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  1. My mom and I need to move as soon as possible. We cannot get rid of the bed bugs that are in our apartment. We cannot find a good place to move, and we will have to get rid of all of our furniture, including our beds. We do not have money to get anything new. We need a true miracle. We are losing hope and we cannot go on anymore. Please pray that God shows up for us in a breathtaking way today and that He gets us out of this place. We need His help! Desparately needing prayer for miracles…..

    • Believing that our Heavenly Father will be your Provider. I ask in Jesus’ name for God to meet Sabrina’s and her mother’s needs this very day. Father God, reveal Your love for Sabrina and her mother that they may feel your loving embrace in a practical way today. And I thank you for the blessing they are to each other through you. I also pray that Your provision to them will allow them to witness to others of your amazing love and grace.

    • Sabrina,
      Praying for God to make a way as only he can for you and your mom. Lord, be the miracle that Sabrina and her mom need right now. Make a way in the desert of desperation for them. Soften the hearts of those around them that would be generous in proving for Sabrina and her mom. Give them peace as they wait on you, Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      • Thank you so much, Bev! We are desparate for Jesus to help us…..we have nothing left.

    • Sabrina,

      Knowing God will supply ALL your needs I’m asking Him to provide relief to your situation. May He show up in unexpected ways & shower you with the hope and contentment you need!

      Tell some trusted friend in your church about your situation. There may be some organization that can assist in your situation. Plus some church members may want to assist you. God will supply ALL your needs according to His Riches in Glory!
      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Beth. Only the Lord can make a way…we are trusting Him to come through for us.

  2. My request for prayer for my lost son continue. I also pray that I would let go of wanting to be in control and orchestrate things…that I would trust this to our God who is truly able. I also pray for my daughter who is seeing all her friends getting married and having babies and she is still single and wanting so much to find true love and a partner in life. I ask for prayers that she would know that she is “enough” with God in her singleness. Thanks…xx

    • Lord Jesus, Where is this womans son? You see him now. You know what he needs. You are God. We rest in your knowing, but it aches deep. So we pray for comfort and peace that passes understanding. As for her daughter, Jesus, be her husband. Don’t let young years be used up on wanting and despair, but let her sense that she is in the center of where it’s happening working for you, so that if you give her a husband one day, she will look back grateful for the years of she and you together. In Jesus Name, Amen

  3. Bev,
    I am praying for your children and their hearts right now. That God would me them and lift their spirits and direct their paths.

  4. Prayers for jobs, wellness, and peace please. My family has had a year full of enormous defeats and blows. The biggest include Iosing my dad, my husband lost his job right before he lost his job he had told them that his cancer was back. Two days ago he had another surgery to remove the new cancer. During this year we felt the pull to move back toward family and old friends. So we are moving in a few weeks. I am very tired and worried. We feel this pull and push was from the Lord. If you could spare a prayer or two for my family I would appreciate it.

    • Not right before. He lost his job right after he told his employment. My apologies!

      • Oh Father, how many waves are going to crash down on this family? Please, Lord, calm their hearts and the sea. Death, cancer, job loss, moving…so very much. BUT GOD, You are able to bring beauty from these ashes. You are able to bring a sweetness that could not be found without these bitter events. Oh Father, provide for Andrea and her family their every need–even the ones they can’t see. YOU, O Lord, are able. Help Andrea to cast all these cares on You and allow You to carry them. Give her peace–that strange and wonderful peace–that only comes from trusting in You. For You are faithful. You are loving. You are God. Make Your presence known in their hearts that they may rest in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Andrea,
      Prayers going out now for your whole family! Father please calm the nerves of this family! Help them to heal from all the stresses they have been under. Make the move a smooth one so they can be near family and friends. Shower them with the hope and strength they need to carry through! You, O Lord are their help and salvation. Give Andrea the calming contentment she needs to cast ALL these cares on you and allow you to work your miracles in her life!

  5. Today is a day I need prayer most of all. Its the day I realize that if I don’t file for divorce, I won’t be able to get my husband out of the house. That the kids will have to be dragged out of their home again so that we can be safe from the untreated bipolar insanity of the husband I love, but who is unsafe. I have begged God to hear my prayer and give my husband willingness, but nothing from heaven. In addition, I’m one of his options, not his only, so am aching inside. I have just had surgery for cancer, and now symptoms it has spread. Deep discouragement and depression. I could use prayers for wisdom, for our kids, for a radical miracle.

    • Precious Father, the ache and despair I hear in Jane’s words hurt my own heart. Lord, I know You are with her. You are watching over her and her kids and her husband. You are not sleeping. You have not turned a blind eye or a deaf ear. You are at work. You promise us that You will never leave us or forsake us. Lord, my sweet sister needs to hear Your loving words. Speak them to her heart. Work this miracle, Lord…let Jane see You at work in her body, in her heart, in her husband, in her marriage, in her family. Keep her and her children safe. Give her wisdom in how to move forward…or wait upon You. Wrap her up in Your loving arms and fill her with peace, for You are her security…and You never fail. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      Jane, I will keep you in my prayers this week. Psalm 27 is impressed upon my heart and mind at this moment. May it bring you comfort and the Lord give you wisdom as You seek His guidance.

