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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. I am excited to see the world from a different, positive, God seeking, creative perspective. Celebrating life with a couple friends who might go through the book with me.

  2. Looking forward to getting back to creating. Many years since i have allowed myself to do artsy things which I love and that make me feel fulfilled. :). Thank you. Now have to find time each day to use these gifts which God has placed in me.

  3. I’m looking forward to getting inspiration for how to add creative art back into my daily life.

  4. This sounds so interesting but I have not read the book yet. I am intrigued by it. I am quite artistic but this gives me a new perspective. Looking forward to starting this.

  5. I’m looking forward to allowing myself time to create! And recognizing some of the little ways I create.

  6. I LOVE being artsy more than anything! I would love to win this book, it sounds amazing!

  7. We had lived in our house for five years with bare walls, before I found the courage to make and display my own art. Now I love it when others come over and ask about a piece, and I get to tell the story of how God inspired it. It has opened wonderful conversations about who God is and His messages to us. I am really looking forward to this study!!!!!

  8. I keep hearing so many good things about this book so I am excited to start – although I have WOF this weekend and Allume next week/weekend…so I am not sure I will be joining in all the posting fun until I am back from Allume! 🙂

  9. Looking forward to being inspired! I feel art is very freeing, and uplifting! I find that being a busy mom if I will sit with a child and give them ANY form of medium they will show me how to start creating. Kids are the most creative individuals and very encouraging!

  10. I’m looking forward to (as most have said) being inspired! So many times I feel like I am “not a creative person” but I know deep down that’s just not true.

  11. Life is crazy busy doing so much for others and I’m looking forward to taking time to do something for just me.

  12. I’m looking forward to something that would keep me on track. I feel like I can get on a roll with my relationship with Jesus, but then I stagnate because I’m afraid “I’m not doing it right/enough.” I am a new Believer (as of 2 years ago), and my life has changed drastically (especially my purpose and thought life), but I am feeling inadequate because I just can’t get over a hump of how much time/ when to spend with The Lord. 🙂 I love this blog, and it has been very helpful.

  13. Also, I love to create things, but feel sometimes guilty because I’m not spending time in the Word, but it seems like this book may help me link my creativity to Him. I won’t be able to purchase the book, but will glean from reading the posts!

  14. I love Emily, so I’m looking forward to reading this book. God has really been challenging me to be more fearless in the way I live out my art!

  15. I want to learn to believe that I am an artist. To reject the myth that I don’t have time to create.

  16. I feel like art is a mystery to me – I would like to discover the art in me – maybe joining the study will help me unlock those doors.


  17. This book is arriving at perfect timing. I have art “stuck” inside me and am trying to figure out how to get it out at this stage in life.

  18. I feel nourished by making art & would like to more clearly connect that to the Divine and be challenged to think about making art as more than painting or photography.

  19. I am quite excited to be part of a book club. I never have and I am an avid reader. I think seeing us grow in our faith and connection to God as a group will inspire me most.

  20. I need to revisit the well and replenish in God’s Holy Spirit. This bible study sounds like it it is aligned with God’s timing for my life. I hope I am blessed with a copy. Thanks.

  21. I am not an artistically creative person, so I am excited about the opportunity to explore what the book and assignments have to offer. I have never been in an on-line book club before, so this is another “first” for me.

  22. I don’t really believe that I can “do art”. I know my creativity may not come with a paintbrush or other craft supplies, but I would love to read this book in hopes that it allows me to see other areas of creativity.

  23. I want to spark my creative flare…and believe I have one, lol! Looking forward to this bible study!

  24. I look forward to being more effective at including time for my art (music and knitting) every day. I also want to be more aware of the gives that I have been given.

  25. I really want to read this book! I love art! I sew and sell fabric banners/bunting. And the first few pages on Amazon really intrigued me because I want to be a person who inspires. My sister does that for me and I always look forward to being with her because I leave excited and inspired.

  26. I look forward to unleashing creativity and making it a habit rather than a longing in my daily life.

  27. I used to think I wasn’t a creative person but the deeper I began to study God’s Word and learn who He is, I’m learning that in His image I’m a creator. I look forward to this study and carving out time to invest in my creative gifts.

  28. I’m mostly excited to find more ways to see the Holy Spirit in the world around me. And learning how to quiet the negative nancy inside me that doesn’t allow me to fully express what I’m feeling/seeing in the world around me.

  29. I’m a super busy student who has taught herself the best way to relax is by turning the TV on and the brain off. I have this intense desire to rekindle my creativity, live a free life, but old habits are so hard to break. I would love this book to help me get out of the mud and onto the path to being who I am supposed to be.


  30. I am tickled to just start reading this book! It should arrive in the mail any day now, and I can’t wait to see how I can revive my creative spirit!

  31. Looking so forward to becoming inspired through my own creativity that may have been pushed aside as I raise my sweet family. Something for ME! 🙂

  32. I am looking forward to learning about the work Jesus has been doing in Emily after Grace for the Good Girl. It took me about 3 months to read that book because the truths were so challenging for me to hear. Now I look forward to learning how to be the woman God created me to be.

  33. IBM looking forward to this series since due to my son’s fall baseball schedule I was unable to join a small group this time around. I found myself missing it.

  34. I’m excited to see why everyone is saying this book is for everyone, when the description makes it seem to limited to the ‘artistic’ side of people… in which I don’t feel like it means me.. but I keep hearing everyone say that it really applied to them… excited to see what this is all about 🙂

  35. I am looking forward to getting to know our Creator better through the creativity He has formed and is growing within me:) I am already so excited for this book- great choice ladies!

  36. Looking forward to learning and growing in my “Art” whatever that may be..love you girls and appreciate all the work and effort you all put into these studies..The videos are always so precious..GOD IS SO GOOD, sending these studies to me in a timely manner.

  37. I love to be creative! I can’t wait to see how to use my creative side in every day life. I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I’ve always felt like an artist but never produced any art. I am so encouraged by the thought of dedicating 1 hour today to be creative! Really excited to read this book + participate here!

  39. This will be the first book club for me. From what I’ve read this is an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to start.

