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Angela Nazworth is a shame-fighting storyteller who writes mostly about the beauty of grace, faith, friendship, vulnerability and community. She is a wife and a mother of two. Angela's also an encourager, a lover of good books, coffee, girl's night out, sunshine, and waterfalls. In the 15 years since she...

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  1. Angela,
    I have always said that I write to an audience of One…but as so often happens the world creeps in with its numbers and comparison game. The enemy will do anything to disarm us and render us ineffective for God. About a month ago I almost quit blogging as well…

    You are so right in reminding us that we can do little things with great love. For my birthday, one of my best friends got me some beautiful notecards. She said she knew I could use those because I am good at writing notes of encouragement to others who are struggling – not earth shattering, but a ministry nonetheless.

    Ideas?? Buy groceries and stock the fridge of someone who has just had surgery. Don’t ask, “What can I do?” Just do it (as Nike would say). Invite a single mom or a divorced mom and family to join you for a holiday celebration…or better yet, don’t wait for a holiday, just invite them over for dinner. Having been a single mom, I know how uplifting that can be and try to invite my single mom friends in return. Those are just a couple ideas…will be anxious to see what others share.
    Blessings for the difference you make,

  2. Secretly drop off a potted flower for a friend with a note that says someone cares. Secretly….Send a grocery card gift card to someone you know who struggles financially.

    • I lost my fiance suddendly and am very lost with children im stuggling I will sit here for weeks tring to figure out how to feed them. Someone sends me grocery store gift cards in the mail. So I love this site

  3. I love the idea of doing things secretly. It reminds me of the story the pastor told at my sister and brother-in-law’s funeral last summer. He shared that they saved all their change in a jar each year and secretly gave it to a family in need, on Christmas Eve they would sneak it onto someone’s porch. Only the pastor knew ( until he shared this at their funeral ) because they would ask him who were the families that had needs.

    And as far as numbers and comparison go, it may sound cliche but quality is so important, not just quantity! If we do what we are called to do, the results are in God’s hands. We need to trust Him with even that. We need to “do our thing” as unto the Lord.

    Many of us struggle with this in one way or another, thank you for addressing it today.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I have felt led to start a blog for some time now. But fear has held me back countless times. I know in my heart this is what God wants me to do and if I help just one person it will be well worth it.
    One thing that I do is offer encouragement…it’s completely free and means so much to a person. My friend just recently battled breast cancer and won. Now her health and business are thriving. I just saw her on Saturday and told her that it’s amazing how God is blessing her. I can just see his hand on her life. We both cried and she thanked me for the encouragement and for our friendship. When she was doing chemo I fixed her a basket full of goodies to help her get through it. But It doesn’t have to cost a dime….words…can change a persons life.
    Thank you again. Blessings to you!

  5. Angela…thank you so much for your encouragement today! it is just what I needed! I have been working on a movie project for 8 years now…a true story…no takers in Hollywood. Then I decided to have a book written about the story and rethought about bringing the message of God into the storyline more. I felt so small and insignificant during the past years. I was very nervous about making the decision…not wanting to offend any readers. There was no real message without having God’s love brought to the forefront through the characters! Now I am well on the way to having the book published this fall!
    God bless you!

  6. I used to feel paralyzed by the fact that I simply couldn’t do huge things in this phase of mothering small children, and it left me doing nothing. I’ve learned though that I feel so much better when I take the focus off me and mine and we haul ourselves to the nursing home, take a meal to someone in need, raise funds/donations for a cause, etc. It takes time and effort, but it’s so worth it because I know I’m following God’s command to show love and mercy to a depraved world, and my children get the benefit of seeing me put my faith into action! I recently wrote about this!

  7. What a wonderful post today. And yes, just what I needed to “hear”. I’m handicapped now so my days of physically volunteering are over, but we save money from our food and Christmas budgets to donate to our local food pantry twice a year. I send cards and emails to others in my church community who are going through struggles and they do the same for me. I keep in touch with friends in another state through phone calls that always seem to cheer us both up. I could go on, but if you really take the time, you can see how even the small things can become big things over time. It all matters to someone. Cheers to all going forward and God bless every blogger and poster !