    • Jane,
      Father please step in and help Jane and her children today. Help her to find a safe place to go to & file for divorce. I know she still loves her hubby, but with his medical condition he is not safe to be around. Please give her some safe haven and a good friend to confide in that will be there for her. Help her through the cancer diagnosis that is spreading. She needs you now more than ever! Shower her with your loving kindness, grace and mercy!! Give her a double dose of patience, strength and contentment! AMEN!

      • Heavenly Father , I asked that you step in and help Jane, she is in need of direction and healing Father I ask that you completely heal her from cancer, and father I asked that you give her and her children some peace…
        also I pray for her husband that he seeks out a doctor to help him with a diagnosis and receives the treatment that he needs.
        In Jesus Name I PRAY,
        Amen & Amen

  6. Please, pray for our financial situation. We are a pastor family… had to move because of new place, but we could not sell our house until now. So we have double costs. My husband just called and told me that our very old car stopped. We just had a big repair. Then I saw this mail…How can we pray for you today. We need financially a miracle! We know God is faithful. Thank you!

    • My prayer goes up to a God who knows all and has more than once met my need in unexpected ways. Being a pastor’s family is not an easy place to be. May the God whom you honor bless and provide in the most perfect and unexpected ways as you put your trust in Him.

    • Guest,
      Father God please help this pastor family today! Shower them with a big financial blessing! Allow them to find the car they need to keep working and help their old house to sell quickly! Give them the peace, contentment and strength they need to carry on!
      Blessings 🙂

  7. Prayer for the relationship of my parents. They had a big blow today. They have not been in the same bed for more than 10 years now since we live in a very small house. Papa let me sleep with Mama on the only bed we have. My desire is to have a house of our own–an intimate room for them.

  8. Please pray for my son & my family. We are in a bad place & I need God to send someone to guide us. I’m worried

    • Vicki. praying for you now. God sees you. hang on and choose to trust. Gen 16:13. You are the God who sees me.

  9. My husband has an alcohol problem. We have been married for 30 years and separated for 14 months. It has affected him spiritually, emotionally and physically. I love him deeply and so want him to seek the help he needs, but could no longer remain in the same house with him. Please pray that God softens his hard heart and patience for me as I wait on the Lord. Satan continues to try to get my attention. Thank you.

    • Laurie, I am praying that you can be a warrioress for God to help your husband battle. I am lifting you up to God to envelope you in his boldness and peace. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to convict your husband and send the enemy packing.

  10. 11 months ago, my husband moved out of our house and left myself and our 3 little boys. 1 month later, I found out he had been having a 2 year affair with the woman I had thought was my best friend for the last 25 years. They are no longer together now, but the hurt, pain, and betrayal overwhelm me most days. Friday we sold our dream house (because it was next to hers), and moved the family. My husband and I are still separated, and he is starting to show major changes. He wants to start working on our marriage now, and although that’s what I’ve prayed for for years, now I’m scared and uncertain. I think satan is now at work on me in this department. That’s a lot to pray for, but I am thankful for Christian brothers and sisters that I know will bring it all before God.

    • Allison,
      Getting the trust back is always the hardest part, so I want to pray now not only for him, or for you, but for your whole family; including your childs and your parents who were probably affected too.
      I pray for the Lord to cover all of you with forgiveness, even knowing its not your fault, sometimes we let the IFS get into our heads.
      Daddy, you know their hearts, You putted them together so they could build this family . They are Your plan ,Lord and I know that besides we fail, You never do, and never will. when we can not see a way out, You lead us throught the darkeness.
      I dont know the details of what happened to this family,but come Father, come with your restouring love and make them one again. One heart.
      One love.
      One live.
      And let You be the rock where they are placed.
      In Jesus Name
      And Allison?
      Remember, no matter what keep strong on the Lord, when your humans capacitys fail, or when the walk gets too hard, He will be with you, will carry and will love you, more than anything on this world.
      In the end its all gonna be all right and if its not, its not the end yet.
      Well I leave my email in case you need to talk.

  11. Going through financial struggles, I know God is with me just wondering when he’s going to lift this burden off my shoulders. Please pray for my strength and continued faith.

