her. Help her to see the progress that she has made, even if to her it may seem small. Lord, please let her know in a mighty way How much she is loved.
    I struggle with issues with finances. Like Paul, I ask myself over and over “Why do I do what I don’t want to do and don’t do what I want to do?”

    My prayer is that I will stop fearing the pain of facing my moral inventory for my recovery program (Celebrate Recovery)

    Also, I am in knots about a difficult codependent relationship that I have no boundaries in.

  146. First to Sheila, I will pray for God to grant you the strength you need to overcome your disorder. I am glad to hear that you have a wonderful support system. Yes, I can only imagine how different you life would be if you just walk daily with our Lord. My heart and prayers are with you….

    I am requesting prayers for our small family business, the bank is foreclosing on us…we have paid on this business for 6 years and are 2 years away from owning it 100% This has been my husbands dream and he and our family has work very hard at keeping it afloat. We are praying for a resolution other than foreclosure, as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please pray for the Lord to guide us in the right direction, as we have a lot to loose.

  147. Dear Heidi –

    May God watch over your family and business and give you the strength and wisdom needed to make the right decisions. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May prosperity be around the corner and be with you always.

    I am requesting prayers for myself and husband. We have been through a lot of heart aches the past 3 years. We have overcome cheating issues, experienced the birth of our daughter, dealt with health issues (husband broke his pelvis and needed surgery, two months later, had elbow surgery, all at 32 years old). During this time, he lost his job and has been unemployed for almost 2 years. I myself have lost 2 jobs within a year. With both of us being unemployed, it is causing much stress and uncertainty in our relationship and as well as some family issues. We argue about money constantly and are always on each other’s case about something because of our stress levels. Both of us are well educated and have many professional accolades but we can’t get a break. We cannot receive government assistance as I make too much $ on unemployment (only I am receiving unemployment at this time). I have lost myself completely, have no confidence in my abilities and have put on a lot of weight which has not helped my confidence. I am also struggling with some medical issues that I have been putting off due to lack of funds. Luckily, we have wonderful in-laws and they are going to help with our medical expenses.

    My prayer request is this: Please pray for my husband and I to find good jobs soon so that we can provide for our daughter and get back on our feet. Please help me to find myself and my confidence I once had and become the fun loving mother, wife and daughter I once was.

    Thank you to all and God bless!

  148. Heidi, I am blessed to have you to pray over. I was the ownr of a small business myself and understand fully the struggle. Prayerfully asking that God bless you with the resources and knowledge for maintaining your business. To guide you to the place of understanding His plan for you and your family through this, for embracing the plans he has for you and accepting that his plans may be different from those you have for yourself. Making you mindful of his presence in your lives and opening your hearts to listening to his words. May he direct the dreams and guide you to where he has prepared to lead you ~ a journey far more fulfilling than any you could imagine. May he take those dreams of your family and lift you in them. God’s Blessings

    For myself, I ask for prayer in trusting Jesus with my children. I worry, often and almost always over them. I know that God is doing a wonderful work in their lives and I need to trust in his keeping them safe. My son has recently left for college and when I don’t hear from him (which is so hard as a mother!) my heart sinks a bit. I know it is God telling me “TRUST ME”… and I do, and then I get frightened and I fear. Please pray for my heart to not be burdened with worry over my children, my family. xox

  149. I am kinda lost right now. I don’t even know what to pray for but I know that I feel so disconnected and alone.

    My one year divorce-anniversary was last month and I have moved on…or I think I have. I have a new house, am reconnecting to old friends, have two dogs….but I don’t feel connected.

    I am not dating, I don’t think I am ready. I am not being overly or underly social but I feel alone in a crowded room.

    I have a job that I like, co-workers who are wonderful, a boss I tolerate but we are working on it…but want to go home and just chill at the end of the day.

    I clean and cook, unpack (I bought the house in June) but am not fired up for anything.

