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Aliza Latta is a Canadian writer, artist, and author, who is a huge fan of telling stories. Her artwork and writing has been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is always searching for the goodness of God, even when she has to squint to see it.

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  1. Aliza,
    What a beautiful and tangible testimony of God’s great love being poured out through human vessels. I, too, am moved by those who have so little, giving so much, and being so grateful for what they have. My faith has been challenged and overwhelmingly moved to grow as I work with the orphans and especially the director at our school in Pakistan. They have so little, yet they love Jesus in a way that far surpasses how I love Him sometimes. There smiles of gratitude can outshine the sun….and for so little. My prayer is that we would be able to get more destitute children off the streets, into school, and love them with the love of Jesus, and give them hope. Prayers that my heart would continue to be challenged to love and trust Him more.

    • Bev,
      Praying for Redeemer Christian School and your family! I pray more children can get moved off the streets and into safe haven. May they come to know the saving Grace of God!
      Blessings 🙂

      • Thanks, Beth, for your continual support and prayers!!
        Bev xx

    • Bev,

      If only all the little children had the opportunity to safely be able to attend school.You are a blessing to those you stand by. My prayers are with them and you.


      • Penny,
        Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers…greatly appreciated!!
        Bev xx

  2. Aliza,
    It never ceases to amaze me how people with so little can be so happy! We here in America often complain about little offenses. The people elsewhere just go about their lives with huge Christ like smiles on their faces. May we learn to be content with what God has given us and learn to share more of ourselves.
    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I pray that contentment flow through all of us in this country and out of us in the form of generosity to others. We are greeting and setting up a home for refugees tomorrow night. I ask prayers for the family’s safe travels and a full participation by our group in making sure their home is ready for them. I am so grateful for all of you and the riches of prayer you provide through Christ. Grace and Peace. Bev

      • Beverly,
        Prayers for the family’s safe travels. May God guide the group to ready the home. Prayers for peace and contentment for everyone involved.
        Blessings 🙂

  3. Greetings ladies, definitely conviction reading this story. My prayer request is for restoration for my family.

    • Lisa, I pray that God will restore your family, that he will bring faith, hope and peace to all involved.

    • Debbie,
      Praying that our God, Jehovah Jireh, provides you daily needs each day. I pray that he will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that he will speak truth to your heart and remind you in the midst of it all, you are his beloved daughter.

  4. Aliza, i saw the same joy in Jesus in the people in Cuba, they didn’t have much but were so very happy to share what they did have. Thank you for the reminder to be happy where I am, that my happiness is in my relationship with Jesus.

    My prayer request is for my finances, not to be able to get the newestanything, but to be able to pay my bills and have enough left over for food on my table.

    • Debbie,
      Praying that our God, Jehovah Jireh, provides you daily needs each day. I pray that he will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that he will speak truth to your heart and remind you in the midst of it all, you are his beloved daughter. In him!!!

  5. So true that our lives [simply devoted to Christ] are d very doorway through which people see and experience His love. Debbie, my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. He will satisfy your mouth with good things and you will not know drought. My family of 4 is relocating to another continent and the thought of the leaving the known for unknown and certainty for uncertainty, sometimes feels so overwhelming. I’d appreciate your prayers in this area.

    • My prayers are with you as you make this transition that all will be well.

      Blessings & all the best to you.

    • Toyin, I pray for God’s peace and comfort for you and your family as you make this transition, knowing that while you may feel uncertainty that God does not and He is fully in charge as He goes before you to pave the way.

    • Toyin,
      Wow such a brave move! Prayers for a smooth transition. May God guide your steps and make everything go well with the move!
      Blessings 🙂

  6. Toyin, may the God who knows and sees all give you the peace that He is walking before you and along side of you in this journey and He also knows His plans for you to prosper you and give you Hope. Relax in His care and His provision for your needs.

  7. I am praying for kindness and a changed heart in my ex husband. We have an 11 year son who sees how hurtful his father is with his words and actions. This man lives with his girlfriend and has no God in his life. I pray for the evil to be gone from his heart and mouth.

