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Brittany is a wife and mom, a gratitude seeker, an adventure chaser, and a simple-living enthusiast.

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  1. Brittany,
    What beautiful words to speak and pray over your little girl. One of my prayers that I continually prayed over my children (now grown) is: Lord, I have done my best today. Use what I’ve done to honor you. Forgive me for when I’ve failed my child and fill in those gaps with your love and presence so that they would be lacking in nothing. At every age and stage, I failed my children in some way, but I trusted their Heavenly Father to fill in the gaps that I left wide open.
    Blessings to you and your sweet baby girl,

    • Bev, what a wonderful prayer of love and humility. Thank you for placing it here-it brings a peace to my soul. May He bless you and your family with peace today 🙂

      • A wise Christian mentor shared this prayer with me…and yes it does bring peace to know that God IS able to fill in all the gaps! Glad it brought peace to your soul today 🙂
        B xx

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement! I love this prayer, and I have definitely prayed a version of it many, many times. It’s amazing how quickly we as moms start to fail our kids, but it’s a beautiful reminder of the abundant grace we have available to us in Christ.

  2. Beautiful and touching beyond any words I can think of. Made me shed tears.
    I somehow envy parents and children like you and yours because you are SO ACTIVELY taking in every moment of their young life and although I was a very loving, cool but also worrying mother myself, I could never have had the strength to put such words into writing at the end of each day. Thank you so much – and of course you’re very right with your silent observations and your insight in How God looks after His children!

    • Thank you, Kiki! I have had so many friends and mentors go before me and tell me how much I need to cherish these days. I took their words very seriously, and I’m doing my best to soak it all in — the good, the bad, and even the ugly. I know I will long for these days when she is grown! I am definitely prone to worry and anxiety, and this whole motherhood thing is one giant lesson in trusting God.

  3. I am so grateful, Brittany, this morning for this beautiful posting of tender words that open my eyes more fully to the Lords care for me. What a gentle and delighting Father He is towards us. I love how you are speaking words of life over your daughter, words of love. May you and your daughter be blessed in His love that He expresses over you, lifting you up into His strong arms today 🙂

    • Thank you for your encouragement, An! It’s such a good reminder for me that as much as I love to speak words of life to my daughter, God delights even more in doing that for me.

  4. Brittany,
    My children are adopted. I got them at age 2 and 3, (now 30 and 31). I always read to them, one on each side of me, then individuality said prayers with then, and then sang “Good night Irene” substituting their names in the song. They loved that. I miss those times.

  5. I love reading what parents say over their children every day. Growing up, it was always “Be Smart, Be Happy, Behave!” as I left the house each morning. For my own sons, I end each night with “Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, and Jesus loves you most!” My 3 year old loves hearing it – and saying it himself – and to his little brother.

    • Such a good message for your kids as they drift off to sleep! I know these messages we repeat to them over and over will become the stories they believe about themselves and about God.

  6. Very sweet post! What’s truly amazing is that we cannot truly grasp the greatness of God’s love – what we see and experience in human terms is just a glimpse. He loves us that much! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brittany,
    Wow! Such powerful words to speak. What an interesting way to view God. He is rejoicing over us always. Even in the bad days. He comes in the darkest of times to calm our fears. Great post!
    Blessings 🙂

  8. That is a truly special! May you always be given such words for your daughter.