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Aliza Latta is a Canadian writer, artist, and author, who is a huge fan of telling stories. Her artwork and writing has been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is always searching for the goodness of God, even when she has to squint to see it.

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  1. God didn’t just send His son to save us for all eternity. I believe He sent His son to save us from ourselves – in this world, because so often we actually just don’t know what we’re doing. He is here to be our guide, to light our way, and to love us – right here, right now where we are.

  2. Aliza,
    This is why I begin the day with (in)courage and quiet time with God before I even pick up a newspaper. The news can be so terribly gruesome and hard to bear unless I first go to God to be reminded that I am glorious and free because of the blood His son shed for me. Thank you for a beautiful reminder that good does, and ultimately will, prevail. We know how the story ends and that gives us courage to live in the day to day.

  3. Aliza ~
    What a powerful post! Thank you so very much for writing from the heart — and for grabbing my attention. May we never be too “busy” to notice, to remember, to get active in the things happening around us each day. May we be His eyes, His hands, His feet – and His knees bent in prayer. <3 – Kristy

  4. THank you, Aliza. I needed this reminder. It’s very difficult to watch the news and see all the grief and horror and sadness breaking this glorious world of ours–devastating its inhabitants. And then it gets closer, such as in Ferguson, which you mentioned, with the protests that are spreading further and deeper into our St. Louis community (the latest very near our home). It’s a dangerous and difficult time. I don’t feel free, but frightened. I truly needed your words, because all Christians, I included, are free in Christ. That is the truth. He came to save and free us and that truth sets us free. We can share with the hurting and lost and the oppressed the freedom that we and they can have in Christ. And there is devastation worse than physical….there is being captive in mind and spirit because of fear. I ask the Lord to unbind my mind and set my spirit free in Him. When I”m free, I’m free to share his love and goodness and “glorious-ness” just as you have done here. Thank you for your encouragement.

  5. Thank you – something that I needed to hear this morning. All of the comments added a little more strength to my morning also. Living a couple of miles outside of Ferguson. Bracing for the unknown. Needing prayers and to be reminded of who is in charge.

    He is here to be our guide, to light our way, and to love us – right here, right now where we are.

    We know how the story ends and that gives us courage to live in the day to day.

    Jesus Christ our God, and there is no other name but His that can give us hope in this world.

    May we be His eyes, His hands, His feet – and His knees bent in prayer.

  6. I love the verse ” in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” This life is full of trouble, pain, and heartbreak-but God!! He knew before hand what we would face in this world and that gives me peace. We may have to go through a lot before we are called out of this world, but I am resting in the one who has overcome this world. Thank you for writing such a wonderful devotion.

  7. Aliza, what a beautiful post, and timely reminder. I find it shamefully easy to wrap myself up in my little world comprised of my hubby and boys, and not look beyond that to a world that is truly hurting. In the midst of the evil are people—people hurting and being hurt. And needing to hear that there is good, in the form of Jesus. And He is the One who brings healing and freedom in His perfect ways. I need to be still enough to feel and to pray in the midst of the ugly. Thank you for the reminder!

  8. Aliza,
    Thank-you from a fellow Canadian,
    Your post is truly inspiring….I too remember.
    And yes despite the darkness lurking, the goodness stands out.


  9. Aliza,

    Wow! What a poetic picture you painted for us. Truth is this world will get uglier and uglier. The Bible states there will be wars and rumors of wars. The devil is hard at work trying his best to deceive as many as he can before the second coming.

    I just use the acronym SAP (Stop and Pray). Pray for the victims, community, and the shooter/troubler. Let Go and Let God handle the situation. Soon, I pray, God will begin His second coming with the rapture.

    Until then we must learn to live as Christians in a fallen world. So hard.

    Thanks for a great post!

  10. Just yesterday, I sat near a beautiful little girl, almost bald (from chemo?), on the metro in Istanbul. She fell asleep on her daddy’s lap, so loving and so loved, and yet probably both without salvation. How long, O Lord? Please show Yourself and then come soon.

  11. I, as a fellow Canadian, appreciate your words so much today. I went through the full gamut of emotions over the Ottawa tragedy, and not only for the young soldier but also for the soldier run down and killed by a maniac only days before in Quebec. Such madness happening all over the world. Sometimes I am very afraid, sometimes downright angry, sometimes so very sad. Yet I know things will get a whole lot worse before they get better. Jesus said it would be so. I believe the Day of His second coming is rapidly approaching. That is good news for we who believe, but what of the billions who don’t?!? One thing about all the fear and anxiety being produced by these horrors today–we have ever-greater opportunity to befriend the frightened lost, and point them to the Cross, the Saviour. HE is our Hope. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.