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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Rarely are the motherless thought of on “Mother’s Day” thank you so much for bringing comfort this morning. I was first mothered in my early twenties by a precious teacher who was my advisor when I was doing my student teaching. She taught me to own my talents, to set goals, to acknowldege and be proud of my assets and she taught me to rely on God. I am also mothered by an older mommy friend who encourages me, shows me where I am lacking as a result of an absent mother, refuses to allow me to make excuses, and guides me on my own journey of mothering my children blindly as I have no example to base my mothering/parenting skills on. She is also the sole person who encouraged me in my decision to quit my job and become a “stay at home mom” upon the birth of my two gifts.

    I am PROUDLY mothering along with my amazing husband, my two precious adopted children and soon hoping to bring another home!! I hope my children will learn love, thankfulness, joy, God, forgiveness, bravery, prayer, fun, determination, compassion, empathy, philanthropy, tenderness and parenting.

    I pray that they will not pay for “the sins of my parents” and I strive daily to parent from a clean slate and not one littered with memories of how I felt and how I struggled at their age – they don’t and won’t have the struggles that I had so I don’t need to think of them in terms of how I felt as a child – I am giving them something different.

    • Anna, All I can say is Amen and Amen! I love your story! I can tell that you are doing an amazing job as a mother! It is hard not having an earthly example to follow but you have something better. You can follow the example of the Holy Spirit. i like your approach to mother, not viewing them in terms of your past. They will have something different. God will do a new thing in their lives. A new spiritual legacy starts now.

      God is so god to fill in those gaps. I love the women that he has brought into you life. What a blessing!

      Thank you for sharing Anna!

  2. Karina,
    I was blessed to have a great mother, but no mother is perfect because we are all human. I have found it really helpful to have a mentor in my life who has a deeply rooted faith and can provide me with biblical and objective perspective. I feel so fortunate to have these women in my life.

    In turn, God called me to be a mentor mom at our church’s MOPS group and now He has called me to mentor some younger women through my writing and my blog. I believe that as we receive grace, we also need to extend grace. My prayer is that God would use me to be light and hope to other women.

    I am also learning that as a mother you are never “done” mothering. My children, both grown, still come to their mom. I pray that I will always be a safe haven for them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story…

    • Bev! I heart your name!

      I love all that God is doing in your life! Mentors are key and so valuable. We all need them and we need to be them! I will be praying that you will continue to be light and hope to every woman that you encounter.

      I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day!!!!

      Thank you for sharing Bev! Be blessed!

  3. Thank you for this post! I needed to hear it. Mothers day is not happy for me due to the distant, strained relationship with my mom… It brings up a lot of pain. It does seem like everyone else is having the happiest, sweetest day, so it’s helpful to know i’m not alone!

    • Frances, you are most definitely not alone! Mother’s Day for me looks different every year. Some years are hard and some I am okay. I just power through by the grace of God. I am praying that a spiritual mom is there for you speaking words of hope and love straight from the heart of God on this Mother’s Day.

      Blessings to you Frances!

      • Thanks, Karina! Yep, I totally understand.. some years I feel more healed than others! Thank you for your prayers & blessings to you, too!

  4. A very beautiful, timely story. I have allowed my son’s 16 year old girlfriend to move in with us. She has so many problems, emotionally and mentally. She is so unlikeable. Everyone believes my husband and I are crazy for putting up with all the drama and pain she causes. I have begun to see her just as a broken child. Her family is so dysfunctional, but it is all she knows. She clings to it. She is too young to see it, to be willing to let go. I struggle with how much to say to her, I don’t want to bad-mouth her parents….but somethings I have to be honest about. It is a constant roller coaster here, but I have to hope and believe that I am ” being close to the broken hearted”. Thankfully my own mom was the perfect example of love one another. I hope I am making her proud.
    Please pray for my family, and all it’s broken pieces. May God’s desire for me be clear, and His will be done.
    Thank you for reminding me why I do it. I really needed to hear it.

