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  1. Good morning everyone

    I hope everyone is well and happy as we enter this new, blessed year. I just wanted to ask for prayer for me and my family. My youngest daughter is a bright, sophmore in high school. Please pray for her during these adventurous yet kinda scary teenage years. My oldest daughter is bright young woman who is about to continue her college career with a slightly different focus. Please pray for her as she enters her new adventure. My husband (& high school sweethheart) is a wonderful, hard working, self employed man. Please pray for his continued stength and faith. Please pray for us as a couple and as parents. My relationship with my mother is suffering and almost non-exsistant. Please pray for me as I try to mend this. Please pray for me. I need stenghth and wisdom. I feel so week and clueless sometimes. I just want to be a better wife, mother, daughter, and above all, follower of our Lord and Savior. I feel I fall short of all of these things every day. I feel like I’m failing, despite what my family says. They are such a wonderful and loving support to me. Please pray for me. I will continue to pray for increased faith as well. I will also pray for all who submit today as well. Thank you.

    • Good morning Rose! I love the name because it reminds me of The Rose of Sharon, Jesus. He sits at the right hand of God the Father and is ever interceding on our behalf! Sounds as though you have been blessed with a great family! May he continue to pour out His Blessings on you this year and hold you all close to His heart. My very favorite scripture: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “Not for evil, but to give you a hope and a future in Him” This has kept me going though some very difficult times. I am a Grandmother of 4 boys, who are single parented by my daughter. She has given us such heartache in the past, but just got her degree for nursing. When they say some come through the fire, some through the flood, but all through the blood of Jesus, I can say she has been through it all! Our relationship is really next to none. I was always there for her and my grandchildren, but she is a taker, not a giver. She is very selfish and has threatened many times to keep the children from ever seeing me again! (Unless it is to her advantage like going away for a weekend! I know I am to love her, but it is difficult as I feel more and more resentment towards her for the things she is doing! My husband of 43 years is just a husband by name. He never stands up for me as far as she is concerned. My son was recently in a robbery and is suffering from PTSD. Lives with us, but very stressful. My life is full of stress, but I keep on keeping on with the Captain of The Host! Recently I have created an organization called F.A.C.E.S. (fOSTER A CHILD TO EXCEL IN SOCIETY) AND WE HAVE BEEN federally INC. as a not for profit. Set up to cause awareness of the dire need for Foster Homes, as well as permanent ones for those that have become adoptable. We will be offering life skills, mentorship programs, etc for the ones aging out of the system to save them from ending up on the street. I want the Lord to bless this (It was an inspiration from Him) I do not want to labour in vain. PLease pray for this as we are about to launch our program shortly. Please pray that God will intervene in my family, as I know He will in yours for His promises are Yes and Amen! Be encourage also with His word that says” He that began the work will complete it until the day of Christ” I will pray for your relationship with your Mother, and you pray for mine with my daughter! In the meantime I must ask Him to show me the wicked ways in me, and to cleanse me, and to help me lover her and my husband! Cause right now I don’t!

      • Yvonne,

        Prayers for your family. May God help your husband to become more Godly and love you like a husband should. Prayers that your daughter will change and become more open and giving.

        Prayers for FACES to take off and do wonderful work in your community. May God bless all the activities you are trying and make FACES a well known NFP that enhances the lives of foster children.

        God bless you and have a wonderful 2014!~ 🙂

    • Hello to all of you and a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I’m writing from France and wish to ask for your prayers regarding my husband’s family and myself. My husband’s mother has been suffering from cancer since 2010 and has a relapse and extension of her cancer ; of course and as always it is difficult for the person concerned but all the family and friends. It is also difficult for me this year as I have to have 3 operations. Firstly mid February of my right shoulder to take off calcification and repare the tendon, secondly in September, the operation of my right knee to have a prosthesis put in (that will be the 4th one after the 2 hips and the left knee and thirdly, sometime before the end of the year, operation of the 2 eyes for cataract. I’ve had quite a lot of operations since I was 20 but it seems to me it would never stop. I’m usually optimistic but I can feel depressed from time to time. So I’m putting all these problems in God’s hands as I know He has always been guiding me in life. I will pray for you too, reading the newsletters each time DaySpring is sending some to us with quotations of the Bible. Praise the Lord !

      • Hi Danielle,
        sent up a prayer for you and for your mother-in-law. God bless you both as you go through this hard time and may He restore both of you to full health.
        Would you pray for me too?
        I have problems with my knee and hip (arthritis) and also need emotional healing. Things have been getting somewhat better with the knee this year, but I’d like to be restored to full health in 2014! I’d like to have the faith that He can and will heal me, and allow me to become even more of a blessing to others.

      • Danielle,

        Prayers for God to work a miracle and cure your mother-In-law of her cancer. Prayers for an end to all cancers!

        Prayers also for your operations. May God heal you, restore you to perfect health and take away all your depression. My life verse “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.” “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you”, “To give you a hope and a future”.

        God Bless! 🙂

    • Prayers for Rose and the others. I would like prayer for my back. I hurt it in October doing yard work and it doesn’t seem to be coming out of it. I would like prayer for complete healing. Thank you.

    • I will pray for each one. Sometimes it is hard to think of others with as many prayer needs as your own, we need to continue to lift each one of the prayers and reguests up to the Lord. He answers prayers in His time and we need to be patient. I have several prayers that are in my heart. First my husband of 36 years is about to retire d/t an accident that injured his back 10 years ago. He also is beginning to use food as his outlit, he needs prayers for his pain and his weitht (more his belly). Sometimes it seems we are just good friends and not husband and wife, he says that is not true. Maybe I feel that way because of how long we have been married, no spark just a comfort , does this happen to eveyone? Our Oldest daughter is married with 2 children her 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a complete hysterectomy and is now in remission. Her and her family are also takers and not givers they only see what people don’t do for them instead of all the blessing. Neither her or her husband work. Out son is not making good choices. We have joint custody with placement of his 4 year old daughter since she was 15 mths. old, (mother haas not seen her since she was 10mths. old and live in a different state) It has been hard on us and our marriage. We were just enjoying the empty nest with each other. But we can do this through Christ and will never let her feel like she is a burden. Her father provides nothing for her. and when he sees her he bosses her around so we (I) end up being called names by him because he gets mad. Our youngest is 24 and she is a great person with a kind heart. Pray for her as she finishes college, I ask for prayer because she has some anxiety about getting out and being away from home or her comfort zone. She is beautiful but fears now she will never meet that Mr. Right, but she won’t if she don’t get away from her “zone”. I ask you pray for that right someone with the same Christain values she has. I in the last 8 months started to have depression issues, I try really hard to depend on the Lord when I feel unworthy but sometimes it is hard. Pray that I can continue to fight this depression it is horrible at times. Alot of it deals with what is said by my son and then the devil just feeds off my sad feelings. We are now praying about moving to a different state, even though we have family near by they don’t have much to do with us d/t our beliefs. We are looking for a new home church we currently have been going to the same church for 20 years and we feel God is calling us to a change. I want to thank everyone who reads this and prays for me and I will pray to God for blessings upon each of you.

      • Sue

        Lifting up prayers for your children. Praise God the 14-yr old is cancer free!

        You seem to be going through a lot of stress and changes this year. May God come and touch everyone in your life. May He bring peace and comfort and healing to those hurt emotions.

        Prayers that God will lead you to move, if that is His will, and to a wonderful new church that will encourage you both and be there for you.

        God Bless! 🙂

    • I prayed for you sister and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day.

    • Rose –

      You are stronger than you know. Hold on to your faith and let it guide you through each and everyday. I’ll pray for you and your family and ask the Lord to continue to bless you all. The bond between you and your mother may only be bent and not broken. Stay in prayer and ask the Lord soften your hearts towards one another so the love flows like a river between the two of you. He can do all things just trust Him.

      Praying for you in Jesus name.

    • Good morning from a chilly New England apartment in Boston. I am new to ‘IN Courage” but am over the moon upon finding it. Thanking God for all the women I do not even know (yet) and their hearts for God’s glory in their lives.

      My husband and I are empty nesters and moved almost 2 years ago leaving our 4 Broom colonial in the Midwest to ‘Beantown” as it is know to try to do the city life thing. We are dreaming and praying now for a cottage house and out of the city, possibly to Cape Cod where my family is.

      My heartfelt/heartache prayer request this morning is for my daughter and her husband who have recently separated. While we saw some of the struggle the quickness of the decision is shocking as we have been praying for a turnaround for some time. I struggle with fear and am concerned for my daughter’s safety; physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. She has been left uncovered and yet I know our God, Jehovah Shama, is ‘there’ with her. We love both our son-in-law and our girl and pray for softened hearts and for God to Himself repair the ‘breaches and broken places’.
      Pray for her safety and direction of her steps and her aching heart.

      Thankful for this praying community and that with God, there are no geographical boundaries. Pray as the Spirit leads.
      Forever grateful.

  2. I have the biggest exam of my life on February 8th. Please help me pray I ace the exam. I have been diligent and hard working but I can only exceed expectations with the Lord’s help. Doing great will pave the way for a God-sized dream. Thank you
    Rose, I am praying for you right now.

    • For Viviana,

      Dear Lord I come to you today on behalf of Viviana, We know that all Wisdom and Understanding are in your hands. I pray Father that You would be with her on the day of her exam and that she would receive the highest score of all the people taking the exam.

      Holy Spirit be there with Viviana and call to remembrance everything she needs to know to pass this exam with flying colors. You promised to fail us nor forsake us and we believe this promise to be so.

      Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing us and being there. In Jesus’ name.


  3. Please pray for my sister, she lost her partner just before Christmas and is struggling to keep it together as she looks after her two children aged 9 and 11, she has the support of her family but prayers would be much appreciated, thank you xxxx

  4. Lord, please be with Kim’s sister who is grieving the loss of her partner. Wrap your loving arms of comfort around her and bring her peace. Give her the strength that she needs to tend to her two children and the continued support of her family. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Please pray for me and for my beloved dog and loyal friend of 12 years, Zoe. She has recently started having seizures ( due to a brain tumor ). They have been coming more and more frequently. I am looking at possibly having to put her to sleep (I can’t watch her suffer) right before my wedding on Jan. 18th. I can’t even wrap my head around doing this right now?! Please pray for God’s clear direction on what and when I should do something. My deepest prayer is that she would have a reprieve from symptoms until after the wedding/honeymoon so that I could spend more time with her before I would need to put her to sleep. Heartbroken…

    • Bev,

      Prayers for the upcoming wedding. I pray God will bless this union and make it a lasting one.

      Huge prayers for you doggie. Pets can be like children and we love and cater to them. So sorry she is having seizures. I don’t like seeing animals suffer at all. May God come down and heal her of the seizures. May you have peace about any decision dealing with her. Prayers that your fiancé will be there for you no matter what the outcome.

      Blessings! 🙂

  5. Bev, I am praying for Jesus to wrap His arms around you with comfort as you face this difficult decision. I pray His provision for your dog and for yourself as well with the wedding coming up. I pray that in whichever decision He leads you to, there will be an extreme amount of peace. In Jesus name, amen.

    Please pray for my little family. We are really struggling with extended family members right now. Trying to determine how to move forward with some very toxic people, or if moving forward is the right decision. Also, we are really praying and hopeful for some community this year. We had a baby in June and it has kind of taken us out of the social loop. As she grows older, we would love to meet some other couples with kids. I am a little more introverted so I am asking for prayer that God would help me… It doesn’t come naturally for me to reach out and just meet people.

  6. It’s a new and I believe 2014 is my season last year was a hard year for me and my family I am praying and believing God for a turn around this year . I like to pray for all those who need jobs I pray there is a new wind in the horizon people are struggling and this health care has made it hard for many hours cut back jobs lost. I pray my sons who are college freshman had well as their friends succeed and do well. I would like to know if a voice I heard in my spirit was from God last year or if it was just my imagination because things look so different than the promise.

  7. My husband is a lead pastor, and lately I have been struggling with the weight and demands of this, and also struggling with my identity a little as well. I have been feeling a little burnt out and depressed. Please pray God would restore my joy and enthusiasm for ministry and people, as well as affirm my own personal calling and what He wants me to do.

  8. M…If you find time, read Desperate: Hope for the mom who needs to Breathe. By Sarah Mae. It gives some wonderful advice, especially how to join groups when it is a hard thing for you to do. Be strong, you can do this with the help of God’s grace. I am praying you will be guided by his strength.

    I am wrestling with finding my voice and being heard. I can easily love my children, unconditionally, but find it so hard to communicate with my husband. I always feel as ifhismindis always madeup before he even hearsmythoughtsand wishes, no matter the subject. Please pray for me to find strength and kindness and for him to soften his heart.

  9. I want to believe in God’s love for me enough that I am willing to trust Him with what is most precious to me.

  10. For Cathy,
    Father, you made Cathy unique and precious in your sight. Help her to believe in her value. Help her to have the confidence to find her voice. Father you created communication. Give Cathy and her husband the gift of thoughtful listening, open minds, and a clear voice to speak what they need to. Bless this relationship which you have ordained. May this be a year of growth in love and communication. Give Cathy encouragement and hope. Thank you for her unconditional love for her children. May they see the example of the emotionally and spiritually healthy relationship that you bless their parents with. Hold Cathy close, Abba. Romans 13:15

  11. Thank you Lori. Your words are more than beautiful to me and have touched my heart. I will keep them close throughout this new year! Please know that god has used you for such goodness today and truly reflected that we are made in His image. Cathy

  12. For Andrew

    My son is going through a health crisis at the moment and has a rough road ahead the next few months. please pray for him to give him the support and hope he needs for the next few months especially but also for every day as he goes on this journeyGod will watch over him but your prayers will give him strength. Bless You all.

  13. Hello – and I pray everyone is well and has a blessed and wonderful New Year.

    My prayer is for spiritual renewal and to be delivered from depression. My son was murdered on 1/10/05 – and it seems like every time the holidays roll around until after January I got into a deep depression. I know he’s in a better place now with Jesus and I want so much to give Jesus the hurt, pain, mourning and grief as it has taken a toll on me. I want to laugh – although I don’t know if I ever have been happy in my life. I was physically and mentally abused by a sick mother (she killed herself when she was 49 and my dad was afraid of her). I’ll be 60 this year – and just think I’m a prayer intercessor – we’re Christians I’m told and we’re not supposed to feel this way.

    I want to feel about Jesus like Jeremiah said like fire shut up in my bones – Revelations tells us that He doesn’t want us warm – but I have to admit lots of times I just feel empty inside. I have another child – a daughter but she is 40 and has her own daughter and her own life. My mother and dad’s family pretty much disowned me when I married outside of my race. Now that I’m divorced I live in an area where I feel like I’m the outside and no one understands me.

    I want to be okay with who I am – I’ve been told God has an awesome ministry for me for women – but I feel empty. The only time I feel any sense of satisfaction is when God uses me – after that I feel like nothing.

    I want to laugh again – I want to feel Jesus inside of me. I want to love and forgive like Jesus said to. I want to be made whole.

    God Bless you.

    • Cherlyn,
      You have been through so much and it is hard. The Bible does not say that we are not supposed to feel all the things that you are feeling. Look at David. He was all over the place emotionally and he cried out to God in his fear, sadness, anger, despair. He felt them, lived them, and gave them to God. And he was a called “a man after God’s own heart.”

      You are a precious, beautiful, dearly loved child of God. And God is using you, with all that you have been through, to be a prayer warrior for others who are going through hard times. Because you get it. Deeply.

      Lord, I lift up Cherlyn and ask that you wrap your arms around her is a very tangible way today. Let her feel your spirit of love and comfort like a warm cloak on a cold day. Bless her and heal her heart. Encourage her. I ask that you bring community to her. Connection. Guide her to a group of women that love you and her and that can do the hard stuff of life together, with you.
      In Jesus name. Amen

      Cherlyn, trusting God will encourage you today.

      • Dear Sue,

        I thank you and Thank God for you today. I was at the end of my ropes. That’s why I believe in prayer for others. You never know where someone is at – and that one prayer may be the lifeline God is throwing them – we must be open and receptive to the hurts of others – when one bleeds we all bleed.

        God Bless you now and always my Sister in Christ.


  14. Praying for each one of you ladies!

    Please pray for my husband and I. We are struggling with infertility and miscarried our miracle baby last year after trying for four years. Please pray for continued hope and faith in his plan for us. I truly believe he would not have laid this desire on our hearts if he didn’t have a plan in motion. Please pray that we will one day soon be able to carry our child in my womb and have the children our hearts have desired for so long. Thank you.

    • For Shawanda and spouse

      Dear Lord – I come on behalf of Shawnda and her husband – and I know that you can do anything but fail. Just like you blessed Abraham and Sarah with a child way past their child-bearing years and many other people in scripture – you are still the same God yesterday, today and forever more.

      Father I pray in the name of Jesus that you would he cries and prayers of Shawanda and her husband and bless them with a child. I know what it’s like to lose a child – although not a baby. Fill the void in their hearts and grant them strength to endure until they see Your promises fulfilled in their life that You would be glorified.

      We ask this all in the mighty name of Jesus and thank You Lord for hearings us.


    • Dear Shawnda,

      In 2009, on the morning of Easter Sunday, my son and daughter in law delivered a 7 month old baby boy already named Levi who was still born. While I cannot in anyway imagine your pain or heartbreak, I feel compelled to share with you what they discovered. They, too, had difficulties getting pregnant. They did get pregnant prior to Levi, and suffered a miscarriage prior to his birth. Now they have Molly, age 3, and Piper, age 3 months. Amanda found she had a clotting disorder after they tested her for this, not a routine test, but one which should be routine, I believe. She had to giver herself daily anti clotting injections her entire pregnancy. It is my prayer that you will find healing and comfort in knowing that the Lord is VERY close to the broken hearted. And He ALWAYS has a plan. We just don’t always see it at the time… Some things that happen we may never know the whys. Maybe His plan for us was for me to see your prayer, and then to respond. Who knows? God does. Prayers for a healthy baby!! We now have two beautiful granddaughters I’d like to show the doctor who years ago, told them they might never conceive…Keep the faith!!! Sounds like you are doing just that… Much love to you and your husband! Just sign me a thankful Gma . Becky

  15. Lord, I pray for Lori. That she will know just how huge your love is. That she will experience it and live it in. thank you for her wanting to take brave steps towards you. Give her courage and light her path.

    Please pray for Kris. That he will have a soft heart and not be able to pursue any legal action against my husband Nick (it is work related and petty but could damage nick with no gain for Kris.). That Nick is able to talk to him (Kris is currently avoiding him), has the right words and is able to resolve this peacefully. Please pray that Nick remembers that God is mighty. May God’s peace guard his heart which is currently very troubled.
    Thank you.

  16. Shawnda – I know the struggle that you and your husband are going through, as my husband and I went through the same struggles in the late 80s and early 90s. Although I had 3 ectopic pregnancies and was never able to have a child after reconstructive surgery, we accepted that we would not have a child in this world. Instead, we chose to find comfort in believing that we would be united with our three “babies” when we get to heaven. My prayer for you and your husband are to believe in the Lord and he will provide for you.

