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  1. Please pray for me that I will get an interview and a job. I have one I have applied for but if this is not Gods will for me please pray he will provide a job for me so that I can help to support my family.

    • I don’t know where to start. I have many physical ailments that leave me in pain, day and night. Haven’t found the doctor that has all the answers. Need a knee replacement, but my last one on my other knee had complications. Also problems with arthritis and pinched nerves in my back.
      My pain affects my job and life. Don’ know whether to retire or push on.
      The anniversary date of my son’s death is approaching on the 28th. it’s a difficult time emotionally and physically. Also, have concerns for my daughter and mother.
      Just overwhelmed and depressed.

      • Jasmine,

        Father God,

        Please provide a good job for Jasmine. One where she could earn a living and pay her bills. Father show her where you want her to be and that she could be an asset to someone!


    • I don’t know where to start. I have many physical ailments that leave me in pain, day and night. Haven’t found the doctor that has all the answers. Need a knee replacement, but my last one on my other knee had complications. Also problems with arthritis and pinched nerves in my back.
      My pain affects my job and life. Don’ know whether to retire or push on.
      The anniversary date of my son’s death is approaching on the 28th. it’s a difficult time emotionally and physically. Also, have concerns for my daughter and mother.
      Just overwhelmed and depressed.

      Jasmine, will pray that you find a fulfilling job that you need and want. Praying God will lead you the job you need so much. God bless you!

      • Dear Charla,
        My heart goes out to you in your pain. I pray that the good Lord will guide you to the right sources to obtain help. I feel for you about your knee. I have severe arthritis in my knees, too, so truly understand the pain that goes with that. I recently completed a series of shots of ‘gel’ in my knees. It’s a step I decided on as a last resort before surgery. Whether it will help remains to be seen. But, I’m hoping for some relief. I will remember you, your daughter and mother in prayer. Jesus is with you. Be strong in Him and He will guide you according to your needs. God bless you.

    • Dear Women of God: I feel your anxiety, your pain, your willingness, your concerns. Do not fear, for God is with you. Jesus knows your every need. I was jobless for nearly 17 months; yet our Heavenly Father provided. The miracles that happened were incredible! Throughout that period, I gained wisdom, trust, closeness to HIM, appreciation, insight and so much more. All that happens to us who truly love HIM will bring us closer to HIM. Do not despair! There are great days ahead! Keep believing and know that HE will guide you, provide for you, and bless you beyond compare! GOD IS SO GOOD! HIS WILL BE DONE! HE LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY! You will be amazed! I pray that you will receive an abundance of grace, giving, healing and love!

      • I only respond to agree. My husband was out of work for 7 years, we should have been homeless, yet in all that time the Lord provided for us. We were able to stay in our little home and always had food on the table, even medical care. He gave my husband a good job 6 months ago, we have relocated and are living a life we thought would never happen. Hang in there and trust…..everything Susie said. <3

      • I have read the comments/replies above and I thank each and everyone of you as I know we all are enduring; some more than others. It is a relief to be humble and experience that same feeling with others, our sisters and brothers in Christ. I have been unemployed for 9 months and I just recently ran out of unemployment. Due to the circumstances my credit is negative and the bills are due, I have been job searching while attending school full time, I have a son that is due to graduate high school on 6/5/14 but missing credits so that has been stressful along with not meeting a male that is of God’s will. I just have a lot going on and I am doing my best to keep my head up and my spirit filled in spite of the circumstances. I ask that each of you pray God’s Will for me as I pray the same for each of you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Jasmine, I will lift you up in my prayers that God’s spirit will be with you as you find the right job. I pray that He will guide you & give you strength & perseverance. Bless you.

    • Please pray for my family, specifically for my oldest daughter and grandson. As the devotion says, it is too much to put into words. We desperately need prayer for this situation. Thank you and God Bless you.

      Jasmine – I’m praying about your interview and job.

      • Jasmine,

        I pray that the Lord supply all your needs, including a job, according to His riches and glory. I pray that He sends the job that is perfectly fit for you with the pay and benefits you need to take care of yourself and your family. That this job makes use of your gifts, talents and abilities and that it has people who are a blessing to you and you to them. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

        • I am praying for strength and courage to follow through on a life changing decision regarding my marriage. I’m praying for boldness and to hear from Him as I go through this very hard place in my life. I know that He has greater in store for me and I have to walk by faith not by sight. Yet it is the most difficult place I have ever been in but I have to move through it. God is able and so am I, in Him.

          • Jasmine- I am praying that the Lord give you patience during this time to rest in Him and know that in HIS time he will provide the perfect Job for you. I was laid off TWICE in 6 months and was hired just a little over a month ago – at a very good place to work. I am grateful because I know God was the one who provided. He is always working on our behalf even when we don’t “feel it” Stay in his word, take to heart all the encouragement and post Romans 8:28 somewhere you will see it each and every day !

  2. As we continue on our journey to bring home our third adopted baby . . . The baby’s mother was talked out of an abortion and is now in her 6th month of pregnancy. She and I have been going to doctors appointments together and have bonded. The baby’s father, her live in boyfriend who has a wife and children elsewhere is very prideful and has not of yet consented to the adoption. Children’s Services has made contact with them and it is clear due to living circumstances environmental circumstances that the baby will end up in the state’s custody should the father not consent to the adoption and attempt to bring the baby home. We have open adoptions with the parents of our two children and look forward to the same with this baby should the father decide to move forward with the adoption. We refuse to come between a child and their parent – if his pride continues to keep him from agreeing to place the baby with us, we will back away and the child will most likely become a ward of the state. This breaks my heart as the mother desperately wants us to parent the baby and wants nothing to do with the baby the father is completely incapable of parenting but his pride and other things are clouding his rational thought. We will be meeting the father in person next week as we have spoken on the phone several times. I pray that God will gift me the words to explain our promise of an open adoption plan, gift me the words to help this man hold onto his pride and at the same allow us to parent this baby. However, if we are not meant to be the parents of this baby, so be it – I won’t come between a father and his baby regardless of the reason – that is not what God has called me to do. God has been writing this chaper of our life for about six weeks now, I am simply turning the pages.

    • Anna,
      I so lift you up in prayer. I can tell by your words that you have a gentle and obedient heart. I pray that God would honor your prayer requests and that your conversation with the father would go well and that, for a moment, he would be able to set aside his pride and see what would be the best alternative for his child. I pray for patience and wisdom and peace for you as you patiently wait while God continues to write this chapter in your life and that He would honor your humble obedience to Him. I lift my prayers up right now for all of you, In Christ’s precious name, Amen.

    • As a fellow adoptive mother, I just wanted to say my heart aches for you. I am praying for you!

    • Father I pray in the name of Jesus that you would touch this father’s heart and allow him to see how much better this baby would be in Anna’s loving home. We know that you cause all things to work together for good to those who love God and we know that Anna is a woman of God.

      Show up and show out for Anna that you may get all the glory Lord.

      In Jesus’ name we thank and praise your Lord.

    • Anna,

      Prayers for you and the baby. May God open the heart of the father and let you adopt the child knowing it will be the best for the little one.


      Change the heart of this baby’s father to allow adoption. Help him to see what would be best for the baby in the long run. Make him realize that he will be able to the child and watch him/her grow up.


  3. Father God, guide jasmine in her search for employment. Prepare her heart and mind for the interview and prepare the heart and mind of the employer for the interview. You know exactly where she should be working, make that plan clear to her, show her the best way to provide for her family. Amen.

  4. I ask for prayers for my son who I have heartbreakingly told to leave our house. He has also violated his probation on an arrest for a dui and a court date is pending. I ask for prayers that God would humble his pride and belligerent heart. I ask for prayers that he would not have to go any further down the tubes until he will finally look up and see the hand of his Savior. I pray for a softened heart that would be open to Jesus’ calling to him. I need prayers as I trust my son in his Father’s hands and that God would calm my heart and give me peace. I pray with groans that I just cannot express – for all the potential I see being wasted right now…help me know best how to love my prodigal son.
    Thank you,

    • I can understand your pain, Bev, having struggled with issues of drugs, mental illness, and court dates for my foundling children [took them in as essentially homeless adults]. These experiences were horrible, but through them we all got to see the direct intervening hand of God and our faith was strengthened. The outcome was good but did not come easily. Prayers for your strength and patience, and the courage to not give up.
      love and blessings,

    • Bev,

      Prayers for you and your family right now. I can’t begin to imagine how you feel. May God allow some things to happen so that your son will have a heart change and come back to you and Him!


      Help Bev’s son with a heart change. Please turn him around and help him to see the wrong path he is on. Allow him to come back to his mother and you! Shower Bev with patience & grace as she so patiently awaits his return.


    • Bev, I too have felt the helplessness and brokenheartedness of having a child who continually sabotaged his life. It was hard to find peace, but God never gave up on me or my child. Now my son is working his way back to being a responsible and productive adult.
      My prayer for you and your son is that God will wrap His arms around both of you, and you will feel His love, strength, and guidance as God works through this situation in His time.

  5. My husband currently works in ministry at a church, but feels that God may be calling us to something else, we just aren’t sure what. We are open to moving, if that is God’s plan. And he has applied at jobs elsewhere, out of state. Our church is beyond amazing in supporting us through this, we just seek direction, and clarity in following God through the next steps. Also strength for our new marriage (10 months in) during this process.

    Father, I thank for you Anna’s heart to adopt and for using her in such a powerful way to raise up children that will have an example of how to know and love you, through her. I thank you for her willingness to let You lead through this. I pray for the heart of the father, that he might be softened Lord, that he would see the opportunity before him and open himself to allowing for the adoption. We know that you have a plan. I pray for their conversation in the prison next week, their meeting, and your Spirit to guide, protect and lead in those moments. Use Anna for your glory and shine though her in the places this process takes her. Amen.

  6. Lord, I pray for Bev and her son. Please open his ears and heart to hear from you. You are the Redeemer of all things.

    Please pray for my job situation.

  7. Please pray for my little family. Due to really unfortunate circumstances, we are planning to sell our house. My husband and I do not want to move at all…we love our home, and we have an almost one year old and wanted her to grow up here. Feeling so, so heartbroken… I have asked and asked God to make a way for us to stay but the only open door we have right now is selling.

    • Father,

      Please help M and her family keep the house. Make a way that they don’t have to move and can have their 1 yr. old grow up there. Give them wisdom to know what direction they should go. Shower them with love, patience and mercy!


  8. Ah I love this verse. It is one I have memorized and repeat to myself when i’m struggling.

    And right now I’m struggling because I feel lost. The two things I want now in my life – a job and a relationship are just not happening. And I don’t know what to do. I’m doing everything I can possible to do what I can to make those two happen and God just seems to denying both. And while I know I can trust him to provide for me, I am struggling right now as I see everyone else around me having both and I have neither. I want my desires to line up with God’s but everytime I start having hope about either, I feel like the hope never pans out. It’s getting harder to have hope, I feel like I have to be realistic instead. Please pray that I learn to trust God more and to help with my emotions that I don’t get tempted to turn away from him, even when it hurts very much. I would love to see a breakthrough in either or even both and if it’s God’s will, I know it’ll happen in his time but (and maybe it’s selfish) but I’d like to know that he hasn’t forgotten about me. Sigh.

    And Saundra, praying for you.

    • First, I want to pray for Deborah, and then I’ll leave my prayer request (and the two are very similar). Father, In Jesus’ name, thank You for ministering to Deborah this very moment in the depths of her being. Lord, please let her know in some unmistakeable way that You have NOT forgotten about her and the desires of her heart. Deborah is your beloved child, and You have created her and given her a special calling, a destiny that is uniquely hers. Father, continue to prepare her for both the career and the husband that will be blessings to her. Bring those divine appointments that only You can arrange. Open wide Your doors and close tightly any that would be a distraction to her. Help her to remember to seek first Your kingdom, knowing that You will provide all things for her. Fill her with the joy of intimacy with You. Thank You, Lord. We praise You and gladly anticipate the fulfillment of her heart’s desires!

      And, Deborah, our prayer requests are very similar. I have a job right now that I really like, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t not bring enough money for me to pay for basic needs like rent, food, etc. So, I am trying to find another one. I would love to find another job that I like as well as this one, but that will allow me to actually pay bills. And, as to the matter of having a Godly husband, I, too, have prayed long and hard for this. After a long, abusive marriage, I definitely want the choice of a mate to be a God-ordained thing. But it is so hard to go on year after year alone.