    • Joan, that is incredible! I love that you and your husband have taken her in! She is an orphan in a sense and God charges us to take care of them. You are honoring His heart.

      I pray that her heart will be open and receptive to His voice and love. May she begin to see herself as the Lord sees her.

      May you hear Him clearly and be obedient to his leading.

      Have an amazing Mother’s Day! Blessings to you Joan!

  5. Katrina, You have such a beautiful soul. Your tender words will bless so many women this week, and fill them with hope and encouragement. Love you, friend!

  6. Such a beautiful post, I am so flooded with emotion and thoughts. I have a wonderful Mom, not perfect but honest and she has loved me through everything. She has answered every hard question, she has always been there. She has mothered many, and I love sharing her. Reading all your comments and your stories are beautiful. Thank you I will be sharing this with a friend who just lost her only son 9 months ago, she is struggling as I am just for different reasons. Thank you for mothering me this morning ladies…… God is good

    • Oh Robin, may God be ever so near to you in this time. He sees your every hurt and doubt. He longs to flood those places with His love, healing and hope.

      You be willing to share your mom is such a gift to so many women! Know that the Lord is pleased by that.

      Please do share this with your friend and let me know how she is.

      Praying for you today! Blessings to you Robin!

  7. As a Birthmother I have a grown son that I’ve never met. He has a wonderful family,wife,children,job. God truly answered my prayers for his life. For whatever reason he has decided that he can not have a relationship with me.maybe because I have answered any of his questions in a letter I wrote to him. Maybe because he DOES have a great life his heart is whole. I know that my Heavenly Father knows MY heart and when I need a bit info about this son He gives it to me online. I have two other sons who I am so proud of. They have great lives also. They are such a help to me, and a delight to my heart. My two DILs are precious also. I try to show Gods love to them through my actions. I also have three little grandsons and a little granddaughter that I’m trying to show a living,loving God to. My mother is with God but she is most certainly still in my life. As I go through my life I can see her in my actions! She was a great rôle model.that’s a good thing. 🙂 Wow! I am blessed .

    • Sarita, you have been blessed with such a full life of love! I am sure that you DILs love you and are grateful for you. Continue to pray for you birth son, one day his heart may change and want you to be fully involved in his life.

      God can do more in a moment than we could do in a lifetime.

      Have an amazing Mother’s Day Sarita!

    • Sarah, that is so good! You are being a mother to them even from a distance especially if they are motherless. Amen! I am so grateful for the unconditional love of God and I love it when we get it right and love others the way that God loves us!

      Have an amazing day Sarah! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Your words today were meant for me to read. I am an only child with no children of my own. I took care of my mother in my home for 10 years. Dementia claimed her during the last year. It was the hardest time of my life and the most rewarding. I lost her to the Lord in July 2009. Mother’s Day has always been so hard for me but I now choose to celebrate her life instead of her passing. Thank you for making me realize that I am so blessed to have had this amazing Christian woman in my life who loved me unconditionally. Good Bless You.

    • Janet,

      I understand your sentiments exactly. My mom died from dementia and sundowner’s in August 2009. Dad took care of her while she was bedridden for 2 years. It was hard for me to watch her get progressively worse.

      Now dad & I look back at some old pictures of her when she was young and remember the good times we had. Celebrating a life is so rewarding and soul cleansing!

      • Janet and Beth, it is very much God’s desire for us to grieve with hope. That is such a testimony to others who find themselves in the same situations. Y’all are definitely doing that!

        I am glad that y’all are celebrating their lives knowing that you will see them again one day. that is a sweet comfort.

        Janet, I pray that there is a spiritual mom in your life that will love on you this Mother’s Day.

        Blessings to you both!!!