  8. My request is for physical healing (many issues, but recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia). Also please pray that the Lord will bless me with clients for my brand-new online caregiver consulting business. Have been unemployed due to illness and my finances are almost gone, so I really need for my new business to succeed.

    • Father Gad, take away the pain in Kathleen. Heal her body.
      Bless her business, open doors so that she may be successful. Guide her and protect her , in your name We pray.

    • Lord, in all things You are the love that sustains and nurtures us, lavishly pouring out Your grace and mercy over our souls and clay vessel. Kathleen, may the Lord bring His loving tenderness and healing into your life, all that you need. Please Lord, go with Kathleen in her days, always in your gentle and humble name we pray.

  9. Im having so many problems at once that my soul is crying. My mom’s health is serious, I may be facing breast cancer, a lady in my church is upset with me and I’ve tried to talk to her because I don’t know what I did but she refuses. So then I feel like I disappointed God. I’m alone a lot. My children live 6 hours away. I just feel overwhelmed an alone.

    • Lord, I lift Bonnie up to you. Give her Your peace; show her Your hand today. I pray that she would sense Your pleasure that she tried to reconcile and that she can release the other woman to You. I pray that You would be very present and obvious in the health issues she is facing. Help her to really understand that she is not alone. Thank you Jesus.

    • Bonnie,
      Lifting you up in prayers! May God heal your mother and give her health back. Prayers for peace about the friend who is upset with you. You have asked for forgiveness and God will forgive you. Prayers that God will send friends your way to ease the burden of loneliness.
      Blessings 🙂

  10. Gracious Lord, I lift up Lynda and her family to you this morning asking you hear the heart of her request. May she rest in the knowledge that even though she may not see things you are doing in the hearts of her family, that You are at work to bring healing. Bring a clear answer to her regarding moving to AZ or not. And I pray that if she is holding onto anything that would hinder her from receiving from you or hinder your working in her family that you would in your gracious love, reveal that to her so she can surrender those things to you. Bless her and she goes and bless their time together. May Lynda more fully rest in Your love and receive your peace and grace. Bless her now and her family. I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, our savior and Lord. Amen

  11. God Almighty, please take care of Kathleen and her health issues.May she find peace and comfort in You through all her struggles and may she rest in the assurance that You are her healer. Also help her and guide her in her new business. May Your Holy Spirit give her the discernment she needs so that she may be financially relieved. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

    Please pray for my family, specially for my husband who is abroad and who needs to take an important decision concerning his career and the future of our family. Please pray that he may be able to decide what is best according to God’s plan for him and the whole family. May God place the right people on his path to help him as he is actually facing housing problems. God bless you all. In Jesus’ name , I pray, amen.

  12. I am (still) struggling with family and marriage relationships. Please pray that the Lord would continue to change my heart, and show me His hand in all of this. I feel alone and used up much of the time.

  13. Please pray for me as I work to organize a group from my church to serve at a new family homeless shelter, that God would help me to appropriate His grace and be obedient to take on only what I’m supposed to, to do what is best. . Please pray also that those who commit to serving are not tempted to feel overwhelmed by the scope of the needs there and that we would first be Jesus in loving them and obedient to God’s will in what needs we are meant to help supply. Pray we are an encouragement to those around us who may not know Christ but are also volunteering to help (there are many) and for the residents and those who come to eat will be touched by God’s love through us.The list is longer, God knows all of it and things we can’t yet see too and I’m resting in this and in His timing and supply.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Patty, my own prayer life has been difficult lately, and even though it’s been hard to pray for myself, I believe He hears me when I pray this prayer for you. My heart is happy to hear what your church is doing. I’m praying that the people you are serving would feel a touch of love through you, and I’m also praying for you to have strength to lead, and that your other members that are serving would be selfless in their actions. Also that the whole experience would be of people coming together meeting needs both body and spiritual and that it would be a sweet gathering of people caring for other people and not a sense of the “privileged putting in a few hours with the underprivileged to make themselves feel better” I and your group know that’s not your intention and I pray that those you are serving would feel God’s love through you and break down those walls of separation.