      • Lee – am praying for you and the prospect of a new job – we ask this with BOLD faith and and thank Him in advance for the answer, whatever it turns out to be. A little encouragement also: I married my wonderful husband at 46 years young. I was alone/lonely for years and thought it might NEVER happen. It was God who definitely brought us together… I am ever grateful for a believing, caring husband. Am very sorry you went thru an abusive marriage. Prayers for strength comfort and Gods peace during this time of waiting. Thanking god that His word is unfailing and that he ALWAYS keeps his promises. God, your will is perfect and we trust It Father !

  9. Deborah – I am praying for you. Just a few short years ago I was in that same boat – aching for a relationship and a job. I know the ache of that desire.

    My request: I’ve been in a season of spiritual dryness. On the surface, things seem great – good marriage, 2 young boys, a demanding job that I love – but I’m exhausted. Empty. I haven’t slept well in weeks, I have no desire to stay connected with my church community. I’m at a loss on what to do.

  10. Kelly- I will pray for you for understanding and guidance on what to do.
    My prayer request- please pray for God to lead and guide me. I have just gone through a divorce and I was reeling inside. I finally feel a little better. I still hurt from that rejection and I get lonely and long for that companionship again some day. I don’t know if God’s plan includes a man in my life one day, but I want to be given better judgement when it comes to relationships. I also want strength to keep pressing on. The most important person affected is my daughter and I pray first and foremost for her. Thank you for your prayers for me.

    • Savannah, I’ve been there. I was divorced when my oldest daughter was only three years old, and as a child whose own parents divorced, I think my poor heart was doubly broken, because I KNEW how it felt. Both divorces marked me and molded me, but did not break me, and I am here to tell you there is hope. It does get lonely sometimes. One bright side is the relationship that you will be able to build with your daughter during this time. My oldest daughter tells me that she loved having me to herself for those years and it’s true that she and I have a different sort of relationship than I do with her two younger sisters. Someone told me during the healing time that in order to be happy with someone else, I need to first be happy with myself, so I began to plan the rest of my life as if I would never remarry, learning to take care of myself and my daughter without relying on anyone but God. I am praying for you and your daughter today. {{hugs}}

  11. Please pray for my husband getting the job this week and for my aniexty to go away. Thank you and Blessings to you.

  12. Please pray for my husband, Ron. He’s got a 4th (and hopefully final!) interview this Tuesday 5/20. Please pray that the interview goes well and that they make him a great offer. Thank you, and God bless you all!

  13. Kim…I am going to pray for you as you continue to raise your daughters to love the Lord. Even though your parents divorced and you have gone through it yourself God can redeem what is broken and make it beautiful in his sight. Don’t let the enemy take your peace…You are a child of God and He will lead you forward as you depend on Him.
    I need everyone’s prayers…I was just diagnosed with a low grade cancer and I am waiting for a surgery date. I pray that God will use the surgery and Doctors as a way to heal me. I am trying to trust God but would appreciate prayers.

    • I will pray for you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer so I know what it like to go thru what you are going thru at the present time. God is in control. He can stay by your side thru all of the treatments and what ever follows. God bless you as you go thru this trying time.

    • Diane, I pray for God to place his healing hand on your body and cure you of this cancer. And that you will have a spirit of gratitude for this healing and share your story with others.
      My prayer request for today is about a very special friend. He has leukemia and is in remission for now. Praise the Lord! But he must have a stem cell transplant to be cured. That process starts in June. I ask for God to keep my friend’s body and mind strong on this path to wellness. Thanks to all who respond. And blessings to all of you who are caregivers to sick family or friends.
      Plus, if you want to help others in need, go to the website: http://www.bethematch.org and sign up to be a donor. Many need stem cells to be cured of various blood cancers, and you just might be the life-saving match for someone.

  14. Please pray for healing for family members who were/are victims of abuse. God knows the details.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer

  15. Praying for everyone’s needs as I read through them… especially for the restoration of Jennifer’s marriage and family… Lord, let them know Your forgiveness, kindness and perfect love, and may it be shared freely within their marriage and family… Protect their hearts, and help them to fall in love with each other all over again…

    For me, please give me rest and strength as I care for 3 of my grandkids 24/7 this week while their parents (and my husband) are away from home.

  16. I will be praying for all of you ladies. Bev, we have prayed our daughter through some very tough times. If it wasn’t for the people that prayed with us and supported us, I’m not sure what I would have done. It is so important to have someone to “fight” with us.
    I must be honest. I still find it very hard to ask for prayer for myself. I am getting better! I live in constant physical pain and have for 20 years. I have a few new options for treatment but I don’t have the finances to follow thru with them. I need The Lord to make a way.

  17. Bless your heart Marina, I pray that the strength of the Lord will flood your soul this week, and that Holy Spirit will comfort you and watch over you…

    For me, please, am so in need of a financial breakthrough and for ministry opportunities to open up, I’m a 58 yr. old guy living alone in the UK and would so love to have a companion friend come into my life again…someone to love and serve and share with!

  18. I have been through a tough season of loss and transitions. It has been a time of testing of my trust. I need continued strength and truth in this time of sadness.

  19. I am a single mom. In August CAS took my one soon and I had to give my daughter to her father. This happened because I had a breakdown and couldn’t bring myself to cook or clean. My house was a disaster. I almost have my son home with me and my daughter refuses to increase the visitation. She’s 8. I still struggle to clean my house. I lack the motivation and the ability to push myself forward. I just want a clean house and my kids with me. My heart is broken. Please pray for God to work on my daughters heart and my motivation. Thank you in advance.

    • Praying! For wisdom for you and motivation. Consistency is hard, especially after a health/mental crisis!

    • My prayer request for today is for some relief from my CFS. It is very active and I have had a chronic low grade fever and chronic sore throat. I have been without a car for over 3 weeks now and have had to walk everywhere. I am so exhausted that all I have been able to do is walk and sleep. It has actually got to the point where I am nearly sleeping WHILE I am walking. My car is to be repaired tomorrow but I am on a fixed disability income (and raising 2 sons with no child support) and pray that I will have enough for the repairs.

      For you Lisa I can SO relate. My house is a total wreck right now too. I went through something similar last year because someone thought I was a hoarder. Fortunately when services came they absolutely agreed that hoarding was NOT the problem but because of the CFS when I am not doing well the house gets in a total state of chaos. My sons are old enough to help but they really don’t because at the ages when they should have learend I was going through a difficult divorce and the custody agreement had them bouncing back and forth between both houses. I had just lost my Mom after a long battle with Alzheimers and losing 50% of my time with my kids was more than I could bear. Every time I tried to get them to do something around the house I heard – we don’t have to do that at Dad’s – I’m going back to Dad’s. I was terrified of this hence I tried to carry the load alone which I obviously could not due to the chronic depression and chronic health issues. Hence all these years later they still make more mess than pick up after themselves and I have been told to stop doing their laundry. Well they let it pile up until its’ several feet high all over the floor. No one knows how to load and unload the dishwasher and there are dirty dishes I am constantly picking up…so…you are not alone. I just keep repeating to myself…Phillipians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. When your kids come home keep trying to teach them to help. My sons are 21 and 15 and they need those skills for life in the real world but don’t have them because I caved to my fears.

  20. Would appreciate your prayers — just feeling overwhelmed! All four children will be home this summer which is awesome but invites conflict! #1 dd needing a job and direction, #2 dd graduated yesterday magna cum laude with her biology degree! woot but it’s a big transition for her and she needs direction as well, #3- ds needs a job, motivation and direction, has also made some bad choices, #4- ds is a teen and homeschooling. Hubby and I need marriage help – we’ve been married 25 years but dt being active duty we haven’t had much time actually together to work on things!! Finances, Branch to figure out our next promotion, vehicles for older kids and us …. health issues, feeling completely unseen and like there’s no point! AAAAHHHH ….

    Thank you – and trust me that’s the condensed version! 😀

    • Holley,

      Prayers for you and your family! May God give you strength and wisdom to deal with all this! I pray for peace and patience as you navigate this summer. Prayers for guidance and wisdom for your children as well. May God show them what path to take!

      Blessings 🙂

  21. My 86 year old grandmother is going through surgery this Wednesday. She isn’t strong enough for it, but she’s been living in constant pain for the past few years and it may be the only thing that gives her some relief. Please pray for the doctors performing the surgery and for her recovery.

  22. Father, I hold up Jennifer to you. You are the restorer of all things and the author of relationships. I pray, Father, that you would speak to Jennifer that she might know how & when to speak into her husband’s life and her family’s life. Let her see Your hand at work

    Father, I lift up Lisa to you. I pray first that her anxiety would be put away – into Your hands. You are the provider, You are our guide and comfort. In the name of Jesus, I pray that this anxiety would be cast away and that she would be able to take every thought captive. I also pray that you would provide through her husband – that he would find a job – the job you have for him. Build their trust during this time.

    I would ask that you pray for me and for the relationships in my life. My husband recently got good news about his health, but has fallen into an old pattern of withdrawal in our relationship – he withdraws into his work. He also un consciously has a “favorite” daughter among our children and it creates problems for our other two daughters at home (one of whom is her twin). Our other daughter is dealing with anorexia, and depression and anxiety. She is physically healthy now, praise God, but desperately needs mental and heart healing that only God can bring. She is resistant to much of a relationship with me or my husband right now. I so want these relationships restored!

  23. Please pray for my marriage. I met my first love 11 years ago and have been married for 10 years. We have 2 beautiful boys that are suffering with me during a seperation for 6 months now. I feel so hurt and lost as he has not wished to speak about reconciling :,( god bless

  24. Please pray that my girl will realize her worth in God’s eyes and see how much better she deserves to be treated. Pray that my heart would be softened toward this situation and that Grace takes over in every circumstance.

  25. Daddy, I ask for all hearts in this family to be open to Your Presence and that it’s felt in innumerous ways. May You hold Marie’s hand and give her clarity, wisdom, peace, and discernment straight from Heaven. In Jesus Name.

  26. Michelle, I ask in the name of Jesus to bring down the mountain of pain. In faith and by God’s mighty power your body is healed of the constant pain you feel daily. I know Jesus can heal you, I ask that Jesus touch you today.

    Pls pray for my marriage to reconcile, for redemption, rekindle of love, forgiveness to be like Christ. H left 3yrs ago, we are still married, after 30 yrs, w/3children. All adults now, we all hurt and pray for him to return. Little to no contact, though I would welcome communication.
    Jennifer I pray daily for all marriages that are broken or dead. Do you know of the rejoice marriage ministry web-site? http://www.rejoicemarriageministries.org
    God bless all, thank you for praying for me and our marriage.

  27. To hear from God clearly about what He wants me to do next school year… look for another job or take the same one with less hours. I need to stop obsessing over this and trust God for direction.

  28. Michelle, I said a prayer for you. I can so identify and pray that God will hold you in His arms and show you the way. I too find it hard to ask for prayer . Michelle , you encouraged me to ask for prayer for my “little” problems. I also live with chronic pain and other health problems. It seems most of them came after a “huge” heart surgery a few years ago. I have some decisions to make in the next year regarding work and I so want God to show me His will. I am struggling with all these things and lately I have been feeling rather depressed. Thanks for any prayers for God’s guidance and help.

  29. Please pray for my daughter and her husband. That they will return to the Lord. They are having twin boys in June and have a 4 year old wonderful daughter. I pray that they would know the Lord and his love. . That he is LOVE. For healing in their relationships with our family and get brother and n e.

  30. i love praying for everyone’s needs here…please pray for us to get pregnant and that my husband gets this job he applied for if it is your will God…
    Thank you so much!

  31. Prayers for all in need. That The Lord Jesus give each and everyone strength, patience and mental clarity during their troubling trials. Trust in gods timing as he has a plan for each of us. God bless

  32. Darlene, I lift you up to our Heavenly Father that He will hear all your faithful prayers to bring your daughter and her family closer to Jesus. You are such a devoted mom to want your daughter and her family to understand what an incredible blessing it is to be lead by our Lord. Jesus can make their path straight and work miracles into their lives. Remember that God hears all your prayers, you faithful servant. In his holy name, Amen.

    My request is to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and to continue my Joy-filled and faithful walk with Him. Thank you.

  33. Please pray for my brother’s family. He has had to live half way across the country from his wife and kids for the last several years. Due to the economy he went the only place that he could find a job as a computer programmer. Now this company has let him go and he is back with his family in NY state. But without a job. This family needs a chance to heal together.

  34. Please pray for a successful result to a knee problem I’m experiencing. It sometimes locks up and is severely painful. When that happens (and it can happen anytime without warning) I cannot bend my leg or put my foot down as the pain is unbearable. Unless there’s a place to sit down until it goes away, I’m in trouble. I will see my physician soon and hope that there’s help to correct this. Thank you very much for your prayers.