  9. When my mom passed away 17 years ago, I remember writing that I had become a motherless mother. I felt so overwhelmed, scared, with a one year old in tow. She passed away a week after Mother’s Day, so May is always bittersweet for me, and this post particularly poignant . My MIL stepped in and has acted as a mother to me as well as my husband, supporting us as we have raised our four sons. As my oldest prepares to graduate high school, I am so proud to be his mom, so thankful for all of the love and support I have been given over the years, and which I have been able to pass on to him. Thank you to all who support other young moms in need, who “mother” where no biological ties bind, but do so out of love. I pray I may love and influence others for the Kingdom of God as has been done for me.

    • Michelle, that is beautiful. I am sorry about your mom. Praying that you are filled with the peace of God this Mother’s Day. He has blessed you with spiritual moms.

      May you treasure that day with your sons. You are blessed and highly favored.

      Have an amazing day!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This mother’s day is not much different from the 5 or so previous. You see my mother died in 2009 from dementia and sundowner’s. Her body just gave up and God gently called her home. She was completely bedridden 2 years prior and was “losing” her memory. I was relieved that she died as I did not have to see her suffer any more. She was a good mother in some ways. I never really had a mentor and don’t have children. I seem to bond with older women and we talk about life.

    My husband has been a motherless son for years. His mom died in about 1988 from brain cancer. He has a step-mom that helps take care of his dad.

    If you still have your mom around count your blessings and love them as much as possible!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth, just wanted to leave a little comment since I’m a caregiver and have been with several ladies who had Alzheimer’s.. so, my heart goes out to you with that, it is a tough & slow road to walk. Praying you will not feel lonely but only loved, especially this mother’s day! Keep going to God’s perfect love, I’m trying to do that… His love has a way of driving out the disappointment in my heart from people, like my mom, who have imperfectly loved me.

  11. I am with Beth, Janet, & Michele today. I so hear your heart and your words. This will be my fourth Mother’s Day without my Mama to call and send flowers too. I am also a Mama to what should be 4, but is now only 3, so Mother’s Day has become such an intentional day for me. I use intentional because I feel that God has called me to now focus on other women and honor them as mamas. Usually these are close friends, but last year I planned a special child-led church program just for all the women in our church. Many who have taken me under their wings and mentored me, prayed for me, supported me through the really dark spots in life. I miss my Mama terribly. Painfully at times. Especially this past year when I bore a new baby extremely premature and would have loved her shoulder to lean on through the whole experience. But how empowering and honoring it felt to be able to look at all those women in church, each in their own season of life, and publicly point out how important and cherished they are. I hope to do it again when life becomes a little more manageable with the new baby. 🙂

    • Kathy, what a great story! I am sorry for your loss but so happy that god has brought some amazing women into your life.

      That is the best idea to have a special program honoring those women. That must have meant the world to them!

      You are a very special woman. Know that the Lord is pleased with you.

      Have an amazing Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you karina. I have had a great full life of love and it continues..after my birthson and I “found” each other we exchanged so letter. I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t have my “Oprah” reunion! I was crying about it when I heard God tell me it would be ok. he didn’t tell me I would have reunion but that it would be ok. From that point my heart stilled. I have helped others find their family member. Talked to the ladies group at church saying that God shows us grace even when we are fat from him! :-). I’m moderator of an online Christian Birthmothers group….so as God told me,it will be ok.! Thank you Katrina for all that YOU do in the name of Gods love.

  13. Though my mother is back in my life physically, she was absent for most of it. Having “returned” five years ago, I tried not to hope that things could be amazing between us. We have a fairly good relationship now, but I will forever be missing memories. Things that should have happened but didn’t, because she simply wasn’t there. Even now, our belief systems are so different that I feel mostly motherless in my faith – if she were the only woman I looked to. But, like you, I have been mothered by many amazing, Godly women, and though it can’t undo the past, it has brought healing and love into my heart. Mother’s day is different for me, as I now mother my own six gifts, but there’s still always that longing to connect with your own mom. Thankful for a God Who fills ALL the gaps. Thanks for a great post, Karina!

  14. BJ, I relate to your story! My mother lives in a different state and we only text every now and again. I always tell people that I grieve for what I didn’t have. I don’t have those normal childhood memories. That is sad at times.

