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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. Dawn,
    Funny that you should write this. I have begun taking my camera on my morning and afternoon walks with the dogs. I, too, live in the southeast and nature, that God created, is putting on her best performance. I probably look like a circus act with two dogs and a camera getting in close to smell and capture the hyacinths in their splendid pinks and purples. But, it’s fun and it makes my heart thankful for all my blessings – large and small. Thanks for urging me on 🙂

  2. We had some spring weather, and now we are getting cold and snow again. I am waiting anxiously for spring, and my crocuses because they are the first flowers to bloom in my yard. I at one time was very diligent about getting outside for winter, and now not so much. So walking and looking at all of the spring wild flowers are on my radar!

    • The weather just bounces back and forth at this time of year, doesn’t it? We got so little snow that my kids would think that was quite a treat in late March.

  3. AMEN and amen!! Love your pics, love taking mine too!! 😉 Thanks for all the reasons you give, advocating for more photography, loving your camera, creating art, and yes… even exercising!!
    Love your heart!!

  4. Dawn,
    I love spring & fall the most! Spring is like an awakening of my senses to get outside and walk. I enjoy seeing the beauty that God provides for us–especially in the mountains of E. TN. Love taking pictures, but don’t do to many as I’m not the crafty type person. Yes we should all go out & explore the natural beauty God has for us!
    Blessings 🙂

  5. I loved this, Dawn. Over the past few years, I have loved capturing God’s colors with my camera. Fall leaves are brilliant in my part of the country. And springtime blooms, even the varying shade of grass and leaves cause me to breathe in deep God’s glory.

    I haven’t been as good about walking. But maybe taking my camera will give me the incentive to begin this practice.

    • You’re right, capturing colors is such a fun part of it. I was outside today trying to shoot my neighbor’s cherry blossoms and having trouble getting some blue sky in the background. There was so much gray.

  6. I love walking with my camera. So glad my phone has a decent camera as it’s much easier to walk with!

  7. I purchased a small digital camera that fits in my purse. My hubby and I like to go for drives. We enjoy birds, trumpet swans and eagles. So one day we were out and I tried to get a picture beside the truck. My hubby said try inside and it came out beautiful as if I was standing outside. What was the picture ! A bald eagle sitting in it’s huge nest. It is breathe taking for me to look at the picture. And I went to Costco and had it printed 8 x 10 for over a dollar . I found a frame and mat the size I needed at the thrift store for $1 . It keeps my picture safe till I get time to get it framed the way it will enhance the picture. Thank you for your blog ideas and great pictures.

  8. On a different note…is there an inrl conference this year? If not, I”ll plan my own. Just need an answer

  9. It is still very cold in our area. We had snow on the first day of spring. BUT- I just got a new macro lens in the mail today and can’t wait to use it at the first sign of color outside.

  10. Spring is diligently trying to rear her head but winter is holding on strong. We had a late snow but the tress had begun to bud so I was out there in my backyard (very wooded) snapping away. I don’t take my “good camera” out as often as I like because I’m usually running with my 2 youngest, 2 yr old & 4 year old boys. So most often I’m taking pic with my phone. My favorite spring shooting is azalea season at my botanical garden.

    • Camera phones are so good now that you can get some great photos! We have a newly opened botanical gardens in my city that I can’t wait to see.

  11. Your photos are always so beautiful – you provide such inspiration! I am learning that the most important thing to taking photographs (and I have a LOT to learn) is bringing the camera with me! There is an unending supply of beauty in God’s creation. Thanks for the nudge : )