  12. I pray that our Our Heavenly loving Father, that can do all, will fill my daughter and I with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, his word, loving kindness, forgiveness, almighty grace and Genuine Love. Replace false accusations with trust and love as I know all is possible through our Gracious Lord. We are nothing without him. To realize I expressed nothing, I repeat nothing more than Love for my granddaughter, not asking one question of her, but explaining how much I love her and wish I did not have the condition I do with my head (seizures) since she was a baby, so I could spend more time with her & Her sister. That I too could pick them up & take them out shopping, out for ice cream or just for fun. Again, I wasn’t asking “interrogating” her in any way, shape or form. I pray Father that you be my judge and help me stand firm in your word, will and wisdom. In Jesus name I pray

    • Nancy, I pray that God will come and close the gaps in your relationship with your daughter. may His love and wisdom smoothen out the bumps. Asking God to heal hurts and Hply Spirit to guide and prompt forgiveness.

  13. I pray that the Gracious Lord in Heaven answers the prayers here today. That He strengthens then with His love and courage and patience to trust in Him with all their hearts.

  14. My dad was a Pastor for 45 years, He got sick and he retired, but since 2013 he has been depressed. And he get a lot of weight and his legs are weak. He walks difficulty, and he just eats and sleep. He can’t preach like before, he gets tired frecuently, I need your prayers for his heart, his body, his mind, he looks like an 80 old men, and is really sad to me, cause he and my mom are the reason of my life in ministry. I can be with them cause I’m at the seminary far from home, and that’s why it’s hard.
    thnxs for pray.

    • Praying for you, Laura, that you will find peace. learning, and focus at seminary. Praying for your father that he will find life in Christ again.

    • Most High God,
      Please hold Kelli in her distress. Give her Your peace and promises to stand on at this difficult time. Let her be comforted by the Holy Spirit’s presence. Amen

  15. There are generational curses I really need prayers for. We have a long history of women with an abusive or absent husband, we have/had children who are fatherless. History repeats, children are hurting, moms are/have been in severe poverty. Some of the evil ones prosper dramatically. Their bounty is FULL. What about the children and the good parents? Thank you for your prayers.

  16. Please pray for my sweet family. We are a ministry family – husband & I have been ministers for about 30 years. Our daughter is about to graduate college & is doing well after a very difficult time there. Our older son is married, for almost a year, and his wife continues to drive a wedge into our family; whatever we do, we are unable to meet her expectations or to make a true connection with her. Pray for some kind of resolution & healing in our family.

  17. Please pray that my 21 year old son gets a job that will support him. He’s trying so hard at his current job, yet he can tell that the boss is impatient with his lack of skills. I know that in Matthew we read, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in
    barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more
    valuable than they?” So I’m praying that since God loves Michael more than the birds, he will get and keep a life sustaining job. Thank you for your prayers too.

  18. My family has been laid low years. Daughter lives with gender identity issues and depression. Oldest son diagnosed with bi polar after a suicide attempt. Husband forced out of his pastorate and still unemployed. Then, most recently our youngest diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Each day I struggle to find joy and be thankful.

    • Mary,
      I sometimes question why some struggle and suffer so much more than others? I wish I had an answer, but this I know…that to the degree we suffer, God will match it with comfort, love and consolation. My family has suffered greatly from mental illness and we hate being in the crucible, but have found that our faith and trust grows as we are refined. I pray that the Holy Spirit would send up prayers from the groans of your heart – that God may hear and ease your family’s suffering. I will pray for you that the Lord will comfort you and bring you the joy and hope that you desperately desire. May the Lord provide for all your needs…you are loved and known by God and I will continue to pray for you!!

  19. Would
    Appreciate prayer for safety and God’s joy on my trip to Israel
    March 5-15
    Thank you!

  20. Please pray that I can trust God, not be hard on myself, not rush to get everything in life, but just be patient. To love myself as God made me and for my family to stay in good health. Thank you!

  21. Please pray for an answer to my current housing situation. My husband passed away in August 2014 with no life insirance and $200.00 in the bank. I have been working part-time with the state and my psychiatrist says I’m not stable enough to work full-time. I get some state aid for utilities and food, but have had to figure out each month who and how I can get someone to make the house payment. The estate is just finishing probate. The house will be put in my name, my name was not previously on the deed. I have a whole houseful of “stuff” to go through, much to get rid of. His sons want some of it, but they have made no efforts to come get the things they want. I could sell some of those things to raise money, but I don’t know if I can even stay here long term. It is said not to make big decisions within a year of losing a loved one. I have 6 months to go.
    Please pray for me to find an avenue that will allow me to live on what I have now, and the faith to sustain me through this process.
    Thank you!

    • As a former widow with a lot in common with you I offer you hope in the Lord. I have seen His provision and know He can be trusted. I pray you will be able to lean on Him and Trust Him in this storm. He is faithful and will see you through! That is all I can promise. Not how or when. But that God will!

      • Mary, thanks for the words of strength and assurance that God will see me through this situation. I’m driving myself silly trying to come up with answers as I feel I must help myself. God will guide me in good time. Thank you for the encouragement.

