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By day I'm a 20something (slightly neurotic) southern SAHM to Scarlette, my 25 week preemie but by night I'm a blogger...

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  1. Kayla,
    Thank you for sharing your story…what a poignant reminder that “thanksgiving always precedes the miracle” and that every day, every hour can be “thanksgiving” if we look for His loving hand.
    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. I never tire of the miracle that is Scarlette. From the fragile micro-preemie to the rambunctious three year old that she is now…God’s grace and mercy shine down on you in thanksgiving of its own. You were chosen for this child by the Almighty and you never forget that. You truly are an inspiration to all mothers, not just those who have walked the same path as you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jeff, and Scarlette. <3

  3. Beautiful post! I think I’ve written to you before that I was premature, and it reminds me to thank God for my life He’s given me.

  4. So beautiful! I am sorry you had to go through the scary part but it makes her even more special that she already was! My daughter just had twins in Aug. They took them early but it was planned that way. She was still very scared as babies are not supposed to arrive early. She is having Thanksgiving every day as well. Daddy got a giggle out of Samantha the other day. A moment of pure, unadulterated love and joy!

    Love, Patty

  5. O our third grandson was only two pounds but we did not take care of him. His mum did. Until he was strong enough. Two months. It was hard. But he did not need help to breathe. Well, I don’t really know.
    So touching.

  6. This is so beautiful… and such a reminder that Thanksgiving comes to us every day when we give thanks – even for the hard eucharisteos!
    Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Birthday!

  7. As a mom of a NICU baby, one with respiratory issues … among many other physical issues, I too am thankful for each breath, each smile, each “terrorizing” moment of her life as a curious 2-year old. They are precious little ones, full of life, love, and extra spirit!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  8. Beautiful story. Seven years ago on Thanksgiving, my first born was born still at 38 weeks. As the Macy’s parade was rolling by and people were giving thanks. I was asking why me? Today nine years later I can give thanks to God for two more boys that were born alive. Thanksgiving is always bitter sweet. I think of my little angel in heaven but give thanks for the two angels here with me on earth. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Stacy, I am so sorry. I am so glad for you that your arms are full here on earth but I know that ache for heaven must be even more for you. I remember wondering on our worst days how everyone else could just be going on with their lives when my baby was struggling to live. Happy Thanksgiving- where thanksgiving is the hardest of euchariesto

  9. This is beautiful.

    I can so relate to your story of watching the heartbeats on the monitor and giving thanks for each one. From a tiny, little guy born in a precarious state at 27 weeks gestation…to his cancer diagnosis at age 2…to now a healthy, strong, godly 17 year old young man…this story took me back. So many people don’t “get” why my husband and I are thankful for and excited about everything this child does, whether he excels at it or not. Him being here is the miracle. Like you, we know not everyone has our happy ending. So thankful today.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I love to hear stories of preemies who go one to be “healthy, strong, godly” 🙂 I can’t imagine what you must have felt but I do know what you mean about just having him here being the miracle.

  10. Wow, what an incredible story. Thank you for sharing with such grace what you have to be thankful for. Our God is so good!

  11. Bless you for sharing such a sacred memory with us. How miraculous that one born so very early is with you today! Thanksgiving must be profound each and every year for the memory of your daughter.
    Thank you.

  12. My firstborn was also a premie; born at 28 week gestation. Moved her birthday on the calendar from April to February. She was a cesarean birth also, but because I had pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure was stroke level and my legs looked like they belonged on an elephant. My husband got to see her very soon after birth and the neonatologist brought me a Polaroid picture of her while I had to stay where I was on my back, getting IV medication that can only be given in labor & delivery or ICU. It was two days before I saw her. Her doctor came and told me she extubated herself at 5 hours old, they weren’t tubing her again. The steroids I had during pregnancy strengthened her lungs that much. She flipped herself in the isolette 6 weeks before she was supposed to be born. So, so many things to be thankful for. She’s almost 30 now, hoping to get pregnant herself, knowing the doctors told me I couldn’t. Thank you, Lord.

    • They are so much stronger than you’d think they could be, those tiny little ones aren’t they! My husband brought me photos too 🙂 Lots of prayers for a healthy pregnancy for your daughter!

  13. Kayla,

    Wow! 🙂 What a beautiful, poignant story of love and Thanksgiving! It shouldn’t take miracles to open our eyes & see the beauty that is before us. We should be thankful daily for small things–breathing, sunshine, heat, food, etc. Thanksgiving should be practiced daily for everything!

    God Bless you and your family!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have had 3 preemies and am pregnant with our 4th. Only 10 days to go until full term! Every day is such a gift. We all need to live Thanksgiving every hour of every day. Blessings to you and your family. We serve a great God in all circumstances.

    • FULL TERM! Congrats! In my preemie support group, we do a little dance whenever someone gets to full term in a subsequent pregnancy 🙂 Here’s to a full term dance for you and prayers for a healthy delivery! xoxo

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your story! My first daughter was supposed to be born on Thanksgiving…and came 7 weeks early in October instead. I’ve never really been able to put all of it into words, so I’m even more thankful for yours here.

  16. Kaylee,

    You write so beautifully.
    I would love to see your story, and those of all the commenters here compiled into a book. What a Testimony to Life that would be.

    For me, Thanksgiving seems always shadowed by the loss or terminal diagnosis of a friend. That is difficult, but significantly different from sitting in hospital wondering if your newborn will take another breath.

    Thank you for putting LIFE in perspective. I shall start to remember NICU babies and their moms and families in my prayers, especially at Holidays. Big hugs, and keep writing, Kaylee!

  17. Yes, in everything! Your beautiful words remind me that I take too much for granted. In EVERYTHING, I want to see the precious gifts of the Father. IN EVERYTHING! They then do become Thanksgiving.
    I am so glad I read this today. I have been blessed by your in-sight from your out-side. Praising Him with you.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  18. You’ve really put into words what it’s like to have a preemie baby and to depend on God for every early milestone. I had a baby in the NICU too, and I loved how you expressed this feeling of depending on God and then the thanksgiving for a miracle.

  19. I just got around to reading this. We’re hoping to be thankful for our son’s cries on Tuesday as they are planning to extubate him and put him on CPAP.