    I am glad that the lord blessed you with those women. It makes such a difference!

    Thank you for reading and sharing your story BJ. I pray that you have an amazing Mother’s Day!!!

  15. I grew up with my mother and I believe she was doing what she thought was best by being more of a “provider” making sure I was fed, clothed etc… what she didn’t do was instruct me, or guide me. I love my mother dearly and I have forgiven and moved on. I have to say my Pastor’s wife has re raised me. She has taught me so much about what the Bible says about being a Christian, a woman, a wife, mother and friend. I can go on and on.

    • Maritza, that must have been hard but praise God that your Pastor’s wife stepped in! He is so faithful to meet our every need.

      Have an amazing Mother’s Day! Blessings to you!!!

  16. My daughter is motherless because she has been lied to, manipulated, and cut off from me, her mom, & the rest of her family by her dad/my ex-husband & his (5th) wife. There are many many moms who have been alienated from their daughters & we can’t even communicate with them in any way because the court system is ineffective at best and corrupt at worst. Parental Alienation is cruel. We moms have been traumatized. Some moms are suicidal. Most have been medicated due to this evil. Our culture does not value women as Jesus did/does. Keep in mind how Christ treated women & continue to pray for mothers & daughter, please. Thank you & bless you & your moms — you never know what all your mom has been through in a culture of silence & shame & judgment…

    • Donna, I am so sorry that your precious daughter has been kept from you. God knows your pain. He is with you in the midst of it. I pray for truth to be revealed and for healing to come! May there be restoration and redemption of those lost years.

      I have a few friends going through similar situations. I can’t imagine that kind of hurt. God is good and just. Trust in Him and His timing.

      Thank you for sharing your story!

  17. Thank you for this real and honest post! What a blessing for your Grandmother to have the privilege of raising such a wonderful woman!

    My mother really tried…for about 7 years…and then she conceived my sister, who turned out to be pretty enough to be the daughter she had always wanted. I will honor her on Sunday with gifts, and join my sister in setting up a picnic that will facilitate her enjoyment of grandchildren…but I am not really a part of her life. It’s kind of the way you wrote–this is just my life.

    Unfortunately, I have never been very good at cementing relationships with older women. I enjoy their company, but have not been able to achieve anything more than casual interactions. I admire your talent for establishing such mentoring relationships in your life!

    God has made me mother to precious adopted children with special needs…they remind me so much of my need for guidance…and especially for God. And they are amazing miracles! Sometimes, God builds unlikely families who can bear out the message of His amazing love in unlikely ways…

    • Thank you for sharing! Those mentoring relationships are so key! They remind me that God created me for community and that he designed us to lead the way for those generations after us. I pray that He will bring you some life giving relationships with some older women that will invest in you like never before!

      I love that you adopted those precious special needs children. That is so the heart of God! Know that He is pleased with you!

      Have an amazing Mother’s Day! Blessings to you!!!

  18. Karina,
    Thank you for sharing your story! I adore that you share your life with young ladies and know they are forever changed by your support.
    When I read the title, I put it in the context of daughters who have been unable to conceive. My life has been blessed by the love of both a mother who raised me and a birth mother who I found as an adult who is part of my life. But “the day” brings such pain. While I have been blessed with a step child, who is an absolute love, I have not been able to conceive a child by birth. Thousands of dollars and millions of tears have been shed. My unborn have names and whenever I meet someone with those names I physically ache. Like my un-conceived child is present.
    My prayers go to you and all the motherless daughters. We all share a brokenness that can only be mended by God’s grace and bandages. And to my unborn Nicholas and Elizabeth, I love you even though we will never meet.
    Prayers and love,

    • Amen Wendy! May God be your sure foundation this Mother’s Day. He loves you and desires to speak comfort and joy to your heart. Praying that God brings someone who needs some mothering on that day. You would be such a blessing to them!

      Blessings to you!