    My struggle is that my husband and I want so much to move back close to our families. So far, every attempt to find suitable employment has failed for the past 2 years. Our parents are aging and it would be so much easier to check in on them more often if we lived within range of where they live.

    • Karen – may the Lord bless you and answer all your prayers concerning employment to be near your aging parents. I pray He will keep you comforted in heart and mind as you search.

  17. Hello! I am in need of a car so bad, but I do not have the means to buy one. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 33 years now and in a few months, I hope to move to New Mexico where I will feel much better. But I need a car to move! Once there, I will need my own transportation so I can drive every week to Rehoboth to help in our church there.

    Please pray that God will provide me with a car and enough money to pay off my $3,000 in debt and moving expenses.

    Thank you so much and may God Bless You!

  18. There were parts of 2013 that were excruciatingly hard. The year included lots of big losses. My One Word is hope. I’m praying that God will increase my hope and trust in Him and that I will truly learn to find my identity in Him alone.

    • I’m praying for God to be your comfort and peace. Please Lord, bring Joy closer to you and fill her heart with Christ. May your Word be her hope.

      Hoping for the best for you this year Joy!

  19. Dear Karen,

    I will pray for you and your husband!

    Please pray for my health. For 5 years now i’m struggling with a headache and since a couple of weeks my whole body is hurting. This week I will have a bloodresearch and a doctorsappokntment. I really scared that i will have a muscle disease. Also pray for my study. It’s really difficult and costs a lot of energy! Please pray that God will lead me and that everything what happened in my live is Gods plan!

    Thank you for giving the opportunity to pray for each other!

    Love, Anna Laura

    • Praying for you Anna Laura that the Lord will totally heal you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Now give Him the glory.

    • Dear Anna Laura:
      Please consider trying “myofascial release therapy (John Barnes approach) for your headaches. I had headaches for many years and after 2 treatments started to feel much better and now I am virtually headache free. God’s blessings to you.

    • Anna
      I am praying for the Lord to completely heal you. The word says with his stripes we are healed. Give God the glory. Healing comes in many forms as I have discovered and in Gods time. I am praying for wisdom for the doctors and strength of heart for you. I know it is hard to have health issues that go on for a long time, seem to have no cause and even that many think is a disease of convenience, as I have heard some say. Seven years ago I woke up with mono at age 56; no it wasn’t from kissing. The mono turned into chronic fatigue syndrome and fibro myalgia. I praise God every day for what I can do and try very hard not to let my limitations get the best of me. To say its changed my life would be an under statement. In some ways God has blessed me I see life very differently now and I depend on God like never before. I am single , my daughter lives with me and is a big help. My Family needs prayer also. My finances are not meeting my needs right now. I have been struggling for a long time. My home needs repairs that I can not afford but the most urgent prayer request involves my son and his family. He has been in jail for 15 months in Ohio has not gone to trial yet. He did things that are questionable to in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of God; he was making really bad choices. The good news he has turned his heart back to God and is grieved about what he has done. If he is convicted it will be a life sentence. The charges are inflated and it is a matter of his word against another’s. The most disturbing is my seven year old grandson and what he has had to endure. I would ask for prayers of protection for him. I am in Ca. and would love to have custody but that is expensive. God know my heart and I have to believe God will make it happen if it suppose to. My grandson is living with his God mother and her life partner. She takes good care of him but I am concerned about him spiritually be raised in that living environment. He sees his mother on weekends. This is biggest prayer request. She is demon possessed and has been she invited then in to her at age 15 she is now 37. She says she wants to be free of them. It is a realm I am not knowledgeable about and is very difficult for me to deal with. Basically my life is a mess and I need Gods strength, guidance, presence and wisdom. I do not have a lot of close friends to hold me up in these matters. I have made the mistake of sharing this with ones I thought I could trust but I guess it was to much for them. I pray God will stop the consent attacks of the evil one I am getting weary. Thanks for your prayers Jaci

  20. My problems seem so small after reading some of the heartaches you ladies have . My prayers are for all of you to recieve the answers you so desperately need. Our God is an awesome God and know He answers our prayers but sometimes we need others to agree with us too as His word says. My husband and I are getting older now and our mobile home as well. We need help with funds to update and redo things inside and out to make it last for the next 20 years of our lives, so my request is to please pray and agree for those special funds to come in. We are also believing the Lord for us to be absolutely debt free at the end of this year, now that is a miracle that only He can do!! Thanks for the prayers.

    • Dear Bonita,

      There is no problem too small to the one going through it.

      Father I come ton you today in the name and power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – and I ask that you Bless Bonita and her husband with the resources they need to repair their home and make it more livable. Father you promised even when our hair turns gray you would not forsake us nor fail us. We are looking to the hills from where our help comes from – because we know it can come from You. Man is just a channel you may use – but You Lord are the source.

      I also pray that you would open up the windows of heaven and pour Bonita and her husband out a blessing they don’t have room enough to receive and that you would answer their prayers pressed down, shaken together and running over.

      God Bless you Bonita – In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  21. Sherlyn, I pray that this will be the tear of spiritual break through and renewal. Father, I enter into your presence with praise on my lips thanking you for who you are. I thank you Lord for Sherlyn and for this ministry, that allows us to come boldly before your throne of Grace. Lord touch her heart like only you can. Surround her Father with strong God fearing women, who she can turn to in her times of grief, and Father help her lord to hold on to you unchanging hands. I thank you in Jesus name, amen

    Please pray for my wife and I as we struggle through our marriage. We knew each other as friends for about eighteen years before we began dating, and I believed in my heart our marriage will be rock solid. We have been married four years and eight months, and are currently geographically seperated (but I am willing to travel the 2-1/2 hour biweekly for us to receive counseling). Please pray that I will learn to be honest in the little things I choose to be dishonest about. I will also like prayers that she will learn to walk in forgiveness and not place friends and family ahead of our marriage. Please pray that we will subject ourselves to receive godly counseling and apply the things we learn from such counseling to our lives.

    • Father I come right now in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and ask that you hear the prayers of Francis and answer them Lord. Lord marriage is ordained by you – and you restore health and health all wounds.

      Francis has been honest to admit his shortcomings and pray that his wife would hear him from her heart and his heart – and not her heard or the rumblings of family and friends.

      Come in this marriage now and be the repairer of the breach – restore like only you can – and place your love, forgiving power, strength and anything else needed for this marriage in their hearts and minds that you may get the Glory Lord for this marriage.

      In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  22. This is such a nice thing to do for each other. Anna Laura, I will pray for you and that everything will not be as bad as you are afraid that it will be. God is always with you, stay strong. I am having a very hard time. My husband moved out in April and shows no signs of coming home. He is struggling with pain and depression and this has changed his personality. He is the only man I have ever loved and I don’t know what to do. The loneliness and rejection is crushing. I am also worried about my son who didn’t pass one class his first semester in college and keeps everything inside. We used to be a happy family and we just fell apart. I know God is looking out for us but some days it is hard to remember that.

  23. Hi Karen,

    I will certainly pray that the Lord will open windows and doors of opportunity for for and your husband, so that your desire to be closer to your family will be fulfilled. I am fortunate to live close to my family and I understand the need to check in and be there, if ever they need you. I know God understands this desire too.

    My need for prayer is for my partner of 3 years, who I met before I became a Christian. Our relationship and his love were the best I have ever experienced in my life before I found the Lord, but since I committed my life to God, our relationship (which was so very strong) became strained because of the adjustment to my new lifestyle. I stumbled while on my path and became pregnant with my son, now one year old, so our relationship has become further complicated. My journey as a Christian has been a struggle as while he was a believer who grew up in a Christian home, as an adult he has strayed from the Lord – like the prodigal son.

    Where we are now in our relationship is way more complicated than I can handle on my own, as our love has been rekindled but he has still not re-committed himself to God. That is a problem for me, as marriage is not a viable option if it will cause us to be unequally yoked. But still, I keep considering the fact that he is a partner who existed before I committed to God. My struggle is to understand what God requires of me: (1) do I continue to be the best partner I can be to this man who I believe was provided by God or, (2) do I end our relationship, take up my cross as the bible instructs and move on in faith that the Lord will transform him or, provide another better “yoked” partner. I have been praying for his transformation and I’m seeing where God has been working in his life. But for 2014, I need to know what God wants me to do in regards to this relationship as I want to commit my life to Him completely.

    I need your prayer, sister!

    • Dear Natalie,

      I am praying for you that our Lord Jesus holds you now in this time of struggle. I have also had to make that difficult decision in my life and am still in pain because of having to make it even though it has been two years. I pray for you that you find strength and wisdom, and that your prayers are answered during this hard time.

      I am praying for your parter as well, perhaps he has not strayed as far as he thinks.

    • Dear Natalie,

      Ask the Lord to give you the strength to be the wife you should be. You married for better or for worse. God does not want you to break up your home. He has told us to not be unequally yoked when we are looking for a mate. Since you have become a christian, you can win your husband by your actions. I speak from experience. After my husband accepted Christ, our marriage improved year by year. After 49 years and 8 months of marriage the Lord took him home last December. God has been with me this past year. I claim His promise that ‘He will never leave me or forsake me.’

      My request for prayer is that I can go on without my husband and handle the things that he took care of or get the help I need to get things accompolished. He took care of everything. I am so very thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful man.

  24. Praying for you, Anna Laura! 🙂

    My request is for financial provision and for my WONDERFUL, godly husband and I to be able to have a baby.

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      I lift up Nina Ruth to you right now. Your word says that you will give us the desires of our heart. Lord they desire a child, one to call their own. Give them patience as they wait on you, give them wisdom and give them hope. Bless them financially Lord not for their own gain but so that others would see you. I ask this in Jesus name Amen

  25. Good morning and thank you for this post! I ask for prayer for a revival in my husband’s life and healing/renewal for our marriage.

    Praying for you Bonita, and all of you. God Bless!

  26. Please pray that my husband, Ron, will be offered a job closer to home making comparable money before March 1, 2014. Thank you, and God bless you all!

  27. Dear Lord, I come to you today on behalf of Bonita and her husband. Lord, please give them favor financially and materially as they need to do some updates to their home. Lord, their desire is to be debt free by the end of 2014 as well. Lord, nothing is impossible for you! We ask Your favor in these areas of Bonita’s life Lord. Bring someone to them that can provide the skills they need with little cost to remodel their home. Give them wisdom and guidance in their finances so they can become debt free and give all the glory to You! In Your name, Amen!

    I suffer with chronic pain due to back issues and have felt called to start a website of encouragement for those who are sufferiing physically. However, I have had so many setbacks these past few months due to my illness. Please pray for healing so I can do the will of The Lord and encourage others. I am expecting my first grandchild next month and I so want to be healthy when he arrives. Thank you so much for your prayers! Becky

  28. Praying for you Natalie! May God fulfil his plans and purposes for you this year! 🙂

    I got married last year and my husband got laid off from work last month. Please pray for us as we struggle through this time. Also I am applying this year to different study courses so please pray that I get through the best, more importantly where God wants me to be.
    Thank you…

  29. I am newly married and am already experiencing how hard it is to serve selflessly, forgive wrongs, and walk every step in grace. Our inability to do these things is already causing strife on our marriage. Thank you for your prayers.

  30. Nina Ruth,
    I think this is a God instance that you are the person posting before me, I am new yesterday to this blog~usually not inclined o jump right in to anything. Spotted the ‘how can we pray for you’ in my in box and ‘jumped’.
    My request id for my newest Grandchild, teeny Miss Coralee. She was born by emergency C-section on Christmas morning, 5:45AM. I have a stubborn TBI and had just come home from helping my daughter the day prior to our 5:30 call. My husband and I jumped in the car and he drove me the 4 1/2 hrs to Savannah from Ft Bragg.
    Coralee is 1lb 5oz baby at birth, now 2oz bigger. She is a little pepper pot, who the nurses say lands in time out because she won’t stop touching and pulling her wires.
    Nina Ruth, I am not certain why God put us together, but I know I will write you in my journal and pray for your desire to be a Mom. Trust God has something much bigger than we are!

    Precious Father,
    We know you are the only one here with intent that is pure and knowledge beyond our comprehension. Abba, Father, we believe you have written the ending to both of these chapters, knowing you do have a plan for a family for Nina Ruth~and no matter what that looks like it will be better than we have ever seen. Sweet Jesus I ask you hold Nina Ruths heart so gently as she walks through the expectation of her desire to be a Mom. I pray Nina Ruth know and feel you as you sit with her, hear her prayers and even catch her tears.
    We adore you Father, Adoni Nissi we know you provide miracles, past, present and future~may each of us hear, see and know when You are present in finances, family and most important every small detail of ‘us’.
    We praise You for Your wonders, we thank you for our struggles, we love You for never leaving,
    In Jesus name we pray…praising You Lord. Amen

    Nina Ruth may you and your WONDERFUL, Godly husband see your dreams grow in 2014,

    Love! P

    • Francis Scott,
      Maybe you tripped in here for your wife. Praying for your marriage, your wife, and this next chapter of your journey together.
      God Bless you both abundantly this season of your lives.

    • Dear Francis,

      Don’t apologize – God is no respecter of persons. You were here not only for yourself – but your wife.

      We are honored to pray for you and your wife.

      God Bless.

  31. Renee, I prayed that God will provide your husband with a good job closer home. Also asked God to grant you both peace and strengthen your faith as you wait. The Lord is good and will watch over you. The Lord Bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord turn His face to you and give you peace. Num 6: 24-26

    Please pray for good time management and not to be distracted or distressed by service and miss seeking the One I serve.

    Thank you.

  32. Good morning, ladies. My prayer for this year is for my husband. He is a recovering alcoholic and it seems like the struggle is rising again. We have an eight month old baby girl. My prayer is that he will be able to COMPLETELY overcome this addiction this year. He’s not a nice person when he drinks. He has come so far in 2013 and I just need you all to agree with me in prayer–and I will do the same for you all. Our God is an awesome God. He can handle all of our requests–big and small. And He will when we pray for it in Jesus’ name–even those things that seem impossible. Love and blessings to you all.

  33. Good morning all! I have named this year (2014) Love. Would you pray that I can learn the true meaning of love, give love more often and be used by the heavens above. My other prayer is for a healthy, prosperous, and joy filled year.

  34. Please pray for me. I am a young woman, in her late 20’s and I desire to meet a good man. God has placed it in my heart to become a godly woman, wife and mother, and I am trying to be patient while waiting on God’s timing. I have already walked away from a 5 year relationship, and a 1 year relationship (and engagement) because I firmly believe that God does not want me to settle and has promised me an excellent mate and husband, but it it still hard to wait.
    I am trying to use this time to work on myself, my faith, and furthering my career (public service/nonprofit), and to build the life that I want so that I am on sure footing when I do meet the man God intends for me.

  35. Dear Paula and Jessica,

    Thank you for praying for me!! 🙂

    Abba is a faithful Father!

    And Paula…guess what? One of my best friends gave birth to her daughter at only 27 weeks. Andrea was 1.12 lbs and then dropped to 1.5. She also had a bleed on her brain, which is common with preemies.

    Andie is now a BEAUTIFUL 16 year old girl…healthy, musical, extremely smart and loves Jesus!! 🙂 NOTHING is impossible for God!!

  36. Praying for you, Sarah. I’ve been there and it’s tough. You’re on the right track here! Love to you!

  37. Oh Brittany I know what you mean. I’ve been married for 15 years and I still pray for selflessness and patience. In the beginning it was a shock to my core how much I had to lay down my “self” for the needs of house and spouse but God is so faithful. Keep communicating and I pray all will be well and you will have peace in your heart. Amen.

  38. Dear Brittany,

    I am praying the Lord of mercy and grace bless you, and your marriage. I am praying you grow in Love and each of you bring your struggles to the Lord, merciful healer, and restorer of all things.

    I pray for Brittany in the name of Jesus.

    Can you please pray for my daughter ( age 28) for her healing and for her salvation. And for the salvation of her husband as well.
    For myself that the Lord would guide my hand in my writing path and show me the strength to continue.

    Thank you for praying.

  39. Praying for you to meet and marry a godly man, Sarah, who loves Jesus and loves YOU, sis!! 🙂

  40. Misty, I am praying in agreement with you. God is faithful and he will complete what he has begun in you and your husband.

    My prayer request is for my relationship with my husband. We are empty nesters, married a l o n g time. Communication is stifled, almost nonexistent. There is no sense of joint purpose in our lives. I am lonely, angry and frustrated. Leaning on God to fill my unmet needs but wondering why I stay in a marriage that I feel is dead.

  41. Thank you so much for offering prayer.
    I am home this morning with my daughter, Bethany, who is sick. Please pray for her healing and her spiritual walk. May God make himself real to her and for her to believe he loves her. That God would dispel the lies of the enemy.
    Also, please pray for my oldest son, his wife and their little girl. They need salvation and healing.
    Please pray for God to do the same spiritually in me and my husband so we are a team used by God for his glory.
    one more request. Please pray that my two younger children will continue walking faithful to Jesus.
    Thank you, again.

  42. For this year I would pray for healing for my 10 year old daughter for the pains in her right leg, for a better job for my darling husband, more patience and direction for my purpose, and contined health for my family.

  43. Barb–thank you! I’m praying for you too!
    Lord, please bless all these ladies and all these requests. When we ask You and believe You will, You provide.

  44. As I read through each of the posts I’ve been praying for each of you.
    God revealed to me that 2014 is a year of promise fulfilled and what I wanted for Christmas that I will get in 2014 which was an engagement ring from my boyfriend. Then I come home from my vacation and we broke up.
    Now I’m struggling to believe God about this relationship. We both struggled with insecurities him that he is not good enough for me and me that I am not good enough (which I’ve been struggling with high school).
    My desire for 2014 is to grow stronger in The Lord. To believe and trust that God will do what he says he will do. I will find my security in God alone.

    • Miss Crystal,
      Sometimes I believe we have to do discipline before anything else~simply put…for you, please know you are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God. He knew every hair on your head long before you were even thought of. I would encourage you to remember those words from God about how HE made you. Time for you to put a sticky note on your mirror, bedroom door, dash board and every other corner you look at or walk by~including work, computer, cell phone!
      Psalm 139:13-16 ESV
      1 Corinthians 3:16 ESV
      Jeremiah 1:5 ESV
      Three verses, for three locations for you to read, know, feel and believe that you are created in His image, you were made exactly as you are…..WOW! You cannot doubt that knowing, read, memorize and believe sweet girl.
      Precious Lord, I pray you renew Crystal, you touch her in a way she will be tempted to look behind her to see who it is. Hold her close, remind her of Your great plan for who she is, as You created in YOUR image. For the moments she may struggle, sweet Jesus be with her, to hold her close, touch her heart and wipe her tears. I pray knowing peace will be all around as you grow in our almighty Father!

