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Fleurztael is an aspiring writer, lover of good food and great laughs. She enjoys a good story and looks for elegance in the minuscule details of life. She loves God, is enamored by grace and delights in finding the Lord’s prints in the mundane, often between diaper changes and soccer...

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    • Sarah, only the Lord can transform our lives and make us fruitful, in youth and old age. His Word is our assurance in every season. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  1. I love this metaphor so much. (I also really want a facial now, but that’s beside the point!) The real point is that I am reminded to spend more time in His presence… Thank you for sharing your story and your heart!

    • totally agree, mary. am going to have to google diy facials! but will be thinking of the real point the whole time! 😉

    • Thank you Mary! I’m glad the facial metaphor wasn’t too distracting :). It is humbling to be in the presence of God. Spending time with Him takes us to new heights.

  2. I almost stop reading at the third paragraph lol but for some odd reason I continue lol I’m glad I did not thanks for the reminder

  3. Great use of a real-life situation that is easily paints the picture of the Lord’s work in our lives.

    • Tramond, thank you! God is faithful to use every experience and moment of our lives for His glory, even the seemingly mundane. Thank you for reading!

  4. Thank you for this word! Reminds of the song “For Your Glory” as there is nothing like feeling the presence of God in your quiet worship time. Sometimes I want to stay on the mountain top because truly nothing can compare. Many blessings to you as you continue to share your glory moments with others.

    • Thank you Khalilah! What an amazing experience eternity will be, when we can remain in the presence of the Lord and worship Him continually :).

  5. Fleuztael.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder to spend quiet time with God! This has been a rough year and I’ve felt all the stresses and craziness. If I just spend a little quiet time relaxing listening to Christian music or reading Bible I find myself rejuvenated!