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Jennie is a Bible teacher, author, and the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. She loves God and believes in this generation of women. She wakes up every day on a mission: disciple a generation.

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  1. I am restless for change, commitment to that change that fully knowing HIM will give me, I’m ready GOD.

  2. I am restless to be the woman God wants me to be not the woman everyone else and culture expects me to be.

  3. I am restless in life. Wanting and needing something and restless when it comes to patience, even though I know it will be ok!

    • Prayers for you, friend. You already fit in. Just as you are, exactly the way God made you, you fit. Praying that God would meet you where you are show you how to celebrate who He made you to be.

  4. I am restless for a life of better “self-governing.” Better time management, the ability to NOT yell at the kids but treat them with kindness and respect when I am beyond frustration with them, to think and be the Christian God desires me to be by living in a more Christ-like manner when life isn’t easy, time to pursue my God-sized dream amid the daily clutter of life and homeschooling four and church ministries and somehow bring glory to God through my hectic life.

  5. I am restless to see the living among the dead, really live and breath life on all those around them. May I breath the life of Christ on all I encounter, today!!

  6. I am restless for moving forward. I know there is something over the horizon for my life, but what?

  7. I am restless for the sins of my past and the deliverance and freedom that I desperately need…

  8. I am restless because my darling hubby and I are dealing with some serious health issues in him . He has multiple myeloma bone cancer in his spine and rib bones and there isn’t a cure for it , it can just be put in remission. It was in remission and now has flared up again and he is on a new chemo shot that takes all his energy and strength from him and he is so nauseated so much of the time. He also has Parkinson’s too so a double whammy. We both are restless cause he wants to do things he used to do, bowl as well as he used to . I am restless because I want to help him get better and its out of my hands. WE know we are in God’s hands and he is in control and we have so many people praying for us and that is a blessing, Our church has stepped up and we have a couple special angels that take us to our Drs appointments in a city 45 minutes away as neither of us want to drive there which we are very thankful for. But being human we are restless for things to be better so we can enjoy our retirement more than we do. I don’t like being what you call restless but it is staggering not to be able to help him more so we both can deal with the rest of our lives together with some peace and health that only God can give. We are both saved, born again Christians, and in our mid 70’s. Thanks for listening.

    • I feel your pain Earlene. My husband has brain cancer. It has robbed him of his abitlity to express himself fully. It has robbed him of his strength and thought process. However, his illness has brought us so much closer to God. People that don’t go to church or pray……ARE PRAYING FOR HIM! I am restless for him to be well….his normal healthy self, but right now, we take each day as a blessing and if it is a day with no pain……that’s our miracle for the day! WE try to see the good in each day and know that when we all get to Heaven….there will be no more pain or restlessness! What a glorius day that will be!

  9. I am restless for more quiet time to just spend with God. To let my mind wonder and see where he takes me.

  10. I am restless for a change. For my husband to be doing work that he was made to do. For my own dreams to sort themselves out, make sense, and come to fruition.

  11. I am restless for a better marriage. I want to see my husband come to know the Lord, but in the meantime, I want to love him beyond the broken expectations I have unfairly placed on him. I don’t want to just ‘hang in there’. I want to be in love with him and to like him for who he is.

    • Olivia, I am in the same place & I’m praying for you tonight – and for my own marriage – that we would be covered with grace & love our husbands as God loves them!

  12. I’m restless for a new journey with God that will reveal more of His purpose for me in this season of empty nesting, dream dying, doors closing, and physical change – I long for new dreams, open doors, fuller relationships, community, and health for a new journey that allows me to give my best for his glory

    • Trust Him to guide you with His eye – He sees and knows exactly where He desires to lead you, to His Best for you.

    • Cindy, someone once told me, “He creates in you that longing, that restlessness to drive you to the place He has created for you!” What beautiful answers He must have waiting for you today!

  13. I am restless for more understanding of God, to be the woman He is calling me to be, not what others think I should be……

  14. I am restless for answers. We are having some health issues with our son and it see.s hard to find the answer to what is going on. But Ggod is walking with us so I continue to seek Him.

  15. I am restless for rediscovering myself. I used to be so courageous – always looking for ways to impact the world for Christ without any hesitation. But after 12 years of staying home; 2 kids; 4 moves in 3 states; 8 churches; and 2 years of homeschooling, I hardly even recognize myself. I want I discover the woman God has used all of these things to grow me into – and what He wants me to do.

    • Amy.

      I believe God has been working in you during your momma years. I too, have been in this place of what’s next now. God will show you. Trust him. Praying for you today!

    • Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous.