  35. Please pray for the strength to get out of bondage. To leave the sin which so easily besets. In Jesus name.

  36. I moved to Florida to be by my daughter. To do that I had to sell everything that I had that was worth anything, including my car. I have been here over a year now and still do not have a car which I really need so that I can be independent again. I only leave my apartment when my daughter can take me to the store. I want to be able to go to church, the store without waiting for someone to take me. I know there is a bus system but I have problems walking that far. I have asked Father for a car, totally debt free and money for insurance. Please pray for me. Once I get it I can pay for insurance because I will be able to get work.

    Thank you

  37. I suffer with chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease. Several back surgeries have resulted in nerve pain, scar tissue, etc. that adds to my pain. Somedays I am hardly able to walk and I am only 50 years old. I developed a website to encourage those suffering with chronic pain, and I want to be able to minister in other ways such as speaking, etc. However, I cannot do that in the condition I am in now. Please pray for healing or to be more active. Thank you!!

  38. Please pray for me on Wednesday as I go to court to face my abuser. I crave Gods strength and peace as this day quickly approaches.

  39. Please pray for an upcoming surgery I have. It’s in a dangerous area where they found aggressive pre-cancer. Pray for the surgeon who will be performing the surgery, that all goes well and I will not end up w/a colostomy bag. I’m very nervous. Thank you! I’m praying for you Sena for The Lord to provide all your needs as you trust in Him. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

    • I am praying for you Lisa, that the surgery will work and by Jesus’ stripes you are healed. I am going to the doctor here soon also so pray that they can find out what is wrong. I don’t sleep more than 15 minutes at a time and I am worn out. I think I need more of Jesus in my life.

  40. Dear Lord, please be with each woman here. Hold them close and comfort them as they seek healing in your will. Please restore relationships while strengthening the individuals seeking your will. Lord, some days it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other. We become frustrated and frightened as others disappoint and hurt us. Father, please help us to remember you are beside us on our journey through life. You have told us you have only our best interests at heart and all things work together for good in the plans you have for us. Please guide us in our thoughts and words as we seek physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Thank you for the gift of life and faith. Show us the way Lord and keep us in your Word and Love. Amen.

  41. My fiancé broke off our engagement and relationship entirely a few months ago and now wants nothing to do with me. I was and still am devastated. We go to the same church, share the same communty, and it’s been the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through. We lost thousands of dollars from the wedding planning. I pray God can restore that. But It feels like a divorce. He was the only man I saw myself journeying this life on earth with. But he was so hurt when I wanted to postpone the wedding becasue I wasn’t ready. He has wounds of rejection that he said I opened up. I know during this time I’ve grown and held so tight to Jesus and am believing for breakthrough and healing – whatever that looks like I’m trusting The Lord and proclaiming let His will be done. I think he and I both need inner healing.

  42. I pray for you now dearest Emily. I pray this verse in 2 Corinthians 12:9 over you- But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Thankfully all you have to do is press into Jesus and let Him be strong and courageous for you. It is so hard to do I realize this. If only we could wait until we feel brave enough to tackle certain things! I love this wonderful and beautiful lady her story and quotes inspire me and bring so much glory to God! “Sometimes when we are called to obey, the fear does not subside and we are expected to move against the fear. One must choose to do it afraid.” –Elizabeth Elliot. My thoughts and prayer will be with you on the 28th.

  43. My prayer request pales in comparison to what others are going through. That said, I have been through the adoption maze, came out with 2 beautiful kids, now 27 and 31. And unemployment, my husband was unemployed for 7 years. The Lord graciously provided for us during that whole time. It wasn’t easy and there is a mind-set that comes after time, making this time of blessing feel so very foreign and a little scary. I call that time The Wilderness Years, and through it all, our church family stood with us. Long story short, we have moved and are living a “normal” life again and it’s wonderful beyond what we could’ve dreamed, but with it, of course, come so many changes, my husband is 61, I will soon be 60. Having left the dearest, best friends and family, including my daughter and his son (they are married, how we met), we are missing everyone so very much. We have made some new friends, but just feeling a little homesick for people and out of place where we are. It will take time, I would appreciate prayer for this. Thanks very, very much. Blessings. <3

  44. Hope, thank you for your prayerful words of strength and for reaching out to all the women who have reached out for prayer and God’s touch, His love and His comfort. May He who can do all things continue to bless your life and continue to give you the words to bless others.
    I am reaching out for prayer for my husband who has been without work for over a year, praying for God’s will and patience in the process. Bring my husband closer to the Lord as he searches for employment. Strengthen his walk. In Jesus’ name with a grateful heart…..

    • Father God, I lift Laura and her husband up to You. I ask that Your perfect will be done, that You will give Your provision, strength, grace and love to them as they wait on You. Please help this husband as he searches for the work You have for him, let his walk with You grow deeper and help him to know without a doubt that You see, You are aware of the struggle and will accomplish Your will. Help Laura and her husband to know that even when it seems that nothing is happening, You are indeed moving in ways they cannot imagine. Thank You Father for Your great love and care, and give Laura and her husband rest, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  45. Does anyone ever imagine or have dreams of things you want, hope for, things you JUST KNOW would be wonderful for yourself or especially loved ones? I have a habit of hoping, wanting, keening and praying fervently for God to come through and then being so so so disappointed when God doesn’t answer! I am so tired of myself and I am a Christian and I know better. I even tell others that Gods plan is best and He knows things we dont and I do believe that. But I seem unable to stop leting my daydreams and imagination comfort me when things are hard. Then I crash. Oh please pray for me!

    • Oh this is definitely me. Hah actually if you go up to the top, my prayer is somewhat similar. You’re not alone!

  46. Please pray that my boyfriend will feel God’s blessing for us to finally be married so we can try to start our own family. I’m getting old and my fertility is already compromised according to the doctors. I know our God is bigger than these depressing lab reports, but unless we soon get married, my chances of my own healthy DNA child will pass right in front of me. My heart is so heavy. I know he’s the one for me, and he assures me he wants to marry me too, but not before God blesses us to move to the next step. I’m so tired of hoping, praying and waiting. I just feel so discouraged. Thank you. Psalm 34:18 is one of my life verses.

  47. I desperately need prayer for a new job before unemployment runs out. I need pay to be as close to what I was making before layoff. Full time with great health benefits. Our daughter Aysia needs passing score for her ACT for college she desires to go to. We need to get money to get her teeth fix. We al so need an open door to get a contract for our wing sauce and Christian tshirt line
    Thank you

  48. Please pray for my 2 christian daughters to find a christian spouse, a job for my son in the USA to support his family. He is working in China now, my sister stage 4liver cancer and her family,Gordon who is in a coma and myself with some strongholds in my mind. Thank you

  49. I am asking for prayer for some peace. I have neighbors who hate me and Mother so bad. They have had things happen in their house, and it spills over to our house. We’ve had to call the Police lots of times. From their granddaughter’s friends playing with a ball and it coming into our yard, them jumping our fence to retrieve the ball, loud music, parking so I can’t get out my yard, placing bread out for birds and we have rodents around here, and the birds are bringing the bread to my yard to eat, because the husband is placing the bread out for them, and the wife eating and throwing bread out to the birds, and again they are coming to my yard to eat. Seems there is no peace for me and my Mother. I often wonder why God doesn’t do something to stop all this, and bring more peace. Please pray that I don’t do something drastic. I am very tired of them now. Thank you.

  50. Please pray for 9year old daughter. She is home schooled level 5, she feels bored and praying for friends. Pray for God’s comfort. We are a new missionary family working in Thailand among the isaan peoples group. Currently learning Thai language. Praying for all of you as well.

  51. We have been living with my parents for 2 years because of our bad financial decisions and letting our house go. We have a tween and 2 teenage boys. We so want to get out but just never seem to have any money to save. It is very frustrating for us.

  52. Father, I read the above “needs” and I think it sounds so much like me… we think we know just what we need and we get so disappointed when it doesn’t come now like we think it should, when in Truth, You say… “I will give you everything you need”. Father, like me, I pray for each one of these dear ones, that they would come as a little child, telling you what is on their hearts, but then willing to accept Your, “yes” or “no” or “not yet… just wait”. Actually Father, it’s that “just wait” one that really gives me all the trouble. Please fill each heart with a quiet composure and trust as we walk out our days of waiting for Your perfect timing. Thank you Holy Spirit that you are alongside me helping me to do all my waiting with joy. (I confess I have more than a little trouble with that one, too.) Jesus, thank you for reminding me You don’t hand out stones to your children who ask you trustingly for bread. May each heart find rest today in knowing without a shadow of a doubt that You love us with such perfect love. If we don’t know… Holy Spirit teach us again how much You love us! I ask all this in Jesus name knowing that it is in the will of God and therefore I have my request! Thank you Father for strong and eternal Word to stand on and come boldly with into Your throne room!

  53. Please pray for me as I go out on sales calls for my business. Also for my future son in law who has not accepted Christ, who will marry my oldest daughter this fall. Please pray that my second daughter that she will marry a Christian man. Thank you, Gods Blessings to all of you.

  54. Before I begin, I pray that The Lord will answer every prayers and bless everyone abundantly.
    Please pray for me that I get the job I applied for in Athens, GA and that my family transition there will be successful and that God will remove anxiety, fear, doubt and rejection from my mind. Thank you and be blessed.

    • Dear AyJuan, I will be praying for you today! I pray that the Lord will provide a job for you and that He will give you peace, comfort, grace, strength, and joy!

    • Dear Ayluan – I’m praying and agreeing with you that the Lord will provide that open door for you and that all the needs of you and your family will be met pressed down, shaken together & running over. God Bless you.

  55. I live with a chronic illness that appears to be progressive in nature. I have been mostly home-bound for many years. My health has been deteriorating faster than usual over the past few months. It is hard as a wife and mom with two young children. Will you please pray that I will regain some strength and energy? Thank you.

  56. Been battling a rare and aggressive cancer off and on for 8 yrs. Each time it comes back worse. The main tumor is in the pelvic area and has now found it’s way to my right lung and liver. I went to ER yesterday for a blood clot in my leg that an ultrasound found is the entire length of my leg. We need wisdom re: treatment, if any, and my retired husband needs a job to help with medical expenses. Thank you!
    I’m praying for you Rachel.

  57. Karen,
    I am going through similar things with renters next door to me. They play loud music all day and into the wee hours of the morning. They are very loud and I have had to call the police numerous times because of the music, strangers coming and going all hours of the night. The mom stays home and she found out that I was a teacher. She wants me to work with her son this summer to help him read. They are from the Philippines and he will be in first grade next year which is what I teach. They are leaving bags of trash or yard clippings on my property next to our fences. They just built a huge storage shed right next to my fnce and they can now see into my back yard. I live by myself and don’t feel safe any more. I want them to move.

    Charla I know about pain as I had foot surgery that did not go well. I teach and have to use a walker to even walk. Each step is painful. By the end of the day I am exhausted. Teaching is stressful by itself but add a disability and it is really challenging. I want to stop working but can’t. My only son has moved out of state to a job that he has been wanting since college,it has been the two of us since my divorce when he was one. I feel so overwhelmed and isolated at times. I daily put on praise music and get alone with The Lord. He is always there to talk to.

    I will be praying for both of you and lifting all of us up in prayer. He alone hears and sees us. Keep looking up and remember this scripture that brings me such comfort: Be still and know that I Am God! Praise His name. He is in control! Don’t give up.

  58. I have had a few days of swollen lymph nodes around my ears, neck head and face. Been to two doctors. Unsure what is going on. Have Keflex and rash that appeared before meds. They said if it spread could go to brain infection. Face hurts to touch or not even touch. I went again after it spread farther and got steriod shot and prednisone. Praying for relief and knowledge.

    Prayers for you Kathy and your neighbors. May God provide you with peace and comfort and the knowledge of what to do for yourself and them.

    Prayers for all who write requests here.

  59. Ah, Debbie, praying for you! Our little boy has been diagnosed with leaukemia two weeks ago. He is only 3 months and has been through the first set of chemo. Please pray for complete healing and for this illness never to return into his body again. Many thanks.

    • Oana, I am so sorry to hear about your little son. How scary that must be! When I read the requests, I realize how much I have to be thankful for! Praying for grace, hope, and healing. A verse we taught our kids years ago, is “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.” May God’s peace envelope you!

  60. Our 28 year old daughter has Crohn’ s disease and Fibromyalgia. She has had two surgeries this past year with complications. She has been gone from home since September 2013 and hopes to fly from CA the 20th by herself to GA. She gives herself fluids every other day. Please pray we will know if she should return Tuesday or wait. James 1:5 Thank you!

  61. Today is my birthday and I hope to be able to spend a good time with my hubby without quarreling. We need breakthrough for our marriage. We need to be able to communicate better. Amen.

