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Esther is a wife, mom to 6 and blogosphere resident. She spends her days behind either her laptop or the steering wheel of her 15 passenger van.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I was just mulling over something very similar yesterday during a walk. I certainly don’t want to relive the pain I’ve gone through. And I’d be lying if I said I had constant joy throughout it–or even a morsel at times. But, looking back, I’m thankful for those seasons. Because those places of brokenness become places of identification with others. My desire to see others walk in healing and freedom isn’t simply an abstract thought; it’s a yearning from those tear-stained-floor-moments that have connected my heart with theirs. And in that connection, there is joy to face future winters.

    • I would have a hard time choosing to go through those seasons myself (if there was a choice that is), but that connection is something quite beautiful.

  2. Esther,

    Thank you for your beautiful words. Surely a reminder that even though we go through dark times, the light is at the end of the tunnel, and one day, with the help of God, we will see our way clear. For Jesus is the Light Of The World!!!

    God bless you and Happy New Year!!

  3. Esther, loved the imagery here. Reminded me of Narnia, always winter and never Christmas until the resurrection of Aslan ushers in the hope of spring.
    This year I have found myself seeking God more and more just for more of Him. Last year I had a major stroke and spent the year totally depending on Him. It was amazing. Such intimacy and all initiated by Him. This year the Lord has healed me but I struggle far more to be so close to Him. I’ve even caught myself thinking I was in a better place when I was so very ill.
    I want to learn that “all is grace” in practice in my life.
    Bless you for your writing, sorry for my not quite thought through response.
    Love Ruth x

    • I love your response Ruth! It can be odd to think of yourself as having been in a better place while in the midst of struggle, all because it is so easy to fall into the routine of being self dependent rather than God dependent during the easier times.

  4. Thank you for this word about winter. And thank you for not being a Southerner writing about winter! They really just don’t get it. As a Minnesotan, you absolutely do. I have a love-hate relationship with Alaska winters (snow from September to April), but there is nothing like new-fallen snow for beauty. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    • Yes. There is a difference! (I say this as it is -20 degrees outside)
      I think the same is true in our lives though. Like the difference between 1st world and 3rd world problems. We can’t fully understand unless we’ve been there.

  5. Love this!! Your winter attire is like putting on the whole armor of God! I can relate, as I live with chronic illness and disability. We have to grow to sterner stuff, and God never leaves us lacking in supply of provision! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  6. As a Minnesotan, I hope I can also get to the point where I can strap on some snowshoes and enjoy the winter. But I absolutely agree, those who endure the long months of darkness and cold, appreciate Spring the most. God always comes through.

    • I wouldn’t want to wish the darkness and cold on anyone, but I think even coming alongside someone in that season can be enough to help you really understand the difference.

  7. Love your sharing topped with a picture that speaks a thousand words. God is in it – in all seasons of our lives. Even though coming from Brisbane, Australia (previously from Singapore), where we don’t see snow nor experience the harshness if it, Esther, your sharing has given me a glimpse of God’s goodness in our different parts of the world. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us – we just have to cling on to Him and will find Him there pursuing us and comforting us. God was there, is there and will be there for you and me this year and forevermore . Happy New Year … from Australia to America – He is the same God for us all.

  8. Esther- you have walked through some winters in your life- and there will likely be more to come! As a Minnesota girl who has walked through her share of winters as well, even in the middle of July, I admire you greatly for the beautiful woman of God you have become!

  9. Beautiful imagery and photography. Absolutely loved the post too. Our winter has been more like I remember from 1974 when I first moved here and winter from when Hannah and Esther were kids. Before moving here I lived out East and never believed people and cars could function in these kind of winters. Now I laugh out loud when those who live out East think 18 above is bitterly cold.

    • Thanks Diane! It’s funny when I think about comparing winters over past winters. Maybe it’s the Minnesotan in me that can’t help but compare everything to weather, but this is so true even in those seasons of life.

  10. Love the analogy Esther.

    I’ve had my share of “winters” also and it does strengthen you and turns you back toward God. I’ve also realized that going through some of those winters allows you to help others when they encounter the same winter.

    Imagine one day we will get to see God and never ever have to go through a winter again! Praise God! 🙂

    • That’s kind of funny. I had been on a missions trip to Panama this summer and people were talking about the group of women from ‘Minnesota’ as being the tough hard working gals! lol

  11. A huge discovery for me, just yesterday! After losing my husband then my job a couple of years ago ( and then realizing what anxiety was) I found myself having to move my life in with a friend a little over an hour away. I love the new area and am saving to buy a home here and I have some work here…I’m seeing progress.
    Weekends, however, become so full and busy since I head back to the town I grew up In and near where I raised the kids…and my hairdresser (stylist now!) is. Aren’t we supposed to enjoy the weekends after working so hard during the week? Well, I had such anxiety over that list of 13 steps that nothing went right, I left with no time to spare so when I got the call that we need more of that fabric that is only in that shop near me, I had to cancel my loooonggg awaited haircut so I could get it. We are working on a quilt for a wedding gift, as a family…that trumps. ANXIETY set in and didn’t leave me until night fall. Nothing was accomplished and the sewing was called off, for this week.
    Me, the analyzer, finally realizes I’ve got to do something different, I can’t expect to get that list of 13, mostly scheduled, events done and I can’t find peace that way. I have decided to reevaluate what I can do here and there. While I love my hairdresser, I’ll have to go through the pain of finding another one “just right” for me step at a time..