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Marissa is a Christ-follower, wife, mom, cancer survivor, writer, speaker, and latte addict who loves to share her story of God’s faithfulness and encourage women with the truth of God’s promises. Her book, Loving Your Friend through Cancer: Moving Beyond “I’m Sorry to Meaningful Support, releases in May 2018.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Marissa,
    This is beautiful…I will go along pretty well knowing that my worth is in Christ and what HE did for me, but usually when I am tired and run down the enemy slings those arrows that say that I have to be perfect…that I’m not being good enough. That’s when I need to remind myself (and read perfect reminders like what you’ve written here) that I will never be good enough on my own and I certainly won’t be perfect. If I could, then what use would I have for a Savior. “Because Christ was perfect for me, I can walk in freedom.” Amen!!
    With blessings and thanks,

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing! I am of course reminded of Martha and Mary – we often think that we have so many tasks that we need to perform, but really God is asking us to do only one thing – follow His will. Why do we get so caught up in what others want that we forget to do that one thing? As Jesus says, His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

    • Hi Joanna! What a wonderful connection! It can be such a struggle to stop running around like Martha, but only one thing is needed. Thank you for sharing that!

  3. Marissa, I have been that defeated stick figure, feeling pressed down by the arrows of expectation. Over the last number of years, God has been teaching me that it’s not up to me to accomplish everything. It’s not up to me to forge my identity as some kind of super woman. What is up to me is to lean hard into Him, trusting that He will make me able to do what HE’S called me to. And He will give me my identity as one of His girls. Thank you for your beautiful, spot-on post.

    • Thank you, Jeanne! What a beautiful picture you’ve painted of depending on the Lord. I’m so happy to hear how He’s been growing your trust in Him! One of His girls – I love it!

  4. Marissa, I praise the Lord for this much needed post-thank you for these gracious words of relief. How I need these reminders of how Christ is our everything, how much I need Him. I have been so busy doing lately when I am longing for time with my Savior. How gracious He has been to meet me there, asking me to receive His grace and loving arms to be held. Thank you for this humbling admonishment that I can’t earn His love, that gift already given. He graces us with all we need for a godly life 2 Pet 1:3, setting before us what He needs for us and empowering us just for that. Its what you said in “Because Christ was perfect for me, I can walk in freedom. I can shrug off the world’s expectations and focus on the good work God has prepared just for me.” So grateful for this 🙂 May all of us be held in His arms today, knowing that He calls us His beloved children loved as we are in this moment but not leaving us the same by touching us with His love 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this with us – I love hearing how God is working in the lives of others! He is so gracious, isn’t He? He’s so good to keep coming after us with his love. I love how you put it, that He doesn’t leave us the same by touching us with His love. So beautiful.

  5. Today’s word must be freedom. I posted it to on my blog, Pinterest, spoke to a friend in ministry about it as she plans to leave her job. And then I read this. He wants us free from all the cares of the world. He wants to be our freedom and focus. I don’t think anyone put undue expectations on me, I put them on myself. I did let the negativity and criticism of others in, however. That is a tap we must avoid, or we’ll all be at the bottom of the page. New picture, Jesus with us, an a big shield.

  6. Marissa,
    Loved the stick figure analogy! We women feel the pressure to perform and be perfect always. When mistakes happen the devil is quick to remind you of all your failures-past, and present. So often I will embody those lies and walk in a downcast mood. Then I remind myself that I don’t have to be perfect or even close. Christ is perfect and He is living in me. Because of Christ I will walk in freedom that I am enough!
    Blessings 🙂

  7. This was just for me “… I can confidently tell people “no” sometimes, trusting God will meet their needs.” Jeepers it’s hard not to save the day – every single time! Praying we all ignore those persistent “shoulds”…xoxox

    • Nancy, the struggle is so real . . . I want to fix everything for everyone! But then it’s me who is the hero, not the Lord, right? I love your attitude of taking it to the Lord in prayer and asking for His help with this!