  150. Lord, allow your grace to fall upon Tracie like it never has before. Let her know it’s okay to be in the lull of her life. Your word tells us that there’s a season for everything. Her life feels…and looks…very different than what it ever has before. Allow her the grace to accept that it’s okay. In the same sense, don’t let her live there for too long. She has a heart for you and wants to be “on fire” for whatever passions you’ve placed in her heart, but use this time in her life as a way of ministering to her and giving her rest. Let her be put in front of people that listen to her, care for her, want to be close to her. Let her not feel alone; whether she’s in a room full of people or at home unpacking boxes let her feel connected to you and to others. I lift my sister in Christ, Tracie up to you, Lord for you to speak to her and open her ears to be able to hear you like she never has before. I ask that you use this down time in her life to bring any undone healing up to be covered in your love and healing touch. Amen!

    I would appreciate prayers for my 19-year old son who’s going through ‘something’, but won’t share with anyone what it is and for me to be a tactful, compassion, understanding mother to an adult child going through adult problems.

  151. As a mother who wishes nothing but the best for her child, I pray to the Lord to give Diane the compassion and understanding she needs to be there for her son during this difficult time in his life. May the Lord grant her patience as I know patience can be a very hard quality to have during stressful times.

    May the lord grant both Diane and her son strength, patience, compassion, understanding and peace of mind now and always.

    God bless!

  152. I started a prayer group that needs some extra oomph to really get going. I also have the option to inherit my grandparents house that would entail a move from CA to CT! Please pray for wisdom and courage in that decision.

    Dear Heavenly Father, please cover BMF and her husband in your shielding grace. Show them your infinite Providence and all encompassing faithfulness in all these trials they are going through. I pray they will have the courage to lean on You as never before, that You would receive the glory for all that you provide for them. In Jesus name, Amen

  153. Dear Donna,

    I hear your heart and feel your anxiety too. My youngest daughter has flown the coop and I am fearful when I don’t hear from her as well. Trusting in this is so very hard.

    Dear Lord,
    Please be with Donna and calm her anxious heart. Let her know that You are there just as You have always been. Remind her that we, as Mothers, have no better control over what happens when our children are right in front of us as when they are far away. Help us Lord to trust you more fully for the Grace you continue to provide. In Jesus name, Amen

  154. Dear Lord,
    Please be with Lina and her prayer group, please cultivate passion within the group, as they move forward. Please grant Lina wisdom and discernment in the decision she will make regarding her grandparent’s home and moving across country. Please also grant Lina with peace regarding her daughter and help Lina to trust in You when she feels anxiety regarding her daughter. Please place a shield of protection around Lina’s daughter, as she begins to make life choices of her own. In Your son, Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

    Please pray for my marriage; my husband and I are working through some very difficult challenges. Please pray that God be the center and foundation of our marriage and that we both live in our marriage according to God’s Word and design. Please pray for us regarding custody of my step-son, who currently lives with his mother. She is not allowing my husband and I the due parenting time that the court had granted us. Also, please pray for my parents, who are currently going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage. Thank you.

    • Father, I bring Melissa and her husband before You. Lord, You said that if any two agree touching anything, it will be done for them. Connect their hearts in Your love, bring them to a place of one heart and one mind, that Your perfect will may be accomplished in their life together. Peace, acceptance, forgiveness and love flow freely between them. Lord, You put Your words in their mouths. The opening of their lips is for right things. They will allow each word to be seasoned as with salt and they will speak only that which is edifying, to one another, and to others, in every situation that is before them.
      Father, You said that You contend with those things that contend with us and give us safety and ease us. You see all the situation surrounding this child, a boy who needs his father and a step-mom that loves him as well. I ask that you would soften the heart of his mother. As the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, so is the heart of this mother, and You turn it which ever way that You please. And Father, we ask You to forgive her, truly she does not know what she is doing. Enable her to see how her behavior is affecting her son and bring forth godly sorrow and godly repentance.
      And lastly Lord, a marriage of 22 years. We ask that You would touch their hearts in a supernatural way. Cause forgiveness and acceptance to bubble up from within each of them. Enable them to put away offenses and come together in harmony. Draw each one individually and collectively into Your loving presence, where they can find mercy and grace to help in this time of need.
      In all of this Lord, I ask that You would wrap Your arms of love and acceptance around Melissa today. That she would know Your presence in a new and special way. That today she would find You to be to her, what You have never been for her before. Thank You for your goodness.

