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Former Bad Girl, grateful for the grace God offers. Happy wife of Bill, one of the Good Guys. Proud mom of two grown-up kids with tender hearts. Lame housekeeper. Marginal cook. Pitiful gardener. Stuff I love? Encouraging my sisters in Christ—across the page, from the platform, online, in person. Unpacking...

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  1. Liz,
    I read your post this morning and said a resilient, “Yes” out loud. My dogs looked at me kinda funny because the house is quiet and it’s 5 am. I am almost 54, I’m plus sized and I color my hair to hide the mouse gray, but I STILL have “it”…the passion of Christ burning in me and waiting to be shared and poured out in His Kingdom. The race isn’t over. I’m still running it. I still have a lot to give and talents to use. It’s easy in middle age to wonder what your purpose in life is since the mommy years are pretty much behind you, so your post gave me confirmation and a renewed enthusiasm that God certainly isn’t finished with me yet. Thank you and God bless you 🙂

    • YES is right, Bev! Think about all the “older” people in the Bible that God used in mighty ways. If we are still on this earth, then He still has a purpose for us. Press on, sister!

  2. Thank you so much Liz. I am 62 and wondering where I fit in the IF gathering and the church these days. Still.

    • Here’s the good news, Paula. God never calls us to fit in. He calls us to step out. To be salt and light. The place God has for you is RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, in the midst of a field that is ripe unto harvest!

  3. Thanks Liz. I needed to hear this truth this morning. I’m 56. Moving to Colorado with my husband-not sure what lies ahead for me. I need to work (he is retired). Trying to trust Him.
    We really do have wisdom to impart to younger woman and I hope to find a place to plug in and serve. Thanks for sharing so honestly. Leslie

    • Leslie,
      I’m praying for you to be today. God’s sovereign plan has put you right where you find yourself and His plan is covered in love. My parents moved to another state against my mom’s preferences when they were in their 70’s. They found a church home and reached out to others and made new friends and served. I hope the transition for you goes smoothly.

  4. Turning 50 in a couple of months and super thankful for those who are “still” journeying ahead of me with energy, passion and enthusiasm! May I do the same for those who are behind me!

  5. Liz,
    This could not have come at a better time. I will be 58 on Monday. This was my confirmation that I STILL have a WORD and something to give to the “at risk” (the world definition not mine) young girls that I deal with everyday. Thanks so much for the encouraging words.

  6. I literally shouted at my computer screen when you shared your word at IF…because I had been wondering what my place could be. I had been thinking all weekend, ‘but I’m not a Joshua’ and then when Bianca Olthoff said that TWO had gone into the promised land (two out of two million) – I declared, I want to to be one in a million too! So whether we be 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 – if you’ve still got breath in your body, the journey’s not over! STILL!!

  7. Liz, every time I see your name at the top of an (in)courage post, I know whatever I’m about to read will be brimming with wisdom, encouragement, humor and practicality. I am SO glad you are here, offering a perspective that only you can offer. And these words today? Wow. I hope every woman over 40 who reads them believes them and takes them to heart because they are rock-solid Truth!

  8. I think the enemy would want us more seasoned woman to feel intimidated and non relevant compared to these wonderful young Jesus loving woman… But we need each other… I see a picture… We are all walking along and we need to see the land ahead…the gray headed woman lift the young to stand on our shoulders…and they see with fresh new eyes….they call us forth…and we walk together …advancing His kingdom… Years back when I turned 55… God planted in my heart …to finish stronger than I started… I am excited about this new chapter of life…I can’t see where it is taking me…but I know God is leading me… And Liz… You will be glad to know…they are saying(whoever they are on FB☺️) gray hair is now hot… So you can now add hot to your list