  19. Karina! Look at you sittin’ pretty over here @ (in)courage. Love it, girl.

    Love your heart and am so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing such a big part of your heart here. What a blessing.

    • Thank you Jennifer! That means so much to me!!! I am praying that God is glorified and that He speaks hope and life into the hearts of His daughters!

  20. I have a mother but have never had a good relationship with her. Unfortunately I haven’t had spiritual mothers either BUT I am blessed to be a mother of three incredible children. God has blessed me. I try to look to Him to be what I need. He has never failed me.

    • Amen LisAnne! He indeed never fails!

      I pray that the Lord will bring some amazing women into your life to speak, truth, love, encouragement and wisdom to your soul.

      Have an amazing Mother’s Day! Blessings to you!

  21. Wonderful post karina! Although I had a mother, I felt she was not the mother that I needed in my life. She passed away ten years ago. I often grieved over not having a mother. Then I realized how many spiritual mothers I have had over the years. for that I am truly blessed!

    • Michelle! I stinking LOVE you friend! Thank you!

      I am sorry for your loss but am so glad that God met that “mother” need through godly women. It matters.

      I pray that your Mother’s Day is awesome and filled with the joy and love of the Father!!!

  22. My mother passed away to cancer when I was 6 years old. I never really knew what was missing until I had children of my own and they reached the ages past 6 years. Then, especially as my daughter grew, I realized what a mother is to a daughter. I was unable to go to Mother Daughter banquets with her, although I tried for years, but would be overcome with emotions and would have to leave. (My daughter now older, would stay with her friends and their mama’s) I never really had anyone to “mother” me, but I had a Daddy who loved me unconditionally and I was his princess. The loving relationship I had with him, was as close an example of God’s love for me that I could ever have. So by my Daddy’s example of compassion and caring, I learned that my Heavenly Father is all I really need. Although my Daddy is gone now, and resides with Christ and with my Mom in heaven, my heart is full and my needs are met by a Heavenly Father who knows what is always best for me.

    • Bonnie,
      I am sorry for your losses.

      I pray that this Mother’s Day will be different. May God bring healing and restoration to your relationship with your daughter. May you love her the way the Father loves her.

      May Sunday be filled with much joy and peace! Thank you for sharing Bonnie!

  23. Hi Karina! I spent the first 5 years of my married life as the woman who wasn’t a mother…but wanted to be. Infertility did a number on me and I drowned in a sea of self pity. By His grace I will celebrate Mothers Day this year as a mother of 5. 1 through marriage, 3 through adoption and 1 by birth. Your friend is right not everyone is happy on Mothers Day. My heart aches for the women who face this day with empty arms…for whatever reason. The stories are varied, full of unspeakable hurt. But God knows. Thank you for remembering them here today and congratulations on your first post, it’s beautiful. Happy Mothers Day!

    • Lisha, Thank you stopping by!

      Amen! God does know. And He cares.

      I pray that you have a spectacular Mother’s Day! You are blessed beyond measure friend!

  24. Karina – I could have written that same post…your childhood mirrors mine. Mother’s Day is a mixed emotion for me. I do have children of my own, but I often wonder if I would mother them differently, if I’d had a different experience as a child.

    Great article.

    • Josette, I love your name!

      I do wonder how I will raise kids when I have them. I think that God has shown me from my own experiences how not to mother. And then, I have a have wonderful examples of how to be a godly mother.

      I pray that you have an amazing Mother’s Day! Blessings to you Josette!

  25. Karina, my mom was raised by her paternal grandmother and dad (who traveled for his job). She has been a living testimony on how to forgive. Thank you for sharing your story. And as a mother of a middle school student, THANK YOU for pouring into those girls in your church. The older I get, the more I realize how crucial it is for my kids to have other adults speaking truth into their lives.

    • Hey Christan,
      It is a huge honor and joy to serve my youth. I pray that they see Jesus in my words and my lifestyle. Those years are so important! There are so many voices trying to tell them who they are. We need to be louder speaking who God says that hey are.

