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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. I love to give people little notes or gifts to intentionally show I am thinking about them…I’d love to be able to share these things…

  2. I am the one who starts each year being intentional and then losing it along the way. But when we signed our children up for a church program and realized the amount of intention that is was going to require I realized I dont have the option of losing my “intention” anymore. We start today and anything that I can place in my line of sight everyday will help to keep me going.

  3. The art and magnets will be helpful reminders to live intentionally, while the cards can help me encourage others. I’d also love to have a copy of the book for the study, I can’t afford to buy it right now.

  4. I would really use these great gems to spend more time pursing God by journaling and spending more time reflecting

  5. I feel as I haven’t been living very intentionally lately, which has caused alot of chaos in my life. I would like to get back on the right track.

  6. I have always loved and valued sending handwritten notes in the mail. I think it’s a great way to encourage others. I could do some more of that with this fabulous prize pack.

  7. Will be purchasing some of these items to have on hand to share with others. Want to engage people here in my neighbourhood, by holding book studies, cookfests, etc..these are adorable items that would be great giveaways..want to plant seeds of goodness with others.

  8. I love to encourage people so I would pick a person to send an encouraging note to once a month for 6 months. I would enjoy a journal that I could dedicate to prayers for others, too.

  9. What a perfect giveaway! Totally in-line with the book which I am reading and loving! I would use the journal for recording my story! Yes I have to remind myself that I do have a story! This book is reminding me that I truly need to be intentional of my story. The magnets would be used to hold any inspirational quotes and favorite verses etc.. The cards I would send to friends that need encouragement which we all need at one time or another. The kind words art print I would frame and hang up as a reminder and the copy of the book purse the intentional life I would give to my friend that I believe needs to read this book and would love to have her read it with me so we can discuss together along with the facebook group. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Would love to win!

  10. I am starting a women’s mentoring group and this this would be a great resource..first for me and then to share with others.

  11. I’ve always believed in the power of sending greeting cards just because. I love getting things in the (real) mail, and I like to send mail to other people. For a season, I was really good at doing this on a regular basis, but I want to incorporate that habit back into my life.

  12. What a perfect giveaway. I would use these items to enhance my personal time by journaling my journey. I would also use the note cards to send handwritten notes of encouragment, which is such a lost art these days! And last I would pay it forward and find eager hands for the book, as I have already purchased it. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  13. I would just be using the things for others, just sending encouragement when I feel it is put on my heart to do so. I know that some times just a simple little note is what someone needs that day. Thanks so much for the give away and for sharing with us. 🙂

  14. I would do so much with these! First off, I would hang the art in my office at work. I am a church secretary and I love having beautiful, inspirational things around me that are examples of how I strive to live. I would give the copy of the book to my mom. I think that she would really enjoy reading it with me. Ask any of my friends and they would tell you that I LOVE sending cards to everyone! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion for me to tell them that I love them and are thinking about them. I’ve never been much of a journaller, but my goal for this year was to work on it! The magnets would have a home on my fridge, my family is in and out of it so much that they would be read more than anything else in our house!

  15. I would live to start Journaling the thing God is showing me as I travel this path he has lead me too. The notes would be a fabulous, I could share His love and encourage ment with those who ate close and not so close to me, and it would help me keep in touch with family and friends The books would be so great to read. I havent gotten them yet so that alone would be such a blessing. Along with the magnets that would be remindeers in my house and Show me the live and encouragement that we have in Jesus!!!!

  16. I love getting had written notes in the mail, so I am trying to get better at sending them. I’m really looking forward to this study!

  17. I would use any of the items to provide encouragement to another lady. Like Amy above I like sending cards in snail mail. Come to think of it, the magnet could remind me to be more intentional in dashing off some encouragement!

  18. What a wonderful way to celebrate being “intentional” by surrounding ourselves with reminders – magnets on frig., journaling and sending sweet notes to dear ones. Thanks!

  19. I would use these to remind myself every day about God’s love. I would also encourage my friends with some of these gifts.

  20. I will use each item as a small reminder of the things I am reading and to apply them to my life every day.

  21. As a single mom who works full time and home schools my two boys, I have lots of good intentions that seem to get quickly lost in the wake of exhaustion and busy-ness that is my life. I struggle to just do what is truly necessary and miss moments that may be important and meaningful. This is true even in my intentions to pray for others. The journal would be a great way to write down requests ( and their answers) when I tell someone I will be praying for them. I need all the encouragement and visual reminders I can get, so the magnets and artwork would help to remind me to live intentionally. Looking forward to yet another great book study!

  22. I love sending cards to friends to inspire, let them know I’m thinking of and praying for them, and to keep myself focused on others instead of always on myself. All the items in the giveaway sound great! I sure do need to be more intentional in my own personal life. Need help big time on some decisions. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  23. I love sending hand written notes to folks and encouraging them. I am also moving in to a new chapter in ministry that will require even more intentionality!!!!!!

  24. I would write lovely notes to he girls who come to my bible study, use the journal to write out my prayers for my friends and family, and read the book to learn more an be encouraged.

  25. Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to win. I am not in financial need for a free book but I also do not want to spend the money on a new book so this is awesome sauce!!

    I would use these items to go to a deeper level for me and some would be given out to point to our King.

    Have a beautiful day!!

  26. I would use the journal as my prayer journal during the study of this book. To use in the future as a guide and to reflect back on the lessons I have learned. I would use the magnets and art here in my home as encouragement to my family and I. I would use the cards as an invitation to start this study with me and give the copy of the book to someone I know could use it.

  27. I want to be intentional in building into my children and young mom’s lives. I want to sense a purpose to my life now that I am entering the empty nest stage of life.

  28. In this day of facebook and email I still LOVE to send cards of encouragement to others. That is how I’d use the cards. I will use the journal to once again begin journaling MY thoughts and prayers to God to draw closer to him. And the book – of course I’d use that to do the study!!! The art I’d hang in our bedroom so my hubby and I can BOTH see it and remember God’s greatness every day.

  29. my greatest joy is being an encourager to others… I have been on a journey of living more present each moment of the day…and through this…listening more closely to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to send someone a note… a text…or give them a call…etc… I would love to read along with the book club…then maybe read it with other friend IRL… thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  30. What wonderful items to share to encourage others! My word for 2014 is ‘intention’ and I am leading our women’s sunday school class, studying Ephesians and our identity in Christ and these would fit in perfectly!