      Please agree with me for an increase in passion and love toward the Lord. That I will savour the things of the Lord and not those of men. That I will rightly divide the word of truth, giving honor to whom honor is due and yet, that I will not shrink back from anything He has spoken to me. The fear of man brings a snare and I do not want to be snared from the thing that I know the Lord has spoken to me. I am not ashamed: for I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day. To hear with clarity regarding place, time and specific plan, according to His perfect will.

  155. I find myself unemployed AGAIN…. had a temp job then got hired back at an old job just to be laid-off last Wednesday. I am tired, weary , frustrated and just plain lack motivation to look for another “job”… I am 55 (well, almost) and its just so hard. I am praying for a better attitude. Am prone to depression so this is not helping. Need to focus on my blessings and how awesome my husband is being. Thank you ladies for praying. Thank you Lord that you are with me even if I don’t Feel it, I know you are working in my heart. Standing on Romans 8:28.

  156. Father I pray for Aimee. You know their needs, and I pray that you, as you own the sheep on every hill, will provide for them. I pray that you will provide employment for Aimee so that whe can bless people through her work and activities. Stand by her, Lord, and gently speak to her spirit when she is depressed. Give her your presence, your peace. Thank you that her husband is understanding. Continue to work out your will in her heart.

    Please pray for me. I am 55, still schooling two daughters, and my husband was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s 5 years ago (he’s 70). He has his own business and is still working – with help from me for the detail stuff. He seems to be withdrawing – he’s naturally a loner – and it’s a real struggle for me. He still wants to be head of the household, but we’re losing relationship and interaction. Also, there is no retirement or savings, so I must trust the Lord for the future – and for every month. To add to this, another daughter is struggling with anorexia, which is a side effect of her depression. I am struggling as a wife (how do I handle this disease??) and a mother (the depression comes from my side of the family – why didn’t I see it?). Thank you.

    • Praying for Martha Lord, may she feel YOUR presence in her life and her Heart. Give her strength and courage to deal with her husbands illness and please provide others to come along side her and help in ways only YOU can provide. Praying for your Daughter that she gets the help she needs. Depression is such a horrible illness as it puts fear in our lives. With GOD we are to be without fear, filled to full with His spirit, love and peace. This is all so hard to understand at times but Martha know that even when we don’t have the words to say (pray) that the Lord understands our every cry. I will put you on my prayer list and continue to pray for you my friend. Aimee

  157. Dear God,
    Please help to renew Aimee’s spirit. Please fill her with your love and peace. Please let her feel Your guidance as You are always with us. Please send her the job that will allow her to use all of her gifts.

    Please pray for my little family. I am a single mother to two special needs boys. My boys are my life. Their dad is not involved as he has issues with addiction and depression. I work full time and am always tired. Both boys have had multiple hospitalizations this year and it is very draining. I was also seeing a wonderful man but we broke up because he was overwhelmed with everything. I have a very strong relationship with God and truly feel God has told me we will be back together but now is not the time. I miss him greatly as he was such an important part of my boys’ life. They do not bond with many people and they love him as much as I do. They pray for him nightly. He has said he loves us just as much but is working on getting himself where he needs to be.
    Please pray that I will have strength to get through this season of life. I truly have heard God tell me joy is around the corner and that He’s getting us both ready. The days get lonely and the waiting is hard. I guess this is where faith comes in.

  158. Dear God,
    Please give Martha your strength to continue caring for her family. Please give her the wisdom to handle the finances. Please touch her daughters and heal them of their depression and renew their spirits.