      I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day! Thank you for sharing Christan!

  26. I can relate though our stories differ. This is the first year I am not celebrating mother’s day and it is very hard for me. I am coming to a place where I need to let go of family and my mom. For as long as I remember I am trying to keep our family together, I am trying to create something that is not there. I get hurt over and over again. I feel God is bringing more healing and part of that healing is letting go. I can’t control this, I cannot make our family a family if I am the only one wanting it. I know my mom loves me, it’s not that we will not be in touch, I am just learning to set some boundaries and go after things that work.

    God has blessed me with women in my life. A mom can never be replaced and I will always ache because of what I miss, but I have needed all these women. For one, different families have taking me into their home at different times. And my spiritual counselor is an older, wise and very loving dear friend now. She is the one I turn to like one would turn to a mom I guess. What I learn mostly from her is love. She loves me in all circumstances. She also celebrates with me like no one else does.

    And of course I am also drawn to the motherless and I love to love younger ones who needs love, direction and encouragement. This post was great and encouraged me to open my eyes more to those who need motherly love.

    • Hope, you sweet girl!
      I love everything that you said! I have had to set boundaries with my mother and what I am comfortable with. I don’t know if we’ll ever be close.

      I am so pleased that the Lord brought women into your life to love and encourage you. That makes a world of difference! Those women have shaped my life! I have also been close to several families that have “adopted” me. I cling to the first part of psalm 68:6, “God sets the lonely in families…”
      He is so faithful to meet our every need.

      I adore my youth. They are crazy and hungry for God. It is an honor to be able to speak into their lives.

      I pray that this Mother’s Day that you are filled with the perfect love of God. May He overwhelm you with His joy and peace.

      Thank you for sharing Hope!

    • Hope, in reading through all of these comments, yours stands out and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you. I have a huge story…and like Karina’s has God’s thumbprints all over it.
      It is a good and healthy thing to set boundaries. Hard, but healthy. I just wrote a blog about the differences between forgiveness and reconciliation. Basically, we need to come to a place of forgiveness, but while reconciliation/restoration is the hope in our relationships, it isn’t always possible ~ no matter how much we desire it. One of my “life verses”, which you might already be familiar with is, Ps. 27:10, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me in.” Such a profound promise!
      I’m saying a prayer over you now Hope, and asking the Lord to continue to heal your broken heart and emotions as you walk this journey of setting boundaries with your mother and family. May He give you wisdom and strength, freedom and joy as He restores your soul. Bless you!

    • Hope, your post is so much like mine this Mothers Day. I am having to set boundaries w/mine now. so many years and memories have been lost from hurt and unjustified pain. I long so much for a spiritual Mother and/or women to mentor me. Hope, I pray for peace in your situation.

  27. Karina, when my mother was deemed grossly negligent by the court, my brother and I were removed from her and shuffled from foster home to foster home for most of the rest of my growing up years. I SO get the feelings you talk about here.
    In fact, I used to have a lot of trouble with Mother’s Day in general and recently wrote about it on my blog, sharing how God has helped me to forgive all of the imperfect (and abusive) mothers I’ve had. Like you, He gave me spiritual mother’s along the way. And while we have hard stories to tell, I LOVE that you tell us that God’s fingerprints were/are all over it! Mine too!
    Thank you for sharing a small piece of your story here. I so appreciate hearing how God rescues others who have a similar story. Bless you!!

    • Caryn, thank you for sharing!

      I love it when Jesus reminds us that we are not alone! All of that must have been so hard but I am glad that the grace of God has sustained you. He is ALL kinds of good to us. Praise God for those spiritual mothers!

      May you be filled with the joy and peace of the Lord this Mother’s Day!

      Blessings to you Caryn!!!

    • Thank you Kristen! It is truly a blessing to share the redemptive power of Jesus! I am so grateful to be in this space!

      I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!!!

      ((HUGS)) my friend!

