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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, heart-encourager, and grace-needer. She's also a wife and mom of three Joshua (27), Andrew (24), and Aster (13) and the best-selling author of "A Confident Heart" and her newest book, "A Confident Mom," released in February! Renee loves making memories with her family, creating beautiful...

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  1. Renee,
    I, too, felt much like you…not wanting to burden others with my, what may have seemed trivial, needs. But, know the comfort of being in the uplifted hands of others has helped me through many a trial. When we pray for each other, it reminds us of our frailty and humanity and desperate need for a Savior. If you could pray for the safety of the children and staff of our Christian school in the Middle East (Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc.). We are spreading the word of Christ in the enemy’s back yard and we need all the prayers for safety that we can be lifted up. Thank you…

    • I will remember you & all of the children & staff of your Christian school in the Middle East. God bless you!

    • I felt that way too. What a great work you are doing for God! I have prayed and will continue to pray for you, the children, and the staff. May God bless you incredibly for all you are doing to further the Kingdom of God.

      • Thanks so much Suzanne…I TRULY appreciate this. Oh, I have been blessed by these wonderful children. We can’t even fathom what they deal with on a daily basis. Thank you for your prayers!

        • You are so welcome! Children are such a blessing and it is wonderful you have chosen to be a blessing to them!
          ((Hugs)) back to you!

    • Bev,

      My prayers are with the children.
      Thank-you for being there for them.
      Have a blessed day,

      • Thanks Penny,
        Your comments always bring a smile to my face and heart 🙂

    • Praying for safety and boldness, that the Word of God will be spread, seeds will be planted and souls will be saved!!

      • Thank you Kathleen…that is my earnest prayer as well!! Blessings, B xx

    • Just prayed for your family and your staff sister. GOd bless you all with His mighty protection and provide the wisdom to be the light house in that country. Love & prayers, Jyotika

    • You are a blessing for being there and leading those children. Prayers are going up for your safety as well as the children’s. Praying for guidance, knowledge, and protection. Thank you for your work. God bless you.

      • Jenna,
        Thank you for your sweet words and for your prayers. Prayers for safety and protection are so needed….thank you and blessings,

    • I pray that Jehova Gibbor, the Mighty, Awesome God will cover and protect each child and staff at the Redeemer Christian Foundation. Lord I thank you for the shed blood of your Son, Jesus and I ask that you cover your children with your blood. We ask for your provision and protection. Watch over you sheep, Lord as they grow in You. We bless you for all who make the sacrifice to serve in these areas. Continue to bless and keep them and glorify your Name. Thank you Lord in Jesus’ Name. Amen

      • Marcia…
        This is beautiful!! Yes, cover them with the blood of Jesus protect them from their enemies. Give them your provision and protection…joining with you in this awesome prayer. Thank you so much!!
        Bev xx

  2. In Jesus name, I pray for the safety of the children and staff at the Christian School (Redeemer) in the Middle East. Lord, equip Renee to carry on the work she is doing to glorify your name. Lord I lift that whole venture up to you that they all may know you and seek you. In Jesus name, Amen.
    I am coming to the end of myself of living alone and my desire to be a wife. I don’t enjoy the time anymore that I have on my own in my own and actually think it’s a waste! I just desire to be a loving wife and have a family of my own if God desires.

    • Dear Lord,
      I lift up Louise to You. She longs to have a husband to share her life with and have a family. Please bless her with the desires of her heart. Give to her a God fearing, caring, kind man to share her life with. I pray this on Jesus’s name.

    • Louise,
      I’m praying for you. My daughter is experiencing the same struggle with her singleness and after my divorce, I felt very unworthy for a long time. I got tired of hearing “in God’s timing”. I know God sees and hears the cry of your heart. Seek Him first and I do pray that these things will be added unto you!
      Blessings to you,
      Bev xx

    • Oh Lord, I pray that you will help Louise stay in your perfect will, whether it be with a mate or without. Help her Lord to listen carefully for your leading.

    • Take heart dear sister Louise just prayed for you. You are covered by prayers. May our Lord Jesus bless you with the desires of your heart. I have placed your concern on lord’s feet for a Godly man as a husband in your life. One who leads you and helps you to grow abundantly in our lord Jesus. Love & prayers.

    • Louise,
      Father God
      Please send Louise a good Christian friend. Answer her prayers to be a loving wife and mother. Help her with her loneliness and unhappiness.
      AMEN! 🙂

  3. Please pray for me. I have health problems, financial problems, house problems, etc. The Lord knows all my needs. The Lord is my strength and my hope. Thank you.

    • Dear Lord,
      Touch Elaine. Heal her body completely. Help her to move on everyday and focus on You, not her problems. Bless her finances with abundance. Help her to be able to fix her house. Send people to her that will not charge her to fix her house. Bless her abundantly through whatever else she is facing. I pray this in Jesus’s name.

