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Autumn is a Jesus follower, wife of a preacher, and mom to 3 great kids. She loves the Word of God, long walks, and family time.

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  1. Autumn,
    You would think that with my children being “adults” that I would stop trying to control things. I realize time and time again that I am STILL a work in progress and I continually have to pray…Lord, less of me and more of YOU! I love the scripture you quoted for a prayer for guidance for your daughter. I am praying that same prayer for my adult daughter. In it I ask God to do the “showing”, the “teaching”, and the “guiding” and I claim that her HOPE is in Him (not in me and what I can do). Very poignant reminder this am and a good reminder to pray His Word for my children.

    • I felt the same this morning. My adult son reminds me that he is now grown. I have raised my son on my own since my divorce. He was two. I was being a mom and dad trying to control everything. Thank goodness I am learning to let go and let God! Thanks for the scripture references. I needed this message today. Thank you for sharing.

    • It’s comforting to know I am not the only one with prayer needy adult children. Instead of praying them through the challenges of adolescence it’s praying them through having enough money to feed their kids and prayers for God to guide them even though they do not seek Him first. I too prayed the scripture over fear for my son this am. We may not be able to fix their troubles any more but praise God we have the power of prayer to cover them with.

    • Prayer for my adult children is what I need to do more and more! It is so reassuring to know that their Heavenly Father loves them more than I ever could.! I also have a husband with mental illness so prayer is what I need to lean on Him-. Thanks for the sweet reminder I. The devotion .

  2. A fear issue that is deeply, deeply seated. I am trying to work through it (meaning I have taken the first steps towards conquering the fear) but I keep making excuses rather than facing it head on. I will be 32 at the end of the year and I think this fear took hold when I was around 6 or 7 although I didn’t realize it until I was 19. Add to that the fact that my mom also deals with a lot of fear and because she saw how much my fear upset me, her solution was always to walk away from it rather than face it, and you have deeply ingrained habits and along with deep-seated fear. Thank God above, habits can be changed! I just need to figure out how best to do that now. Powerful, Scripture breathed prayer is a good starting point.

    • Praying for the Lord to rid your life of fear, He does say fear not, lean into him and He will look after you xx

  3. Great post! I agree – it is so difficult to just trust God with the things that we care most about in life. We want to take control, handle, fix. Right now I am in the middle of a job transition, so while I also am doing my part to get myself out there, I am trusting Him with the final product. The Lord knows where He wants me!

  4. Autumn,
    Thank you so much for your insight. I really needed that this morning. I have always needed to be “in control” of everything and it has left me worn out, frustrated and to the point that I have become very ill. I have learned to LET GO AND LET GOD , for he is ultimately in control of everything. I am powerless without him. I too will use that prayer for my grown daughter and my granddaughter as well as she is going to be a senior this this year. I pray that we all be reminded that we are a continual work in progress and that God is the Pilot of of our lives. We are to let him be in control of our life and give it all up to him. God bless !

    • So true! Letting God and letting go has been very difficult for me. Am now reading ‘FERVENT” and learning to pray purposefully. It is really helping me to pray His way.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Ouch, ya got me! Thanks, Autumn for reminding me it’s okay to not rush around and try to fix everyone but to be confident that those prayers we are praying ARE being heard and that we can trust in God’s timing! God bless you and your family!!

  6. Thank you so much for this. I have a son who struggles in school. I have been trying to find the right words of prayer for him. I need to leave it all to God to help and change my son.

  7. I like the others please love how you pray the Lords words over you children and they are beautiful prayers. You are right and thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that prayer is the real work here. God made us and our children and is there for us if only we ask him! We cannot control everything and as a Mother I guess we are all guilty of trying to control the situations of our kids, to protect them from the hurts of this world but as much as we try not all is in our control but it is He who will protect them and us, we need to take shelter with Him. I love Philippians 1:6, how reassuring to be reminded not just for our kids but for us too, God has our back and will finish the good work he started in us until we meet Christ Jesus .

  8. Autumn,

    Prayer is work/war. We get on our knees and pray long, hard and fervently for God’s will. I love Psalm 25:4 and will use it for myself. I need guidance in the next steps of my life. What should I do & when?. Only God has the answers to these questions. I can say that through the power of fervent/ scriptural prayer I have had two very big prayers answered in the way I wanted. God has blessed my friends immensely.

    Blessings 🙂

  9. It’s true Autumn!! Well said 🙂 Prayer IS the real work. We are on the brink of a big move and at critical ages with our 5. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Autumn, I praise the Lord for this wonderful posting today! How good the Lord is; He reminds me to trust in Him and leave all my prayers and their answers in His most capable hands. Its so easy for me sometimes to want to take that control and make things happen when I need to trust in Him and His timing. May we all seek Him as our first hope in love. Praises to our Lord who loves and lavishes so much love on each of us 🙂 May each of you be so blessed in His joy today!

  11. Yes, prayer is powerful! It amazes me that God chooses to let us be a part of His work through prayer. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). What a privilege to come before the throne of grace.

  12. Thank you for the Psalm 24:4,5 verses. I cannot control my adult children and have to constantly remind myself to “release.” God is in control and I pray for each one of my children to follow in His steps. So good to have (in)courage-ment!

  13. I do like that you say your children are God’s first. As much as we’d like to fix things we can’t. I have been encouraging women to pray the Word this past week, so this is a timely post. It’s something we can do and let God fix it.

  14. Yes God is our pilot… We must listen to what He says… He knows our flight pattern

  15. Thank you so much for this. Just days away from another international move. This will be school #9 for my quiet 16 year old and #7 for my anxious high school freshman. God WILL bring His good work to completion in them. Praying, praying, praying.

  16. Autumn – this was great! We are experiencing lots of changes for Ava right now & I can only rely on God’s strength & prayer. Please pray for us & Ava as she starts a new school in the fall. It’s the hardest decision we have ever had to make but one that we feel God has called us to make. We miss your family so much! Let us know if you guys make it to Lubbock this summer!

  17. Is there some scriptures that you can recommend praying over my sons? I like to personalize the scriptures and pray for my boys. As a single mom I can’t do this alone I know God is in control but I still worry all the time about them!!