  9. Oh wow, Liz! I can’t believe I am reading this. I almost didn’t . . . until I saw your name. And even then, the title didn’t speak to me (sorry)–except maybe about a painting. 🙂 Honestly. But I’m so glad that I read on. It’s as if God LITERALLY answered the questions and frustrations brewing in my mind as soon as my eyes opened this morning. He answered straight from your post. I had been up so late last night, and that’s a bad thing. Because it’s then that my thoughts start wandering into all sorts of dark and menacing crannies of fear hiding in folds of my gray matter– fear that makes my future look dismally gray. I’m a year older than you, and I don’t like it. Of course, I don’t feel any older inside, but I’m not liking the packaging–one. little. bit. And then I saw Christie Brinkley, bouncing all over the set of Dr. Oz yesterday, all sixty-one years of her, and wondered why she still looked like twenty and has ten times the energy of a teen. Amazing. My vanity is showing through loud and clear here. But it’s more than that. I LITERALLY woke this morning, thinking “What is the point? What is the point of re-entering the writing/speaking world now?” I’ve been starting to get those nudges, wondering what God is telling me. I’m a traditionally published author, but for reasons still inexplicable to me, after my last book was published, the Lord distinctly, powerfully told me to put down my pen. And I did. I obeyed (not graciously, I might add, because I knew if I did, my book would die, and my life would go in a singularly different direction–and it did). So why on earth, would He ask me to enter that world again–because there are so many new “it” girls and “IF” girls. I have met them, interacted with them, and love them. I had no idea that they even existed till several years ago. I’ve read their blogs, emailed them, now communicate with them on FB, and even attended Allume in 2013. I had a blast. So I just figured that the Lord is ministering through this new wave of wonderful women, and that I could be an encouragement to them. A lot of authors I know (and you would know them if I mentioned them here), have put down their pens. They’re on to other things, like spending time with their families, or just retiring. But your charge to us here is different. It’s about advancing. Your words here, as if direct confirmation from the Lord not just about my questioning Him upon awakening today, but in underscoring what I read yesterday in Haggai 2, pierce my soul. The whole book of Haggai is wonderful, but these verses pricked my heart: “Give careful attention to the day when the foundation was laid. Give careful thought: Is there any seed left in the barn? Until now, the vine and the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree have not borne fruit. From this day on I will bless you.” My bible’s study notes said this: “Is their any seed [STILL] left in the barn? What remains within you that, with nurture, might flourish and grow into something beautiful? No matter what your past may have been, God offers you the chance to plant new seeds, nourish a new life, and look toward the future with hope. What seeds are in you, ready to sprout? Hear gladly God’s promise to you: ‘From this day on I will bless you.'” I beg your indulgence, Liz, for a long response and for including that entire quote, but I thought maybe it would minister to your readers. I am copying your wisdom into my journal, and I thank you beyond measure for your joy, your tenacity, your vision, and your gift–especially your encouragement to women of any age! My dear, Liz, you STILL have it, girl, and you are telling us that if we are in Him, He STILL and will always ask us to do our part. Thank you beyond words for this jolt. There’s nothing STILL here. It’s all about action.

    • Lynn D. Morrissey THANK YOU!! Not too long, instead very ministering!!
      Very encouraging!
      It is by God’s might (in us), not ours! At any age!! Hallelujah!

  10. Still…a word of hope for me this morning. As I read, sobs rack through me, silent, so I don’t disturb my husband. I sit here in what appears to be the wreckage of my life and facing 70,isolated, intimidated. Still…

    • Hi Ellie,

      I’m Sarah soon to be 35 and praying for you this morning. See, us 35’ers we need you. We need honest, intimidated, women to take courage, speak up, and say I didn’t get it all right…but, I’m here. I believe. I know God weaves beautiful things out of our wreckage. Blessings Ellie.

      • Thank you!!
        ‘Sixty-something’ and have learned what you said, Elliem is true! The ways of God are awesome!! Just as He is!!
        You younger ones need us, and we need you!
        All receiving from one another, by TRUSTING GOD, Who is in us, using us! And, by the Holy Spirit, flowing through us!

