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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. Thanks for these words Stephanie.
    “My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken.”
    I’m currently going through some indecisive moments in my relationships and decisions I have to take are seeming quite unclear to me. Sometimes it feels that the haze around you is not clearing up and your vision remains blurry.
    I know that the Lord never gives up on us so I will keep faith and hold on.
    For our Lord is good.
    God Bless!

    • Ruby,
      The Lord will reward your faith and perseverance. I am lifting you up for peace and patience to keep trusting in the Lord and His good and perfect will for your life. Even when things seem blurry…He is still there loving and holding you. His word is a lamp unto your feet. Keep taking one step at a time and He will guide your paths. I will continue to lift you up in prayer.

    • Ruby,
      Prayers for God to give you a discerning heart to know His great love for you and His plans for your life. May you receive the mind of Christ saturated with Godly wisdom. May He send strength and bless you with peace.
      Please give Ruby a clear vision as to the decisions to make. Help and guide her with your wisdom.

    • I pray for clear direction for you Ruby, and for God to take away the haze and be visible and clear and always available to you. I pray that the decisions you need to make will be obvious and that your faith will remain strong and even be strengthened through it all. God bless you sweet Ruby. Amen

    • For our Lord is good! Amen! I pray that God blesses you with clarification in your relationships and continues to lead you down the path that is right for you. Jesus has beautiful plans for your life. Plans to give you hope and a future. May God bless you always!

      Stephanie xoxo

    • our Lord is good all the time, He is the only one we can count on to see us through, hang on there, hang on to Him He will see us through God Bless

    • It often seems that confusion is the way of the enemy. God will make his will known to you through his unfailing word, and through others who love Him. If in doubt, seek scripture and never stop praying. God will open doors for you and shut others, if you will wait on him. Be patient, He will show you what to do.

  2. I pray for clear direction for you Ruby, and for God to take away the haze and be visible and clear and always available to you. I pray that the decisions you need to make will be obvious and that your faith will remain strong and even be strengthened through it all. God bless you sweet Ruby. Amen

  3. I ask for prayers for my daughter who, at 28, is struggling with her singleness and I see her developing a bitterness. I ask for God to continue to soften her heart and to help her hold on to God’s good and perfect will for her life. I also ask for continued prayer for the children of Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc….that God would place a hedge of protection around the children, the director, and teachers. Thank you…

    • Bless her heart, prayers that the Lord will go before her and find the one she’s been waiting for. And, continued prayers for Redeemer Christian, my friend. ((HUG))

      • Brenda,
        Thank you, as always, for your kind and tender heart!! Thank you for the prayers, both for my daughter and for RCF, Inc.
        Love and ((hugs)),

    • God bless you and your beautiful daughter. She is not alone. I’m 21 and single and I worry when I will find the right person to get married and start a family with. I pray that she not grow bitter and that she doesn’t lose hope but that she continues to pray. May she feel a peace surrounding her unlike any other and I pray that the Lord blesses her in His perfect timing and according to His will with her hearts desire. God has beautiful plans for her life and He will use her in amazing ways, may she never forget that. Thank You Jesus for hearing and answering every prayer! Amen. Sending love your way xoxo

      • Stephanie,
        Thank you for your prayers…as the years pass it is hard not to get bitter. I pray that God will protect my daughter’s heart and yours from that root. Praying for peace, patience, and contentment in Him. Sending love and prayers your way as well!!
        Bev xoxo

        • Of course, It’s a privilege to pray for you and your daughter, and thank you so much for your kind words and prayers! Xoxo

    • Bev,
      May God send a Godly Christian man for your daughter. May she develop a peace from God about her singleness. Remind her that God is molding her and the man into the Godly man and woman He wants them to be. Prayers for the children of Redeemer Christian Foundation. May God put a hedge of protection around them and all the workers. May God also bless you and your family Bev.
      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you, Beth, for your heartfelt prayers…they are truly, truly appreciated!!
        Bev xx

    • Krisette,
      Yes, may my daughter’s gaze be upon her Heavenly Father!! Thank you for this prayer and for the prayers for our children…I pray Psalm 91 over them all the time…
      Bev xx

    • I was going through the same last year at 29,i was getting bitter but once i realized Gods time is best I am OK now and waiting upon HIM and I believe HE will make everything beautiful in His own time.May your daughter find peace in the Lord.