  40. I haven’t started reading yet, but the “31 Days” posts by Emily have been very inspiring and if the book is anything like that, I know I won’t be able to put it down once I start. I’m most looking forward to hearing from all three of you regarding the art you are living!

  41. I am excited about the videos. Its always fun reading along and watching the videos to get more “goodies” from Angie and Jessica. Cant wait!

  42. This is on my “wishlist” – looking forward to being inspired & refreshed, and hopefully a little challenged, to take my “art” to the next level 🙂

  43. I’ve always loved your book club and can’t wait to start this one! I’m never disappointed, ever! I’m very curious to know how to incorporate the arts into discovering who God made me to be! It should be a good study. Looking forward to it!

  44. I am really looking forward to learning how to set aside time for me, in a creative way, and to not feel guilty for it. Excited for the first video.

  45. I look forward to having permission (not feeling guilty!) for taking the time to be crafty! Thank you for reminding me that God gave us gifts to share – how can that be a waste of time!?

  46. I am looking forward to learning how to be more me, more alive, living more in the will of God in how He has created me. Can’t wait to begin! Blessings to you all!

  47. I am looking forward to evolving while going through the book with you ladies. I feel like I am right on the edge of accepting myself and being my authentic self. It is only because of your love that I am learning to love me as well and to embrace who I am and dare to be who God has created me to be. Thanks for the community!

  48. This sounds so fantastic, and I’d love to win a copy! I’m most excited to join in with my incourage sisters again after I was unable to lead an incourage group this session. I miss ya’ll!!! 🙂

  49. I started using actively my creativity a year ago when I began writing ESL storybooks for chidren and used my graphic design skills to turn them in ready-to-use E-books.

  50. Would love to win!! i’ve been following along with Emily’s 31 days of Living Art and would love to read the book alongside you all! Thanks for the chance!

  51. Craving the saturating inspiration time with fellow artists can bring after this recent dry spell. God’s art is all around, yet the words within seem barren. Praying this book and time in community breaks the fallow ground.

  52. I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life. I love being a mom and a wife, but I feel God’s calling me to be creative in my ministry to others. This book would be a great read!

  53. My heart thrives on art, yet it often gets squeezed out of my life. I am looking forward to rediscovering what living art can look like for me in this season.

  54. This is my first book club book with you and I have been looking forward to it with great anticipation. Chomping at the bit if you will 🙂 I am so very excited that we are getting started!

    I have my book, I have my glasses, I have the desire to learn. Let’s Go!

    Love to you and yours,

  55. I am just excited to start reading! I was in chapter 2 when the book club was announced so I am waiting for it to officially begin 🙂

  56. I’m looking forward to letting God open up the creativity that I know that is deep down inside of me. The art to praise Him in everything I do.

  57. looking forward to finding new kinds of “art” and also thinking of ways to encourage my children to pursue art in their lives, however it may look.

  58. I am looking forward to working through this book with other ladies. I have tried to get a group together to go through this, but have been unable to do so.

  59. I have never considered myself an artist at all. So I would love to learn about all the other ways we can use our specific “art”. Looking forward to reading this book!

  60. I’m looking forward to learning about myself. I feel that I’ve not only come in late in this Christian walk game, but I’ve stayed a few steps behind. I have no idea what my gifts are and as scared as I am to find them, I want to know. I want to give of myself. I looking forward to this road of self discovery and in turn truly glorifing Him who make me.

  61. I wasn’t able to participate in the last study so I’m looking forward to connecting with the community again. This will be my 3rd or 4th study. I’ve enjoyed every one of them and have no doubt that this one will be any different.

  62. I havent read “a million little ways” yet, but I have read grace for the good girl and loved it! Really looking forward to this new book by emily p freeman!

  63. I’ve heard so much fantastic buzz about this book! I can’t wait to pick it up (and share it with a friend, too). <3 I'm eager to learn more about myself…and to give myself full permission to embrace my imperfections and just shoot for the stars. 😉

  64. Wow…only part of my response posted….here’s the rest…
    I don’t get the whole art thing…or at least how I understand art and creativity….I have said my whole life that I don’t have a creative bone in my body …when I turned 50 some years ago ….I turned toward the “finish line” and declared I was finishing stronger than I started…I want to shed what ever would hold me back ….to embrace new challenges…so I will be “turning in”…even if I don’t have the book ….I love the book club…I have enjoyed each one I have done.

  65. I am looking forward to use creativity in everyday life…to show myself and my family of all God’s little {and very big} blessings that we may overlook in day to day life.

  66. I have been looking forward to this book all year. I have been wanting to get back to creativity and art in my life.

  67. I am looking forward to the bookclub to see the book through Emily’s eyes and to be able to meet new friends to bounce things from the book off of. “What did you think of what she said on page blah blah blah? “I really never thought of blah blah blah, she really opened my eyes” things like that. Without the book club, I’d be reading alone and not having that comraderie to feed off of. It’s exciting to think of all the different perspectives that will be coming from this book. Not only Emily’s or mine, but everyone else reading. My eyes will be opened to new ideas and possibilities. It brings so much more excitement to reading and creating the art we’ll be bringing to our family’s lives. I am so anxious to get started!

  68. I am just intrigued to learn what my art is! I have always considered myself to be “creatively challenged”. Described myself as “not having a creative bone in my body”. Years ago, when the show “Trading Spaces” was on TV, I always told my friends that I couldn’t sign up for the show because none of them would agree to allow me to decorate their house (even with professional supervision)!

    I also know, however, that all things are possible through Christ! So it’s clearly less a matter of me having an artistic ability and more a matter of me just not recognizing it!


  69. This book sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to learning what God has in store for me and what He may teach me about myself through this book.

  70. Looking forward to creating by taking inspiration from God through desires deep withing my heart.

  71. I’m looking forward to being reminded to think artfully in the thick of life and to seeing and hearing Emily and sharing it with my very artful daughter. 🙂

  72. I am so enlivened by fall that to be inspired and encouraged to pursue creative art would be a bonus!

  73. My husband just retired from the Navy and we moved to our “forever” home in a new state. I’m taking a year off work now to focus on being present for my husband and kids and being intentional about my spiritual growth. I am SO excited to begin this study and see how God uses it in my life, and by extension, others!