  159. I started college as a freshman about two weeks ago. Lately I have felt overwhelmed and mentally and emotionally crushed with several things: My billing statement came for my school tuition and it was more than I was expecting it to be. A few days ago I got a email from my insurance company saying they dropped me. The difficulty and heavy workload of my classes has me stressed and concerned. I’ve always struggled with my self image and am my harshest judge, and lately my struggle with this has gotten increasingly larger. The list continues. All of these things are crushing my soul and I’ve gotten to a point where I feel lost and hopeless. I know I need to let go of all these trouble and lay them into God’s hands, to trust in Him, but sometimes letting go is so hard. My life is going 90mph and I am struggling to keep up through all the chaos, stress and fear.

  160. JM,
    I hear your need for help and strength. I too experienced a great stress when my son was shot 8 years ago. The stress of treatment, finances, time away from work and much, much more can be very overwhelming. Every member of our family had a different reaction. While it is easy to lose focus when the world is so out of place for you, I offer this one inspiration. God IS faithful. I was so overwhelmed that for the first time I experienced what it was truly like to give it all to God. I had no choice. I was helpless not knowing what to do next. So I clung to God. No reservations, no demands, no expectations. I simply said, God, please grant me the strength to face whatever is laid before me and may I serve your purpose in how I respond. I will pray for you that you are able to feel Gods calming Grace with you as you face these trials, yes, without the man you spoke of, but instead with an all merciful Father who meet you in this time of need. Lord, please continue to look over JM and show her your will. Give her the strength to trust You as You heal her children. Father, we look to You for comfort when we are tired and the world seems so heavy with challenges. Lord teach us how to be patient and show us how to serve You best in our role as parents. In your name we praise You. Amen.

    My prayer request is for my son. He is now a young adult. Because of his accident, he is a 15 year old in a 25 year old body. Even though he has had several surgeries already, he still suffers from digestive symptoms, traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress. He used drinking to numb his pain, physical and mental, but now that has gotten him in a DUI. I ask that God give him the courage to get treatment for his alcohol addiction and convince him he needs psychological and occupational therapy to help him deal with the effects of the brain injury. I am doing what I can but he needs to learn how to do daily functions by himself. He needs to know how to handle money and how to cook and tend house for himself. He wants to be independent but is quickly frustrated when even simple tasks challenge him. God, please bring him into a point of safety where he can trust care providers to help him when he cannot help himself. Amen.

  161. Haley,

    I hear your call for help. I am also attending college and paying cash for tuition means that I watch every penny I spend. I have made sacrifices so that I can keep everything in balance. Many schools offer counseling, information on community resources and even financial guidance. Try checking with them for resources. Because you are a freshman, so much is new to you right now. Even though you want to do well and are trying to stay on top of things, please find a moment to pause. Yes, God wants us to use the gifts we are given but it doesn’t have to be all at once. Lord, please show Haley where she can find resources in her community or on campus or even among friends. Father, You know that often when we face something new it can be overwhelming. God, Haley is calling out to You. Please meet her in this time of need and give her strength to continue her studies, insight into how to manage finances, courage to ask for help in balancing her commitments and permission to step back and regroup if that is what is needed. Father, we believe that Your plans for us will be revealed. In Jesus name, Amen.

  162. Please pray for our military and their families! It has been tough for us to be at war, and the cost has been great! My husband has done two year-long tours in Iraq and is now in Afghanistan. He is an E.O.D. tech, meaning that his job is to render safe all sorts of explosives including I.E.D.’s that are decimating our troops abroad. We had some fairly honest discussions with our 4 kids about how things would be when dad deployed. I had each of them write a letter to him, and one daughter said they would pray he returned home safely and the other said she would still like to play video games with him even if he was missing an arm…sweet but sad. We even had a happy un-birthday party to celebrate all of our birthdays that my husband would miss. He has been gone a little over 6 mons. and he has endured much. Many fellow soldiers he has worked with have died, and he is on constant alert to go diffuse another bomb. Just last week, terrorists tried to overtake the remote base he is at, and it was an intense battle. Please pray for his physical and mental health BUT most of all pray for his spiritual health. For many of our 13 married yrs we have struggled to keep the family together. He is not a believer, and I have been since childhood. Our spiritual mismatch has been difficult. Pray that God would open his heart to feel a need for Him. Pray that I would know how to support my husband and keep things going strong on the homefront. Pray for the kids…they are waiting for dad to come back in Dec.