    • Fy, have you ever read the book Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs? I struggle
      with being kind and respectful to my husband. Today I was reminded that love is patient, suffers long, does not seek its own, and esteems others better than myself. I have to remember to not have unrealistic expectations about special days so as to not be disappointed. Hope you enjoy your birthday!

  62. Kathy I know how hard it is being a single Mom, even without pain and disability. I know, too, the strong, strong bond between mother and son in this situation. Father, I pray that you will be to Kathy, as you were to me, a husband, lover, friend. Thank you for the praise that ascends to your Throne from Kathy’s heart. Be her all-in-all in these hard times. Bring her friends, sisters in Christ, alongside her to share and encourage.through this period of separation from her son. Whisper your words of love into her heart. And Father, stretch forth your Omnipotent Hand into this situation with noisy neighbours, which can be so debilitating. We praise you for what you are about to do in all this for Kathy.
    I would ask for prayer for our financial situation. My husband has had to return to manual work after retiring(,he is over 70. ) Also I would appreciate prayer for members of my family who are estranged, although they are Christians. Thank you Lord!!

  63. Please pray for my son – we are going through some very hard times with him. He’s 3 and wants to control everything, including my husband and I. Everything is a struggle. We lose our tempers so often and nothing seems to work.

  64. Thank God for giving us jobs so that we can put food on the table. The only problem is that we don’t have enough money for anything else. We are going to be homeless pretty soon. We don’t know when. We have been asking God to help us with us keeping the house. Every time we try to save money something comes up that we have to pay for. I don’t know why I’m asking for help. We ask all the time in our prayers and if someone offers to say a prayer for us I ask but nothing has changed. I think it is getting worse. I know you said that God listens but I think he isn’t listening or doesn’t want to or doesn’t care about us enough to do something about it. Our health is good thank God for that but what am I going to do. I don’t know what to do. Please pray for us.

  65. Please pray for my son, that He will be firm in his beliefs and that his decisions will be based on honoring God. He has a new girlfriend whose upbringing and values are different than ours.

    • To Lisa Tindal – praying that the Holy Spirit gets a hold of your son – that
      he lives for God and honors Him. Also praying that this new girlfriend gets
      saved and starts living a life that honors Him as well.

  66. My mom Jeanette was just diagnosed with colon caner.
    She will start treatment 1 of 3 this Wednesday and
    they will do surgery as soon as they can schedule it.
    She is the primary care giver for my 89 year old dad.
    Neither of them are saved. Please pray for salvation
    for both, protection for her body from the treatments,
    her immune system, her accepting of help,
    guidance for the doctors, and healing.
    She is also in terrible constant pain in her back –
    pray for healing also for her back. Thanks for praying.
    While we are praying, the burden is too close and too heavy
    to carry. We are thankful that He can carry it for us.

    • Sheila, I am so sorry for what your family is going through. When I went through my cancer the best advice I rec’d was to take it day by day. I will be praying that she is surrounded with qualified medical personal that show her great care, respect and can make her smile.
      When my father was passing we had to deal with not knowing if he really had found salvation. He did not want to talk much but my nephew who had once been in seminary was able to talk to him and reassured us that he had been saved. I hope that God sends you someone that can do what we were so blessed to have happen. I will be lifting you all up in prayer. May you feel Gods loving arms around you as you make this journey. Blessings! Sandy

      • Thanks!, Sandy.
        We pray daily for Him to send someone into their
        lives that will lead them to salvation. Thanks for the
        story of just that happening.
        Thank you also for the personal life helpful hint.
        I tell everyone, we will just play it all by ear and see
        what comes. My 81 year old mother is VERY independent,
        and it is hard for her to accept help, but she is going
        to have to – especially with my dad. Thanks again for your words of
        encouragement from one who survived.
        God takes us through the experiences in our lives, so we can then
        turn around and minister in the same experiences with others as
        encouragement. Exactly as you have done.
        Blessings and
        Health on you, Sheila

  67. Please pray for a friend who was just diagnosed with brain and lung tumors. I ask that his doctors are guided by the Holy Spirit to help him. May his friends be guided to help him and his family. Every day is special and precious.

  68. A young friend is planning to marry a man against her parents and pastors’ and friends advice. I believe she is being deceived into thinking this is God’s will. The man has turned her away from those who truly love her. Please pray for The Lord to open her eyes to see what is true, to listen to godly wisdom, honor the God-given authority in her life and to seek God’s will in this situation. I praise God for what He is going to do. Thank you!

  69. i broke a mans heart today and mine too ,i am a christian he is not and i consented to a sexual relationship with him knowing it was wrong… i told him it would eventually destroy us but we kept going deeper and so did my convictions and i was sinking into a depression.So today i ended it and hurt him deeply he now sees my faith as something he would never want a part of,i know i did the right thing by ending it but oh God it hurts deeply.Please pray for me i have no words…

  70. Please pray for a change of heart in my Inlaws. Their son and grandson are hurt but they don’t Seem to see it. I pray that God would show them love and grace as well so that they may show their son love and his family.

  71. Sending prayers for everyone in need… for health & emotional peace & well-being, for financial stability, for help & stability for your children, for comfort in all your difficulties. So much pain… I pray that you each feel relief to help you continue to cope until your difficulties are resolved… God Bless!

  72. Over a year ago my basement flooded and repairs have been made but I cannot bring myself to set it up again into a liveable space. It is so overwhelming and it is too embarrassing to ask for help. I allow myself to be distracted by requests from others for help. I need to beable to say no and to not feel quilty. Moving myself up the list of priorities maybe.

  73. Jasmine, I pray The Lord will open doors that no man can shut for you & will give you spirit of discernment as you seek to do His will.
    Charla, I pray that our God, the Healer, Comforter, Wonderful Consellor, Prince of Peace & Everlasting Father will divinely visit you today and confirm His attributes in every area of your life and need IJN. Hold on & hang in there, our God is not dead, He’s a living God & you’re not forgotten as well as your loved ones. God bless you!
    I have an adopted daughter who has similar health issues & they say it’s Fibromyalgia. Pls pray for healing for her & victory in her upcoming divorce case. Thank you all & God bless.

  74. Please pray first that the children in Nigeria will be released well and alive to their families and nothing like that will happen again.

    Please pray for the health of my daughter and grandchildren – in all areas of their life, world and affairs,

    Please pray for me that I will make it to heaven with Jesus; that the problems on my job will subside and that my co-workers in my department will not get their to get me out of the department so their friend can get in; that God will help me and give me guidance in all to do in every area of my life. I’m only about 4 years from retirement and I just am getting weary of being told every day there’s something wrong with me, or my face doesn’t look right – or we’re in a staff meeting and one of the girls raises their hands to hit me and my boss thinks it funny. I just came back from having 3 major surgeries in February, 2014 (God saved my life and I’m only here by His grace), but I’m feeling weary now and there’s no one to go to for help on my job. All I know to do is call on Jesus.
    God Bless you.

  75. My husband has been in the hospital since Thursday (it’s Sunday). I am alone with two kids (6, 2) and have to return to work tomorrow and teach an all day class that I am woefully unprepared for. I am overwhelmed at home and have no support near me. I’m not sleeping well. Please pray that my husband heals (he’s not getting better) and that I get rest and am prepared.

    • I pray in the name of Jesus for healing for your husband, that the Lord would bring strength, energy and vitality to you and the assistance you need with your children right now, and I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit – you will be given everything you need to know to teach the best class ever in Jesus’ mighty name. God Bless you.

  76. I pray for cherlyn today that he intervene on her job situation. She is suffering greatly because others do not respect her. Come lord Jesus into this place.

  77. Roseline, God bless you for the love you have for your daughter. Praying for her physical healing and the emotional pain that comes from a divorce case. I pray for you, too, sweet lady for the ache in your heart that is filled so deep with love. May His peace and comfort surround your family at this difficult time. My sister passed away in October after a long and brutal battle with cancer and my father’s health is deteriorating quickly. Will you pray for healing comfort and health for him and my family? Thank you with all my heart!

  78. Praying for Maria’s family and father, for the Comforter to give you His presence.

    Please pray for me, for peace as I deal with anxiety of traveling and flying with many work trips coming up, including this week.

  79. Please pray that this senseless depression would lift so I can move on to do what I know God has called me to do. I’ve been discouraged by financial burdens, relationships, old temptations, and other things that I can’t even begin to explain or understand. I am so thankful for this community of women! I covet and appreciate your prayers 🙂

  80. Heavenly Father, thank-you for RJ and her love for You. Let her know You are with her wherever she goes. Perfect love casts out all fear- bring that to the forefront of her mind as she travels. Grant her comfort and peace as she boards the plane. May she envision You as the pilot, guiding her and all the other passengers to safety. You hold her in the palm of Your hand! Thank-you Lord… In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  81. I live in San Antonio,my husband of 21 years divorced me 4 years ago to marry Stuart.he kicked me out of the house I designed,I got the tween daughters on weekends at first.all my influence was eliminated.i lost my WalMart job in Jan,so I babysat the grandson so my 18 year old could go to school.it was hard to pick him up,I had a lot of pain.april 21 she moved out of the apt with her lover,I was left with All the bills,no job.Landlady kept Maggie Ng me,I called police and was taken to hospital for severe depression.im now in a VA recovery facility,have a lot of pain,a lot of bills.it hurts so much that my kids won’t contact me,or my church,whom I’ve called.i feel very lonely at timed

  82. My husband and I sense that a new career opportunity for him is imminent. Pray that the opportunity we have been praying for is actually imminent and that our financial burdens and my anxieties will be lifted as God ushers us into this new chapter of our life. Thank you for your prayers!

  83. Cindy, I am praying for God to send you a godly friend with whom you can confide! I’m praying for the miraculous restoration of your home and family! May you thrive and love, Cindy!!! God bless you and your family!

  84. Andrea, I pray that God will lead and guide your husband into just the right career path and that it will be one which will provide all of your financial needs. I pray too that you will know the peace of Jesus as you wait and rest in perfect confidence that God is working out His plan for your lives.
    In the name of Jesus.

  85. Please pray for my son who is turning 20 – due to wrong choices for friends in school earlier, he now has no close friends. Anxiety keeps him from stepping into new situations where he can make new friends. He is disappointed in God for allowing his life to go this direction. Though he is going to university, he spends much time alone and too much time on the computer. I pray he will find true freedom from anxiety and the joy of a church community. Thank you.

    • Father you know what Bridget son is going through give him direction in his life what You want him to do. Let him know that You have not forgotten about him. Remove all that anxiety and let him walk with the assurance that Your will and he do not walk alone. Let him feel your presence like no other. Let him make the friends that You have found for him. Guide him to all You want him to have and do. In Jesus name. Amen.

  86. For our daughter that her heart would cry out to God & he would free her from shame and fear of people’s approval and He would give. her hope and a purpose. Thank you!

  87. I came to ask for prayer and prayed for all the above requests first. My eyes burn with tears for all of you as I believe God will meet ALL of your needs. Through my current trials of unemployment and low self-esteem from what led to this, I am blessed with time to read Scripture and pray for sisters and brothers everywhere. My heart is full and my needs pale to the many others above. Our God shall supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus – THIS IS TRUE! This community is such a blessing. God’s comfort, strength, healing, peace and joy to all.

  88. I need pray for health. I have had this sinus problem for over three years. I know that I have an infection but I can’t go the the doctors because I have no insurance. I take over the counter meds but they do not help. Also I have pain in my right side. Asking for prayer for healer. I am not working because I am helping my sister who is also sick. Gave up my job to help her. Asking for healing.

  89. Dear God heal Sandra and her sister. Be alongside them as they go through this strorm of life. Bless them and shower them with divine love.

  90. Please pray that The Lord who Provides, Jehovah Jireh, will provide an income for our family.

  91. I pray for all of the women who posted. I am sorry their is so much
    hurt. I know that God hears our prayers and is with us always.
    Please pray for my daughter who is battling anxiety and depression.
    Peace be with you all!

  92. Amy- I haven’t lifted you up in prayer and prayed that god would provide you and your family an income. I also pray that god will sustain you for the time being and give you peace and hope that he is in control and will provide for you.
    Please pray that my husband will find healing and peace. We have been going through a very difficult time as a family for the past few months and it just seems endless. My husband is just so angry and bitter and I am not sure how to deal with him anymore. It make matters even more stressful I am currently pregnant with our first baby and I am afraid the stress is damaging our child. I’ve prayed and I feel The Lord is near, Im just scared and feel so helpless of how to help my husband and protect this child.
    Thank you to whomever prays for me. I greatly appreciate it.