    • Dear Elaine just prayed for you. Prayed that you experience the Lord’s healing, providence, restoration and wisdom. Prayed that every strongholds of the enemy be broken down in your life in Jesus name. I Pray that Lord look at you with his favour as you cry out to him in your heart. I am experiencing similar situations in my life financial problems, I am longing to be a blessed mother to children of my own and the constant attack from the enemy to break me down mentally, emotionally and spiritually on these concerns. I am so blessed that I came across the post on fb and had the opportunity to join in prayer. Please pray that the children’s ministry Lord has entrusted to me and my husband will continue be a blessing even in challenging situation.

      • I pray that your children’s ministry that the Lord entrusted to you & your husband will continue to be a blessing and that you will always have the Lord’s strength & courage in every challenging situation to get through. Blessings to you, your husband & to your ministry. Amen!

    • Elaine,
      Prayers for God to send strength and peace to endure these trials. Heal her of her maladies and help her to focus on you. I pray for financial, housing blessings also. Send relief for all her needs in your perfect timing. Shower her with grace, mercy and love.

  4. Bev- I lift up the children and staff of Redeemed Christian Foundation inc to our Lord Jesus for His devine protection Lord protect also the safety of our Pastors and our churches. Lord have mercy upon us all. Thank Jesus. Louise in His Perfect Timing God will provide maybe He needs to spend more time with you. Living alone is not easy. Trust and wait on The Lord. Lord Jesus thank you for this devotion today. Asking for prayers for my family protection and safely, salvation for Ricky and Melissa and God’s protection over them and deliver them and me from all evil. Give them peace of mind and favor with God. Help us to program our minds the way God thinks let us make time to spend with God in prayer and thanksgiving. Leaning on Him. Thanks for praying. God bless you.

  5. My husband and I are downsizing. we are trying to sell our huge house. My daughter and son in law/children live in our basement. My prayer is that the Lord opens up a door for a 3 bd/2bth house for them to rent ASAP. And does it in such a way they have no doubt it came from him. Second is that our house will sell shortly after they find a place. Praise! we are having someone see it almost daily so we know the Lord is on the move here. Thank you for praying….

    • Janie,
      Father help the daughter and family to find a good house to rent. Make it abundantly clear it came from you. Help Janie and husband to sell their house quickly and move into a small home. Your will be done in Jesus name!

  6. Please pray that my beloved husband, Francisco, turns back to the Lord, confesses his sins and accepts God’s love mercy and forgiveness

  7. Renee, what an awesome testimony to His love. Thank you so much for sharing this. Please pray for our finances and for a bigger house. We have 6 kids living in an 1100 square foot house. I am so grateful for God providing us a nice house to live in and that we have a roof over our head. We just need something bigger. We homeschool and will have 2 in college starting in the fall. Thank you ahead for your prayers.

    • Heavenly Father, I lift Suzanne and her family up to You today. Lord, I pray that you will provide a bigger home for her and her family. That you will bless them financially and that You will give them what they need. May they always trust in You and Your goodness. In Jesus name, Amen.

  8. Thank you for sharing this today, I have had these thoughts before and it is good to know I am not alone. I sometimes question whether I should ask for prayer for my mom as she has been going through chemo. It can be tough some days for her and for me.

    • Kelly, you should absolutely go before the Father and ask prayer for your mother. 🙂 I pray that God will restore her health and that she will draw strength from Him. He loves you! 🙂

    • Yes, I believe these thoughts are rooted in pride. That comes from the Evil One. Notice how Each of us are confirming the same thing!!!
      If we don’t ask, we stay isolated, we get angry with the Body of Christ telling ourselves nobody cares!

      I just happen to know a gentleman from Peru whose wife had her cancer in remission return. I only met him because he did my wood floors, but I believe God wanted my husband to meet a saintly man whom was about to lose his wife while is abusing his own!

      Dear Father, Kelly’s Mother is more precious to you than she is to Her Family, so you know how much they Love her. Would you bring comfort and be strength and peace and provision at a time that is terrifying to them.
      Surround them with good, safe people whether that are a comfort to them. And hold Kelly’s Mom in Your Hand’s help her to feel your Presence.

  9. I ask that you pray for my brother who has cancer. He has several tumors in his neck and is currently getting treatment every two weeks. Please also pray for my mother who had a stroke last year. That God will fully restore her health and my brother’s health. Please also pray for my friend Bobby. I’m not sure if he knows the Lord as his personal Savior, but I pray that if he doesn’t he will ask the Lord into his life. That he will be a an example of a godly man to his daughters and that his daughters will want to have a close relationship with their father. Please pray that he will see himself not as a mess, but as a beloved child of God. Thank you! 🙂

    • Dear Lord,
      I pray for complete healing of Jamie’s mother and brother. I pray that Bobby will know you and be a godly example to his daughters. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

    • Jamie,
      Father God please send your healing touch to brother & mom. Fully restore them to health. Help Bobby to know you Lord. I pray for his salvation. May he hear the word of God and accept you as Lord and Savior.

  10. Please pray for me. I have asked God to bless me to meet a special man who would be my friend, companion and husband. Thank you for praying for me.

