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Noelle is an ordained Presbyterian pastor and mother of two young boys. She enjoys writing, reflecting on motherhood as a sacred task, and cuddling with her boys - when she can catch them!

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Wow..I really needed to hear this today, especially after speaking “death” over a situation today. God has whispered loudly that I have a choice– life or death in my powerful words. God bless your day. You certainly have blessed mine.

    • Renee, Thank you for commenting and your honesty – I have spoken death over a situation before too. Let’s encourage each other in prayer. I believe God can turn any situation around!

  2. I have a girlfriend that called her friends “Sunshine” as in “You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine” song. It makes me plant a smile on my face and feel better about myself all day.

    • Cindy, I had a friend who did that too! Isn’t the power of our words incredible? I am amazed how much we can brighten someone’s day whom we don’t even know with a kind one – it’s amazing to think about their far greater power with those we love.

  3. Wow. What good advice and I have to admit that I’m guilty of dishing out bad words in my life in the past. I shall be very careful of my words from now on. And how I dress my grandchildren and what they are allowed to see and read and watch and listen to. This is so right.

  4. Our actions also communicate a lot to our children. Am I geing generous? Forgiving? Loving?

    Some things are big, let’s go volunteer at a shelter or plan a building mission trip and they can have a huge impact. However in the small things lays their inner character. Am I a place for them to find comfort or criticism?

    • Thank you for your thought provoking response, Fabiola! I agree, and developing the inner character of our families is what I’m after here. That’s why I love the focus on self-worth. On a side note, I went to your blog and see that you’re with Amor Ministries. I have crossed paths with Jordan Congdon through church! Blessings to you and your work.

      • Thank you, I just saw your response. Thank you, yes Amor has been an incredible journey. The world it’s so small, Jordan is now working for Amor as well.

        This social media world makes it even smaller. Maybe one day you’ll join us as well in one of the trips and I’ll get to meet you.

  5. Thank you Noelle. A timely reminder to me and affirming too, so thank you.
    I tell my children “you are my delight and my joy and you cause me to sing, as God sings over you”. This is because when I was doing DTS at YWAM, my mentor, a wonderful American lady who told it like it was, blessed me with these words and caused me to see just how much I am loved by Majesty and by her too. it is a truth i want my children to know and for it to resonate in their hearts. The other blessing I want my children to receive is that they would hear the Voice of The Good Shepherd every day of their lives. Because, when I fail, and snap or tear off a little more of a strip than is merited, Or when the World speaks lies and death to them, I want them to know who they really are, who they are created to be as a son and daughter of the Living God. His voice needs to be the one they hear inside their heads.

    And during the day time, before school or at bedtime, I tell them that I am so blessed that God chose me to be their mummy and it makes me feel hugely privileged that He did, even though He knew I would be imperfect. And that is okay, because He is my Co-Parent – Hurrah!
    I am so grateful to have found this and the ibelieve communities. Thank you for blogging; it is a huge blessing to me and my children with your insights, encouragement and teachings.
    Anna, UK

    • Anna, You bless me richly with your words. They are so meaningful to me. It appears I have a kindred soul across the ocean – isn’t it amazing how God can connect lives? I love your focus not only on positive affirmations, but a true grounding for your children in our scriptural identities. Oh that I would always remember my own! If we are able to engrain that identity into our children, their blessings will be multifold I am sure. Wishing you Christ’s love and light to your journey.

  6. I once heard a minister’s wife say that we needed “Christ-esteem” … that has always stuck with me. I love that. I wrote a poem a few weeks ago on self-esteem … if you don’t mind, I’ll share it:

    Over-rated is self-esteem
    So unpredictable it seems
    It will lie to you whenever it deems

    Self is here
    Self is there
    Self is everywhere

    Self can’t be trusted
    Was given a chance, but got busted
    For after others it lusted

    Christ-esteem is a worthy endeavor
    He doesn’t change, the same forever
    Will He lie to you? No not ever

    Is a lethal infection
    That needs a Christ injection

    • Shelli, Your poem is catchy! Thanks for sharing, and thank you Christ for giving us something firm to depend on. I remember the hymn lines that say “On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; all other ground is sinking sand.” It came to mind as I was reading your words.

  7. Thank you for your insight and encouragement. I am old enough to be your Mom and I have been blessed by you this morning!
    May our Lorx continue to bless you to be a blessing to others!