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Katie encourages others to find grace in the unraveling through her writing and speaking. Her book, Made Like Martha, is good news for get-it-done gals. She and her husband broadcast a quirky live show, from their hammock. Katie delights in her five children and is a fan of cut-to-the-chase conversations.

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  1. Hi Katie, waiting on God in “the waiting room of life” is not easy. I was believing God for a miracle. He did it . He gave me something way bigger than I expected.
    While waiting I had received several disappointing news. I thought God wasn’t going to do it anymore. But He showed up when and how I least expected.

    He taught me to wait and keep believing on HIM alone.

    God Bless you for your lifting article.


  2. Hi Ifeoma- The waiting rooms of life are not easy indeed, but worth it.:) Praising God for your miracle and also how He sustained you in the process.

  3. HI Deb.:) I know you understand this waiting more than many. Thank you for your example of waiting until He says the wait is over- for not throwing in the towel, but holding tight to Him for as long as He determined. Your example is a beacon to many to hold on to hope and wait with grace and dignity. Thank you.

  4. Katie, thank you so much for this devo! The word The Lord gave our family for 2015 is ‘wait’…I love this scripture – Rom. 8:25..’but if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.’ Each day of ‘wait’ brings us closer to Him, growing our roots deep, making us more like Him!!! Hallelujah!

    • Wow Cindy, what a word for 2015.:) Great scripture to go with it too- “…we eagerly wait with perseverance”. Thank you for sharing it. As you watch and see what He will do in, through and around you may your hope and trust in Him grow and well up from within.:)

  5. Thank you for this post. I am in a waiting time that is going to be many months long. I know this and most days I find it easy to accept. There are times when I want to stomp my foot and wave a magic wand, win the lottery and have it all be “fixed” right now! But I know I am on God’s time frame, and I know I don’t know better. Everything in it’s time, in it’s place. Sigh…..

  6. Thank you for your honesty Shelly. I have many (internal and a few external) temper tantrums when I am waiting.:) Praying for you as you wait.

  7. Katie you’re singing my song! So many things are all about perspective aren’t they? The notion the grass is greener in the other side is a trick to make us compare and live in discontent. In this holding pattern of adoption that we’ve been in, God has taught me about being content with today. I was always wishing for tomorrow and never being faithful with what he’s put in my hand for today. I am much more relaxed and asking Him to be in my present and what is He doing in my present. 🙂 thanks for sharing Katie. It is in the community of believers that we find strength.

    • Hi Jen- Thank you for the reminder to be faithful with today. As we do this, by His grace, we will look back and see a string of faithfulness not days of regret.;) I think these days of waiting will make the delivery that much sweeter and deeper.

  8. As I wait for this storm to pass God has drawn me closer to his word than I have ever been. There is a certain peace that I can’t describe but I know God is with me. My circumstances are still the same and who I do life with is still mean and angry which makes me want to scream sometimes but nothing is impossible with God so I hold on to that trusting and believing as I go through this.

  9. I am so grateful for this word from you and God this morning. My husband and I feel very strongly that the Lord is calling my husband out of his management position and into Sports Ministry (a full-time missionary position). It would be a huge change for us, as we’re nearing 50, and have rather settled into life as it has been up to now. We have answered the call with a thoughtful and resounding “YES!” But find ourselves in a holding pattern, as the avenues that seemed to open initially have closed. And we are wondering whether we heard God wrong, or if there’s more to be done before we can begin. We have gone back to Him many times, and He seems to verify the call. So your post this morning really spoke to me, as we daily ask each other… when. I will carry this reminder from you in my heart in the days to come: ” We can trust that God is growing us beneath the surface as He holds us here ‘till Spring.” And just a special side note – lately it has been looking like He may be preparing us for a change next SPRING. Can you just imagine what it did to my heart to read those very words, “till Spring,” from you?! Thank you for encouraging my heart in the Lord, today.

  10. “God is growing us beneath the surface.” Gonna be chewing on this all day. Great post…love your insight. I’ve been in the waiting room many times, and God has always been faithful. Thank you for sharing your heart today. 🙂

  11. Hi, Katie…I love this! God has taught me in this (loooonng) season of waiting that He is sovereign and to rest in Him. He loves me more than I love me.