  31. I would love to give the book away to someone that could read though it with me. There is accountability in numbers and we could spur each other on! I love the art and magnets as well for pure and kind words to meditate on. My favorite idea would be using the cards to send as a nice surprise of encouragement to others. What woman doesn’t love a hand written note in the mail?

  32. Karen Kingsbury’s Possibilities Journal ~ As avid prayer journaler, this would be used to continue my written conversations with Christ
    Karen Kingsbury’s Possibilities Inspirational Magnets ~ What woman doesn’t want beautiful things helping to make her home a sanctuary? These would be used to do just that, and reminders of how important being intentional about all things is.
    Karen Kingsbury’s Encouragement Card Set ~ These word be perfect for encouraging friends and myself when we lose focus
    A copy of Pursue the Intentional Life. ~ I already have my book, but I know exactly who will receive this copy and can’t wait to give it to them 🙂

  33. I would use these to keep me focused on being intentional in my relationship with God and others. I would love to send the cards to be encouraging to others!

  34. My problem is maintaining intentionality for a long period of time. I start out doing great (sending greeting cards, for example), then fall away as other things crowd out the previous ones. I try to journal somewhat regularly and encourage others in their daily walk with the Lord. With these wonderful tools, I can’t help but become more intentional. 🙂

  35. I am about to run out of space in my current journal where I write prayers, read the Bible and journal the life lessons from the Word, so this new one would be so timely.
    The note cards would be a blessing for me to pursue intentionality in encouraging friends and family in an almost lost art kind of way…a personal hand-written note!
    The magnets would serve as a reminder in the kitchen of what I learned during this book study. (So excited, btw!)
    The print will be lovely in my study area, again serving as a reminder to live an intentional life. However, should a friend happen to like it, I plan to give it to her to hang in her house.
    I would be happy to share the copy of the book with a dear friend whose favorite word is, you guessed it, “intentional”, when she’s describing how she desires to live her life for God.

  36. This past year, I have been running to survive. With this book study, I want to get back to what is important and live each day intentionally with a deepened purpose. I would utilize these with my family, close friends and colleagues.

  37. I love the idea of sending these cards as I’m reading through the book with the group -reflecting on what I’m learning and then sharing that with friends (one of whom I would love to give a copy of the book to – I have a certain someone in mind!). I can see keeping the journal specifically for this book and the things I’ll glean from it – the things God wants me to learn – what a neat way to go back and remember later. The print and the magnets will be a visual reminder in my home that will call me to the intentional life. I can’t wait to dive in.

  38. This set is awesome for helping us to be intentional about reaching out tho family/friends and also for us to be intentional about our time with God. I can see a lot of spiritual and relational growth potential for the winner of this pack. It’s a blessing in a box.

  39. Trying to always be an encourager, I like to send cards and notes out thru the mail to my friends…just to let then know I’m praying for them or was thinking of them. I so want to read the book I think it would help me and make enable me to move forward and be a better encourager and a. Better person too.

  40. I will use all the items to intentionally encourage the women in my face-to-face community. I’m new in town and am just beginning to make these relationships. I’d love to be able to encourage my new friends with something tangible! Looking forward to the book club!

  41. Lots of great intentions, just not not so much follow through – I would love to change that! And I think it would benefit our whole family 🙂

  42. We are moving in a couple weeks to a new town, state and church. I want to be intentional right from the start in establishing good friendships and relationships with our new neighbors and congregation. I also want to be intentional about maintaining regular family time that builds up my children and reminds them daily of how loved they are.

  43. Got my book yesterday and read 4 chapters. Love it already!

    I also got 2 sets of cards from Dayspring that are simply lovely. They are beautiful and filled with encouraging Scriptures and affirmations. I can’t wait to start using them.

  44. I would use the cards to encourage friends near and far to let them know that not only do I think about them, God does, too. I would love the journal because, frankly, I need a new one. I’m almost finished with my current journal. I want to be more intentional in my relationship with Jesus and those around me.

  45. Would love to be able to gift this to a woman in need at our local domestic violence shelter.

  46. What an awesome giveaway!! What I would do with them? Well I’d probably use the magnets as gifts. Love to give little things to.the women in my Bible study and in our church. I’d keep the typewriter one for me though…to remind myself to start being intentional about writing..
    The note cards I would send out. I have realized that is something I need to be more intentional about. Texting/ emailing little encouragement are okay but I’ve often thought that I need to start sitting down and writing out real notes to send to others.
    The journal I would either keep or giveaway.
    Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway!

  47. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. Is it okay to say I’d like to keep and use all of these myself? 🙂 I am a big journaler, and a notecard writer. I *love* that ‘kind words’ print, and of course, I’m always hanging up my children’s artwork with magnets. 🙂 Can’t wait to participate in the book study!
    Sarah M

  48. This would be a wonderful resource to encourage me in developing my ministry to women in crisis and I could use Karen Kingsbury’s wonderful cards and magnets to bless those who need God’s healing touch. This will help me leave my comfort zone and reach out to people purposefully.


  49. These would be great reminders to live each moment with intention. They cards would be great to actually follow-through on my intention of encouraging others more often!

  50. I want to start back up my monthly girlfriend get-togethers…these would be great to give to these sweeties as a gift at our next get-together!!

  51. Intention/al seems to be my “word” right now, or at least one of them. To make sure my intentions become realities, I “check-in” with them from time to time. I have learned that what was once a good thing isn’t necessarily something for me to continue from season to season. Also, I decide, remember and keep reminding myself of my priorities and set out to keep them front and center by being intentional in my life.

  52. Don’t we all love encouragement…..would love to encourage others! Praying for this new study to bless everyone to lead the intentional life God calls us to live…all for HIS glory!

  53. The encouragement card set would be a blast to have! I am trying to make note writing a more intentional part of my life. I know the joy of getting a letter in the mail and want to do that for others more regularly!

  54. I would give most of the items away to others who need encouragement, while I would keep the journal and the book to study and deepen my purpose of living an intentional life.