  163. Hi Heidi i understand how you may be missing him a lot. My husband also works abroad and even though his life is not as much at risk like yours, i miss him everyday and so does our little daughter. Continue to pray for him and be patient,things change. I have seen my husband’s attitude change through constant prayers. Be sure that God listens and cares. even when things do not seem to go the way you think they should be, God is working in his life.and in the right time, you will be able to see all the little things that He has been doing in your husband’s life. I pray for your husband, for you and for your children.God bless you all.

  164. I first want to pray for both Heidi and Gem. Lord, please encourage both of these women as they deal with raising families as their husbands are away. Give them grace, peace and strength to get through each day. Make them warriors for you. Bring people in their lives who can encourage and help them out. I pray specifially for Heidi. Help her bring all of her anxieties and fears to you and lay them at your feet. Help her children as they may be confused and scared, as well. Please keep her husband and his fellow soldiers safe. Thank you for providing brave men and women who serve our country and keep us safe. Please put a fellow soldier who is a believer in her husband’s life. He needs a Godly friend to encourage and minister to him. Help Heidi to be an example of your love and grace. Save her husband’s soul and bring him into your fold.

    Heidi – I found this sermon based on 1 Peter 3: 1-7 that may encouraging to you. http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/60-31

    I ask that you ladies pray for my marriage as well. I have been married 2.5 years and the last year was the hardest of my life. My husband walked away from God and me and did some horrible things that have damaged me deeply. We have been walking together in faith to rebuild our marriage, but every day is a struggle. Please pray that God heals us completely and my husband grows into a Christian man of integrity, strength and selflessness. He is young in his faith. Please pray for patience for me as he grows and that I encourage and build him up. Thank you all.

  165. Today I’m thankful that the Lord reminds me he is for me and not against me.
    Today the thing I will overcome is the constant battle with family members who believe missionary work is good but should be secondary/seasonal to making a lot of money. I have list support and to my family its a sign to stop. The Lord continues to encourage me not to waiver to continue to fight for the lost and these young girls coming out of sex trafficking human slavery.
    So my prayer request is that I hold on to what the Lord says and that he will provide creative ideas so that I can continue to be his hands and feet state wide and internationally. That the funding needed will be restored and more than enough but greater my family will experience Jesus in this and he will soften their hearts.

  166. Daddy God, I lift Malica up to You today. You know her heart and that those young girls that are lost and coming out of sex trafficking and human slavery burden her heart. You know that because You are the one who put it there! Daddy, You do not call those who are already equipped, You equip those You call. We pray for Malica and ask that You build her up, strengthen her in her battles with her family, provide the needed funds for her to continue Your mission, but her greatest burden is that her family will experience You. Show Yourself to them and bring them to Your heart. We love you Daddy!

    My request is for my almost 21yo son, he is desiring deep, intimate friendships. Not surface ones. Also for his car issues to be resolved and soon. He is a hard-working kid (young adult) who works, is in College and pays his own car insurance, cell bill, car payment and loan payments. He works as a pizza delivery driver and his car has been down for over a week (this is the third time in the last few months) and now the part that he needs to repair it (yes, he does his own car repairs too) is on backorder and there is no fill date. This is making it very difficult in our family with other children who work, and us as his parents. Please pray for resolution. He is also experiencing some depression bc he says everything is going wrong and has been for several months. Also prayers for me, I started my own jewelry business about a month ago. Prayers for motivation and sales. I am 46 and still waiting for God to let me know what I am to do “when I grow up”. Prayers that He will let me know.