      • Makebah,
        Thank you for sharing and for the encouragement. Praying, too, that she will find peace in Him.

  4. Thank you Stephanie I was drawn to your message today!! I don’t usually read the in courage email. I seem to have so much on the go… Blessings and crisis. I am struggling to hold on to my relationship and there are days that I just want to end it! And then I feel Gods love… My daughters relationship has ended and she has moved on to a new one with her three children and now pregnant with twins!! Her health is poor and I have judged her decisions and now trying to accept and support her!! Lord as I pray for Ruby and the decisions that she is facing, as I read these words I know that you are with her no matter what all looks like!
    I know and feel you are with me as well!
    God bless

  5. I ask for prayer for my family and for the seeming constant strife. I pray for God to draw each of the 5 of us in, for grace and love to abound, and for kindness and joy to return. I pray for selfishness and laziness to find no place in our hearts and homes. God I pray that we could only see you and act like it! I’ve been married for almost 18 years to a hardworking but selfish and sometimes angry man and my 3 children have been raised in a sometimes hostile environment. Through it all we have sent them to Christian schools since they were three. My oldest is now a sophomore in a Lutheran high school. He said that he doesn’t think that Christians need to act differently than other people. It just means we are going to heaven. My heart is heavy. God, reveal truth to us. Let us be receptive to you and your words. Change our hearts to be like yours for ever and ever. Help me not to fret and believe the truth of what God has to say to me, to us. There are so many decisions and complications and I pray for grace through it all and wisdom and clarity. Jesus in your name I pray. xoxoxoxoxo

  6. I pray for Deb to be perfected in Your love and wisdom in her relationship and for her daughter’s health and her grandchildren that they will grow closer to you. My family is in a very difficult financial situation and I am praying for the Lord to provide a job for my husband and the financial resources to provide for our family.
    I pray for Amy and her family that they do not lose heart that you show them your way and your direction. I pray that you will fill her with Your love.

  7. Thank you! I need prayer in guiding me to make the right decision concerning my husbands family.

  8. Please pray for my husband, Ron. He’s got a job interview on Tues 5/3. This is his 3rd – and hopefully final interview! – with this particular company. Please pray that God will continue to give him favor and that they will make him an offer this week. Thank you all!

  9. Please pray for my daughter who is dating an unbeliever, that she will witness to him, and he will be saved, also pray for an adult son who is bound in sin and unsaved. Thanks

    • Lord, it is in these hard places that we lift up our eyes and see where our help comes from to your praise. You know what is needed most. Please continue to bless Renee’s husband as he interviews so that he may have all that is needed to give to his family. Speak truth to Barb’s daughter and Barb so that they may further witness to Your great love to the one dated and their son/brother. Lord, may you bring such grace and peace here and that all the glory be given to You. In Your holy name, we pray 🙂

  10. Prayers for your daughter and son, Barb. And, for mama’s heavy heart. ((hug)) Would appreciate prayers for my children. Thank you. I’ve prayed for each request here. May you all find strength, hope and clarity in the Lord. ((grace upon grace)) <3

    • Brenda, I know and pray thats God’s loving arms are around your children. That they may know that they are children of our King and Saviour. I pray that your dreams for them as their moma come true and their hearts walk always with God.
      I need prayer for our family’s next moves concerning our three boys and where we live and what God would have us do.
      Thank you and Bless you all.