    Father God, I bring before You Jamie’s brother, mother, her friend Bobby and his daughters. God our healer, I ask for Your Devine healing touch on Jamie’s brother and mother. Lord it is written, that by Your stripes we are healed. In the Name of Jesus, grant healing to Jamie’s brother and mother.
    God please send your labourers in Bobby’s way who would tell him the gospel message if Christ Jesus and he would believe and receive Jesus to be Lord and Savior of his life. Then he will share this joyous news with his daughters. They too would believe and receive Jesus into their hearts. Father mend Bobby’s relationship with his daughters. In the MATCHLESS Name of Jesus, Amen

  11. I have been struggling to restore an income. Two years ago I lost a job & for two years I’ve applied, interviewed & attended programs & workshops at our local Labor Department — but no offers for employment. Now I’m considering starting a business (Nonprofit Coaching) & I’m looking to God to do what I can’t. I need prayer for this to come together; battling fear, self doubt, financial struggles, loneliness….your prayers are appreciated!

    • Robin, I can sympathize with your predicament!
      Dear God, hear our prayers and answer our cries as only you are able! Help Robin do what you want her to do and be successful in your eyes as she is going through this transition! In Jesus’ name, AMEN

  12. I have started to feel that way a lot recently because of always having a prayer request. Seems others don’t want to hear the same request over and over. I have been looking for a teaching position for almost 3 years. Need a full-time job because of our current situation. Since I have been subbing in area school districts, I have been having to drive my car a lot! Now my car has decided it wants to leak and not be able to go very far. I lack the funds to pay for repairs and my newly retired Dad says he can give me a car, but is not sure how it will be done and when. My marriage is not what it should be and I get discouraged by the lack of response from my husband. I appreciate all prayers and feel I cannot get enough of them!

    • Lord, we bring Heather and her family before Your merciful throne today, praying that You work mightily in their lives. Show them Your grace today, let Your will be done. Grant them peace and hope; bless them with improved relationship and the full-time job that You, dear Father, need them to have. In Jesus’ name, we pray 🙂

    • Dear God, Bless Heather today. Supply her with the job she need to pay her bills, with money left over. Bless her marriage. Send men to her husband that will encourage him to serve you. Provide peace and joy in her home and in her heart. In Jesus name! Thank you God for answered prayer!

  13. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2015 and have had 5 surgeries since then. . Due to many complications after each I was in the hospital for over 40 days. I will have another surgery on May 9th which will hopefully be the last one. Please pray for my children who are struggling with my illness. My husband was killed in a car accident 20 years agowhen my kids were 7,11, 13 and 15. God has been merciful and comforted me through all of these struggles. Please pray for my faith and trust to continue to be strengthened. Thank you

    • Judy,
      My deepest heartfelt prayers are with you and your family. May the Lord bring you comfort and strength during this time.

      Blessings to you all,

    • Judy,
      Please comfort Judy and her family now. Help them as they struggle with her cancer and another surgery. Heal her completely and give her a great testimony! Help the children to be there for their mom and comfort her. Give them all strength and peace during this trial!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Praying for you, your family and your faith Judy. It’s hard to keep hoping when your heart is weary from loss, fear and the unkknown. When you’re trying to be strong and brave for others, but you need someone to be strong and brave for you.

      We are lifting you up as your next surgery is just around the corner next week. If you have a minute to let us know how it goes – whenever you can – please do. #youarenotalone

  14. Wow, really needed to read this today. I am exactly as you describe. So hesitant to share request but glad when I do. Will be sharing this. Thank you

  15. This was an encouragement to read today. My Mom has been sick for about 3 weeks and I feel like people are sick of me asking them to pray for her. So if each of you would join me in praying for her healing I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your thoughts.

  16. I feel the same way, I will pray for you, the children and staff, God protection, guidance,. I need to ask for your prayers for my family for my husband , only adivine intervention can restore this family, thanks and God bless you.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, guide & protect Claudia’s family & staff. Restore unto them the joy of your salvation. Intervene in her marriage like never before & bless her family. We have faith that You’ve got it all under control. Amen.

  17. Thanks Renee for this beautiful post this morning. My husband & I have been trying to conceive for a long time. We really want to have children, but have been unable to. I know that God hears & answers our every prayer, but in His timing. We’ve been patiently waiting, & our prayer is that 2016 will be our year of conception for a beautiful & healthy pregnancy. Please intercede on our behalf. I know that prayer is powerful, & it’s always a blessing to intercede on the behalf of others. Thanks!

    • Dear Father, we know that you are always with us every day and that you hear our cries. May Your will be done for Graham and her husband, may You bless with beautiful children in their lives that need the love that You pour through them. This is a hard struggle, dear Father, lift them up in your gracious encouragement 🙂 In Jesus’ name, we pray 🙂

  18. So grateful to the Lord for this encouragement today 🙂 I also don’t like to share burdens, yet as the body of Christ we are to lovingly share each others burdens. Please pray that the Lord will tenderly enfold each person on my prayer tree list with His gentle presence. Please pray that the Lord will help me to receive all that He needs me to today. May the Lord bless each of you and hold you in His loving arms today and always 🙂

    • Thanks An. I pray that God wraps you in His arms & gives you everything that you need to sustain you. Just open your heart & mind & be ready to receive it. Amen.

  19. Definitely feeling this way this morning and was blessed by your post. It feels so menial, and it really has no comparison to what some others have been through or are going through..

