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Alia Joy is an author who believes the darkness is illuminated when we grasp each other's hand and walk into the night together. She writes poignantly about her life with bipolar disorder as well as grief, faith, marriage, poverty, race, embodiment, and keeping fluent in the language of hope in...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. LOVE what you said about being in a season of good and walking with the Lord even when you don’t feel it all the time. So, so true. What an excellent reminder of his love!

  2. Alia Joy,
    “To know God’s goodness and to believe is something I am always journeying back to.” Deep down in my soul I know that God will take me through all the broken places because He has brought me through them in the past. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, yet I still journey back to His goodness. What a beautiful reminder that God does bring beauty from our ashes, He delights in restoring the broken. I believe that if we never experience the broken, we can’t truly appreciate the joy of restoration. May all who dwell in broken places be enabled, by His strength, to hold onto the hope that His joy will come in the morning! Your writing always resonates with me…perhaps because I have been there…rejoicing with you in this season of hope!

  3. Hi Alia, “I’ve heard it said that to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrows. If that’s true, then to watch a garden grow is to remember your yesterdays.” Digging into the earth and planting in faith that something of beauty will rise from it, it’s a gardener’s joy. Celebrating God’s goodness with you.

  4. Perfect visually,perfectly timed. Thank you for writing my very own heart…words that are still deep in the earth of my soul.
    Many of the seeds i planted this year did not yield what was written on the package. That was a disappointment. Yet it has brought joy. Like my days…there have been deep disappointments. Too many losses. Though i planned to see other things in my life, these plants, like me are still growing.
    There is not one thing i can control in this world. I can only trust God. Even when i cannot see what he is creating in the darkness…in thr soil…
    Lord, help my unbelief.
    Thank you for the gift of your words.

    • I also am mired in deep disappointments that only HE can change. Yes it is dark. But I must trust He is working for my good.

  5. Oh, Alia, you are “in a season of good”.
    I pray for you so frequently and hearing the siege of hard has lifted, if only for a season, that the winter of your mind is now hearing the cooing of doves again, is music to my soul.
    His “beautiful one”-you, has risen to fields of light.
    God bless you!!!
    Song of songs 2:11-13

  6. Although I wish I didn’t in some ways, I can relate to your words here, Alia:”I haven’t trusted my God will provide. At least not in the way that spills dreams into my hands instead of through my fingers leaving me grasping and empty” and I’ve also ached to see the fruit appear before due time. When God seems to set you aside for a season it can feel like a slight rather than invitation to come to Him, to rest and abide in that deeply passionate Love which knows no bounds.
    You spill out beauty with your words and hope with your open, honest heart that can’t help but return to God’s goodness and love. And we are hungry recipients grateful to receive them. Thank you! 🙂 x

  7. It has been a while since I have read your words ~ God always speaks to my heart through them. I too am a gardener and there is so much to be learned through it, so many ways God draws me to Him through lessons learned there. So true, with Him we can be in a good place despite circumstances.

  8. Thank you, Alia, for your poetic prose that reminds us God is good and faithful–a truth to journey back to frequently–especially during a winter season of the soul. And thank you, too, for the hope your words plant in our hearts–hope in our God of found things!

  9. Beautifully put Alia Joy. I wish you well in your new start. I appreciate that saying,” To plant a seed is hope for tomorrow.” I will do my best to keep on planting. So thankful for the goodness God has offered among brokenness.


  10. I love you and all of your words… but these? These are my favorite: “I am in a season of good.” Oh friend… (I feel a bit of blubbering happy rising up so I will just go back to our normal commenting procedures… Insert gushing comment here.) I love you so!

  11. I always reach for your reflections with an eager heart, knowing that something worthwhile awaits, Alia.

    Weekend blessings as you dig and sort and dream …

  12. Alia,
    Blessings on your move. I pray it will be a smooth transition for everyone!!!
    Thank you for a great thought provoking post!! Last year was a season of darkness for me. I didn’t see how I would make it through. And yet God in His faithfulness was always there guiding me and my family! Now I’m wondering if He will spill dreams into my hands and help me garden for His purposes!
    Blessings 🙂