    • Hi Britt- Valuable lessons that He is teaching you.:) I need to learn to rest better in Him and grow in trust, especially in the times of waiting.

  12. Very well said and very encouraging:). Learning to party in the pattern is what I’m learning to do. We Joyfully wait on our Father with excitement and eagerness to see how He will orchestrate time and circumstances to lead us where we trust Him to take us. It is fun and exciting being a Christian and accepting our place in Him. A child of the King!

  13. This is very timely, thanks a lot. I am recently learning to enjoy what God has done and what He has given me while waiting for what He will do and what He will give me. Knowing your next assignment and area of service is not always easy but enjoying His presence is the best service He could ever have from you.

  14. Wow. This was for me for sure today 🙂 I started doing worship songwriting about a year ago with a well known producer/songwriter/worship leader out of Bethel Church. I quickly grasped the concepts and was able to find my voice. Songs were pouring out! I made it my goal for 2014 to have enough songs written for an album. Things were rolling along and then late in the Summer…breast cancer. At age 35. Mom of 3 little boys. Thankfully, though traumatic, and though I did have a double mastectomy in October, the cancer had not spread since it was caught early (another miraculous story for another time). But my dreams got so interrupted. I just talked to my producer friend last night and the cost of the project is way more than I can handle with all the medical bills (and I still have one more reconstructive surgery in March!) I wanted to get all worked up about it and discouraged, but I woke up with a smile this morning and said, “God, I can’t wait to see how you bring this all to fruition.” In the meantime, I will write songs that tell the story of a girl who, through the painful experience of cancer, learned to trust and wait on the Lord whose timing is absolutely perfect. Thanks for this post- it cemented my resolve and encouraged me again to keep looking up and looking forward to His plan and provision! I can’t wait to see what He does for and through all of us 🙂

    • Dear Carrie- I wrote songs during our first adoption waiting period. Keep writing as He allows and you wait. If you have a sample song to share I’d love to hear it. 🙂

  15. Katie,
    “He loves us too much to rush us thru these valuable days of preparation.”… Wow!!!! That is speaking to me right now!!! Thank for sharing the wisdom you have gained from God during the waiting process. I am encouraged by your honesty and humility. May we continue to see beauty in the waiting room. Glad you are in this room with me:))
    Dare to DREAM, Kristi Smith
    Author of ” DREAM…a guide to grieving gracefully”. 5 keys to unlock the grip of grief.

  16. Well stated, Katie.

    We live in a society that reinforces activity and not waiting. We get what we want, when we want, and how we want. That is so polar opposite of how God works.

    I coach women to help them investigate their Classroom of Waiting, (which by the way most women will have to enter in life, whether they want to enter it or not) that waiting is not passive. Because God is always at work.

    Lean into Him as you linger in the Classroom of Waiting! His timing will bring you the right publisher and the right child for your family. I saw God do that with all three of my children and His perfect FIT!

    Blessings, Katie, and thank you for sharing,
    Darlene Lund

  17. Katie, the place of wait can be so hard. It can feel overwhelming and scary. I love how he holds us until his Springtime comes. Thank you for your honest words. Cheering you on!

  18. Most of my life has been spent not waiting. I have always been the people pleaser, the peacemaker, the worker, the problem solver, the fixer! Never waiting for God to help me or for His answers to my prayers. Instead I stayed awake nights pondering the situations, conjuring up ways to fix everything. Always busy, busy, busy. Now that I am over 60 with adult children and grandchildren and retired I have many regrets. Even though I helped many people and solved many problems I always put myself on the back burner. Therefore, not taking the time to really share myself, my thoughts, my dreams, my life with the ones I love. I regret not taking the time to wait for Gods help and enjoying the life he gave me in the meantime. Now, I am waiting. Waiting patiently for the time when God is ready to call me home. I have slowed down and am allowing God to take over from here on out. Giving Him back the reigns and waiting for His blessings, His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His guidance, His direction. I now spend my days thanking the Lord, worshiping Him and praying for all these things and waiting. And I’m enjoying the wait!