  16. I am restless for figuring out My One Word for 2014 and discerning what God has in store for me… Patience is not my strongest virtue… 🙂

  17. I am restless to surrender my desire, to please others. I am restless to fly, to stretch out my wings and try something new without the weight of caring what others think. I am restless to fly and be aware of only one set of eyes on me – God’s. I am restless to live for His approval and His alone! I am ready to Fly!

  18. the masks to come off. Not just mine, but everyone’s I think we are all living with masks, and I don’t think that is how God intended for us to live. Here’s a poem I wrote about it:
    I so want to tell you all is perfect, all is well

    but at the same time I want to show you all the secrets hidden in my shell

    I know that if I open up my shell and expose the secrets inside

    That will be the beginning of freedom

    but something keeps them locked inside

    I think we all have shell secrets we’re afraid to expose

    and it makes me sad that there’s a “real me” inside everyone that nobody, on this earth, really knows

    Is this really how God meant it to be?

    A world full of people living in shells, afraid to be free

    I wonder, just wonder, what it would be like, if just for one day we could come out of hiding and set the shells aside

    Reveal the “real me(s)” we thought nobody could love

    Free from judgment, or hatred, or shame, filled with the kindness, grace, and love of our creator above.

    Would the world break from the weight of those shells?

    Or would it heal?
    Christina Hernandez

  19. I am restless for…the “new” that this year brings – new hope, new dreams, new adventures, new beginnings, whatever “new” God wants me to experience and be a part of.

  20. I am restless for doing more in His name. I can so identify with Jennie’s words. I am restless, yet so blessed. I am so glad there are many out there who feel the same way. I have been given bountiful gifts and want to use them for the glory of God and to bless others. Namely – I am passionate about leading other women to pursue a life that is craves stillness and silence before God and that yields to the rhythm of waiting.

  21. I am restless for direction. I have been in a holding pattern waiting on God for a year now and am waiting for direction. I feel 2014 is my new season and when He’ll give me direction!

  22. I am restless for a peek at what is coming in this new journey God has me on. Similar to Marisa, I want to know my new purpose as my life will be.

  23. I am restless to bring other women to the saving power of God’s Grace. Thank you Jennie for “picking me up off the side of the road” at Allume. The truth you spoke into my heart from the stage and huddled in the back corner during worship gave me the ability to get up and continue the journey God called my husband and me to, so Thank You! ~Mary

  24. I am restless for direction. My youngest will be off to college in a little more than a year… then what?

  25. I am restless for God to show me what to do about going back to my teaching career or staying home to be the best wife, mom and homemaker for my family (after a 3 year leave).

  26. I am restless for ….Truth..not just “truth” but..abiding Truth. I need to know; to give it and to hear it.

  27. I am restless for an unencumbered heart…for a fresh outlook…for a freedom that only God can provide.

  28. I am restless for peace. I am restless for calm in these days if chaos. I am restless for patience in the connections of my heart.
    I am restless for His great plans.

  29. I am restless to be the woman God made me to be. To know what it is he wants me to do. To incourage and help others. To know how to reach the youth the children.

  30. I am restless for a closer relationship with God and to always do God’s will for my life. To follow His word and to submit to what He wants me to do with my life and to raise my children in a Godly home. To be a Godly mother and wife.

  31. I am restless for You, Lord! For You and I to finish that book; for you and I to paint; for my new grandson coming in April, for my kids to come closer to you! I am restless for You while typing away on some medical transcript to pay the bills but also meeting lost people who so need you and then risking to tell them about YOU and how YOU RESCUE and LOVE and HEAL. I am restless that they would come to YOU and KNOW how wonderfully faithful you are and HOW HOLY HOLY HOLY YOU ARE! I am restless for You, My GOD, KING, LORD, FATHER, SPIRIT! Until that Day, Lord, I am restless! Love, Lauri

  32. I am restless for discovery – what will I become beyond a wife and mother? I am restless for a true feeling of peace and contentment with who I am and that to-do list that never gets done.

  33. I am restless for a place, time and space to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives. I am restless for God to reveal the He has more planned for me than the tedium of my present circumstances.

  34. I am restless for more chances to connect with other moms and serve my community for God’s glory!

  35. I’m restless for some very particular news that will determine the course of the following year(s). We should know March-ish.

  36. I am restless for Joy…a daily filling of the Holy Spirit that will lead me to Bless God and all others around me…allowing me to see HIM….everywhere…in everything…I want to end each evening saying “I saw God today!”

  37. I’m restless for more of Jesus and less of me. Restless to be still and wait yet live at the same time. Restless for joy to permeate our family. Restless for my ear to stop being plugged up. (That last one isn’t quite in the same vein as the rest but the ear thing is rather annoying.)

