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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin,
    This brought tears to my eyes. I know how much I love my “baby” boy who, at 22, is no longer a baby. I can’t imagine, even in with his stubborn, prodigal head, giving him over to be slain for the sins of those who don’t even grasp their sinfulness. I can’t even begin to grasp the unfathomable love that it took to be able to let your son endure that horror. Though my children are grown and we are empty nesters, there are still those times that my kids just need mom. It reminds me of how, when I feel desperate, I return to the place, to God, where I know I am the safest. It’s amazing the lessons God is teaching me through the different stages of my children. Thank you for sharing this story and reminding me of God’s great love for me. Blessings to you as you take your baby off to college…
    Bev xx

  2. Hi Robin, my son is also 6’2 and 20 yrs now. I take his sister, my third-born, to college this Sunday. Already the emotions are starting to surface. I thought that by the third kid I’d be used to this by now…… nothing can compare to the love a mother has for her kids. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Thank you for this….my heart is full of emotions as we send our first off to college: Many states between us and food intolerances to endure. Could use the prayers as we put her into the Lord’s hands and trust His sufficiency for all things.

    • I’m praying, Shari (what’s her name?). The last one is hard to send off. Every one in between is hard to leg go. But that first? It takes a mama to a place she’s never been….. {{{hugs}}}

      • I am sending my youngest ( a girl) to college tomorrow. She is also my first to go; my son struggled with severe learning disabilities and could not manage college. I am very happy for her as she begins this phase. She is very independent and anxious to move on. She has been packed for 5 weeks! I found myself reading her Goodnight Moon book tonight that I’ve saved these 18 1/2 yrs. I did not think I would feel sad but I do! Pray for peace tomorrow and for me to cast all my anxieties on him. Jane. What exactly did you mean by ” It takes a Mama to a place she has never been?”…..

  4. Tears this morning as I read your words. My oldest towers over me at 6’3″ and starts his senior year of high school in 2 weeks. I’m somewhere between holding on to him for dear life and helping him spread his wings. This journey of motherhood does not get easier…only different. Thank you for sharing this story this morning.

    • Exactly, Alisa…”different.”

      I’m convinced being a mother is the hardest job of them all, we’re called to love fiercely but also to let go, and doing both strums the heart….

  5. My first will be a senior this year. My heart is a little heavy just thinking about all the “lasts” we will have this year. Last show, last concert, last first day of school. I will enjoy this year but every joy will come with a little bit of sorrow mingled in. Thanks for reminding me of theses truths.

  6. The timing of this post is perfect. I have been facing a season of loss. My mom became very ill after Thanksgiving last year. After many days in hosp and doctor visits she passed away in January. Then we found out my dog, my constant companian had cancer. He passed away in March. And now my daughter, my only, is going to move in to her Freshman dorm Saturday. I am constantly praying for grace and strength.

    • {{{Kathleen}}} Oh, friend…back to back Hard Things. My genuine sympathies for your losses. They are real and they HURT. Yes…grace and strength, my friend.

      • Thank you so much. Will also be thinking of and praying for you this weekend when you bring your son to college. So enjoyed your post.

    • Kathleen,
      (((((hugs)))) I am deeply sorry for all your losses. Losing a parent is never easy. To lose your companion, & best friend top top of that is just hard. I depended and still do on my pet (Iguana) Tiny. He gives me hugs, kisses, & snuggles with me. May God give you the strength you need as you endure both these hard things back to back! May He bring peace & contentment to your mind, body and soul!
      Blessings my sister in Christ! 🙂

      • Beth, your kind words and compassion touch my heart. My prayers are with you and Tiny today.

  7. My only child is going into his senior year of high school this month. Your devo pricked open my bubble and had me bawlin. Yes, our seasons change. I am soo thankful we have a God Who does not 🙂 pls pray for my Daniel, he isn’t putting God first, says he doesn’t answer his prayers or care about him 🙁 may God show Him that He indeed sees, hears and ever loves.

    • Mo, I am praying for your Daniel this morning, and also for you to love him through his resistance. I imagine there are a LOT of Daniels in our reading community, and I fully understand how hard it is as a mama. I’m praying for Jesus to show up in plain view for him, through the love and kindness of others.