  22. Lord I lift up to you all the persons asking for prayers and help. Bless them abundantly and may Your Holy Spirit guide them.

    Please pray for my father in law who has undergone a heart surgery on friday. May his health be fully restored. For his wife, sons and daughters in law, may they find strength, comfort and peace during those difficult and tiring times. Please pray also for each person who is helping the family in a way or the other . God bless you all. In Jesus’s name .Amen

  23. My prayers are with you, Sabrina. My heart really goes out to you & your Mom.
    Remember, God is the God of miracles, & He will provide you with a new place to live (bug free), & a way of replacing your furniture. “With God all things are possible. He will meet all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. God bless you & your Mom.

    • Thank your on much, Debi. We need Abba to reach out to us today…..thank you for your prayers!

  24. I starfed reading a book called “Made to Crave” by Lisa Terkeurst. it is helping me to realize how many things I use to meet my emotional, physical, mental & spiritual needs in place of God. I didn’t realize how many “idols” I have in my life. I have been out of control. Please pray that God will help me to practice turning to Him in prayer, whenever I’m tempted to eat (overeat) sweets (diabetes), escape into one novel after another, to zone out watching tv, etc. Most of these are ok, in moderation, but that’s not how I use them. I know it will be an uphill battle, but I believe God can do anything, including helping me to grow spiritually, as I seek His face.

  25. Hello, I have three prayer requests. Thank you for praying for our family.

    My sister is having a cone biopsy. In the last few years she has already survived breast cancer, lost her husband to brain cancer and her grandson to leukemia. Please pray for her. It’s very hard as you can well imagine.

    I also have three young adult children that will soon be finished their year at university. All three need summer jobs. Prayers that God would provide for each one of them. Thank you.

    We are also in process of discerning the best High School placement for our daughter that has Down Syndrome. Prayer for wisdom and guidance is appreciated.

  26. I am so unsettled. I am loosing my footing. I am allowing worry to completely overcome me. There is so much uncertainty on our horizon and I am becoming a wreck. I am so disappointed in myself for allowing worry to consume me and I know God is disappointed too and that is killing me as well. We have BIG problems and I know to trust him with them but my flesh is killing me with it all. PLEASE pray for me. The worry and anxiety are suffocating me.

    • Gretchen, I know the anguish you are experiencing. I will pray for you to be flooded with God’s peace. Keeping fighting the battle with prayer. Remember when Peter began to sink because of fear?Jesus reached out and grabbed him. He will rescue us even when we fail in our faith.

  27. Please pray for me. I have 4 daughters. One (18 yo) is not in relationship with me – she struggles with depression and bitterness against me. Last night I inadvertently discovered that another daughter (23 yo) “tried to be in close relationship [to me] but it doesn’t work” and a third (15 yo) is struggling with bitterness toward me. I surely sense that something is desperately wrong with me, but I don’t know what – and probably couldn’t change it if I did. I have prayed – and, really, is God listening? It seems to be just getting worse not better. I am sensing that my family would be healthier without me. I don’t see God working in me or through me – at least not for good.

    • My dear sister. I feel constrained to share with you, because God has revealed attitudes in me which have caused bitterness in at least one daughter, and made it hard for the others. I have always tended towards demanding perfection in myself and them, which has made them feel that they will never achieve the standard. It has taken many painful years for me to understand that God’s love for me is unconditional, and can never be earned. With His help, I am learning to show a little of that unconditional love to my (grown) children also. I am learning to delight in them and show them that I will always love and accept them as special no matter what, even if I cannot accept sinful choices that some of them have made. I pray that you will have a soft and tender heart towards God and your dear children whom He has given you, and that He will restore the years that the locusts have eaten. Never give up, no other mum can take your place.

      • Martha and Esther,
        My daughter has a great deal of bitterness and anger towards me too. I thought I was a decent mom and gave her all she wanted but I did fail her in her teens and twenties (difficulties with my emotions and depression). So She got sick of me and I feel her intense anger. It’s as though she has just thrown me away. I have expressed my love to her and have asked for forgiveness. But She still shuts me out. I never imagined this could happen and it is beyond painful. I pray and pray but My faith is weak. Please pray for my faith to increase as I wait on God for a miracle. I will be praying for you both.

  28. Coping with my best friend who is addicted to her eating disorder, self harms, and is in the pit of depression and suicidal.

    • If possible, get your friend to a professional counselor whom she will listen and work with…
      Heavenly Abba,
      Please send someone to show this young girl that she is VALUABLE to You, and that Jeremiah 29:11 is true for her!

  29. I pray for each and everyone of you. I pray for God’s Holy Hand’s all over you and your life situations. God is good and hears our prayers.

