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Lisa Leonard is mom to two boys, David, 13 and Matthias, 12 and wife to Steve. In between school and work they spend their time playing outdoors on the central coast of California, eating chocolate chip pancakes, tapping tunes on the piano (David) and choreographing elaborate light saber duels (Matthias)....

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  1. Hi Lisa, I love your description of your experience. Looks like loads of fun and very hearty moments. I am glad you blessed all those beautiful children.
    God uses every moments in our lives to extend His love towards us.
    God Bless.

  2. I love, love, love that you are providing jobs in DR! And paying fair wages! 🙂 Thanks so much for doing that!

  3. Lisa,
    So many times I ask God, who am I that you are mindful of me? It’s hard to believe, at times, that He loves me that much. What a wonderful opportunity you had to show the people in the Dominican Republic that they are seen and loved in a tangible way. How great that you are producing your jewelry there. Thanks for being Christ’s hands and feet.

  4. Finances – after two retrenchments, we are moving backwards financially at an alarming rate, unless something happens soon. I pray for Jehovah Jireh to provide.

    • We’ve been there too and I’ve wondered, God do you see us struggling? It can be terrifying. I am praying that God will provide and encourage your heart today. xx

    • Baby,
      Prayers that God will pour out showers of financial blessings on you and your family!
      Father God,
      Please shower Baby Mama and her family with financial blessings. Send her some ray of hope so she doesn’t give up and keeps believing!!
      AMEN! 🙂

  5. Praying for more Christian girl friends and really would like a Christian guy friend. Tired of “rowing this boat by myself”, but I only want God’s best. I need laughter & joy in my life fellowship with others. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Oh Lynne, I hear your heart, it is my desire as well. Praying that the Lord will bring you Covenant Friends very soon. God Bless.

    • Thank you for sharing Lynne. Community and heart friendships bring so much to our lives. Praying for you today. xx

    • Lynne,
      Praying for you and your lonely heart today! May God send His best in friends and shower you with many blessings!! May you find some great covenant friends to share daily life with!

    • You matter. I am praying that this true will root it’s self in your heart today. I’m praying that you will feel seen and valuable. xx

  6. How beautiful that God has led you to show these beautiful people that they matter ! I needed to be reminded of this today as well ! Thank u, God Bless you and your’s. have a Blessed Day !

  7. First off ,I love your heart for the DR and the people of all ages there. How precious that even the adults wanted their names written out! Thank you for being the hands and feet ~
    Secondly I do know the feeling of wanting to “be known”. Not famous.. Just recognized. I’m a 47 year old mother of three grown children. While they do still come home the nest is empty. I’m learning about this “new normal” that is my life. I have an amazing husband whom I love deeply. But when your purpose is suddenly changed it makes one look at life differently . I volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Those girls hold a special place in my heart. Please pray that the Lord helps me through this new season in my life… To grow deeper in love with Him and to learn how to be a good “empty nester”. Blessings to you ~

    • Transition can totally throw us for a loop and make us feel insignificant. I am praying for you today. God is using you! xx

    • Lisa,
      Prayers as you transition into this season of your life. May God shower you with blessings and opportunities to bloom where you are planted!!
      Please help Lisa transition into an empty-nester. Show her where she can be used now and help her to use the talents you have given her!! Shower her with many blessings!! 🙂

  8. Lisa, this was so touching, thank you for sharing. By writing their names, you affirmed their worth. It made me think of how each of our names are written in God’s own hand in Heaven. Just like Lynne, I am praying for Covenant Friends. God Bless.

  9. Needed this today thank you!!! Just asking for prayer me to make wise decisions.

  10. I’m feeling insignificant . I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m looking through a window at everyone else enjoying life and no one sees me.

    • That sounds lonely. Thank you for being real. I am praying that you will feel loved today. I am praying that you feel ‘brought inside’. xx

    • Denise, I know what u are feeling! you are not alone,sister. there are lots of us out here who are searching . since my journey with Christ I have found that Iam LOVED and SOME-ONE does SEE ME ! Iam praying for you and wishing you the very best! I know HE will give you only the best…Keep your head up, SOME-ONE does see you !!! God Bless You..

  11. Thanks for this post. Definitely feeling unseen and unheard. People are talking about me, not to me. Please pray for God to show me how He wants me to respond.