    • Ellie,
      Wish I could put my arms around you, dear sister. You are not alone. I’m also praying for you.

    • I’m 50 Ellie and I’m am sitting in my wreckage too. Left alone. Feeling I don’t fit in with the world. Feeling I dont have a purpose. But we are not alone. God will show us. Praying for you. Mary

      • Mary, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.
        Our feelings lie to us, don’t they? So glad for the truth that God STILL has good plans for us; plans for good and not for evil to give us hope. Whether we make our mess or the mess just seems to happen to us, it’s not the end of the story. Praying for you too.

  11. Loved this post! Yes!

    After going “home” to say good bye to our mom as she passed away in her 80’s, my sister and I were sharing a shuttle back to the airport, she going home to one state, me to another. We were reflecting on our mom. I started by saying when I was a little girl in school, sometimes I wished my mom was one of those pretty younger moms that some of my classmates had. Our mom was a little older and wasn’t thin or particularly striking in appearance. My sister commented that our mom figured out a trick to look prettier the more she aged. In her 80’s, she was just beautiful. Her close walk with Christ and her life well lived for Him was so striking. Her beauty started on the inside and she wore it seemingly magically on her outside. We saw her body just a short time after she passed away, and with her spirit then home with her Savior, she aged 20 years in that instant. It has taken all fear from me about showing my age. I just want to reflect God’s grace from within and then outward as I had witnessed in my mom. Aging can be the most beautiful time of all.

    • That is just beautiful Diane. What a testimony. I love “Her beauty started on the inside and she . . . wore it on the outside.”

  12. Yesterday I was told I was well preserved. How does one respond to that? First response after the shock wore off: a great big belly laugh. I watched you say those things live, Liz. I was with you in empathy and sentiment. At any age we can find a reason to not be wholly consumed and on fire for Jesus. I think there’s more urgency now in my 50’s and now that life has taken a hold and shaken me up. I want to go out of this world with very little of “me” and an overflowing, uncontained amount of Him. So grateful there is no end of Him.

    • Ruth,
      The first time I heard someone say the phrase, “she’s well preserved” was by a guy in his 20’s in our singles group at church. He was referring to a 29 year old and he meant it in a VERY complimentary way. Trust me on that, the way he looked at her. 😉

      I love your heart. Yes, more of Him and less of “me”. May He be our greatest delight and joy both now and through all of eternity.

  13. Oh Liz, you made me cry at work with your post. lol After having gone through some very hurtful things in the past few days, and working through my hurts along with what God’s Word says, your post was so timely! I know who I am in Christ, and it is SO reassuring to have your words spoken to me to encourage me in my christian walk. I know you are speaking God’s word in your post, and so I take those words as hope. Thank you for sharing your heart and God’s with all of us! Bless you, sister. 🙂

  14. Thank you for this post Liz! I am right behind you in age at 57. Have been wondering where I fit in the Body of Christ? The Lord spoke to me a few months ago and said “Present Yourself”..What? Me? So, I was obedient and applied for a job at a local Mission. Guess what? Got hired! Amen! Will be a Job Trainer for younger people. Bless you as you serve! I think you are awesome!!

  15. Thank you for this – I turn 45 this year and have two grown girls venturing out on their own … it’s exciting to think that God can use me STILL. I love to see how my children are serving God in their own way – and the reminder that I can serve in my own special way touches just the right place today.

  16. Just what I need every day, because every day I get older and I look around at the younger. So often lately I have felt like I’m being pushed around and pushed out of this society. Thing are coming too fast for me. But He has given me something to do at my age of 61. It started when I turned 60, which I dreaded. I started to write and as I write, He teaches me and says “Yes, I have something to say through you and to you”. Yes, I still am with you. Thank you for writing this post.

  17. Your 30 seconds in front of the microphone was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It was a reminder that the Lord is never “done with us.” Thank you for sharing with honesty!