  74. I have never thought of myself as being artsy but I would love to be. I have ordered the book and can hardly wait to get it.

  75. Sounds just like what I need to start enjoying life again. I’m really looking forward to this as a newcomer.

  76. I love book clubs and discussions, but I’d never been able to find one that covered a book I thought looked interesting until I stumbled onto this! The book looks amazing (I may possibly have already read about half of it, and be plotting who else I know that needs a copy) and I love the discussion format — and I’m very much looking forward to learning and growing and exploring with a group of wonderful ladies 🙂

  77. I’m looking forward to growing my relationship with Christ and getting back into that feeling of personal fellowship. Creating something that clearly shows God’s perfect love could also easily become a way for me to share that same love among my peers and classmates.

  78. I feel like the creative side of me gets the leftovers of time in my life! This book sounds like it might help me be more creative during more of the moments of my day. Thank you for offering this great book and package of goodies!

  79. My 4 yr old daughter loves art and this would be a great way for us to connect as I am not typically artistic. I am always looking for ways to encourage that in her and create times for us to be together.

  80. I’m in the middle of A Million Little Ways and looking forward to how it’s going to shape me, my writing, my life. I’d like to give a copy to my best friend and encourage her in her art.

  81. I am most excited to find what the Lord has for me as He shows me the ways He has equipped me uniquely to share my story and give encouragement to others through art!

  82. As I was reading through my e-mails, I was drawn to the art at the top of the InBloom Book Club and blog. As I began reading, Emily Freeman’s words “Are you aware of a scrap of a desire deep within you but your first response to it is to toss it aside and label it selfish instead of considering is as sacred?” stirred a hesitant “yes” within me.

    I am excited to read together and to continue exploring God’s desire to create

  83. Many years ago I went to a Christian publisher with a craft book idea. He told me that no publisher would take the book because that’s not what Christian publishers are all about. I walked away completely deflated wondering what the Creator of the Universe thought of the comments. I am thrilled that you have published a book encouraging creativity and art! I’m looking forward to the Bible Study very much. I would love to win the set; what a generous giveaway. 🙂

  84. I recently have had some life changes and am looking forward to getting back into my art after many years. It seems timely tha this book has now come about. I look forward to gleaning from it’s pages whether I win it or not!

    Excited to see what’s going to happen with God in my art.

  85. i’m a speech language therapy grad student and one of my professors used to say, speech language pathology is science+art. our God is the God of creation and he is making all things new. and i want to read this book. 🙂

  86. I have been on a journey of discovering and believing who I am in Christ…and living out of that understanding and belief. I’m excited to use this book as another tool on my journey…excited to see what more God has to teach and reveal to me. Thank you for this opportunity!

  87. I am over 50 and still have the mind of a child.
    I’m eager to see what creative abilities I have.
    This sounds like a fun book.

  88. I am looking forward to reading this with so many other women! I’m also hoping to set in concrete the fact that every thing done for my family, friends and church is an artful sacrifice with lasting reward. Even if it doesn’t feel so big in the moment

  89. I’m excited about joining the Bloom ladies and community for another book club! I love gaining the perspectives of other readers and have found that my reading experience is greatly enriched when I read along and discuss with others.

  90. In this period of transition and trials, I am searching for fresh insight and inspiration. I have always felt refreshed when creating but it has been a motto from childhood to not “play” until the work is done. We know the work is never done…I must re balance. 🙂

  91. This book sounds interesting and I am looking forward to reading it. I have never thought of myself as a creative or artistic person. But I am at a place in my life where I long to find the “artist” inside of me, wharever form it takes.

  92. I feel a constant urge to create but don’t feel like I have time for it. I’m looking forward to the study in many ways but want to learn how Emily makes room for what God is calling her to create.

  93. Excited for the time my daughter and I can spend together with all of you with this great new book!

  94. Just ordered the book, I already practice faithart- creating art journals, canvas pieces etc that are about the colors, design and words that God puts on my heart to create with. Thanks!

  95. I’ve let life get in my way of expressing my call to be creative. I am so praying that this is the push God is giving me to move forward and step up. Can’t wait to participate.

  96. Just started reading it and am loving it already!!! Looking forward to the start of the book club!

  97. I’m working on seeing art in all aspects of my life…not just the, “I don’t have time to do my stuff” kinda art. I think, we call it a creative spark, bc, we need a catalyst to get it started-that’s what I’m looking forward to finding. Thanks.

  98. I put aside my paint brush and canvases over 20 years ago when I began my life anew after a divorce. I still have some canvases and brushes but always feel I have the time to invest in starting a new project. This article gave me courage to make a schedule that will allow for time to indulge and find more creativity in my life.

  99. I’m excited to read “A Little Million Ways”. Hoping for inspiration and encouragement to keep going forward with hope.

  100. I want to learn to give myself permission to create! I think the busyness of the schedule gets in the way so many times!


  101. I am looking forward to redefining what my art might be at this point in my life & all that it holds. 🙂

  102. I’m looking forward to viewing art as just another way God wants to build a relationship with me! The Bible is the perfect example of the great lengths God has went to create art for us. It’s not just about a formula to get the right answer, it’s the art and poetry and beauty of a relationship with Jesus!!!

  103. I set aside much of my creative side for a season (17 years) to homeschool my son. I don’t regret any of it–it was a remarkable time for our family. But he has started his second year of college and my husband is now at home (retired) and I’ve started painting again. I am finding the transition difficult. I want to develop and use my talents for the Lord, but I’ m not sure what that should look like. I have a feeling that this study will give me some clarity.

  104. Hmmmm…interesting but I definitely do not consider myself artistic. Creative? Perhaps. Appreciator of God’s artistry in nature? Definitely. Don’t know if this book is for me but I’ll give it a shot it if my name is chosen.

  105. I am so looking forward to this book. I consider myself an artist – I love drawing and painting – however I am so looking forward to placing both “artist” and “masterpeice” into everyday life. Life that glorifies God the true artist.

