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Angie Ryg is a national speaker, writer, and Bible teacher who loves to help women build friendships around Scripture and prayer. She encourages others to discover and boldly pursue their God given purpose. She's a fan of flair pens, journals, her husband, their four amazing kids and one cuddly Shih-poo.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. That last line left me in tears. For all my life I have longed to hear those words and believe them. Oh, that I could be beautiful. I’ve just started sharing my yuck with others because I don’t want anyone else to ever feel as alone as I did for so long. Sharing it has been a bit humbling, but I’m giving it all to God and letting Him do with it what He desires. Thank you for this post. It gives me the courage to keep sharing.

    • Hi Penny!

      I am so glad this encouraged you! Giving it to God always seems to be the hardest part, doesn’t it? But when that happens, He makes our story so good and so very beautiful! I pray you keep sharing to His glory!

    • Penny,

      I have felt unbeautiful and ugly for years. I have believed the lies that I’m stupid, dumb, not pretty, etc. God brought me out of that yuck last year. He matured me and showed me that I am beautiful, smart and a good person.

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Hi Angie,

    Happy 2015 to you! Thanks sooo much for sharing your story and your thoughts. This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

    Ninety-five percent of the time I feel like I am alone. Alone in my insecurities, my guilt, my fears, my slip-ups. Alone when I get impatient or lose my temper or make mistakes (which I often times blow way out of proportion).

    This year, I made a list of daily intentions. One of them is to speak the truth in love, be more vulnerable, share my hurts and mistakes, and encourage others. I am also going to try my best to be gentle and kind with myself, be quick to forgive, not let fear get the best of me and trust in God when I feel fear or worry creeping in.

    Thanks for the reminder that we are perfect in God’s eyes. We are His masterpiece, His daughters, His beloved.

    • “I am also going to try my best to be gentle and kind with myself…”

      I love this and I am trying to do that myself as well. It seems I am always so much harder on myself than others. Thanks for joining the conversation and encouraging me with your words! Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank YOU my beautiful Friend! 🙂 God has been patient and good with me in dealing with my yuck. I cannot wait to watch him continue to turn it into His beauty! Thank you for your kind words. XOXO

  3. I love how God uses bits and pieces from all sorts of places to confirm what He is speaking to our hearts. This post did just that for me today. Thank you for sharing it!

    • Yes! I love how God speaks perfectly to our hearts in different ways! His Story of Beauty will be heard!

      I am so glad to be a small part of that for you! To Him be the glory!

    • Hope! Isn’t that such a beautiful word? And He does give it to us in every promise of His!

      Thank you for stopping by to share such encouragement with me!

    • I love how you reminded us that when He increases in our lives, our yuck decreases!

      What a beautiful picture of not only God’s love for us, but our continued growing love for Him. Praise Him for all the things He can do through us!

      Thank you my Dear Friend. So thankful for you! XO

  4. I am so thankful for your post Angie. The Lord impressed it upon my heart last year to be transparent and vulnerabe. To allow others to see his work in me…not to hide His light behind the facade of perfectionism or let the opinions of others dictate what I did or didn’t do. It has been hard at times, but the Lord has been so faithful to meet me in the lonely places…to see me when I needed it most. I have seen over and over that God never ever wastes a hurt when we are willing to give it to him. God bless you sweet sister 🙂

    • I just listened to it! That does describe it so well! – A Beautiful Letdown!
      What we thought was lost is used for His grace and beauty! Thanks for sharing that song! XO

  5. Your transparency is so encouraging to me. Your gift of communicating is a blessing!

  6. You have no idea how touched I was by your words. I have been hiding the yuck in my life for so long…and I hadn’t realized that in hiding it I had lost the real me! It was as if I covered me up too! I think I was even hiding it from myself, but then it all blew up in 2014! I am trying to rebuild my life and trust in Him to guide my way. In reading wonderful things like this it gives me hope and courage to continue believing that He has a plan for me and my children. My faith will be the thing that helps me purge the yuck and live happily again! Thank you for your inspiring and kind words!

    • “My faith will be the thing that helps me purge the yuck and live happily again!”

      Amen! I am right with you! Clinging on to God’s hope everyday!

      I am so thankful that God can use our yuck! I am sorry it blew up for you this past year, but be encouraged that He really does have a plan…a perfect plan for you and your family!

      God Bless!!

  7. Well. I’ve gotten to hug the crowned beauty and couldn’t be more grateful!!! From one heir to another, “praise Jesus!” That he turns our “yuck” into glory!!

  8. “Give Me your yuck and I will give you true beauty.” Angie, thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s promise. Thank you for helping women with yuck in India know it. And thank you for helping me, in all my yuck — current and past — remember it. 🙂 So fun to see you here, friend!!

    • I like that reminder – “current and past” – because we have always had it and we will always get new yuck, but I cling to the hope of replacing it with His beauty!

      And so fun to see YOU!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words Marty! They are such an encouragement to me as it is always hard to admit the yuck I try to hide. May God bless you!

  9. OMG where to start …..i’ve been hiding my yuck for a little while now and it is really hard for me to share ….All i know is that God is starting something new He is changing my yuck into beauty&).Amen

    • Oh Rachel. . .I know how it is to hide and share the yuck!

      Lord, I pray that you would continue to help this dear sister to continue to give you her yuck and for her to be reminded every day by your promise of changing it into beauty for Your Glory!

      Thank you for sharing just now with us!

  10. Wow…this post is amazingly beautiful and right on true! I belong to Celebrate recovery and when I share my yuck I feel raw and naked but Oh so free…and it’s funny, cause we think people will judge us for our yuck…but in Christ we are set free! Let out the yuck! Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, thank you Sweet Holley!

      I am hoping you are resting up after the wonderful blessing of last weekend! 🙂
      God is so good!

      I love you, Friend!

  11. Sweet Angie, I’m thrilled to see your words grace this precious place. You have a gift of being able to capture the honesty of our hearts but bathed in much grace and hope. Thank you!

    • Thank YOU for your blessing of your words today!

      I love this community and I consider it a gift that He can use my yuck for His glory!

      Miss you Friend! XO

  12. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, encouraging post! May the Lord bless your writing and use you as a vessel of His Truth and love – reaching thousands upon thousands of women – for God’s glory. There are so many hurting and lost people who need to hear the stories of the redeemed. “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story” Psalm 107:2a (not sure which version that is – more modern I think). Praying God helps us to share and be vulnerable.

  13. Thank you for such a beautiful blessing upon my writing!

    I pray that He continues to share His amazing Love story through my story of redemption!

  14. Angie,

    I love that God uses our yuck and doesn’t waste a thing! Last year was rough and my yuck showed up in anger, frustrations and super stress. I dealt with my aging father’s health issues, job issues both mine and hubby’s. Through it all He was there and taught me dependence on Him. To fully rely on Him for everything when life felt like it was falling apart and I felt crappy.

    Also had bouts of feeling not beautiful, smart. Then God in his infinite wisdom sent me “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift”, 2 postcards, and Jesse tree ornaments. One of the postcards stated “You are a beautiful blend of abilities God breathed into your soul. I sat by my tree crying my eyes out as I put the ornaments on one by one. Thanks everyone!

    Blessings 🙂