    • Praying too, God has the last say, and He is bigger than Daniel. Your prayers still move Jesus to move heaven and earth to answer your prayers concerning Daniel. God through your prayers will reveal Himself to Daniel. The outside circumstances doesn’t reveal the battle going on for Daniel, and the bigger story yet to come. I have a prodigal too, and it hurts, but God is still active, and this tough time and running can be exactly the means to draw Daniel to Himself. Thinking of you. Joanne

        • Beautiful words, Joanne. I always tell myself, just because my son hasn’t turned to Jesus, doesn’t mean that Jesus is not holding him in his hand.

          • I’m going to start using that phrase, Just because my daughter hasn’t turned to Jesus, doesn’t mean that Jesus is not holding her in His hand. Thank you, that’s encouraging Kris.

    • Mo,
      Praying hard for your Daniel! May God do a heart change & bring about a miracle turn around in him! May Daniel find a new set of friends that will help lead him back to Christ. I pray God will come through and answer a prayer of Daniels and show him how much He truly loves him!
      Praying for strength to endure & for grace & contentment! It is so hard as a momma to watch our children go their own way, but through prayers and actions God can and will bring him home!
      Blessings (((((hugs)))))

      • Beth,
        Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I was a little if-y bout putting my ❤️ out on the www. But I have to admit the comfort I’ve found knowing Sisters in Christ are prayin for my boy is priceless! God bless you as only He can!

  8. I’m so glad your baby boy is okay! Prayers to you all as he flies out of the nest. The oldest of my four will be a senior in high school this year, and I have definitely gotten a taste of what is ahead this summer. He’s been so busy with his summer job, soccer practice, and friends that he’s barely been home. Right now he’s hiking Grand Canyon with his scout troop, including his friends, little brother, and dad. He’s experiencing first hand the beauty and wonder of God’s creation at time in his life when he’s pondering his future plans for college and career. My oldest girl is at field hockey camp so it’s just my baby girl and me at home this week. The house is so quiet, but it’s wonderful to savor this time with her. We’re slowing down and enjoying the little things together like walking the dog through the woods, going out for ice cream and drawing while the rain is falling. May you find peace and renewal as you move into a new phase In your life, and may your son experience God’s world in all of it’s wonder at college this year!

    • Jill,

      Thank you for your great encouragement back to me! God was so wise when he gave us our children as babies so we could eeeeasssseeee into their leaving one day. It’s a slow process that somehow arrives one day “overnight” :). What a wonderful adventure your sons and husband are on!

  9. Thank you Robin for putting into words how so many of us are feeling. We’re taking our “baby” to college this weekend. I can’t imagine our house without him in it! He’s studying aviation, which means lots of flight time! I trust his skill and ability, but the thought of him up in those little airplanes several times a week does cause my heart to race! Prayers please for Ian’s safety! The empty nest and a whole new life is looming before us. I’m trying to stay positive, but can’t escape the feeling that my life is changing completely. As first a full time stay at home mom and then a part time at home mom, I am looking at going to work full time now that there are no kids to keep me home. Lots of changes and challenges that I hope I am up to. I could use some prayers to still my anxiety and fear of failing at this new way of life that is waiting for me.

    • Kris, I’m proud of YOU, mama! This deal is HARD for us and you have lots of reasons to have mixed emotion. It’s healthy to admit it, to feel the depth of it…but just not to “stay” there. I WILL pray for you (I am this morning!!) and Ian. My baby jumped out of a plane for his 18th, so I get that aviation thing. NOT for the faint of heart….

      • Thanks for the prayers, Robin. I”m trying to let myself feel all the emotions and not just stuff them to deal with later. I just keep praying and know that the strength and peace will come.

  10. After 33 1/2 years of being a mom, non-stop kids, I am taking my baby to college and will experience an empty nest. No, really, a completely empty nest. I’ve never lived alone before and it scares me.

    • Prayers for you…such a long time to have a full nest. What a blessing that must have been!! I hope you discover something that fills your heart up at least a little bit.

    • {{{{call me mom}}}} I hear you. I sense your anxiety. I’m praying over you…and excited for what lies ahead. You’re going to be surprised and I so hope you can grab this with open arms. It’s okay to be scared but I’m praying you don’t become paralyzed by fear; I also don’t want to minimize your very real emotions by quoting Bible verses at you right now :). What I mean, is we’re human and it’s natural to FEEL our uncertainties; my hope for you is to find new trust in the Lord, and for this season to be one that grows your faith like crazy.

    • We’ve had children in our house for 30 years! It’s scary to figure out what to do next! I hope we can both embrace this time as a wonderful time and stretch and grow as we watch our children do the same!