  11. Thank you for the sweet reminders of God’s love needing prayer for my daughter and different medical issues she is enduring and prayers for God’s provision during this season in our life. Praying for a new season of hope and provision and life

  12. Please pray for me and my husband. I live in fear that he is planning to leave me. He’s not happy anymore and is spending a lot of time with a lady at work that he claims is a friend. I’ve told him repeatedly how uncomfortable they’re relationship makes me and he doesn’t care. Our relationship is is a roller coaster ride and I don’t know how much I can keep doing this. It’s tearing me up Inside. We had a huge argument last nite over this. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Lord, to Your glory, please enfold Jessie and her husband in Your loving arms today. Help her to rest in Your healing love. hearing Your gentle truth and peace. Speak to her husband’s heart, softening it to hear and listen to Your tender words and grace. May all praise and glory be Yours, dear Father, in whose name we pray 🙂

  13. I seek prayer for my father and my friend. She is a sister in Christ and she is needing the power of prayer from this body of Godly women, in Jesus’ name.

  14. Praying Jessie that God will speak wisdom and reverence of God and your marriage and that godly men will surround him and speak truth about staying in your marriage.

    Praying for my daughter dealing with medical issues and prayers for God’s provision in our lives and a new season of hope life and healing and provision

  15. Thank you, Stephanie for these words today. The daily (in)courage emails have been a great source of comfort to me. My husband and I have recently separated. I have been praying endlessly for restoration and for both of our hearts to be moved to forgiveness. I desperately want our marriage and family restored. My husband is going through something that even he doesn’t understand. I pray that he would find Christ and the peace and love that comes with it. I pray that God can open his heart to seeing that are marriage can be restored.

    • Jennifer – you sound so gracious in a difficult time!

      God, you tell us that you are our Maker AND our Husband. You are Redeemer, you are full of compassion. (Isaiah 54). I pray you pour out your loving kindness on Jennifer as she waits and prays for her husband and her marriage. I pray you grow her in wisdom. I pray she hold loosely the things if earth and tight to you. Give her strength to obey you, keep her safe, and I pray for her to be able to discern Godly wisdom when others share their opinions. I also pray for her husband, we pray for a softened heart, and a repentant heart. We pray his mind would not conform to the world, but would be transformed by your renewing touch. I pray they would desire a Christ centered family, and appreciate the unique ways you have formed each of them.

    • Jennifer, I believe we are going through the same situation. I believe God can open the hearts, and eyes of our husbands and bring them back to Him and in time to us. It is very hard to understand the decisions they have made and only by Gods love and faithfulness have I been able to hold on to hope and make it through each day. Adding you and your husband to my prayers

      • Cheri, thank you. It is such a blessing to have others praying with and for me. I will pray for you and your husband as well.

  16. Dear sisters, please pray for all those on my prayer list, especially for those recovering from surgery, folks interviewing, and with severe illness. Please pray that the Lord’s will is done in my life, that He will continue to help me let go of the sin and lies that cloud our relationship, strengthening me in my daily work. Thank you to each of you for your prayers and to our God for hearing them 🙂

  17. Join with me in prayer for my unsaved loved one and the backsliden ones, for all unsaved souls, I do not feel right asking praying for my loved ones alone, it is not God’s will that any should perish, when we pray we must remember the other lost ones too, God Bless us all

  18. Prayers for an adult daughter, we adopted her at the age of 13. Her life was and is challenging. We are estranged from her, since the age of 18, nearly 2 years, as she struggles to decide where she belongs and has been trying to be back with her biological family. She has struggled with substance abuse, poor relationships, self harm, and mental illness. She currently lives in a tent in a backyard with people she barely knows.

    • Kelley,
      I pray that God will keep her safe and that good will come of her challenges and that may he ease your heart from being weary.

      blessings to you,


    • Kelley,
      Prayers for that sweet daughter. May God watch over her, keep her safe, and change her heart towards you. May He send strength and peace to endure. May He send His love, grace and mercy to everyone.
      Blessings 🙂

  19. I will admit, this post made me want to cry. So beautiful and something my heart needed to hear so badly. Long story short…We have had a long 3 years as God continued to move us to the place we now currently are. During those 3 years we have been trying to sell our home in a different state. After 3 years of being on the market, it is easy to understand why we are starting to get discouraged. We know God has the answer already as to when, we are just praying fervently that God will move this mountain of selling it so we can finally put down the roots He is calling us to put down. Thanks in advance for the prayers. We know prayer is so powerful…even when we start to feel hopeless.