  18. Been wondering this very same thing for the last several years. Where do I fit, what can I contribute? I massaged a 14 yr,. old boy’s shoulders the other day. He’s not living with his parents for awhile due to his anger issues. But he let me talk and hopefully I encouraged him. I walked away thinking, “There. That’s what you’re still here for.” Can’t wait to meet you in person, Liz, in another year, Lord willing.

  19. I hope the best is still to come and I am glad God is not bound by age in how He works through us.

  20. This is so encouraging and uplifting Liz! I wish I could have been there to listen to you in person…one of these days for sure! I do know God is never done with us until He calls us home. That is what I have been telling my 85 year old mother lately. 🙂 I am 63, and still looking every day for what God has for me to do each day. I still show up and share at our women’s bible study every Thursday night as a co-facilitator, but I know He has even more for me to do.
    Thanks for this Liz!
    May you be blessed as you continue to bless others!

  21. I’m 36 and I honestly still think the best years are ahead of me. Maybe not physically because this week has proved I really am falling apart a bit in that department but spiritually I love to learn from older women. I wouldn’t want to relive my 20’s for all the money in the world and I so deeply appreciate the woman who are further down the road, who keep walking alongside us and gently leading the way. We need your voices, your stories, your wisdom. Reading through these comments, I hope you guys know how much the body of Christ needs women in their 50’s and up, up, up. I am so encouraged by you, Liz, and the grace and vibrancy with which you serve God and help encourage us to do the same. I am so thankful for your voice and ministry and service. And yes, your are still a Jesus Girl. Still and always.

  22. I so needed to read this! I’ll be 40 in the not-distant future and I have to admit that the world is making me start to feel a little invisible. And so I find myself trying to figure out where God will still use me, but it’s comforting to be reminded that He still has a plan.

  23. “Still” is such a nuanced word, isn’t it? It’s a diamond, multi-faceted…and I like to read it in ALL of the ways.

    YES there’s still life!

    YES there’s still a kingdom work in this world and beyond!

    YES age is irrelevant to a God who transcends time, who doesn’t respect the things of this world, who loves us regardless of the limits we impose on ourselves.

    Oh, honey, this is a rallying cry, a battle call, a stand to arms. So grateful to you for pouring a fresh glass of water for a thirsty people. Love to you… xo

  24. Yes! I was there when you said it in Austin and reading it again now is so inspiring and such a great reminder. Thank you!

  25. Thank you, Liz for the words to encourage. I’m currently in the 30 bracket, married for 12 years, homeschooling 4 kids. Life has been a little crazy across the board! Somewhere in between making your husband’s coffee and ironing his shirt for work, training and disciplining the littles (and occasionally a big kid), cooking, cleaning, and teaching it gets a little questionable. Are we doing ok? When the washer breaks down and your husband’s self-owned business didn’t pay for itself that week, when we may or may not have lost our temper or got our quiet time half the days, when we look at where we thought we were going to be and where we are and we just need to know if it’s all going to work out!
    When I read your post, this is what came to me with your word–“Still.”
    He is still there,
    Jesus is still holding us,
    He is still our Provider,
    He is still our Help,
    He still loves us with all our imperfections,
    He is still making a way for us where there seems to be no way,
    And I am still His.

  26. WOW! Sister Liz,
    God speaks so loud and clear through your voice…written and spoken. Thank you for your encouragement to a 52 year-old, menopausal, physically broken sister in Christ. I felt your doubt of significance upon reading this post. I bet there are sisters all over this world who feel they are of no use to the Lord and His Kingdom. Thank you for being our encouragement…our voice. Most of all, thank you for reminding us that He STILL has a plan for each of us.
    Love and Blessings,