  12. I used to think that feeling insignificant was something that mainly affected women. But more and more, I think it affects us ALL: young or old, rich or poor, married or single. Years ago, I did a Bible study on the names of God. I don’t remember all of them, but one that really stuck with me is that He is El Roi…the God Who Sees. Thank you for reminding us that we matter to God. He sees us.

  13. Hi Lisa, thanks for this posting. I really struggle with this. Please pray that I will experience healing after passing through the fire of a failed marriage. My mind (and heart) need to be renewed.

    • Lyn, thank you for sharing. That sounds difficult and emotionally exhausting. You are loved. You matter. xx

    • Lyn,
      I have felt that feeling of “failure” because my marriage came apart at the seems. Know that you, as a person – as God’s daughter – did not fail!! God can and will bring beauty from the ashes. I am praying right now for your mind and heart to be renewed and that you would feel God’s arms of love embrace you. You ARE lovable!! You ARE loved!!
      Blessings and ((hugs)),

      • Thank you so much for the prayers Lisa & Bev. They are so needed & welcomed!! Moving the knowledge of God’s love from my head to my heart is the biggest struggle. Looking forward to more posts regarding this!

    • Lyn,
      Praying that you would feel God’s loving arms around you today! Know that you are being prayed for!! You are a CHILD of the ALMIGHTY KING! You are precious in His sight and NOT a failure!! May you fill your mind and heart with God’s blessings of love and hope!
      Help Lynn feel your love and compassion today! Make her realize that she is not a failure just because her marriage ended. Shower her with blessings and love as only you can!

  14. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that. My heart swelled at the thought of my Lord telling me I matter through your words. Thank-you.

  15. What a blessed experience, Lisa! Your words remind me of Jesus when He saw the crowds. So often Scripture tells that He SAW them and had COMPASSION on them. You are a beautiful reflection of Jesus’ love. Inspiring message. Thank you.

  16. I love this! How beautiful! And one of my correspondence children leave in the DR 🙂 Lately, I have been feeling a bit unseen and ignored. But, praise God, He sees me! Thank you for this blog post. I am also reminded me Genesis 16:13: She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

  17. I love this! How beautiful! And one of my correspondence children lives in the DR 🙂 Lately, I have been feeling a bit unseen and ignored. But, praise God, He sees me! Thank you for this blog post. I am also reminded me Genesis 16:13: She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

  18. Lisa YES! And this statement right here “We ask God, do you know my name?
    And he says “Yes.” The one time in my life I actually heard God’s audible voice I nearly crashed my car. I was driving, worshipping, listening to a song by Yolanda Adams called “That Name”. Then He said to me, “Tyra, I know your name.” It was a life changing experience. I join you in praying that hearts know He sees them, loves them and knows their names.

  19. Thank you for serving the Lord in my country, Lisa! It brings joy to my heart to know you are providing jobs for the people there. Things are very tough there. What part of the DR did you go to? I’m from Santiago.
    Thank you also for the reminder that we all matter to God!

    Dios te bendiga 🙂
    Sarah from PA

    • We are in Santo Domingo, Juan Dolio and San Pedro de Marcois. I love your country! xx

      • Awesome! My sister lives in Santo Domingo 🙂
        I’m glad you are enjoying your time there While serving the Lord.


  20. I love this! How beautiful! And one of my correspondence children leave in the DR 🙂 Lately, I have been feeling a bit unseen and ignored. But, praise God, He sees me! Thank you for this blog post. I am also reminded me Genesis 16:13: She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

  21. of course i want you to pray for me and mine. but like many of the other commentators i will pray for you and your ministry. God’s feet, hands and heart from us through you. thank you so much.

  22. Thank you for this. I am struggling with low self-esteem and feeling like I don’t have anything to give. I know that’s not true, but I’m letting it keep a hold on me. Thank you for the prayers.

  23. Patience and perseverance. Home bound with a cold and three sweet, but sassy children. My heart is blessed to remember I am seen. I am known. I am loved.

  24. Thank you so much for this post! As I seen this in my mailbox it was speaking to me soo strongly!! Feeling alienated by friends and family and looking for a friend to understand and listen and see me for who I am not who they think I should be. I would love to be able to go and help others and find the perspective that I would need to help me through this, baby steps right now as I try and remember that I matter.

  25. Lisa I am so glad to hear how the simple act of printing out each name became such a beautiful and deeper awareness of our good God at work. Thank you for showing and sharing here.