    • Chrissy,
      Prayers that the house sell quickly! May God send peace and contentment to your hearts. I pray you can settle down and start a good life without worry.
      Blessings 🙂

  20. Prayer for my family today with issues regarding care for mother-n-law and tension with all of our hurting hearts, ugly words have been sad and my heart is broken.

  21. After infidelity and lies, yesterday I ended three years with the man I was deeply in love with . I am heartbroken and feel unloveable.. I have been single for so long. How can this loneliness be God’s plan for me? —– Ruby (below) God bless your decision-making process….prayers for clarity and wisdom.

    • Watch the movie War Room, it will change your life. My husband of 32 years has left and the sadness and loneliness was so overwhelming in the beginning, I’m still sad that all these years together has ended this way, I have found that orating for others and making myself get out of the house helps, praying for you

    • It is not God’s plan for you. This was not the man for you. Your are worthy of so much more. Just believe it because God says it is so. You are a daughter of a great and glorious Lord. Our maker. There is someone out there maybe now or later. For now heal your heart and know that man was not worthy of your trust nor your love.

  22. I am asking for prayers for my strength as I go through grieving my husband’s death, trying to shepherd our two sons ages 7 and 9 through this ocean of emotion – which for them is not spoken but acted upon with anger toward each other and me. I am so very lost in my path and my physical strength is fleeting at the moment. My emotional strength is so shaky. I feel I have to be strong fort he boys, but how . . .I am asking God for guidance and help minute by minute, but hearing the reassurance and hope of God’s voice seems fleeting . . .

    • Praying for you as you move through this journey of grief. Remember that it is ok to have your own meltdowns, you don’t have to be strong all the time, that’s why you have friends and God to support you. If nothing else scream in the car and let some of your grief free. You can’t be strong for anyone if you don’t take care of you and let out some of your sadness.

    • Praying for you. God is our father who heals. He will never leave ;you nor forsake you, even if you are going through these difficult times.

  23. I am praying for a fresh anointing of the presence of Jesus in my family, there are some who don’t know him, most do but are going through some change or trial. I pray for you all as well, He is our peace and that’s what matters.

  24. I don’t really know hoe this works. But I’m praying for Ruby also hehe.. I ask prayer for my dad who just separared from my mom, he dosen’t know God, even though he’s heard. I have a really tough time loving him and spending time with him. I need prayers so I can show him God’s love for him, genuingly. Thank you!

  25. Praying for the requests below, God is Able. Today I ask for prayers for my husband of 32 years, he moved out in October and has been involved with a very deceptive female. I would ask for prayers that he would only see the truth and hear the truth and see that she is not only deceiving him, also his family and friends. Also, that he would reconnect with God and Godly men in his life. Thank you so much for allowing me to post this request. May God Bless Each of you today in a special way <3

  26. Praying for you protection and that you will be provided with all you need, God knows exactly what you need <3

  27. Krisette,
    Praying for your safety as you go on to serve others.

    Bless you,


  28. I need prayer having some chest discomfort…I have an appointment with my cardiologist in the morning ,I would prefer to see him first before I get to excited.Since I suffer with acid reflux that may be all it is

  29. Lord Jesus you are Protector God ,protect Krisette as she travels to the middle east to do your work.Provider God provide all the funding she needs,for the work before her.Thank you Lord for your rich provision .

  30. Thank you, MT. I received your blessing/reply right as I walked out of church this morning. I burst into tears at the beauty of your advice and the comfort I felt from your words. I will keep re-reading them. — My name is Laura. Would you please continue to hold me close in your prayers this week? Thank you again.

