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Tabitha is wife to a wild mountain man, mom to a baby boy who loves to eat his toes, and lover of Jesus. She is a part-time School Counselor but a writer at heart. She pours her thoughts out on her blog, Joyful Expectancy- a place of extravagant faith, hope,...

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  1. Yes! The process! The present! Thanks for the reminder to plant my feet and be right here, right now.

  2. Tabitha,
    Let’s put on comfy clothes, dance, sing and talk. Let’s love on people and share burdens, fun times, etc. This world needs more love and less hate. Don’t worry about how things look, just go and make friendships.
    Great wisdom@!
    Blessings 🙂

  3. This is so poignant! “What I am learning is that the mess doesn’t matter as much as who I share it with. The space I am in doesn’t matter as much as the relationships I create in the process.” Love this.