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An encourager, contemplator and deeply soulful spirit, Tammy writes candidly on her blog about the common struggles that bond us together as women, and how we can boldly design unhindered lives.

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  1. May the blessings of The Lord be upon you today.
    May he grant you his peace and fill your heart with love and joy
    My love to you dear friend. thanks for the greeting and
    Just for remembering me in such a special way today.

  2. If it all came in a day you wouldn’t appreciate the gift. You wouldn’t learn the lessons and you couldn’t handle the cost. The wild raging river would take you down.
    Time and perseverance carve the soul of man, and faith sets the foundation of strength.
    Love this! Love finding God in all his wondrous creation! Beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Wonderful analogy for all us, but today speaking directly to me as I struggle with my “dream” being just a fantasy…..out of reach for someone untrained….Great way to start my day!!

    • i’m so glad it resonated with you today renee! remember He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. keep chasing after your dream! {hugs}!

  4. Beautiful! Love this: “Let Him carve and sculpt and open places you’re scared to know. ” I so needed this reminder to not give up and let God do his work in my life while I move toward the dreams he planted. Your words are inspiring today!

  5. As I have just recently said my “YES” and begun to let God lead me and direct me, I totally get this post. I struggled, maybe even for years if I think about it, with knowing when and how to let God take control, giving up my most-beloved control. But now that I have said my “YES” and let my dream become reality, I am at peace and know I am living for Him. My concern now is finding a balance in my life, staying renewed so I don’t get overwhelmed and simply being who He created me to be.

  6. Thank you for this. I am so worn from the difficulties of life that I don’t know what my dreams are anymore. I am trying to trust that God will show me.

    • oh lisa, let Him tend to those places in your soul. He knows what weighs you down and He knows the dreams buried in your heart. one step at a time, He will make a way. praying for your sweet spirit. {{hugs}}

  7. Tina. I am exactly where you are. I have layed down my life at the feet of Jesus….in total surrender to Him. The loss of control gave me anxiety when I tried to give up control on my own. He has remarkable begun to change me and peace is filling the empty places the lack of control left behind. I too struggle with finding balance. But also know that quite time with My God every single morning gives me a much clearer direction. It is like I plug in my heart to recharge its battery of peace. I hear His voice so clearly and I fall more in love with Him everyday. He is in charge of my dream because I know he has big plans for it!!!!

    • this is so exciting debbie!! i love hearing the energy and hope in your words, it sounds like He is doing big things in your life and heart!! keep chasing after Him, He is so faithful. best wishes!

  8. Tammy Sue – extremely well written, loved this message – one I’ve always tried to live by.

  9. Beautifully written Tam! But more importantly, a message of hope for each one of our dreamer hearts. The metaphor of the water is so powerful – the constant carving… moving us, shaping us, propelling us forward. Touched by your words, friend.

  10. Simply beautiful, Tammy, what a gift of words! Thank you!
    Lisa, I’m right with you as far as not knowing what my dreams are anymore. Like Tammy said, God knows what he planted in our hearts and will show us when we’re ready. God bless! We’ll get there!

  11. Wow! Amazed at how God confirms things through other open vessels! I am doing the One Word for 2014 and my word is WATER. At first I was like ” what a dumb word, everyone else has words like provision and faith and easy stuff”. Well, leave it to God to show up and show me what water is for me in 2014…it’s refreshing He says!! So ready for this journey and what you displayed today in this writing is exactly what I needed to move forward! Thank you for sharing God’s heart today!!!

    • wow, that is amazing brenda! it never ceases to amaze me how God is so in the details of our lives. He is so faithful. may this be a year of great things in and through you as you explore this word, water, and all that it means for you. blessings!

  12. It always amazes me how God uses this site to encourage me. I have a dream that I believe God has planted in my heart. It has been a painful road in every way, especially physically. I am getting to the point in our dream’s process, after being stalled for a few years now, that I am wondering if we should continue ahead. I just told my husband that we needed to decide if we were still going to move forward or shelve it for now. It is just getting too hard to keep thinking about what I want, no, feel called to do knowing I can’t do anything to make it move forward. Then I came across this. It is like you had a front row seat to see into my heart. Once again, I am amazed at God’s love and grace. And I am thankful for being willing and obedient to allow The Lord to uses your words and talent to speak to my heart (and many others I’m sure). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • wow michelle, i love how God uses us – broken vessels – to encourage and minister directly to the hearts of one another. don’t lose faith in your dream. if He led you to it, He will lead you through it. blessings to you!

  13. This is so beautiful. 2 days ago, I left home to go to the gym and changed my mind at the end of my street. I decided to head to a nature trail to hike. I wanted to absorb the sounds and feelings of nature. I sat long by the river wishing my life were like its steady flow. The further along I hiked upstream, I heard and saw small and large rapids, a waterfall, bends and curves of its flowing direction… I realized my life really is like a river. I have those challenges, times when I fall, and others when I am shaped and redirected… I want to live life like a river.

  14. Thank you Tammy for this…for daring to dream and realizing it is in the small steps and disciplines that get us there. Beautifully written! xoxo

  15. I’m in Lisa’s wheelhouse today…I have been talking to God for quite some time about how discouraged I am, and especially so TODAY! I am at the point where I realize I am so tired of struggling with life that like Lisa said ‘I don’t know what my dreams are anymore’. Well, actually I do…but I can’t seem to make any headway with them, especially with the most precious ones to me. It’s crazy really, I’m am reasonably intelligent, but can’t find a way. It makes you doubt everything. And I am SO tired of trying. I don’t know what to do except keep hold of my ‘mustard seed’ faith that God will open the next door, will show me the way…and till then I fight down that panicky feeling of being in free fall.

    That said, your words did bring a small level of comfort that this is exactly where God wants me to be to learn some things…but I don’t have any clue what the lesson is. Yet.

    • we never know until we’re through it – at least that’s how it always seems for me. and when i look back, i’m always thankful that it happened as it did. praying for you to find peace in this season of stillness, comfort that the promises of God are still true for you even when you don’t see them. blessings to you, wendy.

  16. Wow, God definitely directed me here to read these words today. Thank you… I’m gonna go read it again and let the words soak in. 🙂