  31. am praying for your comfort and healing Carol– As I write this I am experiencing health & financial issues- Had b cancer 4 years ago & still dealing with everything that went wrong & because Im on disability – and I have to travel 50 miles each way at least twice a week- not a lot of $ for even food- I can go without it but my husband who has stood by me through it all shouldn’t have to. Am feeling very depressed – just really tired of so much pain, so many dr visits and not enough $ to get through each month. I KNOW God provides- Im just not sure how strong I am. Praying for HIS Peace and His Strength to carry us through.

  32. Mary Fay,
    God bless you! May you feel his loving arms around you. May you know the joy and peace that he gives. I pray for all of your needs. I pray that God will provide nourishing food for you and your husband so that both of you can give much needed love and support to each other. You are so precious to Him and He hears your prayers. In Jesus name Amen.

    And now, I ask for prayer for my family. That we will all grow closer to our Lord and then closer to one another. I ask that the Heavenly Father move in a mighty way to soften the hearts of my adult children, and put Him first in their lives. I ask for prayer for me to truly give them to God.

  33. Please pray for healing on a worrisome health issue. Also, for my marriage and God’s truth in it and His will and timing in starting a family. Please also pray for my job, and God to protect and guide me in it.

  34. Praying for you Lou! For healing and truth and peace in your struggles. Praying the God will guide you.

    My family is in a pickle of a situation right now. I am expecting, due July 5th, we are closing on our home the end of this month and relocating and starting new jobs approximately 2.5 hours from where we currently live. And we have yet to find a place to call home. Please pray that God will provide and my anxiety will be lessened and for faith to know that God has all this already worked out in his plans for our family. Thank you!

  35. Dear Natasha, may the Lord who followed the Holy family to Egypt and settled them in a new country and town be your strength and your guide. Be not afraid , this is a daily exhortation. Whatever you need, God will provide in Jesus name.

  36. Please pray for my friend Sussana , she is going through chemotherapy and in truth has been such an inspiration. However, she is in pain and is feeling a little low. May God continue to strengthen and lift her up and still give her a reason to laugh in Jesus name. Amen

  37. Please pray that the Orthopedic surgeons I’ve been referred to will be open to performing the extensive surgery all of my primary physicians have recommended. Good clearly closed one door/sutgical team option last week. I know God is in control. Waiting is challenging as without the surgery, I absolutely can’t stand leaving me totally dependent on my husband and unable to care for our medically complex daughters. Thank you.

  38. Thanks Stephanie; this morning my Soul feels so empty. My challenges are financial and many mornings I awake and wish I could have slrpt on and awoken to a different world.
    As a Senior it is tough going and many friends seems to have forgotten I am still here. Please pray that my challenges change and I find a new home which will be my last home. May His Blessings be with you always.

  39. Taking BIG STEP. moving and starting to foster care. Of course many other things that come with it.

  40. My father in law passed away on Saturday and it was a shock to us all. My mother in law was one week into a trip through Turkey, Armenia and Georgia and arrives back home tomorrow. I ask that you all prayer for her, my husband nhis two sisters and the seven grandchildren left behind. He was so god to me and had such a loving and kind nature. He would honestly don anything for any one of us. Please I ask for peace during the grieving process and for God to show me how best to support my husband and three children through this time. thank you for your prayers

    My Lord please comfort Patricia in this time in her life. Please provide my Lord for her to find a permanent home and bring friends and family into her life. Fill her soul with the Holy Spirit be near her Lord and comfort her for you are everything my Lord and if you are with her she should feel full spiritually, AMen

  41. Jas, what a shock that must have been. I will pray for you in my own language at home (English is not my mother tongue).

    Please, be so kind to pray for me, although I do not feel I am really facing anything huge that could be called a crisis or a mountain. From time to time I feel so much panic and anxiety about the future, even just the close future of tomorrow, that it brings me to tears and leaves me crying at home all day. It makes me even more unhappy, but it keeps happening, and I don’t know how to stop it. Please pray for me that I will do well in my upcoming work assessment, which will or won’t allow me to proceed my medical career in the hospital I am currently working in. Please God, allow me to.