  14. Thank you for this opportunity to pray for each other. I confess that I have not been in the word or pray like I should. Not doing it out of obligation but out of love. My current life’s circumstances have me in a silent battle with God. Which makes me uncomfortable but I also can’t “fake it”. I’m struggling with works based faith vs if I can’t win it then where are you God vs well, I’m fighting depression and anxiety. And I feel guilty for not being a strong Christian woman by just silently waiting with faith for things to work out for His glory. It’s a difficult season that I’m struggling to see the end to, and am getting frustrated by hearing “it will all work out… just wait.. He has something better in store” because I’ve been waiting for a long time, and I’m afraid it is making me bitter and cynical.

    • Dear Julie, I am praying that God will give you peace and assurance that He is working & loving you even when you cannot feel it. I pray that you will be comforted by those beyond the cliche of Christian anecdotes and feel the real love of Christ. I found that reading The Ragamuffin Gospel was a great help when I was struggling with chronic pain and depression. God bless you real big.

      • Thank you, Lina. I’m going to check it out. I’ve been looking for a book to read.

  15. We are moving across country the end of this month, please ask God to cover us in safety and love for one another in cramped and unknown situations. That we might serve His purposes along the way

  16. Please pray for wisdom for me as I make plans to leave husband of 32 years. He had nervous breakdown ten years ago and will not get help. My Christian counselor and I believe it is time for me to move out. It’s hard to do at 66. Please pray for me to know how to set boundaries and be loving at same time. I only want God s will.

  17. Lina, I am praying and believing with you that God will cover you and your family in safety and love for one another in cramped and unknown situations and that you might serve His purposes along the way as you move across the county the end of this month.

    I am requesting prayer for a two week trip to London and Paris that my husband, son and I are taking beginning on June 12 in celebration of several milestones, high school graduation, 18th birthday, 25th wedding anniversary, and 50th birthdays for my husband and myself. We are praying that God cover us in his love and protection, that He keep us safe throughout our travels, and that he opens the way for us to have an enjoyable, wonderful, safe and happily memorable time as a family. We are so grateful to be able to take this trip. Thank you so much!

  18. Thank you so much sharing such a humbling experience. Until we taste we just don’t realize how much something that seems small can be such a huge statement of Jesus’ love.

  19. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

    Please join me in praying for a friend, A., who just found out she has multiple sclerosis.

  20. Please pray for a friend. She lead me to become a Christian after we both wer gay. We got married within a year of each other. She just decided that living a life for Jesus and being with a man is not who she is. It is so upsetting. We are all devastated. God can heal we all know it but we have exhausted every effort in trying to get her the help she needs from Christian counseling and so on.

  21. Please pray for a young couple who lost their newborn baby several months ago. They are so troubled and saddened. Thank you for caring for this request and for all the prayer requests that have been made. May God bless each and every one.

  22. My husband had some medical tests done on Friday. We are awaiting results. We are praying for good news, but want to be strong if that’s not God’s will

    Praying for Jessica’s friend. God can bring her back to him…even when humans have exhausted their resources.

    • May the light of God’s presence and healing surround your husband (and you) and direct him to God’s glory and for Jessica’s friend: In His Name, amen.

  23. I just pray for strength to pursue God’s perfect will, This story reminds me of the widow’s mite, and a little of the woman who’s oil never gave out. I think that we tend to take our blessings for granted living in the U.S., I join Bev in the prayer to get children in schools, and where there are two or three and a lot of women can put the devil to flight. He will leave none of us as orphans, real or spiritual. Have a blessed Sunday afternoon.

  24. After reading your post I’m humbled about my problems but they are ours and I must ask for prayers. We are getting kicked out of our home of 11 yrs because of financial reasons. Please pray for us to have God shine his love on us in finding a new place.

    • Sending prayers for you and your family tonight, Tammy. God says that we should not worry about where we will eat, where we will sleep or what we will wear, but it so difficult not to. One of my favorite phrases is “God’s Got This”. With love.