  8. Thank you, Angela. I needed this today. With social media and so much of the big stuff broadcast loudly, it is easy to forget that taking the extra 5 minutes and really listening to ONE person counts for anything. But that is what I am better at than the big stuff (which, I agree, is wonderful!) Jesus stopped and spoke to the least of these. He cares about the small.

  9. I loved this post….. I just recently tried to help my sister with some dental work because she couldn’t afford it. Ironically I was having a tooth removed as well, but she sounded like she was suffering so much I postponed mine to pay for hers. When she found out it I went behind her back to pay and help her was not pleased. I was trying to help with out embarrassing her. I asked god why did you make me so tender hearted? Why even try? Sometimes I feel so stupid, so SMALL. I have always had a generous heart, and I know it is god given, how do I stay still and just let god do the rest. I pray everyday for god to help me understand. When I read this post I realize there are so many kind people in the world, thank you you all so much, just knowing you are all out there somewhere helps me not feel so small….

  10. I struggle with this so much. There are so many women doing such a great job what difference can my voice make? I am right with you Andie. I do the same thing. I like to use texts and things I find on the internet to encourage people. It doesn’t take much time but it can change someone’s day. The social media thing that Matthew M talked about was just a bunch of people doing a little thing. If they all decided their view was too small to send out, even that big thing would not have happened.

  11. I really appreciate this post, Angela. It is so true that God has ordained a beautiful plan to work through us and it’s most important to put our efforts towards pleasing and audience of One, knowing He is moving bigger than we think in and through our lives. Love this today!

  12. Angela, I really liked your post, I have lots of feelings of inadequacy as far as the God’s purpose for my life. I subscribe to several Christian ladies’ blogs, and the only thing I do is when something someone has written speaks to me, I try to think of those in my life that it also might speak to. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes not, but I feel led to share the Good News about Jesus and His Love for us, and send encouraging words from blogs like yours to those I love so dearly. Sometimes it’s really hard to stay positive and hopeful with all the dreadful news headlines and evil in the world. It’s my only way to try to negate some of this bad news.
    Keep up your good work. I for one need to read/hear it.

  13. Perfect post at the perfect time. Thank you!!

    A week ago when my son & I were sick a dear friend went through the drive thru and brought me lunch. That simple act of kindness was just what I needed that day. Since then I have been open to say yes to the opportunities God places before me to show someone God’s love.

  14. Such encouraging words, it is amazing to think that we are not the only ones who feel this way, and on a regular basis i have to remind myself that if only for one person reading my words and going away blessed then it is worth the effort. ‘Who am I that God is still mindful of me’? yet he is, never leaving or forsaking me.

    On my way home I often see older ladies making their way home with bags weighing down I stop and offer a lift, as they marvel I share with them of the years i walked the same road when I didn’t have a car and prayed that i would see someone I knew to give me a lift, I never did, but I am so glad that I can return the favor and be the answer to someone else’s prayers..

  15. Angela, WOW, could I relate to your struggle. Some of the same thoughts have cluttered my mind, keeping me from pursuing what God has placed before me–no matter how “small” it seemed in my eyes. Your three examples toward the end nailed it to the wall for me. It matters. No Spirit-led act is insignificant–it’s all mighty kingdom work. Thank you for writing this: I needed to hear it today.

  16. I was watching my 18 year old d aughters baby,when she up and moved out with her boyfriend
    she left me with all the bills,and a nagging landlady.the small act of babysitting with Grandma was totally unappreciated,and I feel used again
    perhaps its better to do Gods work outside of family after all.

    • I am sorry for your hurt, Cindy. I think we should do God’s work wherever and whenever He calls even though the results are not always what we anticipate. Praying He will bring healing to your situation.

  17. Thanks for the gentle reminder that ….’there is no such thing as being too small to matter in a big way’. I got that message across to all my friends on facebook and I trust it will resonate all around the world. Cheers cos you matter in a big way!