    • Crystal-

      You are right on track saying that you will find your security in God alone! Father, I ask that you would work in the hearts and lives of Crystal and her ex-boyfriend. You withhold no good thing from those who walk uprightly Lord, and I ask that you provide Crystal the strength to fully believe this. If this man is not a good thing for her, it is with good reason that the relationship has ended no matter how painful that might feel right now. Help her to seek you first, knowing that you will care for her. Help her to see her worth – she is a daughter of the King! Bless them both Father as they seek your will regarding their relationship with you and each other. I ask this in the holy and precious name of Jesus. Amen

  45. Misty, I am praying that God heals your husband of his addiction. That when he thirsts God will quench it. I pray for healing over him (mind, body, soul, spirit). I’ve also written it in my journal and will continue to keep you and your family uplifted. God Bless!

  46. Hello to all of you and a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I’m writing from France and wish to ask for your prayers regarding my husband’s family and myself. My husband’s mother has been suffering from cancer since 2010 and has a relapse and extension of her cancer ; of course and as always it is difficult for the person concerned but all the family and friends. It is also difficult for me this year as I have to have 3 operations. Firstly mid February of my right shoulder to take off calcification and repare the tendon, secondly in September, the operation of my right knee to have a prosthesis put in (that will be the 4th one after the 2 hips and the left knee and thirdly, sometime before the end of the year, operation of the 2 eyes for cataract. I’ve had quite a lot of operations since I was 20 but it seems to me it would never stop. I’m usually optimistic but I can feel depressed from time to time. So I’m putting all these problems in God’s hands as I know He has always been guiding me in life. I will pray for you too, reading the newsletters each time DaySpring is sending some to us with quotations of the Bible. Praise the Lord !

  47. Good Morning Misty,
    I am praying for you that the Lord will give you that extra courage and strength that you need. Keep loving your husband ‘unconditionally’. One of my favorite verses is found in Ephesians 3:20: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,…”.
    For my own prayer request, I would ask you ladies to pray for a long time close friend who has inoperable, terminal cancer. She is a strong Christian but it’s her family who need ‘Salvation’….her sisters, their husbands and her 95 year old Mother who doesn’t know the Lord….yet!!!
    Pray for healing and a miracle in her family. Thank you so much for your prayers and Happy New Year to you all.
    May Love In Christ,

  48. Tammi, God has it all covered! AMEN and AMEN!
    I would ask you to join me to pray that the Lord would continue to direct our family’s path to financial freedom in 2014.
    I would also ask that this ’empty nest’ would have doors wide open to all His possibilities.
    Lord, give us ears to hear Your leading, hearts sensitive to others’ needs and spirits willing to walk when and where you call us to walk!
    For peace, protection and prosperity for my children and their families.
    In Jesus’ name I pray!!!!

  49. Dear Lord, I thank you for Stephanie’s life and ask you to heal her daughter and remove all pains in her leg. Be the daily provision in her home. Bring a job for her husband that will bless him both professional and financially. Guide her and inspire her to be the woman you created her to be. Bring peace to her heart. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
    ~I would like to ask for prayer for my brother Pedro Reyes, he struggles with depression, has lost his job and his wife is leaving him. He clearly needs Jesus in his life but has no clarity of mind. Thank you so much! I pray for all of you.

  50. I have a fussy newborn and a demandin two year old. Please pray for encouragement despite the lack of sleep.

    • Praying for you Kelsey, to get through this season of your life. Please God, guard Kelsey’s heart and mind during this time. It is very hard to stay strong when so much is being demanded from her as a mother. Fill her heart with the peace that you are always with her.

      I know how difficult it is with young children. You lose a part of yourself, but through the process God is working on us and creating something better 🙂

  51. My prayers are with each of you. Our trials are so universal yet feel so isolated. I ask God to continue working in every life represented here. I ask for comfort, courage and that no one feel alone or forgotten. May His love, peace, and grace cover each of you as you continue on your life’s journey.

  52. Angie, lifting up your brother Pedro this morning. I pray he seeks God first through this difficult time and comes to have a personal relationship with Him. In Him, I pray he receives all the peace, love, healing, and restoration he desperatey desires this coming year and beyond. With love, your sister in Christ.

    I would like to ask for prayer over God’s calling on my life. That His purpose will prevail this year. That The Lord would guide me, direct me, and lead me in the direction He would have me go and the He would receive all the Glory and praise. Please pray He will lead my heart to knock on the doors He wills to open for me as I take steps of faith and trust in the plans he has for me. Specifically, please pray He will give me wisdom and knowledge to pursue writing as a call on my life if that is His will. Heavy on my heart this morning. And also just for continued restoration and healing for my mom. She fought and survived breast cancer last year and still has a fee phases of reconstructive surgery to go. Thank you for your love and prayers!

  53. My prayer for 2014 is that I grow much closer to JESUS than ever before and that this year, I grow again like the last four to five years and spring forth towards my loving Saviour who is so faithful and true.

    I bless Hope who is just above me with JESUS’ Presence and that all her prayers be answered. In JESUS’ Name I pray amen.


    Have a blessed year everyone.

  54. I am battling pneumonia and am working at a horribly stressful job. Please pray that the Lord heals my body and mind and that I can find a new job in a positive and low-key environment. I don’t think that I can make it otherwise.

    Thank you for praying for me!

  55. Megan, praying for God’s clarity in direction for your life and His blessing as you pursue writing. Asking His healing and protective hand to be over your mom.

    We are in process of adopting 13 & almost 15 year old brothers from Ethiopia. Please pray for a court date this week! Seeking all that god has planned for our family this coming year and to be wholeheartedly following Him.

    Thank you! 🙂

  56. God has been merciful to us! He wed us in Holy Matrimony and gave us such a wonderful child who is a blessing everyday! Times have been hard these last 5 years, we have seen more pits than rises. The other day it was the eve of our engagement anniversary and my husband and I who were saddened with another loss (a loss of an international job opportunity) were just sitting and chatting. He then pointed out how we have been so unlucky for each other in terms of our careers. I lost my job almost 2 yrs after we got married and he has never seen a happy achievement at work for a long time since we were married. Things have worsened for him at work with one disappointment after another and we have been suffering financially as well. Recently it dawned on us that we need to get out of our country where we have been positioned since I lost my job and into a new one with better job opportunities for us and a better life for our family and education system for our child. After the dawn of the New Year we decided, New Year new beginnings and since we have been praying so hard, let’s begin the official application process and realized that what once the Lord showed us as fruitful is no longer fruitful and the application process for most regions of that new country has been shut down or unavailable to our occupation level. Needless to say, we have been heartbroken. We know in our hearts that the Lord won’t let us down and won’t take away His Promises from us. It has been 5 yrs of a long and rocky waiting process. Sometimes we just feel like giving up and get into depression. Please keep us in your prayers. I want 2014 to be our year in the Lord! Thank you in advance for your prayers for our family and us.

  57. Good morning Sandy,

    I am praying that your friend be healed from all traces of cancer in her body. More importantly I pray that she will be an example to her family in her circumstances so that she will draw them toward Christ. I pray her family’s heart and mind will be open to the Lord. Our father can deliver this healing and miracles in her family!

    For my prayer request I ask that prayers be delivered to the Lord on my behalf as I have been separated from my husband for almost 2 years. He unexpectedly ended our marriage and is suffering from alcoholism and not following the Lord. Please pray for his recovery and to turn his life over to the Lord. Please pray for me to find employment to support myself and for daughter who lives with me to also find employment so that we can get by. I don’t know what the future holds for my family, but I do know the Lord is faithful and wants to bless us his children.

    Thank you for your (in)couragement and prayers!

    God Bless you and your loved ones!

    • Lynn,

      I will be praying for you and your daughter, for sure. I am sorry you are going through this trial and I pray the Lord will be your strength, peace and joy. I will be praying for employment for you and your daughter and that God will guide you each day and that this whole time will draw you closer to Him. Erin

  58. Hope, I love your name! Peace reigns throughout your comment. Lord, I pray for continued strength for Hope as she strengthen others. She is shining Your light so brightly!

    Luke 1:45 is the perfect verse for me and it is also my prayer. Just this morning I was praying for the Lord to move from my head to my heart how much he loves me, is with me, is watching over me, and is working in my life. I ask for prayer to deal with rejection. Currently dating a man who is addicted to alcohol. Lord do I stay or do I go? God, shed your light on this circumstance!

  59. Happy New Year! I love this idea of praying for somebody and adding your request. I am looking forward to a new year and leaving the last one behind. I have so much to be grateful for and am thankful for how much support and encouragement happens on this very website. I have struggled so much this past year with fear and depression and I ask that you would please pray for me to break free of both of these things. My husband spent a year out of work and financially, we are going to be climbing out of a hole. With 2 in college, I have no idea how they will stay. Our marriage has suffered greatly during this time and there is very little trust or hope left on my part of things getting any better. Thank you for your prayers. Erin

  60. Dear Rose:

    I am praying right now for your relationship with your mother – for several years, my daughter-in-law would not have anything to do with me or speak to me through a misunderstanding she was not willing to deal with. Thankfully my son and grandson still kept in touch. I was able to regain her respect by just keeping on – through prayer and just trying to have a relationship with her the wall came down and once again we are a family.
    My prayer request is for salvation for my children and grandchildren.
    Last year my husband went through severe cancer treatments which has changed his life.
    He was not a believer, but now he is – he looks at life differently now and does not take things for granted. Please also pray that other Christian men would recognize his need for someone to befriend him to encourage his spiritual growth.

  61. Erin,

    I am praying Proverbs 3:5-6 for you that you trust in the LORD with all your strength – that you lean not on your own understanding but in all ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make straight your path; when you can’t see a way out in your own strength or ability – that is the perfect place for GOD to come in and lighten your path one step at a time leading your heart on paths of righteousness for HIS name’s sake; I pray that as your children watch HIM work out this situation, their faith is strengthened that they may declare the sufficiency of God with their lives; I pray that as your husband learns to trust God, HE returns to leading your family out of God’s provision and not his own ideas; I pray that you are all rooted and established in the love of Christ and that you rest in HIS divine promise to provide all you need for life and godliness as in 2 Peter 1:3; My prayer request for the new year is that i learn to rest in HIS sufficiency even more, walk by faith and not sight and bring HIS glory to those HE places in my path; thank you so much for this unique opportunity to pray for other believers!!! geralyn

  62. Thank you Lynn, Sandy, and Andrea. Lynn–let’s pray for our husbands together. I truly appreciate all of the wonderful godly women on this post.

  63. Blessings to all for 2014! I humbly ask for your prayers for my life. I am struggling with unhappiness and disappointment in my life at this point. I feel unfulfilled in both my spiritual and emotional aspects of my life. My health is also suffering seriously. My humble thanks for your prayers.

    • Lisa,

      You are in my prayers. I pray for you to find the strength you need to overcome the feelings of sadness and disappointment. I know it’s a difficult place to be, and I know that sadness and stress can also have a profound impact on one’s health. I pray that God will provide you with an ease in your discomfort and your discontent. Please know that you are not alone and will not be forgotten in my prayers.

      <3- Chrissy

  64. Dear Miriam,
    I will continue to pray for your husband’s health and that the Lord will send a godly friend to him. I will also lift up your children and grandchildren and pray for their salvation.
    My prayer is that I would learn to trust the Lord beyond my own understanding and seek Jesus for Jesus sake. My own husband and children do not own their faith at this time, and as always, there are many crossroads to face, decisions to be made in this coming year. But Isaiah reminds: “Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.” Isaiah 64:4 So, I pray for a faithful heart and eyes to see in the waiting.

  65. Hello Lynn,

    My fellow sister in Christ, I have brought your prayers to our Father. I would like to also share with you a scripture that has been put in my heart this morning. Romans 8: 31-35 31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword.

    I pray for a divine visitation to your husband that will open his eyes to the ways that he is currently living. I also pray for good and stable employment for you and your daughters in places that you will find love.

    My prayer request is for courage. Courage to let go of my regrets, as they are affecting my relationships with my family and close friends. My regrets cripple me into depression and anxiety over my future. I also pray that God brings forgiveness within my family as we slowly recover from addictions.

  66. Hello all, I am dreaming of walking away from a career that makes me feel stifled and stuck. It was my dream to obtain this “job” but now that I’m 8 years in I feel such a deep impulse to leave it – as soon as possible. It goes against everything that feels natural to me, and I just know that there is a better place for me somewhere. The problem is that I don’t know where that place is or what I should be doing. The numbers don’t make total sense, and it’s going to be hard on my family if I leave without another source of income. I’m feeling sad and depleted each day, and I no longer want to live this way. Please pray for me to find the answers I am seeking in how to break out of a place that I feel so stuck in. Thank you!

    • Lord, we know that you are concerned and care about every aspect of our lives–physically, economically, and spiritually. We pray that you are leading Chrissy in the way that you have chosen for her and that you have chosen the place where you want her to work and serve. We ask for peace in this decision and we ask for your provision for the income issues involved. You have the perfect plan for each of us and want peace and joy for all of your children. Grant her wisdom and grace for this career decision and may You work out all of the details for her good and for the good of her family. In Jesus’s name, amen.

  67. Geralyn I pray that your relationship with God gets to grow even more deeper and that you may rely on Him in all the little things of your life because through them, He accomplishes great things. May His peace be with you and accompany you in all your decisions. in Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

    Please pray for my little daughter who often deals with allergic problems so that she may find healing and also for my husband who is working and studying abroad, so that our family may be reunited soon and definitely

  68. I’d like to ask for prayer for myself and my new baby boy. He’s a month old. We’re waiting to find out if he has a milk protein allergy. We’ve had to have some tests run, and I had to start him on an awful (and extremely expensive) formula. I’ve been working so hard the past month to pump so I could give him breastmilk, and it makes me feel awful that it might have been triggering his allergy. I’m completely stressed out and cranky. I feel like a terrible mom because I’ve been so cranky with my older two children. I can’t seem to get anything done around the house, and it’s been quite the adjustment between the holidays and trying to find a new normal with all of these different schedules. I’m just worn out.

    To the commenter above me…Brenda, I will be praying for your peace, strength, and courage as we begin this New Year. I know guilt isn’t from God…but it’s tough to remember that! Blessings to you and your family!

  69. I am praying for all of those that have lost someone this past year. It was a rough year. I am also asking if you would pray for my husband. He told his boss he was going in for back surgery and the next day they let him go. So, he is recovering from back surgery and out of a job. I know he will pull through with another job and with his health, but he seems depressed at the moment. I keep telling him people are praying for him, so I know that helps him. Thank you.

    • Lord, please fill Laura’s husband with your promises of unconditional love and hope in God. Surround him with your healing hands and find him work that is according to your will. Thank you Lord, for always being by our side, never leaving us, even when are angry because we can’t understand your plans for us.

  70. Erin,

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you with the gifts and fruits that you need today and everyday of the this year. May you feel God’s wisdom and Jesus’ loving arms surrounding you each and every day as you go through this year. May you and your husband feel the richness of God’s love.

    I am asking for prayer for my children as they struggle financially to make ends meet. They both work but make minimum wage. One works less than 40 hours a week so it is difficult for him. Pray that they both remain employed and stay afloat financially. Pray that God will be beside them each step of the way.

    I am asking for prayer for my husband. He is struggling with diabetes and feels so overwhelmed and depressed as he struggles to get his blood sugar under control. Pray that I will be a good helpmate to him in this struggle and not a hindrance or nagger.

    I am asking for prayer that I may gain control over my cravings for unhealthy food and too much food. Pray that I can say no to food unless it is good for my body.

    Thank you,

  71. Good morning,
    My prayer request for this year is to find more joy and to be able to look at like with a glass half full. For some reason, my cup is not overflowing with joy . . or I am not viewing life this way.
    I have a 3 year old and 9 year old . and for some reason after the birth of my 2nd child life just feels defeating and this is effecting my everything . . I know God has the power to change this but I cannot seem to grasp this everyday . . .

    I will pray for your results. I went through this exact thing with my 3-year old! I nursed him until he was 10 months but we did supplement with expensive formula in the end. He was SO colicky! For 5 months. He did grow out of it . . I was off all dairy for 6 months as well. It’s tricky. I will pray for answers and strength.
    Much love,

    • Myndee,
      I am going through the exact same thing right now. Two little ones is so hard for me, along with the uncertainties of self-employment is hardening my heart. I used to pray for God to change my situation. And if it is still His will for a change, than I surrender to that. But now I am praying for Him to work on my heart. Sounds like you are also asking Him to change your heart also. Have complete faith and surrender and He will change our hearts. I think the hard part is letting go of control and letting Him do what is best for us. I still think I know better or can fix it on my own.

      You are not alone, and God is with us. I pray He brings us closer to Him and we can become more Christ-like. Blessings~

  72. Please pray for my financial situation and new living situation. I just relocated hundreds of miles away and my expenses have been piling up. I was out of work for 5 years and next week I will be starting a new job. It’s been a strain emotionally and financially moving so far away from family and friends. My computer died just before moving, so I need a computer soon too. I’m feeling so discouraged, depressed and mad at myself and God.

  73. tomorrow the trial for my son’s murderer begins. although i have not been able to forgive his killer, yet, i have managed to keep anger and hatred away. today, i feel as though i’m walking a tight-rope and ready to lose my balance.

    i don’t know how to express my needs at this moment, but our heavenly Father knows my heart and exactly what i need. please pray for me.

    thank you

  74. Christine. I will be praying for you. I understand your struggles Completely. I ask for a prayer of guidance. Assurance. For the direction god I moving be towards. There are many decisions I need to make and I always battle with -is this gods will-is this my flesh desires. Thank u

  75. Bonnie I am praying that God would give you clarity and guidance for where He is leading you and a peace that accompanies that step you make.

    I need prayer for my emotions. I am dealing with a very challenging relationship dynamic right now and my emotions have been all over the place. I have cut down someone I care for very deeply time and time again. I want to be free from the jealousy, hurt and deep anger I feel. I need prayer because I want God to change my heart, I desparately want to be free from this cycle but I keep getting in the way.

    • ‘May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight.” Psalm 19;14. Lord, we hold this verse up to you and claim it for Anna Beth. Extend your Holy Spirit over her, to cover her, to teach her control in your wisdom. Heavenly father, fill her with your love and peace, so that the anger dissipates as we hand it over to you. But most of all, Lord, allow your will, not ours, to flow in all situations in our lives. Thank you for this walk we have with you, as you hold our every breath in yor hands. We submit it all to you. Amen.

  76. Anna Beth,
    I pray that you would have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit working within you for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. I pray that you would experience freedom from the emotional turmoil you are experiencing, that you would experience the peace that passes understanding that can only come from the Lord. I pray that you would not be gripped with condemnation but that you would only know the Lord’s grace. I pray for restoration and healing in your relationship.

    I ask for prayer for my son. He is 20 years old and a sophomore in college. He has been struggling in his classes and is on the brink of being kicked out of his college. I ask for prayer that his faith (and my faith) would not be diminished because of these setbacks. I ask for prayer for guidance for his future, that he would follow the path the Lord intends. I ask for prayer for redemption of a seemingly hopeless situation. He is a good kid; he loves the Lord and recently traveled to Kenya to work in an orphanage on a missions trip. I am clinging to the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 for him.