    • Praying your ear heals Sara. I also love that you are restless for more Jesus. I too, want to see this world through His eyes and not my own. Thank you for sharing today!

  38. I am restless for freedom from guilt, renewed passion, hope in God then I will be different and make a difference

    • Shawnda,

      Praying for you today. I suffered with infertility for 12 years and my heart aches for you. I understand. God has a plan friend. Rest in Him.

  39. I am restless for peace. It has been the hardest 2 year season of my life as my children have transitioned from teen-hood to adulthood. They have made wrong choices, I have tried to fix broken things that only God can fix and have walked away from the whole experience feeling like a complete failure as a mother. Surely if I had done something different in their childhood they would have grown into the people I believed they could be. I know in my heart that we did the best we could and that God has His part to play in their lives that only He can do. But my emotions haven’t caught up yet. Helping my youngest 18 year old daughter move into her own apartment 4 months ago left me feeling empty and helpless. And as I watch my oldest daughter marry someone this coming Friday that I would NOT have chosen for her, I will tell myself once again that God has a plan for their lives and that it is now His job to deal with their spirit and it is now my job to pray for them and support them with my unconditional love. Rough two years, but maybe even harder letting go……..

    • Michelle,

      I so understand! I have 4 grown kids, my youngest is 20. They were raised in a Christian home and although they know Jesus, not all of them are walking as they do. It breaks my heart to see them struggle. But God gave us free will, even our kids. This is where prayers come in. I pray for them to make wise choices, but also that when they don’t they will cry out to God for healing, grace and redemption. Praying for you today!

  40. I am restless to come back to the calling I received so many years ago … to ministry. No, I have no idea where God is leading me this year, but I know He is pushing me in that direction …

  41. I am restless from feeling that I must perform daily for that invisible worldly audience. Longing to live in the peace of God’s affirmation.

  42. I am restless to know where and what in this phase of my life. I am a healthy 65 yr old. I have been a wife of 48 yrs, mother of four wonderful children (they are all adults and I count my blessings, very caring people) I have seen the birth and growth of 14 grandchild, many now in early 20’s, some still in college or school, some in military, some starting families of their own. We have welcomed 7 great grandkids and it is a joy to see their growth on FB. I have been a care taker for my mom who passed away a few yrs ago, taking early retirement to care for her and a husband with RA. I am alittle active in church. But I find myself bored and wondering “What now Lord, what would you have me do”. thank you for listening to all of us who wonder the same thing.
    Hoping I win a book, ss doesn’t allow much extra’s lol

  43. I am restless for an end to my procrastination over just about everything. I’m raising 5 and a first grand child!

  44. I am restless for healing, for marriage, for contentment and the ability to move forward and forget the past.

  45. I am restless for discovering the “real me”, the “real life” – that’s all. So far, there is much to wade through and discard. I guess this is a beginning.

  46. I, like so many others I saw in the comments, am restless for peace. Peace in my life, my home, my family, my job. God’s peace; in all those places.

  47. for the Kingdom to come here, to my neighborhood and town and county and country. nothing short of a huge storm of Mercy and Revelation will do it. as everyone around us celebrates their prophet Mohamed’s birthday today, may they find The ONE who was, was eternally, was born, died, rose again, and is, is eternally. pray with me, please!

  48. I am restless to be who I am meant to be – Child of the One True God. I strive to be and feel somedays that I could have done a better job at it.

  49. I am restless for…creating a new form of art; more purposeful, more inspiring, and more in line with the woman God made…who is still here, under my self-imposed layers.


  51. THIS!!! Oh yes…

    I am restless for Him. For purpose. for ON purpose. For IN purpose.

    For finding what I had, or maybe I didn’t really have yet. Or I just didn’t know…

    Yes, this…

    Thank you.

  52. I am restless to understand how to show “tough love” to my 37 tear old daughter that is in prison……she is angry and does not accept responsibility for her crimes and all the folks she hurt. She tries to manipulate from prison. It has torn up our family with one child telling me I must chose and she will never again see her sister….I am tired of being restless in this situation….it has been 2 long years.

  53. I’m restless for something larger than myself, beyond these four walls, that touches hearts, changes lives, and makes a difference for His glory!

  54. I am restless to know God more, to hopefully bless the people I come in contact with, with a smile, a kind word, an understanding heart…

  55. I am restless to move forward into the Promised Land He has for me in the LAND OF THE LIVING (Psalm 27).

  56. I am restless for community, connecting to God and others, and contentment with the things that are good.

  57. I am Restless to go out and do more in my community. To give back and “Pay it forward”, in my neighbourhood. I am Restless in not using every moment I have to make a difference in others lives!! I want this to change. I want to step out and make a difference intentionally!!!

