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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. Stephanie,
    My crazy looks like trying to save Pakistani children from life on the streets, hard labor or being sold into slavery…all of which are happening. In addition to writing my usual blog, I am attempting to be God’s mouthpiece to raise funds and awareness to build Redeemer Christian School in a country where less than 1.6% of the population is Christian. To some this sounds crazy…but I’m stepping forward so that these children have a chance at an education – a ticket off the streets and an invitation into receiving the life giving love of Jesus Christ. If anyone is looking for an opportunity to make a real difference in a child’s life…I hope they’ll look me up at my blog. My heart aches for these children and I hope it’s okay that I made this plea on the (in)courage comments section? Thanks (in)courage for making a difference in my life and encouraging me so that I can encourage others…

  2. My crazy would be to buy the 10 apartments where I lived b4 $ ran out,10 good sized apartments for displaced men and women esp veterans,also an old campground on I10 that could be used for same purpose and breautify San Antonio

  3. I have been on a path for over a year now that I know deep down in my heart is not what I want. Today I woke up feeling as though I would get online and change my enrollment status at my school. I don’t want to pursue this degree the way I have been. I’ve been doing it because it looks good to other people, and sounds “important” when I say it. This post was exactly what I needed to follow through on the idea I’ve been carrying around for so long. I’m on the wrong path. I’m on the path others want for me, not what feels right inside. God is inside me. I need to listen to that. Sounds kind of simple, but that’s my crazy.

    • This is confirmation to me, im pursing anothers dream that is not makingvme happy. Its okay but its not what i want. I dont need the money, i just am afraid to let it go

  4. God has been working in my heart over the past couple of years…and if He is leading me to do what I think He is leading me to do…it would be crazy for this old(er) Mom of 4! Thank you for this post. It encouraged me this morning!

  5. The Holy spriirt has been on me to sponor/adopt. I’ve been praying about it. I’ve always wanted a littel girl(I have 2 very busy boys) and the only I’m going to get her is to “adopt” her. Compassion International is a good organization and I need to “adopt” my girl. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Hi! Compassion is good…so is Gospel for Asia’s program to adopt streetkids and poor kids in India and Bangladesh. It is called Bridge of Hope, I think. http://www.gfa.org/sponsorachild/. I read the director’s book last week–No Longer a Slumdog by KP Yohannen. Really good read!

  6. What a wonderful post. I’m saying specific prayers for all of you ladies who are off to their callings of “crazy”…….and, it’s just what I needed to listen to my still small voice too…..!!

  7. This is so great. It’s a great reminder that we need to be quick to listen to what God requests of us and have faith even though at times his request may seem irrational. Thanks for this encouragement. I really needed it. <3

  8. God has been asking me to do the crazy! I hear it but I am deathly afraid. He likes me to write. To write out what’s in my heart. He’s encouraging me to write a book that might only ever be read by myself, friends, and family or maybe thousands, but that’s not for me to decide, it’s up to God. But it’s a pouring out of my heart type of book where I have to be completely vulnerable and let people see a piece of me that only God and myself know. It’s crazy scary and sometimes I want to dig a hole and hide away forever because when I write out these thoughts, I see how raw they are and I cringe because I don’t want anyone to see them or know what I’m really thinking. I honestly believe God is going to use my struggle with purity to help other girls. It’s not a physical impurity, its a physical purity which is quite the opposite and not so cool according to wordly standards.

    God has also been speaking to me through dreams. My sister started having them and she was encouraging me that God has been showing her things through her dreams and that if I had faith, he could also speak to me through dreams. This sounds so crazy to many! We’ve been slowly telling our family and friends that they to can hear God through dreams. It’s one way he can communicate directly to us and it’s plain awesome! Some dreams are to personal to share while others are more broad and we are able to share pieces with them. We’ve been trying to encourage those close to us that if you ask God and seek, he may just allow them to remember their dreams if they are listening. I’ve always had dreams, I was just never able to remember them. Once I started asking God and I was open to receiving them, he’s been pouring himself out to me through dreams. This was only two months ago that I started praying for them, and since that time, he has confirmed and revealed who I am going to marry and many personal dreams showing my heart that eventually led me to start writing that book I was talking about.

    This probably sounds so crazy or insane to many. But the details God has revealed in my sister and my own dreams are nothing short of amazing and accurate. It cannot be described as anything but radical, crazy and supernatural, something that only God could orchestrate so effortlessly and perfectly. I am so sure this is hard to believe, that God can reveal such personal things in a dream (like who my husband is) but I have no doubt that these dreams are from God. I cannot wait to share more with everyone I encounter and to tell them how amazing God is but I know that time will come soon.

  9. Sometimes I feel like my whole life has been one “crazy” moment after the next. I guess that’s what a faith walk looks like. Thanks for the reminder that each of our “crazy things” is going to look different (and not always crazy cool) and what I need to do is be obedient. Excellent Monday morning words! Thank you!

  10. My crazy would be reconciling with my husband, who has done many things that caused us to separate 16 months ago. I don’t understand it – no one in their right mind would try to salvage this marriage – but I feel the constant tug at my heart to pray for this.

    • Here goes something I have never done……speak my heart on a blog, but the Holy Spirit has prompted me to respond. Several years ago I did the “crazy” thing and reconciled my marriage with my husband. The process was long and enduring and at times very painful, but led to results that made me able to love deeply and also accept love. The kind of love that is truly unconditional…….where your soul is truly melded into one for each other. We are each unique and have our own calling and God sometimes will force us into that uncomfortable zone to do His best for our lives…..our journey, the purpose that is only ours to complete.