  77. Gracious Lord, I pray for all the requests that have been brought here and for the many more that remain unspoken. Heal relationships, bodies, hearts and minds. Strengthen marriages. Provide for the physical needs that require financial blessings. Thank you that you are a friend to the friendless, and a Father to the fatherless. Hear our cries, O Lord as we wait expectantly for your voice this morning and throughout this new year. Thank you for community and precious sisters who hold each other up in prayer and with encouragement. In your holy and precious name I pray Jesus. Amen.

    Ladies, my biggest request is that my son (who suffers from anxiety and depression) and my newly married daughter and her husband would all turn their lives over to God. My children were raised in an unequally yoked home, but still I did what I could to point them to God. Although both claimed to make a profession of faith at some point, neither is living a life that would indicate that.

    My second request is regarding my living arrangements. In October, my ex took me to court to force the sale of the house, even though I had proposed wiping out past due child support payments in return for his name off the mortgage. Although this would have been a gain of thousands for him, he declined to work with me. It’s a very long story, but the bottom line was that the court ordered me to pay all his attorney fees (to the utter shock of my attorney who says that NEVER happens), gave me 30 days to get a valuation on the house and buy him out, emancipated my son, and did not address the past due child support issues. I have had the valuation done and the sale of the home would only net each of us about $3,000 at best -less than a third of the back due monies. I have appealed the judges’ decision (a judge who has a history of siding against the wife/mother) and have been waiting over 3 weeks for his decision. The house is in great need of many repairs, but I don’t make much and my mortgage is only half what rents in the area would be. I am praying the judge reverses his decision, allows me the house and orders the back payments to be made. However, even staying here presents problems since the items to be repaired are very costly. If I only had myself to consider it would be so much easier. I’ve never been one to care about material things, and I can live anywhere…but it is difficult because I need to consider what happens to my son in all this.

    I know God’s got it, none of this is a surprise to him, but I want to make sure that as decisions need to be made going forward, I make the right ones.

  78. Jenny, praying for eyes to see and a heart that truly believes God has your son no matter what may lie before you all! Rest in His divine appointments!

    Asking prayer for my dad, one year today he was diagnosed with ALS “Lou Gherig disease” and for my mom who is the primary care giver! For me and my brother as we walk with my dad through this horrible disease!

    • Lord, may your grace and peace be abundant for Kelly and her family. Walking through sickness with a family member is exhaustive and stressful. Let your peace flow like a river, your mercy be the blanket which covers them all. May patience be in abundance. In jesus name, Amen.

  79. Heavenly Father, I lift up JennyB’s son to you and ask that your guiding hand would be upon him, directing him, steering him in the way you would have him go. He is at an impressionable period in his life which needs to be directed with godly wisdom. Pour into him your wisdom, discernment and understanding. Keep him safe and on track for that which you have prepared for him. In Jesus name, Amen!

    I have severe osteoporosis and have already broken a number of vertebrae in my back and bones in my heels. My lungs are bad with COPD and asthma. Please pray that God would heal me. Thank you.

  80. Please pray for my husband, Victor. My heart breaks for him. After 30 years in a company, he was dismissed for unfair reasons. He’s in his early 50s and after years of experience in his field, he has had to settle for part-time work with no benefits as well as very difficult work hours. We are grateful that at least he has work, but he needs full-time work. He is physically, emotionally, and financially destroyed as we never imagined that at this time of his life, we/he would be struggling like this. Please pray that our Lord will provide full-time work for him. Thank you and God bless!

  81. I am asking God for a mountaintop experience with Him, as well as for my husband.
    And am asking right now that God supply all the needs by His riches in glory for Aurora and Victor!

  82. Heavenly Father, I’m raising all of these beautiful women of faith up to you. You know our needs, our wants, our brokeness. We submit it all to you, knowing that the outcomes might not be as we planned, but that all glory reflects back to you. Amen.

    My prayer request is for an upcoming biblestudy I will be leading — on spiritual warfare. I already feel a bombardment of fear from the satan, but this shows me that there must be a true reason that we need this in our church; that this is God led. My prayer is for protection by God, that he will place my group under his wing and teach us the importance in this study. And I ask for relief from the anxieties of leadership, as I submit this all to Him. Thanks.

  83. Prayers for Rose and her family, Aurora & Victor and Renae (I only read the very first and last two posts – so many of us need prayers!), and all who have reached out to this community of faith-filled, Christ-seeking and loving women! Please pray for me and my prodigal boyfriend – we’re going through a seemingly endless separation and I’m praying that Christ’s love will heal his heart and bring him home soon. Pray that he (R.W.L., my love) gets to the center of his brokenness, finds Jesus in it, and re-commits to The Lord and the blessed life awaiting him; please pray for me that I continue to listen for God’s voice and follow his leading. I know He will fulfill His promises.

  84. Toni, praying for your son, daughter and son-in-law. Our sermon this morning was on Eph. 1:16-19, praying that GOD would give us “a Christ-revealing spirit” in the New Year, because GOD enlightens the mind to believe “the hope of our calling” [the redemption / justification /glorification that comes to us because of the Cross]. So I pray that for you as you seek conformity to Christ, and for them that they would respond to His wonderful invitation.

    Also praying God will provide all your needs according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus, and He will respond justly to your cry for help – a cry the unjust judge is ignoring.

    My prayer request also deals with a broken marriage – my daughter’s – that the Lord will empower her and me to forgive from the heart the continual offenses and minefields meant to entrap her, and to sabotage her efforts to train her children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

  85. Happy 2014, everyone.

    I have been reading the different comments and requests. As always, I am so pleased at how people can come together and care about the problems of others’, of those they’ve never even met before. I am going to try and make a point of saying a prayer for each of you in the following weeks. Be strengthened, people out there care about you!

    Carol, I read your prayer request and will be saying a special prayer for you. I am hearing a lot lately about offenses that tend to trap Christians and I am praying that God touches your daughter, and the whole family. I am confident that things will turn around. Faith is key.

    I’m going to request a blanket prayer for my family. That God would strengthen our relationships with each other and with our extended family members, and that He would bless us and our future generations with good health, prosperity, love, and a close relationship with Him.

    I am also praying for myself. That God would send me a great job. And most of all, my soul mate, a wonderful man who will be my best friend and the love of my life. I don’t know if this person is someone I’ve already met or someone I have yet to meet. But I pray He makes it clear. In the past few years, God has worked in me and I know I needed it. So I pray that He brings things full circle now.

    May God bless each and every one of you. Let us believe that 2014 will be our year! And let us pray that God will do great things in North America and around the world, because our leaders need heavenly guidance!

  86. Heavenly Father,
    I know You hear and will answer all our prayers…. In Your ways and Your time as we wait patiently and BELIEVE. We have Faith and Believe in all Your promises, with that being said, I want to Thank You In Advance for All You Do, All You are Doing, & All that You are going to Do in our lives. In Jesus Name. AMEN

    I have 2 prayer requests: 1st request is for God to lead & direct my path and the words that will flow from my mouth as I lead my 1st online Bible Study. Help me to be engaged and to engage the women in my group to open up, participate, learn, teach, share, support, & enjoy this spiritual journey for 40 days.

    2nd request: I have been working on my Doctorate dissertation for 2 years. Please give me the strength, knowledge, energy, writing skills, approval & acceptance from my chairpersons and other committees to move on and forward to completion of my dissertation by May 2014 or at least December 2014. My financial aid is running out and I do not have the finances to complete the journey beyond this year.

  87. Please pray for my daughter. She has had a tough couple of years. And I am need of prayer for housing and a job. Thank you for your prayers.

  88. This is the first time I have printed something so publically , thank you for the page, may God Bless All of you dear children of God who have written such heart-touching prayer request , May God please touch each & everyone of you with His Almighty Outstrached Hand & touch you prayers with His Devine Power of Love & Grace ,
    Please may I ask for your prayers , I have been married for 39 years , been a child of God for 31 years but my husband wants nothing to do with Our Dear Lord that said I have witnessed Our Fathers Love & Grace towards him & I in our marriage over the years & by Gods Grace I love my husband more today then when I married him , my husband is an addicted gambler spending many thousands of pounds over the years money we didn’t have hence why we are such terrible debts so much so that the home he helped to build for us 12 years ago a home that has been especially adapted so I can live in it independently because I am severely disabled and been confined to an electric wheelchair for the past 20 years , this beautiful home has enabled me to raise our 3 daughters but now due to the enormous debts some £50000 we have no choice but to sale our home 🙁 I just done know whats going to happen to us & pray that even through this when we finally leave our home that wants aging Gods Love will show from my life towards my husband , I SO desire he comes to the Lord & Know each challenge brings its own tests I pray I don’t fail Our Lord , my husband works self-employed and at 62 is finding the work tough he travels all over England before working in the building trade , if only his eyes would be open that each time he gambles his hard earned earnings are being robbed by the devil , I love my husband but to be in this situation where we have to lose our home through his addictions at times is overwhelming my heart & soul , I so want to bear fruit for Our Lord & worry that will fail him , I have tried so hard for our 3 girl’s &our 4 grandchildren to show him Gods love to their dad / granddad & they by Gods Grace do for which I am so grateful to The Lord but they to feel the pain of what we now have to try & do and that’s sale our home , I am sorry for the long post and thank you from the depths of my heart for your patience in reading this prayer request and for praying , God Bless You .

  89. I love this idea. How simple and yet how profound! Thank you!

    I would ask that you pray for friendship to grow stronger with husband (Jan 6 marks 18 years of marriage), for strength for myself and my faith, and for a real-life friend who can listen, support, encourage, and respond appropriately for my needs.

    This past year has been excruciatingly hard. After an evangelical marriage, strong roles in church, and then 6 years as a church planter-pastor, my husband last January announced to me that he is atheist and then he started diving head first with passion into the teachings of the ancient philosophers the Stoics. We left the church plant nearly a year prior to this decision so that they could hire their first full pastor and we committed to step away for 2 years while the new pastor transitions. We’ve been attending a church that is okay but varies from what I believe in theology on many big points.

    I feel like I have no church home, no close friends, and now a marriage that is (weirdly) stronger than ever before but is VERY severed in the spiritual realm. I’ve needed to fight my own depression while learning how to put aside my tendencies to “follow” as I am now the head spiritual leader for my 9, 7, & 5 year olds. It’s been lonely but God has continually shown me his faithfulness and his blessings along the way. I try to hand God my husband and our future instead of worry about them but I am so weary.

    When I have tried to share my new situation with people in my life I am either met with blank “eyes in the headlights” stares as the listeners just can’t fathom my situation and have no idea what to say or I end up having to comfort THEM as they totally unravel emotionally in front of me (often more tearful than even *I* have been free to be.)

    So a summary of my prayer request is this: 1) Increased friendship and strength in my marriage, 2) Strength for myself as I walk through this test of endurance in my faith, 3)An IRL friend who will embrace me, listen, respond with encouragement and strength while still continuing to love my family for who they currently are, perhaps a person who walks–or has walked– a similar path.

    thank you so much. Christina, I am praying for your requests as well.

  90. Praying for you Yvette, that God in His goodness, will provide for you the right-home and the right job, that you would be at peace in your heart knowing He has you in His hands. And I am praying too for your daughter. that she would enter a new season of her life and know God’s blessing.
    I would like prayer for difficult financial times, that I would be able to trust God for a way out of the mess I’ve got into. Thank you Lord

  91. Praying for Kristi. I was married to a pastor, and I just can’t begin to imagine what you are going through. My marriage had some really rough spots but not over religion. We have 3 grown children, one of which is really walking with the Lord. Can’t say the same for the other two. My husband passed away 8 years ago, and even though it’s a struggle the Lord has really blessed me and given me a stronger spiritual walk with Him.
    I would like prayers for my granddaughter who is an unwed mother. She needs direction in her life for herself and for her 18 mo. old daughter.

    • Birdie, I am praying that the Lord will draw your granddaughter’s heart to Him, that she will see her need of His love and guidance in her life. I pray that Christ might dwell in her heart through faith. And that she, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that she may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! (Praise the Lord!) And He is at work within us.

      I pray that your granddaughter will see God’s plan for her life and the life of your great-granddaughter. That she will seek His guidance and walk in His ways.

      I pray that you, Birdie, will be strengthened and helped and upheld with the righteous right hand of God, that you may be able to encourage and support and love them both, as well as your other two children, with the love of God.

      I give the Lord praise that you have grown in your walk with Him and pray that He will always be your everything. God bless you, Birdie!

  92. As I have recently begun following a call from the Lord to write, my dream for this year is simply to see clearly what projects He wants me to write, to keep Him as the focus, and that the results will bring Him glory.

    The promise I am praying: Philippians 4:19 – “My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

    God’s blessings to all of you.

    • thank you Sabra for praying for me. I am praying that the Lord will bless your writing and that he will guide your thoughts, your heart, your hands as you write for His glory.

  93. Reading this blog page & all these posts & prayers & sharing of one another’s heart & souls…..I feel humbled & can’t even post what my insignificant prayer need is. I am praying for all of us.

    • I’m praying for you to get what you need in your life to be happy and I pray for all the others, who have wishes and prayers coming from their hearts.

  94. Hello to all of you!

    As I read this, my first thought is my friend Evi. She gave birth to her son Luke on Dec. 12th 2013. The little boy is very sick, has a tumor in his liver and a cerebral hemorrhage and it is not clear, whether he’ll make it our alive or in which mental and physical conditions he’ll be for the rest of his life. I would be very glad, if you could pray for him and for strength for his mommy.

    The wish for myself doesn’t seem to be as important: I would like to get a practical experience in a clinic in Los Angeles for 4 weeks this spring to complete my medical studies.

    God’s blessings to all of you!

  95. Dear God-Who is so good and all powerfull-I pray that Toni son comes to your center of peace and that he is lifted up in knowing God loves him .I pray your daughter and husband experience Gods love in a way that strengthens them and brings them to that place of knowing God has a plan for them.
    It is no accident that you Toni are the one set before me as you will see in my own prayer request.I pray that you know that God -the great provider cares of all the details of your life and you experience His peace as He leads you through this .I ask for these things of our Father in the mighty name Jesus of Nazareth.And I thank you Lord for all the works you are doing in Toni*s life.
    His plans for you to prosper not to harm you.
    I,now ask for prayer that abuse of children stop and that parents stop turning children against their other parent,that good fathers be seen as equals in eyes of courts.My 5 year old grandson is caught in a battle where mom and maternal side repeatedly turn child against dad and paternal side while maternal side defends their addictions,criminal behaviors ,lie and manipulate.We need this behavior to stop and could use a fair judge that will do what is best and see the truth beneath all the lies .We have been told that we can not tell our grandson about God or teach him to pray.I feel we are up against absolute evil.It is difficult to know how to handle all this.We love our grandson and were raising him until mom decided she wanted to get to know him now and has done everything to alienate us from his life.Our grandson is suffering ..I am hoping for a peaceful resolution quickly (it has been going on far too long)Thank you.

  96. I am always hesitant to ask for prayer. However, I realized the last day I felt good, even moderately so, was at the beginning of 2013. I am a breast cancer survivor of nine years so battling difficult physical ailments is not new. But, I just don’t have any energy for living. I have selected “prayer” as my word for 2014. My most fervent prayer is that I can “touch the hem of His garment” and feel good again. Healing, I don’t know, there are so many consequences from treatment, but just to enjoy my family and my life would be a blessing. Thank you.

    • Dear Becky!
      I pray for strength for you, for a new view on life that is letting you forget about all negative consequences of treatment and is letting you only see how much the world and life is offering you – not “still” or “even now” but “more than ever”. I pray for healing for you and that you can live freely, with energy to feel love and give love and to enjoy every minute with the ones you love. My recipe to feel connected with God and to take a second to breath and feel life is to close my eyes and smile into the sunshine. Try it out!
      God’s blessings to you!

    • Jill…..my heart is heavy for you and your husband. God is in control even if it feels like He is not.

      Jehovah-Jireh you are our Provider, we come in this name and ask that You will PROVIDE for this dear couple. You know what is best and so I ask that You supply all of their needs according to your riches in glory….Be with this husband as he goes in for radiation and give him strength. Wrap your loving arms around this couple and be so real in their life. May they be surrounded by family and friends and have an outpouring of your Spirit upon their lives. In the name of Jesus……..so let it be

  97. My husband and I have been praying for six years for a child. We will celebrate our 7th anniversary in March. It is so hard to see friends and family easily fall pregnant. I know the Lord is sovereign. He is creator of the world and life giver. I choose to trust Him. Still, it hurts. I’m struggling to find joy and rest as I wait and trust.

    • Deborah…..Lord God Almighty…..The Great I AM……nothing is to difficult for YOU. Father wrap your loving arms around Deborah and her husband as they long for a child of their own. In just the right time and in just the right way provide them the desire of their hearts. As they look to you for answers, may You become so real to them. As they trust You for this outcome grant them Your peace that passes all understanding and guard their hearts and their minds in Christ Jesus. We claim the birth of a baby to this couple according to Your will for them and we bind up anything the enemy would intend for harm against them. In the mighty, powerful name of JESUS…..so let it be

  98. My prayer request is for myself and my family. My Father has COPD and he was on 24 hour oxygen at home. He was admitted to the hospital on Monday 12/30/13 with a lung infection and breathing difficulties. My Mom and one of my 2 brothers has been with him every day during the day. He is dying and I would love to see him before he dies but I live in the St Louis area with miserable weather and my parents live in Sacramento, Ca. We can’t afford any trips right now. My prayer is for myself, my mother, my brothers, my children and grandchildren, my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew to be comforted and our hearts healed. And when my father dies, he dies gracefully and peacefully with he is loved ones around him and not alone. I really am not sure what to say or how to ask for anything.

    I pray that everyone else is under God’s protective wings daily.

  99. Lord, I pray for Laura and her family. I pray that you would bring them a comfort and peace beyond her understanding. I pray that her father would go to You peacefully, without pain, and surrounded by loved ones. Thank you that we are all just pilgrims passing through this world and that we have a bright hope of eternity with you.

    My prayer is similar to Laura’s: My grandfather is dying and likely will not survive the week. I pray for comfort for my immediate and extended family, as well as the possibility to travel to the memorial service. I pray that he would be comforted in these last few days.

    And for 2014- I pray that it is a year in which I trust God with all the directions he has for my life.

    • Thank you, Kristen.

      I pray that God comforts and strengthens you and your loved ones. Showers your grandfather with peace and comfort. And gives you the ability to travel safely when the time comes.

        • Thank you Kristen K.
          You are in my prayers.
          I leave for CA Wed to see my father and support my mother and brother. I pray that he is still alive when I arrive with my second brother.
          God is in total control.

    • Laura…..Father God be involved with Laura’s grandfather and her family. It is never easy to lose a loved one. I pray that You would offer comfort and peace as only You can. May You open the door and provide a way for her to be able to travel to the service. Meet needs, provide strength in the ways that only You can do…..In the precious name of Jesus I ask this…..