  58. I am restless for writing out my Subplot in God’s story as I seek Him and He reveals what He has done, is doing and will continue to do through my faith and obedience to Him.

  59. I am restless for knowing.& understanding my purpose. As I sit here covered in oatmeal and baby slobber I wonder where I belong in ministry

  60. For friendships and community among believers. To make these a priority over this busyness and to just be still!

  61. I am restless for more! More of God & less of me! I’m restless in the fact that I’m bound at home during this season of my life… I am a caregiver to my father inlaw who is 92 with dementia. But I know that even here I can do more! God show me those ways to be & do more!

  62. I am restless for contentment!!! Why am I not happy with where I am in life and what is before me??!!

  63. I am restless for… whatever is next! One season is wrapping up and my little family of three is shifting and changing and our only is nearly grown – and yet I somehow feel that we are called to ministry together still. We are leaning in and dreaming and trying to wait while restlessly looking for what He has next! (My OneWord this year? VIsion… The call? To be a Visionary… yes please! Believing If:Gathering will stir this up and help bring some things into focus!)

  64. I am restless for new direction, new purpose in my life – still struggling to see what path God wants me to take. After months of sharing our small home with my daughter and her new husband, they finally began their new journey with the military just yesterday (prayers for them both – he is a new officer, and she is a new army wife). That leaves one semi-independent 20-year old son at home, working and going to school. My husband and I have reached a new era – three married children and four young grandchildren. Parenting is not our main focus anymore and suddenly that small house seems rather spacious and empty. What can I do now for you, God? I’m listening!

  65. I love everyone’s answers!! I am simply restless for more of HIM! Where is that abundant life Jesus talked about? I have an abundant life, but not the kind I believe Jesus has in mind.

  66. I’m restless to see what God has in store for my family and myself. I am restless to know my calling.

  67. I am restless to live in the transformed state of mind God has promised me.
    I am restless to begin fresh and new: leaving behind the past of broken families and lost dreams.
    I am restless to truly know my place, my value, my contribution, my purpose, my creative calling.
    I am restless to experience Godly love from a man.
    I am restless to be at peace within a community of friends that understands my wounds and sees into the heart of me and rejoices in its beauty.
    I am restless to see my grown daughters wake up to the truth of God’s grace.
    I am restless to have a home that opens its doors to the lonely.
    I am restless to write words that matter; that bring kindred spirits together.
    I am restless to laugh again.
    I am restless to travel the world and capture God’s imagination in pictures.
    I am restless to be authentic in living my unique journey.
    I am restless to begin again for the first time.
    I am restless to not be restless.

  68. I am restless for my next step in life. I am praying it is to be a wife and mother but only He knows where He is leading me

  69. I am restless to move on. My husband passed away – I am no longer a wife. My daughter just turned 20 – I am no longer the Mom needed at home. I sold my house – I am no longer the Homemaker. I am restless to find the next I am.

  70. I am restless for more of Him… that He would be completely glorified in my life and guide all that I do in His time and His way.

    • I’m there with you, Anna. The daily monotony can threaten to take over sometimes, can’t it? Praying for purpose in the midst of it all. 🙂

  71. I am restless for God’s miracles to be shown in and through my life so others will believe in Him!

  72. I’m restless to move forward in faith. Like you, I’ve lost myself in motherhood and serving my children — which in many ways is wonderful and God’s calling right now. But I know He also has a purpose for me beyond motherhood, and want to listen and obey as He leads. I’m so looking forward to your book, Jennie, and to the IF gathering. God is moving in His people! Thank you for listening to Him and calling us to action.

  73. I am restless to learn and apply the following:
    – living by Grace not the law nor shame
    – knowing I have the freedom to make life choices rather than feeling trapped
    – resting and just being “Nancy” instead of trying to earn my worth by performing roles
    – restoring a broken marriage
    – investing my presence in parenting my kids without catering to them by enabling
    – pursuing my passions: writing, counseling, creating art, traveling!
    – knowing God’s heart intimately and seeing from His perspective

  74. I am restless to know that I am really where God wants me, fulfilling His purpose for my life and that He really is working in and through me.

  75. I am restless for MORE. I prayerfully considered a Word for the Year 2014 and decided it should be “Trust”. I have a lot of major situations happening this year and instead of getting anxious and stressed over them, I am praying to fully trust God to work all things according to His will. But I’ve been doing a lot of praying and fasting since the New Year and it seems that God keeps giving me this hunger that cannot be satisfied. I find myself praying over and over, “God, I need MORE of You.” More closeness, more revelation, more desire, more anointing, more grace, more mercy, more everything. I don’t want to ever reach a plateau in my relationship with Him, but to grow more and more.