  93. In the name of Jesus, I pray for the restoration of marriages and health. I ask that the will of God be done in His fullness and that He will give us wisdom and knowledge.

    My prayer request: strength to endure the lies and deceit of my husband who is living in darkness and denial. I need to be able to truly let go and let God so that I can move on with my life in peace.

  94. Praying for you and your husband, Lee. May the light of Christ dispel the darkness in your lives.

    I’m a teacher and it’s time for me to write reports for our first semester. (Southern hemisphere – we’re heading into winter next month.) They’re due in a week and I will have to spend just about all of my non-sleeping, non-teaching hours working on them. Need discipline! Thanks. 🙂

  95. Dear Lord, I lift up Diana to You. Teaching is such an important, but often thankless, job. I pray that You will flood Your love into her heart today, that she might know that You smile on her. That You honor how she seeks to bring education to kids. I pray also that You would give her the strength and determination she needs to write out those reports. Grant her spaces of uninterrupted time to get her work done and help her to see it through. We thank You for how you will answer this prayer and how you will work in her life! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    I am going through withdrawals from a couple of medications I’ve taken for the last three years. I have to go off of them because I’ve developed liver problems, but it’s not easy. Thank you for praying!

  96. My husband has been in school for 4 years to be a teacher. He graduated in December. He needs a teaching job to open up. Please pray God will allow us to remain patient as we wait for Him to open the door for a job. Pray that the right door will open and things will fall in to place in a way only God can make it happen.


    “Father, I ask you to be with Diana. She needs you to mentally give her focus right now. I pray that when things arise that could take her away from her tasks that she has to complete that she will be able to remain disciplined and stay on task. In Jesus name. amen. “

  97. Marie,

    I think our comments posted at the same time. I wanted you to know that I am praying for you also.


    So often we are reminded of how much pjs physical body just can’t make it without you also. I pray that as Marie goes through withdrawals from this medication that her physical pain will not creep in to her emotional well-being. I pray for her to persevere through what goes along with all of this. Help her to know you are there with her, holding her in your arms. amen. “

  98. I am 11 wks pregnant- we tried for a yr for this baby & are very thankful. But I have had severe morning sickness for 5 wks now-vomiting to the point of needing IV fluids and can hardly get from the bed to the couch. Throwing up my nausea meds too. I have a 6 & 4 yr kid to take care of besides. Please pray for this to pass quickly! And for mental strength to deal with the sickness.

  99. God, please be with Emily’s husband as he is looking for and interviewing for jobs, that he would be hired quickly into an excellent position. Please give them peace through this process. Amen.

  100. For wisdom in raising a teenager and two more up and coming that direction. It all seems so complicated and mysterious and – out of my sense of calm at times. Praying to be the mom that I need to be at each moment to meet the demands and needs of this job before me.

  101. I discovered this week that my husband of 14 years has been texting and calling another woman (an old friend of his). Seeing them write “I love u” and “I miss u” to each other has absolutely shocked me and I have told no one. He denies anything else has happened and thinks I should believe him. I am just sickened and can’t believe this is real. Our son has a birthday this week, my parents are coming to town, and I am just trying to be strong. I can’t stand to look or speak to my husband right now. How do people get through this?!

  102. Dear Sandra,
    Ouch, I know what sinus problems feel like. I pray now for a miracle that you will be free of these sinus problems believing the Lord is in our midst. That He will walk with you through this and lead you to a place of peace and completeness.

    I’m coming for prayer for our 32 year old adult son who has been in and out of employment for a decade. We are emotionally exhausted from his manipulating. He soon will be unable to stay in his apt and will be living again for the 3rd time as a homeless person. Please pray for our family. He needs steady employment and housing that is immediate. He needs counseling and support other than his mom and dad. He was raised in a Bible believing house and knows the Lord as His savior………but he is a carnal Christian. Blessings!

  103. Please pray for me for God to heal me. I have no voice right now and have swallow issues to.
    My knee’s are bone on bone and very painful. I know this is a lot to pray for but nothing is too big for our God!

    Kelly I’m praying for you! I went through something similar 15 years ago. I ended up divorcing him as I could no longer trust him. Eventually I found a wonderful man and my life changed for the better. We’ve now been married 12 years. Hang in there. You deserve a good relationship!

  104. My request is that we would be able to go visit my husband’s family in South Africa. My husband is an only child and our three boys are their only grandchildren. We last saw them 5 1/2 years ago, but because it is an expensive trip for us we feel it seems impossible. My husband’s mom has disabilities and almost died last Christmas due to complications, and his dad has Alzheimer’s that is rapidly advancing. They are now staying in an assisted care facility, so they are wellcared for, but we would like them to see their grandchildren one last time before they pass away, or his dad’s condition becomes too advanced to remember us. We would appreciate prayers for wisdom, finances for the trip, and for our faith to be strengthened to know God is at work in this to provide for our needs. Thank you!

  105. Kelly I will be praying for you. The Lord is with you, close to your heart and He understand your disappointment and hurt feelings. I’m a missionary in Patagonia. I have a tumor in my auditory nerve. It’s not cancer but if it grows it will have to be removed and that means a brain surgery and losing hearing. I have to come back to the doctor in September. Pray that it won’t grow and for peace. Life goes on and I want to go on serving the Lord and enjoy life. God bless you for being my prayer partner. Gen. 27:28

  106. Praying for you and your family, Sandra. Holy Spirit please intercede in her sons life and show him through others what it means to truly live and walk with or savior Jesus. I too need prayer for my son who is an addict. I am now raising his son who is 5 now and have had custody since he was 16 months. Also please pray for my health situation. I just recently was hospitalized for pneumonia and now under the weather again. And please lift my marriage up as we have been going through some difficult issues. Thank you and blessings to all of my sisters in Christ

    • Dear Elaine,
      Praying you will find relief from the overwhelming burdens that have been
      placed on you and your marriage. Physically and emotionally you have been
      dealing with so much. I will keep you, your husband, and your son in my prayers.
      May God Bless you with JOY.

      I have been struggling since 2010 with financial difficulties, but THANKFULLY GOD has kept us going. It is a struggle and a sacrifice, juggling constantly to
      make ends meet. If I could find employment as my husband is self employed and his health is failing, so difficult for him to grow his business. I’ve been looking for
      employment and applying for two years. I am beginning to think it’s my age(58).
      Pray I KNOW where GOD wants me to be.
      God Bless
      Love and prayers.

  107. Need much prayer, Sisters. I suffered horrific sexual child abuse as a child. And I blame myself. Maybe if I had been a good little girl hadn’t dressed like a disgusting harlot this could have been avoided. I feel guilty ashamed and hate with a capital H the person I see the mirror. My abuser committed suicide. I blame myself. Should’ve kept my mouth shut. Then he would still be alive.

    Now I feel God leading me to drop the guilt and shame at His feet. That’s going to be hard especially when I would hate me for eternity and condemn myself forever. Don’t like the thought of praying for myself either. God told me the only key out of my prison is forgiveness. Pray for me that I would have strength His strength to drop this baggage even everything within is screaming at me to hold onto it all.

    I’m praying for you Liliana. That you would be healed and all would go well in your life. The Lord bless and keep you.

    • Angela… my daughters and I will pray for you this week that you be restored, reconciled, rescued and relieved… that you are moved to receive His love and mercy… we boldly go to the throne of our Gracious God for there we will receive His mercy and we will find grace to help us when we need it most… may His presence wash you clean, so with a clear heart you may receive His words… the sins of another are not your burden to bear, that is for Jesus to handle, your sins are also not yours to bear, they too are for Jesus to handle.. Rest in your shepherd’s arms.

      Peace sister.

  108. I have been dizzy since January 23, 2014 . after 4 surgeries and a total of 58 days in the hospital. I am blessed beyond measure BUT I just want the dizzy to pass. Talk about learning patience. God is good to me and I know things come in HIS time. I am just ready! Titus 2:13

    •  Shirley…. my daughters and I will pray for you this week that His healing of you continue to manifest itself in numerous ways… that He would heal you by His word and will and that this season of an unwell state be complete and that your patience and endurance be an encouragement and testament of faith in Him and trust in His deliverance.

      We too have struggled through a season of illness…. I have experienced such weariness with my systemic imbalance and that it continues but He reassures us that its for a purpose in His word… I’m ready too to throw this off if me. 🙂 and yet i also know it has helped me help my daughter and her bodily illness which has been declared incurable. but we know either He will deliver her healing to her while she is on earth or when she sees Him…since she is already victorious with Him and healed there! But the days are long for her at times when her symptoms flare and she wonders if she will get worse before better.

      May Our Great Physician bless you with complete recovery. Amen

  109. First, please Thank God on my behalf for my life, faith, hope and love…. Thank Him for my children and how He is patient with me … and would you ask Him to heal me and my daughters, to bless us financially and move us forward together…. would you ask Him to move my future husband to me and move me to him, and for us to be blessed with more kids than I bring to the marriage… would you ask Him to lead me to make decisions and choices that bring Him glory and allow me and our family to experience and live the life He intended for us. Thank you for praying for us.

    and Angela… my daughters and I will pray for you this week that you be restored, reconciled, rescued and relieved… that you are moved to receive His love and mercy… we boldly go to the throne of our Gracious God for there we will receive His mercy and we will find grace to help us when we need it most… may His presence wash you clean, so with a clear heart you may receive His words… the sins of another are not your burden to bear, that is for Jesus to handle, your sins are also not yours to bear, they too are for Jesus to handle.. Rest in your shepherd’s arms.

    and Shirley…. my daughters and I will pray for you this week that His healing of you continue to manifest itself in numerous ways… that He would heal you by His word and will and that this season of an unwell state be complete and that your patience and endurance be an encouragement and testament of faith in Him and trust in His deliverance.

    Amen, in Jesus name Amen..

  110. Please pray for my two sons who are running fast and far from the Lord. They are Christians but have each allowed themselves to be consumed by the world. Our family is devastated.

    • Dawn,
      I will pray for your prodigal sons. It is a comfort to know that wherever your sons run, that the Lord will be there to meet them with open arms — when they are ready to turn to Him. I will pray for your mother’s heart that aches to see your sons turn away from their Christian faith. I am asking that the Lord will be gracious and soften their hearts only to The Truth, and harden their hearts toward the world’s view. In Deuteronomy 5:29 God expresses his desire for Israel: “Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that it might go well with them and their children forever!” This is my prayer for your children.

  111. Kristen
    Heavenly Father, I pray that you would bless Kirsten and her daughters. Lord you promise to provide everything they will ever need. Lord grant healing to her and her daughters, Lord grant her a financial breakthrough, move her toward her future husband and bless them with a new family. Father move Kirsten and her daughters forward together, take them into the land you promised them. I pray that she will seek You God for all direction and guidance for decisions she has to make. Give her wisdom Lord. I pray God that Kirsten will seek You with her whole heart cause You said that she will definitely find You. Lord grant Kirsten your rod and your staff to comfort her and anoint her from her head right down to the soul of her feet. Prepare a table before her enemies Father overflow her cup with blessings. May your goodness and love follow Kirsten and her daughters all the days of her life. In Jesus name, Amen (let it be so).

    Please pray for my friend Mark, pray for a Devine intervention in his life. Thank you. Blessings.

    • Joanne,
      The Lord our God is mighty and awesome and I ask Him in the name of Jesus to intervene in Mark’s life. I pray that this intervention would be a miraculous turning point for Mark; that Mark would come to know You, Oh Jesus with a depth beyond anything he has known before. Please give Mark a desire to seek Your face, oh Lord. Prepare Mark’s heart by letting people of Christian faith plant seeds, and others water those seeds, so that he begins to seek after you on his own. Lord thank you for your promise to always be faithful and to never leave us. May Mark’s life be changed by his knowledge of your unending love for him. Thank you in Jesus name I ask, Amen

  112. Please pray for my son-in-law, Kevin. He and my daughter met at Bible College and got married five years ago. They now have an 11-month old son. Almost three years ago, my daughter was raped while Kevin was deployed at sea (in the Navy). The perpetrator was never punished. Kevin’s anger toward God has increased to the point that he seems to hate God and those who love God. Kevin has been taking his anger out verbally on my daughter. They have tried marriage counseling, but he doesn’t feel it helps (he says you can’t make someone change….true). So she began with a Christian counselor just for her. A month ago she told him (when he left during an angry argument) that he cannot return to their home until he admits his anger management problem, seeks out a Christian counseling and makes progress…then she will join him in marriage counseling. He has shown NO interest in getting counseling, and says he doesn’t love her and has says he wants a divorce. It is heart wrenching to watch as a mother, mother-in-law and now a grandma. I have a hard time letting go of my worry about it and my desire to help “fix it”. So my prayers are for Kevin, my daughter, and myself. Please ask God to help me know when to speak and when not to speak. Help my daughter to continue fighting for the marriage, and for Kevin to be restored to God and open to working on his marriage. Please pray against evil forces in his life, as I have seen his eyes bulge with anger and don’t understand why buying a snake as a pet a couple of weeks before his son was born seemed more important to him than God, his wife, his future son, his fatherhood.