  18. Angela, those are some big words from a small person. Seriously and sincerely–you rock! I love your vulnerability and how your reach hearts. Thanks for the rich encouragement today. We can all make a difference. We can all love and please God who looks to the heart. Write on!

  19. Thank you, Angela. I struggle with smallness as well. In the spirit and layout of your examples, may I give one in an area that God has allowed me to see that I make a difference?

    Speaking to Big Business and helping them in their bottom line is huge.
    However, counselling that ONE college student, showing him/her how to write a check, balance a checkbook, and pay bills on time (i.e. my office being insistent on financial integrity) is TREMENDOUSLY EXCITING and even more important.

    From the beginning, I knew I would suffer the pangs of “I’m too small,” “I don’t write as well,” and/or “put any comparison here” in my blog life, but I keep remembering why I”m writing and if it makes the difference in one person’s life, that is all that matters.

    Blessings to you!

  20. This is amazing. Needed this encouragement. And honestly I think what you’ve leaned is starting to sink into my heart as well, just by reading your post. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  21. We so often forget all the scriptures that tell us about the secret place…pray in your closet… Don’t let the right hand know what the left is doing… The Father rewards in secret… We live in an upside down kingdom… Where a cup of cold water has value… Wonderful encouraging post!!’ Blessings and grace to you~

  22. Thanks for sharing this story. It parallels what I was writing about yesterday with my creative writing group. How the big questions, and answers are right next to the small ones in life and how sometimes we want to give up just when we’re on the tip of magnificence. Finally, what I realized during this spontaneous writing session was that in the end what I want to be remembered for is a blazing heart so full of love it can’t be contained.

  23. Angela, such a great post!!!

    I took a blogging break a few months ago for that exact reason! I got caught up in comparison and the enemy sure did run with that. There are 7 BILLION people in the world. We need more people sharing their stories and speaking words of life and encouragement. We need more people serving the least, lost, broken and hurting in this world. There is room enough for all of us to have a bit of God given influence in the lives of others. Every story, every voice matters!

    Love you my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I’m realizing that the small things do matter–the little acts of kindness. I’m also trying not to compare myself and my accomplishments with others, (which led me to write about the Comparison Trap on my blog) because when we compare ourselves to others, it makes us feel small. It’s such a hard thing to remind ourselves, but we live more authentically when we remember this.

  25. Thank you Angela! Words that I so needed to hear today. I read it through tears and was convicted of my own struggle to compare and feel valueless because I feel that I have a small impact. I just posted my first blog entry in two months and wondered if it was worth it to even try. Thanks for the important reminder that even just one person touched is what matters, and our ministry is to God first and ultimately for Him anyway. Blessings!

  26. This is awesome, Angela! I have had the same struggle with my own writing, and reading this was a great encouragement.

  27. LOVE THIS POST!!! I needed to hear this today. Funny thing, as I began reading about your transformation, I was thinking about your Mother Theresa quote. It was definitely a “God-thing.” Thank you for making a difference in my life today! Best, Cate

  28. I praise God, you shared this. I have just started blogging and I wondered if I did any good. I am not well trained but I love the Lord!
    Thanks for sharing, I am encouraged to keep sharing the Lord.

  29. Angela,

    I am a short in stature, but I know good things come in small packages. I will never be on the big stage of doing overseas missions work or talking to millions, but I can do simple acts right here in my small town!

    I got food for a family who just lost a young (47) son and for a friend who has 2 people in ER at the same time both are wonderful.

    I plan on making cookies for the survivor tent during our Relay for Life Cancer outreach, and help my dad by taking him to doctor appointments. There are so many local people who need our help and God looks upon each act of kindness the same. We will all get our accolades in Heaven

  30. Thank you all for such wonderful encouraging comments. I want to hug all of you. I’ve been away from my personal computer for most of the day attending and have been unable to respond personally to the comments as I usually do … but your words … your stories … your examples mean so much just not to me but to all who read them. Beautiful!

  31. I love this, Angela! Thanks for not giving up. You touch me and my life with every post you write. For me an example of a small thing is taking the time to look into my three year old’s eyes while he talks on and on about his Lego ideas. It seems small but it is huge his sense of self.