    • My Dear Sister, Liz: I’m sitting here in tears! I know your message touched many but, this morning, it was written for ME!! I will be 67 in May and have been in Ministry since I was 20 in one way or another. I was a Pastor for 30 yrs and then, a little over 10 years ago, I became very ill and had to leave my Church. Needless to say, I was heartbroken! Even though I have always shared and taught continually, I even have a facebook page for devotions, I still have felt empty and wondering “Am I still of any use to God?” Through your post, my heart was stirred and I know that God isn’t finished with me yet! I do ask for your prayers as I now have Progressive MS and, while my body doesn’t work as well as it used to, my heart, mind and spirit are still burning with desire to share the Love of The Lord that I found as a young girl of 18! Thank you for sharing your message and thank you to all of you who shared your story! What a mighty and powerful family of God we belong to!! PRAISE HIS NAME! In His Service, Rev. Adelle L. Barr

  27. Bless you Liz! Your message is a blessing for this 53 year old: daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother! I still have more to give and God still has more for me to do. Amen!

  28. I posted earlier but there is in our area an 80 something retired, single woman missionary who struggles with Dimentia, but she encourages the people in her nursing home in Bible study and hands out tracks as she walks down the aisle in Walmart. And I say, you go, girl!

  29. When I was in college and ignited with spiritual fervor for the first time, I remember coming home one winter and break, standing in the kitchen doing dishes, and sharing with my mom about my growing relationship with God. And she said something to the effect of, “Oh, I remember those days of being excited about Jesus. It’s a fun season you’re in,” I think she meant well, but her words actually became an arrow in my heart that Satan used to fester a wounded lie that what I was learning and experiencing in Christ wasn’t really real. Wouldn’t last. For a long time that lie would pop up and cause me to question if my relationship with God was authentic.

    So, Liz, this word STILL–what a gift! From God’s heart to yours. From your mouth to those
    listening in that theater. From this screen into my heart now. Thank you
    for boldly proclaiming that God is STILL at work in you and through
    you!! …I’m 33 and I know He still has growth and blessings and kingdom work in store for me, too. God bless you, sweet Jesus Girl.

  30. Liz,
    Thanks for the honesty. For me as a youngster I did church, etc., but really didn’t know or appreciate Christ’s love for me. I was a church goer and that’s it. When I got older and joined a small Christian church I began to really see and appreciate His love for me.
    I want to praise Him to the highest and really do more for Him. If I could I would quit work or work part-time and devote my time to serving Him. Songs like Dallas Holm’s “Rise Again” and Matthew West’s “Leaving Heaven” make an impact on me when I hear them! I can hear Jesus speaking in those songs and process what He is saying.
    Blessings 🙂

  31. I am always a day behind, but YES! Preach it, sista. I’m closer to 60 now and have had to give up my past ministry duties with the Middle School because I have fibromyalgia. Been feeling sorry for myself, thinking I have rug-burns on my behind from sliding down that arch you mentioned. But you give me hope. Thank you and keep at it.

  32. Thank you for writing these thoughts. As an author/speaker aged 66, I question every day whether I should slowly fade. Meanwhile God keeps filling my head and heart with words and books. Oh my. God used your words today to answer my prayers to Him about what to do with the rest of my life. Thank You, dear Jesus. Thank you, dear Liz.

  33. Thank you Father for placing this awesome woman in our lives. This woman who fearlessly speaks Your Word and truth of Who You are and who we are in You. I am 68, grey haired and feeling ugly on the outside but oh so young at heart. I didn’t stop running from Jesus until I was 53. I can attest to the fact He still uses the broken pieces of my life to help others. My only regret is that I don’t have another 68 years to serve Him. Bless you Liz. May you continue to run this race with grace and courage and keep on helping all of us women know our God and our worth.

  34. My heart needed to hear this message echoed. Oh, how it did! Thank you, Liz, for reminding us that we ALL matter still and always, to the one who created us to do great works for Him.