  55. Hi, I love to send notes of encouragement to others. Whether to say thank you for being you to I’m so proud of you to I’m praying for you. Thanks! Cindy

  56. What a great giveaway! I had already ordered two books for the Bloom study – one for me, and one as a gift for a friend I have invited to join me – so I would ask you to keep the book as a sponsored book for someone who needs one. The journal would be perfect for my adult daughter, who struggles to find Jesus walking with her in her daily life. The print I absolutely love – one of my favs – as I am always saying “kindness counts”!!! The magnets would go on my office filing cabinet for reaffirmation & reassurance. The notecards I would share with my mom. 🙂

  57. I have been working on being more intentional in all aspects of my life so the magnets and art would be a good reminder around the house to keep my eyes on Jesus. The cards would be so nice to encourage my friends and family!

    I can’t wait to read this book!

  58. My favorite would be to send out the cards. I love getting mail. It perks me up and I love to do the same for others. I would also love to get the book. I cannot work because of my son’s mental health and I can’t afford it.

  59. I’m trying to be more intentional with four elderly relatives. I have a blog showing my kids pictures, and I update on facebook, yet despite showing them all how to get there, they just don’t use it. So I am writing one old fashioned letter a week. I would use these notecards to aid that endeavor.

  60. This would make a beautiful gift for a friend; I have in mind a dear friend who after many years of waiting, is finally engaged. Entering marriage is like opening the door to a new world. It would be great to give her this package to help guide her unveiling as a wife, in the new creation of marriage.

  61. I’m in a new season in life and these items would help me to stay intentional and remind me that I must press through for lasting change to become my new normal…in Christ, through Christ and only because of Him!

  62. Each one of these items are gorgeous on their own – but grouped together, wow!

    I am a huge lover of old school mail! I have stacks of gorgeous Dayspring cards by Holley Gerth and Max Lucado but I somehow have managed to not even see that Karen Kingsbury has cards? What? I’d love to send these out… you know, intentionally!

    The magnets could get slipped in one of my daughters’ moving boxes (tiny sob) and will bless her and her roomies!

    The Journal… well, my own journal is near the end… I have a journal for everything – but my personal journals are used to write in daily about what is going on in our lives and in my heart and it sounds like this would be a perfect ‘intentional’ journal to crack up and write in next!

    That print? Well – to be honest I have had my eye on it for awhile, but if I won I would probably slip that in another moving box as well! The colors will match my girlies’ new place perfectly!

    Oh and the book… my book budget is at zero and ya’ll keep talking about all the books and I would love to do this summer study with you but I just can’t swing buying yet another book right now!

    What a gorgeous and generous prize package… and even better? There are FIVE winners! Nice way to kick off summer, ya’ll!

  63. I would love to learn how to create intentional time for God before the chaos of being a Mom to 6 young kids and a serving wife, because I am always in need of His help! These would be wonderful tools I’m sure 🙂

  64. Would love to use the giveaway items to introduce the Pursue the Intentional Life book! Currently reading it and enjoying the content and challege to be intentional.

  65. I just have to say that I am very excited about starting this study. The excitement in part is because of eleven other women who want to get involved with this one during the summer. They are women that I interact with during the year in other Bible Studies. Usually we do not get together during the summer months but this year I was intrigued with the idea of an online Bible Study that we could all do separately and then get together once or twice to have fellowship and discussion. I am expecting great things from our great God! Thank you.

  66. I could use a nudge to live more notional for Christ. I would enjoy these gifts and then share them with others to enjoy. Paying it forward so others can live intentional as well.

  67. Being “intentional” in a wide variety of areas in my life has been a goal, especially recently when I retired. I don’t want to squander the hours and days in my present and future. I want to have purpose! I would love to read this book and share the gift items with my loved ones.

  68. My spiritual gift is that of encouragement. I would love to use these cards and other items to offer encouraging words to other people.

  69. In order to live with serious pursuit the life that Christ has already told us to live sometimes needs reminding. When I’m doing dishes and I want to complain… until I see the magnet on the fridge. When I sit at my desk to pay the bills and I see the journal laying there. When I correct my children for the 1,000 time, and I want to pull my hair out :0) and then I look up to see the art framed on the wall. An intentional life lived for Christ pours into others, so cards can be written to encourage others. This life we live doesn’t belong to us and it will take diligence in our thinking, and little reminders to keep our eyes pointed up. Looking forward to reading this book.

  70. I haven’t been living very intentionally lately and that needs to change. I would love to be able to read this book, but can’t currently purchase a copy for myself so winning one would be awesome! I would love to have the magnets and the art in a prominent place where they will be reminders to me.

  71. I love the timing of this study, b/c intentional living has become important to me to pursue as of late! I hope to use the magnets as reminders of intention in my home, and/or giving them to others who need that reminder as well! I will definitely be journaling through this process! I will put the art where I do my devotions and read everyday, as a reminder of my intention and prayers! So excited for this book study – love all that you do here for us as an online community!!

  72. Thank you for this opportunity. I have endured a 26year emotionally destructive and abusive relationship, never knowing what would be more harmful to our 2 sons. My answer and courage to make a change came from my son, who is getting married in 2 weeks. He stated, “do you think I will want to bring my children to this house?” I told him, ” no, I never wanted it one day for you and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to experience this either.” Since that exchange, I have been going through months of an even more abusive divorce.. I have received no money since January and have had my life consumed with court and a person who is trying to destroy my character and make it look like he was the one being abused by me. My natural personality is upbeat and positive, but this is taking that ‘me’ away and I want her back. Read about this study and the other resources and a possible way to receive them gives me some hope and I would be so grateful for the chance to participate with other women in this study. Thank you so much.

  73. I love to ramdomly pay it forward to others and my RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) are always done without them knowing. Like leaving a word of encouragemen on a co-workers desk while they are on break or leaving a note for a random stranger in the bathroom. The notes would be wonderful so that I could share a word of love and encouragement with others. I would also love the opportunity to read the book. The magnets would serve as a constant reminder for me to continue to live, love, laugh and encourage others.

  74. I am in a season of transition in my life…turning 50 in July, in transition with work and wanting to be more intentional with the remaining years of my career and my life. I know that I have a unique story to share and I want to learn how to do that most effectively and honoring to God. I am also cognizant of the opportunity to “write” the story that remains to be lived. I have just ordered Pursue the Intentional Life on Kindle. It would be fantastic to have a hard copy to highlight and share with friends. All the give-a-way items looks lovely. What a wonderful way to bless a friend with a card or a magnet. I love the old fashioned snail mail form of communication–it is a lost art in today’s electonic world. It would be fun to have these items to share. Thanks!