  106. I cannot wait for the book club to start! I have never been an artsy type. I recently also gave myself permission to create! I picked up my girl’s guitar as she has been learning and I have felt so happy! She is playing at church thanks to Father Bill’s incredible lessons for his childrens’ choir! I cannot tell you how much happy energy has been flowing through the house! She is teaching me how to play! Thank you God for Father Bill’s service! I could never afford the lessons right now!

    Best to All!

  107. I’m looking forward to different ideas of what art might look like in my life. I lead a pretty scheduled life, with not much time for any kind of art. And not being artistic, have just brushed that off. I’m hopeful that this will show me different ways to be open to this in my life. Thanks.

  108. I’m interested to see what this book is all about. I’ve always loved art…and my sister is in school now to be an art teacher. Art is a huge part of our everyday lives. Can’t wait to read about Emily’s perspective on art.

  109. I am really interested in this book so I can see things differently and also help change
    some perceptions.

  110. I love opportunities to be creative, but sometimes finding the time just doesn’t happen. I would love to win a copy of this book and learn how to infuse the artistic into my daily life.

  111. I’m subscribed to Emily’s blog, and I enjoy her writing and perspective immensely. I can only imagine her book is so blessed as well. I hope to continue to glean from her as well as the other women through Bloom book club, as always. God Bless you all. So grateful to be apart of such a beautiful community of beloved of God!

  112. I am looking forward to another wonderful book by Emily Freeman. I poured over Grace for the Good Girl and used the book Graceful for my high school girls weekend retreat. I have never thought of myself as artistic or as an artist but I know my thoughts aren’t God’s and I am anxious to see how He works though her book to replace my definition with His.

  113. I am at a fork in the road and feel this my be what I need to decide which way to go. I need an inspiration to keep going.

  114. I am looking forward to learning “a million little ways” to be an artist, and let God be the director of my creative talents. I am a writer and have only recently given myself permission to take it seriously. God gave me this gift and wants me to use it. I’m excited to find out what that means moving forward in my life!

  115. I am excited about this book and study, I can hardly wait. When I was younger, I drew, painted, wrote etc. somehow through all of these years I felt like I didnt deserve to have that time, that I needed to take care of everyone else first. Now I see that I am just cheating the holy spirit, myself and others of my creations. So today I declare that I do deserve time to be artistic and am excited to be on this journey with fellow Bloom sisters. Thank you!

  116. I have never participated in a book club, although I love to read. This will be my first book club and I’m looking forward to it! I also love Emily Freeman and her books! Looking forward to reading “A Million Little Ways” very soon!

  117. Oh how this is a confirmation of what I feel the Lord unctioning me into…little snippets of time, redeemed by Him and the overflowing joy of walking in my giftings…I NEED this nudge- I cannot wait!! Thanks so much!!

  118. Like many people I tend to think of art as something beautiful on the wall or on the shelf…not life as it is lived by me. I’d love to win a paperback copy.

  119. I look forward to viewing myself more as God views me. I am not “an artist” in the sense that I create beautiful paintings or drawings, etc, but I’d like to think that there is beauty in the art of living our lives as He has created us to live.

  120. How perfect that in this season of beauty, that only God could bestow, we will be reading “A Million Little Ways”! I just on a whim signed up for an Art Journaling class. I cannot begin to tell how freeing and soul lifting this has been. I can hardly settle down to other business for the day, as everything I look at becomes ART! Our God has so blessed us!!

  121. I’m a new mom and I am really eager to learn how to see the art in everyday life since my new daily routine is caught up in diapers, feeding, and moments that don’t feel all that artistic (although I love my daughter immensely). I’ve been excited about this book since Emily announced she was writing it.

  122. I am SO excited about this book and the possibility of a breakthrough in my life. I am a total believer that we’re all creative because of God’s creativity. I’m ready to break through my fear of failure and just live and create the in whatever way God has designed it for me. Just can’t see it yet.

  123. I heard about this book on KSBJ, a christian radio station in Houston TX. I was very interested in this book after listening to the discussion about it. Really looking forward to getting to read it.

  124. Love you guys, have become addicted to blogs! God uses them to speak so often, Gotta keep the Word first! I pray that God blesses each ministry!

  125. looking forward to learning how God can use my “gifts”, although I’ve never considered myself “artistic”

  126. Eeeh! I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for MONTHS…ever since Emily mentioned it on her blog and what the topic was. I was so excited to see this as a BLOOM book, too! Reading along and seeing the videos with you gals chatting…can’t wait!
    Sarah M

  127. I would have to say that I am most looking forward to allowing myself to create without feeling guilty, and to see my gifts as something that I have to offer!

  128. Page 31 – “…uncovering your art-making, image-bearing, glory-declaring capability.” Prayer and blessing over each of us as we read and accept His invitation! 🙂

  129. I’m so looking forward to ‘uncovering the art I was made to live’ because I know it isn’t in the traditional way I view art (drawing/painting)! I know I have lots of God inspired creativity within me that I hope will become evident and exposed through reading this book.
    I am a HUGE fan of Bloom book club and can’t wait to see and hear the sofa discussions!!! I’ve already started reading the book and LOVE it so far!
    Blessings to everybody…<3


  131. I am so excited about this study!!! I’ve almost finished reading the book, and the Lord is already using it to open my eyes to the creativity He has placed inside of me and how I can develop my gifts-whether big or small-to bring Him glory! I can’t wait to hear more from Emily and to really break a part and digger deeper into the concepts she has so beautifully written about. Thank you for choosing this book for your study!!

  132. I’m just learning about the joy of art and creating. I’ve never thought of myself as creative and have been conditioned to think I’m not. So I am trying to break free from this and learn how I was made in the creator’s image.

  133. I look forward to reading your book again…”uncovering the art I was made to live” through brush & watercolors. You seem a kindred spirit, Emily, and I identify with both your fears and the passion to step into His purpose. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  134. I’ve been standing on the brink of a new chapter (my Second Act, maybe?) for the last while. In the last four years, I’ve sent my first-born off into the world, survived aggressive breast cancer (5 surgeries and 52 weeks of chemo!), built a new home, had to quit working outside of the home, and will be moving my two middle girls over 1600 miles away next week, leaving the Mister and me with just one of our 4 precious girls home. All these life-altering changes have my head spinning and my heart cracking just a bit. To rediscover, regain, and have God restore to me who I was, who I can be by reading this book and being part of the book club tickles my tummy and sparks my hope. I would be so blessed to win a copy!