  100. My relationship with my boyfriend has been rough the last couple of months. Issues with communicating and patience is creating distance between us and he has asked for space and time. As hard as it is for me not to want to try and work things out together right away, I respect him and his need for time to think.

    I pray to the Lord to give us both patience and love so that we will be able to work through this hard time. I pray that this will bring us closer and stronger in our love and that we will both understand and respect one another. I love him and know these issues can be resolved, but don’t want to put to much stress on him because he is unhappy with other parts in his life. I pray that he will allow me to help him work through all aspects in his life not only our relationship. He is kind and loving, but is going through a tough time in his life. I want to be there for him, to help him, support him and love him.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

    • Heavenly Father, Give Melissa the comfort that You have heard her prayer. Let her know that it is her that matters in Your heart and You will answer according to Your will. Open her eyes to see You and not her situation. Let her see and feel You in her soul that all will be well and she’s Your heart desire and everything will come together. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  101. I am overwhelmed at the needs, faith, love and hope expressed in the above posts. You encourage me today as I feel under spiritual attack by the enemy who is accusatory of me.

    I have two daughters caught in same sex attraction. One daughter is in seminary and is positive this is God’s will for her life and that she was created this way. My younger daughter is lost in the subversive world of angry lesbianism. I feel angry as well. Am I angry at God? I think, perhaps. But today, I feel agitated and angry. I feel pruned and broken. I soooo want to move beyond this place; I don’t want to be here in any way, shape or form. But this is where God has “lovingly” placed me, right? I need hope. I need perseverance. I need strength and courage to face my lot.

    • Peggy,
      My heart grieves for you as you described the situation with your daughters both involved in homosexuality. As a mother, my heart aches whenever my children make choices not in the will of God. But thanks be to God, He promises to be close to the broken-hearted such as us mothers! Both your daughters are in my prayers tonight–I pray God will break through any lies the evil one is placing before them. And I pray for you, Peggy, that God will help you to rest in His loving arms. I pray that the love and hope you read in the comments from others also flows fully through your heart. When our circumstances are such that we cannot imagine why God placed us there, let it remind us that we feel that way because this is NOT our home. We are sojourners here on the earth. I pray the Lord provides the strength for the the next step, and then the next…. because we can only persevere and finish the race one step at a time.
      God bless you. You are loved.

    • Peggy I will pray for God’s strength to help you. I know what you are dealing with,
      and the frustration and pain it brings.

  102. Father God I lift up Melissa and the problems involved in her relationship. I would ask that You would intervene and cause Melissa and her boyfriend to look to YOU, the author and the finisher of our faith. May they look to You to guide them into all truth about what is broken and what needs to fixed or let go of in their relationship. Help them to let go of preconceived notions and ideas as to how You will work and let them be open to your leading in their life. Everything in this life is really about YOU, may Melissa and her boyfriend find who they are in YOU and then who they are to each other. Above all things I pray that Your will in their lives, and in their relationships would be done. I ask this in the powerful, holy name of the Lord Jesus….so let it be

    I would ask for prayer for selling our home. We are struggling with keeping up with our payments and believe that God has a buyer out there for this particular home. With God ALL things are possible. We NEED to sell this home and then find the one that God has hand picked for us. Thank you to anyone who will pray about this with us!

  103. Melissa,
    It sounds like you and your boyfriend are going about things the right way by putting Christ first and at the very center of your relationship. It also sounds like you are very respectful of him.
    I think mutual respect is such a wonderful anchor in a relationship.
    (A good sense of humor also helps!) My husband and I have been married for 25 years and those are 3 things that have really made our marriage strong.
    I pray that God will be both of you during this trying time and give you His wisdom and discernment.
    In Christ,

  104. You see how alone I feel at times. I put a prayer request and nobody acknowledges it. I feel so lost at times.

  105. I ask for prayer for the promises and plans God have on my life. For the things he told me that will happen. Prayer for my Sister Marshel. She’s in so much pain. She’s my little Sister and I am the older Sister and I hurt in my spirit sometimes because of her pain. I am taking care of her not without a job. The Lord have me as a servant to her.

  106. I am requesting prayer for healing from hoarseness which I experience mostly when I leave my house.

  107. Please pray for my teenage daughter. My husband and I are having difficulties with her. We have great relationships with our sons but
    our relationship with her is very hard. We are having such a hard time with her disrespect, bad attitude, falling grades, etc. She doesn’t drink or smoke or those kinds of things, but the way she is behaving is hurting lots of relationships. She had a break up with a close friend last year & has not forgiven this child. This has caused her to have hate toward the girl & also to avoid that friend group. Now she
    Has few friends. She also acts bitter sometimes. I know she is hurting. I pray that she will have forgiveness. I also pray that she will mend her attitude in terms of respect for her parents and teachers, etc. I feel these things are blocking her from God’s goodness and plans for carrying out His kingdom here on earth. I
    am weary.

    • My hopes and prayers for 2014 are for a spirit of love, forgiveness, reconciliation and support among people in my church and consistently in my own heart. I mean this in a general way. I would love to see love cover over a multitude of sins (not that I want to see sins), but that kind of love and friendship (that works outside of “church” activities) starting with me.

      • La Donna – I pray for your beautiful prayer request of reconciliation amongst the people in the chiurch and will remember you in particular that God shows you His path of Love which is the answer to all the problems. God bless

  108. Praise God for all His goodness to me and my family. My wife is not in the best of health. Pray that God eases her pain and her infirmities and puts her on the path of recovery. My daughter has had a broken relationship. I request your prayers that God gives her the courage to make a right judgement when it comes to relationships. She is growing into a beautiful young girl. Last but not the least I ask your sincere prayers that God help me find suitable employment. I have been jobless for 6 months and have not received responses from agencies or called for interviews. God had blessed me with alot of talent which I hope will be recognized by some potential employer despite my age. I pray for a job that will help me to sustain my family needs and meet my financial obligations. Praise God for being a kind Provider so far.

    • Praying for you, Royston, healing for bodies and for broken hearts. God is so good to provide for you and your family, and I pray expectantly.

  109. Please pray for me. I’m a college student studying cross-cultural missions, and my internship is coming up this summer. Pray for guidance for me as I’m looking through organizations to serve with in North Africa. Pray for me as I’m trying to raise funds for the trip. Pray especially for my faith, because I know I’m starting to have a lot of worries when the Lord would rather me trust and obey.
    If you could, pray also for my relationship. I think I have a lot of insecurities that are causing problems between my boyfriend and me and making it difficult for our spiritual connection to grow. It really hurts my heart. Please pray for walls to come down and for me to be more vulnerable and trusting in our Lord.
    God is faithful. Thank you for your prayers!

  110. I need prayer for health (fibromyalgia, depression & anxiety). Haven’t been doing well lately in this respect. Because of the health problems, I have financial problems. I am separated from my husband and have a 15 yr old son. I’ve been a Christian since I was young, but I am having problems understanding why I have such a hard life.

  111. I have worked for so many years and due to a divorce in 1996 and the current economic situation, it appears I will be doing so forever an my Social Security benefit does not meet my financial needs so that I can retire. The desire of my heart is to be able to just ‘be home’ where I am the most content and at peace. I am currently in a job that is by far the most stressful position I’ve ever been in, working for someone who is not very kind verbally. This job has caused health issues and concerns and my doctor has indicated I am ‘taking years off my life’ due to the stress, but no one knows how many. My prayer would be for my ‘heart’s desire” to be able to be at home but also be able to earn a living to pay my way. I am much like the previous prayer request posted here. It is very difficult to understand why we have such a ‘hard life’ at times.
    Thank you and God Bless you.

  112. Brenda and Debby, praying for both of your financial needs and work situations. I also pray that you will both have a clear direction of understanding God’s will for your lives. We may not understand why we go thru hard times, but I know it is through those times when we have to dig further into Gods word, spend alone time with him, praying for his direction, giving him every area, all circumstances to him, and trust him. He is on our side we are his daughters., he wants the best for us, so keep pressing on. He loves you!

  113. Chrissy Rene,
    I’m lifting up your decision and asking that if this stirring is from Christ, you will have total peace about it, Even if it doesn’t make sense. If it’s not of Him, that your spirit remain unsettled and you have the stamina and courage to stay put.
    I’m a Therapist by degree, 15 years ago, I turned down a job in my profession for $30 per hour and took a job for $12 representing a Christian foster care agency. My job was to go around to various churches and share about the need for Christian foster parents. My friends and family thought I was CRAZY, but I felt the Lords leading. It was a fantastic deuces ion and He provided for our family in ways that only He could. So, pray, pray and pray some more, and trust your Father.

  114. I appreciate what Chris posted ~ thank you for the encouragement to keep pressing on.
    My husband has been out of work for 2yrs and, though I am working (I am so thankful for my job),
    our financial situation is quite strained. I know that God is in charge and has a plan for us, but like it’s been stated above, I don’t understand why life continues to be so hard.

    Anna, Debby, and Brenda, I am praying for your situations. I pray that God will surround each
    of you with His love, meet you at the point of your need and give each of you the strength
    to follow Him.

    May this new year be a time of strengthing our faith and refreshing our spirits. God bless each
    of you!

    • Erica – I pray for your cross cultural mission that funding comes into place and your anxieties are removed. I pray for your relationship with your boyfriend – that God shows you his will for both of your lives.

      Linda – I pray that God paves the way for you and your husbands year. I pray that he will continue to show you his love and guide your husband to a new position.

      Much love ladies xx

      I pray that as Christmastime comes around again I am not on my own. I pray for a godly husband and the possibility of being a mother even though I feel this is passing me by as I’ve hit 40. I pray that God helps me to transform this year – a changed life inside and outside. Thank you.

  115. Father, I pray for Linda, that she would find you in the midst of hardship and that you would bless her and give her joy. I pray for her husband to find appropriate work quickly and that there would be a change in their situation. Thank you that she has a job, and I pray that you will bless the work of her hands, and show y ourself real to her. Help her not to lose heart, please change their financial situation. Thank you that you know what is best. Please give Linda specific direction on how best to pray for her husband.

    I have been praying for all the comments above. Even if no one has replied specifically to you, know that people are still praying and hat God is the God who specializes in the “impossible”.

    I caught my husband looking at porn on Christmas Day, this has been a long running problem. I am very hurt and I need prayer for the restoration of our marriage.

  116. I have a dear Christian friend who has battled cancer for many years, but has now reached the stage where she has declined further treatment. The palliative care hospital is keeping her comfortable and she is at peace with her decision. Coincidentally, her name is the same as the Mother of our Saviour. Sweet Mary is now just waiting for Jesus to take her Home, and I ask your prayers for her soul as she sees the face of her beloved Jesus at last. Thank you.

  117. Dear Father,
    Rebecca is hurting, You feel her heart. Please be her peace and help her to take her pain to You.

    Transform her husband in his mind and his desires. Give him the will to live Your way in the area of sexuality. You know the mind of a man and the heart of a woman. This is such a sensitive area, but You know just how to change and heal each of them and their relationship.

    Put the thoughts in their minds and the words on their lips that would bring understanding and love. Your will is purity and unity; let Your will be done in each of them in Jesus’ name I pray.

    My request: balancing school and work: wisdom on which to cut back on. This semester I may have to cut back on a job that I love and I don’t know if my boss will let me. I don’t want to lose this job; I hope part time around school will be allowed. It’s a big decision with life implications; please pray for God’s will to be done.


  118. I would like to be DONE with cancer. I was diagnosed almost 8 yrs. ago and have gone into remission 3 times, but started fighting it again Feb. of 2013. I’ve had monthly treatments of low dose chemo since last April and the 3 tumors are shrinking, but my desire is a complete/permanent healing. I would really appreciate your prayers!

  119. Lord I pray that you’d heal Debbie completely from cancer- no more tumors in Jesus name. Pray for healing of my moms leukemia- that her transplant would keep cancer in remission. Pray for wisdom for future of relationship and that God would heal my bf of insomnia and freedom from all sleep aids. Thank you.

  120. Dear lord,
    Thank you for the honor to pray for my sister in Christ, Debbie. May you heal her mind, body, and soul from the inside out. You are the great physician of miracles and we are believing that she IS restored to perfect health. Please ease her mind…allow her to rest in you…be vulnerable and release her inner most fears to you…and simply live as you have called her to live. In your almighty name we pray, amen.

    Please pray that God prepares our hearts and minds for the child he has chosen for us to raise on his behalf. We are a year into the adoption process and just need prayers for the direction God would like us to take. Thanks so much!

  121. We need prayer for our 4th child. I am due with our baby boy in June.
    There have been some concerns come up on ultrasound for him namely with an elevated nuchal and fluid around the heart. Although the fluid is now gone, it could return. I am 18 weeks pregnant now and I will have the anatomy ultrasound on 1/23. I would like prayer that the fluid stays gone and no other concerns are seen on the ultrasound. Thank you!!

  122. Father,
    I lift Laura and her unborn baby to you for your protection and healing touch. Give her peace and assurance that you will care for all their needs. In Jesus Name, amen!

    I pray that you would give me my word for 2014. I need a God-word, and not just a good word. Help me to listen and wait upon you.

    • Abba,
      Thank you that Tonie wants a word from you! My heart rejoices knowing that you are looking at your Beloved and can’t wait to speak! May this year be so full of you and your presence, that she literally is like a fountain of joy splashing on everyone around her! Thank you God that when we draw close to you, you draw close to us! Thank you that sitting at your feet is the best thing!

      In Jesus Name! Amen!

      *I would like prayer for complete physical healing for my knee which has been an issue now for more than a year. I am called to be a missionary now and have to rely on God more than I ever have. I want to be healed so I can serve him fully and also be a vessel of his healing power to others! Thank you!

  123. I pray healing, wholeness over Laura and her baby, they are the head and not the tail, more then over-comers. Let your ministering angels surround them and your Holy Spirit fill them with peace and joy. Grant a gentle birth to the baby and mother.
    I’m a Missionary in Thailand, pray for good health, healing for scoliosis, abundant finances, need new supporters and pray for the political situation in Thailand, real reform and revival.

    • Maria!

      God has called me to Chiang Mai! Do you have an email address? That is where I am hoping to be in a year! I will definitely be in prayer for you!!!

      Jen Goeking

  124. Laura, I will pray for you and your baby boy. I pray God keeps your son safe inside of you until his birth–with no problems, and no health concerns, that your ultrasound on January 23 will show no issues. I am picturing you right now wrapped in a big blanket in God’s hands–both of you safe and sound.

    My prayer request concerns my husband. (We were both widowed and married last year. We met on ChristianMingle.com and are very happy.) He is a very Godly man and works hard to lift people up, give them joy, and create happy memories for them. He has 3 grown sons. The youngest one broke ties with my husband about a year after his mother’s death (8 years ago). There is some evidence to suggest his wife reinforces this. My husband tried multiple times to make amends (before his son banned him from his house), even though he doesn’t know what he did (or didn’t do). This son has 3 children that my husband has never met. This fall we found out that the son and his family moved out of state. I know my husband feels like any chance to be reconciled with this son is now gone, and I know this makes him very sad.

    I pray that God will soften the hardness of this son’s heart and that he will come back to his father. I pray that this son’s wife will be a positive influence on her husband. I pray, and I know my husband prays, that these grandchildren never treat their father the way their father has treated his father. I pray for the miracle–that my husband can be reconciled with his son, and meet his 3 grandchildren. I pray for this to happen so the ache in my husband’s heart can be removed. I would appreciate any and all prayers for all of this to happen.

  125. Sara.., I pray that God would soften the heart of ur husband’s son concerning his father and whatever grievance he has, be lifted up by God. I equally pray God that he lift off the burden of an aching heart from your husband and cause His joy to shine in his life. I also pray that the son’s wife will be a good influence on her husband and kids….in Jesus name.
    I would like to pray for healings upon my husband…..he has a spinal problem and when he thinks much, his blood pressure rises, equally for God’s protection and blessings on his career.
    For God’s perfect healings of my parents as they age and may they continually dwell in Him.
    For Godly life partners for my younger ones and a good job for my siblings.
    I just took my professional license exams for the 3rd time, I just pray for His favor and grace to pass it this time and also a good job afterbcos I am really down in spirit. also for God to bless me with the fruit of the womb….been married for about 3yrs now and have been trying to conceive.

  126. Please pray for me. I have a bad attitude toward an adult step child, and it’s affecting my marriage. I have been praying about the attitude and talking to friends and trusted people in my life about my feelings, but my heart’s not really changing.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  127. Peace, I pray for you that you will be blessed with a child – either from you and your husband or possibly from an adoption. It took us awhile also and it was so hard – it was always on my mind… I will pray for your husband with a spinal problem – I know how hard that can be – my husband was in an accident 4 yrs ago and finally got relief from surgery… You are so lucky to have your parents still – enjoy every time with them – mine are gone and its very hard – I pray you will pass your exams with a great score and a wonderful job after! Try every day to find a blessing in your life and thank Him for it – even as little as eating a great apple that day 🙂
    Please pray for my husbands brother – he just suffered a heart attack and needs prayers for himself and his family and please pray for his mother who is having a hard time with this news.
    Please pray for my children- that they make the right choices in life and pray for their future partners in life – that they will always continue to seek Him in whatever they do.

  128. Hi Lynn, I will pray that you keep praying and the Spirit will enter in and say the things that you can’t. My prayer is that God will continue to fulfill His promise of 1 Peter 5:10 and guide me every step to starting a women’s crisis center in my town..thank you.

  129. I pray that God will bless us with the love that flows from heart to heart, and breast to breast. I pray that God will reunite the people of the world together, pushing away all negativity, hatred, prejudice, discrimination, envy, and all evil. Praying that all of God’s children will come together, no matter their race or color. This world is so full of hatred. You are afraid to go outdoors, because you don’t know where the next bullet is. I pray that God will banish the drug world away, and that people can re-claim their neighborhoods. I pray that people suffering from all diseases, that God will cure all. Minda, be blessed. I pray God will answer all your prayers. God bless all.

  130. My prayer at this moment is two-fold. I am praying that my faith will be strengthened in the Lord at this time of my life. I am also praying that the Good Lord will take this pain from my heart as a result of being childless after 7 years of marriage and 2 miscarriages. I am really hurting and asking God to remember me even if it is just one child. Please…pray for me anybody, somebody, everybody. Thanks.

    • Karen,

      I do agree with you to eradicate all forms of evil facing us in this world. My prayer is that we will one day meet our Savior and everyone will truly fulfill his promise of living together as one. Best wishes for 2014!!!

    • My prayer with you Rose is that you keep on believing the God you serve and you would be fine. Do not dwell/focus too much on having a baby and in His time you would be okay. I have been there before but now have a house hold after four miscarriages including two sets of twins. I pray the good God give you the strength to cope whiles you wait.

