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  1. Such a beautiful reminder…a verse often quoted. Sharing in hopes I will treasure this truth and be a light.

  2. Let’s be still and know that He is God! And be grateful that we KNOW, and pray for so many who do not know.

  3. Praise God for his Mercy and Grace and promises that we stand on! Thank you Jesus.

  4. Love this scripture. It really grounds me. Reminds me I need to have more compassion for others and pray more. Reminds me to not be so selfish and to actually concentrate on others more.

  5. It is so amazing what God did for us when we did not deserve any of it. He did all of this just so we could be saved by HIM and have HIS unconditional love. That is so hard to understand since this is not my typical experience growing up.

  6. Love the picture & the verse! I wish my Good Friday was “Good”. Holy week for me was not Holy. I had to take my dad to ER on Tuesday and he was admitted until Saturday. I’ve had family here all week and now he is in rehab.

    Lack of sleep for me did not help any either. I pray everyone had a Great good Friday and blessed Easter!