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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. Jennifer,
    I LOVE this dream!! Oh if only all our dreams could be like this! Instead, I find that my dreams often focus on my insecurities and ways I’ve come up short and then disaster prevails. Unfortunately my “awake” life can also tend to focus on the mess and the junk. I am so very thankful that my mess doesn’t disqualify me from Christ’s love…no, instead, it’s the invitation to his banquet table. And, oh what a banquet it is. We are all there not because of what we’ve earned or performed, no, we’re there just because He loves us and in THAT LOVE we find our intrinsic value. What a happy thought to start my week…no, tuck in my heart for happiness that the world can’t rob from me. Beautiful and all the best on your book launch!! I’ve got my copy!! (Giving two copies away at my blog).
    Blessings and love,
    Bev xo

    • I am comforted in knowing that some version of this dream is the reality of our future. As beautiful as this dream is, what awaits us is far, far better. And Bev, I sent you an email about your blog promotion of The Happiness Dare. 🙂

    • Thank you Bev, as usual your words made me feel not so quite alone. My comment below to Jennifer will explain. God bless you always dear friend.

  2. One day….as we sit around the table of the King! I can not wait for this most holy and beautiful day to arrive!!!
    The table has a Heartbeart…yes! Love pulses to everyone who accepts and finds their name on a chair and a place at the table.
    We have just returned from vacation at a cottage and I can picture this banquet taking place in that yard. It is a place I would love to share with everyone!
    Beautiful words today! Looking forward to when your dream is a reality!!

  3. This reminded me of the story of Mephibosheth and King David’s kindness to him (II Sam. 9:7-13). “You will always eat at my table…like one of the king’s sons.” Because I have been lame in one foot for two-thirds of my life, these words tell me that our King’s invitation is all about grace. What a beautiful picture Jennifer has painted of this table, the invitation, the food and fellowship that are all about the riches of God’s Grace.

  4. Jennifer, it’s hard to admit it publicly, but so often I have struggled over heaven. It’s not that I don’t believe it’s real. Absolutely NO part of our Christian faith would be real if heaven weren’t, and Jesus would be a liar. God forbid! And I have absolutely no problem believing that God raised Jesus from the dead and that He is alive now. But somehow, I have always found it difficult to understand how the Lord enfleshes rotting bones, or even bone-dust, and raises them to life. It’s as if I understand how Jesus could simply have walked out of his cave-tomb, but I can’t grasp how that will happen for me, with a distintegrated body. I know I am not making sense. Suffice it to say, I believe it, but I don’t get it. I hope I’m making sense. But I just wanted to you to know, that the first time I read this piece of yours, I got a glimpse and more than a glimmer of hope. This is by far one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read, not just of yours, but of anybody’s. I could analyze it from a writing perspective, and tell you why (though you already know). Technically, descriptively, and imaginatively, it’s brilliant. But it’s important to me that you understand (while tears well in my eyes), that this single piece of writing the first time I read it and now that I do again, has brought me more hope about the REALITY of heaven than anything I have ever read. (Now the tears are spilling). God has given you such extraordinary grace here to craft words of reality, that are easy to grasp and necessary for hope. Your words make me understand in a way I haven’t before that the new heavens and the new earth are enfleshed with our real bodies and souls and relationships, but in perfection and happiness beyond our imagining–and that there is a tangible, beautiful, and perfect life ahead–one where we will eat and meet and greet and enjoy table life in the company of family and friends and our perfect Host.–where we will sup and smile and speak and delight, where we will be safe and satisfied, forever and ever and ever. And your essay helps me understand, how we will also rise from that banqueting table and take walks and boat rides and play games and sing songs. There really is a beautiful, tangible, fulfilling life yet to come. I really will sing duets with Daddy again when the new heavens and the new earth become reality. Because of what you have written here, I can feel the dew on my face and my feet, and not be afraid to die, but to anticipate it. With all my heart, I thank you for this inspired essay, for your love and friendship, and for daring to pick up the gauntlet the Lord threw at your feet when He dared you to be happy. I am accepting the torch you are passing here. Much love, Lynn

  5. Jennifer, thank you for this dream, these beautiful words that the Lord placed on your heart. Its a dream that I pray with all my heart comes to pass. I have had this dream too, for unity in the Spirit as one family. That dream has been so bashed up in my own family and churches that there are days its hard. Yet how I long to see the Lord at this table, to see all of our brothers and sisters together in the love of Christ, to see each of you. May we each hear that call to unity today, to the fullness of Christ’s love 🙂

  6. Thank you Jennifer….I needed that today, most days now as I am a bit of a mess. I finally fell asleep this morning only to have a terrible dream, but checked out (In)Courage and so glad I did….to read your beautiful dream and now I will let the lovely images of your dream overcome the images of the one I had this morning. I thank the Lord Jesus for giving this dream to you so that you could share it with so many, a gift to us all.

