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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Please pray for my famiky and I as we are in the middle of a transition. We are unsure of where God is leading and trying to step out on faith and be obedient. Please pray for God to open the doors for us to be where He wants us to be.

    • Lord please hear my prayer please reveal your plan and direction for Lynn and her family. Be with her and guide her, IJN Amen.

    • Father God please open eyes, minds ,hearts and doors for this precious family , let your leading be clear and give them peace with where you lead them.

      Please pray strength for me as family events have put me in proximity of my estranged husband ( married 43 yrs. when he left ) and the other woman. First time seeing them together at our son’s wedding. And soon the other son gets married also. Pray for his salvation, for him to accept Jesus as his savior. Thank you.

      • Lord, we seek Your guidance for Anne in her situation. We know this situation is extremely difficult. We seek your direction in how she can sense your peace and how she can represent You in all her ways.

    • Please pray for my healing and staying in faith during challenges times knowing God is always with us.
      Blessing and than you.

      • Laurie, may you feel God’s presence during these challenges and may you be healed in Christ’s name!

      • Lord, Almighty God, who loves us more than we can know, who prepares our path and asks us to keep our eyes solely centered on your grace and power, I praise you for your faithfulness to your children. Father may each of us submit ourselves to your will and sovereign plan. Help Laurie know you are at work n her sickness even though it seems quiet and empty. Strength her faith and encourager her in your power and deep settled love.

        I ask for prayer today for a very dear friend who just learned last Monday that she is dying of stave 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer. She is currently unable to communicate or move her limbs. This has been a huge shock to her whole family. Pray for face, mercy and God’s beyond our imagine peace for her and her extended family.

        Also pray that my husband will allow me to speak to him about my disrespect to him. God has done such a cleaning in my heart. I have repented and received God’s forgiveness but my husband is not ready to hear my apology and grief for how I have hurt him. Pray that I will be willing to wait for God’s perfect timing.

    • Lynn, I am praying for you & your family as God leads you to a different place. Remember that He always goes before you. Do not be afraid or tremble. He will not leave you or forsake you.
      Deut. 31:6. There will new blessings, people, opportunities, & areas to serve wherever you go.
      There will be hard times & sadness wherever you go. The blessing is knowing God cares for you & your family. May you feel His presence & direction as you make decisions for your family.

    • Lynn,

      Lord give Lynn and family a discerning heart to know Your great love for them and the great plans You have for them. Plans to prosper and not to harm, to give us hope and a future. Father, help Lynn and family to trust in You with all their heart, not depending on their own understanding, but acknowledging You in all their ways s, so they know what direction their family should take.

      AMEN! 🙂

    • Lynn, I am covering you and your family in prayer this morning! My family went through the same thing 2 years ago and we have been on quite a journey as He led us….the story of Moses and the Israelites became so real to me. He is faithful! Praying for doors to open and for you all to hear Him clearly in the midst of big decisions.

      I am asking for prayers for myself. I have been stressed about a broken friendship and about getting ready to go back to school (I am a teacher and I have 3 children, this is my 2nd year back in the classroom after being home 5 years). For the past few weeks the stress has caused me to have a lot of pressure in my head, lighheadedness, a little foggy, etc. It’s hard to explain, but I have never experienced physical symptoms like this. I realized it was stress when we went away for a weekend and all the symptoms disappeared. I have been to to doctor, but appear to be healthy as a horse. I am in the midst of the Armor of God study and feel like satan is attacking. Thank you for the prayers!

      • Dear friend, always remember,you are in the presence od the divine Healer! We were all healed at the cross. I will be praying for you. I have been in your shoes and it took Him to show me that He never gives us more than we can handle.

    • Lord I pray for Lynn and her family that they would trust You and lean not on their own understanding but acknowledge You in all their ways and a You will make their paths straight. I also pray that they seek You alone first and that they would not look at circumstances but focus on You instead. I also pray for wisdom as they seek You. Amen

    • I pray for a dear friend going thru some hard times and pray that the Lord will let her know how much she is loved……bought with a price….Gods great love satisfies, is a healer of our souls, and gives us so much even though we are undeserving, and we don’t see the truth because of the lies of Satan. Heal her Lord and bring her back into your Arms….arms of the loving Father, and friend.