  28. Karina- thank you for sharing this with us all! I have had many spiritual momma’s to go alongside my biological one! I love them all and God has brought them into my life for a purpose and a season! Your words are so well written and descriptive.

    I am so proud of you and what you have allowed God to do in your life! I love watching you walk in Gods peace and love! And remember that when Sunday comes – it takes an army to raise kids in this world especially to live for Jesus! So when the moms are being celebrated- know that we are celebrating you too and for all you do for your spiritual daughters! We can’t do this alone! Love your heart!

    • Thank so much for that Nikki!!! I am so grateful for you!!

      I pray that my story always brings Him glory and encourages His daughters. His redemptive power is greater than anything else! It is such a joy and honor to walk along side of you mothers and speak into the lives of your children.

      I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day!!! I love you lots!!!

  29. God uses all for his good purposes doesn’t he? You have a gracious voice and I am certain God will use your story to encourage others. You encourage me! ((((Hugs)))))

    • Kelly, thank you so much!!! As I get older, I understand more and more that Jesus never wastes a hurt. Foerever grateful for that!

      Blessings to you!

  30. Karina, thank you for this beautiful writing. Like you, I have no biological children of my own, and being married at over 40 years old, and after surgery this past year, I never will. But I rejoice in my own mother, in my mother-in-law, and the moms my sisters and friends have become. Yet even in that joy, there’s a bit of sadness, of emptiness. And yes, this week can be difficult. Thank you for sharing your heart so eloquently. Praise the Lord for the mothers who come into our lives!

    • Amy, praise God for the awesome women that He brought into your life!

      I will be praying that this Mother’s Day finds you overwhelmed with the fullness of God’s peace and joy and hope. you be loved on by those around you and may you love on other women who need some mothering.

      Blessings to you Amy!

  31. I have been blessed with knowing/having both sets of great-grandmothers and grandmothers, and my Mom….and aunts, great-aunts and a few great-great aunts. I was mothered and mentored.

    As a single-never-been-married 53 year old, I long(ed) for a husband and motherhood; instead, I am mothering all types of people. I have had the privilege of mothering and mentoring all the little children at various churches, my niece and nephew, currently college students, and even adults and other moms. It took a long while for me to be content and understand the concept that I didn’t have to be a biological mother to “mother.” The two most meaningful blessings given to me by my “children” were (1) the one and only Mother’s Day card I’ve ever received given by my niece and nephew one very difficult year, and (2) the nickname of “MamaDonna” by all the college students. Although this holiday is bittersweet and difficult, I try very hard to focus on those in my life – and then I just love on them a little more. God has given me a type of contentment that I never thought possible.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Donna, that is lovely! You have been very blessed and are very much a blessing to those around you. hat is most definitely a contentment that I am increasing desiring to have.

      I pray that this Mother’s Day you are reminded that the mothering you do has eternal weight attached to it. God is honored through it.

      Thank you for sharing Donna. 🙂

  32. This is so beautiful, Karina! I have such a heart for the women in our church who do not have or are not mothers, especially this time of year. But I love your perspective – “As women, we are called to both mother and to be mothered. This happens no matter how old you are or what season of life you are in. This call transcends biology and even expectation.” It’s the legacy that Eve has given to all of us, isn’t it? Thanks so much for being faithful to bloom where you’re planted. Every church could use more women who have this heart!

    • Amy, that is SO sweet! Thank you so much!!!

      I know how much those spiritual mothers have meant to me! I am forever grateful for His grace toward me.

      Know that it pleases the Father’s heart that you care about those women.

      Blessings to you Amy!

  33. what a great article…glad i happened upon it on Twitter!

    i have a mom who is 87 years old and still works full time. she’s an amazing woman of faith. when i was younger it seemed i only saw her faults, but now i see gold.

    thanks for sharing.

  34. Karina,
    GREAT ARTICLE! Very well written, and so encouraging. Whenever I meet a young woman who lives such a radiant life for Christ I am blessed. Knowing your story and how God mentored you through other godly women lights my fire!