    • Call me mom,
      ((((((hugs)))))) Prayers for you! May God calm you and allow you to breathe this new life He is putting before you! May you find your passion and be able to share it with others! Prayers for God to ease any anxiety you may have.
      Blessings 🙂

  11. There are so many moms out there who are experiencing the same season of life as me, my oldest, my first, the boy who made me a mom starts middle school tomorrow. He’s getting tall and lanky, he’s getting more independent (but in a good and respectful way), he’s showing signs of maturity but still some of immaturity too (I found his baby blanket in his bed the other day). It’s a bit much for me. I feel like I’m on the brink of tears ALL.OF.THE.TIME! But I take heart in knowing that I’m not alone. Please pray for me, and all of the moms like me, for comfort and strength in this new journey. AND especially tomorrow when he leaves for a school that is no longer the tiny Christian school he’s attended for the past seven years. But for the big, bad world of kids who maybe don’t share our beliefs, who don’t want to be kind, who may not think he’s of value. Pray for them too. And most of all for him. If he has to go into the lion’s den, at least let him be armed with graciousness and goodness and most of all, strength.

    • Renae, I remember when our daughter left the “safety” of her Christian school, going for the first time to public as a junior–she felt a conviction to leave the Christian “bubble” and live in a place that more closely looked like the world… She flourished (and so did my boys after her). I understand your concern, but love him when he comes home and tells you things that scare you. Don’t react and give him the freedom to process out loud (like the first week she was there and there were pregnant girls in class 🙁 ). This can be a WONDERFUL transition, though I know it’s hard for you to sit back and watch. I’m praying WISDOM for both of you, lavished with grace and expectation in what God will do in and through your family. xo

    • Renae,
      Prayers for you and your son to not have any anxiety over leaving Christian school! May God give him the courage he need to stand up for his beliefs and not be intimidated! Prayers for peace and contentment all around!

  12. Thank you for this… Tomorrow we leave to take our son to college. First child, first year in college. My heart has been a mixed up mess of both excitement and pride for him, as well as a very deep sadness and uncontrollable tears for the void that will be in our home… A change that marks a new season in our lives. I’m sad. Im really going to miss him. It’s like mourning… Mourning the loss of a time in life you won’t get back.

  13. This made me have a few tears. My twin sons leave next week and while I am so excited to see what God has in store it is a bit bittersweet and it brings change to me. It will be a journey for me as well. I have prayed for them since before they were born and now it is time to let them spread their wings and my prayers will be different but they will always be my babies.

  14. We took our first child to college Saturday. Its a big adjustment in life. Tears have been rolling and we know it will get better. She has two younger sisters at home. I had prayed for this day before she was born. I continue to pray for God guide her daily.
    Great reminder of God giving up His One and Only Son for us. Our sins! Also, no matter how old we are in life, we still need our parents just like we need our Heavenly Father.

    Thanks again.

  15. Come this October, it will be one year of a true empty nest since my son was blessed with his first career job out of college only six months after he graduated, but alas also in another state, as was his four college years. But, God, in His kindness, established that we really do resemble the bird, in that they go slowly out of the nest and take flight, and, really, they do return, as we all do, no matter how old we get. Home is truly where the heart is, and their/our heart is always with our parent, no? Especially our Father in Heaven….You are a joy, dear Robin! God bless you all, richly and abundantly.

  16. My son leaves for his first year of college on August 21, my daughter starts her 2nd year, and this makes me & my husband empty nesters. I am definitely struggling with it all. I have to constantly remind myself to trust the Lord (I don’t think I’m doing very well). I would love prayer for me & my family. Thank you.

  17. Oh gosh-the tears are threatening and if I give in it will become a sob-fest! On Tuesday morning! Mothers of children are all special but I think mothers of sons have a bond some don’t understand. Yes, they’re men, but they are still our babies. I watched my only child-my 32 year old-meet his bride at the altar last Saturday. It was truly a God-given day. Six short-but-million-years ago we almost lost him to a terrible accident. He recovered, scarred but whole, and met the love of his life two years ago. She is an answer to my prayers, and carries the wonderful name of Sarah….they’re honeymooning now and I miss them! It was an amazing, exciting glorious weekend that I will forever be grateful for. I feel somewhat like an empty-nester, except for the 55 pound grand dog attached to my hip since her ‘daddy and mommy’ are away. Comfort comes in many ways! Thank you for your wonderful story today. It truly was a blessing!

  18. It has been my delight to homeschool my 3 babies. My oldest celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary this week. My second moved into her freshman dorm this week. My third starts private school next week. Lost of changes in a short time for me. I praise God that He is my firm foundation! He has this all planned,but I’m not going to lie- I feel lost!