    • Father, annoint this family with your safekeeping and direction as you move them from one place to another place. Help him to know that you are with them in the middle of things as well as at the beginning and end of things. Beer faith in you is their compass.

    • Lord I pray that You who know the beginning from the end, You who created us and have good works prepared in advance for us to do, would give Lynnn and her family wisdom and discernment about your will and next steps. Please open doors that no man can shut and shut doors that no man can open. May You make your presence and grace known to them every day.

    • Please pray for me as I have been experiencing a bout of anxiety and depression. I am a believer and see this as a trial of my faith but I desire to find and follow God’s purpose through this for my life. Sometimes it is very hard and emotionally painful but I hold on to HIs Promise that His grace is sufficient for my every need. Pray for my healing. Thanks.

    • Abba, I pray for Lynn and her family that they will see where the grass is flattened by Your step just ahead of them, that they won’t miss a single twist or turn on the journey. Thank you for guarding their hearts and minds with peace as they continue, by Your grace, to walk by faith and not by sight or feeling. May You, The Way, The Truth expose the enemy’s current schemes and grant them victory over each one, bringing You glory!! Your Word is never a “quick fix” but neither will it return void, so thank You for accomplishing Your best for Your children. Manna for the moment….

    • Father I pray for Joy, that you would bring healing into her life, I pray for revelation on the cause of depession and anxiety that hinders Joy. Father I pray for trust and faith as she seeks you during this time. Give her strength, peace and joy Father, amen.

    • Lord I pray that you guide Lynn and her family on your path. Give them clarity today to make these tough decisions and bless this family for their faithfulness.
      In Jesus’ name, amen.

    • Please pray for my faith to stay strong through this terrible divorce. I’ve been married for 20 years to a good man that decided to follow the many temptations Satan was offering. I’ve battled to save this marriage for the last 7 years. My faith is strong but there are days I can barely get out of bed because of overwhelming anxiety. God has been awesome to my girls and I and I know we will be fine but I need extra prayers today.
      God bless!

    • Hi Lynn
      I know what that feels like. I know He will open doors that no one can open and shut those He does not want you to walk through.
      Lord in Heaven Master of us all -your children and your creation our circumstances are what You can handle. Give this family wisdom and discernment. Let them lean on the Name of the Rock of all ages, at this time and always. I ask this in Your Holy Name Jesus, Amen!
      My request is for God to give us His grace to walk in His will, for my family to know His will and abide in Him. Thank you

  2. Please pray for me, I don’t feel myself at the moment. I am sad and angry and anxious at different times, please pray that the Father will hold me, revealing himself to me in a deeper connection with Him in my life and for my heart to be open to receive his guidance in this season I am in. Thank you

  3. Please stand in Agreement with my husband and I that we sell our current home we are living in (Lilburn, GA) for the price we’ve listed our home for and that we will be given 30 days to move to our cabin in Blairsville, GA. This is a ” WE NEED THIS NOW” request.

    LauraLee & Carroll Moore

  4. Please pray for my son who is recovering from a serious illness. He will have to make some real dietary changes in his life, and for him it will be a problem. I also want to say how much I appreciate reading the wonderful articles in “in Courage”. Time and time again I have found messages there that speak to my need and I ask God to bless all who take the time to write and put life in the proper perspective. And, Lynn, your efforts to step out in faith during the transition you are experiencing in your family will point the way you should go. God always provides. Be at peace, listen to His guidance, go forward. God bless you.

  5. Lynn, praying that God makes it abundantly clear which path is right for you and your family.

    Please pray for me as I look for a job to do while my kids are in school. I want to supplement our income and get us out of debt!

    • Theresa,
      Lifting you up right now that God would guide you in the right direction for His purposes. I ask that He bless you as you seek work to supplement your income and get out of debt. I pray for discipline for your family in financial matters. May He bring you to that place that He has already prepared for you.
      Blessings and prayers,

    • Theresa,

      Prayers for a discerning heart to know Your great love for her and the great plans You have for her. Plans to prosper and not to harm, to give us hope and a future. Father, help Theresa to trust in You with all her heart, not depending on her own understanding, but acknowledging You in all her ways s, so she knows what direction she should take.

