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  1. This is so true. I have spent my life moving from place to place. I want to appreciate the beauty and blessings in each place I live without becoming too attached. Heaven is our real home.

  2. Beautiful, Irina. I’m glad you had a wonderful experience and were treated kindly. Because you are so right … Heaven is our home … and our brothers and sisters in Christ are our real family. It’s real. Blessed by you.

  3. Thanks for the reminder! About a month ago I moved away from home and while there has been grace and beauty this month has been one of the hardest times of my life. I have been thinking about how God is my truest home. I have begun attending a church here and even though I don’t have relationships and strong connections yet, already the people at that church have blessed me with their hospitality, genuineness, and welcoming presence.

  4. Rinny,
    God blessed you with a great family! The school I used to work at had an exchange program where faculty and staff were asked to “adopt” a foreign student for the year. You could help them navigate the terrain, buy groceries, with classes, etc. You were there for them. The student could live in a dorm or with you depending on what each wanted. I find that helps the foreign students to navigate around a strange country and area.
    I also had a good experience in college. I moved out of state and away from parents for college. A nice family down the hill decided to adopt me as their own. The first night I got dinner brought to me. If they went out to eat I would be invited to come along. They made sure I had what I needed. Nice to know that there are Christians living in this world!
    Thanks for the reminder that this earth is not our true home! We need to look forward to our eternal home in Heaven praising Jesus for our salvation!

    • He had indeed. God found me when I wasn’t looking for him. In fact, when I was going to the States, going to church was the last thing on my mind.
      Ministering to students is one of the best outreaches, especially international students. God bless you,