  131. Hi Rose. Happy New Year. I will pray that you know the Comfort of the only one who Can understand your loss. My husband and u have been unable to conceive despite fertility treatment and I found I have enfometriosis. But the loss of a child is do hard. Hope you can link in with support groups in your area or some counselling as it is a real bereavemen t and maybe grow a plant in memory. I did that and it helped. Anyway we have come through now and no longer tortured by miss and accept that not all of us meant to have kids. We support and live God children and may consider fostering. Hold into the fact that Father God Lives you whatever happens re a baby. And pray his will be done. May you know Jesus presence surrounding you and holding you and praying that if it is possible you might conceive xx

    As for me could you pray for health fair me and husband Graham. He suffers from drug resistant clinical depression . Please pray God guides us too to right work and fellowship this year. We need supportive church so we can b effective in work with homeless and vulnerable. Thank you. Bless you. Jan xx

    • Jan,
      I will be lifting you and your husband Graham up in prayer tonight. I have experienced depression in my life and getting the right treatment is important. I will pray that you will be led to the right help and that your church fellowship be sweetened in the coming year. Having a Christian support system is so important for you two as believers in dealing with depression. In addition, I ask God to bless you with the support you need so that you can continue your servant work with the homeless. God bless you and may you feel the Lord’s loving hand on you both.
      God bless,

  132. Dear friends,
    I am asking for prayer for my daughter and her husband. they have been married about 4 years and have a 6 month old. My son-in-law has been expressing anger bordering on verbal abuse and my daughter has been scared enough to stay with friends a couple of nights. Although they have been in Christian counseling, my son-in-law has chosen to reject God now (refusing to work on any of the “homework”). I am worried about my daughter and grandson’s safety, and for her husband lack of any belief of God. At the same time, my daughter feels she cannot stand much more and I can see her heart closing toward her husband more and more. It is so hard to know how to advise (when asked) in a situation like this. These are two graduates of Bible College who met serving the Lord. Please pray for wisdom for us as parents, the counselors, and for them as a couple and now as parents. Please pray God breaks my son-in-law’s heart for the Lord and that the devil does not destroy another marriage.

  133. Praying for Ellen. I too have a marriage prayer request.

    My husband and I will have been married 4 years on January 16. We have a son and a daughter. I have been miserable almost the entirety of our marriage- he has sexted numerous girls (including on the day my daughter was born while we were in the hospital), can’t stop looking at pornography, has lied to me and gone drinking, and broken trust so many times that it’s completely gone. I’m so unhappy, but want things to be better for the sake of our children. I’m so angry that I’ve caught myself physically shaking. I don’t even know what specifically to ask for prayer for anymore, but please just pray.

    • Not sure where you live but it would be great if you could find a Celebrate Recovery group to attend. They will help you deal with all the feelings you are having about what is going on in your marriage from a Christian perspective and you will make some good Christian women friends who can support you through these difficulties in your marriage. http://crgroups.info/ Prayers that you will find the support you need.

  134. Having spent the last hour reading these requests and praying, my heart is overflowing
    with the love of you all and our Lord. My life has been blessed abundantly, and challenged mightily, but my faith has grown ! My intention is for.my son and his wife, they have only been married for 2 years, but the stresses of life and being new parents has made my son pull away from his wife, he was raised with faith butnisna non believer, and his wife won’t challenge that. Pray that our Lord will.open their hearts and souls to.his word, and strengthen their love for each other. Thank you.

  135. I would like prayers for my health situation (several non-life threatening issues – depression, anxiety, B12 deficiency, anemia etc) our finances (no choice but to file bankruptcy) and peace in our home. I have 2 sons ages 21 and 15. They were both raised as believers. My older son will be clean and sober 2 years in a week or so. He had stopped attending church when he was 14 and got into drugs. He has worked at a church for the past 18 months and I’m sure he has some core beliefs but he will not read his bible or attend church (other than on Christmas). My younger son is 15. I praise God that he has not pulled away from church, does read the Bible and is very active in the youth group. He will be attending a Youth Conference next weekend that he is really looking forward to. I pray that my younger son will continue to be drug free and believing and that my eldest son will come back to a stronger relationship with the Lord. I pray that I will be consistent in my daily devotions.

  136. i know all of you are in your difficult moments. please pray for me. i am starting to experience a crisis my midlife years and i desire to understand myself and go through a process of guidance and spiritual direction from someone who can really be of help to me in this darkness. thank you

    • Starlight- I pray for a mentor for you in your area- someone who will come alongside you as someone did for me. The older women are supposed to mentor the younger women- I ask Almighty God to lay you on the heart of the right mentor for YOu, that you would receive the help, guidance and support that you really need at this time in your life.
      We ALL go through these times- but we are not supposed to go through them alone.God puts us into families of believers as He wants us all to be interdependent not independent.
      God BLESS you with the answers you are seeking.
      Love, Mary.

  137. My prayer is to be a good lisener to people and to God and to encourage people with the words I hear form the Lord. Please God to BLESS my ears as I endeavour to carry out what I feel He has called me to, this year. God BLESS you all0 (in)courage is such a wonderful place to up with sisters around the world.

    Mary,New Zealand

  138. Mary,

    I will keep you in my prayers tonight and the rest of this week.

    I would be so appreciative if someone could pray for me. I’m hopeful for 2014, after God really challenged me in 2015. I am in treatment for an eating disorder I have battled for eight years and feel so unworthy of God’s love.

    I just pray that I can surrender everything to God and find the narrow road, His road, again.

    I pray for my family most especially who can hardly ever seem to love each other. I pray God’s love will quiet their bickering and their anxious hearts so that we can be an actual “big happy family.”

    Thank you incourage community and authors. I feel God in me because of the help from you all. I appreciate each one of you.


  139. Hi Eli

    I will be praying for you this day and for your family too.

    I pray especially that you know you are more precious than diamonds or rubies and that you are a daughter of the King!! May you know His love and Your worth this year and every year to come.

    I would really appreciate prayers to have our second child this year. We have been trying for 2 years already and would really like to give our little boy a little brother or sister. I am trying to be patient and not give up hope but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

    Thank you for your prayers

    Be blessed


  140. Hi H,

    I am praying for you that God will bless you with your second child, as a gift to your family. May you continue to grow in faith as you walk with our Lord.

    I would really appreciate prayers for healing. Last year I was diagnosed with a rare disease, that medical science is unable to offer a cure for. My hope for a cure, is in my Lord Jesus Christ and I believe in His miracle healing power. He was whipped so I could be healed.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  141. Hi, I am a single mother of a 6yr old boy. My parents moved to Texas about 2yrs ago. My sons father has refused to let us move to be closer to my parents. I live in NY and have no family up there. This Christmas and New Years we came down to visit and it was such a relief and a break for my son and I. Seeing family we hadn’t seen in years (Most of my mothers side of the family lives down south), my aunt and her family took my son for 3 days giving me a much needed break. My parents and sister took him hours at a time and I was able to sleep. Rest I am not able to get when I am home, I am able to get here. Things are not good with my sons father. Its not good for my son seeing his dad. Sounds bad but it has only gotten worse spiritually and physically for him. Please pray that we are able to get out of this situation. For strength to do what is needed without fear of repercussions from his father who has wielded this power over me that shouldn’t be there especially since we were never married. Thank you.

    • Jacinta,

      Prayers that God will help you find a way to move to TX. Prayers for peace and much needed rest for you. May God surround you and your son and help you to feel His loving arms surround you working on your behalf.


      Please help Jacinta and her son to be able to move to TX. Help them to leave the bad situation in NY. Give them the peace and rest they need. Shower them with your love, & mercy during these trying times.


  142. Hello-

    Please pray for my husband Richard to become closer to the Lord and to have a want to know more about Jesus. Please pray that he can find a good day time job and that we can become closer as a couple and have more time together as a couple. Please pray that my 8 month old son grows this year being healthy and happy. And please pray that I can become brave and make some good friendships and grow closer to our Father.

    Thank you sister <3

  143. Amen to all of that Ashley, my husband is called Richard too so I will remember his name as I lift you all up to Him today.
    Our prayer request is less spiritual and more practical. We need £4000 in the next couple of days in order to buy an affordable house we have been waiting 3 years for. We are desperate to move in and our 8 year old is particularly struggling with the van we have beenuvinv in over the last year and a bit. We will get the £4000 back as soon as we move in so it is just a loan for about a month. We can’t borrow from the banks as it is for a house. And we are limited in who we can ask for help as the person who will be paying it back needs to be annonymous. God will provide I know as he has done do many other times, but we are getting really desperate to live in a house again. Maybe it is actually a spiritual request after all. Peace.

  144. I just found your page and love it! It’s so inspirational and beautiful to look at – reading it is a pleasure this morning while I sip my coffee. My 2 teens (I have 4 children, 2 still at home) are up and getting ready for school. I am asking for prayer for myself. Idk about you, but I tend to put myself last.

    I have fibromyalgia and the pain is torment and torture. I am a pastor’s wife and have all the other roles of a woman w/ family and friends. I have had to give up so many things I enjoyed doing because I didn’t want to let anyone down (ie: teaching, working, volunteering, etc.). I believe God will heal me from this and I am asking you to join me in praying for that. Thanks so much!

    God bless you and keep you,

  145. Your emails are something I look forward to reading, and this one arrived in God’s own timing. My mother had a stroke last week and our life has been a blur of spending days and nights at the hospital, trusting doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to care for her and help us to make good decisions. Today we meed with Hospice.

    Your prayers for our family would be so appreciated.

    God bless,

    • Shannon, I’m praying for your mom, your family, and all the medical staff. Just the fact that you’re there with your mom, praying over her and trying to make all the right decisions shows how much you care and love her – that’s what matters most. You’re doing a wonderful job! My mom died in 2000 of early onset Alzheimer’s – I pray your team from Hospice is as good as the one we had. God has everything in His hand. Stay strong, hun, and know you are being prayed for and loved by our heavenly father. God bless you, sister!

      For His Sake,

  146. I’m praying for your complete healing Meg.
    My prayer request is for healing for one of my dearest friends Pam. She has cancer and is going through some really strong chemotherapy. Also for healing for a little boy at my church that has cancer. His name is Grayson.
    Thank you in advance for agreeing with me in prayer.

    • Donna, thank you so much for your prayers! I’ll go to God in prayer as soon as I type this for Pam and Grayson.

      For His Sake,

  147. Anna, I am praying that The Lord will provide exactly what you need and that you and your family will be able to rest in a home of your own. I pray that your son will feel the love and comfort of you and The Lord.

    Please pray for a young boy I know, Brandon. He is 8 years old and has been suffering with dipilitating headaches for some time. He went to the ER this past week and after many new tests they found a tumor at the bottom of his brain stem. They are unable to biopsy it to find out what kind of tumor because of its location. Please pray that his doctors can find a procedure or treatment that will help Brandon.

    Thank you and God bless.

    • Dear Linda:

      Your prayer request stirred my heart because my own mother had a brain tumor. I am praying for Brandon, that the Great Physician would touch his brain even right now and bring complete healing to his body. I am praying also for his family that they might be strengthened and supported during this ordeal which affects the whole family.

      Please pray for my two young adult daughters that God would draw them close and that they would respond to his call on their lives. Pray for direction, wisdom and Godly fellowship for them as they look forward to their next semester in college.

      Thank you.

  148. My husband lost his job 6 months ago. I am trusting the Lord to guide us, strengthen us, shield us and provide for our needs during this time of waiting. Please pray for patience and never to lose hope in God’s plan. Thank you!

    • Hi Linda , Praying that God will bless your husband with a good Job don’t loose hope Our God is good he always come through ! I pray that he gives you the strength as you wait and he’ll provide for all of your needs.

      God Bless

  149. Hello Please pray for me .That this year me & my family will continue to follow God ,for my daughter who’s turning 14 next month that she’ll open her eyes and see who’s bad influence in her life that she stay’s away from them and seek God in everything that she does .
    I need a better paying job . I pray this year God will bless me with the right job .

    Thank you & God Bless

  150. Maryann; I am honored to lift up your prayers to God today. I have 2 daughters as well. and am praying as well that you will go to God for guidance and direction on how to nurture them during these years. He is faithful! Psalm 100:5 For the Lord is good and His love endure forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Barb

  151. Hello, I need your prayers. My family is so dysfunctional, my stepson of 21 years still will have nothing to do with my daughter or I. My husband has broken promises and gone against his word to me and now I do not trust him. My stepson is a convicted felon and has lied to us and broken many promises, yet my husband always has his back and never mine. I feel like I’m ready to give up and get out of this family just to have some peace of mind and heart. -Shelly

  152. Shelly: While I don’t completly understand your situation I do understand the feeling of dysfunction and wanting to get away for peace. I will pray for wisdom for you as you navigate this situation.

    Please pray for me as I am stuggling with marriage. I am broken hearted at the lack of relationship between my husband and me. I feel like giving up becuase I never seem to be enough or do the right thing or say the right thing. I feel rejected and like a failure. I know that I am accepted, secure and significant to God but sometimes hard to feel that way with the tension/anxiety I have with my husband. Trying hard not to care what he thinks but only what God thinks. Prayers for guidance, direction and peace. Blessings to you!

  153. Please pray for me and for my 64 year old Asperger’s syndrome husband. He lost his job 6 months ago. While our financial situation is stressful enough it is compounded by his constant 24/7 presence. I no longer have the much needed Monday through Friday 9 to 5 break from him. Through the 33 years of our marriage there has been no real emotional intimacy, compassion, or empathy. My health has suffered greatly and I’m on disability. I have never been able to depend on him to be understanding of my emotions. He goes through the motions at times of what he intellectually knows he should do and I appreciate him for trying but every day gets more difficult. I have always believed in God but now I am desperately trying to believe God. I pray every waking moment for instruction and I do feel God’s presence and miracles. I truly trust that God has a plan for me but I do get so weary. I am feeling very weak and very empty and would appreciate others to pray on my behalf.
    All of your prayer requests have touched my heart deeply. I am very shy about posting anything online but reading yours encouraged me to post mine. Thank you <3. I am praying for all of you.
    Thank you again and may God bless each and every one,

    • Hi, Kate!
      I understand somewhat your day-to-day dealings with your husband. I recently took early retirement as a special education teacher who dealt daily with students who had Aspergers or
      Autism. The stress of dealing with someone you care about but who does not process things the way you do is constant. I would like to pray with your right now.
      “Father, I thank you that Kate has reached out to others because she realizes that ‘where two or three agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.’ So right now Kate and I agree that she needs Your help immediately! Father, first we ask that you give her a supernatural peace, that only you can give, a peace that amazes her…..even in the midst…..she is calm. Second, we ask and believe that you will send people across her path that will encourage her daily….Godly people that will uplift her in prayer and will become true friends, ones that put themselves in her place and respond with blessing Kate in so many different ways whether it’s bringing by a pie, taking her out to lunch or husband-sitting. And last, Kate and I agree that her husband will begin to see a clearer picture of their life together and the changes that they both make will strengthen their marriage because You are making the difference. This we ask in the Name of Your Precious Son, Jesus.
      Amen………You watch, You’ll see…It will happen.

      My prayer request is for both my husband and I. I have recently taken early retirement from the special education field and he has recently resigned as pastor of a church we founded……We believe both of our decisions were from God and we have purposed not to settle in the next mission God sends us on…….We have turned down several opportunities because we did not believe that was where God wanted us……it has been several months and we are weary….we have taken this time to study the word and pray together…..We are ready for open doors. My husband is the happiest when he is behind the pulpit and I share that feeling. We have made it financially up until now but things are really tight. We just ask for prayer and God’s continued guidance.

      • Dear Deana,
        From the bottom of my heart I thank you. To have just one person understand and acknowledge my daily trials in itself is a blessing. Thank you for praying for me. I will keep you in my prayers as well. I know there is something very special our dear Lord has in mind for you. I truly believe in divine intervention having witnessed it several times in my own life. How awesome it must be to have a husband by your side who loves and serves the Lord as you do. Love and blessings to you always. Kate

        • Kate,
          God has many resources…..my husband and I have helped many with disabilities receive help. Not to pry but how close is your husband to 65? If the Aspergers was the problem in him losing his job then he may qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation services or even Social Security Disability benefits.
          God always amazes me…..he put someone in front of me that is dealing with a disability that he equipped me to understand. He is Faithful!

          • He will be 65 in June. There is no way of knowing if that was the reason for him being laid off. He worked there for 13+ years. He hasn’t been officially diagnosed however due to our grandson having been diagnosed with high functioning autism/Asperger’s, the symptoms are exactly the same. He refuses to discuss it… or anything relationship related. The glimmer of hope that I do have is he was recently accepted for VA healthcare and at his next visit in 3 months they will begin some testing for such things as PTSD (he is a Vietnam vet). I pray that this is the avenue in which he will be diagnosed. All these years of marriage have been filled with me blaming myself for our problems (believing his opinion that I am unrealistic) and maintaining a quiet, stress free environment so as not to anger him. I don’t know that he would be willing to look into the programs you suggested because then he would have to admit there is a problem. I sincerely appreciate your reply <3 and I continue to pray for a softening and perhaps an awakening of my husband's heart and mind.

  154. My husband was diagnosed with mulltiple brain tumors in July after being treated for strokes for 3 months. Traditions chemo ^& radiaion did not phase the tumors as they grew from 3 to 7 tumor sites in his brain. This has resulted in him not only not being able to work but to carry on a conversation with all the words coming out as he would like them to. We have 2 daughters, one of which got married in October 2013. We are so thankful that my husband was able tp wa;l jer dpwm tje ailse and give her away! God certainly blessed us with a beautiful day! My youngest daughter, just home from college, was due to go to Mexico for mission work for a year, but instead, cancelled her plans to stay home and take care of her Dad, while I work, as I am the insurance carrier. We started a new treatment regimin on Nov. 6th, 2013 and had a scan on Dec. 30th. God has so blessed the new medicines…..they are working!!! The tumors have been drastically reduced and his comprehension and speech have gotten better. My husband is the ultimate earthly father…very involved in his girls lives and my bery best friend since 1980 when we started dating as sophomores in high school. Please pray for complete healing for my husband and strength and guidance for myself and my daughters as we provide the very best care that we can give to him! God has started off 2014 with a miracle and for that we are so thankful. Each day is a blessing and we try very hard to recognize that and appreciate each and every moment with each other! GOD IS BIG ENOUGH

    • Jill, praying for you and your family as you deal with the struggles of ill health. Strength, endurance, peace, and wisdom are coming your way! You are so right, GOD IS BIG ENOUGH! Rest in HIm! Jan

  155. Ashley: I just prayed that God would help strengthen your marriage this year and that you would feel more encouraged and affirmed in your relationship. I’m sorry to hear you are going through this struggle. I will continue to pray for you this week.

    Please pray for me and my family as we are thinking about attending a new church. I want to feel certain that we are where God wants us. Also please pray that we can be involved and of service there, and that we can make new friends there. Sometimes I struggle with confidence and a sense of belonging, so pray that God will help with those weaknesses. Pray that God will help reveal how I can serve him this year. Other areas where I am struggling are the need to forgive someone who has let me down and the need to not let someone’s hurtful words make me feel like a failure.