    Titus 2 says older women are to teach the younger. The women who took seriously their God-given mandate and nurtured you are to be honored!

    May all godly women everywhere listen to the still small voice of the Spirit whenever He nudges us to come along side a mother-less child.

    In my book MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN you can read about our oldest son, Tony who came to live with us when he was 15 years old. God brought him to us when he needed a family and we have been truly blessed! He is now a 34 year old fighter pilot in the Air Force, and a godly husband and father.

    Whatever sacrifice you may think you are making to become a mom to a kid who needs one will pale in the blessings you will receive!

    Rhonda Stoppe
    author Moms Raising Sons to Be Men
    Harvest House 2013

    • Rhonda! Thank you SO much!!! All I can say is Amen and Amen!!!

      I love your story about your son. That blesses me!

      Just to let you know, you’re gonna be a spiritual mom for me. I am adopting you! 🙂

      Thank you for sharing! I am grateful that the Lord connected us! I hope that you have an amazing Mother’s Day!!!

  35. Karina: how blessed I am to know the wonderful Godly woman you are! I appreciate Gods handiwork in creating the gift of you!!
    Your words are well said and timely. Thank you!

  36. I clicked on a link from Twitter to this article, and it was not what I expected! I have some similarities with your story. I was raised by my mother, but she was so dysfunctional that in reality I pretty much raised myself. There were many times that I felt like I was the parent & she was the child. I am now in my 40’s, and our relationship is broken. Mother’s Day has always been bittersweet for me. I rejoice that I am a mother, but I don’t feel like I have one. I wish I could say that I’ve found other older women to look up to, but I haven’t. I seem to gravitate towards women that are needy like my mom. I end up feeling used and in the wrong role in the relationship. I didn’t mean for this post to seem depressing! Your post struck a chord with me & I really appreciated it. I hope that some day I can find an older woman to mentor me or fill a little of the gap that my mom has left.

    • Hey Anna! I am praying that the Lord blesses you with some godly friendships and mentors in your life. It really does make a huge difference! These women have shaped my relationship with Christ like very few others have.

      Your story is not depressing. It is your life. That has shaped you. I pray that God redeems your past and shines His glory on it.

      Blessings to you!!!!

  37. Karina,

    Thank you for this post (although, I’m just reading it today). I, too, am “motherless” as my mom also struggled with many difficult things that, eventually, led her to make the choice to leave this world – of her own volition – five years ago.

    …but, oh how faithful our Father is.

    He knew Mom would leave this life prematurely. And He also knew I would be left not only reeling from the confusion of my childhood with her (she did raise me), but also the devastating anguish of her death.

    I believe that is one of the (many) reasons He allowed my life to intersect with the life of a loving, giving, God-fearing couple who took me in when Mom kicked me out nine years earlier. They took me in to their home and their hearts, did a lot to “re-parent” me and allowed me to develop an identity outside of my mother. One that was rooted in the Lord. In the process, I gained a “second mother” who was there to comfort me when I collapsed at the news of my mother’s suicide.

    …but, oh how faithful our Father (still) is.

    The day after Mom’s death, Father again directed my path to intersect with another godly woman who has become a mentor of mine over the last five years. With her guidance, I have become even more grounded in my identity as a daughter of the King, comfortable with trusting the Spirit within me and strong enough to begin to face some of the unresolved issues from my childhood.

    Both of these women have children of their own and neither of these mothers will ever replace mine, but I am grateful that I do not have to travel through this life without them or without the love, encouragement and support of their mother’s hearts.

    I pray that you continue to celebrate your relationship with the “mothers” that the Lord has put in your life, for it is a precious and special thing.

    • Brandi,
      I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to respond! I am sorry for your loss. Your story is beautiful in spite of that. God is so faithful to fill in those spaces and meet our deepest needs. He is crazy involved in the smallest details of our lives. I just love Him!!!!

      Thank you for sharing!!!!!