  19. I really feel like this article hit home for me. My “baby” Brandon will be starting his Senior year this fall and I have mixed emotions going into this. I am soo proud of him and I am excited for all that is in front of him and yet I am on the verge of tears every time I think of him going away to college and how much he really doesn’t need me like he used to. He is soo very independent and I guess he should be since that is how we raised him. I am trying to lean on Christ to get me through this next year without falling apart. I’m not afraid of having an empty next….I am looking forward to it in a way since that will mean hopefully even more time with my very best friend (my husband) but it still hurts my heart thinking that Brandon won’t be in our home. Maybe I am afraid he is going to leave and I won’t have enough contact with him. I know…it’s selfish. Thank you again for putting this article here for me to read. I really feel like between the article and other comments I have read that I am truly not alone. Thank you for your support and understanding….even though you don’t really know me. I praise God for you!! Blessings!

  20. Robin,
    Thank-you for sharing your experience. I’m sorry you went through that, how frightening for all of you. It’s a reminder of how fragile life can be.

    Although I don’t have a child leaving home this year my son who just turned twenty did start a new job. I have been told it does n’t have a very good safety record. He also had a similar experience as your’s did and has to carry an epi pen at all times. I have been very fortunate though as a parent and I’m so thankful the Lord has seen them through.

    One of the hardest things for parents to do is to let go. My prayers go out to all of you as you transition with your children,


  21. My baby girl,at 18, has moved out with a gay friend. I hardly hear fro. Her,she’s on her own.but when I read her posts,I am shocked.she has embraced the world.planned parenthood,gay rights,etc fill up her spaces.
    I don’t like what she believes.
    but she is too busy to take time with mama,a d I’m also hurt.

    • I hear you Cindy. My daughter is also taking a path we didn’t raise her to embrace. Her choices are scary. When I hear the stories after the fact my heart aches, and it does for you and your daughter. I know you raised her to follow Jesus, and to be choosing something better than what she is settling for. I also went through times where I would not see my daughter or hear from for 2 years, 1 year, 6 months and that lack of contact hurts, A LOT.

      I took/take comfort in the fact that God is where I can’t be and where I’m not. He also has a praying mama praying for her, and the strongholds are broken by our prayers. It is still hard and hurtful to watch all of this going on, and this is where my heart aches. But, God is also bigger than our children, and the story of your daughter isn’t done. What it looks like on the outside is not the whole story, God is still fighting and Jesus is still interceding for your daughter.

      It doesn’t make it easier to watch the world be attractive to her, but the Truth is comforting knowing God is still working and in charge of the final outcome and He hears and responds to our prayers. He shakes heaven and earth to answer our prayers. Not in our timing, but in His perfect timing, and He does all things well, and thoroughly. I will be thinking of you! Hugs, Joanne

    • Cindy,
      Prayers for you and your husband. You work so hard to raise Godly children and then they turn on you. Prayers for strength to endure! May God bring people in her life to shake her beliefs to the core! Remember God has her in His hands. He will fight for her to the end! God is bigger than any of this!!! Prayers for peace and for God to shower you with His grace and mercy! Prayers for God to work miracles in your daughter’s life as well!


  22. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, which convinced me I wasn’t totally crazy to feel the way I did when my “baby” had her first baby earlier this summer. She had several medical complications and a really rough pregnancy, and I just ached for her the entire time. When we were allowed to go in the delivery room to see the baby, all the other entourage rushed toward my son-in-law, who was holding the new baby, but I headed straight to my daughter’s side to be sure she was okay. She recently commented on that; perhaps now that she’s a mama herself, she understands better how I feel about her. So glad your son survived, and prayers for this next season in his life (and yours.) I work with college freshmen, and you will be amazed at how much he will change (mostly in good ways) between now and Christmas break!