    • Lord we offer up Jana’s prayers for her son. He is so trying to be responsible. Lord, lift him up, help Him see Your hand upon him. Remind him sweetly that our trials make us stronger. It’s so hard to see that and Your hands on us, especially when we are young and trying to do what is right. (something that looks to him like something going right would help, Lord). Give him loyal supportive friends to help keep him strong. Be with Jana and her family as they try to give him support and encouragement.
      We offer you the work of Jana’s hands. Help her to see how it fits in with your plans for her. Guide her on her path.

      I ask for prayers for my daughter as she heads off for college. I ask for prayers of guidance toward making good choices and being open to seeing the face and/or hand in God in her life. I ask too for our safe and positive journey experience as we head there and my safety on the way back.

  167. Dear Father, I lift up to you Jana’s son. He seems like such an industrious young man, far beyond the way many modern college age people are. His desire for real relationships is natural, you made us that way. It’s also difficult and painful during the time waiting for those with whom one can have those relationships with him. I see the same longing in my adult son. Lord, please fulfill this desire. And it seems so much is falling in on Jana’s son. He does so much to be independent but since he has no car for an indefinite period of time, it makes it difficult for him and his family. He’s feeling the depression that we all feel when completely overwhelmed. I pray it is only situational in nature and can be helped with prayer, study, good, trustworthy counsel. And Lord, please motivate Jana in her new business venture and give her enough success to keep the motivation going. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    My request: I broke part of my back June 4. That date I’m not likely to forget. I’ve been basically resting since then (and going stir crazy). Hubs has had to do all he normally did and what I normally did and it’s time to turn that around. The spinal orthopedic doc I saw yesterday said what we’ve got is what we’ll get. Thank you God, no surgery. Help me with living with the pain and with most of my time in a wheelchair. I can stand only about a minute. literally I have permission to drive again -YAY- but only without pain medication and it is a painful thing to do. And prayer for Hubs, too, as he adjusts to all he can’t do and to the fact this is as good as I’m going to get under medical intervention only. Thanks Sisters, Janet

  168. I started a new job a few weeks ago as the cosmetology instructor at the beauty school I went to. The previous instructor left everything in a whirlwind…im just having so much trouble getting everything in order. Its so overwhelming. And my husband just started a new job the same day as I and he is still going through the new job stress. So I ask that God place some peace in our minds and household and give me some direction to get everything going. I want to be well organized so that I can be the teacher that my girls need me to be. Thank you for your prayers.

  169. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you Jesus for the new jobs for Jordan and her husband. That is a blessing to have a job in this tough world. Things are a little crazy and defiantly new for them right now. I pray that you will be with both of them and their family and help them to get settled and in their new routine. I pray that you will bring them peace and comfort and guide them on this new journey in their life. You are in Control God and you know where they are and you are right there with them. Thank you Jesus.

    I am in desperate need of prayer. My husband and I run a family business that my dad and I started before he passed away almost 4 years ago. The economy has really hit us hard and we have been struggling to keep our heads above water. We had started a debt program to help with our debt before economy crashed and were so hopeful but with the hurting business comes hurting income. We are a month late on my car but owe too much to trade in. I am just so overwhelmed. We just recently found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant with no maternity coverage. Please pray for financial stability, a miracle …this is all too much for me to handle…But not too big for God.
    Thank you for the prayers…I really am thankful. God Bless you all.

    • I forgot to hit reply so am repeating this for Destiny’s sake 🙂

      Oh Gracious Heavenly Father, I lift up Destiny & her family to you. I pray for peace during this financially unsecured time as well as daily provision to keep their heads above the water. I pray dear Father that you would draw them to Scriptures in Your Word to remind them that You ARE in control & have not forgotten them when I’m sure it may feel like you have. I pray for insurance coverage for the baby you have blessed them during this time for reasons only You know. Please let Destiny’s family feel your loving arms around them sheltering them from the fear of the unknown as we know dear Father our steps are NOT unknown to You as if we continue to seek You, You will continue to lead us. In Your precious son’s name I pray, Amen.
      Ephesians 3:20
      “Now to Him who IS able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS power that IS at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church & in Jesus!