  25. It is so refreshing to know that we lift each other up.
    I’m asking prayer for the incredible fear over getting ill. I’ve always been afraid of catastrophic diagnoses but the anxiety that I’ve had over the past 10 months has been overwhelming and not who I used to be. Thank you.

  26. My husband and I and our marriage. Healed hurts, new life, Spirit-filled, restored,forgiven,compassion,care,love,help,healing,hope,etc. Thank you!

  27. My daughter and family need a car and a place to live. Another friend is sick. I’m struggling with my blood pressure. Yet i was blessed to share my granddaughter’s confirmation today. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks

  28. Lord, in Your gracious wisdom and mercy, You lift us up each day into your tender arms and love. We praise you as you give us all that we need to be poured out for others, living the Beatitudes. I beg You, Lord, to bring to each brother and sister here all that you know is needed to live a godly life through our knowledge of You, to meet them in their joys and sorrows with Your comfort, help, and peace. Lord, our need of You is so great and we know that you hear us as we bear each others burdens and lift our prayers to You. May the community of saints and Your mother join their prayers with ours, in Your great and holy name we pray. Amen

  29. Please pray that I would find a church home that would be a good fit. Also, for a godly husband. Thank you!


    • Hi Ginny! May God help you find a good fitting home Church and a godly husband. Will be praying for you

  30. Please pray for me as I am in the middle of a job search. I lost my job 3 months ago and haven’t gotten past the phone screen since then. I am also in the middle of a career fork: should I continue looking for coordination-related positions (10 months of recent experience) or should I start looking for front-end web development positions and training for it (more than 3 years of experience, but old technology). Thank you very much!

  31. Thank you Aliza ,
    For all you do….I embarrassed to ask you to pray for my alcohol addiction,
    All I can say, is thank you

  32. Please pray for healing on a health issue that has been going on for a few months. I can’t find anything to improve it slightly, and as a nurse it’s frustrating. Also please pray for God’s timing in starting a family. Thank you!

  33. Jesus, I pray for Lou. Give her wisdom about her health condition and starting a family. In Jesus name, Amen.

  34. I feel like I can’t identify with any of my friends around me – I’m the only one of us not to be married and the only one without children. I’m 42. I feel like I have failed. Like God has passed me by. I struggle to identify with anyone else in conversation. I’m feeling lost.

  35. I am praying for Louise, May God give you peace and joy.
    Please pray for my Mom she has a kidney problem and my older brother as he lost his job an searching for another but a year has passed and nothing happened.. He is really struggling.

  36. Louise, I will pray for you. I have been single for years and can imagine what you feel like. I will pray you find the path God has designed for you – maybe you’re already walking on it… And I will pray you will find conversation subjects you can identify with, friends you can talk too and people around you who care. I will do so in my own language since English is not my mother tongue.

    Catherine, your post appeared while I wrote. I will pray for your family too.

    Last time, I asked someone to pray for my assessment at work which was due. I surpassed it and will shortly be interviewed to hopefully reach the position of residency in the medical specialty I so want and so long to practise. I am scared and nervous, as I’ve been for weeks. I so long to do this, even though it is not going to be easy. Last time I felt comforted reading someone would pray for me. I already asked my friends, but I am asking you as a community again. Please support me, though it’s not even a big “problem” in my own eyes.

  37. A few months ago, I made a declaration in the name of Jesus. My confidence that these things will come to pass is there and my faith is strong. There are days that i doubt and for these days I ask for your prayers to get through them. I ask for your prayers that the request I have made come to be.

    • Stephanie, I pray to our precious Lord that he will bring calm and reassurance to you so that while you wait for your prayers to be answered you will be filled with faith. I ask if you could please pray for restoration for my marriage as my husband and I are going through a difficult season and for some relief of our financial difficulties that feel so overwhelming. Marisa

  38. My husband has developed many and large kidney stones (he is 83) and he has Parkinsons and heart problems. The urologist wants to do major surgery as he has had several severe infections resulting from these. We will consult this week with cardiologist and neurologist, but are prayer is for healing from the Lord without surgery.

    • Mary, I pray for healing for your husband, as well as wise consultation from your doctors. Peace be with you during the coming days.