    • Praying for you Esther. We know that we can still feel anxious and upset, even tho the Word says His perfect love casts out fear. I am praying for Him to give you peace, comfort, strength and courage through the Holy Spirit. I am asking that He call to remembrance all you have learned in preparing for your career and help you to have confidence in what you know. Above all, I ask that He help you to draw close to Him, as the Word says if we do, He will draw close to us. Blessings.♥

      • Thank you so much.
        This specific ‘how can we pray for you’-blog really means a lot to me.

  42. Yes. Esther I have experienced this and at times I still. I put relaxing music and focus on my breathing. I also say certain prayers over verses over and over to help with my anxiety. I am a nurse so I understand some of the stress that goes along with the medical field. Please pray for a paper I have due tonight. I am stressed.

  43. Please pray for my 6 yr old granddaughter. They found a lump on her neck. My daughter in law just lost her mother to cancer a few yrs ago, so this is really stirring up some fears for her. Thank you

  44. I am desperate for the Lord to work and answer in a situation. Praying for a miracle for my family.

    • Lord, you know Stacie’s situation. In Jesus name, I pray that you will open the door to the solution she needs. Thank you dear Lord.

  45. I just don’t know what I should be doing with my life. I’d like to be married. I’d like to be a Mum. I’d like to adopt. I’d like to be doing a more fulfilling job. I just can’t see what God has for me. I’m not jealous of my friends but I do see things always happening for others and sometimes feel God has overlooked me. I wonder if I’ve missed opportunities I’ve not seen. I don’t want to waste my life.

  46. Thanks for the encouragement.Pray with me that my current situation wouldn’t change my stand in salvation.I really need to be firm in my salvation no matter what comes my way.Yes His love for me is amazing.I just lost my job

  47. Prayers for you Makebah! May you find strength and hope in Him. I ask for prayers for my health situation. Thank you for this website-God’s blessings!

  48. I have have been married for close to 6 years and I have been struggling to conceive due to my PCOS diagnosis. This past year has been really difficult as I have to deal with several failed IVF treatment cycles which has had a knock on effect on my concentration in my PhD research. Please pray for me that God will restore my PhD position and give me children as only he can. I pray that god will use this situation to help me to know him more. Thank you.

  49. Please pray for my younger sister. She was just recently diagnosed with stomach and pancreatic cancer.

  50. Please pray my father in law has bleeding on the brain on blood thinner cannotoperate until out of system called family in . I had an anxiety disorder that God has just brought me throughout r over 41 years. This is very hard. Very close family. Just been through open heart surgery w him w in the last year he had very small percentage of chance coming through.

  51. Hi everyone I’m new and while I have a long story I mainly would like prayers for my current illness/disease. I don’t know 100% what it is or if I will ever know, however I do know that God’s love and Grace for us is 100% real. I have been struggling and battling with chronic pain in my feet, knees, ankles- bascially both legs from my bottom to my toes sporatically (not always all at once) on a daily basis for nearly 8 months. I have had many tests seen many doctors and basically I have been on very little pain meds due to my cardiomyopathy (a whole separate issue) but the meds I am on do help somewhat. I cannot sit, stand, walk or lay very long without aching, burning, or other pain somewhere going on. I have been tested for Neuropathy but the doctor said it was negative. No other doctor has been able to diagnose me but one of them has told me I could still have a kind of Neuropathy. I am asking for prayers to strengthen my faith in God and my relationship with him as well as the strength to keep moving forward during this painful and frustating time that has been very tramatic for me and I need God’s comfort and strength through this. Most of all I need healing so I can begin again and move towards living a life with God and know I am on my journey with him. I really wish I had more hope as I keep putting my hope in God. I ask for hope and courage from Jesus. Please pray in Jesus name. Thank you.

  52. I am very much shaken up about so many things in my life, I would love any kind of encouragement, I try and grab on to any kind of words of hope, because in some areas in my life, I do not have the hope I need, it sounds kind of crazy hearing this from a Christian woman who has lost hope in things.. Walking way from my marriage over 24 years with 8 children has been painful..