  75. These carefully selected items are great tools to move me into a place of living more intentionally as well as being able to assist and encourage other women in my sphere of influence to do the same. My one word for this year is Choose – so this book and packet in many ways certainly fits in with what I am reflecting on and working on this year.

  76. I myself need daily reminders that I am worthy of God’s love, and I would love to be an inspiration to others around me that they too are worthy of God’s love. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway.

  77. I want to be more intentional with my children and my husband. My oldest is 8 and it really just hit me that she is EIGHT! God-willing I have another 10 years with her at home and I want to live them with her – my other 2 aren’t far behind her so I need to get on it! And can I just say – this whole time I have been reading it as “The International Life” and wrote it off! Now that I figured out it says “intentional” I want to join! 🙂 Can you tell it’s the end of the school year for this mama?

  78. I would definitely give these items as gifts to friends and family and (in)courage them to get on line and join the book club!! It is my favorite!

  79. I would desperately love to win a copy of the book so that I can participate! Also, the notecards would be a wonderful way for me to get back into the habit of sending encouraging notes to friends and family!

  80. I would like to be consistent in studying God’s word this summer. I would use these items to encourage my DIL and daughter to join me at (in)courage

  81. I love to leave myself notes and reminders to be thankful and be in the moment. I also have been trying to be intentional about caring for others and showing them love. These items would be awesome to use for both purposes.

  82. As a brain tumor survivor I face many challenges every day. These tools would help me remain focused and encouraged and grow in my closeness and security in my relationship with God…

  83. Good intentions, these would be great reminders to help encourage my family in Christ!

  84. I am realizing how, at age 48, I am likely more than halfway through my life. Time is passing so fast! My husband and 7 children all need me to be purposeful and intentional. I would enjoy sending the cards to loved ones who need encouragement. The magnets and art print would be a beautiful reminder of my purpose and direction. The journal would be a place for me to write prayers and my thoughts. And I know that Jean Fleming’s book, through her experiences and wisdom, would help to guide me toward more intentional living.

  85. One of the ways I talk with God is through journaling. It helps me honestly put how I am doing and meditate on words or verses He has given me. I also love giving gifts and words of encouragement so would definitely make good use of the giveaway 🙂

  86. I would definitely use the journal to keep track of my progress in being more intentional about reading/studying God’s word – and we can always use more magnets to display our kids’ art and school stuff. Thank you!

  87. I am intentionally making God a priority in my life and marriage. The cards will be encouraging to send to my husband who is intentionally working on recovery. The magnets and art print would show our redeemed and restored hearts to friends and family who visit us. The journal will be perfect for sharing notes of love and encouragement with my husband when he comes home… Slipped under his pillow.

  88. Our family is getting ready to start fostering kids so I know that my bio kids will have a hard time adjusting. We are trying to prepare to be intentional to spend time with each of the children individually, as well as making sure that my husband and I have our time together as well. These look like great resources that I’ll definitely check out!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. To live intentionally is the only way to live and I would like to learn how to do that and set the example not just for myself, but for my family and friends. If I won, I would share the gifts and invite people to join me.

  90. Wow what a great giveaway! I have just recently joined this beautiful group. So blessed to have been given this link by a wonderful friend just when I needed it(I love how He works that way). I’m going to try and join the bookclub..I’ve never been in a book club and I think it would be enlightening! Thank you again for your hardwork in all that you do for our Fathers kingdom!

  91. Living intentionally is something I have been trying to do especially since my daughter is getting older and I would love to enjoy every moment she is still in my home.

  92. Encouragement is so important among women in our society today. I plan on sharing what I learn from the blog with my women’s group at church, and I would post the magnets and the print at work where others could see and ask questions. I would be blessed to win this awesome package! 🙂

  93. I am the original “secret pal” and guardian angel. I leave notes and gifts for different sisters each week in our church mail folders. I spend more on postage stamps than anyone I know since I have many sisters across the country. Nothing shouts “YOU’RE IN MY HEART, MIND AND PRAYERS” better than snail mail.
    Your generous giveaway presents will be enjoyed and shared with all the spirit and blessings intended.

  94. It would be an honor to have these items to assist me in my intentional walk with Jesus. I would be able to send encouraging notes to my friends and family. I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  95. I would love to use the journal to be more intentional in my relationship with God (writing prayers) and the cards to write to friends. I have already ordered the book but would love to give that away as well, to a friend who could then join us for the book study. I am really looking forward to reading this book!

  96. I would encourage my friends and family by sharing these lovely gifts with them. Especially the ones that are moving through difficult days right now

  97. I am struggling of late to get “my ducks in a row” with my quiet time. My Bible studies have stopped for the Summer and I need some “encouragement” and structure to get myself back on track. I think this would be really helpful. 🙂

  98. I have been struggling with severe depression and I am constantly looking for things that will help me fight against it. Every day is a battle against darkness. I would love to use the journal to vent my thoughts, which I have found lately really helps me. The magnets I would keep on my fridge at home and the cards I would use to reach out to a few key people in my life who are standing loyally beside me as I try so hard to get better. The art print would go in my house as well to remind me that the words we speak are powerful and that the things we say can literally give life or bring death, especially in marriage. I would love a copy of the study because I know it will help me as I try to stay close to Jesus, which is the best medicine for depression anyway.

    My mom told me about this site recently and I have been reading it every day. Thank you for helping me stay in the light.

  99. Living intentionally is one that I have to ask guidance and patience for daily I have taken over the nursery at my church as well as the pre-k class. I am also wanting to start a ladies bible study sometime during the week, just something for fun and I these products would help in this endeavor. I absolutely love sending cards in the mail, it is so nice to get something besides junk mail and so I send two to three cards a week to friends and family.

  100. In the season of life I’m in, I’m realizing more and more the importance of making my home a sanctuary so I feel at peace and joyful in it and the power of words, both of which are included in the giveaway. There’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with encouragement, both visually and verbally.