  170. Oh Gracious Heavenly Father, I lift up Destiny & her family to you. I pray for peace during this financially unsecured time as well as daily provision to keep their heads above the water. I pray dear Father that you would draw them to Scriptures in Your Word to remind them that You ARE in control & have not forgotten them when I’m sure it may feel like you have. I pray for insurance coverage for the baby you have blessed them during this time for reasons only You know. Please let Destiny’s family feel your loving arms around them sheltering them from the fear of the unknown as we know dear Father our steps are NOT unknown to You as if we continue to seek You, You will continue to lead us. In Your precious son’s name I pray, Amen.
    Ephesians 3:20
    “Now to Him who IS able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS power that IS at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church & in Jesus!

    Please pray for my family as we will be relocating to Texas from California in November. We are short selling our home & due to new laws it MUST be sold & escrow closed by December 31st. Please also pray for wisdom in where to live in Texas as we’re torn between 2 cities. Pray that our heart’s would be aligned with God’s & that we would be still enough to “feel” His guidance in our journey. Thank You!

    • Thank you for your prayers.

      I lift Kim and her family up to you today. They have a move ahead of them and selling of a home…and so many important decisions ahead of them. I pray that you will give the wisdom. I pray that you would give them peace in their hearts instead of anxiety …I pray that they feel your presence through this journey Lord. I thank you for your sweet time to pray for me….so I ask God that you just bless her and her family today.

  171. I’ve had this tab open on my browser for days now. My pride doesn’t want to answer the question and post for so many people to see that I have need. My heart knows the power of prayer.

    I’m awed at the comments and responses. Absolutely awed and know the Lord is honored and pleased. There is amazing power in prayer!

    What are you thankful for today? Being smack in the middle of God’s plan. He knows. He cares. He sees.
    What are you struggling with today? Anxiety and fear and worry. All three have plagued me since I was a little girl. I roller coaster with it a lot. For me it really is a sin issue of not trusting the Lord and it comes out in control. I don’t like it at all and want freedom from it.
    How can we pray for you? Pray that I would believe truth and not lies and that my ears would literally not hear weird sounds in my home that spin me to a place of fear and worry (expensive home repairs).

    Thank you virtual friends!

  172. Please pray for me to find a job as my ex-husband wants me to sell our home and get out. I want to move but it takes money to move. I am a little uncertain about everything right now. I feel like I’ve lost it all. Thank You!

  173. I lift Kristin S up in pray and that Lord you would relieve her anxeity and worry. Help her to trust in you and Father, help her to keep her eyes on Jesus.
    Please pray for me – I broke my knee a couple of days ago. I am not suppose to bear any weight on it and I have crutches and I am very discouraged. The dr says I will probably be on crutches for 3 mons. I pray for healing and that God will see me through. I am very blessed with a wonderful God fearing husband and he has been my rock. Please pray that we will keep relying on each and other and look towards the Lord for everything. I can go back to work depending on if I find an automatic car to drive – I have a stick shift…. so pray that someone will come forward and we can trade calls for awhile. Thanks Blessings, Elaine

  174. Elaine and Cathy I have prayed for you!
    Today I am thankful for my mom and step-dad. We sold our home in June and are just now finding another house to buy and we’ve been living with my mom since June.
    I’m struggling with what I want to do with my life. I am a working mom to two small kids (which I’m ok with) but I don’t like my job and am trying to find my calling in life. So if you would please pray that I don’t miss the signs from God about what I am supposed to be doing.

    • Pat,

      I am praying that God will show you exactly where He wants you to be and that you will be settled in Him during the waiting time.


