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Jana is a wife, mother, writer, lover of adventures and all things creative. She lives in daily awe of the grace that deems her complete in Christ.

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  1. What a great story, the child like faith that gets worn out of us, as we grow up, that we have to make our way back to as Christian women in order serve the Lord and bless others, it’s shameful how others, or the lies of the devil, or even just our minds that seem to be on a loop, playing back every painful thought or word to discredit us, can hold us back, hinder God’s plans for us or even paralyze us with fear. Step out of the boat like Peter, but focus on Him. Keep that daughter of God mentality, keep shining! Keep loving!

  2. I think sometimes our intentions CAN be misunderstood and that really hurts. This happened to me just recently. I try to remember that Jesus was kind to others but it was certainly not always understood or valued. Yet – He kept on giving, kept on loving regardless.
    That is the challenge – to keep on giving even when it may be misunderstood or not accepted in the way we had hoped. By keeping our sights on Jesus Christ – we are enabled to overcome our anxieties and our concerns and reach out in kindness regardless of the

    • You’re right, Janice. And being misunderstood when I reach out scares me off of reaching out again. It IS such a challenge to reach out again. It’s hard to entrust our hearts to Him, look away from our own hurts, and reach out again. We definitely can’t do it without His help

  3. Jana,
    I had an incident years ago where I heard God say send her a card. My thought was I don’t know her well, how will she take it, etc. He kept pushing and I finally gave in. The best thing I could have done. We bonded and shared a short friendship (till she left company). Now I send cards all the time, no reason. Maybe my reason is I love getting encouragement in the mail or email, so do unto others!
    Blessings 🙂