  23. Fighting back the tears after reading this post. We are taking our baby, our youngest of 4, to college in 9 days (but who’s counting?). This baby was much longed for and prayed for…and nearly lost in pregnancy on more than one occasion. He was born at 27 weeks, 4 days and weighed 3 lbs 2 oz. He spent 7 1/2 weeks in the NICU and when he came home, he was on 4 different kinds of meds, given 4 different times each day. But, he began to thrive. When he was 2 years old, I felt a little hard place on his abdomen. I mentioned it to my husband and he said it was “probably nothing.” Later in the week, at the pediatrician’s office with another child, I mentioned it to our Dr. He said, “it’s probably nothing,” but he felt…then he x-rayed…then he c/t scanned…and then we were at the Children’s Hospital that night. Long story short, it was a malignant mass growing out of his liver. The mass was removed and part of his liver…and he had 4 rounds of chemo. Today, he is fine. He is tall and strong and healthy. We don’t know why his life was spared, but we are so thankful. I can’t believe we are at this point in his life, where we actually have to let him go, but we do not take one day for granted. As sad as I’m going to be when we drive away from the campus, I wouldn’t take this opportunity away from him for anything. And even tho we’ve been down this path with his older siblings, it’s going to be very hard…but I am so excited for the opportunities ahead of him. He was very young when all of this happened to him, but he knows his story…and he is now getting to the point where he realizes it’s part of the story GOD is writing in his life. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

    • Marty,
      That’s miraculous. I pray your son has everlasting joy in his life.

      Best wishes to you all,


  24. Single mom with only child and she is leaving to attend college on the other side of the country. My empty nest is different from others. This season….exciting and bittersweet. God is good.

  25. My daughter is starting her senior year. While I am excited, it feels her heart with dread. Change is hard for her & she is struggling with all this means. Prayers for an anxious heart.

    • Audrey,
      Prayers for your daughter’s anxiety to dissipate. May God bring a healing peace to her heart and soul! May she find a good friend to confide in, relax and relish all the good that is part of a senior year. Tell her not to “dread or worry about tomorrow for today has enough troubles of it’s own”! Take life one day at a time and see how God works!

  26. In a few short days my 18 year old son will go off to college and we will have the empty nest! Why should I be surprised that God intended this e-mail on this day to be sent to my computer.

  27. Robin, I’m wiping away tears as I read of your son’s close call. It’s scary to see our independent children laid out flat. And the truth that Jesus takes the worst of our pain, spares us from the worst of what we deserve. Oh, that thought slays me.

    My guys are entering junior high and fifth grade. I love the schools they’re at, but the junior high-er? I’m praying his spirit isn’t crushed by those who are so worldly-wise and bigger than he is. He’s still my little boy, but not really little anymore. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  28. What incredible timing! I’m not only facing an empty nest in a few short weeks, but also I’m sending my baby, who has lost a friend to suicide, struggled with substance abuse, and is uncomfortable in her own skin to a college 6 hours away. This morning I awoke to drive my son to the airport at 5:00 to find my daughter just coming in after partying once again with “friends”. (Said friends truly do not look out for her best interests!) I am beyond terrified that college life will swallow her soul before the Lord can get ahold of her heart. She says she’s a believer, but she’s not certainly not walking the walk. We are praying that the Lord brings amazing new Christian friends to surround her and walk through the next 4 years alongside her. Please pray for my girl!

    • Lord, this girl needs you to live and love in relationship with you, and other people. Show her this is not what her heart needs, but will only bring heartache. Open her eyes, ears, and heart to Your voice drawing her to Yourself, and enable her to come to You and live in relationship with You and receiving Your way of life. Give Julie peace because You do give peace. Help her to trust You no matter what the circumstances look like because You are faithful and I’m certain she is a praying mom. Help her to see her prayers are powerful, and You give hope. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed, Amen.

    • Julie,
      Please bring some Godly Christian friends to this young woman soon! Help her with any problems. Open her eyes and heart to see you and what you have to offer! Help her realize that this world is only temporary and not worth wasting your time and efforts on!
      Prayers for you and your family as you go through this! May God bring about a sense of peace to your body, mind and soul!
      Also find out if the college she will attend has a Student Health Clinic. They usually have a Psych department within it and they can offer her some assistance. They usually have a counseling center that can offer her counseling and guidance.
      I pray all this is helpful information!

  29. Robin, I’m choking back the tears. My youngest has started his senior year of high school, so I know it’s only a matter of time before he’s off to college. I’m trying to enjoy our time together, noticing and watching. It’s like you said where they don’t really need us in their daily lives as much but they still need us at times. Sometimes, it’s just being there that matters. Yep, it’s going to be a tough year for me, swelling with emotion at times, but this is what we moms have been working for – their confidence and independence to fly alone. Thanks so much for sharing. Beautiful post.

  30. My oldest is a senior this year. After the death of his father when he was very young it was just the two of us for a while. Our family has grown to include three other children and another “dad”. We are all close but my son and I are very close. I am very proud of the young man he has become and he is considering a life in the ministry. But everytime I think of him leaving home I get very sad and teary (and senior year just started). I want to be happy for him and I truly am. I covet your prayers during this transition.