  156. I posted so slowly that 2 more people added prayer requests after Ashley. I just said a prayer for Jill and Kate as well.

  157. Teresa, your requests are so very much like my own. My family, too, is looking to attend a new church. This is a big one! Most pressing, though, is a request that some may think is silly–my little dog, Bruiser, ran away on New Year’s Eve, and while he’s been sighted several times, we’ve had no luck finding him. I am so worried about him wandering out in the cold with no food or shelter. I just thought that the prayers of such righteous women would help me to find him. I feel as if I’ve failed in doing my job in taking care of God’s creation.

    Teresa, I am praying that the Lord would give you peace about your move to the new church (or no peace if it is not the right decision)–regardless, a clear answer as to where you and your family belong and will continue to thrive. I am also praying that God leads you to great friends and fellow church members who accept you, your family, and your gifts, just as you/they are and that He guides your personal ministry with great clarity throughout 2014. I am also praying that as you heal from old wounds, He will continue to soften your heart and help you to completely forgive those who have hurt you. (Whew, true forgiveness is always easier said than done, isn’t it?) It would be so much easier if we could forget…

    • Katie,
      NOT silly to ask for prayer for your dog! They are like family -ours is! In the Name of Jesus I ask that Bruiser would come to light of a caring person who will do whatever it takes to get the dog to it’s rightful owner. keep Bruiser warm, safe, fed until he can be returned safely to Katie. We ask this in the precious name of our Savior & Lord Jesus Christ! Amen! Jan

      • Well, friends, it’s been 7 days of praying & worrying myself sick, and my husband just called to say that Bruiser was standing in our yard when he got home from work a few minutes ago! Thank you for your prayers!! Thank you, LORD!

  158. I seriously hope someone will pray for me and my needs as I am desperate to see God move in my life. I’ve been struggling to stay close to the Savior, not doing my daily reading and journeling, rarely spending time in prayer…It’s the Romans 7 thing. I know what i need to do yet I choose to not do it – which I know is sin. On top of this, my husbands faith is far from God right now. I am about to start a small group in my home (The Power of a Praying Wife by S. Omartian) so I feel like satan is attacking him/us because he knows I will bring the truth to this class. I so have wanted/needed my husband to be the spiritual leader of our home and he’s never really stood up to the plate. Bottom line, we both need prayer for a deeper, more intimate walk with our Lord. And if I could ask for one more request, my 2 daughters are not walking with God at this time in their lives and need a restored/renewed relationship with the Father too. I covet your prayers!

    • Father God,

      I thank you so much for Jan’s heart and desire to seek after you. I ask that you increase her trust that You are there with her right now right where she is. Remind her in a mighty way that your have not left her even in the times that she may chose not to draw closer to you. However, Lord I also thank you that you love her so much that You will desire that distance not to remain. I pray that her wlk with you grow stronger every minute of everyday. That there will be such a change in her heart and even in her appearance that those around her will see it and desire to know you more.

      Jan, I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer through out the weeks to come.

  159. Thank you so much for your prayers, when posted earlier today we needed £4000. Now we only need £2000. My husband had offered to a job for free for someone who had no money. They now have a grant to pay him and have offered him£2000 and want to pay him tomorrow. Thank you God and thank you guys.

  160. Katie, dogs run off if given the chance, but sometimes they come back just as easily. These things happen. I pray that your little buddie re-appears. They are just as much a part of a family as anything. Don’t worry.

    I need prayers for my daughter, that she may find that forever someone and my sister that she will be ok financially during this year and will successfully transition to the next phase of her life. I worry about both of them and there is little I can do BUT pray.

    I need to feel more connected to my beliefs – feel a little off-kilter, strangely from planning my 2014 goals! Too much focus on me?

    Prayers for all requests!! I will hold you all in my heart.

  161. Need a financial right now or the Lord to rebuke the devourer. Widow for six year have not been touched or date a man since husband died desire to marry again . please pray for my late husband mother I have her and she doesn’t want me to marry again.

  162. Praying the Lord will open the windows of heaven and release a blessing on you and your family of health and prosperty

  163. Praying for you Geneva. May this be a year of blessing for you and answers to prayer.

    Please pray for my family. We are nearing the two year mark of our wait to adopt. It has not been an easy journey and I struggle to keep a positive outlook, have patience, and trust in God’s timing. Thanks in advance.

  164. Abba,

    Thank You so much for the work You have already done in Krista’s life in adopting her into Your family and prompting her to seek You. As she moves through this time of waiting, please continue the good work You have begun in her. Keep her focus on You and help her rest in Your ever-present love and grace.

  165. My goals for this year include redeveloping the habits of Scripture reading and prayer that I have neglected lately. I also want to trust God through whatever circumstances I encounter and allow my brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage me and keep me accountable. I would appreciate your praying with me about these things. Thanks!

    • “Dear God,
      I pray for Rebekah to have perseverance as she seeks to read Scripture and pray daily.
      Thank You that she “wants to want to” trust you enough for your will to be done in all circumstances she encounters.
      Thank You that she wants to be accountable to other Christians. I pray that you will show her specifically who she can be accountable to and who she should NOT be accountable to.
      I join her in praying for Your will to be done in all these things.
      In Jesus’ Name,

  166. I am praying to be a better caregiver for my 83-year-old Mom who had a mild stroke 11-27-11. It affected her memory, comprehension, and emotions.
    I know I am God’s caregiver for her but I am still struggling with so many things related to her care-giving.
    I have officially moved in with her and am trying to sell my house in another town. Out of the past 24 months I have stayed with her every night for 18 months before totally moving in to her house during November 2013.
    I work full-time, have a part-time job, am trying to pay her bills as well as mine, etc. Stress is high. I am single and an only child, so there is nobody else in my immediate family to help with income and other needs. I have Fibromyalgia so my memory is not much better than Mom’s–fibro fog! Sometimes Mom does better than I do physically due the Fibromyalgia in my body.
    I am rejoicing this month because I am a cancer overcomer for 5 years now–since endometrial cancer surgery 12-16-13. I am grateful to still be here and able to help Momma Faye. I am also thanking God that we are still here together and can help each other after Daddy went to heaven 08-08-05.
    Nevertheless, not my will but God’s be done is what I ask you to pray for me.
    Thanks so very much!
    Because of Jesus,
    Janet Faye

  167. Dear Jesus thank you for Janet Faye and her selfless and giving heart. Please give her the comfort and rest and peace that she so unselfishly gives to her mother. You know her needs best and I pray Dear Father that you grant her joy and peace when she needs it most. Thank you for her cancer free health and continue to ease her pain from fibromyalgia. Please send a buyer for her home this week and a way to ease her financial burdens so that she may focus on enjoying her time w her mother and seeking Your will. Amen.

    I need prayers to guide me in what I should do w the current relationship I am in. I am not happy but don’t know if it’s bc of me or him. I am tired of feeling “stuck”. I also need God’s love to plant in me a firm and unwavering desire to follow through w daily bible study and prayer. Make me crave it more than chocolate, Lord. Thanks

    • Limber
      I am praying for you right now. I am praying that God will give you clear understanding and wisdom to Trust his plan for your life. I pray through my own feelings of doubt by measuring them against the Fruit of the the Spirit. Is this situation crating love, kindness, joy, am I patient, is there goodness, gentleness, and am I self controlled? I asks God to change the relationship or change my heart. I will not operate from a place of fear but from one of faith, hope and love. I pray that God will create in you a heart that longs for Him and his presence in all that you do… Proverbs chp3 v 5&6. I also encourage you to check out Made to Crave Online…it helps me focus on the Lord as much as my love for all things Chocolate 🙂

  168. Please pray for my healing from a brutal divorce. Please pray that my daughter and I will be safe, healthy and protected. I am pursuing my chaplaincy certification please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance. Please pray against anxiety and fear. Thank yo and God Bless every person praying. I am lifting up the request posted before mine as well… “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding..in all that you acknowledge the Lord and he will direct your path.” Proverbs 3 v 5&6

  169. Please pray for me to fully get over the flu. I have used this downtime to cuddle with my Heavenly Father. My word for 2014 is LISTEN. I am believing God for a “Heart drawn to Him to be quiet and listen.” This is the second year I am reading through the Bible chronologically. I am reading through this time with a group of women online.

    God’s HUGE blessings to each of you who love Him with all your heart!
    South Carolina

    • Marilyn
      I am praying for your recovery from the flu. I also wanted to encourage you to check out A holy Experience online. There are several uplifting things to pass the time in God’s presence as you recover! Rest and Recover..I am praying for you friend. -Matthew 11v28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

  170. Please pray that the Lord will direct me to the employment of His choice. I have been unemployed for 6 months. Many a time I feel low. I do not wish to loose Hope but find strength in Him

  171. Please pray for my son who is very sick with lung infection and has been hospitalised for the last four months, I need an intervention from God and believe God will heal him. Deep down in my heart I know He will heal him.

    • I lift up your son in prayer Janet that the Lord will cleanse him from all infection and blow into him the breath and spirit of freshness. I pray that Jesus take away his infirmities and give his body renewed strength.

  172. Hello Everyone –

    i just wanted to ask for special prayers for me and family. Like so many of us around the world, we are going through a very tough financial situation. What started out as a small mistake has now grown into something I can’t easily repair on my own. I know only the Lord can deliver us now and I’m asking everyone for intercession on our behalf as well. I’ve been crying so much over this that I can feel my heart failing within me. I’m usually the rock in my family but right now I feel so broken.

    Please pray for us to be delivered through this situation.

    Thank you.

    • Just wanted to pray for you. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you that You are our GREAT Provider. Even though we make mistakes You can turn what the devil meant for evil into something good. I pray for Sandra that you would help her through this difficult time with finances. Help her to see the light of day at the end of the tunnel. Help her to know what you want her to learn this what has happened. And most important when things are straighten out to forgive herself. In Jesus Name I ask, Amen

      One thing that has always helped me is I pray over my bills before I write a single check. I si down read my Bible and ask the Lord to show me how to pay for things. Hope this helps. : )

      • Bonnie –

        Thank you for your prayer and words of encouragement. I never thought about praying over my bills but you have inspired to start doing that.

  173. Holy Lord, Thank you for your perfect trait as our iatros ~ our Great Physician. I pray your healing hand on Marilyn, that she would experience rest as you restore her body to the healthy state you have planned for her. Thank you also for your trait of ya ats ~ our counselor. Please open her eyes, ears, mind and spirit to your heart for her each day of 2014. Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness.

    Thank you for your prayers for income for me. I too am listening to the Lord’s voice and am currently attempting to return to teaching fitness, photographing and remote assistance for event planning, posting blogs and other ways I can help remotely. I relocated and have spent time in the last year care giving for my beautiful mother. It was my most treasured role, and the Lord has now given her the greatest desire of her heart, to see him face to face.

    Blessings on each of you. 🙂

  174. Holy Lord, Thank you for your perfect trait as our iatros ~ our Great Physician. I pray your healing hand on Marilyn, that she would experience rest as you restore her body to the healthy state you have planned for her. Thank you also for your trait of ya ats ~ our counselor. Please open her eyes, ears, mind and spirit to your heart for her each day of 2014. Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness.

    Thank you for your prayers for income for me. I too am listening to the Lord’s voice and am currently attempting to return to teaching fitness, photographing and remote assistance for event planning, posting blogs and other ways I can help remotely. I relocated and have spent time in the last year care giving for my beautiful mother. It was my most treasured role, and the Lord has now given her the greatest desire of her heart, to see him face to face.

    Blessings on each of you.

  175. My biggest hope would be; that my 2nd daughter and her husband would go to church and be faithful to God, that healing would come to my 1st daughter and her children, that her husband would realize she is not capable of him going to school with little ones and get a job, That my parent’s would have a good year of health, my sister and brother would walk closer with the Lord, my husband would do well in whatever he feels the Lord is leading him to do, that I would find what God wants me to do and feel fulfilled, instead of always feeling empty.

    • Oh Bonnie—
      Surely the Lord will have blessings for your tender Mothers’ heart. I will hold you and your family in prayer, for resolution of life’s challenges as well as for a closer walk with God.
      I will also pray for you, Bonnie, that God will give you comfort and strength.

  176. I need your prayers for strength and patience and perseverance as I attempt to caretake my almost 92 year old Mother who still lives in her own home, alone—at her own insistence. She has had many falls and injuries, and a particular bone marrow problem make her predisposed to hemorrhage. Many nights have been spent sitting in the ER with she and my brother. She has a very bright mind and is a real fighter– the reason she is not in Assisted Living at this point.

    I also need prayers for my own willpower to improve my health– lose excessive weight gained during life struggles.
    Many thanks to you, dear friends, and I in turn pray that our gentle Lord will show each of you who reads this note many blessings of your own!

    • Sandy praying for you mom as well as you and your brother. Praying for wisdom, patience, and strength for all of you. Praying for your health as well. I’ve walked your path and you can make healthy choices with the Lord walking by you step by step.

      Prayers as I study for my re-certification exam for Family Practice boards. Now a full time home school teacher it’s even harder to relearn my American medicine for the test on top of the fact we’ve lived in Haiti for 15 years and medicine is very limited here. Also we’re waiting to hear that our adoption paperwork is submitted to the Haitian government who under all new rules and regulations will connect us with our new children. Our chart says siblings up to 3 under age 8 who can have stable special needs as we live in rural Haiti. We pray for a boy and girl mix and hopefully under age of 6. God Bless, Kris

      • Kris,
        I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom as you study for your exam and that He would bless your efforts and hard work. I also pray that He would work out those details in the adoption and that He prepare your heart for the children who will be coming into your family. God bless!

        I would love prayer for my relationship w/ Christ. I am a student at a Bible college, preparing for full-time ministry after graduation. This is definitely where the Lord has placed me, yet I am struggling so much with a desire and the discipline to stay in the Word and in prayer. It is so easy to go through the motions, become ok with head knowledge-and miss the joy of having an intimate relationship w/ Christ when the Bible is your homework! It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed being with Jesus-and I miss Him. So much of my life feels-and is-out of focus…

        I would also appreciate prayer for finances. I’ve had a hard time finding a consistent job while in school these past few years. There have been life-long hardships within my family when it comes to finances. I need faith that God will take care of me, day by day.

        • Chelsea-
          Your message moved my heart. I pray that Jesus will be in the small moments in your life, filling you with hope and encouragement.
          I will also pray for the financial challenges that you are immersed in. Somehow there always seems to be someway that God takes care of us in these matters.

          Sending a hug-

      • Kris-
        Many thanks for the blessing of your prayers. It helps to know I am not alone. I will hold you in prayer for your boards (I am an R.N. working in Breast Cancer Research). I also want to hold your family in prayer regarding the outcome of the adoption.

        May our dear Lord truly bless all your undertakings..

  177. Dear Chelsea, Blessings to you my dear sister in Christ. I understand the financial struggles of letting go of fear and trusting in God’s provision. Even though I have seen Him provide for me time and again, I can still easily slip into that feeling of needing to be in control and fearful of how I will provide for the necessities of life. All I can do is remind you that Jesus said not to worry, but to trust. He keeps His word and will provide.
    I did not go to Bible college and I can only imagine what it is like to dig deeply into the Word each day. I pray that God will reveal Himself to you as you study, that you will not see it as homework or lessons from school, but lessons from the ONE whose you are.
    Jesus is there with you, always and forever.
    In writing these words to you, I am also encouraging myself, as I have been struggling lately with some seasonal depression. Though God has provided in so many ways, I want more, and I want it now, and I want it MY way…thus I can get into trouble, for that is not how life is. Satan knows every weakness we have and will exploit them to the max with his lies.
    Please pray I can feel the Truth, know the Truth and the Truth will set me free. Please also pray for my husband how is a smoker, that he might find the courage and desire to stop, as it is so bad for him. He is good about not smoking inside around me, but I can see the toll it is taking on him and I worry about his health.

  178. I am always encouraged by the words of (in) courage. Tonight I fell kind of down and I came to the blog for some renewal. My youngest son has been in University since last January and he came home for the holidays. It’s been a tough year for me and my husband to pay for him as an International student. We have tried to find a scholarship and so far none. School will start on the 22nd and he is going back on the 16th. Last night my husband told me he has no clue of how we are going to pay the first month of University for my son. I told him God has been faithful last year I trust him to be faithful again this year, I don’t know how but I know the school will be paid. Our older son said it is impossible for the son to go back to school, we should keep him home. But I said God is the God of the impossible, He will do something. I stand on Psalms 34:5 “Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame”. I believe God will do something, I don’t know how, I don’t know when. Please pray with me for funds to pay the school year or for a scholarship. My God is able, I count on Him, I know He can. Thank you for your prayers. I will come back to share the testimony when God supplies the funds. I thank God for the provision, Amen.

  179. As I began this New Year… it seemed the wieght of all that took place over this past year overwhelmed me and came to a point of erruption. Saturday, I drove. I drove and I yelled and I prayed and I cried and I drove in silence and I cried.
    It was one of those years, one where you say “what else?” and then catch your breath wondering why you said it, because you know something else will come and it won’t be good.
    Despite all the bad, good did take place this past year and good will come again.
    At this point I don’t know what to request in prayer…. I just know I, my family, needs God. We need his strength, his intervention, and his hope. We need reassurance that joy will come again, that God will work all (even all these things) for good and that His mercies are new each morning. I pray I can look for the slightest glimmer in each day… and hold onto those glimmers through these dark times.
    God is faithful.
    I pray for each of you and all that your hearts are errupting with this New Year, be it joy or pain. May God hold each of you and guide you in the days to come.

    • Katherine –

      2013 was tough for me and my family as well but the good outweighed the bad and God is always faithful. Stay in prayer and you will see you answers soon. I’ll pray for you and your family.


  180. 2013 wasa tough year for me nut God brought me through it. 2014 started out for the first time in nearly 30 years my husband and i spent Christmas and new years apart it worried me as it didnt have to be that way but didnt seem to trouble my husband at all. Our marriage well i cant even call it that anymore seems to no longer exist. I can only pray and ask God to intercede as only He can I also ask for healing for our youngest daughter, for our eldest daughter to be able to stay with us and for our middle daughter to find peace and happiness. and for our son to be blessed with a healthy baby. I pray for healing on our family as our marriage has affected each one of us in a diifrent way that God will bring peace and happiness in 2014. Thank you

  181. Sandra I will pray for you and your family that 2014 will shower you and your family with many blessings and that it will be good year for you all. Take care

    typo should be but (nut)

  182. I have a few requests. Prayers for everyone ahead of me. May God come near you all in 2014 and give you all peace and comfort during this year!

    First: Sandra B has lung cancer. She had been going through chemo and radiation. She wasn’t doing well and went down to 83 lbs. & wasn’t eating. She decided to quit radiation and can finally eat. she appears to be doing a little better. Pray for a miracle. That family lost their father, her father-in-law, late last year.