    • Lord, please intervene in Kevin’s life & remind Him of your Holy presence in the good times and the bad. Please call Him back to you. Help him to be the husband and father you have called him to be. Please strengthen Laurie as she watches. Help her to encourage her daughter in this difficult situation. We ask for your Holy Spirit to intervene. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  113. I ask for prayer for my the mass in my brain, which has started to grow again, slow down. And that the tests I am having Tuesday for my kidney function do not prove to be yet another sign of spread.
    I am healthy and whole.. I am loved by a God who is merciful.. and he says there is more right with me than there is wrong. And I trust in his care.
    Thank you.

    • God, please be with Lori and give her your strength and presence in the days ahead. Remind her of Phil 4:13 that she can do all things with you Lord Jesus. We do ask for you to slow down the growth of this mass and ask for you to heal her. In the name of Jesus.

  114. The 10th anniversary of my baby boy’s death is approaching. I am blessed to be the mom of 4 healthy children, but this anniversary is a hard one. I miss my son. I had 13 wonderful months with him and we so hoped to beat his heart condition, but God called him home. My surviving son is 13 years old and has so many struggles and I feel like I’ve failed him as he struggles socially and emotionally to connect with others and anger.
    God, please work in my family. Help my Ben to change his ways and grow in self-control. Help me to not get lost in the sadness of this anniversary and to choose to embrace the many gifts you have given to me.

  115. Please pray for son, that God will lead hi to full time employment
    I also pray for Cindy, and her prayer intentions; make your loving presence known in her life.

  116. Like many others, I am looking for full time work. It is an emotional struggle for me. I am blessed with a part-time job that I love, but need full time work to provide for my children who are still living at home.

    Jesus, I lift Paula’s son in prayer that he will find full time employment as well. Please provide others to come along side to polish that resume, sharpen his interview skills and lead him to the best job ever. Fill him with grace and courage while he waits.

    • I pray that you are led to a job that you love and that provides for you and your family financially and gives you time to enjoy each other always. Know that He always provides for His creatures and He will provide for you too! Please let us know how things work out!

  117. Please pray that my co-leaders and I for our (in)courage group will be led by God in all that we say and do and that were truly are an encouragement to the moms who join us on this adventure. I know that my co-leaders and I were selected by His divine intervention and it is our prayer that we can live up to what we signed up for and offer our hearts and souls in a profound and loving way through the Word of the Lord. Thank you everyone!

  118. Ladies,

    Prayers for everyone! For God to restore marriages, allow adoptions, give wisdom and guidance. Prayers for healing, financial help, and jobs. Mostly for patience to await God’s perfect timing in all this. To be able to endure these trials and come out stronger and better Christians!

    Blessings 🙂

  119. Please pray that I would live my transition to young adult life well. I graduated from college last year, and I had no idea how difficult it would be to deal with the anxieties of job, friendships, peace about my relationship status, etc. I’ve been blessed with a job and a community, but it’s still hard.

    • Praying that you will have a peace come over you and know that just like the verse says, For I know the plans I have for you… God has already planned your life out for you and He knows what comes next. Keep your heart close to His and He will show you what is to come. Praying for peace!

  120. This may be long, but as I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks I know I need help and prayers badly! I have stage 4 cervical cancer. The battle for the past 8 months has been honestly terrible.

    After my 6 surgery in January the tumor has started to shrink a little. It was the size of a softball and they had to put a tube in my kidney to save it because the tumor was crushing the ureter. I have dealt with this tube since Oct. 3rd of last year. It was fine during the winter because I was so sick, but it is warm now and I miss swimming! I can’t get it wet and I have had infection run rampid through my body since January. I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago for sepsis which thankfully they were able to catch it at an early stage.

    We have prayed and prayed for God to heal this kidney and open up that ureter so I can get this tube out, but so far nothing has changed. It is getting so frustrating because once again I am facing another hospital stay because the infection is getting worse up through my kidney. I’m scared, I am worn down and I am losing the fight that I have had for so long.

    I have 3 amazing kiddos and a husband that I adore. They are the reason I keep fighting, but it’s getting hard. I know God made this body and He worked to create such intricate ways that our body works so I know without a doubt He can heal me and open up this ureter. Please pray that God will shrink this tumor and get it off the ureter so it can open up and the tube can come out. Also for the infections in my body to heal. I want to enjoy this summer with my sweet family and have the energy to fight this battle. I know God has a plan and I am trying my best to walk the path He has laid out for me. Thank you so much!

  121. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a little over 3 years now and have not had any luck. We don’t know yet what the problem is. Just want to ask for prayers that we can become pregnant soon. Thank you.

    • Wendy,

      I am praying that God blesses you and your husband with a child. I pray that he guides the hands of your health care providers and helps you find answers to give you a healthy baby.


  122. Dear Rachel Lundy, I’m praying that The Lord will touch and heal your body and give you strength through out the day. Good bless you and your family. Thank you, for praying for me and my family, I really needed it.

  123. My prayer request is for peace and strength. My car was stollen last week and it was recovered last night. When I went to pick it up it had garbage and a crack pipe in it. I have not slept well since it was taken and finding it a mess with drugs in it made me feel even more violated.

    Please pray that my insurance company takes care of the damages and stolen items and that with Gods peace and strength I can get past this quickly. Also pray for the person that took my car, that they turn to God for forgiveness and a better life.

    Thank you.

    • Michelle, I am praying for redemption – total redemption – in this situation. What Satan planned for harm, I’m asking God to redeem it and use this mess for His good. What’s God doing?! 🙂 What’s He doing through this? The drama is more than we could have written into our own stories. I am praying you sense His peace, His strength, and the super-natural ability to forgive those who stole your car. I’m praying the people who used your car to fill a void and ache in their lives will someday soon meet their Restorer, the Healer, the Eternal Rescuer.

    • Dear Michelle B

      I will pray for you for peace and strength in the wake of this serious personal violation. Peace as you recover from this scary experience and strength as you move forward with financial and police issues. I will pray that your insurance company compensates you fairly and quickly, including a through “cleaning” to help wipe away all physical reminders of the crime against you. I pray you will find comfort and sleep well as you find restitution and resolution.

      God bless you, Michelle.

    • Michelle- Praying in agreement that your insurance company would cover all the damages and stolen items, that God would restore all that the enemy has taken, including your security and peace! Praying that He pours out a blessing over you and that he leads this individual to repentance and a relationship with Jesus. Praying peace, joy and comfort over you and that you feel His presence and His love for you!
      In Christ alone,

  124. Please pray I can be a wise encourager to my husband. I’m praying I will know when to speak and when to stay silent. When I speak, pray I will pour forth God’s wisdom to my husband. When I stay silent, pray I can be an ever-constant rock for him as he faces uncertainty.

    • Christan I pray that you will be led by the Holy Spirit to be the Godly wife you were created to be, and that you will be a blessing to your husband 🙂

  125. Heavenly Father, we lift Christan up in ur arms. Thank u for giving a godly submissive spirit towards her husband. When she speaks let her husband see You. Grant her wisdom to know when to speak and when not to. When she does speak let ur support, love, encouragement and wisdom pour forth. Amen

    I need prayers for strength to be a good step parent and forgiveness and godliness towards his ex as she blames and berates me daily.

    • Diane N –
      Father, we pray for Diane N as she deals with this issue with her husbands ex on a daily basis. Keep her strong and remind her that You are the one in control of her life and the lives of her family. Help her Lord, with her un-forgiveness toward this person and may she totally forgive because we know if we can totally forgive, you will set us free. Grant Diane peace and let her feel your loving arms wrapped around her. Lord, we know Diane is a loving step-parent and please continue to bless her with the family you have blessed her with. Thank you Lord for loving us just the way we are. I Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. Diane – I just started a Bible Study of a book “Total Forgiveness” by R.T. Kendall. After only one session, I believe it will be a huge help to me in forgiving those that have hurt me. You might want to check it out.

      I am asking for prayer to be able to see my son and his family, including my grandson, who will be 12 this week. I have not seen them in several years. Thank you! Nancy M

  126. Please pray for me as I am heartbroken, grieving the loss of of the relationship with the man whom I thought was the true love of my life. The long distance (800 miles), among other things, is proving to be too much to bear. I’ve never felt so intensely in love before and the loss is causing me such pain and anxiety. My two prayers are that he would ask me to marry him and move there (where he has a job that he cannot leave)….or at least for comfort for me to cope and heal if he does not ask me. Thank you.

  127. Heartbroken, Please pray for me and my daughter to have a relationship. I have not seen or talked to her in 8 months.

  128. Pls pray for my daughter savannah. She’s been in bed for eight was with a back injury. She needs healing. We’ve tried everything. Then Friday nite her boyfriend broke up with her. Now add a broken heart ….. Thank you

    • Hey Kristi,

      Praying for peace and comfort for Savannah’s heart. She’s worth so much and deserves the absolute best! 😉 Praying for a speedy recovery and healing that causes her back to be better than it ever has been. Also praying for you too. A mother’s heart is easily stressed when her child is in distress. Praying that the Lord releases peace over you, fills your heart with encouragement and wisdom, and that your home is calm, peaceful, restorative, and hopeful! 🙂


  129. Been in a very long season of discouragement, hardship, financial stress, and loneliness. My husband and I moved to become caretakers of a now ministry/family getaway house about a year ago. It’s been a struggle living in a 500 sq.ft. or less apartment when we moved from 2x that living space. I’m just now starting to make friends in this new town, but feel super discouraged about the direction we’re going. We know that this is a stepping stone towards what God has next, but sometimes this pressure cooker of growth and learning is overwhelming. Could really use some peace and encouragement. The Lord’s been saying “hang on a little longer” and I’m trying, but there are days when it just seems to much. Thanks for the prayers.

    • Father,

      Bless Lacey with people who will come by her and encourage her daily. Give her some friends to talk with. Take away the discouragement and stress she feels. Give her a sense of peace and contentment that she is right where you want her on.


  130. Father,

    I lift up to Your Loving Hands Your beautiful daughter, Lacey. You alone know her ultimate desires and longings and You alone can fill those desires and longings. Fill her with the greatness of Your Love, comfort her with Your ever-loving Spirit, and lead her to find new family and community in their new place. Strengthen her heart as she waits for Your next step and give her the peace and encouragement that can only be found in Jesus Christ. In His name I pray, Amen…


    Please pray that the Lord will continue to mold me to be a Godly and submissive wife to my husband and the perfect timing for us to have a child.

    Thank you so much..Blessings from Christ!

  131. My health has been presenting me with challenges, one after the other for quite some time now. I have received healing after healing but this one is stubborn. My stomach has been paining me for weeks and in 6 months I’ve lost 71 pounds. I am to do an endoscopy tomorrow and negative thoughts as to what could be wrong have made me nervous. Please pray for me…thanks.

    • Unicie, I have said prayers for you just now and will do so tomorrow as well. Thank you for being so straightforward and honest. It’s a good example for me.

      I would appreciate prayer for starting to create new growth and activities in my life. All praise be to God.

      • Unicie, I pray for thoughts of hope and joy to come over you and that the report of the Lord is for healing.

        Jan, for growth, creativity and new insights will be over you, on Hs name.

        My request is for the quick and safe return of my fiance from overseas and God’s favour on the probate case.

  132. Marinalva,
    I understand what it means to have a loved one overseas. My father, uncles, brothers and now my niece & nephew who is deployed overseas. I lift up Marinalva up to you Lord. I pray you will cover both Marinalva and her fiance with strength, comfort, protection, wisdom and guidance. May their relationship be grounded in YOU LORD. May their love and commitment be centered on you. May their love grow. May they always seek after you. Father God, I thank you for being our daddy, for loving us…hearing our prayers. I pray your will be done & be honoring to you. Amen

    My prayer would be two fold.
    1. For the work comp system to authorize the
    shoulder surgery I need. Im in considerable pain daily. I want to return to work ASAP!

    2. I have a job. But it can be physically demanding. I am praying for doors to open so I can find a job that is not as physically demanding. I am gifted in Corporate Training, and would LOVE to return to the Vocational Education field.

    Thank you and blessings to you!

    • Diane,

      Father give Diane the shoulder surgery she so desperately needs. Help restore her to perfect health. Free her from pain so she can work again. Also give her a less physically demanding job. Help her return to Vocational Education world, if that is your will. Bless her in all she says and does.