      My heart was so broken, I was betrayed and angry and full of bitterness. We seperated and I filed for divorce. God intervened and thru my son’s God opened my eyes to see and after several months of talking we decided to try again. Me, fighting all the human responses and with God putting up roadmaps my husband and I did reconnect on a level more special and fulfilling and our lives and our union was blessed. We recommitted our lives and made God the Lord of our home and family. It was so “HARD” because He brought me to my knees but God gave me the ability to open my heart and forgive what I could not forgive in my human carnal state. This clay I live in was broken all the way down to a pile of dirt and dust.

      I do not know your circumstances but God has placed in your spirit the direction He wishes for you take. Listen and follow! Today my husband is living in the presence of God and I am in a wilderness period finding a different purpose in my life. We had 32 wonderful years completely fulfilling and blessed lives. I will pray for His annointing on you and that you have the courage and peace you need to follow the steps in your journey…..the next chapter of your life. God Bless You All

      • This is my “crazy” as well. My husband left me 4 months ago, and does not know whether or not he wants to reconcile. He says he’s “done in the flesh and has no [emotional] desire to reconcile, but is fearful of the long-terms ramifications of throwing away 17 years of marriage and family and all we’ve built…”

        God has called me to wait patiently for Him, and in doing so to stand and fight for our marriage. But this is no easy task, and completely impossible in the flesh. Surprisingly, it is something that even Christian friends and ministers have told me I should reconsider since I am “allowed/permitted” to divorce my husband based on choices he has made and continues making. But I know what God has spoken to my heart and I will choose to trust Him at all times.

        Nonetheless, the battle is fierce! I have read stories of reconciliation and know that this is God’s will for my marriage, but I often struggle to lift my eyes above my current circumstances and believe for the promises of God which seem so far off.

        I would appreciate your prayers for me and my husband, our [teenage] children, and the generations to come for whom I am fighting to leave a legacy of faithfulness to!

  11. God has been speaking to me on obedience the past few days and this post is speaking loudly to me today. Every word resonates and is vibrating in my soul. I am waiting to hear. Holy Spirit will speak. Bless you for writing this. It is touching hearts.

  12. I really like this…
    “Do the kind of crazy that looks beautiful from above and strange from down here.”

    Yes. Just yes.


    Many thanks,
    Kate 🙂

  13. Thank you, Stephanie, for the challenge to obey God’s voice–even if it seems a bit crazy. Your Biblical examples prove that he actually specializes in directives that seem a bit strange! But the results can be extraordinary. What opportunities are missed when we bypass his loving, purposeful commands.

  14. Can’t share my crazy because I haven’t done it yet, but it’s about to be done…not sure how it’s gonna turn out, but definitely tried to get out of doing it because it’s one of those things that only God can turn around. My faith has been challenged big time. Thankful that my heavenly Father is with me to do the impossible that He leads me to do. And, he gently guides me to do so by the power of Christ in me.

  15. I loved “Doing the Crazy”. God has had my husband and me doing the Crazy since May 2011 when my husband lost his job as a pastor. The unexpected fork in the road has led us into some of the most interesting and reqarding ministries ever. God has had us going to His own private school for our doctorates in ministry. Lots and lots of tears have been shed, but God has been faithful. We are off the grid, but finding great joy in God’s Craziness.

  16. Hi! I read the title – do the crazy. First thought – been doing that all my life. I’m opting for sane, safe; an automatic life. Then, while reading your brilliant slant on doing the crazy, I decided – No, forget sane. Crazy is all I’ve known, all I want to know. Thank you for the jolt I needed. Blessings.

  17. It is hard to be crazy but it can also be fun…..just letting go and submitting is the difficult part. Thanks for being the vessel that God has used to open me up. Blessed:)

  18. My crazy has been foster-pareeenting and adopting 4 very challenging children…funny thing though–it didn’t feel crazy until wise and committed Christ followers toldmeit was foolish to waste time on such children…I’m so thankful that God made me to see miracles where others see crazy. Even though it’s hard, it is the best crazy for me.

  19. My crazy? Only God could orchestrate this kind of crazy. I left a company for which I had worked for the last 18 years to start over – risking it all in the world of education by losing both tenure and seniority, and a pay cut – for a job in a neighborhood school. A job that will allow me to be a larger part of community in which we live. By the world’s standards, this is just plain crazy. Like the kind that makes people think there’s something wrong with you. But by God’s standards, this was an answer to prayer – the cry of my heart over the last year for release and deliverance. The new position is challenging and scary, but I know that THIS crazy, THIS stepping out in faith and obedience – it has already created freedom and joy for our family! The safest place to be is where God calls me – no matter how crazy it looks from the outside.

  20. My crazy is to leave a job in higher education, been there 15 ,years, with great benefits, decent pay to start over. May decide to just leave that department & go to another or leave the company altogether. It is scary as I’m approaching middle age, but I feel it is necessary for me to maintain any happiness in my life.

    Another crazy would be for my husband to leave his job after 26 years with the same company. He’s only held 3 positions with them. Finding something different would be hard as this is the only company he’s worked for since college.

    Prayers please!

    I’m praying now for all of your crazy God sized dreams to come true!

    Blessings 🙂