  35. If we be still in Christ, our drivers license will be a thrill on paradise with other believers of the Lord saying with an attitude of gratitude, the rest of our years will be the best of our years!!!!!! JESUS. IS. LORD. AND

  36. I absolutely bawled through this post. Haven’t had a goo blog-cry in a while. Thank you. I’m inspired to keep on pursuing, leaning in, and loving Him. Thank you, Liz.

  37. Your word STILL came to me while grieving the unexpected sudden loss of our healthy daughter. Someone called me from Florida today to tell me God told them to say I needed to still keep on. Then I saw your post reminding me when Laurie and I saw you together in WI. God was present then. Still. God was faithful then. Still. And yes, I am older than you and still here. Still.

  38. Thanks Liz,
    I’m 54, widowed for two years and trying to begin again. I know God has many things instore for my life, just trying to listen for his guidance and be available to serve him. Thanks for reminding me we are all on the same journey, just at different phases and he’s not finished with me yet.


  39. Liz,
    Thank you for this encouraging post. It was what I needed to hear this morning. I’m a 54 year old disabled believer, who served Him for a number of years in a counseling practice; in church; in the community. Then, I got injured on top of the genetic disease I have, had to take an early medical retirement. Presently, I’m working on further education in Biblical Counseling and trying to learn to write. Have had to have courage and persistence. I do get a bit discouraged at times due to functional problems, but try to stay positive. Your post has encouraged my heart that I can still be useful for the Kingdom of God. God bless you.

  40. Liz, as I glanced down the list of beautiful servants of the Lord, I suddenly realized I am probably your oldest commenter. I’m in my late 70’s, but can’t figure out how the heck that happened. Guess I wasn’t looking. Nevertheless, I have SO much to do, for the Lord and for others, that I just don’t have the time to worry about age, mine or anybody else’s. I recently took 2 years off my volunteering to help hubby write a book. The book is now done and I’m back scouting for new and exciting volunteer opportunities. I am praying on it and KNOW, without a shadow of doubt, that the Lord has something for me to do – something that needs to be done but won’t get done unless I do it. I don’t know what or where it is, but I am certain He will lead me to it. All I have to do is say “Yes”. Sounds easy – and exciting – and it is. My heart is filled with joy and I can’t wait to see what God will put in front of me tomorrow. How Great Thou Art!!!!!

  41. Thank God for these words of encoragements that I read that what I needed to start my
    day.I know God has call me to reachout to the street
    boys and girls and have a center where they will meet for Bible study feeding.
    I need a place for the meeting,but don’t have fund

    to rent a place, and this burden just cannot go away,but what I read above to be still I will keep praying to until

    God provides because He is faithful to bring dream
    to fulfillment.

  42. …At 84 years , looking forward day by day , seeking God’s heart for my day . He has used all my
    adversities to draw me closer to Him through His Word . The pits were deep , raising a family , chronic
    health issues , financial problems . He pulled me out of each “miry pit ” . Some remain , yet this
    I encourage all , no matter your age , your past , God is faithful and loves you eternally . Read His
    Love Letter to you and what ever your day brings , trust His love and faithfulness to take you through .
    Let His love shine through you to others . In my earlier years , I had a religion knowing about Jesus . A big change comes into our lives when we have a relationship with Christ filling us with His abiding
    Thank you , Liz , to keep our focus ” looking forward ” to upward call of God in Christ Jesus .

  43. Absolutely needed this today!!!! Tomorrow is my birthday – I cringe at the numbers (how could I possibly be in my 6th decade already????), I worry about the inevitable things that all women this age worry about, and tend to forget that my times are in His hand – as well as the work He wants to continue to do in me, and then through me! STILL! Thank you for allowing God to bring me the very encouragement I needed EXACTLY on this day, sweet sister!!!

    • Happy birthday, Robin!! May your day be filled with joy and blessings. Mine is in 11 days! March is a good month!