  135. I am looking forward to reading what I hope will be a life-changing book as part of a COMMUNITY. I am looking forward to the guidance from our moderators. And, I am looking forward to a future art-filled me!

  136. Looking forward to understanding what it means for me to uncover art in my life when I’ve never been very “artistic”.

  137. Well, I did view my writing as making art before, but now I view it as only one little way I make art. The way I live, the way I offer myself to everyone around me, is how I go make art in the world.

  138. I’m really in the beginning stage of trying to see/think of my life differently. God was there before I even knew Him, so He’s been with me thru this (to me) not so great part. I “just” have a hard time trusting the process. Looking forward to what He’s going to say thru you!

  139. I am really looking forward to reading what might very well inspire me to be inspired about things that I could possibly enjoy creating that is probably in there somewhere but I have yet to discover!! I am really looking forward to this!

  140. I’m thrilled to read A Million Little Ways. It’s been staring me down as I’ve been writing in Barnes & Noble for the last week. I love making the art God designed me to make, but sometimes it becomes difficult to see the rest of life as art. Excited for this breath of fresh air!

  141. I am so looking forward to reading this book, as I have struggled for years, with giving myself permission to use the gift of Calligraphy the Lord has blessed me with. I get to a certain point in creating Scripture cards with pictures I’ve taken while living in Hawaii, and using calligraphy to write the scriptures/words of encouragement…. bless people in giving them away, then wonder where I’m supoz to go from there. Rather than moving forward and trusting God to make a way for me to sell them, and create the business end of it, I allow fear of success or failure to shut me down. I really need the encouragement in the this book to get me going in the right direction, refusing to give in to fear, and instead trust the Lord, who gave me this gift to use for His glory, to take me to the next step. Bless you for this blog!

  142. I’m an accountant and always use that as an excuse for my lack of artistry. Maybe God intends something more for my life?

  143. I loved, loved, loved Emily’s first book, Grace for the Good Girl, and I know this one is going to be great,too. I am excited about seeing the videos because I think they add so much to a book study. Thanks!

  144. Surrendering to my creative side with Emily’s wonderful thoughts as inspiration 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. My book arrived on Saturday, and I cannot wait to read it! I love to write, and to cook. They’re my art. And while I love them, I have often wondered if I could share those loves with others. I’ve felt a call to do so, but I’ve always downplayed the idea as a far-off dream…something that won’t ever happen. Yet I feel the call to do so…feel it in my bones. Hoping and praying for inspiration through this book as I try to sort out my feelings. 🙂

  146. I am most looking forward to seeking out the artistic side of me that God created and that I’ve just pushed down and ignored for most of this life. I’m so excited to begin!

  147. I’m Looking Forward To Reading The Book And A New Study. Lookjng For New Perspective And Hopefully Will Find A New Way Too Express Myself And My Encounters With Good Through “Art” Even Though I’m Not A Creative Person.

  148. My art is my crocheting and knitting! He blessed me with a little talent! Looking forward to reading this book!

  149. Beautiful things happen when we open the InCourage and Bloom Book Club, and Freeman’s book. I’m encouraged to set aside distractions and negative thoughts. As He is creator I’ll be it too.

  150. I get creative with my kids stuff, I give them venues to grow their creativity, but I have absolutely stopped attempting to be creative for the pure joy of it. And being creative is a big part of myself. I have been crashing it. I am looking forward to rekindling that flame while reading this book.

  151. I am excited to simply have a reason and a little bit of time each week to read something for myself; focus on “me” and letting my imagination soar with the ideas shared in this book.

  152. It’s so easy for kids to use their creativity, but I think it gets harder to use our creativity as we get older and busier. I hope to gain some ideas from the book on how to keep the creativity juices flowing as well as how to fit in time for it on a regular basis.

  153. miss my more creative days when i could leave the mess out and not have it destroyed/confiscated/ etc by 3 little ones! Would love ideas on how to do artistic things in short periods of time, with less supplies!

  154. I just ordered my book today. Can’t wait to get it. I look forward to reading it and see how I can learn to create again. It has been along time and I am ready.

  155. Creativity is so not my strong suit. So looking forward to gaining new perspectives on creativity and faith.

  156. Looking forward to learning how to use that inner voice that keeps telling me to take the plunge! Thanks for this opportunity!

  157. This study sounds fun! I love being creative, but often don’t think I am good enough at some things to even try. But trying is always fun. I can’t wait to see what Emily says about being creative and about our creative God.

  158. I’m a very creative person but I tend to allow myself to get carried along in the busyness of life and forget about creating….thank you for this giveaway, I’ve been wanting to read this book!

  159. I’m intrigued by the description of this book, as it would seem to take a more generic appriach to “art.” I wouldn’t consider myself to me particularly artistic but I would look forward to learning to silence my inner critic and create more beauty with my loved ones with a more beautiful attitude.

  160. An answer to a prayer! I prayed and asked God how can I use the talent he’s given me to glorify him? That is what I believe this book study will be for me. I haven’t read the book yet. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. God bless.

  161. I would love to be a part of this book club and learn how to practical make time for creativity and art during the day, inspiring my girls to be creative too!

  162. I am looking forward to being inspired with more ways I can bring beauty into my home and my family’s life together! I find such joy in doing creative things, but I often get busy with taking care of my family and don’t take time to be creative.

  163. I feel that I have always had a creative side and love to use that creativity for projects and such but what I am really looking forward to discovering is how I can use this creativity to serve others and honor God. I am very excited to read this book!!

  164. Yea, I think I’m creative but when I try to do something it never turns out the way I think it should. I gave up years ago.

  165. This past Mother’s Day I was a part of the Listen To Your Mother production in our town. It was such an honor to be amongst this fabulous group o fwomen, writers, ARTISTS. I want to keep that up. (I spent most of the time convincing myself I belonged, I want to make art in my life!)