      Blessings 🙂

  6. Thank you for these reminders from scripture of the Lover of my soul & also of the enemy and his schemes. I woke up with anxiety & fear about my finances & need prayer to trust in the Lord, Who always provides & has never left me nor forsaken me. I lift up Lynn & her family and ask the Father to show them His path & to help them to stand firm in their faith as they wait on Him.

  7. I am struggling to be alive in Christ, a good and faithful follower of The Almighty God. I feel faint and drifting. Please pray my strength in The One True God.

    • DeeDee,

      I am praying that the Holy Spirit would do a work in your life…that He would open your eyes to see God’s faithfulness and awesomeness in your life and that those Truths would rekindle a fire in your soul for the Lover of your soul. Praying for God’s hand to hold you firmly as you feel faint and are drifting. May you feel Him drawing you back into His loving arms. He loves you dearly and treasures you…lean into Him and He will give you strength.

    • Dee Dee,

      Don’t worry about being alive in Jesus, let Him be alive in you. Just receive, receive His strength, He knows our weaknesses and carried them. Remember the cross, but focus on the risen Lord. He is able when we are not and He completes us.

  8. Robin,
    Thank you for this cautionary reminder that I can’t live governed by my feelings. That’s where the enemy wants me to live so that he can take me down. Feelings lie. Help me to line up the lies with Your Truth, Lord, and when I see that they don’t line up…give me the strength to throw them out
    With thanks and blessings,

    ps. Please continue to pray for my wayward and floundering son. Pray for what it’s going to take to get him to turn his life around – a real work of the Holy Spirit in his life….please.

  9. Grandma
    My daughter is destroying her babies’ lives, our lives, her marriage by believing and applying lies from the enemy i.e. heresies and teaching from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Please pray the LORD would have the victory in all of these devastating issues, AND that we would be able to be with the babies and pour GOD’s love into their precious, helpless lives; since she cuts us off and tries to keep us away from the babies since she is jealous of our relationship. We pray for GOD’s wisdom for us and for our daughter and son-in-law.

    • Lord, please open the eyes of her daughters heart to see the deception of the enemy and the impact it is having on the family. Please give wisdom to all and give this grandmother plenty of time with her grandbabies to love on them and teach them your ways. In Jesus name. Amen.

  10. Watching my mother suffer with severe depression and the pit of despair has refocused my thinking on just how crucial it is for us to know that we indeed are in a war. How necessary it is for each of us to put on the full armour of God daily and remember how fierce the enemy is.
    Please pray with me for my husband and myself that on our next trip when we go to see her that we will have breakthrough. This is an incredibly difficult situation as we only get to see her about once a month and then only for about an hour or a half. So. I have more to that this space is not big enough to tell all.
    If anyone can suggest resources or someone to get in touch with on this topic I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and bless you sisters in Christ. Xox

    • Gabriela, so, so sorry to hear of your mother’s depression.
      My oldest brother committed suicide in March and it has really hit me hard w/ depression. (Also going thru menopause and empty nest at the same time.) I “happened” upon a book Friday, “Happiness is a Choice: A Manual on the Symptoms, Causes, and Cures of Depression” by Frank Minirth and Paul Meier.
      I read it in two sittings and have to say I felt a fresh breeze of Hope blow thru my soul.
      Also, “Living with Your Emotions: Self-image & Depression” by Norman Wright.
      Know I will be praying for you all!
      In Him,

      • Thank you so much!! I’m so sorry to of your brother. My mom also attempted suicide with sleeping pills. She is such a different person now than the one she used to be. It’s heartbreaking really!!
        These days that is for sure what I pray for her that “a fresh breeze of hope would blow through her soul”!! Love those words..thank you!! Xox

  11. Dear Grandma – praying that your daughter would recognise the lies of the enemy for what they are. That God would pour the truth of His love and who He is over her. That others would come alongside of her knowing what you do. That your relationship would be restored and that reconciliation would be sweet.

  12. This may sound like a frivolous request! My daughters had a friend spend the night, and she just revealed that her house has “the bugs that live under your mattress”. And I am freaking out. 🙁 I want to show this girl and her family love but I sure don’t want bedbugs in my house…

    • Lord, please go through April’s house and eliminate any infestation. Please shine your love on the home of her daughter’s friend, that they may feel your love through April, and that their bedbug problem be cleared up as well. Please help us to remember that no request is too frivolous for our Big, Loving, Extravagant God. In Jesus name. Amen.

