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Katy is a 20-something lover of Jesus, music, Nashville, Mexican food, and funny people. She works full-time in the publishing industry by day and writes about single stuff by night.

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  1. Thank you for your touching post. I don’t want The Lord to be an after thought for me either and yet I think that’s what has been happening for the last 15 years. Not always, not the whole time but I am searching for change and waiting for Jesus to show up in my life, your post has reminded me that He is well and truly here with me. I just can’t seem to move on from asking for forgiveness over and over again. I feel like because I have let him be an after thought that I have perhaps hurt him, disappointed him, that I am not good enough for Him anymore. I am so stuck in my sinning ways and a repeat offender that He is so amazing, too much time has gone by…this blog is my only fellowship, worship time with others. Ideas incourage every night pretty much before bed, I long to hear him whisper some direction softly to me.

    Sorry for rambling, but thanks for your post x

  2. Jasmine,

    It’s never too late to turn to Him and seek His face. He loves you more than you can comprehend. Start by believing this, and then acting upon it. Claim the truth of I John 1:9, and then receive His sweet fellowship. His mercies are new every morning and it endures forever.

  3. This is perfect. And something I’m wrestling with in my writing lately. I have some ideas, but I keep taking them back to Jesus, asking “did I get this from you, or am I trying to cram you into it?” Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Oh Amy, I hear ya. So many times I have to stop and ask myself whose agenda I’m pushing. I’m grateful God can work through me despite my selfishness.

  4. Katy, I love this. We are all so guilty of trying to “sprinkle a little Jesus” onto our stories. We get it backwards all the time. It’s brave of you to admit that! Thank you for reminding me Who the source of my story is.

  5. Over the past few days I have sensed God encouraging me to write some devotions to encourage women. Your words “start with me. Let your story start with me.” were a confirmation that I need to write my story, and a reminder that the story needs to be about God and not about me. My story weaved within the grace and redemption and freedom that are His story. Thank you.

  6. I loved your post. So often, I spend “my” time with Jesus, and then I get busy with the rest of “my” day. Lately, He’s been challenging me to slow down, be still before Him. When I went to the Philippines years ago, I was so convicted by the difference between how I approach my relationship with the Lord and how some of my Filipino brothers and sisters approach theirs. I have the bad habit of squeezing Jesus in around my activities and to-do’s. They, on the other hand, fit their to-do’s for the day around Jesus, making Him their first priority. I’m still figuring out what this looks like in my life.

    Your post is very encouraging. Thank you!

  7. I first read this a few hours ago and was convicted. I decided to immediately go have my Bible and quiet time. To start my day on the right note, with Jesus in the lead. I was drawn to Luke 12. What spoke to me was how I am more valuable than sparrows. God cares for them yet he knows the number of hairs on my head.
    I tend to only go to Him when I am in desperate need and sort of squeeze Him in when things are going well. Thank you for the reminder to not let Jesus become an afterthought in my days and life.

  8. Katy, gorgeous post! What an awesome truth. You are so not alone in suddenly realizing that the journey has become self-centered even when we desperately want it to be about Jesus. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have a tendency to keep Jesus as an after-thought as well. When life isn’t going well I hear myself thinking “yucky” thoughts and complaining–not going straight to Jesus. Instead I should be praying to God about the situation and asking Him to help me see it His way.

    I wish my first inclination would be to pray about everything and everyone! Letting God have control of the situation.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. May we always start with Jesus first. When I start to write then I stop and pray asking God if he wants me to write for him today and in a small whisper he answers yes. So every day we should pray and and ask God what he wants us to do for him today. Then be still and listen and they do what He tells us to do.