  166. I am looking forward to the study and the videos. I read the book out loud to my Mom and we discuss it and have a mini-book study along with the whole bloom community. I am excited about making more room in my life for my creative interests!

  167. I am excited about learning about being art and living art because we are all such amazing creations and that same creative spirit is alive in us as well!

  168. Today, I’ve been creating knitted/crochet items for my soon to arrive first grand-daughter. My mind is a time machine going back to the future and forward to the past to when Christ found me and breathed new life into me and my family. After I proudly witnessed my 2 adult children start their own new lives a few years back… I found that I was (am) a little lost and trying to stand in old quicksand. God has blessed me with ‘new days’. I stand amazed at the Lord’s Creativity that I see around me, but I still need a glimpse at who, what, etc. I am meant to be ‘now’. I think your book will help me with this. I am looking forward to this study. God bless you.. for who you are. Thanks.

  169. I have recently become okay with the fact that when i can create, it feeds something in me… Im confident that God is going to use Emily and her book in a BIG way in my life…and in many others. I cant wait to see what all He is going to do! 🙂

  170. I love art, be it crafts or just dressing creatively. Lately I have started writing a book or sorts on the animal stories in our lives. Looking forward to this book!

  171. I really like the theme of this book, and I am looking forward to learning more about expressing myself through art. Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  172. I’m looking forward to learning how other women are growing their creative sides and stretching myself in a new direction.

  173. I am looking forward to seeing art in my life! I have always had a crafty side of me but never much thought of the connection of art and my relationship with Christ! What a beautiful thought!

  174. I am always looking for new and creative ways to get inspired and this book seems like a good one to give me some! 🙂

  175. I am looking for inspiration to get back to my artsy creative self. I use to be that way growing up then after marriage and kids, it seems as if I have lost my true self. So I am looking forward to getting back to who I am.

  176. I love the premise of this book and believe it will be a great encouragement to be more open to embrace the ways God has uniquely gifted us to live a life that glorifiess Him.

  177. Looking forward to learning more about God’s creativity and how I can see it in myself and others!

  178. I love how Emily writes and this book intrigues me. This conversation about letting the creative you shine out in every part of your life is one that gets me fired up! Looking forward to this book study! (Also, waving hi to Emily from a fellow good girl!)

  179. I’m looking forward to discovering the art inside me! I’ve written in the past, so I can’t wait to see what God has in store!

  180. Before I thought that artistic meant you had to have legitimate artistic talent…now I am excited to find out the “art” in me because I definitely don’t have any traditional artistic talent even though several members of my family do…so excited!!

  181. I have never been a part of an online book club! Can’t wait to read the book and watch the videos. So interesting to get different perspectives from all over the world!

  182. I am thoroughly enjoyed the Bread and Wine book club. It brought me into the kitchen in a new and creative way. I am looking forward to feeding the creative side of me. 🙂

  183. Yippee! Still re-reading excerpts from all of the previous bloom books, especially Bread & Wine. Can’t wait to have another great book for starting good conversation and to add to my Bloom shelf!!!

  184. looking forward to reading new books by people I have not read before. I’m looking for inspiration for creating and expressing myself during my season of grief.

  185. I am looking forward to connecting with women again over a good book. Six kiddos leave little women to women time! I need me some! 🙂

  186. Hi! I’m really looking forward to the Bloom Book Club…first time guest here 🙂
    Can’t wait to read A Million Little Ways. God is stirring something inside me…just trying to make it come alive.

  187. I am looking forward to reading a wonderful book and sharing my thoughts with women of a similar mindset! (And I am hoping it will bring out the creative side of me!)

  188. I’m looking forward to seeing how creativity and spirituality interplay in this book. All the reviews I’ve heard are fantastic and I just can’t wait to dive in!

  189. I’m most looking forward to uncovering the art that I was made to live! I hope to get to share the experience with some dear friends.

  190. I’m looking forward to rediscovering the creativity God had given me and learning to unlock it.

  191. I now view my life as art – every moment of it, from waking up and praying and exercising, to preparing meals and eating the divine nourishment, to working at my job and serving those I am called to.

  192. Looking forward to encouraging my views of creativity! and embracing the way God has made me creative!

  193. I’m excited to see how Emily expands art as a concept. It’s so easy to think that I’m “not good at art” and I really want to tap into the parts of me that participate in creation, in God’s image!

  194. Can’t wait to see how this book dovetails with all the “creative” and “make your art” things that are popping up all around me. I’m listening, Lord!

  195. I’m looking forward to some fresh ideas to keep art flowing in my mom-of-little-ones life. I especially like the idea of using just a few minutes here and there, because it seems like many days that’s all I can get.

  196. I think we lose our way in the creative process unless we happen to pursue an artistic vocation that keeps the process flowing. I know that is true in my case I also think that, too often, we think of being creative as wasting time when, in reality, it is using the gifts God gave us and expressing ourselves in a truly authentic way. I am looking forward to seeing my way back to the creative process and expressing myself in the artistic way that brings me joy.

  197. I’m really looking forward to reading A Million Little Ways. I have so many things I have always wanted to do, like write a book, or begin regularly sending my friends beautiful cards just to say hi and encourage them. But life gets busy, I get scared or something else gets in the way. I can’t wait to read a book about living the life I’ve always wanted and how to start incorporating art into my everyday life!

  198. I have been participating in bloom book clubs since the beginning…
    I am excited for this one…although I don’t have much art in my life–I’m curious.

  199. I love art I love being creative…but it will be interesting to look at it from a different angle…God’s view. So excited…love love love Angie, Jess and Robin…can’t wait to meet Emily!!

  200. Having outside motivation to create for myself will be excellent. I am an elementary art teacher by trade, so I create every day, but it’s never for my sake. It’s always to demonstrate or share with the children!

  201. I am so looking forward to reading this book! I just got a copy over the weekend, but haven’t had a chance to dive in yet. Lately I have had a strong desire to really buckle down and focus on my writing. I had never really thought about creating words in the artistic way before. I always associated are with paintings and that sort of thing. But I’m looking forward to see how God will continue to unveil the artistic side of me through written words.