  19. Thank you Debbie for letting us in and for sharing your wisdom. A true Titus 2 moment happening as you instruct younger women from your experience.

  20. Oh, how I needed this today. When God told me to stand still and wait four years ago, I would have never guessed the amazing lessons and difficult moments I’d endure in the waiting. This week has been one long difficult moment and I have been tempted on numerous occasions to believe that He has only left me here to die. As I talked with Him today, I begged for encouragement. Your words have been an answer to prayer. Thank you, and thank God for using you!

  21. Holding on and not giving up is good and staying calm in all situations instead of over reacting.

  22. Beautiful, Katie! I’ve been praying for you. May you continue to find contentment in the Father’s plan during this season. You are blessed and there are good things ahead for you!

  23. Oh goodness… I’m so bad with waiting patterns. A couple years back as we were every so Impatiently waiting to move out of the area we were living in at the time, we were miserable. Every day, miserable. And wasted day after day just being unhappy. I look back now and just wince at the wasted time. We didn’t have to do anything grand or incredible, but we didn’t have to do NOTHING either. And now that we are in a new state altogether, I can look back and see what God was doing then. He was preparing us for things we could never have managed to endure or lean on each other for back then. HIS plan is perfect. But when you are IN the waiting, my goodness it’s rough. I’ve recently been reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp and oh my word is it smacking me RIGHT in the face with this. I need to be grateful for things… people… circumstances… breaths and beats of the heart. And not just passive “sure, yeah, thanks for that” gratitude, but true, deep, heartfelt understanding of the giver and what he’s giving. Taking it in. It is SO not easy, but it is SO absolutely essential to life and living with any measure of peace.

    Thank you SO much for sharing this. I needed this reminder as I’ve allowed myself to be ridiculously distracted by silly, petty things, lately, and even some not-so-petty things, but things out of my control nonetheless. You are so right. Thank you!!

  24. Thank you for this blog it incourage me while I am in the waiting period,and in my waiting room God is busy teaching me to trust Him,to trus Jesus,and don’t let my heart gets upset,is this easy?no,do I manage to keep my heart from gerring upset?not always,but I will get their

    • Hi Ronel- It is definitely a journey, with ups and downs. Thank you for this reminder that Trust is a key factor in the process and in our relationship with Jesus.

  25. I have medical problems that prevent me from traveling because no one would be able to treat me. Today they buried my dad in California and I wasn’t able to go. I wanted to be there to support my mom and sisters so much. It just seems like it’s payback even if I didn’t mean for it to happen. When I graduated from high school my dad refused to go to my graduation. The important thing he did was stay home and watch TV. He went to both of my sisters graduations. It always hurt. I think the unforgiveness I’ve harbored in my heart all these years affected my Spiritual walk with God. Now I can’t mend the fences with my dad but I can ask Jesus for forgiveness. He understands me. Words and actions are powerful and can last a lifetime. I wish I had used mine wisely. Learn from my mistakes and always let people know how you feel and fix it then.

  26. Katie, these were beautiful words. And goodness, they hit right at home for all I have experienced in the last year. Trying to stop my first instinct to compare my life to another’s. Trying to be patient in the waiting…

    It hasn’t been easy.

    But somehow reading this gives me a little bit of assurance that I can forge ahead. I’m not alone in my thoughts and my impatience. We all seek to be content in where we are. In who we are…

    So I continue praying blessings over those who seemingly have more gifts than I and squeezing my own tightly, cherishing each one, as I give thanks for it all.

    It’s been a hard lesson, this past year. And one that I can honestly say I’ve never been more grateful for.

    Enjoyed reading here today!

  27. How to live while waiting was one of the biggest lessons that came from our own adoption journey. It’s still something I need to be reminded about, but it’s always worth it because God is orchestrating something beautiful. And sometimes that creation just takes time. I love seeing your words and your heart here, Katie!