  39. I was laid off about a month ago. While I look forward to some time at home with my kids during the summer, I also worry about money. I pray for patience and for the right opportunity at the right time, as well as self-control to not spend too much money. My husband is also waiting on a job offer for something that is more fitting to his skills and experience and would relieve some financial burden. It’s a time of uncertainty so I pray for faith.

    • C. C. Praying for you and your husband with your job situation, that God would open that door for the right position for both of you. I was there over a year ago it’s tough to wait, but God will provide have faith!

  40. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to be leading a small women’s bible study which I have not done before and we start in 2 weeks! Asking for prayer for wisdom, and guidance and words from the holy spirit to guide me on this new adventure!

  41. I ask for prayer for my most favorite guy Rob who battles with alcoholism. I pray that he has the strength needed to overcome his addiction and that he will ask for help and seek the resources available to him that can help. I pray for God to give him faith and hope in himself.

  42. My prayer is selfish in a way. I am 57 and have Diabetes. I am overweight–partly from using insulin and have absolutely no energy. I Just pray for more energy so that I can lose this weight that holds me down. It is very depressing. Thank you my friends.

    • Megan, your prayer is not selfish to me. I pray for you to be energized with the Holy Spirit and wake in the morning ready to exercise and do what is needed to lose the weight to stay healthy. Exercise and be motivated through uplifting spiritual music and see your diabetes move from your body. I already see it leaving you. I pray for your motivation to get healthy and for the insulin side effects to leave your body.

    • Your prayer is not selfish to me either. I will pray for the courage to stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise, even when tempting moments might come.
      By the way, I reckon your GP would be happy to help you out a bit! Or maybe you have a close friend who knows about exercise or food…
      I hope you will be able to stay strong and maybe to even use less insulin in the end!

  43. Megan, your prayer is not selfish to me. I pray for you to be energized with the Holy Spirit and wake in the morning ready to exercise and do what is needed to lose the weight to stay healthy. Exercise and be motivated through uplifting spiritual music and see your diabetes move from your body. I already see it leaving you. I pray for your motivation to get healthy and for the insulin side effects to leave your body.

    I also am asking for prayers. In my mind, I would like teach in a neighboring county to be with my kids. They are teenagers, but still need parental guidance and support. I desire to be teaching in the same county that they attend school. I have applied, but have not been offered a job yet. I ask for prayers from you all that God places His hand on my situation and either I receive a teaching job opportunity in this county or I will have a comforting peace that all will be ok. Thank you,

  44. I also am asking for prayers. In my mind, I would like teach in a neighboring county to be with my kids. They are teenagers, but still need parental guidance and support. I desire to be teaching in the same county that they attend school. I have applied, but have not been offered a job yet. I ask for prayers from you all that God places His hand on my situation and either I receive a teaching job opportunity in this county or I will have a comforting peace that all will be ok. Thank you.

  45. I am grateful for each day yet I feel lost, My prayers go unanswered and I ask does God really walk with me through these challenges? I have made a vow eight years ago when I was at my end and about to end my life I asked for a sign and received a phone call from one of my adopted sisters who said she had the urge to call me at that time. We had not spoken for years due to our religious beliefs she is a JW and I am not.
    Now I have a big challenge as my landlord has listed the building for sale and many vacant apartment in my area is beyond my financial means. I am lost and it seems my prayers are not being heard.Please pray with me that I find a new home that is affordable soon, I can only go as far as my pension allows and there are no Seniors building with vacancy just a long waiting list.
    Thank you God Bless.

  46. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for others as well as for people to pray for my family’s needs. We need to find a new living arrangement and it is a very stressful time in our lives as money is very tight. I am praying for wisdom as we make decisions of where to live for the next few years. My husband’s income has been cut by a third but our expenses still seem to be going up.
    Thank you

  47. I would like to be able to regain my mobility and strength, I have SI joint dysfuction and its made things hard for me, I am in worry of reinjuring myself and not able to do my job as well as I used to being a pet sitter. I wish I could be pain free and work toward being a healthier person. going thru therapy for it now.