      • Thank you so much, Denise! As difficult as I am finding it to let go of younger years, my heart’s desire is to embrace each day as the gift it is! May He abundantly bless you on your upcoming birthday, as well, and may He continue to use us for His glory!!!!!

  44. I am 52 and struggle with chronic depression. I feel forgotten and alone. I would appreciate prayer

    • Dear Susan, You are definitely not alone, no matter how much you feel it. There are many women who feel just like you. God has not forgotten you either. He watches over you every day.He loves YOU, Susan. Talk to Him and tell Him how you feel. Hugs from me.

  45. Dear Liz, I love you. Your message brought tears to my eyes and encouragement to my heart. Thanks for sharing the precious Bible Words. A God-focused “still” has such a beautiful ring of endurance and perseverance. Praise God for His enduring Word that stands forever and tells us that God is still a forgiving, merciful God, who casts all our sins into the depths of the sea (Micah 7: 18.19), and that it is by grace that we are saved, through faith (Ephesians 2: 8). Thankfully, not by our accomplishments. Amidst the shifting standards of our time, God is still a Holy God, who gives us His Word to live by. In spite of the troubles, unrighteousness, and persecution of our time, God is still on the Throne, as a song-writer put it. And as another song-writer rejoices, Jesus is still the Answer, He’s always been and always will be. David, who loved to meditate on his God on his bed, rejoiced, “When I awake, I am still with You” (Psalm 139: 18b).

    God bless you,
    Ann (my “new name” – grace of God)

  46. Liz. This is bringing tears to my eyes. At work. Remind me not to read any If: materials at work. Still…I am with you 100%; not only did I “attend” the Gathering (a live stream in Upstate NY) with women my daughter’s age but…hosted it in my home. And found that the message is relevant, always, for all of us, until we lay our heads down for the final time. I remember you, I notice that you were in one of the If:Equip videos recently, and I am encouraged by your “still.” It made me realize–when the women say “this generation,” I am not excluded because I am here, on the earth, at this moment in time.
    Thank you!

  47. This is why I get out of bed in the morning – because I have to believe that He still has work for me to do. I’ve been fretting about passing the half-century mark and the idea that I’m on the downhill slide, so to speak. I saw you on the live stream of IF:Gathering and your words spoke life to me. As long as I’m on this earth God can still use me.

  48. Oh Liz- you brought your wise, sassy, compassionate, humble self and IF would not have been the same without you! YES! To still having it! YES to how much we need you and everyone your age and older in our lives. So grateful for your friendship! I need YOU in my life friend!

  49. Dear, sweet Liz. I am so glad you wrote about this because I was sitting in the audience at IF last month wondering the same thing. I am 52 and have a deep heart for younger women. In fact, I came to IF with a friend who is almost 20 years younger than me. 🙂 When you said what you said about helping the younger generation not to be scared, I started to cry because that was just the nudge I needed to keep going, keep writing, and keep loving on these younger women. Let’s keep encouraging each other to keep encouraging them! And thank you so much for listening to the holy spirit. Bless you!

  50. Liz, I saw you stand at that podium at the IF gathering and I want you to know (I am 64) that when you said what you said, I cried. I was lying on my couch watching on my Kindle, sicker than a dog with some croup crud, and when you said THAT, big tears welled up in my already watery eyes and my nose ran harder than it already was and I put my hand up in praise and said in a loud voice, “YES, LORD – we still have “it” because YOU STILL HAVE US.” Glory be to our amazing God. Lizzie, you still have it girlfriend, as long as He’s got you, it’s a big, all capital letters, STILL. xoxo

  51. Thank you for sharing this Liz…I will be 52 this year. My heart is passionate to be poured out all for God’s glory and yet at times I wonder “time is running out!” So thank you for this encouragement…I know Jesus will continue to use us to pass the baton of faith to the next generation.

    Blessings, Lynne

  52. Made me cry and filled me with the hope that nothing in my 47 years of life on earth is wasted.