    Please pray for me. I have been single for 18 years. I haven’t dated anyone during this time. I have been holding out for God’s best. I take a sweet friend of mine out on Friday nights who is 94. I know his family very well because I have been in his family for 6 years. He has a son who is a decon in our church. He and his wife have been to Bible studies in my home and we have been in other settings together. I prayed years ago that God would bring me a man like him and his dad. I would have never guessed I would be dating his son. You see his wife my friend passed away 13 months ago.
    We have gone out and see each other as much as we can. We enjoy each others company. But I find him very confusing…One minute he says he cares the next he acts like I don’t exist. I need prayer cause I don’t want to be hurt again. I really need to know if this is from God or me wanting something so bad that I will do anything to keep it. I feel in my heart God has told me to not settle. But I don’t want to walk away from someone God might have brought into my life.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  30. I pray that I may have healing for my eyes so I don’t have to face glaucoma surgery again. Also that my faith in God will be strong and I will be able to accept life as it is and not as I would have it. Praying for sisters who have posted already! God is our unchanging, everlasting, faithful Abba and He loves us and will see us through the storms. He never fails!

  31. I started a new job Last Monday. I feel this is my calling to work with struggling kids forced to stay in public school. They don’t have mom’s who can sacrfice all to be with them and home school. I spend my day helping them. I help 6 teachers and have a “pod” of close to 200 students I work with weekly. Can you believe they call a cluster of 6 classrooms a pod, like the kids are peas? It is a wonderful school, but I haven’t worked with Littles in 14 years. I’m an empty nester and my marriage is a wreck too. Lots going on and I am watching my food intake and trying to take care of just me for the first time in my life.
    Proud home school mom of 4 college students- 3 will have graduated by June 1st

  32. Want to feel truly loved. Feel as if no one gets my loneliness. Want a better relationship with God and to know him better.

    • Perhaps John 10 will help heal the loneliness and let you know He cares for you…

  33. Please pray for God to illuminate a path for me during the trial of separation and divorce I am currently facing. Help me to remember that even when the world rejects me, He never does, praise God.

    • Darla,
      I have walked in your shoes….I know how badly the rejection hurts. Praying that you would know and feel the great, unfathomable love that God has for you. He delights in you; you are his precious and beautiful daughter. He knows your pain and will see you through. May you know God’s great love for you and feel the comfort of His arms around you. Do not let your self worth be tied to the opinion of one person…you matter to God and to many who love you.
      Will pray for you,

      • GOD bless you Bev! I am struggling with rejection and abandonment, and you already knew without me saying so. I thank God for you!

  34. Please pray for my son to return to the Lord with a surrendered heart and live for him.
    That the wounds of his soul will be healed

  35. Please pray for Helen, a dear friend, going into hospital on Tuesday morning for a high risk procedure. Please pray she comes through and is healthy!

    • Father, Take special care of Helen as she goes through this procedure, so she can offer a testimony of Your Unfailing Goodness! Amen ~

          • Hi Jeannie

            It went miraculously well. Her heart is in far better condition than the docs thought and she came through two procedures well, thank you so much! We are all feeling very blessed! x

    • UPDATE: Helen made it through not just one angiogram but TWO today and praise be to God, they found nothing life threatening and she has been discharged! Feeling SO blessed and SO grateful! Thank you for your prayers!

  36. I am exhausted and need to be revived to care for myself and my husband who just came home from his 5th trip to the hospital. Also my daughter is very overwhelmed with school, work, and depression. Thank you!

  37. Please pray for me and my family. My husband of 25 years is planning to move out. We have two boys and our oldest is really struggling. I ‘m stuggling with depression but need to be back to work fulltime soon.I have felt like I’m under attack with my thinking.


  39. My brother-in-law and his wife had their bababy at 29 weeks. The baby was great, strong, healthy and getting bigger. Then they discovered lesions in his brain and did scans and now think he has no white matter brain activity. I pray for all three of them to have the strength to endure this and somehow be happy and well together at the end of this heart-wrenching road.

  40. We have a debt we have been trying to settle for almost 7 years. The company and the attorney who is now in charge of this debt , seems to be hard and has not been willing to settle. This is such a heavy burden on me, it has complicated many things in our life and marriage. Would you please pray that God would move this mountain and settle this and change their hearts so they will settle and get us out of this financial bondage. Thank you Sisters for praying

  41. I have read and prayed about each request left here. I ask that God heals those who are hurting regardless of what kind of pain they are experiencing. God sees us and hears us. He sees the future that we must believe in. Lord, comfort those who are alone and guide us to uphold each other in prayer. Please help each woman to know your strength and feel you working in their lives to bring better days. Send relief and resolution to each woman here. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

  42. I’m moved to tears as I read these prayers. All of my troubles, worries, concerns, seem very selfish and silly at this very moment. It’s amazing how pride can really be at the root of so many of my sins. I will be praying for each and every one of you. I realize more and more every day we are all hurting so deeply and only God can heal these kinds of wounds. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been put through so much in the last couple years I get hung up on the pain and ignore the many miracle blessings and answered prayers in my life recently. The only prayer I need is continued strength to live His will and to accept I’m not in control, God is. And that is good.