  101. Since a major health crisis cost me my job and left me feeling like a dark cloud is always above me, I need to be more intentional about making my life what I want it to be instead of what I let my circumstances dictate. It is a daily struggle and these affirmations would be a positive tool for me to help myself and to help others as well.

  102. I would love to share these gifts with friends! We love to send cards to each other and the magnets would be a happy little gift as well!

  103. These items look like just what I’m needing right now to cheer me up and spur me on…..having just experienced 2 car accidents in the past week, never having experienced one before (!!) I have undergone various medical procedures and am still somewhat shaken and would really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks so much xx

  104. I would love to send my friends notes of encouragement. I also love gifting friends and family with uplifting gifts. Thank you for the chance to win.

  105. I would be THRILLED to use any of these items to help me be a life-giver and joy-bringer to those God brings across my path! The journal would be a wonderful place to record prayer requests from others-as well as help me to pray God’s heart for them! I would love the beautiful notes to remind others that they matter and are deeply loved-by their Heavenly Father and by me! I would love to use these items to help share some SON-SHINE with others:)

  106. I would love to be able to send out cards to my friends – I’ve moved so much and feel like I’ve lost touch with a lot of people.

  107. By having something tangible and physical, hopefully I will remember to make an entry in the journal when I see it!! Also, by sending physical cards, people can feel loved in a tangible and re-use-able way!

  108. I love to journal my ideas and thoughts each day. I keep track of birthdays, special days and who I need to send uplifting notes to for each of my friends and family. This special gift would really be wonderful for me and my friends.

    Thank you!

  109. Oh goodness. What a beautiful giveaway. I would use these items to the fullest. I have wanted that art print since I first saw it. I would frame it and put it in my bathroom. That would be the place most used in my home. The magnets would be the best reminder each time I we open it. I’m trying not only to be intentional in my walk with God and my friends and family but also my child. The cards would be such a wonderful addition bc a group of friends of mine have gotten together and vowed to send sweet cards, letters, etc to encourage and lift one another in our daily lives. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to win this giveaway!

  110. I have recently been reading all of Karen’s books and have enjoyed them so much. I started reading them just to fill the time but then I started to really gain a lot of wisdom from them that helped me deal with some things I’m going on in life right now. I would love to win her journal and other items because she has helped pull me out of a bit of a slump that I was in.

  111. I am a fan of Karen Kingsbury’s books and her writing has been inspiring to me. The journal will be an impetus to writing regularly and intentionally in order to reveal the inner “me.” I love to write letters to my family and friends who are living miles away. The cards would be a blessing to them. Other items would be gifted to those who need a spiritual lift and encouragement. Thank you for the opportunity to spread the Word of God through this giveaway.

  112. I would use them to give as gifts to friends to prompt a conversation about the study and an opportunity to invite them to join me. I love my friends, but I have to be very intentional about making time for authentic community with them. It’s too easy to be superficial and call it friendship.

  113. I chose a word to focus on for 2014 back in January and that word was “purposeful”. I haven’t always done well in being intentional and this is just another step I need to take.

  114. This is a wonderful giveaway! My book should be here any day now and I can’t wait to get started.

    You know, I’ve always been a Christian and believer in God, but it wasn’t until the past year that I fully came to realize what it means, that there is a very deep relationship involved, and every word I say and step I take MATTER. Every step and every word can be changed significantly simply by delving into a relationship with Him. Even though I’ve always had a kind heart and desire to help others and make a difference, I’ve always been someone of a “moody” person, if you know what I mean. Snippy, easily annoyed, coming off as less than kind– despite what was truly in my heart. As I truly started to find myself in Christ, all of that “moody” has faded away. Speaking kindness comes out above all else. Living intentionally is at the forefront of my world, finally, and living for God and God alone. I have developed a whole new urge and desire to be a walking billboard for Jesus. So many people these days do a terrible job at being Christ-like and it scares nonbelievers away. I want to be more of a giver and LIFE sharer and I’m striving to do this everyday!
    The Kind Words print is PERFECT and would be an amazing daily reminder for myself and anyone entering my home. The cards would be shared with friends in need of love and support. The magnets would likely be shared with friends in need as well. The journal, which I might love more than anything else in the package, would be put to use in writing my thoughts, realizations, desires, and plans for living intentionally for Christ and learning to share that with the world. The book would definitely be passed on to someone who could benefit from it, as I’ve already ordered my own copy. 🙂

    I really am so excited to have found (in)courage. It was no accident, I feel certain. I’m thrilled to be taking part in this book study and a community group! Thanks, ladies, for making this a possibility!

  115. I would use all these giveaway items to uplift and as a tool for the Lord to bring restoration to sex trafficked women at Samaritan Women ministry.

    I would send encouragement and inspiration through the use of the Karen Kingsbury cards and as a gift I would attach a magnet to each card with another small bought gift. I would add my own creativity to these by decorating the inside of each card uniquely for each person. Through this act of love, I truly believe hearts will be changed and restored in the name of Jesus.

    I would combine the “Pursue the Intentional Life” book and the Possibilities Journal together, tie them with ribbon and add my own creative cardstock tag with an encouraging word and give it as a gift to a sex trafficked woman at the ministry who is struggling to find purpose or at a crossroads in their life.

    I would buy a wall frame and add a creative twist to it then put the Kind Words Art Print in it as a display in the Samaritan Women Ministry Home to serve as a blessing and an uplifting Scripture for women who have been sex trafficked.

    It is much better to give than to receive! Sharing love is showing Jesus!

  116. I would use them as give-aways in a neighborhood party where I encouraged my neighbors to join with me in this book club.

  117. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to use the cards to send out as “just because” notes of encouragement, and the magnets would be great visual reminders each day as well!

  118. I just love surrounding myself with God’s word and know that I have plenty of friends and family that would feel so much better with these things visible in their world. I would share the journal with a dear friend at church who comes up with the best ideas and counsels women day in and day out. She can use her own encoragement. I have friends all over the country that I would love to share these cards with and have a reason to write a little something to them instead of type it. Magnets are such a great way to remember…Every time we get something out of the fridge, we see grace. I would share these with my family…the places we all go and open each other’s fridgerators and can be reminded together. A framed print I might keep for me…and pass it on to another woman who I feel needs it at a specific time in their life….with the instructions to pass it on again as needed…Any way we can encourage ourselves, each other, and anyone in our path is a positive thing. More than I ever thought before, I need to live an intentional life. Without this intention, I have been through so much of my own induced trauma. I want to live God’s way. I want to share this with everyone I know!