  202. I think there is a creative spirit in all of us, but a lot of times it’s hard to be inspired or motivated. I’m hoping the book club will help me to be inspired to create in my daily life.

  203. I am looking forward to being encouraged to see “art” from a fresh perspective, and to reviving my creativity!

  204. Emily speaks to my heart and moves my soul to respond to Jesus.
    I am so grateful that I was created to create.
    So thankful you guys are spurring us on to be who we were designed to be`

  205. I love pondering what it means to have been created in the image of God… we are therefore (re)creative by definition. We live too small. I want to connect with others who dare to live large because God called us by name and enVISIONed us before our birth… to reflect His infinite creativity in a thousand different ways!

  206. In 2001, after 31 yrs of marriage, my husband that I had always felt was ‘above reproach’ told me some things that landed me flat on my back for 2 days. My life will never be the same. The person I had been got lost along the way and I have been trying desperately to get myself back! My self-esteem was shattered which affects the way I relate to life and people in general. In 2008 my husband had 2 mild strokes which left him unable to return to work. Now, he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . In 2009, my daughter-in-law introduced me to art journaling which has been a source of great pleasure. I would like very much to be a part of your book club. My husband led me to The Lord Jesus Christ when I was 15 yrs. old and my relationship with Him has only grown deeper and sweeter all these many yrs. God has given us 6 precious children and 3 wonderful grandchildren.
    Looking forward to learning more about art which has been very therapeutic to me. Thanks so much for a chance to win the book!

  207. I love Emily’s blog expecially the ‘for you weekend’ posts. It will be nice to learn about how we are all created to be creative and how creativty is not just about finearts.

  208. Strangely the thing I’m looking forward to the most is opening up your book and beginning. I’m allowing myself to walk into art more and more and it’s opening up a side that’s been locked away for some time. Can’t wait for the book study.

  209. I am an artist and this book sounds so lovely and refreshing! I would be so grateful to win it and read it!

  210. Creativity is a pet topic of mine. I love to create in many ways, from the traditionally crafty (paper crafts, sewing, etc) to the artistic (writing, design, photography). But, I struggle to maintain creative momentum. I get busy, life happens, and art gets pushed to the wayside. I look forward to reading Emily’s book and getting a fresh dose of inspiration.

  211. Our family is passionate about creating and art (via storytelling, acting, writing, music), so this book sounds right up my alley! Looking forward to being inspired by each of you alongside the book, being pointed to our Beloved Creator of Our Souls as we take this journey together.

  212. A million little ways…sounds in line with 1000 gifts…and I’m in! Would be lovely to win a book to encourage a friend to do the study with me!

  213. I’ve just recently started following Emily’s blog, enjoying her series on living art! I’m an engineer by day, “artist” by night, loving life! Would love to engage more deeply in learning more about embracing God’s gift of art in my life and encouraging others in their own in the club.

  214. I’m going to invite a couple of my friends at work to join me. We’re older women thinking about retirement soon (hopefully!). This will give us ideas for what to do with our newly found free time!

  215. The book description sounds beautiful! I would love to learn what God has for me in this area as I am often critical of myself and my abilities in this area.

  216. I’m sort of new here – been recieving (in)courage posts since Holley Gerth’s book “You’re Already Amazing” caught my attention and introduced me to this community. Recent changes and choices have put me in position that I am now able to keep up with emails and participate more and get to know you. I’m excited to soak in Emily’s kind but straight-forward insight while reading this book she wrote to encourage the art in all of us readers. I’ve skimmed but not yet read the book. I preordered 4 copies and have invited some of my friends to join me in this study. I’m expecting a fresh breath of God into our creative endeavors and hopefully a strengthening of our friendships as we encourage each other to make art each day!

  217. I am just understanding that I am Gods handiwork. This book and study would help to reinforce and strengthen that message to my heart. Thank you, Emily, for writing about what God is saying to you as this is a message most women need to hear.

  218. I just can’t wait to be in community again through this study. I can’t wait. It’s been a while!

  219. Wow! I’m newly in love with (but ages in need of) this blog and am very excited to do this book study. I seldom give myself time to study and read like I desire, so thank you! My art is beginning home schooling this year to my 9 year old Joe, 5 year old Tes and cherishing it all with the added enjoyment of 10 month old Berg. My me time art is yoga, gardening and crafting. Especially crafting and sewing, I feel I need to have the big chunk of time and all the perfect resources or I tend to not do it at all. Thank you for the “little drops” perspective!

  220. I’m a fiction writer struggling with feeling validated in my art, because I live in a world where non-fiction writing seems to be more legitimate (I think the proliferation of published bloggers adds to my feelings of inadequacy). I’ve spent a lot of time trying to be a non-fiction writer, but it feels wrong – from this study, I’m looking for encouragement to feel validated in what I do, and honour my craft as equal to other people’s.

  221. I have never been a part of the Bloom Book Club reading. I found in(courage) in the middle of the last book group about “Bread and Wine”. I would LOVE the opportunity to join in on the fun!

  222. After 60 years of creating a wall of fear surrounding my life, I am working hard at learning how to live my life the way God wants me to live with freedom, serenity and faith on a much deeper level than I’ve gotten to so far.

  223. I haven’t read the book yet but am excited to see what it’s all about. I’ve learned that one can express art in all areas of life. Tuning in to God, listening and focusing on the smallest of details has brought a new, clearer vision and has inspired me to re-create myself – to try new and different ways of expressing God’s Love in my life. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement you give to so many.

  224. Hi, I have lived with an extremely strong inner critical voice all my life. It has not been easy to tone it down, but with God, I am finally able to handle it a whole lot better. It has been a really painful journey. Had been locked up in an internal prison so I am looking forward to the encouragement and learning ways to live in the freedom and knowledge of who God created me to be.

  225. I would consider myself a creative person, so the topic of Emily’s book definitely piques my interest. So excited to see that you guys have chosen it for the book club this fall and can’t wait to jump in and see what God has in store!

  226. I’m excited to tap Into my creative side. God gives gifts and we are to use them so I can’t wait to see what God has for all of us!!