  76. I am restless to feel closer to God … sometimes He feels so far away, and I want the peace that comes when I feel Him near.

  77. more JESUS! I want more of him I feel like I can never get enough and I don’t want to be mediocre any more I want the Extraordinary! I want what He has for me!

  78. I am restless for the feeling of living an authentic life! For spending enough time at Jesus’ feet that I KNOW what He has called me to do and the courage to go where He has called me. I’ve waited too long and wasted too much time on everything else – it’s time to get busy!

  79. I am restless to live fully in my current calling, receiving and giving all that God has for me instead of solely focusing on the exciting opportunities God is hinting at for the future.

  80. I am restless for a real change in me. For the filters to come off and to be able to see myself as God sees me…and to be able to see others the way He sees them and love.

  81. I am restless to jump off the treadmill of life and find that place of rest in God. I want more of God and should spend more time but the rat race of life keeps me on that treadmill of doing. I want to find the balance.

  82. I am restless for inner peace and for purpose.
    I have learned to live as positively as I can with chronic disease. God lifted me out of the critical illness when I relied on him everyday to give me peace when pain was at a 10 every single day for three years In and out of the hospital.
    Now, living without my life profession as a special education teacher in a regular education kindergarten is leaving me without purpose each day.

  83. I am restless for my twin daughters to come home from NICU. They were born premature at 29 weeks and we are going on Day 80! We are continuing to move forward with confidence that God’s timing is perfect and His presence is constant, but you can’t help but feel restless some days! Thank you for this giveaway! I can’t wait to read this book!

  84. I am restless for God’s direction in how to lead my children closer to him and how to be His hands and feet in my community and in other lands.

  85. I’m restless to really let the Holy Spirit have his way in my heart in this season of young children and change in my husband’s ministry. I’m being prepared for something new- I’m restless to know what it is.

  86. I am restless for becoming more and reaching more women for the kingdom through our women’s ministry that I lead at my church.

  87. I am restless for getting my family & marriage on track with God’s plans for each of us. Learning to prayer for each person in our family and change in myself as a wife, mother & woman accepting and loving God.

  88. I am restless for an opportunity for service… Yet, we have been studying Nehemiah. You know, build the wall in front of your house, where you are. That makes me think that I should be content with the opportunity for service in my house, where I am daily, instead of looking elsewhere.

  89. I am restless. Period. Knowing there is more, knowing I have lost myself and my calling in the chaos of everyday “normal” life. I am restless to rediscover my dreams and calling, to be used up, expended, for something bigger than me, than my little family, than my suburban life. I am restless to pursue the things that are deep in my soul, always rumbling. Always bubbling, but corked tight, ready to blow. I am restless to live passionately.. following dreams, even if in baby steps at times, though the stages of life. I am restless to live a life my girls can want to follow. I am restless to leave a legacy of change, to be able to leave this world a different place, even a better place, when I am gone.

  90. …for purpose. My purpose from God in this mundane life. I feel like I am living in a re-run!

  91. I am restless for God to make my life exciting and something that makes me wake up with His Glory and my heart overflowing to do His Works!

  92. I am restless for my daughter who has been gone one week for basic training with the national guard. She will be gone a total of nineteen weeks. I pray for her strength and endurance. I am restless for confidence and freedom from anxiety and regrets.

  93. I am restless for relief of agonizing anxiety, for worrying about my sick child (kidney disease), very ill husband (cancer and acute intermittent porphyria), my own kidney disease, RA, PTSD, heart problems, my awesome older daughter who has to cope with so much serious illness in our home. I need to forgive, but I hold onto pain that planted its seed decades ago and continues to plague me. I am restless to break free of all that tethers me down (my own mind?) and keeps me from fulfilling my daily prayers. I am restless from fear, pain (physical & emotional), and that the breast cancer I beat will come back… I am drowning in restlessness…

  94. I am restless for …. more! More of Jesus. More of His grace. More of His power, strength, wisdom. More of everything He has for me. I can’t get enough of Jesus; He is my source.

  95. I am restless for more… Where is that life more abundantly? And I’m not talking about material wealth!

  96. I am restless for God to do a new work in my family, and to turn our hearts toward God and toward each other.

  97. I am restless for unity in the Church and among women who are sisters. I’m restless for women who celebrate and don’t compete with one another– women who fight FOR and not AGAINST one another– women who know that God’s call on another’s life never negates His call on their own life.

    I’ve been praying a form of this for 6+ years and am seeing it begin to take shape here in my little corner of the world!!!

  98. I am restless for God to reveal how He will provide for me to go to grad. school and to get started so that I can become a counselor and truly help people.