  119. I’m trying to be more intentional about cultivating kindness and gentleness in my life, so this was a timely giveaway. I’d like to use these items to continue pursing these virtues in my own life, and sharing them with those I love as well.

  120. I enjoy writing special cards to the people in my life. Sharing the other items with family and friends would continue sharing God’s word and watching Joy grow!!

  121. Ooh! It’s getting EXCITING! My summer plans have changed several times, and I am beginning to wonder what God is trying to say to me through all of the changes. I was already thinking about how I could use this summer to set up routines that could get me through next school year. As a teacher, I always start off with good intentions and high expectations, and they start dwindling about October. :-/ I think the magnets would be a GREAT reminder both in my kitchen and bathroom. The journal will help me document the pieces of the ride that I don’t feel the need to put on my blog, but do feel the need to actually put on paper, and the cards will continue to help me be open and honest with where the control in my life is coming from, and hopefully it is God more often than self!! 🙂 Can’t wait to get started on this book! j.

  122. I will send the cards to some of the women in my bible study group. I’ll give the magnets to some of seniors in our high school program that are heading off to college. The journal will make a great gift for the couple that hosts our monthly small group pot luck dinner. The sign will look great in my confirmation classroom. And the book will travel among friends. I love making little moments for my family and friends.

  123. I liked, shared, tweeted and pinned. signed up for email 🙂
    To do List Done!
    These would be amazing tools- sharing, conversation starters,gifts and for personal use on deepening relationships- intentionally!. With social media and our phones so much for our lives are not about relationships, we have to be about intentional about pursuing others and pursuing god.
    These would be amazing to have and use as testimony on what God is doing in our lives.

  124. Thanks so much for this giveaway…very nice!! I would place the magnets on my locker door at work and I would use the cards to leave notes of encouragement to my co-workers. I love the “kind words” print and would hang it by my front door as a reminder to me (and my family!) to speak words of encouragement at home and as we are out in the world. The journal would be filled with prayers, bible verses, inspirational quotes, stories and such–things I could share with my friends and family when they need to be lifted up. I would share the book with a friend and encourage her to join us!!

  125. I would benefit in having theses resources to intentionally encourage myself and other women who are struggling with everyday life problems especially other moms in various stages of parenting. Thank you for the opportunity to win these items, looking forward to the book club.

  126. would use these gifts as inspiration for myself to encourage others. The notes would be awesome way to encourage friends with a hand written note, we so need to go back to connecting with personal hand written messages and verses

  127. I would like to use these items to help me grow and stay encouraged. I also would like to share them with others in need of encouragement.

  128. I’m excited about this giveaway! I long to be more intentional in my relationships- intentionally kind words, positive attitudes, and selfless rejoicing not comparing. Thank you!

  129. I’ve really felt challenged to be more intentional in several areas of my life lately. I love the idea of the cards in the giveaway, to connect with and intentionally encourage friends and family members.

  130. I work with Moms who have children in prison. I try to be intentional in helping them with their self -worth, helping them to forgive and love their children – trying to lead their children to Christ. I also reach out to their children – with words of encouragement, There are times I am exhausted, stressed, and just don’t want to be the encourager . .but I know how much it means to me to reach out to someone who is hurting . .so the giveaways would become giveaways of encouragement to some women who really need it.

    • I was just reading through and that is so awesome! You are definitely helping in an area that is needed greatly. Blessings to you and those you help.

  131. Life is so busy, even when it isn’t quite as busy. I keep being reminded to notice each moment and the be mindful and thankful for right now. Its about being intentional and I am so excited about this study! Not only to I want to be more intentional with my life, but in reaching out and sharing what God is doing in my life with others. Intentional encouragement with note cards or little gifts. And, I LOVE Karen Kingsbury! 😉

  132. I would totally use the possibilities journal as my prayer journal (since mine is running out of pages), which is a great reminder that with God, nothing is impossible. I just told my cousin about Bloom book club and I think she’d enjoy having her own copy of “Pursue the Intentional Life.” All the products in this giveaway are inspirational and beautiful. They can be daily reminders for us to be intentional in our relationship with God and with others!

  133. I would use the journal to become more organized and creative in ways to be more intentional through encouragement. I work with patients who have diabetes so I’m always looking for ways to use my faith in encoragement. The magnets, cards or word art would be a good useful tool

  134. For 7 years, I participated in a weekly bible study with a mentor. 3 months ago my husband and I opened a cafe and my life has completely changed. I haven’t seen my mentor (who is also my very best friend) since. I’m desperate for a “different” accountability. A friend directed me to this site and I’m anxious to get started in the Word again. Shalom…

  135. I would be so blessed daily as a reminder to live each day Intentional no matter what the days may bring. To write down in the journal my thoughts. my blessings, and what I’m thankful for each day to remind me to live Intentional. These would all be great reminders and tools to use daily in my walk with God. I would also use them to bless others… Thank you and God Bless your Ministry for all it does and brings to Women everywhere. 🙂
    Ready To Live Intentional and let go of Fear and Control !

  136. I need to be more intentional about spending time with God for sure. I would use these items to journal more and read my bible on a daily basis and just listen for Him to speak to me. This book sounds just what I need too!

  137. I would love a copy of the book, as lack of extra funds has kept me from being able to purchase it right now. It would definitely help me be more intentional about the study. The Karen Kingsbury items would help me be more intentional about sharing what I have learned from the study with others.

  138. I would put the magnets on my desk at work to remind myself throughout the day of where my heart and mind should go to. The journal I would use as my prayer journal; it’s perfect! The book I would give to an amazing friend who has been instrumental in helping me feel welcome with her small group and church. The print would go above my desk in my home office where I do my at home Bible study and readings!

  139. I’d hoped for my sister and I to do this study together. I already have the book, but would love to have an extra for her.

  140. would love to have a 2nd copy of this book to give to my friend Jenny. we keep each other accountable, but she doesnt have the time to do the study online because she is planing and leading our churches VBS. would use the cards to encourage others. Really have had the call from God to be and encourager. So excited about this study. First time but it wont be the last!