  28. This speaks so loud to me, Katie, “He loves us too much to rush us through these valuable days of preparation.” That is such beautiful truth that I know so well. I want to rush through EVERYTHING, and when I do I know I miss out on what God is trying to teach me and show me. Thank you for the reminder that there is beauty in the waiting…that seems to be a constant theme over me in these days. Love your transparency here. You wear it well. 😉 xoxo

  29. The hardest part of the waiting room–for me–has been enduring the judgment of others. Like Job’s “friends,” so many who mean well–often family & friends–tend to poo poo the very things I know God has called me to. It is hard to do that which doesn’t “make sense.” And it doesn’t make sense to most human beings (who crave control and esteem achievement)–to literally WAIT on God. To let go of control and choose Faith over fear, Hope and Joy over discouragement, anxiety, and depression…I think a lot about Job. And also King David–when he was anointed, but not yet king–while he was God’s chosen–and yet hunted and marked for death by Saul. Living in caves…so grateful for those very few stalwart friends who the Lord has provided to encourage my heart! I lean into their grace and fellowship when I am weary of the waiting!

  30. “God is growing us beneath the surface” <<< So love how you said this. All these months that feel like lots of waiting, I have come to learn that while we may feel unsure God is with us and He is always moving. He is indeed growing us. Loved this so much, Katie. I am looking forward to hopefully spending time with you in person SOON. Much love. xoxo

  31. What a beautiful post, Katie. I’ve also been in a season of waiting for the past two years. Last year was particularly difficult but God has been teaching me patience (something I struggle with). I am truly grateful.

    I absolutely love what you said here: “As we are slowed we begin to see what we already have in hand.”

    In this season of waiting, God has been teaching me how to trust Him and rely on Him completely. I’ve come to realize that most of my worries are related to finances. So I’ve been praying to God to break this chain of worry. We just need to trust him to provide our basic needs.

    So I am waiting. I’ve learned that waiting isn’t inactive, it’s active! While we wait, we pray and believe that He is in ultimate control and He will indeed keep his promises. While we wait, God works. We may not see it right away but he is always working.
    That’s where faith comes in.

    Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

    This year at church our theme is extravagant faith and I am eager to go deeper. All week, I’ve been digging deep into scripture and studying what God tells us about faith. For a long time, I believed that faith was something I could muster up. But we are only human, and our faith is weak. Just like Grace, peace, hope, joy and love, faith comes from God.

    So I’ve been praying for God to pour faith into my heart and drown out all fear! He delights in giving us good gifts. He has revealed so much to me while I’ve been going through scripture and things are crystal clear every single time I open my Bible. He is really working in my life and for the first time in a long time, I feel a sense of peace.

    Thanks again for sharing and for giving us a place to share,


  32. Hi Katie,

    Back in December I read Max Lucado’s “You’ll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times.” He has an absolutely amazing chapter called “Wait While God Works” and he talks about this world being God’s waiting room and that our God is right next to us waiting. The whole book is amazing. He uses the story of Joseph’s life – from being tossed into the pit and sold into slavery by his brothers to his wrongful imprisonment (he waited for two years! But during that time, he prospered because God was with him).
    He shows us how God uses our trials, suffering and messes for good.
    Highly recommend it!

  33. Hi Donna- Thanks for the book recommendation. Waiting is hard. Waiting for financial things is difficult. And yes waiting is active- great reminder.:)

  34. Katie,

    I applaud you responding to all these posts! It shows you read and care about people.

    My motto has always been “Patience is a virtue but waiting is tough”. Last year hubby almost lost his job. We waited to hear the news, and found out he was given a crappy shift back in ER at hospital. We prayed lots and God intervened greatly by giving him a “choice” job closer to home with same company.

    For about 7 months or so I have been waiting on a different/better job. I pray and do the work while waiting to see what God has in store for me. My verses that I cling to are Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you”. Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    I will do the work while in the waiting room of God!

    Blessings :

  35. Hi Beth- Thank you.:) Those are both great verses to stand on. Aren’t you glad He doesn’t change? God remains faithful even when we can’t see the end result or always the reasons “why”. May your strength keep being renewed as you wait- and worship in the wait.:)

  36. I am waiting since a very long time. I am glad that God renew me, expand my horizons, my faith, my heart. Even when I prefer not to suffer I have to admit that now I understand for the first time the love that is written in chorintian’s, I am a more lovely and sensible person because of HIM and I am more willing to obey him knowing that He knows better. Anything is in vain.