  133. Diane, May God bring you blessings and healing. May you have the surgery you need, but also have complete healing to remove your pain. May the Lord bless you with a new job that uses your talents and fills your spirit. Whatever this new job may be, let it be one that brings joy to your spirit and His.

    I too am looking for a new job. I felt the Lord lead me to a change in my path and after I started the change, it didn’t quite work out. I do want the Lord to close the “wrong path”, but I feel as if He is still calling me to this path it just wasn’t the right time or position. So, i am asking for prayer on the job path – may this new change happen, if God’s will and may I be open to what ever the path may hold. I am also struggling in my marriage and pray for God’s guidance in this area. I have been waiting patiently for God to direct my steps. Please make Your plan clear to me Lord.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Tracy,

      Prayers for a restoration in your marriage. May God change your hearts and bring about healing. Prayers that God will reveal His will for you. May you know the right path to take. May the right job open up soon.


      Give Tracy a peace of mind and heart about her job change. Help restore the marriage and any troubles they may be having. Shower her with your love and grace as she travels this road.

      Blessings 🙂

  134. Charla I pray for God to connect you with a doctor that can help you with your injuries, for your knee and for God to reveal his plan for you as to whether you should retire or push on thru as you said.

    Dear Emily, My wonderful all knowing, all seeing and Father of strength and comfort, hold Emily as she has to face the person whom has hurt her, protect her, shield her, be beside her before, on Wednesday and afterwards. Please heal her and give her strength and comfort.

    My father also make your path and plan clear for Tracey, give her strength and guidance in her marriage and may I ask that you bless her in all areas of her life, show her direction and please provide her with the job you want her to have.

    All these things I ask in Jesus name, Amen

  135. My lord, I also pray for Cheryln, please do not let her colleagues treat her in this in humane way, please rectify this situation for her and improve this situation for her. Also make it clear to her employers the harassment that is going on and put a stop to it my Lord. Please hear the prayer of your daughter and make it clear as to whether an open adoption is possible for the unborn baby, soften the heart of the father they are about to meet with and may your will be done. Hear all my sisters prayers, we love you IJN, Amen

  136. My husband left me over 2. Months ago after 30 years of marriage. I am hurting so bad. I love him so much. I pray for complete marriage restoration.

  137. I pray for you Cindy. That your loneliness will flee as The Lord wraps His arms of love around you.

    And for you Julie I pray that your marriage is restored and comes stronger than ever before.

  138. Please pray for my marriage. We have been having problems for several years now and it has to do with me having no sexual desire. My husband feels hurt and not respected as a husband. I feel like to failure as a wife. I have suggested council but he refuses to go for several reasons. There are a lot of underlying problems as well that we can’t seem to get through. We have been married for over 30 years. I feel if it were not for our children we would not be together. We are very good at hiding our problems from others and every one thinks we have a great marriage. I feel as if it is a lie.I know God is in control and divorce is not His will but we have hit rock bottom.

  139. Please keep me in your your prayers I want to sign up for a few of your incourage groups and having trouble because I am not for sure how to do it and I am trying to figure it out
    If anyone one from in courage can help please send me an email. This is something God is telling me to do. Please help me tarahorsley64@gmail .com

  140. Please keep me in your prayers there is something wrong with my liver and they are going to do a colonoscopy this Friday morning. Please pray that every thing turn out good.

  141. Praying for your health, Tara!

    Please pray for me at this time of transition. I am selling my home, preparing to send my oldest son off to college, and attempting to accept things in my life as a single mom and feelings of aloneness and fear. Pray that I can trust that God will take care of me and my children during this time.
    Thank you 🙂

  142. Praying for your transition period Amanda.

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I are completely opposite people who want entirely different things from life. How ended up married in the first place is a mystery to both of us. I need him to be the spiritual leader in our family, and he has no desire to do so. We are both at the point of hopelessness and have openly discussed divorce. Our blended family of four children is keeping us together for the time being. I don’t want to give up on our marriage, but we are so different and nothing seems to change. Please pray that I would seek God through all of this. I know what the Bible says about God’s hatred of divorce, but am I supposed to stay in a marriage that doesn’t honor God?
    Thank you

  143. Father God,

    I pray You to wrap Your loving arms around Rachelle and her family. Please bring her husband to his knees so he will willing surrender his life to You, Lord. Only You know what the future holds, but I ask that You remind them in their current situation that Your will is nothing short of perfect. I pray for Rachelle to find peace in knowing that You are there.

    In Jesus Name. Amen.

    I ask for you guys to pray for my ex-husband (father of my two children). He struggles with anger issues, has bi-polar and self-medicates. I’ve been praying for him to surrender his life to God for years now. He had an episode yesterday afternoon while our children were visiting him. He apologized for them seeing him act like that (yelling and throwing things). We talked last night and I explained that if he would ask God to help him, God would give him strength to be an overcomer. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.


  144. Praying for your marriage and that you will fill God’s presence, peace and guidance.

    Please pray for my knee and ankle to have healing after falling on Palm Sunday. I still have some knee pain but swelling is down. My ankle continues to swell. I am trying to find a doctor in our area. I didn’t have a helpful doctor in urgent care when this happened and don’t know the area. Also, we want to move back where we came from before we moved a year ago. My husband has had a few leads and is trying to find a job back there. We have a special needs son and our family and friends support system is all there. Thanks for praying.

    • Monica,

      I know the job search is difficult and I am not only praying for a job, but praying it comes quickly. I also pray God gives you peace and patience in the waiting, that you would be open to learn and grow while waiting…but I also pray the waiting is short, that a job and move will come quickly.

      I pray for your health – that you find answers and a good doctor. I pray for healing and effective treatment and wise providers. I pray that you get answers soon so you can take care of yourself so you can better take care of your son. While waiting to move home, I pray you find community in your current town that will love and care for you and your son.

      It seems a lot is on your plate and I pray that your hope is anchored to the Lord as you press forward. I pray He encourages, strengthens, calms, alleviates and ANSWERS soon. I pray your marriage is strengthened as you wait for Him to act and I pray the Lord gives other the opportunity to minister during this time.

      Praying blessings your way, sweet sister!


  145. My husband and I moved to DC 10 months ago (right after we got married) – and I quit my job to follow him to DC for his job. I (still) feel that was the right decision to honor him and honor God, but since then, all I have found for employment is an internship. I’ve had several jobs that almost worked out and I am feeling quite discouraged. I had a job and gave it up to come here so I get upset that I don’t have one here. Also we want to start a family and can’t do so until I am employed again. I am praying that God provides a job SOON, that I don’t resent my husband for the move and that we can start a family soon.

    Thank you for your prayers!

  146. Please pray for our marriage, 4 weeks ago today my husband told me that after 33 years of marriage that he has been living a lie, that he does not love me, has never loved and is done with our relationship and wants a divorce. I believe that he being blinded by satan and there is a veil over his eyes and heart, these need to be removed so he can see the truth. That we have lived a very loving life together and that he will want to keep our marriage alive!

  147. Rachelle I am praying for you, your blended family, and your marriage. May you feel the peace and presence of God as you seek his wisdom.

    Please pray for my husband. He lost his job this past Friday night. He was unemployed for about a year about two years ago and he became really depressed. He is 57 years old and I believe because of his age he will have difficulty finding a job. I believe that is why it took him so long to find a job before, but we know God can do a mighty work in someone no matter the age. Look at Abraham and Sarah, he was 100 years old and she was ninety when they became father and mother many nations. He is out now applying for jobs. There is a job about three minutes from where we live that would be ideal for him. He has applied for it before, but was not able to get it. Now the job is available again. It is for something he has done before and he is very good at it. He has always worked outside, until the last couple of jobs he had. Both of these jobs were in a factory and I don’t really believe that it is the type of work for him. He needs a job where he can be outside and least some. Let me clarify on the jobs; he had a job that he was at for a little over a year and the business closed. Then he had the job he was let go from on Friday. Before that he had worked for three different companies and he worked an average of ten years at each of the jobs. He bettered himself each time he took a different job. I just want God’s will to be done, but sometimes it is so hard for us to wait on God. So I am also asking for patience for both my husband and I. When he lost his job before I was working a full-time job, but I was let go from my job last June. Since then I have found a part-time job, but it does not compensate for his lost income. I am looking for an additional part-time job.

    I would also like to ask prayer for my son and his track team. They will be going to a sectional meet this coming Saturday, May 24, 2014. My prayer is that they do the best they can, but mostly for no injuries for out team or any of the other teams.

    As I stated before, most importantly to me is God’s will be done and for us to understand what that is.

    Thank you so much for your prayers. I appreciate so much you willingness to pray for my family.

    I always say: GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!! AMEN

  148. Karen I am praying for your husband… I know I lost my job in January and have felt the tugs of depression wanting to overpower myself because we think our age or our shortcomings or just why we were let go before makes it very hard on some days… But I come to encourage you… God always has a plan and purpose for all he does so if we are to be unemployed for a month, a year or however long… know this… GOD is in control and He will always provide for his own… I am a witness of this as two years ago I was also unemployed and I struggled and I looked and I finally was able to get a job… all through the process I knew it was GOD who was opening doors… Just as He opens doors He also closes them… we must learn to trust that He knows best and There is a reason and purpose for this… As I write this note to you… I think of what to ask for myself…. I too am unemployed and I am depressed because I’m not as young as most of those I see applying with me… But I just ask that you pray for me that GOD will give me an attitude of gratitude while I wait for His plan to unfold in my life… I am trusting in HIM for everything from breathing to living… so please help me pray…. I don’t know how long God will take to answer my need but in His hands is my life…

    Im praying for your son too… sports are a challenge…but hopefully with team minded goal… they will do just fine and injury free… Blessings…

  149. Jules, I pray for you to be expectant for the right role when God shows this to you and to be productive and at peace in the meantime until he opens this new door. He is faithful and offers provision.

    I pray for my desire to be a wife to unfold and that God refines me in the meantime to be a wife. That I adopt an attitude of gratitude during this season.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  150. My mom is having serious heart troubles and my dad had medical problems as well. My daughter has sjogrens and is real depressed over her health issues.Her husband is also quitting his job and going to full time college which leaves her further with no medical. Then there are also moving. I’m trying to plan my first ever mission trip but I need to know my family is alright before I go. Its hard actually to know where to be first. Both my parent’s and my daughter have serious problems.

    • Dear Father, please bless Bonnie with the wisdom to know what to do. Help her to know if she should serve you abroad on a mission, or serve you taking care of family at home. Light her path so that she has no doubts.
      In Jesus’ name, Amen

  151. A battle with cancer has left me tired. I work full-time to pay for my children’s college loans, but I’ve been offered a part time job in a healing environment – I don’t know how we will be able to handle the financial cut. Please pray for wisdom that I will know the path God would have me take, and trust Him.

  152. My job situation remains critical and I need prayers for protection and covering. My husband continues a 6 year battle of hip, back and leg pain. We need wisdom to know what doctor/hospital to pursue.

    Abba Father, I lift up Jen to you, asking you in the name of Jesus to completely heal her. Restore her physical energy 100 fold. Give her spiritual strength and emotional strength. Light her path so that she may know beyond a shadow of a doubt what You would have her do regarding this financial situation. I pray that you will give her wisdom and peace. Remind her that You are her provider – that not only do You own the cattle on a thousand hills, but You also own the hills. In the matchless name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

    • Edwina. I see how He provides, how He reaches to fulfill a need. Father that you would lift Edwina to her rightful place, a place of peace. And for her husband, pain cease, comfort come, answers be found. I lift this family to you, may your blessings pour, may they shine though their faces, and may they find your perfect peace all around.

  153. I have been battling with severe depression for about a month now, I feel empty. I have the knowledge that He is here with me, that this season will be used for good, but I don’t feel it. I am going to stay with some family for a few days, to break the routine. I don’t know what I fill find, but I know that a change will help.
    Pray for my family while I am away. Pray for His all consuming presence in this time of darkness.
    Peace and Grace.

  154. Please pray for my marriage. My husband is broken and in denial. I am striving to be the wife God has called me to be. I dream of a marraige where we are partners, walking in Christ together in this life on earth.