  141. I’m honestly not certain how I’ll use them, but I’m starting a new job soon, and imagine I could use some encouragement in my new office – so I bet the magnets and journals will be a great help. 🙂

  142. I want to be intentional in the raising of my children, in my friendships, in my marriage, with other believers and unbelievers!

  143. The subject of this book is very exciting to me, as God has been speaking to me in the past month, to become more intentional about reaching out to others one on one, instead of in the ministries I have been involved in. Can’t wait to see what God does.

  144. This summer will bring a really different pace to our household. With two little ones, it’s already hard to spend time with God daily. I’m reasonably good at reading a few verses in the morning, but I’d love to spend more time journaling and writing as well. The Karen Kingsbury Journal would help with this. I also want to become more intentional in my friendships this summer. We’ve moved several times, and left many wonderful friends behind. The encouragment cards would be a great tool to reach out and tell them how valuable they still are to me, even at a distance.

  145. I am looking forward to reading this latest selection on living a life of intention.
    I would use the journal to not only record my journey while reading Pursue the Intentional Life but to also make it a gratitude journal. I would share the other items with friends who are also on this journey. They would be great inspirational reminders of the life we are seeking to live.

  146. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I haven’t been able to grab the book yet, but am planning to get it ASAP. I enjoy dropping a note in the mail to a friend that God brings to mind…usually I end up being encouraged just as much. 🙂 The magnets would be a great visual reminder to be intentional with my time and gifts as well.

  147. I would use the items in this giveaway to become more intentional in my journey with Christ as well as spreading his love to others. Most of the time I get caught up in how busy life is and forgot how important this is!!

  148. I would give each of the items away to friends that need encouragement.

  149. Recently I feel the Lord clearly pulling me out of my comfort zone and “bubble” and holy huddle and asking me to reach out to the non-believers. It’s such a stretch for me but I keep stepping and HE keeps guiding, providing and equipping so with the giveaways I would continue to do just that!

  150. We are coming out of a long season of survival mode and just somehow trying to get by and get through the day. As part of that I really want to be more intentional and not just let the days drift by unaccounted for.

  151. I work at a Christian Book Store and have the fantastic opportunity to meet women on so many different levels. Karen Kingsbury alone has encouraged so many and provided spiritual help and healing through her books. Our store exists to bring intentions to life through God’s Word, books, Dayspring cards, and gifts to encourage one another and ourselves in our daily walk. I would use these items promotionally but also personally and to help hurting or discouraged women, especially widows.

  152. My (in)RL group has continued to meet — and I would love to share these items with them! Also, a good friend of mine and I have had this discussion several times. I know these things would be a great blessing. Can’t wait to get stared!

  153. I would use these items to help start conversations with people that might
    feel uncomfortable about talking.

  154. Reaching out with words, notes, and cards of encouragement to help others get through rough periods in their lives. A fresh word of hope with God’s Word and from a friend who cares means a lot. Who doesn’t need a word of hope, love, and God’s strength and power!

  155. I find the more I surround myself with items that carry a specific message I am better able to reflect on the message and it continues to filter into my everyday life. The journal would be perfect for prayer requests, the magnets for holding up important papers and the cards for reaching out to others.

  156. I could really use a boost to my intentional living! I begin the year pretty strong then lose it along the way. Being a single, working mom to two teens gets me distracted and off focus! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  157. “Intentional” is my word for this year!! I would love to use the prizes as gifts to pass out to the ladies I encourage.

  158. I feel like most of my day is a giant flail right now. I’m hoping this book study will help me put my feet back under me and put me on a better course. Ugh. Jesus take the wheel!

  159. I’ve got an empty space on my wall that I have been waiting to fill with just the right inspiration to start each day…this might be it! Learning (and re-learning) each day to live with intention. It’s not easy, but I’m hopeful and so grateful that this book has now come into my life…hmm God is so clear sometimes!

  160. I have purposed this year to be an encourager.
    These products would be used for encouraging others on purpose!

  161. I always enjoy a new book to use as part of my morning devotions. Any good book I read I always share the thoughts with friends and the book too if they are interested in reading it.

  162. I do try to be intentional but often the day scurries by and I’ve lost that focus. Keeping magnets on my cabinet at work will help, journaling keeps it fresh in my thoughts and reading – well, reading is my joy!

  163. I will write notes to people to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

  164. I like to send cards to friends and family. The magnets would be great at work. I keep quotes on my overhead bin to keep me focused during the day. Also think writing in a journal would increase my focus as well.

  165. Being intentional for me means listening to the needs of others. I love encouraging others through my thoughts, words and actions. I love to journal. What would I put in the journal? Inspiring bible verses. I have and online blog that I try to write on when I can. So far individuals from over 52 countries around the world have read my blog. What do they read the most? Blog entries about bible verses. I would definitely use the items to help encourage others in their walk with God.

  166. Its funny, strange, and a bit ironic that as a Christian I need reminders to live intentionally. But I do. Just reading through the comments makes me not feel as alone in this. The giveaway would help remind me throughout the day not only that im not alone but that I can do this!

  167. What a generous and beautiful giveaway! I would love to read the book and would like to be more intentional with my mothering moments, decision making, and friendships, and my time. Everything looks so encouraging!

  168. to encourage orhers with tangible tokens of grace, love and understanding … actions and visible reminders that bless me and others in my life!

  169. I always enjoy sending encouragement cards to friends and family, so a new set would be a lovely addition to the ones I already have!

  170. I am in a transition stage of my life as a former homeschool mom with children now growing up (is my oldest really an adult?). Relationships are changing and I’m recognizing the need to be intentional in my interactions with family and friends. I would love to have these tools to guide me into intentional living.

  171. I was so blessed by participating in the inCourage A Million Little Ways book club this past year. It spurred me on to lead an art group and to begin volunteering at our church’s campus ministry. I am so excited for the Pursue the Intentional Life book club as well. After just reading the foreword and first chapter, I know it is a resource I will use as I lead in these settings. I would love to share a copy of Jean’s book with a friend so we can participate in the current book club together. I would use the other items to build up some of the women from the art group & I would hang the art print in my entryway.

