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Jennifer is a newly returned expat learning to better live her faith, love her man, and raise her kids.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Jennifer,
    Oh how I needed this post today. I, along with my Board, are debating as to whether to take a leap of faith in laying out funds in faith for Redeemer Christian Foundation which I (strike that), God heads up. We don’t know that the stream of funds will continue to come in, but we are on the brink of taking that step into the unknown. All I know is, as you say, God is Able. He has been faithful and good in the past to look out for these orphans (His children) and to provide…even when the well seemed dry. And…even if He doesn’t, I will declare His goodness always. Thank you for this affirmation of life being lived between and stepping into the “and’s”. Awesome post!

    • Bev,
      (((Hugs))) dear one. Praying God will continue to strengthen and guide you as you serve Him.

    • Bev,
      Yes! God is able!! He will take care of His precious children–especially those in war torn countries! He will provide more funds!! God doesn’t provide clarity He just wants us to follow and trust Him to show the way!
      Blessings 🙂

      • Beth,
        So true…I always want God to share His vision with me so that I can know…but my job is not to know….but to trust and follow. One step at a time. Thanks for your sweet encouragement!
        B xx

  2. This is so excellently articulated!!! I will be saving this to read over and over! THANKS!!!!!

  3. Surely you heard my prayers and my crying out to God this morning when I was driving to work, and that caused you to write this post :)…… this is amazingly and abundantly timed, just for me. I am smack dab between the “ands”; so weary of praying the prayers I always pray for loved ones, so tired of never seeing answers. And yet….when I look around me, I see so many answers in other areas that I’m blown away by His goodness and mercy to me. I have no idea how or if God is going to resolve this current heartache, the largest I’ve ever known and which visits on me daily, but I need to choose to worship Him no matter what, and see the countless other ways He’s providing and being God. Thank you.

    • Oh, Beth, I am praying that He continues to bolster your faith, heart and energy – both spiritual and physical – to keep on keeping on. And that He answers clearly and boldly.

    • Beth,
      Praying for healing! God will answer your prayers…In His Perfect Timing. We are never promised clarity as to what will happen–He just wants us to trust Him and His ways!! Praying that your faith will increase and get bold! I will pray fervently that He give you some answers to these trials!! He will never leave you nor forsake you!!
      Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I’m right there in the same kind of place as you and this post today was very timely for me to put into my mind and pray to God about.

  4. Jennifer, thank you and praise to our Lord for this beautiful post. It speaks to many things in my life where the Lord didn’t rescue, but oh how tenderly and wonderfully He has redeemed. Thank you for reminding me to praise Him in the storm and at the crossroads and to say, “Jesus, I trust in You.” To follow His voice. How blessed we are to have a Savior who understands how hard it can be to step out in faith. May the Lord bless each of our steps today as He lights the path before our trembling feet 🙂

  5. Jennifer, what a beautiful post. I love your truth-filled words. Sometimes we have to walk through the “And even if He doesn’t” and still choose to declare our God is GOOD, and He is ABLE. And He sees us, and He’s working, even when we can’t see it. That dying to self thing is hard. But I’ve found in the times I lay myself down and take up what God’s asking me to walk through, I’ve learned more about Him and seen His faithfulness in amazing ways.

    This is such an encouraging post.

    • You are so right. And each time I learn afresh just how good and faithful He is, I declare not to fear in the next fire. Shame I have such a short memory. Ha! But so thankful for His grace new each day.

  6. Jennifer,

    You hit the nail on the on the head with this!! God wants us to trust Him and His ways by taking the leap of faith! ” Maybe God won’t do the amazing and wondrous thing He wants to do until you step into the fire: quit the job.” Such
    wisdom!! I have been in a trial with my aging father’s health and working full time. I took that leap of faith and quit. my. job. last June. God didn’t provide clarity. In all this I have found my faith and trust in God increasing

  7. I’ve struggled with the “even if he doesn’t” as I watched my 44 year old sister pray for healing yet die of cancer. And the “even if he doesn’t” protect my sweet mother in-law from getting hit by a car and killed as she crossed a country road….my trust was shattered that the Savior did not save them…some days I feel like I am never going to be ok again, feel vibrant life in my walk with the Lord again….its been 9 years since my sister passed and 5 since my mil but I am still not ok :'(

    • Oh, sweet friend. I wish I could hug you and sit and cry with you. I wish I could tell you why. But I can relate to the struggle. We dealt with the “and even if He doesn’t” when my father-in-law passed away from his illness. I’m praying God’s comfort will overwhelm you and that piece by piece your faith will be built back stronger.

  8. Thank you so much for this! My husband has filed for divorce and I am having so much trouble opening my hands to release this to God. I am scared to give it to God, afraid I won’t ever get it back. And while my head knows He has good plans for me, my heart is having trouble with doubt. This was such an encouragement for me.

    • Oh, Stacy. I am so very sorry. I wish I had better words. Words to make it all okay. Praying for a miracle for you.

  9. This devotional was just what I needed. God, I am in the fire. where do you want me to go. It just amazes me how He spoke to me through your message. I’ve been in the fire for a couple of weeks now with marital issues. I know that in the fire people are purified & things can be sloughed off. And even if my situation doesn’t change. ..I know that He’s got me covered. Thanks Jennifer for today’s devotional.

  10. Thank you, Jennifer, for pointing out: “This life is lived in the tension between the And’s. It is oh so beautiful.” I’ve reached the age when I can say, “AMEN,” and know what I’m talking about! A life that becomes beautiful requires both valley experiences and mountaintops . Without valleys, we’d probably grow spoiled and stagnated; without mountaintops we’d probably lose our fortitude and hope. God lovingly provides the valleys and mountains so that we learn to be content in all things (Phil. 4:11-13). And contentment IS a beautiful thing. P.S. When the flames are licking at my heels, please remind me of what I just said!