  99. I am restless for an end to fear and pulling back and losing creative moments in the midst.

  100. I am restless for freedom from chronic and acute pain. I am restless for the “voice” of God in the midst of this pain and for His wonderful hand to hold. I am grateful for all of the above posts as it helps to not feel so alone in this struggle. God bless and be present for all of you. Peace going forward.

  101. I am restless for seeing and feeling JESUS everyday, and being who He called me to be!! And also restless to not be dominated by fear in 2014!!!

  102. I am restless for joy and contentment. I am also restless for a deeper relationship with God.

  103. I am restless for God guidance on the kind of woman He wants me to be, and for my health. Since, Sept. 2012 I have had 8 surgeries and find out later this month when my next surgery will be.

  104. I am restless to find out what I am supposed to be doing with my life. At 53, I feel lost and like I just need to get away from everyone and be still and quiet with the Lord and hear his voice. Instead, I have to work and be a mom and a wife and try to get through each day without falling apart.

  105. I am restless for more of Him, the beauty that will be found as I still myself, allow myself to simply Be in His Presence with no agenda, other than to share my moments with Him.

  106. I am restless for direction. I’ve been homeschooling for 25+ years and I am tired and wondering if “Thou, God, seest me,”?

  107. I am restless to go ….FORWARD! With Him in obedience and faithfulness, honoring and glorifying Him. Throwing off, leaving behind the past.

  108. I am restless for there to be peace in my neighborhood, that the gangs would stop & the number of young people who are killed to cease. Also restless for the beautiful young women in my neighborhood to know and stand boldly in their worth and identity in Christ.

  109. I am restless for a joy-filled, peace-filled, ministry-minded heart. As a college student, it’s been difficult for me to continually maintain and balance these things in the midst of challenging semesters.

  110. Jennie- I am restless for community. I am restless for God to use me and shine in me. After 10 years of pursuits which were 100% selfish and worldly, I am restless for surrender. I am restless for God to eradicate my fears and use me to shine truth. You hit the nail on the head: I am restless. And ready.

  111. I am restless for peace in my heart and mind. And I am restless for a time when I feel my shame lessen…the shame that comes from dealing with childhood sexual abuse. I am in therapy now to help rid me of that shame and by the Glory of God I will eliminate it!

  112. I am restless for: 1. Seeing how God will move in the ladies Bible study i will be starting on the 28th 2. New directions in my life now that I am an “empty-nester” 3. God to deliver me from the amount of time I spend on my computer!

  113. I am restless for having the courage to trust God enough to truly give Him all my questions, my worries my burdens and my stress. I still have this troublesome belief that I can do it better, when I know in fact, that He who spoke life into being, can surely handle my burdens.

  114. I am restless for air; the hard moments where I forget to just breathe and remember He is in control.

  115. I’m restless for something….different. To be able to pursue something new in my career and having the financial freedom to do so. To make new friends. To work harder on my marriage and see it unfold in new, exciting directions. To push myself to be healthier. To see my relationship with the Lord grow in new ways.

  116. I am restless for living…for too long I’ve been merely surviving. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other. I am restless and at the place where I am finally LIVING…reaching out to encourage others, writing again, no longer afraid. Yes, I am restless for living… 🙂

  117. I am restless to figure out who I am and what God wants from me now that my only daughter (only child) is at college.

  118. I am restless to thrive as a family. Whether that be right where God has us now or if/when our house sells and we can get land to be more self-sustaining and build community with others. I am restless to give 100% of myself to my family rather than feeling torn and unable to focus on the present of where I am and who I am with. I am restless to share what I have learned and am learning health and wellness physically and spiritually with those in my family and those I meet. There is a way to do what I am passionate about. I am restless to know God intimately and passionately able to sit at His feet/on His lap and just be there.

  119. I am restless for contentment and peace. To stop trying to fix myself, to stop trying to put walls up in front of God.

  120. I Am Restless For HOME, a healing rest, wholeness, strength to return to my body, [to be] seen and understood, freedom to be the woman God destined me to become, fulfillment of long-held visions and dreams, opportunities to bless others, God’s heart to beat in my own, more power/more love, a new spirit song, a voice that is heard, protection, a champion of my heart. (And … I’m restless to win A Giveaway!)

  121. I am Restless for PURPOSE…more than just a job and going to bed at night, to get up and do it all over again. NO GOOD!!!

  122. I am restless for His redemption story to be told in gentle, loving, nuanced ways through art…restless for changed lives through art pointing to the Author of Creativity and Creation.

  123. I am restless for a renewing of the minds in my home… my own included. I yearn for our family to honor God, each other, and to intentionally look for ways to bless and serve others. I am restless for us to choose love, even when one of us isn’t being so lovable. I so desperately want us to lean into Jesus and let go of past hurts, worries and fears.