    Second: Clyde K had a massive heart attack and lost oxygen to brain for a short while. He has been through extensive rehab. He was doing better– able to speak, walk some. Then he had kidney stone and an infection on a finger. Had to go back to hospital and have surgery. This has caused a relapse. On a feeding tube & trying to relearn everything again. Pray for a miracle. If he has more heart issues they don’t plan on extraordinary measures.

    Third: My family is working to get my dad into an assisted living. He has down payment on a room, but we are waiting on an open room. Also pray for monetary provisions to pay for it monthly and for the timing. It would be good if the room opened up around March 31st–that’s when his lease is up. Give us strength to get all paperwork, packing (deciding what to take & what to get rid of), & moving.

    Thanks everyone! God Bless 🙂 🙂

  183. I need prayer for my family. My husband and I are married almost 34 years,2013 was a very trying year for us.We have a son not living for the Lord, and another son and his wife that call themselves Christian but are very rude,arrogant and self seeking,to the destruction of a family. We continue loving them despite the abuse.We have one daughter,and we are so fortunate she cares deeply for this family as do we.Pray that Satan would flee the relationships .That our family would be made whole again.Thanks so much, I am truly battle weary.

    • Dawn – I pray for God to give you strength and for you to feel support when you think you are alone

  184. Dear Beth, I am praying for the requests listed. May God work in each situation, to His glory and your Peace,Love in Jesus,Dawn ps He is able…

  185. As I stopped and read a few of the prayer requests, I realize so many of us are struggling and need an extra prayer. I will try to pray with this “prayer board” of people in mind when I say my morning prayers. I have one prayer that starts with the phrase, “I know people who need my prayers this morning and so I offer them to you, God…” Know that you will be those people.

    I ask for prayers for my family. My husband is self-employed and has 3 businesses he runs out of our home. He struggles to give each the attention it needs. I pray that he will turn to God for help. I pray that I can help him as well.
    I pray for my oldest daughter who is becoming a veterinarian. The classes are tough and she studies very hard. She is doing well, but could use some scholarship help so that her debt is not so overwhelming when she graduates.
    My second daughter is also in college and dating a wonderful young man. They are talking marriage. I pray that they seek Jesus as they make their plans.
    My youngest is my son who will graduate high school in May. I pray that he finds the direction God wants him to take. And for him to receive some scholarship help as well.
    Finally, I pray for myself. I need to lose some weight for my health and I need help with the financial part of our family life. I pray for the graces and blessings I need to be the person God wants me to be.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  186. Pray for my husband. He is battling pancreatic cancer, and now infection. He is having an endoscopy tomorrow. Pray the stent can be placed, and answers found. We are so worried there is more cancer. Please pray for strength for him, us, and HEALING. We are so tired of bad news, and everything seemingly going wrong. Please pray for him and the dr. and nurses, esp. tomorrow during the procedure. it’s going to be a long night. Thank you.

    • Praying for the loving arms of our Father to wrap you and your husband in His care. St. Peregrine,patron saint of persons with cancer, please intervene for Heidi’s husband with our Lord nd cure him of this disease Amen

  187. Hi all,

    I’m in despair. Things haven’t been going the way I planned out and lots of people are out to hurt me and causing me deep grief. I left home due to prolonged oppression in the family and have never felt loved by them – it’s not a home. I’m alone in Australia and I get racist comments on a regular basis – strangers hurl insults at me. I’ve been crying – more and more. I’m so tired – I’ve been doing everything on my own (for myself and as an obligation for my family) for as long as I can remember. I don’t have emotional support from my church despite my years of reaching out to them – nobody has the capacity. I’ve depended on God all my life and thus, was able to survive that long on my own but I’m human and do need the human touch. Also, I’m very disappointed that I keep meeting unkind men who hurt me so much – telling me they want to marry me and then leaving me (harsh breakups, some even verbally insulted me too). This place was supposed to be a place where I begin to realise my dreams but has turned out quite the opposite. I desperately need to leave and have a fresh start – I feel that it may be the same wherever I go – will I ever find a home and/or a place where people will like me and/or someone who’ll love me for who I am – the good and the bad? I used to be the most resilient person but years and years of nothing eventuating has taken a tow on me. I long to be back to my cheerful self.

    I’ve just returned from a series of interviews in Prague. I’ve been accepted to teach English in several language schools. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe. However, this trip was full of mishaps – never have I in the 12years of independent travels did I experience such trauma from the beginning of the trip. Since then, I have a restless mind and heart. I’ve concluded that the ordeal I went through for this trip is an indication that either I’m heading the right way and the devil is trying to stop me for going there or God’s telling me that it’s the wrong thing to do. There’s also significant financial costs involved should I decide to move there – I’ve estimated it to be at least AUD$4000 (bulk of it is hiring an agent for the process as I don’t know the Czech language as well as the cost of another air ticket).

    Please pray for His direction in my life – I need to know if it is God’s will for me to relocate there – haven’t heard from Him. Is it His will for me to move to Prague? Someone please pray and tell me what He’s saying to you! Many thanks!

    • Hi Michelle!
      First, it sounds like you find negative conditions and happenings in all situations of your life. I’m sure meanwhile you feel like everything is going wrong. But let me tell you that the best way out of that is to be sure of the love of God and that he has only good things for you. Don’t expect bad things, only good things. Even if in the beginning bad things continue to happen, be optimistic that he has the right way for you. I’m sure he just wants you to stay strong in faith. So be optimistic, stay optimistic and things will get better! The more you believe the faster it will happen.
      And to be honest: There’s nearly nothing in this world that is only bad. Not even dying. All things have a good fact about them; e.g. if you don’t get the job you apply for, there’s maybe a better job offer coming soon. Believe that things are rather this way and He will reward you with everything you need.
      I pray for guidance for you to make the right decisions.

  188. Hello everyone and a very happy new year. Please pray that the Lord will open me doors so I shall have funding for my non profit organisation for the work that we are carryng out on behalf of orphans and abandoned children. There are so many neddychildren in our society and we would really like to help as many of them as possible. They need adquate feeding, education and accomodation

    • May Jehovah Jireh our provider supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus, Amen! Phil4:19

  189. I am not yet ready to retire, financially, but my company has merged with a much larger organization and this decision may be made for me very shortly. I help my autistic adult son and need to be able to provide for Mike. My heart knows “all things work together for good…….”, yet I remain anxious about the unknown. Please pray that the Lord will show me his promises from Jeremiah…….may you all find 2014 filled with blessings.

    • Mary, I pray for you in your situation. This sounds like one of those times when my mother would say “when God shuts a door, he opens a window”.

  190. I pray for three things most importantly this year. That the doctors are able to find a remedy for my husband’s physical pain, which has been ongoing for some years despite several operations. That a financial situation is amicably resolved – much as an earlier poster wrote, this started as a small mistake and now will be not easily fixed. That my daughter and her husband, who have moved half way across the country to pursue academic endeavors, remain safe and happy (college campuses worry me these days). My constant anxiety is based on these things, and is only kept at bay by praying.

    • Linda, thank you for your prayers. Since I share your anxiety, thought you might want to read part of a prayer I received from another sources just this morning:
      “God is infinite supply. One with God, I am one with the abundance I seek. If my perspective on prosperity is obstructed by fear, doubt, or thoughts of lack, I remind myself that I am not separate from the goodness of God. The path to prosperity is to know that I am one with All That Is.” Praying for your situations. In Him, Mary

  191. My father died 3 days ago after a prolonged illness. While we know he’s finally at peace, our hearts are broken. In addition, I’m going into my 13th month of unemployment, facing the added burden of finding a job and incurring so much debt to pay my bills. Please pray that God leads me to the right opportunity and that my family and I find peace, healing and understanding as we go through the grieving process. Thank you and God Bless!

  192. Lisa, I pray that the Lord God will wrap his loving arms around you and your family as you grieve. I pray he will help you find peace and healing and remember all the sweet memories of your father. I also pray that God will lead you to a new job quickly, alleviating your financial burdens, all as you trust in His providence and provision.

    I ask for prayers fro my husband and I. We are buying our first home and it has been a bumpy process. We are now so close to closing on the home but are just waiting for some final paperwork. It is nerve-wracking! I also pray that the Lord will bless us with children. We have been trying to become pregnant for 4+ years. Once we are moved in to our home, we hope to pursue adoption, but the cost is scary. Lord, please help us trust in you! My dream has been/is to be a mother. Lord, please let me be a mother!

    Thank you and God bless you all!

  193. Dear Clara,
    I am honored to pray for you and your husband. I just read a devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries out of Atlanta, GA. I reaaly needed this word today. God knew that you and I both needed this to confirm His timing is Perfect!
    Dear Lord, please give Clara and her husband Your Perfect Peace during the process of purchasing their home. Comfort their hearts and minds and give them Your blessed assurance that you will not miss a single detail Please reveal to them, in your timing, Your plan for their family. You already know and have ordained the precious child that will grow up in their loving home. Put your arms around them and carry them through their home purchase and the growth of their family.
    In Your Holy Name we claim your promises and blessings!!!
    My prayer is for my sister. She is 47 yrs old and has been a drug addict for 30+ years. My family and I have lived this turmoil for soooo long. Please open her eyes and make her see what she is doing to herself and others. Please take the enemies blinders off her eyes. I also ask for protection and angel armies over my four year old niece who lives w/her. There is also a court battle raging between her and my niece’s daddy. Dear Lord heal my sister and protect my precious niece. Give us peace, comfort and strength to go through this in our lives.

  194. Hi Clara…..so very sorry you’re having to go thru this heartbreak. It’s really hard to sit by and see someone you love ruin the life God gave to them. I surely do lift your dear sister up to our Father…..asking in Jesus’ name…..that He would reveal His great love to her and she would receive it and run to Him with arms wide open. Thank You Father. Precious Father, please take care of this little one….keep her safe….let her know she is loved by You….do what is best for her…..for her good and your glory. Please draw this dad to Yourself. May he become a fervent Jesus follower and have a great impact on his daughter and the mother. I pray that Clara would continue to lean on and trust in You. Clara, keep on praying and trusting and loving God and your family. Love never fails. Never give up hope, because Nothing is impossible with our Mighty God who desires that all would be saved. Thank You Father for the privilege of prayer. In Jesus name…..amen.
    Clara…..please pray for me….that I would love my husband the way God wants me to. We have been married for 25 yrs. and I would really rather be single again. But that’s not what He wants and I know that. I want to be obedient, but I would love to have those feelings of love we had so many years ago. We are like strangers living together. Thank you so very much for praying……Judy…….

  195. I have prayed for each poster as I have read down the page. “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cries” – Psalm 34:15 I pray that you all have peace that God has heard your cries and and patience as in His time you will have your answers.

    Judy, a verse came to mind when I read your post… Proverbs2:3-5 “If you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” You have cried out aloud on here and we hear you. My advice, for what it is worth, is to be the change you want to see. Be openly appreciative of your husband and the little things he does… for every fault you find in him- immediately try to find 2 blessings in him. 25 years together is a huge milestone and I am sure that many will tell you in the course of their marriage they have had a restless heart at times as the ‘routine of life’ hangs around them like a thick fog. I have also come to understand that some of my husband’s lack of interaction is what I had trained him to do as I was dissatisfied with my own life and didn’t want to interact with him because I was having my own pity party and he wasn’t feeding into it. This year will be 15 years married to my amazing husband and we have had many adventures and speed bumps in our marriage… but the one thing that we keep coming back to is that God put us together because we needed each other and fit each other perfectly. We put aside the negative and start focusing on what IS working. It’s much easier some times than others. We don’t have the same spark as when we first got married but it is a different deeper passion for life and each other. I pray the best for you. Things didn’t get rough over night – allow some time for them to transition again.

    My prayer request in-short is this… Stability, mental clarity and peace in the midst of chaos and clear direction for my family – Time for the big sign in the sky, God! ……… Hubby is 42yrs old, retired 20yr military – has PTSD and a variety of significant ortho injuries. He is disabled and rarely ever leaves the house for anything – if and when he does, I am usually with him to act as an emotional balance. We have 2 young daughters. Following retirement, we moved to this very rural area (with no privacy) for the girls to be close to my father who was in poor health (he has since passed). The local VA is not equiped/staffed to treat my husband other that just giving him perscriptions. He almost always gets sent out of state 90 mins away for treatment… but for the most part he has foregone treatment due to the travel. He is also still fighting with the VA over many other injuries that they have not made disability rulings on yet which would have a significant financial outcome for out family. I was blessed with a part-time job in a local church office that has given us ‘just enough’ money to supplement hubby’s disability & retirement income, the spiritual support I have needed and the flexibility to go to appts with hubby or to do school activites with the girls. The home we rent was foreclosed on over a year ago on and we hang in the balance month to month. We are trying to purchase a home in another state very close to the VA hospital that hubby goes to so often, a large lot with lots of privacy, and with much better schools and opportunities for our family. However, we have been prey to a mortgage company that has been holding up our loan for one poor excuse after another… truly we have done all we can do and we are left waiting for others to make decisions. We have been living in boxes ready to move for over a month now – Thank God for Nana’s house or the girls wouldnt have had Christmas. This last 3 months of playing the ‘mortgage game’ is really wearing on both of our nerves and then spread a little PTSD on top of it and our house is ripe for arguments over the tiniest detail. Anxiety medications no longer work on the adults. We’ve struggled very hard to keep an even keel in the house for the children -explain some situations to them and show them perseverence- but we are starting to tire and break down. We have been living in a state of ‘limbo’ for the last 3 years and we are ready to get off this not-so-merry-go-round and settle down to our life. From day one our marriage has been one adventure after another and we know we have been a beacon and ministered to many others along the way thru our perseverence (not bragging) but for the first time in our marriage, we NEED theraputic/rejuvenating down-time. God has had mercy on my family and has helped us again and again when we thought we could no longer go on… after a lifetime of everchanging landscapes and navigating instability, we are ready to set down roots somewhere we can THRIVE instead of just survive. Also, prayer for my husband’s faith as it is waivering in this last few years of this chaos.

    • R Lynn,
      I pray that both you, your husband and your family find the peace, calmness and serenity that only God can supply. Jesus is always by our side and waiting to take our battles no matter how big or small they may be to us. But we must remember to always ask for his help. I know how hard it is to remember to ask for his help and especially when we don’t understand what is happening to us or see a response or change immediately. We always want it NOW but God doesn’t work that way.

      Lord, I pray that you will help R Lynn and her family with their daily struggles. Give them the faith and strength to continue moving forward. Help clear the way for them to move into the house they have been trying to purchase. I pray, Lord, that you will refresh and renew her husband’s faith.

      Laura R

  196. Hi Laura R,

    You didn’t leave a prayer request but I would like to pray God’s blessing and perfect plan upon you. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings to you my sister!

    Please pray for my job situation. Where to begin…I’ll try to make it short. I work for a wonderful faith-based non-profit and I love what I do everyday. It’s just me and my boss. I’ve been on the job for about 7 months. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for my boss and the sacrifice that he has made to serve in the ministry. The difficulty I’m having is that I rarely see my boss throughout the week–I don’t know if this is his style (which I was unaware of when I took the job) or if this is typical for his position. Our primary source of communication is email and text. We are supposed to have a sit down meeting once-a-week which rarely happens and when it does, he’s tired, unfocused, and frequently gets interrupted. As a result of the lack of personal meetings and only being on the job for 7 months, things are strained and stressful between myself and my boss and miscommunication and misunderstandings are becoming very frequent. I’m finding it difficult to work in an atmosphere where I don’t have the opportunity to ask a question when needed or have regular meetings. I’m under a terrible amount of stress and I find myself a nervous wreck at work-afraid that I’m going to make a big mistake, frequently in tears at my desk, cry on the way home, and I’m exhausted when I get home to my family. I need some clear direction on how to handle this situation before I have a nervous breakdown.

    Tami K

    • Tami K,
      Your request for peace, patience and understand has been sent to our Lord in prayer.

      I didn’t leave a prayer request yesterday because my prayer request was answered last week when I was able to visit my mom and brother in California, I live in Illinois.

      Laura R

  197. to R. Lynn….thank you so much for praying for me. what you said really made sense. Things are already going better and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to be a godly wife and try to encourage my husband. I copied it and pasted it as a document so I can read it again and again. I am so very sorry about your situation. and your husband’s lack of faith. I do pray with all my heart, in Jesus’ name that the mortgage company will come thru and you will get the home you need. God has allowed your family to go thru some really tuff stuff. I know in your faithfulness to Him, He will bring good to you and glory to His name. You sound like a precious saint and I wish I knew you. I will read my copy of your prayer request often and lift you and family up to our merciful and compassionate and loving Father. I hope you have some lady friends who can give you hugs and encouragement. and remember…..NOTHING is impossible with our God. Luke 1:27. In Christ’s love…..Judy

  198. I know the Lord hears and answers our prayers, and I give him glory and praise for all the faithful women who lay their burdens at the foot of the Cross. May we truly desire his Will to be done in our lives.
    I’ve had gastric bypass surgery, yet I am struggling with weight gain. Honestly I feel as though my eating is out of control. I have prayed, and cried so much that I don’t have any tears left to cry. There are circumstances that are causing me problems, and I need to get these situations cleared up and I’m hopeful that then I will get the eating under control. I ask for prayer for courage, conviction and discipline so that my body will truly be a temple. Thank you
    and bless you.

    • Lord, I know that you hear our prayers and respond in your time and not in our time. Lord, I pray that you will bless Elaine and give her the strength, peace, patience and wisdom that she needs to perservier. Let her know that you are near and that you hear her cries.
      Thank you Lord for your blessings. Amen. Laura R

  199. The past 6 years have been turbulent for me financially because I was duped by my business partner in the sale of my business. The money has been outstanding since but notwithstanding this tough situation the Lord has been a Kind Provider to my family and me. He gave me a job when the world was going through a global financial recession in 2008. Praise God for His goodness. I completed my contract with the present employer five months ago. I have been jobless since and I earnestly request your prayers that the Lord in His infinite mercy help me to secure emplyment, in my mature age, so that I can meet my family needs. I also lift up in prayer all those unemployed individuals who have a greater need than me. I have firm trust that the Lord will “not leave us orphans”. Praise God for His goodness.

  200. I give honor to GOD who is the head of my life. I seek prayer for Financial stability through responsibility. I was not taught the meaning of money, saving, and spending responsibly as a child. While my mom strived to give my brother and I everything we wanted, we struggled at times. I had no idea some of the hardships my mom endured as we got older. With that said, I struggle myself currently with money, and at times, I have irresponsible spending habits. I know that as a single female, living on her own with no children, I am blessed. But I need my Finances to look as such. I want to be more responsible with my money, and ask that you join me in prayer in asking God to deliver me from bad spending habits, and meet me at the cash register!! I pray good will on you all in 2014, and hope that God blesses you with what you seek prayers for. AMEN.

  201. Please pray for me. That I begin receiving the full amount of my Social Security, the only income I have, starting Wednesday, June 25th 2014,and every fourth Wednesday of every month thereafter