  172. I’d love to use the book to do this study, and the journal to reflect on my journey through the summer noting how/where God speaks to me and where He says to take action. Then record how & when I do! The magnets would be great reminders of what I studied that morning – I like the idea of finding a verse to go with each one and using the magnet as a key word to help memorize it. I challenged myself to send one card of encouragement to someone each month last year. These would be a great way to start that up again! Looking so forward to the study!!

  173. I have been intentional in doing my bible study for the second year in a row!!! I feel i am ready to start a journal as well…I hope God will start talking to me about what/when/where and ill write it down to record what the experience and also to go back to when i lose my way…I am looking forward to the study!

  174. I would journal and surround myself with the art as a daily reminder of my new journey to pursuing the intentional life, and I haven’t bought the book yet, so the timing would be very good.

  175. I definitely need refreshment in my walk w/God. I need to be intentional w/this and my family and w/serving others.

  176. I’d love to win a copy of “Pursue the Intentional Life” because I want to read it with a few friends over the summer. I think walking through the content with an older mentor and a friend in my same life stage (newly married) would be so fruitful for all of us as we grow in Christ’s love together!

    Thank you so much for the chance to read and think through these things 🙂

  177. I love the art print. Visual reminders help me to ponder God’s word and take action. It will be a great reminder to guide my interaction with others.

  178. I’ve shared and tweeted and pinned! I would love to win this giveaway bundle! I lead a summer book club, Journey Into Lit.(our church name is Journey…I am the Women’s Ministry). This would be an awesome pic for our fist read of the summer. I would love to use some of these giveaway prizes as gifts and incentives to join in with the first book of the summer. And of course I would love to use the journal myself…I am an inconsistent journal-er and would love to begin being more intentional in my journaling. I’m also in the Inklings(in)Christ (in)courage group and reading Anne Lamott’s, Bird by Bird is already proving itself as a great motivator in being intentional about my own writing.
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome collection! (p.s. I’ve also applied to be on Karen’s book launch team for her latest book coming out)…this would be the icing on the cake!

  179. I read incourage daily and it has really helped me to persevere…life has been difficult for a few years. I try to keep my Faith strong and to be hopeful. Some days are more difficult than others… These items would surely encourage me and also friends who I would share with. It’s good to start the day looking at inspiration. It helps the soul.
    Thank you for always (in)couraging. God Bless.

  180. I plan to use these gifts as a part of my ministry. I have a friend in my church that I am mentoring and an online ministry. God gave me a heart for His women and children created from my journey. Honestly I will bless myself with one something and give to a special friend that could use a happy.

  181. I love giving people encouragement. This is my God-given gift. I have and continue to send e-cards, little notes, etc. telling people what they mean to me. I know it lifts their spirits. We need to live intentionally and show our love for each other. People are hurting and going through various trials. Showering them with a bit of God’s love can make their day a little brighter!

    Blessings 🙂

  182. Oh this is going to be a very rough summer (for reasons too personal to state)…I need to be able to dig down deep into Him to get through it…

  183. I like the name of Karen Kingsbury’s collection “Possibilities.” It sums up my thoughts as I look at the book info and the items in the prize package. I would use these items to explore possibilities.

  184. Hopeful!!!!! I would love to use this book as our next book for our book club. We are a group of 5 women that left our careers to follow what God has called us to do. Can’t wait to get started!!!! I would use the journal as communication/heart notes between my daughter and I. The magnets and cards would be given to encourage others. Thank you!!!!!!

  185. I will use the book to participate in the book-club. I will use the journal in my morning quiet time as I grow closer to Christ and I would use the note cards to encourage others on their journey! The magnets will go on my refrigerator to remind my kids of the possibilities within each of them.

  186. I could so use this, because I’ve been struggling with devotions lately and just resting in His truth. This giveaway would be such an encouragement to me on my journey to no more fear and seeking His peace this year.

  187. I’ve been feeling really stuck, too many things to do, hopes and dreams sidelined. I know I need to be intentional and hope-full but…
    Thank you for the great generosity of your giveaways; I know they are a great blessing to the women who receive.

  188. I would use the journal during this study to keep notes of Prusing an intentional life and during the study I would use greeting cards and other items to help others pruse an intentional life as well so the to can know His JOY (JESUS OVERFLOWING YOU) everday in the simplest and littlest blessings given freely to each . Of us everyday if we intentional take time to stop and see, hear or feel it.

  189. I want to live an intentional life, as much as possible. I always try to, “Be where my feet are,” so that I am fully engaged in the moment, whether that be in ministry or just being with my friends. I would love to win this set to journal about the daily ways I live an intentional life and to share the little gifts to bless others.

  190. It always baffles me that at work I can be intentional, but in my walk with Christ I need that gentle reminder. What a great package to help aid this problem!

  191. I would love to use the journal as a reflective tool to deepen my walk with Christ. I love to encourage people and could use the notes to do so!!

  192. being apart of a book club will make me BE INTENTIONAL in my walk with Christ. The journal will help get the feelings…the words that need to be expressed OUT..and hopefully thru this reading I can realize how much God loves me.

  193. I am excited to start this journey and becoming intentional about my walk with God. I have recently come back to my faith after walking away 11 years ago after the death of my child. I held onto anger and pain and have been slowly been able to release some of that recently. I still feel unsteady in my place with God and just in this life. I want to be the woman God wants me to be, the mother my children need, the wife my husband needs.

  194. So many of these items would be wonderful gifts to share Isn’t it great to receive a kind note in the mail? Hand written letters are becoming a lost art…one that I make an effort to keep alive. But life gets soooo busy. And sometimes priorities get shifted in ways that don’t reflect God’s plan. I spent the last year over-committed to too many “good things”. But the choices I made left me feeling disconnected from my personal faith journey and my family. The birth of our 3rd child and first daughter has brought me into a slower season. So, this book could be a gift to me…to help lay the ground work for the intentional life I long for and my children need. My husband and I believe that, through God, we have the power to change our family legacy. But we recognize that it cannot be done without intentional effort. Thank you for the opportunity to win this generous prize!

  195. Sometimes being intentional isn’t hard, but being intentional about the right things, is. I need help. Doesn’t everyone? What a great start the providential winner will have with these graceful gifts! What a blessing these giveaways are. Thank YOU for being intentional about something RIGHT. 🙂

  196. I’m so glad the new season begins with such a wonderful book and complements. I’m looking forth to the discussions and the reading.