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Katie Matzenbacher serves as the (in)courage Associate Product Manager (which is a fancy way of saying she gets to take part in creating all kinds of really fun products for the (in)courage community). She loves to take ideas and make them happen. Wife to an unbelievably handsome man, lover of...

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  1. Beautiful! I have a question….how wide are the blocks? I couldn’t find width in the block details. Thanks!

    • Hi Rosanne! The width varies depending on the letter. So the “m” is going to be a lot wider than the “i”. Hope that helps!

  2. I purchased two words, and in each word one letter was correctly produced for hanging. Dayspring sent me new ones, but only one of two are better. Also, the clips won’t hold no matter how careful I am. There is no way I will feel safe hanging these on the wall unless I use a nail for each letter. I am so disappointed because they look so good online, and I’ve been so excited about the words I chose.