  227. I’m so tired of feeling like my time is not my own. I’ve always dreamed of painting. That tells me God placed that dream in my heart and He wants to fulfill it. Thank you for teaching me this.

  228. I’m really looking forward to learing how to fulfill my dreams of creating “art”. I feel like this book will help me to learn to listen to those God nudges and go after them.

  229. I would love to read this book. It sounds so good! I’ve always struggled with feeling like my art is not up to par — so I do very little, if anything. I’m tired of living this way.

  230. Yes to what God wanted me to read today. I thought I was in the desert of creativity until I realized that it’s always been there – I just needed to look for it. I would love to read this. I need to be reminded.

  231. I have so many unfinished creative projects that I had to buy a chest to store them in. knitting, quilting…you name it! So hoping this study will spur me on to complete them. The 30 minute idea is great because there is always ” something” to be done. Always wanted to join a book club.
    Thanks! 🙂

  232. I am excited to see what God is going to show me about my creative spirit and how to incorporate into my daily life!

  233. I am really looking forward to learning more about life as art. I’ve never been what I’ve considered an “artist”, but always have been drawn to beauty. Thanks for this opportunity!

  234. I love ALL things Emily Freeman! I just want to dive in to learning about art, how God wants to use art in my life to reach the world for His glory.

    Unfortunately, I was laid off a few weeks ago I was laid off & don’t have any extra funds to buy a book right now.

  235. There seems to be so much to look forward to here, but I’m especially ready to read about how creating art in your life doesn’t always have to be a large, loud, crowd-attracting thing. How sometimes glory happens in the ordinary. I am looking for some encouragement to find art and the expression of art in my everyday life.

  236. I am looking forward to this book because I have finally found time to do art when all my kids are at school. I am choosing to put this first, this fall. I have so many projects I’ve wanted to do and many I have started and want to finish. This book looks like great inspiration.

  237. Ever since I was little, I knew that whenever I create, specifically paint, I feel the Joy of God in me.

    However, at the same time, I saw art as useless because I didn’t see how art could feed a hungry person, heal a sick person, etc. As a high schooler who received a four-year art scholarship to an art school in NY, I decided to go to a college that offered science courses in hopes to work towards becoming a medical missionary.

    My senior year in college, however, God led me to give up my medical-missionary dream and I ended up starting my second major that, by His grace, I finished that same year: art. And it was my best year ever because I felt I was doing what I was created to do. I was being me.

    During my first year in college, my dad got sick. What it meant for me to follow God during my post-college years was to take care of my parents, physically and financially. Most of my early and mid-twenties moments was filled with being the financial provider for my parents who moved across country to move in with me. There were hard times. During this season, God provided, stretched, grew, molded, refined, matured, and loved us in countless ways.

    By God’s grace, I am now in a new season. By God’s grace, through various miracles, God answered my prayers for a more long-term, sustainable, and financial solution for my parents, relieving me of my responsibilities. Throughout this past year, I’ve been sensing His Spirit telling me to paint. “Paint, Grace – won’t you paint for Me?”

    I’ve ignored it. I haven’t painted in years. I’ve cooked gourmet, beautifully put-together, and extravagant meals for many to bless, but I have not painted in 5 years.

    I recently quit my job with a global management consulting firm that God graciously provided me during the season when I told Him that I needed to somehow make more money than I had been to support my parents because of nudgings I feel to paint for God. I recently read this series about creating art through my life in million, countless ways and last week, I picked up my paint brush for my first time in five years to paint, again, for God.

    It’s my way of coming before Him to spend time with the One Who Created Me and Who Loves Me Best. A part of me wants I use the word “just” that “it’s just my way…” A part of me tells me this is foolishness. I left a job at a well-known, prestigious firm to sit before an empty canvas. I’m not sure where this “Paint for God” journey will lead, but all I know today is that He wants me to spend time with Him, worshipping Him in the most natural and joy-increasing way I know through my artworks, but also with my entire life.

    I may not have much to offer Him Who Has Given Me His Everything. But He is a God who is pleased with me – the way I am – and He smiles to see me draw nearer to Him in every way possible.

    I am hoping to re-remember that I am His Masterpiece and to live as such – being a reflection of His glory and grace trough this life He is painting in me.

  238. I am looking forward to participating in my first (in)courage book club.
    Receiving inspiration and learning from Emily and other partipants would be my two main goals/hopes for the study.
    I “do” art through writing, baking sugar and gluten-free for two of my boys, teaching and mothering a large family and occasionally painting furniture.
    Thank you!

  239. I can’t wait to start another women’s bible study! It’s been too long and I am needing some encouragement!

  240. I’ve started reading the book on my Kindle, but have stopped to wait and follow along with the study. What I’ve read so far is amazing and I look forward to finding the “art” God has purposed for my life!

  241. As someone who is not artistic at all I’m looking forward to getting inspiration on how to add creative art into my daily life.

  242. I’m looking forward to spending some quiet time reading this book and discovering how it will apply to me! I think a friend may be joining me in reading the book so that is quite exciting, too!

  243. I’m looking forward to your bible study that includes creating art and living your life as art.

  244. I’m most excited about doing this study with one of my besties!! Not to mention that I love the perspectives the videos always bring into the readings!

  245. This strikes a cord deep within me. I’ve felt for awhile now that I’ve forgotten myself, and I’m on a journey to (re)discover who I am in Christ. Very much looking forward to reading this book and participating in my first Bloom book club!

  246. I haven’t read any of Emily Freeman’s books yet, so it I’d really like to read A Million Little Ways. I’ve never felt like a creative person, but I’ve always wanted to be. I’m looking forward to finding out what I have to offer, discovering “the creative, personal imprint of God on my life” and learning about various creative outlets through which I can shine a light on and honor God and grow in my relationship with Him. Also, I want to become a more grateful person and experience a greater sense of wonder and joy. I enjoy the videos too. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  247. I can’t wait to get into the book! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to really be myself and live what I was made to live. I’ve already found so much inspiration on Emily’s blog to let my whole life be art. I can’t wait to read what other women are thinking and learning about themselves as we read together!