    • Donna,
      Just a reminder that you are NEVER alone. I know those nights of not sleeping or having dreams from which you wake exhausted as if you’d been running and battling all night. Like you, I continually have to weigh my negative thoughts against the TRUTH that is found in Scripture. If the lies don’t match up with His word then I know I can toss the lies out. Same goes for dreams. If it’s garbage then throw it out with the trash. I believe God’s images for us are more along the lines of what Jennifer shared. I know…easier said than done. Praying for peace-filled truth to reign in your heart and mind today!!
      Love and ((hugs)),
      ps. Come read Jennifer’s guest post at my blog today…good stuff 🙂

      • Bev,
        Thank you Bev for coming alongside at a particularly hard time for me with encouraging and truthful reminders. Thank you also for your prayers. I did read Jennifer’s guest post on your blog today…..yes, very good indeed!
        Love & blessings,

  7. I felt myself walking along in the dream, my friends and neighbours walking with me, the people on our streets who are usually outcast, walking with everyone – as an equal. That really got me excited. Wow! What an amazing party! It was so real! I’m looking forward to that dream becoming a reality. Thanks for sharing.

  8. And they are all barefoot under the table… because, of course… because, something about holy ground!

    I love you so, my friend… and I can not wait to sit at the table with you!

    • I was thinking the same thing, Karrilee–we’ll all be barefooted because all the ground of heaven is surely holy!! (Isn’t it fun when kindred spirits latch on to the same idea?!)

  9. Jennifer, I just finished reading “Love Idol” last night. And your words today remind me of the feast that will occur after we hear the words “well done” after finishing our race. Thank you for encouraging my heart through your book and here too. : )

  10. Tears flow from my eyes as I read this – much needed after all the days, weeks, months of frustrations, fears, hurts and angers. Thank you!

    • This post reminded me of an old hymn, “come to the feast, leave every care and worldly strife behind, come feast upon the love of God and drink everlasting life. Oh hear the invitation, come who so ever will, partake of full salvation for whosoever will.”

    • In the Word of God, people who were in God’s Presence, and who had a special assignment were told to take off their shoes because they were standing on holy ground, such as Moses and the burning bush. I have been in meetings where people have automatically taken off their shoes because the Presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. In the Presence of the Lord like this is awe and pure joy, and sometimes a holy fear. This fills the hunger for the Lord, and in heaven will be no hunger, thirst, sorrow, death, tears, night. This dream to me is a little of the foretaste of what heaven in like, and we’ll be at a feast celebrating the marriage to the Lamb.

      • oh, Joanne, that was beautiful. I now understand. Your explanation brought tears to my eyes! thank you for taking the time to share with me. bless you.

        • Oh Jen, this is my pleasure! Isn’t this going to be just amazing, and how beautiful Jesus gave this dream/vision to Jennifer and we get to hear of this dream and know it to be true?! In the last days the Lord will pour out His Holy Spirit on all people, and people will dream dreams such as Jennifer has……there will be other occurrences too. This is predicted/prophecied in the Old Testament book of Joel chapter 2, and in the book of Acts when Peter gives his long speech written in the first couple of chapters of Acts. I am so blessed too by this. Joanne

  11. Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing! I really needed to see this and needed the reminder that we are all welcome at the Lords table. One day we will be with Jesus face to face in heaven, where there will be no more trials or sufferings. God bless you. Xo

  12. Jennifer, you’ve painted such a glorious word-picture of heaven. Thank you for stirring joy and excitement within us as we anticipate the Feast of the Lamb. Beautifully written, Spirit-inspired!

  13. This makes me cry for the beauty of your description and deeper, for the truth behind the story. Extravagant, beautiful truth. Thank you.

  14. This is so timely, Jennifer! The Lord invited me to 40 Days of Communion. I come to the table, thank Him, remember Him, feast on His Word and listen to His voice. I’ll reread this tomorrow as I come to the table with humility and hope. I’m so excited. I hope I sleep tonight!

    • I reread your dream to prepare me for Day 13 at His table. Honor and humility swept over me. The Lord put Revelation 4:10 (8-11) on my heart. It’s perfect and beautiful. “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory, honor and power…” thanks Jennifer for setting the backdrop for a wonderful time of worship!

  15. Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing your dream with us. If I wasn’t already hungry for this get together, this moment, this family gathering; I surely am now. With the way the world is spinning out of control I yearn for the day there is no more hate. My heart hurts for all that is wrong everywhere around us, and in the deepest part of me I pray, I yearn, I cry for the day our Lord comes for us. Our Heavenly family reunion so to speak. I hope I can help you serve at the feast.

  16. I’m trying to subscribe to the list for the five day emails on words and I keep getting a box from Windows Live Mail that they couldn’t import the card. I do not use Windows Live Mail. I use Gmail.

  17. Jennifer,

    Loved the imagery here. It is a beautiful picture of what Heaven will be like. No hurts, bad feelings, illness, no shoes. We will all sit together-red, yellow, black, white, rich, poor-everyone will be equal and loving! Enjoying a huge glorious meal with Jesus. Heaven will be one big worship service to our Lord-we will all be happy and content! The junk & worries of this world will be a distant thing! Grateful to God for His loving invitation to the party that will last eternity!

    Can’t wait to start the happiness dare!! Want to eliminate those bad words!!

    Blessings 🙂

  18. Wow, Jennifer, this is what I want heaven to be like. Beautiful imagery! I’m definitely in for the dare.
    I would love to post this on Facebook to share but I don’t know how to.
    Thank you for writing this beautiful post and for inviting anyone to share in the Happiness Dare.

  19. This is beautiful! I’m turning 40 this week and my fiends have been planning a life celebration dinner just like this. I will think about this on Saturday. Thank you for reminding me 🙂