  13. Please pray for my friend’s mother who had a stroke yesterday. Please pray for full recovery!!

    Also, please pray for my family this week. My husband is taking time off, something he hasn’t done in about 5 years, to have some vacation time. Please pray that we will have an enjoyable and safe time together. It may sound weird, but because he doesn’t take much time off it can be difficult to reconnect and enjoy our time.


    • God bless you richly at this uncertain time Lynne. May His way become clearer and clearer as you rest in His Will and His Word.

  14. Thank you for incourage. Please pray for me as I face challenges at work. God has made it clear this is where he wants me. Pray He will help my co-workers accept that and not worry about my age.

  15. Pleeeeease pray. We lost a child almost two years ago. The months of grief have been horrible. Our family is falling apart. We are weary and losing HOPE. MAY GOD BE NEAR.

  16. Please pray for my family especially my husband who is going through a spiritual battle that he will recognize it and seek God’s deliverance and help.

  17. Please pray for my marriage and family. I feel like the voice crying out in the wilderness of our problems. We need discernment, restoration of faith, forgiveness, love (both patient and tough), and healing mercies (emotional and physical). Holding Romans 8:28 in my heart!

    • You are not alone. I pray that God will unlock the ears of husbands across this nation to the cries of their wives.

      • Sister in Christ, your prayer is exactly mine….the enemy almost took down my marriage and still tries daily. He also is rampant in my oldest son’s life right now. I lift you in prayer…your marriage, your family and your ability to stay strong and trusting that God has this :).

  18. Rebuilding trust in a marriage after infidelity and later being told that they we no longer in love for years. Really really hurts but thriving to hold on our vows and God’s Promises.

    • God loves your “thriving” – It’s so much more awesome than surviving! Praying His continued blessing on your spirit.

  19. Lynn I will be praying for you and your family during this transition. This is one of my favorite verses in the bible. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not to your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

    Please pray for God to renew a right spirit in me. To get rid of anger and bitterness I have in my heart towards my husband. We have had trials and tribulations. I must let go to move forward.

    • Lord, please strengthen, renew, and restore Rhonda’s marriage. Heal the hurts left by trials & tribulations. Please replace the anger and bitterness she is feeling with deeper love and compassion for her husband. In Jesus name. Amen.

  20. Please pray for my family, we have been so broken since losing my sister to breast cancer two years ago. Specifically: Please pray for my sister’s husband & children as their lives go in different directions. Please pray for my brothers & their families as they work on healing. Please pray God will provide bigger housing so I can bring my aging mother to live with me and my children. Please pray God will guide my son to make the right decisions about employment and life. Please pray God will bless us financially so I can be there for my daughter while she is battling depression. Please pray for my relationship, that I stay within God’s will and that God protects the one I love. Finally, please pray I can be patient and accept His will & timing about everything. Thank you.

    • Oh Heavenly Father, I lift up Angela and her entire family to you. Her heart is heavy with the brokenness they feel as they deal with loss, changes in life, and the struggles of daily life. I know that you hear her heart as she cries out to you and with that I pray that your peace and comfort will surround her as she trusts and waits for your perfect will to be played out. You know all her needs and the needs of her family – physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and we proclaim right now our belief that you are big enough to meet those needs. Surround her family with your Spirit that counsels, guides, protects, and comforts. We love you Father. Thank you for loving us. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

  21. As usual, this message is in God’s perfect timing. I’ve been in a fierce battle for my joy, peace, and faith for sometime now. Lately it has intensified and I feel extremely stuck in my own head. Very negative thoughts about myself with little hope for real change. The enemy uses partial truth to get my focus off on all the ways I’m not enough and sure to fail. Heart and mind feel like a jumbled mess where clear thought is difficult at times…especially trying to pray. I don’t want to stay stuck in my own mess. Thank you for these truths written out with scripture to help me re-route my path. I want to be set free.