  31. Robin,

    I started to cry at the analogy of Jesus and your son. And cried at the mama love you described for your son. No, it’s not a loss, but a change, something different, and a new chapter for him and for you. Your son will still need you, just in more a support role, and a cheerleader role because you’ve raised him well. So beautiful.

    I’ve been through watching and letting go of children, and it IS hard and something I can’t really get used to. Now that I have a second round of kids, it’s almost more emotional having them enter 4K and and Kindergarten respectively this year.

    While I know it is such a good thing for them to be excited, it’s also knowing I have to keep letting go. Letting them grow, and having my hand in theirs and Jesus holding their other hand, and Jesus holding my other hand. It’s eternity work to let them go and be who God designed them to be, and grow them up to be a legacy of Jesus followers. Even if right now we have a prodigal, she still is His and dedicated to Him many years ago, still raised to be a Jesus follower.

    Beautiful Robin.


  32. Had to read this based on the title. As a widow, I don’t dance with the other moms who cannot Wait for empty nest. I dread it. I’ve done it twice already and it looms again. My 23 year old “baby” is moving out. He has been in college and living here. Now, craving independence he’s moving out this month while he finishes school. Only 30 minutes away, but not likely to visit. Not out of meanness, just out of exuberant college aged independence. His roommates are good friends, church fellas that I don’t worry about. He will have to work hard to earn the money to pay rent and he knows it. But oh, I will miss this 6’5″ of brown hair, warm eyes and confidence. I am, indeed, tangled in this leaving. I know God is my husband, and his Father. I know God is Able and Wise. I just need Jesus. Jesus, help me to celebrate and not to dread. For really, this means we’ve done well. The bird leaps and flies out of the nest. No apron strings, no clutching. I REALLY would NOT want a clinger, hanger-on type of son, so this is success. Rejoice. Be Glad. Trust. Thanks for helping me realize that I’m not alone and we can do it!

  33. I have read this blog for many months and it has brought me comfort. This one hits too close to home. I have three wonderful boys. My oldest is 23 and he leaves for Air Force Basic Training on the 17th of August. I also have twins who are 18. We moved one into his dorm at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette on Saturday and his brother moves into his dorm at Northwestern State University in Louisiana on the 22nd. I cannot imagine leaving my baby at NSU and coming home to an empty house. I am very proud of my boys, yet I am so worried about them. Please pray that they live God’s will and remember to call home every now and then .

  34. OH my friend… I am praying for you! We are just entering our second year of Empty Nesters but we feel like we are kinda cheating at it because she still lives just 10 minutes away and we get to see her a couple of times a week usually! Still – it’s an adjustment, for sure! But as you said, it is not a loss! (It’s actually a little like a second honeymoon – and what’s not to love about that, right?) Honestly – I think we all three assumed I would fall apart. I did not. (It was her Daddy who struggled the most and although they are close, we didn’t anticipate that one!) There will be good days, and hard days… but this is not an end… it’s just a new beginning to something different, full of dreams to be dreamt and hopes to awaken! (Act 2 is pretty sweet!)

  35. Robin,
    Thank you for this, I dropped off my middle daughter at the university of Alabama, and she is sad as I, it’s been a week, and she stills seems to be missing home, and my heart hurts cause I know she is lonely but will do fine soon enough! Please pray for her that she finds peace with her decision to go away to college and friends 🙂 I’m so proud of her that she made such a big decision to start a new chapter, but I do miss her so much, and my youngest starts high school so this is one of the modest emotional times for me because I also have been raising all 3 of my kids alone for 11 years so they have been my whole world! I need all the love, and prayers right know. Thanks for these daily encouraging messages.

    God bless everyone 🙂

  36. Robin,
    I can’t imagine nay fathom dying for this sinful world that seems to reject Christianity on a whim! Thank you for the reminder of what Christ did for us! All the time I need reminders of the brutality He endured for little ol me! That was nicely woven into a great story of parents, children and the love of a momma for her son! I just wonder what Mary was thinking when she saw her only son on the cross!! She was just a simple mom like us and yet she had to stand by and watch her son go through that agony!

    Blessings 🙂

  37. Thanks, Beth.Actually he is now married to Stuart ,whom he brought over from England.my kids now tell me,he’s not doing so hot.somedays I feel sad for him,other days,angry at the trick he played on me for 21 years. Debbie has been his darling,and now she’s out of his house,thank God.i pray that He will open her eyes and her heart to His pure love