    But here goes nothing. I’m single. I don’t mind being single, but I also wouldn’t mind being in a relationship. I’ve dated so many guys and it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to try. I was talking to someone for a few months just for him to say he wasn’t feeling it. I’m at a dead end here. I just want a guy after gods heart and I keep praying but it’s just not happening. Definitely not an urgent thing but it’s weighing on my heart.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, bless Jasmine with the man that You have designed just for her. We understand that sometimes it’s in the “meantime” that you help us to prepare for the next phases in our lives. During her “meantime” draw her closer to You, so that she’ll be equipped to know when you’ve sent her the mate designed just for her. Amen.

      • Amen, Amen. Lord you know Jasmine’s heart. Her desire is for your best and her longing is for companionship with a man who loves you with all His heart. Show her your ways, O Lord, Lead her in your truth and in the direction you have for her. And while she waits, give her a longing for you and Your word that cannot be satisfied by anything the world or even a Godly man can offer.

        Satisfy her in the morning with your unfailing love, that she may sing for joy and be glad all her days. Psalm 90:14

  20. I very often feel like I am burdening my friends when I ask them to pray for me or one of my family members. But I know from experience that the knowledge that there are others praying for and alongside me is priceless. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow with my pain doctor, I suffer with chronic pain ALL OVER, but especially my back and am trying to decide whether a back brace is the best option for me. I would appreciate all prayers!
    Lord, I pray for Jasmine. I share her struggles over being single. Please bless us both with the knowledge that you have the perfect mate for us already picked out and that in your time, we will meet. In the meantime, let us remember that in all relationships, we are human and are thus imperfect. You however are perfect and will never fail us or let us down. Let us depend on You and trust in You that You have everything in control. Amen.

  21. Things…or situations have been tough for me especially since last Friday….I was involved in a car accident which sent me to ER and then….now I am battling a concussion which is really baffling to me, many, many bruises from seat belt, steering wheel, and bag, my emotional state, my factual situational, and my handling of my situations, and of me. I keep thinking I do not want to burden anyone….my best friend who I would have called, prayed with, etc, passed on about 3 weeks ago, and I miss her very, very much, and now this. I learned yesterday that there is no insurance to fix my car, and there is a possibility of me losing my insurance because of past history of accidents….and I just love my car. I am so very scared,,,,and try to talk with God…and am scared. It is not easy for me to answer my cell as “I just don’t want to know.” I have depression and am bi-polar as well which does not help me. It is easier to hide, and stay away from being a burden of anyone.

  22. We have two granddaughters fighting drugs. They both have two children, so it affects them too. One is to come home from rehab next week and the other one just started a 6 month rehab. This is not the first time they have been in rehab. I know God will keep them clean if they will allow Him to. It is a terrible thing to be addicted to anything but drugs just seems worse. We had a 24 yr old woman(mother of one of our great granddaughters) die of drugs this year. Would appreciate your prayers.

    • Jesus, only you can break the strongholds of addiction. Only you can rescue Jane’s granddaughters from this battle with drugs. Lord, please rewire the chemistry in their bodies and in their brains to not crave the drugs any long. You are ABLE. You are strong and mighty, and we come before you with these girls and their grandma asking for a breakthrough and a story of Your redemption and healing. Pursue them with all your heart and reveal Yourself to them in this time of recovery and rehab. Show this family what they need to experience the power of YOUR presence each day. In Jesus name amen.

  23. Hi, Jasmine, I certainly understand your need. I lost two beloved husbands, and after a time, knew I wanted another relationship. I decided to join a religious ‘singles’ website, and after some time, found just the right person. We married eight years ago, and he is a man who loves God and me. Lots of people seem ‘shocked’ to learn of someone using a dating website, but used wisely and appropriately…especially a Christian site, makes good sense. Hope you will try it. Good luck and God bless you. I’ll say a prayer for your success!

  24. Please pray with me,i really need a new job.I have been having issues at my current work place.I really need a breakthrough,I believe my Lord is fighting for me.I will not loose hope.Be blessed as you pray with me.

    • Hi Makebah,

      I completely understand. I gave notice yesterday at my 2nd job and have an interview scheduled today for another one. I will pray that God leads you to your new destination and that Jehovah Nissi will be your banner of strength during this time of transition.

      I am asking for prayer for financial help. My fiancee left my son and me in February and it has forced me to get a second job. I am a school teacher, first, but my salary alone cannot match what my son needs to complete all his school commitments, college fund, and home improvements I made before my fiancee left.

      Any prayers are greatly appreciated, my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,


      • Praying for your finances this morning Stacie. Asking God to be your Jehovah Jireh, a faithful provider for all your needs. Praying for peace and comfort as you wait on the Lord.

      • Thanks.Our Lord is a way maker He will make a way to provide for you and your son.He knows our needs even before we mention them.

    • I will pray for you regarding your job situation. I understand what it’s like to need/want to move on to another job, yet also needing to wait on God to open that door. You are right – the Lord is indeed fighting for you, and the battle is won. You can rest in His timing to provide just what you need, when you need it.

    • Praying for you and in agreement with your (in)Courage sisters today. That Jehovah Nissi will be your banner of strength during this time of transition. Amen!

