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Crystal is passionate about cultivating a community where faith, fitness, and friendship come together. Author of “Creative Basics: 30 Days to Awesome Social Media Art,” Crystal is a writer, speaker, host of the Write 31 Days challenge, and coach who shares encouragement at her blog, Connect with her on...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. Q1. One of the quiet ways that I’ve seen God at work in my life is through the online friendships I’ve formed through my blog and leading online Bible studies. I started blogging after having a miscarriage, and God has really shown me how to see the beauty in the everyday ordinary through reading the stories of other women online.

    Q2. After 17 plus years of teaching and working with students, I am mostly at at desk job these days. I am measuring my success in a different way now that I am not actively engaging with others face to face all day long. I’m also coming to understand that God is more interested in the state of my heart than he is in what I am “doing.”

    Q3. I loved this at the end of Chapter 6: “Daily, I’m given the opportunity to recognize the gift of obscurity, trusting that Christ is doing invisible kingdom work in the stairwells of everyday life.”

    • Beautiful, Lyli. Thank you for sharing your stories here, with us, and with people in your life. I too started really pouring my heart into blogging after my first miscarriage and found real, true, community online. And that last line – ‘the stairwells of everyday life’ – well, that one will stick with me deep.

      Grateful you’re here!

  2. 1. God works in my life through the voice of others. Sometimes, even people I don’t know personally, people who have *no* idea my current struggle, God not only will place a message that speaks truth right to my core, but He positions me to hear it. That’s amazing!

    2. We broke from big earlier this year. Best thing we ever did! We moved over 400mi from “home”, but since God has been forming a small ministry in our hearts, and we have been able to help Veterans and their caregivers. We have no desire for stages, but the things that go on in the stairwells take my breath away. God is so good!

    3. ” I don’t see Jesus calling me to excellence. I do see him calling me to himself.” (p 51)

    • You are right – it IS amazing!! Love your heart in the stairwell, Jacquelyne. Thanks for being a part of the book club this month.