    Julie – I’m praying for you


  155. Julie,
    Depression can knock you down as fast as any illness. I’m praying for this time with family to be the break through you need! Here. 29:11 has been my life verse for over 30 years. When it feels like my prayers only go to the ceiling, I begin quoting that verse. I have dealt with severe depression and I understand the struggle! I will also pray for your family while you are away. I have the devotion book “Jesus Is Calling” by Sarah Young and so many days it is just what I need to get through another day. Don’t be afraid to see a psychiatrist and take some medication that can help. I know the answers to everything is not always medication, but there’s nothing wrong with taking it if it will help. I know God has not forgotten you, He will never leave us!
    My request seems small after I have read those posted here. I have just had my second major surgery for melanoma in three months. This second one is a much more aggressive form. I have several chronic diseases, but cope with them well enough to take part in life. After the first surgery my chronic mono popped up. The extreme fatigue is so hard to deal with, especially trying to recuperate from surgery. My request is for healing from the fatigue and a good report from my oncologist on the 29th. We ask for healing, but also acceptance for whatever plan God has for my life. My husband and I have a concession business that starts the 16th of June. This is only our second, but we have been accepted into two State Fairs this year. Energy is the number one priority for this business. Would you pray with us for God’s will to be accomplished. I also have a ministry in Kenya that I really want to continue, but it takes energy and health. Please pray with us about that.
    For each of you with a request, I’m praying God will make Himself known to you and you will have peace as you wait on God’s timing.

  156. Denise,
    I have been where you are. For almost 30 years I was the spiritual leader of our home. My husband was a Christian, but his faith and understanding were weak along with being bi-polar. Last summer God used some very bad, to me, things he had done to shake him and He is now the Spiritual leader and husband God intended him to be! I continually praise God for this answered prayer! I will pray for God to use your husband’s brokenness to reach and change his heart. I will also pray for you to continue to be the wife God called you to be, with patience, love, faith and peace until that day comes! My heart hurts for you!

  157. Please pray for my marriage and my husband’s faithfulness and his willingness to show and prove his love for God, for me and for our family.

  158. When I read of the struggles other women face, I feel shallow and selfish to be so distraught over my divorce. The past 18 months have nearly killed me and put me in a psych ward because I lost all hope. All over my broken heart and betrayal by my ex-husband. I know The Lord doesn’t overlook out suffering no matter how insignificant, but can He really have time for me when so many others have struggles so much more severe?

    • I pray that God will bring strength and emotional healing for you, and that you would feel His presence. God hears your heart’s cries, and He cares more than you could imagine, even on the hard days. What you are going through is devastating, and my heart goes out to you.

  159. Julie, I am lifting you up in prayer. Depression is a dark journey and you are not alone. Even King David suffered depression. Words seem empty when the depression is deep. Even the smallest of steps is overwhelming so Lord please lift the veil of darkness for Julie and all of us that battle depression. Help us remember that Satan lies and our self worth is NOT determined by our achievements and the options of others. You find us wholly pleasing just as we are. Lift our eyes up when we cast them down. Remind us we can only live one moment at a time and not to look back or too far forward but realist in your love now.

  160. I’m a stay at home mom, but I need a responsible, Christian, nurturing babysitter for my son from time to time. The girl who was watching him while I took college classes just took a job at a daycare, so I don’t have anyone else that I know of that I would feel comfortable leaving him with. This is very frustrating because I don’t have a go-to person anymore when anything comes up. I am extremely picky about who I would leave my son with. Please pray that the right person will come along.

  161. Precious Dede, God has time for everything big and small in His kingdom. If he knows how many hairs are on each of our head’s he surely cares about what gives us pain and grief.

    May the God of all things bless you and give your heart and mind healing. May He lead you to a wonderful support group or church or other community where like minded struggles are being dealt with. I, too, am divorced. It was 27 years ago now but it was very hard at the time. I felt much guilt, fear, disapproval, hopelessness, but also relief that I was away from my abuser…

    I don’t want to tell you anything cliche but know you will find Hope again, God will provide. I promise.


  162. My prayer request is for dealing with my migraines – I pray for strength to bear them. Stamina to work through them. God’s Grace to endure until they end or we find a cure.

    Thank you,

  163. Laurie
    O Lord hear the cry of the heart of your daughter and help her Father I pray on Jesus name. Father intervene in the life of Kevin. LORD move his heart to become gentle and caring again. Remove all the anger bitterness and blackness Father and fill Kevin with your love and peace that surpasses all understanding. Father humble Kevin do whatever you have to to bring him to his knees before You. Remove the veil from his eyes so he can see his wife anew. Give him an understanding and compassionate heart towards her and their son. Father God take what the enemy intend to harm this family and turn it into good. God let not this weapon form against them prosper in any way. Do let it work in Jesus name. Repay them Lord for every year the locusts have eaten. Give them Father plenty to eat until they are full. Restore their love for each other rebuild O Lord their marriage in Jesus Name. Lord let your angels encamp around them and deliver them in Jesus Name, Amen
    Lord give peace comfort and strength to Laurie. Grant her mercy and grace to help in this time of
    her need. Show her when to talk and when to remain silent. Lord make her lie down in green pastures, lead her besides quiet waters, restore her soul and guide her in paths of righteousness. Give her your rod and your staff to comfort her. In Jesus name Amen
    Laurie, the Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17
    Thank you for praying for Mark.

  164. Heavenly Father I pray for Lina. I pray for your miraculous healing over her body. I pray that in Jesus name her migraines would be gone. Please give her the strength to endure and the trust to know that You will help her. Please guide and lead her to whatever it may be that will help heal her body and give her relief. I ask all of these things in Jesus name, and praise you in advance for the healing that You will work within her body.

    My prayer request is for physical healing and emotional healing from two miscarriages in a row. I have been hoping to be pregnant with a second child for 6 months now and recently miscarried very early on twice in a row. I know God has a bigger plan in mind and that his timing is perfect. I just need prayer against fear and the emotional stamina to try again soon and trust and hope in God. And please pray that the next baby will live.

    Thank you

    • Lord please bless Rachel with children in your timing and in your way. I know the pain of miscarriage, so I know her pain is real. Ease her pain and ease her mind and let her know the love of Christ which surpasses all understanding.

  165. Dear loving loving Father God, I lift Rachel up to you in her time of pain and yearning for her womb to be filled. I pray she will receive the peace you gave me during my two miscarriages and the promise that Your timing is perfect. You planned each life before the world was created and I pray Rachel will soon know the joy of adding a life to this world by your Grace. In Jesus’s name.

    My prayer request is for healing for my husband. Please pray we see the right des, and agree to good treatment plans for his pain, panic, and sleepwalking/amnesia, and memory loss. Please pray his fears would be defeated as his body is healed.

    • Lord, please heal April’s husband of pain and suffering. Also I ask that you heal April’s pain for when someone we love hurts, we hurt as well. Thank you Lord for all of your healing today.

  166. Lord, I pray that you lift up April and her husband. You are the only one that knows what exactly is going on inside his body, and you are the only one who is in control. Please help them both to remain strong in their faith as you lead them through this time. Lord, please guide them to the doctors that you know will help them the most. Guide the hands, thoughts, and words that these doctors provide. Please lay your hands on April’s husband and heal him. Please continue to guide April’s husband’s thoughts away from fear and seek your good will. Please help him turn over all of his fear to you Lord, as you will take the most difficult challenges we experience if we ask. Please help provide this couple with your abundant love and protection. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    I am not exactly sure how to word my request, as I have been trying to pray in many ways for so long. Last summer my husband came to me with an explanation that he had been lying, developed a relationship with another woman, and had a pornographic addiction. Within a few months of marital counseling, I endured an added stress that was brought on by lies and secrets between my husband and his family. I am struggling to know how to pray, to know what God wants me to do, to determine when my husband is or is not lying, how to deal with his family (as I am the one being accused for his choices), and on top of all of this…keep my kids free and clear of all of this.

    • Oh Lord, Caty has such a heavy heart right now. Please have your Holy Spirit intervene and pray with her and for her with the words that you want prayed. Bless her family to be whole again Bless her husband with healing of his addiction and give him the will to be the loving head of their household. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

      • Thank you Carol. In response to your situation, have you checked out the book Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin? This is an excellent resource. I have used this inserting in my child’s name, my husband, and my own.

  167. Sometimes I pray not with hope, but with an attitude that “it can’t hurt, nothing else seems to work.” So first pray for me that my prayers return to hopeful prayers instead of desperate prayers. Then my hopeful prayer is for the salvation of my immediate family. Pray for my husband, Thomas, to come to believe just as Jesus’s disciple Thomas came to believe. Pray for my son Matthew to believe and to have a change of heart as Jesus’s disciple Matthew, the tax collector, had a change of heart. And pray for my son Michael to believe as the angel Michael believes. The boys are both grown now, but were raised with my Christian beliefs. By their teens they both turned their backs on “my faith” and followed the example of their unbelieving father. Thank you for all prayers! Much love, Carol

  168. I prayer for my family life. My husband has not been the kind of husband to me as a human being I want God to use him to be more caring for me and my see son. I feel as if the devil is using him to stack me in some way. Just pray for us please.

  169. My marriage. After a 7 1/2 yr affair w/ another woman I am at the end of what Im willing to do or take….I thought he had broke it off 4 yrs ago but they secretly kept in touch and still found a way to get together…..lovely(!) woman told me all the details and times and even sent intimate emails as proof. She is a serial cheater…. my husband finally told me she had more than 10 encounters which she would put profiles online for casual sex .I don’t know why he would want a woman like that….sick man….

  170. Praying hard for you and your marriage, Shawn.

    My prayer request is for me to stop trying to plan every detail of my future 10 years out and, instead, relinquish control to God. I am going crazy with stress about work and not figuring out my purpose or calling in life, and I need prayer to help me give it to God and focus on doing my best at work, for my family, and for God each day. Thanks!

  171. Praying for you Shawn! I’m going through something very similar. I too thought my husband’s affairs were over but just discovered another one. I’m trying to find the peace and grace I need right now to decide how to get us help.

  172. Meli, Megahn, Shawn, praying for YOU!

    My God is awesome! I rejoice..even through my own tears. I have a few areas that could use your intercession.
    -Marriage: I cannot tell you the last time my husband and I were intimate. Sickness has greatly caused our quality of life to suffer in that area. In addition, my husband will not actively/assertively seek help. At this point, I feel numb. But deep down I know this is not God’s best.
    – Health: Trusting God for my total healing and wholeness
    -Job: I’m believing for something new. A fresh, new, and fulfilling position. No recent interviews, but thanking God for promotion.

  173. Times are difficult for us all. I see that clearly as I read through all these prayers. I feel so blessed to look at this email today when I needed it the most. I pray for those suffering from heath issues, that you will find the right path to heal your body because I truly believe that Your Health is your “wealth”.
    My prayer is also about healing pain. My husband is a chiropractor who was hit by a drunk driver about 15 years ago. He suffers daily as he tries to help heal others. He continues to smile and sing even when I know her is suffering. He is a good, loving, patient man and I was gifted with his love and compassion for the past 12 years. I pray that he can get his pain under control so he may continue to care for his patients and our family. He is my rock and he has helped me to be a better person.

  174. I borrowed some money from my brother and now he wants the total balance paid in full, even though I have been making monthly payments to him. Most of my income goes to pay for medical necessary treatments and medications. Please, please pray that the Lord will soften my brother’s heart and provide necessary finances. Thank you.

  175. Hello,
    I would like to give a wonderful testimony of the goodness of our Lord. Three and a half months ago, I left a prayer topic here. I went to church with two boys and only returned home with one because the other one got missing. I want to say that the child has been found and he is alive and healthy. To God be the glory

  176. Please pray for my nephew “S” who is still angry, depressed, physically not well due to the fact that my brother (his father) took his life in 2004. It has been almost 10 years now. S has gotten a little counseling but is still a VERY unhappy, tortured, young man (22 years old) he does not work and his mother provides for ALL his needs. Please pray the he finds the Lord and that he get additional help. IT just breaks my heart. He is NOT speaking to me. I would like that to change – in Gods timing. Thank you Father for your care and comfort as I deal with this continually. Thank you Ladies for praying, you all are awesome !

  177. Please pray that I find a good wage earning job. I have experience & a bachelor & masters degrees. Also, please pray for me to understand & if it’s God’s will, to bring back the man who told me he prayed for a Godly woman & when he saw me & how I ministered to other people, he knew I was the one for him. He shyed away since as he was the leader of the prayer group. I had prayed for a Godly man as well. He waited 3 months after the class to tell me. I told him the feeling is mutual. Now he’s gone & I can’t get him off my mind & heart. It’s also interfering with my job search. Thank you!

  178. I am request prayer from u all. An relationship with a man i thought I was going to marry had ended. I’m starting to feel like marriage it not going to happen for me. I’m a single mother who was raised by a single mother and I wanted a family for my daughter. My heart is broken

  179. God, You says Your will is the best for us. God, help Alexandria to understand Your will for her and to go the way You prepared for her.
    It`s hard for me to earn money. I am exhausted. Please pray for me to have a job to earn money and to be able to earn it. Thank you.