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  1. How absolutely beautiful that God chose to announce His arrival to shepherds… low-class members of society who weren’t even allowed in the Temple. They weren’t allowed to worship with the community, but God came to THEM in their isolation and darkness on the outskirts of town. He offered peace to them regardless of how society saw them… regardless of they viewed themselves. His favor rested upon them. Truly, we, too, can embrace His favor… choosing to see His glory rather than downing in our regrets.

  2. This is one passage where only the KJV that I memorized as very small child will satisfy. I love it! May I be willing to accept as Mary did God’s will for my life and cherish all He offers me each day.

  3. This reminds me of Charlie Brown Christmas. Linus finally gets up and recites this. Makes me cry every time.

    I want to be like Mary and the shepherds and accept God’s will for my life no matter what. I want to be willing to do what He asks.

    Praise God for willingly giving His son to us. I love Christmas music!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! And it’s too bad we don’t all remember that THIS is what Christmas is all about!

  5. Christian Perona I never thought about the shepherds being “low class members of society” and not being allowed to worship in the temple or even worship with the community before,” and for the first time I wondered “WHY did God send angels to tell the shepherds where Jesus was born”? The shepherds were isolated and alone in the dark and God appeared! Thank you for this comment, because it for the first time I really understand that God can meet anyone anywhere, (but thinking of a dear daughter of mine at this time), in her isolation and loneliness. Thank you for posting this passage of Scripture.