    • Makebah,
      I understand the job issues. I pray God will bring a great job your way soon and get you out of this situation. May He bring peace and strength. I pray He sends his joy also!

  25. I enjoy praying for others, I encourage people to send me a pin over Pinterest, I write prayers out and pin them for people and put them on my blog. Sending out healing prayers, Isaiah 53 and angelic protection, Psalm 91:11.

  26. Please if you can pray for me. During the last few months I have been judged and criticized in a way that’s not fair and true. I want to see the Lords justice in my life. I feel very hurt.
    Make Bay I know the Lord is going to provide you a new job so stay still and wait. The Lord is faithful. He loves you and wants the best for you. I’m going to be praying for you.

    • Praying for you and in a situation like yours where I have been judged unfairly by family, no less. God is sharing through His word to trust in His plan for my good. Have faith and believe.

    • Praying for you Marian. That the truth would be known and that your heart would be comforted by God’s protection and assurance that HE sees, He knows and He believes in you!!

  27. I just found something my friend Jerri Lynn (my friend who passed) would say to me. LET GO AND LET GOD If I begin to view something in my life as a problem or a burden, it is time for to let go and let God. In prayer, I surrender control over the situation. Then I get out of the way and let God do God’s part. I surrender any nagging thoughts and worries that are on my mind, and I trust God. I have no need to control everything, plan every detail, or worry about every possibility. My commitment is to trust God. So I become still and quietly but trustingly proclaim, “I let go and let God.” Trusting in God relieves me. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I let go of my own need to force a particular outcome; rather, trust that God will bring about the right outcome. I let go and know that God, as always, is in charge. “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you.” Psalm 33:22

    • Wow- love this- awesome perspective! I am trying to live the same way….it can be challenging but His way is so much better than mine…

    • I love Psalm 33:22!! It reminds me that I can either carry my burdens, or cast them on the Lord. Letting go and letting God be God is such a powerful way to cast and trust. Thank you for sharing Joyce!!

  28. I know I’m probably not alone in this request – I would ask for prayer for one of my young adult children who used to be so committed, so pursuant of godly things, but has drifted away recently from the Lord and also from us, his family. His life is now in a local city and that environment seems to have gotten hold of him in a very strong way and the pendulum has swung too far to the other side of extreme independence. My mama’s heart breaks when I think of how close we used to be, and how now it’s rare that my husband or I even hear from this child of ours. I would be most grateful if you would join me in praying for restoration and a closer relationship with him that revolves around a common bond of faith and family.

    • Praying for your son and family. In a very similar situation with my son’s drifting away. I pray every day and read comforting scriptures that tell me my child will return to trust God to take care of it all.

      • Praying for you both today Stephanie and Beth, and for your sons. Praying that just as the prodigal son went home, your sons will begin to come home in their hearts and pursue a relationship with you both. “So he got up and went to his father. “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.” Luke 15:20

        • Thank you Renee for that scripture reminder which I just told my husband last night. May God bless you, also in any and all areas you need.

        • That image of the father running to him, welcoming him home brought tears to my eyes – we long for the chance to have this opportunity in our lives. That you Renee for sharing and praying.

    • Beth,
      Prayers for you son. May God do a heart change and bring him back to himself and you. Prayers for your mama’s heart. May God send strength peace and comfort to you.
      Blessings 🙂

  29. Please help me pray for my sister who is thinking shes had a miscarriage. I’ve never been through anything like that so i literally dont know what to say to ger expect that God has a plan for everything and that He can take the worst and turn it into the best and for her just to keep her trust in Jesus. I can’t get personal with her about it though because i dont understand how shes feeling. God does though and i just ask and pray thay y’all would help me pray that God would just give her comfort and understanding in this time.
    thanks to all who pray.

    • Praying for your sister now Kayla. The best gift you can give her in this is to simply listen, hold her, let her cry and be sad with her. You’ll be Jesus with skin on, and He will be the tangible comfort she needs through you. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

    • Ah, I’ve been there. Praying for both of you! Praying for her peace as you give her support – bless you for your love!

  30. I’ve been working on my marriage for so many decades. There has been so much growth. But still so much pain and dysfunction. More than anything, I want healing to happen in my marriage for the sake of my children as they embark on their own relationships. I want the trends and habits of the past to change for the blessing of those that follow us.

    • Praying for healing in your marriage and in your family. For old patterns to die and new hope and growth to replace brokenness. It is possible. All things are possible with Jesus. After 22 years of marriage and lots of changes in us needed, I have seen that HE can do a new thing in us and through us as we surrender and lean in deeply to Him to change us from the inside out.

  31. Lord Jesus, there are so many people that need prayer. As I read through this list I am overwhelmed. Lord you know each of our needs. I lift up to you all that have posted and responsed on this blog and I boldly ask you to meet them where they are now and answer their prayers quickly and according to your will. Thank you for loving each of us that you care enough to hear our prayers.
    I would like to ask you all to pray for me and my son. We lost his dad 5 years ago. I have been dating and God has put many things on our hearts regarding my dating relationship. I could speak a lot of this but ultimately the lord knows. The gentleman I have been seeing has pulled back to pray to ask god for his help in determining what’s next or do we end. In my heart I know it’s gods plan for us to be united but he has free will. Matters of the heart are always hard. I have recounted all that God has said and done in this relationship over the past couple years. Please pray that God reveal the truth, take away fears, answer questions, and that His will be done … And whatever else He puts on your heart to pray. It’s tough … Really really tough. Thanks

    • Amen to your prayers for this beautiful community and each woman’s needs today. Jesus is so much more equipped to carry our burdens than we are for one another and so I picture us carrying them together – to Him.