    • Ten years ago, my husband received his MBA. We thought it was an answer to prayer. But since then, he’s been laid off twice and can’t find work that uses his education. He has school loans that are a burden to our family and marriage. Please ask God to open a door for him — that he may find work that is challenging and meaningful.

    • Melanie, I pray that you will find the peace and joy you need to sustain your through this time. Don’t be afraid to bring your jumbled soul to God. Just keep praying.

      (Sorry — I posted my prayer as a reply to yours.)

  22. Please pray for my family and I. My teaching contract was not renewed and I am looking for work. Please pray for this transition and how I can be salt and light to my family and others in Jesus’ name, for employment, and discernment, wisdom.

  23. Please pray for me as a college teacher for I am being assaulted by students who don’t want to learn academic honesty and who are vengeful in spirit as well as other negative forces tgat are trying to tear me down as a teacher. I am a fair and good teachers give students many chances to learn and do well and I need the angels of protection to surround me and guide me in the remaining years of my profession.

    • I pray you would be protected from all who would seek to harm you. That God Himself would avenge your accuser’s. And every one would see your goodness and help you. I pray also for people to be put in your path to help you through the school year. We give God the glory for great things He will do! In Jesus Name Amen

  24. That I would be everything God planned ahead of time to be. That others would truly see Jesus in me, not just sometimes but all the time. As I lead the women’s Bible study I pray I would rely on God for our lessons and it would be His words the ladies hear.

  25. Please pray for me and the many health issues I am struggling with :i.e. – cancer, depression, spinal stenosis, Lymphedema , and the medical expenses that are not covered by my insurance- gas for transportation ( all my Drs are at least 50 miles away) copays – food / we are on a fixed income and my family who is there for me everyday.

  26. I covet your prayers because sometime after 2 am Friday, my 16 yr old son took my car and drove 14 miles to Aiken, Georgia to join a “survivalist” group, according to the Aiken County Sheriff. I now must find a way to Aiken, retrieve my car from the County impound at a cost of over $400, in addition to towing fees. This is COMPLETELY out of character for my son-he has odd jobs lined up for people on Monday and Wednesday, I was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, which wil have to be cancelled and rescheduled, and I am missing work, and my company does not look kindly on that. I am a widow with major health issues, and this monumental stress is not helping much. Please pray for a satisfactory resolution, as I have no savings, and have no idea how I am going to get down to S Carolina!

  27. Its quite in my house this morning so I had time to pray for each request that has been posted. I know that God has ordained this sight for each of us to pray for each other. Where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there. He hears our prayers. There is such power of the Holy Spirit on this site.
    I am requesting prayer for surgery on my leg on Monday for cancer. I am requesting prayer for my husband who starts a new job Tuesday.
    Thank you and may God make Himself real to each of us.

  28. I ask for prayer for a relationship close to my heart. Please pray that truth will always prevail and that person will see that honesty is a must in this relationship. Pray that my tongue will be bridled and only the words I speak will inspire, uplift and honor God and only God. I struggle daily with my prayer life and I so desire to be closer to Jesus. Thank you for this site and how it uplifts my days.

    Dear Lord, I am asking that you keep Lynn and her family during the transitional period as well on a daily basis. You know where Lynn and her family is heading and if it is your will Open those doors to get them there. I pray for her faith to be strong and to be able to be obedient like you instruct her to be. Pray for my walk of faith and obedience as well. Last but not least Lord, guide our country closer to you. Let all citizens of the US see that you are what our eyes and hearts need to be focused on. In your sweet precious Holy name Jesus.. Amen

  29. Pray for me lost my job last week due to health.need major surgery Aug 1 also need finances

  30. God has a plan for me. Pray me as I havec stepped out of my ten year marriage and also pray for my spouse who has to have a relationship with God.

  31. Thanks Robin, a very timely reminder of something we forget when circumstances hit hard.
    Father I pray that you will surround Lynn and her family with your love, peace and care and that you will show her the way forward. For we know already that our footsteps will not go out of the path when You lead us.
    ~ Victory is His, Victory is ours ~
    God bless

  32. Please pray for my daughter, Olivia, as she desperately needs reliable transportation to her two part time jobs and is having a tough time finding a car. Thank you!