  26. I’ve been feeling like I don’t matter. I feel so small and unimportant. I need more of God right now.

  27. I would really appreciate your prayers for a house for me. I had to move out of my house that I was renting due to water damage issues and have been trying to buy a house since. I am currently living 1.5 hours out of town with family whilst I look. Work have been flexible with my schedule and letting me work out of the office but have given me a deadline to move back to town, but I just can’t seem to find the right place and starting to lose hope. Seems so silly compared to the the children you spoke of and their struggles, but its important to me.

  28. I had such a bad night last night. Anxiety was knocking on the door, begging to come in. And the whole night the Holy Spirit was whispering in my ear, “God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” The whole night. This morning when I got up, I read all these comments and I realized just how desperately we all want to be seen – for who we are. And that God sees each and every one of us. Including me. Yes, God said to me this morning, I see you with your fears and struggles. I see you with your anxieties and worries and concerns. I. See. You. It was such a blessing after such a bad night. God knows. He knows all too well. Each of us – deep inside our hearts, He knows. And He loves. How beautiful is that???

  29. Oh yes. I needed this reminder. I was a middle child growing up and yep, I felt I was always fighting to be seen and heard. Later in my middle school and teen years this led to relationships I’m not proud of. Even now, even though I know I’m seen, heard, loved, cherished, chosen this reminder is still good for my heart. Thank you. What a blessing it was for the people that day to have that reminder as well. God Bless you!

  30. Lisa,
    The story of your journey to DR is lovely. It appears you all had tons of fun and good moments with the children.
    Over the past couple of years I have wondered if I matter much at work. My job has changed and I no longer do certain duties that I once did. I feel invisible some days and don’t feel as though I make much of an impact. Have prayed about a new/different job away from this department & so far God has said no. Also have had medical issues with my aging dad that makes life tough at times.
    I believe everyone needs to hear that YOU MATTER to me! It would brighten their world a little!
    Thanks for a great post!

  31. I felt I have lost my identity. I know I am God’s, but I am not living a purpose productive life. I have lost my passion and feel so alone. I am praying God to open a door for me and my husband.

  32. This just made me tear up imagining those children surrounding you waiting for a turn. So sweet and so true our name represents who we are. And each one of us matters and has a purpose. Thank you for reminding me the power of a name… Of my name.

  33. How touching and uplifting, Lisa! I read your article just after seeing another article about precious Christian children being tortured and killed in Northern Iraq by ISIS terrorists, which has disturbed me greatly, and left me questioning why God allows such horrible things to happen. Your article re-confirmed to me how important we all are to God, and has also left me desperately hoping and praying for God to let all innocent children (worldwide) that are suffering from poverty, abuse and persecution, know deep down in their soul that they matter, and are loved!!!

  34. not just for my self that I want God to know me and say I matter but my girls…all 3 teenagers have such low self esteem issues that its a fighting battle right now…so I want my girls to know God knows THEM and LOVES them…..even as involved as we are in the activities our kids pick….they are not making good choices at 18, 14, 13…I just dont understand it Lisa….and it hurts…

  35. Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for your words. They soak volumes to my soul. I received a complex medical diagnosis 3 years ago, which required 2 major surgeries. This condition is challenging alive, but one of the operations led to nerve damage in my neck and chest, and an additional painful condition. I was 32 at the start of this. I’ve since lost my job, many friends and moved across three country to be near family. I am battling with disability and have not received any income since August. My family is caring for me- they are a blessing. I keep my faith rooted in our Lord and know He is in control. I would just ask for prayers as I am ending the timeframe to file my appeal. Thank you for your wonderful words and inspiration. Praise God!

  36. OK, Lisa. Here’s a huge request, but one for which I believe will speak for a very unnoticed multitude. Will you please write my name for me? My name is “Pastor’s Spouse,” and I am the unseen strength behind my mate, the quiet willingness to plug every hole in the life of the local church; I am the unlicensed but compassionate listener; and the cheerleader for the directionless youth group; I am the one who gives the bathrooms a “once-over” between services and notices that the elderly have been ignored with the focus on creating more youth programs, and therefore need a hug to let them know they STILL so very important to the life of our church; and finally I am the prayer warrior in the pew while the Sunday sermon is being delivered, praying that hearts are touched, spiritual ears and eyes opened, and lives are changed. Yes, I am “Pastor’s Spouse” and I, too, would like to matter very much…because, sadly, my congregation does not express any appreciation for me.

  37. A word aptly spoken! And especially a beautiful reminder to me because my family supports a girl in the Dominican Republic through Compassion!! I may not be able to go visit there just yet but I’m thankful for those who can. 🙂