      And I’m praying for you Julie, and for your son as this next chapter of life unfolds. I’m praying for your relationship – for God’s perfect will and HIs greatest blessings for you and your son. That you will know without a doubt that no door can close that He wills not, and a peace that surpasses all understanding comes when we are seeking Him. In Jesus name, amen.

  32. Renee,Thanks, for sharing your words of encouragement. I come from a small reservation community and its not easy for me to ask for prayer because of gossiping that goes on in our church, it’s rare that i would ask, when i read your post it was good too know that maybe for me to ask in different way for prayer, i feel im alone in prayer at home, my request for prayer is for our son to get to know God and for salvation, and God to direct his life and find a job that God to give him, he has 2 toddler kids, i thank you so much for your prayer, what I’m going through now has me in prayer daily for God to do something with him,our son name is evander…again thank you all sisters and i will be praying for you as well.

    • Pam
      I am praying for your son and that he will come to know Jesus as his personal savior and be the leader and father that God has called him to be! I am praying for you as well!

    • Thank you for sharing Pam. It is such a delicate balance of sharing things we are praying for our children or husband, because it’s their story too. And yet there is such beautiful community created when we pray for one another and the ones we love. Praying now for your son, Evander, and his children. Also asking Jesus to give you a friend in your community who needs a friend. Someone you can trust and lean on for prayer and you for her. We are here for you and lifting you up today!

  33. Renee, such a beautiful post. I’ve definitely been the one who doesn’t want to be a burden. Just this morning, I sent a quick kind-of-apology note to a couple friends who were a listening ear to me the other day when I just needed to express what was happening inside. They both assured me they were there for me.

    The beauty God has given us is to be dependent on Him and interdependent on each other. When we try to bear our own burden by ourselves, we miss out on the amazing peace that comes with sharing our hearts, and our friends miss out on being a blessing in our lives. Lose-lose when this happens.

    Thank you. I’ll ask for prayer for my family. For wisdom for my husband and me as we walk with our boys through a couple things. And that I will hold my dreams with an open hand. Thank you.

    • Praying for you Jeanne, for wisdom in parenting and for open-handed dreams. Both such tender vulnerable places for a woman’s heart. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Renee ~~
    You’ve said it with such perfection: the dread of being a burden. I’ve wrestled with this all my life, and I’ve come to realize it originates from a deep sense of unworthiness. The enemy often uses this to taunt me, and I must remember that God says that I’m “worth dying for.” That seems to settle it for me. Nonetheless, I’ve struggled with “should I ask for prayer” for such difficult moments in life ~~ and as you’ve said, had I neglected to do so, I would’ve missed out on the BLESSINGS and COMFORT of God through the friends He placed in my life (specifically for those precious moments).
    I’m with you in this, Renee, and THANK YOU for saying it all so beautifully!

    • You are so right Linda – it does stem from a place of unworthiness. I hadn’t really thought of that before, but it’s a pattern of thinking that shows up in other areas too, so I have a feeling you are spot on! Thank you for sharing and reminding us all – we were worth dying for and worth praying for. I love praying for others and I know the feeling is mutual with friends. Blessings and prayers over you today, too!!

  35. Jesus my Lord and Savior, the needs of my sisters in Your body are before You. Some spoken some unspoken. Give each of them Wisdom in prayer, and quiet time, through Christian brethren and Your Word, and strength that comes from Your grace. Help each of them to always remain in Your will and be blessed in the waiting. Shower on them the gifts of the Spirit. Inspire them to wear the armor of God. Holy Spirit hover over these precious people and through their lives. Thank you for all You are to us sweet Lord. In Your holy and precious name I pray. Amen

  36. I’d like prayer for my sister, please. She’s been very sick for the last few weeks and needs a touch from God. I will pray for all of you as well. Thanks in advance.

  37. As soon as I saw the words, I hate to be a burden’, I remembered how I had said or thought those very same words. Even now I have to fight feelings of resignation and fear that well up within me…But I’m really overwhelmed taking care of my dad. I have been for years. The fact that I can’t work, can’t go to church–can’t really do anything except go to a store or fastfood place–only adds to my loneliness. I need prayer and I’m thankful for any you can send my way.

  38. Wow. The number of comments (106 so far!) indicates that the desire not to be a burden to others is a very common desire. Thank you, Renee, for showing us that the positives of sharing our burdens far outweigh any negative: 1) We give friends the opportunity for blessing, to be there for us. 2) Suggestions and questions they share can be very helpful. 3) We’d miss out on God’s comfort and peace generated by their comments and prayers. And here’s one more: They get to celebrate with us when their prayers for us are answered. Hallelujah for the sisterhood who support, encourage, and pray for one another!