  175. Wow! These prayer requests are so humbling! As I read each of them, I’m sending up a prayer. Honestly, I feel very guilty adding mine. I’m not in a bad financial situation, I haven’t lost a loved one, but….I’d love it if someone would pray for me. I’m asking the Lord what to do with my life, and I have no idea. I’d like prayer to ignite my calling. So as I said, it’s nothing dramatic, but just a small thing. You know that feeling when you just have no idea what to do? That’s how I feel. I would be so grateful if someone would offer up a prayer, just a small one, on my behalf. Thank you.

  176. Madison, I don’t know how old you are or how long you’ve been feeling “directionless” but I do know the feeling you expressed. I’m probably a good bit older than you, I’m 46 and have no idea what God wants to do with me. I will pray for you first, to not have guilt for asking for prayer 🙂 and second for you to hear “the whisper”. In 1 Kings Elijah was up on the mountain and was going to hear from God, he was not in the roaring wind, or the ground trembling earthquake, or the raging fire…he was the whisper..I would expect that the God of the universe would speak through earth shattering, grandiose means and maybe sometimes He does but I guess He speaks in a whisper too. When someone whispers we actually have to take an active role with straining to hear, if it fell from the sky we’re passive. I think He whispers in unique fashion too sometimes, maybe through the way someone’s heart floods full when they hear stories of sex slave girls around the world or maybe when they hear of forgotten wise ones sitting alone in nursing homes or of our youth being overtaken by our “Rome-like” culture where they try to self medicate their pain with drugs, self loathing, intellect and soul eroding video games, music, etc..drive by sex and general life apathy…or maybe he whispers through ones pull to paint, write, sing…that’s the beauty of Him, the list of whispers is endless. I pray you’ll see, feel or hear it.
    It’s difficult for me to sum up my request in a neat tidy package..but I’ll try. Been married for 20 years, 3 daughters, 18, 15 and 12. My marriage was emotionally abusive for 17 of these yrs. and the abuse was also directed at our oldest daughter because she ‘s a challenging child. The abuse was sometimes physical. My husband was a rage-a-holic. I honestly grew to loathe him. With every rage incident my heart grew more of stone. One day when he was yelling at my daughter for her to “shut the —- up” over and over and he shoved her down…the fragile tether that shackled me to him…snapped. Like an astronaut in space that is disconnected from the air hose and they go free – floating off into endless space. I finally left him after much warning to get help and he wouldn’t. I moved to the only support I had which was 1000 miles away. After a year, I moved back as he had gotten on medication and gotten a little bit of therapy. I couldn’t bare the guilt of keeping the girls that far away from their dad and if was no longer rageful, I didn’t feel I had an excuse. I moved back in, that was a little over two yrs. ago. I knew I had no marital type love for him and I know that he didn’t really get deep help, he just numbed himself out with Prozac. So, here I am, in a loveless marriage, with a godless man, I have no friends at all here in Vermont, no family for 1000 miles and a church that I’ve tried repeatedly to connect through but it just doesn’t happen. After collectively living here for 6+ years I’ve receded into myself..if that makes sense. I went back to work over a year ago but work with people that I can’t relate to at all due to their disdain for conservative Christians, so no friends there either. So, I apologize for the novel and the whining. I don’t know what to do, I hate for my girls to continue to live with this example of a marriage, a home void of joy and future dreams and plans and unity. It’s crushing.. I just ask for God to work on me, in me and through me. Do whatever He wants in my life. I appreciate all prayers.
    God bless

  177. Dear Lord,
    I am so confused my husband and I were married for 20 plus years. We divorced, he ask to come back after a year and a half of being separated. I say YES now he is cheating again and told me his wants to see other women. I think he is still seeing his coworker whom he cheated on me with. I saw phone calls and texts on his phone. My boys and I feel betrayed and hurt. I pray for strength, patience and guidance its hard as a single parent. I thought he really meant he loved me and wanted to be back home. He lied to me again. Save him from infidelity, bring him home, change the man I love and married. I know he loves me so. He has obstacles in his way, take them away. Let him come home today. AMEN! My boys are confused and hurt as much as I am. We are use to him leaving us and coming back home. I am so tired. Give me strength GOD. Lead him back here to us his family.