  43. Thank you for this. Do you happen to sell this as a print? I’d love to purchase it for a friend who is conquering breast cancer.

  44. Feeling very alone, distant from God, like I don’t belong nobody gets me. No real Christian friends in the flesh.that I can just hang out with.

    • Hi I know much of what you are going through! This group can be a support. No matter what you are loved by God! Hang in there!

  45. I am a young Mom with little ones that depend on me for so much. After fighting the pit of helll to save our marriage after finding out my husband had been unfaithful for years, suffering from loved ones lies, and a special needs baby I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I am exhausted and cannot fathom how to juggle it all. Please pray that I keep seeking God, trusting Him, and don’t give up.

  46. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you to all who have been so honest! I’m so thankful for a forum like this. My walk and faith have been so shaky! Thank you to all those who are praying!

  47. My MIL and I are starting, or trying to, we are getting discouraged. We know this is a going to be a good thing but it is hard getting it started. Also, I am such an introvert and a home body but we have moved far from my home church and my small group of friends. Now I am faced with starting over so to speak and it is causing me great anxiety and tremendous shame for not feeling like I am normal. The worst part is my teenage son is picking up on this and struggling with stepping out his self. We have been at a church we are thinking feels right for the last 6 months and I have not made any friends but even worse my son told me the other day that the only friend he had was his student leader. Now I feel like I am not only letting God down, myself down, and now my son. I know God loves me completely but I also know that this is not how He wants me to live and I feel that as disappointment.

  48. My husband and I are running our family business. We are really struggling financially… We are praying for a financial miracle for the business and to be get through this time. I know that God is teaching us lessons and we are grateful for them. I just pray for the strength to hang in there …
    Thank you for the much needed prayers

  49. My husband passed away very suddenly about 5 weeks ago he was 51 years old. I need prayers for strength and love!

  50. I have needs. I have wants. Father and the universe knows we’re in a precarious place right now. But just reading the comments and seeing the uplifting from the community has already blessed me, whether we struggle without a job, without a car, with all else unsaid, unseen. Father knows what we need, and I add my prayers, my faith, my hope to all of these here. Thank you for blessing me today by blessing others.

  51. I have been struggling a lot lately with loneliness. I’m single and in my twenties, and I just feel forgotten by many of my friends. Some of them are moving on in life and some just seem to be too busy for me. I’ve spent many quiet days by myself lately. I know God is with me always and I’m holding on to Him, but the pain of feeling so lonely seems to be hanging around. I’d appreciate the prayers.

  52. I know exactly how you feel, Sarah. I am single and in my twenties as well. I know what it feels like to see everyone else move on in life or forget about me. I feel like an outcast sometimes because I am still single, but God showed me through many tears and years that He knows what He is doing. I know I may feel lonely, but I never am. I spend many quiet times alone too…I try to tell the Lord how I feel, and I just bear my heart to Him. He always listens…and He always reminds me that He knows what is best, and that in His timing, I will be with my future husband. It is so hard….I know how you feel. Praying for you, girlie. God will get you through and will show you that He is all you need. Rest in His arms, and He will lead the way.

    “Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.” – Psalm 27:14

    • Sabrina, Thank you so much for taking the time to write out such encouraging words to me and for the prayers! It is much appreciated. God knew exactly what I needed to hear and used you to deliver those well-timed words. Thanks again. 🙂

  53. What a beautiful post! Thank-you for it. It blessed & encouraged me. <3

    I need prayer because I'm out of work. In the past 8 1/2 months, I've gone through several low paying jobs, & I've been trying to find the job upon which I can retire in 20 years. Even if I have to take another low paying job that I don't enjoy in the meantime, I really hope that my time of poverty is coming to an end. I don't care about being rich – I just want to have a little bit more than enough to meet my basic needs so that I can give if there're needs & to help out my friends, as well as to save & to put money aside for the future. I also want a job that I enjoy & know that is putting my gifts & talents to use.

    Also, I have friends who're in need of prayer, but I'm not at liberty to share those requests specifically. Thanks so much in advance for praying for my requests as well as for the other requests shared here, now & in future. Bless you! <3 <3

  54. Please be in prayer that my brother will overcome his alcohol addiction and give his life back to God before he loses his family and life. God is able to do all things because I have saw Him move one to many times for anyone to tell me different.

  55. We pray we can find a house in our price range so we can move out of our 1 bedroom apartment soon. We sold our house and close today where we lived before– praise! Our son has aspergers so change is especially hard for him. Our money is tight as the past 2 years held many difficulties so praying we can find something and use the Lord’s resources wisely. Also, I have a knee injury that I need healing for. Thank you so much! Blessings to all!