  124. I am restless to begin the rest of my life after being a mother for 33 years and finally getting my special needs daughter off to start her life on her own!

  125. I am restless for leaving the past behind, overcoming loneliness, experiencing happiness, and waking up each day and not looking at the day as just another one to get through but rather a day of joy, excitement, happiness, hope, of what God has for me today. Finding the lost me in Him.

  126. To be using my gifts and talents that God has so graciously blessed me with! I am failing Him desperately.

  127. I am restless for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and restoration. I’m also restless for peace, hope, joy, freedom, and courage. I’m restless for God to redeem the past and reveal His purpose for me. I’m restless to know and love God so much more deeply and intimately than I do now. I’m restless to experience His transforming work in my life and to be able to serve others and pour out His love in their lives.

  128. I am restless for dreams that have been squashed because I am busy being a mother. I’m believing that God will show me how my dreams will collide with His plan for my life. I know they are related, just not sure how, when, where He will reveal it.

  129. I am restless to be the joyful and peaceful mama, wife, friend, employee and co-heir with Christ that God has created me to be.

  130. I am restless for God’s powerful transformation in my life circumstances.
    2013 was a very hard year. I am hoping and praying that 2014 is a blessed turnaround.

  131. I am restless for true community; for the village; for chords of three strands; for Carrie, Samantha, Charolette and Miranda; for…

  132. I am restless to see women (and by women I mean me) to embrace who we are. To be content in our current season of life but to not feel afraid or guilty of dreaming bigger dreams. And to have the courage to walk toward those God-given dreams no matter how much bigger than us they may be.

  133. I am restless for my life to be poured out for the glory of God. I am restless for His name to be renowned to the ends of the earth.

  134. Wow! This am I awoke feeling Restless..
    Like 3am. It’s been a long journey. Recently I thought am I really the woman
    God wants me to be? I want to know my
    heart. He definitely has my heart! I’m restless to know My path each day.
    I put my life on hold after a long career. A
    divorce. A relationship ended. Most of all
    I’m restless – I’m trusting Jesus every moment for His best on All things, past,
    Present, and my dreams, my passion to
    be all I can be for Him and those I love
    most: my grown children & their children.
    Its quite a Calling: I’m ready.

  135. I am restless for passion. God has blessed me with so much, and I want to put what I have to use towards something bigger than I can imagine.

  136. I am restless for children. This year (after several years of empty nesting) my husband and I are starting over as foster parents. Exciting.

  137. I am restless for Closeness, to Jesus. I want to hear His voice in every thought, breath, prayer.

  138. I am restless for my kids — all teenagers — to grow up to truly know Christ, to serve Him and to see Him as beautiful. Not just because they’ve been raised in a Christian home, but because He has captured their hearts as well.

  139. I am restless for a a way of entering into the silence of God and then reaching out with that peace to others.

  140. I am restless for a change. I am 50; kids grown; job secure; soul mate found; I know there is so much more out there for me to share, to learn, to teach, especially now, I have found God in my life again. I am restless to learn how to lead; I want to do so much so fast but have no idea where to start. I understand how you felt, happy and fulfilled, yet oddly unfulfilled and maybe even unhappy. Yes, I am restless to begin another great chapter in my life.

  141. I am restless for a new beginning in my life. God has taken away to give me more, and teaching me how I can trust Him with everything. Praising God in all circumstances.

  142. I am restless for a more deeper renewed faith in Christ. To really know Him and to live out my Christian life so others may see Him and not me.

    Also restless to quit a job I don’t like and work at something else–perhaps part time and do some ministry in the area.

    God Bless!

  143. I’m simply loving your book Anything (just about done). It has challenged me in so many ways. I can’t wait to read Restless. Sounds like the perfect one to read next. 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful heart.

  144. I am restless for knowing. Knowing who I am in Christ. Knowing the purposes He has for my life. Knowing peace in the middle of transition and change and uncertainty. Knowing – and believing – that what I am doing is making a difference … even in the mundaneness of life with a husband in graduate school and three little ones. Knowing that I am loved. LOVED. Knowing that I am healed. Knowing that I am free. Free to be the woman He has called me to be.

  145. For what God is bringing to me: a new family, new marriage, and a mission field. I’m excited in saying Yes to the Lord for His calling in my life, but I confess it is scary. As a pastor daughter I recall my mom many times in tears accepting the changes that our father’s ministry had experienced. Your book probably will be a tool to calm me down and reorient my new steps. Right now, your words about the CALLING of God took me to tears. I don’t know if I’m wrong because I should be excited and jumping on my feet. It has been a time of wait patiently sometimes tearful. After months of anticipating and postponing, a have a date for meeting my fiance and daughter, and for planning this new beginning. I guess I am not just fine.