  39. Renee,
    These words are such truth. We all need to share our burdens and prayers with others so they are lessened for us as well as give others the chance (and blessings) of praying for us, just as you wrote!
    I have gone down this list of prayer needs and have prayed for each of you and your needs and family’s needs… Know the God who made the whole universe, earth and us, lives in us and hears and answers our prayers. Thank you God! You are awesome to behold!
    Blessings upon each of you!
    My prayer need today is my hands and wrists have been in pain for about 2 1/2 months…and it makes doing anything difficult… Thanks for your prayers for His healing power on them!
    Love you all in Jesus!

    • Dear Heavenly Father, please be with Susan and heal her hands and wrists. Please take her pain and give her Joy in return. Please give her rest. In Jesus Name, Amen

  40. Thank you for your post. Right now we need prayer over my husband and I as we pack up 30 years of life and move across country. The stress is taking its toll and though we believe God is leading this expedition we are weary….

  41. My heart sang when I read this post. It’s amazing how God works through people to help ease our burdens. So happy I read this.

  42. This reading really tough my heart needs today. I do feel like that sometimes when I need to ask my friends to pray. I am asking for prayer today for an increase in my finance, last year March i gave up a position that was to stressful for me. I was on call 24 per – day seven days of the week. Given up that position means I took a big pay cut. I have peace with not being in such a stressful environment anymore but financially it is hard. I sometimes times now feel like I made a mistake even when I see the things that God is doing in my life.

  43. Thank you Lina (and any others) for praying for me. I have to hold back the tears when I see or hear someone praying for me – there’s nothing that means more to me!
    Bless you!

  44. Hello friends,
    I’d appreciate prayer as my family and I are getting ready to move to Richmond, CA which is not exactly the safest city. I also have concern because we are moving in with an uncle of mine who is not a believer. My uncle does and says things that are inappropriate at times. My husband and I have 2 small children ages 4 and 2. My hearts desire is to move into a home of our own unfortunately we can’t afford our own home. Please pray God would go before us and keep us safe. Thank you all God’s blessings!

  45. Dear LORD, Please be with Andrea and her family as they are moving and living with her uncle. You know their needs. Please keep them safe and guide them as they go through these changes. Please give them a peace that passes all understanding-that they feel Your loving and protecting arms around them. May Your light shine through them as they spend time with her uncle and that he turns to You and asks You to be his LORD and Savior. You are the LORD who does amazing things-thank You LORD! In Your Name, Jesus, i pray-Amen!

  46. this really hit home for me today, I had friends dealing with orphan/adoption, transition, friends dealing with betrayal/divorce and so many sick and hurting and my blue attitude and sadness seems to insignificant. So thank you. I shared my heart a bit with a few friends today and it seemed to help. I loved the part you shared that my prayer is never a burden to God. Than you! Blessings

    • Praying for your blues to be lifted and that you might be filled with the joy of the LORD!!!

  47. I ask that you would please lift my Mom, Edna up in prayer. She has an upcoming surgery on May 5th. Please pray for a speedy recovery for her.
    Also, my youngest son Blake… he is facing several upcoming trials and needs to come back to Jesus. Please pray God would raise him up to be a man after Gods own heart and he would walk Blake through this difficult time and show Blake His love and grace.

  48. I very much enjoyed your article, it is so true! Would it be ok to ask prayer for myself, I have an appt. at the dentist day after tomorrow and I am scared to death! I have a long-time fear of dentists! But I have an abcessed tooth and the side of my face is swelled up, it’s beyond painful. Thank y’all so much and thanks for listening. God Bless!

  49. I still struggle with the tought should I wait or share my this week s problem with friends. I was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder and this week all the symptoms that lead to a bad place came back. Because of really stressful week at work with 5-6yr olds + talks with the parents. Its big jet its small compared to others.

  50. Wow, as I debated with myself on wether or not to list my need for prayer here I read your comment. I too suffer from anxiety and have been diagnosed with OCD. This last week for me has been challenging as some old symptoms have resurfaced making me feel like I am moving backwards instead of forward. So, know I understand and am saying a prayer for your journey right now.

  51. My husband and 2 little boys lost our labrador to a tragic accident this week. We got him 6 weeks after we were married and he was truly our baby. He welcomed both of our boys on their first days and he grew to love them as much as we did. He was truly family and was not looked at like a dog. He slept in the bed with us, ran with me, protected us, and loved us unconditionally. My 4 year old said it best on Monday, when we lost him, “Mama, Memphis is in heaven with Jesus now. He is right up there (pointing upward) and we can talk to him all the time.” Oh the faith of a child. My husband and I are grieving and our home just seems so hollow. Please pray for strength and peace during this time.

  52. Please pray for me as I am going through a financial crisis, with debts mounting, due to part-time employment for the past 5 years. I am financially drained. Also pray for my son that he would return to the Lord and finish his studies successful as he complete university. I know that God is a miracle working God. Thanks for your prayers.

  53. In need of prayer for a strained family relationship, eldest son needs courage and direction (and a job!), financial needs including a 2nd car. Thank you!