    • Praying for a wonderful house for your next move where your son will feel at home. And that your knee will be better. Much love xx

  56. I am stuck, I am fearful, I feel I have made all the wrong decisions in life. Everything feels like a big deal. I want changes, good changes. I have apathy – lots of it. I am willing to transform and be transformed for something very different nor more of the same. I just don’t know how.

  57. What a priviledge to be able to pray for one another and bear each other’s burdens! I ask for prayer for my 17 year old son that has had a 1st psychotic break. He has been hospitalized for 45+days. Our hearts are broken and weary. We pray God’s healing of Stephen’s mind! God gave him the vision and desire to be a physician so that he could go to underprivlidged countries and heal the sick. We are holding fast and strong to that vision that the Lord gave him before this break! Stephen is a child of the covenant! He belongs to the King of Kings!! Please pray for God’s perfect will for Stephen and our family. Please pray for his little brother who is 15 and hurting seeing his older brother go thru this. Please lift up our entire family as well as the caregivers of my son. God has blessed my husband (his dad) and I with amazing prayer warrior, friends that are holding us up thru this trial. And they will be there to rejoice with us in the victory!

  58. My family needs prayers , my brother’s house had caught on fire but they are fixing it now, he has 6 kids 1 fighting leukemia, the children’s mother has left there father for another man and he is mean to these kids, my mother has agreed to move in with him to help him with bills cause he’s on disability due to diabetes, his wife walked off and left him for another man which is mean to these kids, he needs a reliable transportation, for all of those kids she took the new mini van and left him the car that’s on its last leg and can’t drive around 6 kids.I am trying to get the money to at least help him.
    2.I am raising my 3 grandchildren due to parent doing drugs, the kids well 2 of them feels as if it’s because of them the youngest I have had since she was 6 weeks old, I am having to deal with so many anger outbursts from the 2 older siblings.
    Also my daughter is still doing drugs they are looking for her now to go do jail time, which I think would be great, I will know she is safe and warm.
    3 I have this feeling that I am suppose to help other people, not just physically but financially, I am on disability too, I need God to help me find the money or the way to do.
    Thank you so much for listening and praying for, my family and me.
    God Bless you all.
    Kelly M Ruehmer

  59. I’m feeling very lost & isolated-& unlovable- and had a melt-down-over a little thing – the plow guy plowed me in again and I had to shovel to get my car out again; even after I was out at 11pm last night trying to avoid this problem– I know anger & fury is just a surface emotion for the bigger hurt but I really feel like I’m losing it- I want take in God’s healing, love and nurturing and show that instead of being the crazy lady whose screams about having shovel yet again– so mortifying. God be at work thru my brokeness

    • Lord Please touch these ladies hearts and minds and fill them with peace and confidence in you. We trust you God and give you the glory and honor and praise. Amen

  60. I was going to ask for prayers for my broken marriage. But after reading all these requests, I will spend time this morning praying for these precious followers of Jesus, who are in dire need. God has blessed me with many angels to give me strength in my situation. and I pray that my trials will be used by God to bless others.
    My prayers are lifted this morning for the severe needs of these precious women. that God will send them angels to strengthen and bless them.
    All to the glory of Jesus.

  61. My husband was informed at the end of January that they are closing the bank branch where he works. They haven’t mentioned if they will try to transfer the employees or they will just lose there jobs. This is supposed to happen in the middle of March. We have cut back expenses but things keep popping up. Our younger son needs braces (jaw is popping out of alignment) and if my husband’s job is gone, there will be no insurance to help out with that expense. We have no credit card debt, just everyday things like mortgage, insurance and one small car payment. In addition to this, I have a job where the owner is verbally abusive to the employees. He may have some type of medical issue that is contributing to this. Some of his decisions are so off the mark. My immediate supervisor thinks the same way I do, there is a medial issue. I have prayed for him several times. I have been searching for a job closer to home (I am 40 minutes away from my sons’ schools and my husband is another 15 minutes away) that will be less stressful and use less gas. Actually, all my co-workers are looking for other jobs. My immediate supervisor has turned in her resignation for June but is unsure if she will be able to hold out that long. We are all miserable in this situation. It is a shame because there is a good and caring team here. My husband and I are asking for God’s will in all of this but we are seeing no end in sight. A light in the darkness would be an awesome thing to give us some hope in the future. We know where our hearts lie, with God, but just a little “God wink” to encourage us would be wonderful right now. Sorry if I am rambling but it feels good to get this out to someone else besides just my husband and myself. Thank you so much for your prayers! They are valued more than you know!

  62. My husband and I have both stepped out in faith this year to pursue ministries we feel God is calling us to. Which means no more steady income, and we have 4 daughters. Today is my first day without a formal job, and this past week offered us many changes. Please pray for faith during these many transitions.