  146. I am at a crossroads…within the next decade we will become empty nesters…I’m restless for the next stage of life.

  147. I am restless for recognizing the will of God and walking in it, despite what I think the plan for my life should be. 🙂

  148. I am restless for His passion in my life – not just sitting back in complacency & inaction because it’s easier & safer & less messy. My children are growing up without knowing Him because my husband is not a believer & some days it’s easier to just not rock the boat. But I am not satisfied with this anymore. I am attending If: Austin next month & hoping to connect with others who are seeking change!

  149. I am restless for waiting on God. 5 years ago I told a very good friend that I knew God wanted me to do something but I didn’t know what that was. Through lots of conversations with her and with God, the answer I got was to wait. Discern. Listen.

    I’ve done that.

    But I’m still restless.

    Did I miss something?

    Or am I just afraid to take that first step?

  150. I am restless for a new season, where I live out Matthew 5:16 in this world that desperately needs Jesus.

  151. I am restless for freedom from fear. Freedom from being scared of rejection, loneliness, hurt.

  152. I am restless for less stuff and more Jesus! I am working on simplifying my life to make time for the things that are lasting and meaningful. Having too much stuff makes me restless.

  153. I’m restless for organization so that I can better prioritize and be about my Father’s business in 2014.

  154. Wow! I can relate to SO much of what the rest of you ladies wrote. I am restless… But I had a hard time really pinning down for what. I scrolled through other comments and thought, “oh, that one’s good.” It was easy to think of what I could say I’m restless for that might make me appear more spiritual. Yuck. Fakeness seems to come easy, doesn’t it? When I tried to ask myself what I’m *really* restless for, I had a hard time pinpointing it. That’s when I realized that I am restless for finding out the woman that I really am, the woman God made me to be. I am restless for sincerity, for being honest with myself and others, and most importantly, God, about what I really want and feel, and not just masking it under what I think others and God expect me to want or feel. It’s only when I unmask what’s really in my heart that God can uproot the sinful motives and desires and replace them with genuine, God-honoring ones.

  155. I am restless for the Word to seep into my soul and make me the woman God has intended me to be.

  156. I am restless for knowing if the decision I made to move back to my home state was the right one. So far, there have been many obstacles and losses. Days are becoming more difficult to navigate through. Praying to know God’s will and need clear direction.

  157. I am restless for structured time God every morning – and the desire to get up early to meet with him.

  158. I’m restless to truly experience rest in God and victory over fear and anxiety. Also, I’m restless to finally experience a deeply personal and vibrant relationship with God that so many others have but seems elusive to me, and to be rid of the heartache I feel from not being anywhere near as close to God as I’d like to be. I so long to experience His presence and be a woman after His heart. I’m restless to see many changes in my life and for God to release me from being stuck in so many areas. I’m restless for God to give me strength and a heart that desires to follow Him no matter what and to become unafraid to tell others about Christ. I’m eager to know what spiritual gifts and other talents or skills God has graciously given me that I can exercise even with my physical limitations. I’m restless for The Lord to heal me from over 12 years of chronic physical pain and accompanying emotional and spiritual struggles I’m dealing with. I deeply desire to see any good God has brought out of my suffering and to experience His mending and healing of the many deep wounds and brokenness that I live with each day. I really need His wisdom, guidance, and direction as well to know what to do to relieve the pain, to know what His will is and a willingness to submit to it. Oh, how I want to be productive and feel useful in advancing His Kingdom, to be in ministry and be part of a community of believers. I need and am restless to see my life bearing fruit and to find freedom complete and amazing freedom, satisfaction, worth, joy, love, hope, and contentment in Him. I’m so restless to trust completely and surrender all to Him, yet I struggle to do this often. I’m restless to truly learn “to walk by faith and not by sight.” I’m needing Him to give me knew perspective and to help me get my focus off of myself and onto serving and glorifying Him and blessing others. I’m really restless for God to bring great revival in my life and to do mighty and marvelous works in and through me.

  159. I’m so restless for heaven, to see God face to face, to experience unbroken fellowship with Him, for faith to be made sight, to no longer be under the curse, to have a sinless heart, to be free from the burdens and suffering of this life, to worship God with all the saints and be in glory forevermore, and so much more than any of us can ever fathom!

  160. I am restless for seeing the sun shine in our lives…it seems adversity after adversity. We are God loving, faith-filled Christians (blessed right there!). I find it easier to believe and hope, but my husband struggles so much as time passes. Maybe we’d like to be able to see the “Son” shine in our eyes and our hearts a bit easier.