  33. Praying for you and your family, Lynn!

    Please pray for me and my daughter as we face a huge life change. My husband has chosen to be unfaithful for a second time, while still refusing to attending any counseling or talk to anyone about fixing the problem. I am ready to be on the path that God has for me…. no more selfish decisions, I’m ready for God to use me. I’m ready to dedicate more efforts in showing my daughter what it means to be a Christian. And what better time to get on that path than when your life is in complete shambles.

  34. Please pray for us as I transition to a new medication. Pray for the groups we would normally be with that they would have others encourage them as i am in hospital

  35. Please pray for my family. We are estranged from our son and our granddaughter. My heart aches not having them in our lives. There is a hole in my heart. Please pray that God can heal our family and bring our son and granddaughter back into our lives.

  36. Please pray for my eldest daughter, Erin, who has entered a methadone program for heroine addiction. Pray for her safety and provision during this process.

    More importantly, pray for delivery from the drugs, physical & emotional healing of the effects of long-term addiction and restoration of her relationship with Christ, as the only true Healer of her soul.

  37. My family was very dysfunctional growing up. There were a lot of words spoken that should have never been. A lot of wrong actions as well. The little children are always the ones that suffer from this. Always. I’ve seen it first hand. I think because of that I (& some other family members ) have a tendency to try to “fix” things. That leads to a lot more talking and potentially wrong actions. Now, unless the person is doing something that is going to absolutely destroy themselves. (Then you should always step in). I think we need to step back and allow family members to find God and healing for themselves. Always pray about any advice you give ~ first. ♥️ I’ve learned a whole lot the hard way. God is ALWAYS GOOD despite our mistakes. Praise Jesus!

  38. My husband lost his job. I’m a SAHM and would love to remain so, but we are praying for God to lead us where He wants us to be. Some days , like today, my trust needs to be a decision. I know He holds us in the palm of his hand, but it’s hard not to let fear set in.

  39. BEV, am adding Erin to my daily prayer list ❤

    Please pray for our son, chad, and his wife who have decided divorce is the only option for them. Both were raised in Christian homes and this is breaking our hearts. Tgey hace two beautifyl tiddler dsughters, too. Pray the Truth wins over the lies!! Thanks so much…

  40. Father God I lift up Erin to you, knowing that you love her and want only the best for her. Bring healing to her Father through whatever means that will reach her. Hold her parents in the palm of your hand and bring them peace.

    Please pray for me as I have been experiencing severe back pain for the last few days. I am doing what my doctor ordered but healing is slow.

  41. Please pray for my family. My father had an affair and wants a divorce but he still lives in our house and shows no remorse. My mother, sister and I need Gods wisdom and strength to get through this and I pray God will show himself to my father again

  42. I went through a very rough time since my divorce, I thought I could start afresh and rebuild my children and my life but the journey have been nothing but one grave disappointment after another, I was a Stay at home mom prior to the divorce for the past 7 years and suddenly I am working Non stop even weekends, i m struggling to make ends meet and barely have time for anything else, I have always had great faith in God but after two years of struggling and barely staying afloat , I feel really trapped and cannot make sense of what happened and why God is silent to my prayers, I m beginning to think He is not with me and my Faith is in vain, then I saw this email : how can we pray for you, I don’t recall anyone asking me this , so yeah, please pray .

  43. Hello friends,
    I’m in need of prayer. I’ve been have anxiety attacks for the past month. Asking the Lord to set me free from depression, anxiety, my mental health would be made whole in Jesus name. My son, Dresden, who will be starting kindergarten has also been diagnosed with anxiety. I can’t help but feel like I’ve done this to him because of my mental health history. While pregnant with him I was prescribed anti depression medicine. I didn’t understand why me? Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful experience and I was suffering. Now my son. Please no Lord, help my son, help me…


    • Jesus, be with Andrea and her son. Help them to take each second, minute at a time. When they feel the anxiety coming in, give them a peace and help calm them. May they rest in your name and your promises. You are a God who heals! Thank you Jesus.

    • Praying, Beth. Remember that when God opens a door, no man can shut it, so if a door closes it’s not something He has planned for you. Praying He’ll lead you to the right situation and establish the work of your hands.