  63. Please pray I need employment soon. I’ve run out of finances. The Lord will secure our home for my son and I.

  64. My daughter married over 2 years ago. Her husband, born in Canada but raised in the U.S. since he was 2 was told over a year ago now that he could not stay in the U.S. until his paperwork was complete. They have been apart since before their first anniversary. She had to give up their home and move back in with us because of finances. I know it is God’s will for husband and wife to be together. Please pray that Immigration will settle this soon so they can be together as they should be. We are trusting and believing that God has this in control. He is a great and awesome God who can do anything! Thanks for the prayers 🙂

  65. Please pray for me as I start my 3rd in-vitro fertilization attempt today. We’ve been through 3 years of infertility, and this may be our last chance at a biological child. Thank you.

  66. I have a lot of health problems, the main one right now being having seizures. These cause me to not be able to do a lot of things most people take for granted, such as driving. My hormones cause me to feel badly/weird a lot of the time. I am going stir-crazy, having not been able to go much of anywhere for the past few years. Please pray that I feel better and that I can figure out some way to earn some money & thereby feel productive. Thanks so much.

  67. Requesting prayers of healing for our family. Our preacher-son hasn’t spoken to us in four years. He and his wife now has two beautiful daughters that we aren’t allowed to even see photos of (although dear friends do forward some to us on occasion). The saddest part of all is we don’t know why this has happened. We felt him pulling away several years before this estrangement but NEVER believed he would treat us so hatefully. He can’t seem to verbalize to us what his issue is.
    His sister just went through a horrific divorce and now he won’t speak to her. He is a brilliant young man with so much love for the Lord but I’m wondering how God can bless his ministry when he treats his parents so shamefully.
    We have never done anything to him or his wife to deserve this type of behavior. I was paralyzed by the grief of this situation for a very long time but have now released it to God. I know we serve a God of miracles and I wait (im)patiently for my miracle.
    This is our one and only son, and oldest child. He was always the “child of my heart” because I knew early on his innate leadership would take him far. Never did I dream it would take him our of our lives. I miss my son terribly and have prayed unceasingly for the healing of our family.

  68. my husbands life is in danger, please join me to pray for his safety and for peace in my country which is at war. For me not to despair but keep trusting that the Lord will see us through

  69. My sister is on the verge of giving up on life. So much pain, illness, despair… Terrible loss and grief. Pray for her family. Pray for wisdom, discernment, for courage, for hope… pray for truth to reign and lies to be gone!

  70. I want OUT of me pride, feelings of offense at truth, resistance; I want IN a heart of faith and thanks. I want to enjoy thinking on The Lord, not feel panic and condemnation. Please pray this will be reality in my life!

  71. I am going through a divorce and am facing a very strong fight and I am not well equipped for this fight. Please pray God gives me the words and actions to succeed or to send me a champion to help me fight or fight for me. Thank you.

  72. For me to stop absorbing other people’s negativity. This happens because I care too much. I cannot fix others. They come to me. I listen I offer suggestions helping them understand things. I cannot fix them or rescue them. This is exhausting. I need to set parameters. I need to find the parameters

  73. My husband and I stay with my 89 year old mom with dementia so I can be her caregiver. He got a new job and wanted to use my mom’s car to drive back and forth daily. I work from home and look after mom. Although we have a car he use and is much newer, he is determined to drive mom’s car to work each day and is typically gone 12-14 hrs. That leaves mom and me with no car for at least 5 days/nights a week. He could use our own newer car but insist it needs a little work to be driven. Later, he says it is not mechanical, but he needs to empty the car because he has so much stuff of his stored in it. If I ask about cleaning out our car, he gets mad and says that if it’s that big a problem, he can just stay in a cheap motel closer to work through the week.I don’t dare push the issue as he has a bad temper and overreacts regularly. He threatens me emotionally if I don’t do things differently than he wants. All I want is for mom and I to be able to use her car as being without a car 5 days a week can be awfully depressing for both mom and me. Please pray that he will see my point and clean out our car so mom and I can have a way to get out of the house when needed. Thank you! ♡

  74. After 32 years of marriage my 51year old husband wants a divorce to be with his 25 year old girlfriend. I found out he been having an online affair with her for 6 months, and he engaged. Im sick with grief. He’s always been a great provider now he has me living on $200.00 a week. While giving her a credit card and spending $3000.00 on this young girl in 4 days WOW!!!!!!!! People will show you what they think of you. I’m really broken hearted….. But I know that Gods not dead. I’m trusting him and waiting on God to work in my favor.

  75. My mom has been blind most of her life due to glaucoma. I have searched desperately for clinical stem cell trials to try help her regain her vision but to no avail. I’m hoping with all my heart and with the good Lord’s help we can get her seeing again! I would love nothing more than for her to be able to see as she once did. I love her so much and though it doesn’t bother her often, it’s really got her down today. Please pray with me that God will lay his ever loving hand on her, heal her illness and that there may one day be a cure for such a horrible disease.

    Thank you all.