    • I just LOVE when my real life friends comment on my posts … what a blessing. Thank you my friend and your example with your sweet Z … it melts my heart. I miss you guys so much.

  32. Angela, thank you so much for sharing because I have felt this way about my blog even though I just started. I need to remember what I set out to do, share tr love of Jesus and if one person is saved then I will be ecstatic! Your word are so encouraging and I’m going to keep posting and writing because I enjoy it!


  33. Not only do I love this post, Angela…but I relate to the doubt that the enemy places on our lives. Your words are right on time for me…and the reminder to do all things as if unto Him. They all matter when we measure our acts of love against that! Thank you for sharing!

  34. Wow I needed this, thank you!!!!

    I’m a mental health therapist and was feeling similar feelings of insignificance last week. I spent some time in prayer about this and in the next couple of days, God really worked to open my eyes. I gave two therapy sessions on a Wednesday in which, at the end of both, I heard “thank you…it just helps so much to talk.” As if this wasn’t enough to encourage me, the next day I had lunch with a co-worker and heard the same thing with the addition of “…and I feel so much better.”

    God used those three situations last week to open my eyes to the fact that the simple things…just being there…just listening, can make a big difference. When I’m feeling small or insignificant, I hope to go back to these examples and remember how God used them to speak to my heart.

  35. I used to think the important part of our church’s Community Dinner was feeding hungry people. Then one evening I sat and ate my meal with one of our guests. He cried as he thanked me for taking the time to sit and talk with him.

  36. Angela, thank you so much for sharing! Your words spoke to my heart and immediately I felt it was the perfect time to respond. I just found this Incourage website about one month ago and I have been so inspired by all the stories spoken and written from the heart that are shared. I have wanted to start blogging and just haven’t had the courage to do so. I have been journaling intensely for three years now because I am experiencing a real life spiritual transformation due to a significant illness and healing journey. I am hoping and praying that I can offer my experience of hope and healing to others as encouragement in their faith walk. I desire to write a book and ” tell my story” but I thought blogging might be a good start. Blessed Mother Teresa is and has been for many years a true inspiration to me. I actually try and follow her example in small ways. “Doing small things with great love” can change our whole perspective on how we live each day and I feel it allows us space to truly be lead by God’s will for us. The focus switches from us and on to God. You have inspired ONE person today—– me!!! God bless you and I hope to get started very soon with my next adventure God is leading me to!! Ps. How does one really get started with blogging? I am 50 yrs old and not social media savvy exactly.

  37. I set down once a month or twice a month and write little note and get well notes and send little gifts to sick children and adults I hear about from a friend, read in the news papers or hear about on the news
    I has been talking to me to start a blog and I have been putting it off. But now I am going to work on getting a blog started the first week of June. The Lord spoke to me to decorate my close in front porch with Bible verses placks and put them in the window s so when people walk by that they will see them and maybe they will stop and read them. Cars maybe also slow down and read them. I did that
    I name it. I call it Tara Front Porch Ministry.

  38. I walk out the door and breathe in the fresh air and then say a thank you.

    I take with me the light of His love to the gas station, to the grocery store and that little girl in the aisle needing her shoe laces tied. It’s in a smile or a joke. I am small, just me, but I am determined to make wherever I go a better place than I found it.

    Laugh with the clerk at the cash register. Pick up the TP on the floor in the bathroom and wipe down the sink before you leave. Straighten out the books someone left on the floor in the library. Smile and greet people with joy in your eyes.

    Maybe, just maybe they will ask you what makes you different. Girl, you are wearing the Gospel and it fits you well, They see Christ in you the hope of glory.

  39. Angela, I had the same type of epiphany watching Great Expectations years ago – feeling the same emotions you write about here, something clicked and the rest is a-ha history. I still blog for my faithful readers, and although I am not a Holley Gerth or an Ann Voskamp, my gift is encouragement and when you have it you HAVE TO USE IT.
    Love this post and am reading it about a month after you wrote it!!!