  54. Renee, I am always floored by the way your words resonate with me. It’s like you are living my life. I just read this today – a bit behind on emails – & it moved me to tears. I had to share it on fb (with a huge prayer that nobody would see & read my post with it & yet a prayer that someone would see & understand & be moved to open up for prayer & help when needed).
    I can’t think of more to share than what I posted with the link to this article/blog, so here it is:

    “I didn’t want my burdens to burden them.

    They already had so many problems of their own: illnesses, a job loss, death of a loved one, relationship strains, overwhelming stress, and overloaded schedules.

    I questioned whether my need rated high enough on the urgency “Richter scale.”

    Was it really bad enough to ask for prayer, or should I wait to see how things turned out?”

    This/these are the things that go through my mind when I want so desperately to reach out & say “I’m scared, lonely, hating myself, just want to talk for no apparent reason other than I just REALLY want to connect with someone who knows me & cares about me.” When I am running on empty and want an encouraging/uplifting word or hug.

    I usually don’t reach out because, well, I then become an additional burden to them. Oh Lord in Heaven, the heartache that just the thought of my adding to their burdens brings on. So, I don’t let anyone know.

    I’ve had some good friends try to point out to me that in so doing (not reaching out) I am depriving them of a blessing. My twisted mind wonders how in the world me unloading my burdens could be a blessing to them in their busy & more important lives & issues.

    The blog post shared this,

    “They would’ve missed out on a chance to be the “body of Christ” by guarding our hearts and minds with God’s promises and the power of prayer. And they would have missed being part of what God was doing, the joy that came when medical tests went well, and the recovery that was quick.”

    Maybe I’ll remember this & reach out next time. I hope you will reach out, maybe even to me because I do so love to be of service to others in God’s name.

    THANK YOU, Renee & the entire (in)courage team for such heartfelt & REAL sharings.

  55. Renee,
    You are spot on in this blog! If we don’t allow others to pray for us then we are denying them the joy of helping and using their God given talents. No one is a burden if you ask for prayers. I love praying for and lifting up others to God. That is what He has called us to do.
    Watch the movie “War Room”-if you haven’t already. It is super powerful and talks about fervent praying for others. Since that movie I have started to pray scripture, and pray for my husband-quit nagging. I can now see when the evil one is attacking me or others I love.
    Prayers for everyone here. May God send strength and peace to endure these trials. I pray for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Blessings of finance, grace and contentment.
    Blessings 🙂

  56. Renee,
    My prayer need is to be released from always feeling indignation and resentment. I can almost feel my chest squeeze when I know I’m being treated wrong. I’m dealing with a situation at work where leadership is lacking. Workers are blamed for dispite being subjected to unfair treatment and work practices. Expressed concerns are ignored, staff are lectured about being professional. Threats of being terminated for being insubordination is used daily. I tried being quiet, and ignore it is not working. I believe God will fight my battles. My committment to prayer, studying the word and building a closer relationship with God is of most importance. I can’t quit, break throughs are coming. The enemy tries to discourage me from praying the word. I really need to learn how to stand and fight with the Word and not resentment, indignation or anger.

  57. Bev,
    Education is so important! Praying for staff and children.
    Please pray for housing for me. My old house is full of bugs, mold and rot!
    This seems an easy task with all the mobile and prefab homes but can’t find one in my price range.I’m tired of being sick due to air quality within these walls. After being out for a while, can literately smell mildew. Thank you for your prayers and confidence in Christ! Blessings!

  58. It’s been a little over a week since this post went live and I continue to get notes and comments to read through and pray. You are not invisible. I see your words. Im praying for you hearts. You are heard, loved, cherished and being prayed for. #youareourpeople #youarenotaburden

  59. Please pray God will heal our marriage. We have both broken covenant with each other and God. We want to have a thriving marriage and are asking God to restore the years the locuts have eaten. Please bring us to His throne for His beauty to rise from the ashes we have created. Thank you so much – Renee B

    • Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Renee’s marriage. You know everything about them. Restore unto them the years that they have lost. Give them peace & a newfound love & trust for one another. But most importantly, allow them to restore their covenant with you. “A 3-fold cord is not easily broken”…work it out for them like never before. Amen!

  60. Graham: thank you so much for praying for us. My heart is so broken. God’s tilling of your heart into His fertile soil can be very painful. Pray we will relax under Jesus’ mighty healing power and not fight it in any way. Thanks again!!

  61. I need prayer for myself that I will be patient and not so clingy in my new relationship. I want it all now – his love and a promise that we will be together. This is the first man that has ever treated me right and I don’t want to lose him. He is also a Christ follower which is such a blessing.

    I lift up my prayers for the school in the Middle East – that Our Father protects them all, keeps them safe and let them continue to grow.

  62. Please pray for me , I have been going thru such health issues over the last 5 years and need healing!!! My dad also is getting dementia and as his child it has been very hard on me due to the pain I feel watching him decline. He is 88 and would love for God to just take him home to Heaven. He has always been such a kind wonderful Christian man visiting sick and going to see others in need and at this time in his life he is total opposite and very agitated and mean with his care givers and family members. We know this is not him but the sickness and we just pray that God takes him to heaven soon