  44. As I read through, I know that God knows and is with each of you, I pray a hedge of protection around you all. Your families and your homes. May you be blessed coming in and going out! I pray the blood of Jesus and the precious Cross over each and everyone!
    Please know in your hearts, you must pray as much as you breath, stay in His word every day! Learn to live your life like a prayer. Make the Holy Spirit your best friend and don’t do anything without checking it out with Him first! Talk to God about everything, whatever you do,
    Love one another and your best to forgive as Father forgives us! I guess if He can send His Son to the cross for our sins, we should be able to forgive one another for what we do. Especially since it is satan who causes us to do those things and not really the true us!
    If you all could pray for my patience package, I would appreciate it! Not my strong suit!! I have been loosing it a lot lately, thanks so much! My roommate has really been getting on my nerves and I’m about ready to scream and I can’t afford to do that! So, prayers for patience would be much appreciated! Blessings to all

    • Oh Father – for Linda, her patience is exhausted. How can we even begin to have the kind of patience Jesus had? . . . we can’t. It is only Christ living in us who gives us a fighting chance at it! Father, my sweet sister Linda is so tired from the fight for patience, Lord may she find that very patience by giving up the fight and truly resting in You, relying on You!!! Fill her with a sense of humor towards this aggravation, Lord. Lord change her perception, so possibly patience isn’t needed?!?! Lord, let Your Holy Spirit fill Linda with an overwhelming PEACE in this situation. Be beside her, guide her words, her facial expressions, her tone of voice – Father, be the Holy Iron that smooths these wrinkles of tension into warm flatlands of grace. In Jesus Holy name, Amen

  45. I’d appreciate prayer for my husband, Matt. He’s going in for some medical tests on Wednesday and we’re praying for a good report. Also, he suffers from chronic insomnia. Not only does this make him tired and miserable, but he already has a lot of anxiety about his health (with good reason–he’s a cancer survivor) and worry about how the lack of sleep affects his health just exacerbates this. We keep claiming God’s promises for sweet sleep, but it keeps eluding him and it’s a big challenge to his faith. This has been going on for years and he’s so weary, and tbh it’s discouraging for me watching him go through this without any relief. He’s a Godly man and a good husband and it’s hard to understand why God isn’t healing his sleep.

    • Matt and (Jean Marie),
      I ask the Lord for a stirring in your inner most being, the place where you know you have a connection with His spirit! In that place, I speak PEACE, PEACE, PEACE.! The peace that passes ALL understanding. (7 And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds. Phil 4:7 Easy to Read Version) You have been anxious over sleeping, thus unable to sleep, worrying about sleeping. Allow God to fill you with His peace, a rest in Him, to bring a rest in your body via sleep. I bless you today with Gods PEACE. Amen!

  46. Thanks you for this place of community and prayer, void of shame and judgement for situations we find ourselves in as we are living life. I am in a place of pain and disbelief concerning one of my children. I ask for warrior prayer. It is a battle we aren’t able to bear alone and we need strength to hold our arms up toward God for truth and deliverance. Thank you for the reminder today that we don’t fight against flesh and blood. Gods provides a way for each of us in our own specific situation.

  47. Janine, you are in my prayers! Likewise, I ask for prayer for our daughters and their boyfriends, that they may continue building their faith and hear God’s voice in their lives.

  48. Lord, I pray for all the women and men who are hurting and who are in these prayer requests… I pray for those who are experiencing health issues… addiction issues… financial hardship… difficult transitions… and uncertainty. I pray for healing of the hurting hearts, minds and bodies in the prayers before me. I pray for release from all forms of bondage… addictions to drugs, food, money, gambling… whatever comes between us and you Lord. I pray for those struggling financially and that our nation will not only find a better way so that things might improve for us all… but that our nation will have a great revival that will sweep through our nation and on to the rest of the world like a tidal wave of the Holy Spirit. I pray for those living in transition… in times of uncertainty … times of difficult or confusing decisions. Lord, give them peace, serenity, surety, clarity and may it be due to a deep sense of your abiding love for all of your children.
    And Lord, please be with my family. Each one of us is in a time of transition, uncertainty, and financial hardships abound. The future also at times looks bleak and it is hard to focus on You and just Be Still and know that You are God and that You are Lord of all… of the Harvest… of the earth… of all that is going on around us and in each of our lives. Lord help us to look to you and trust and take each day as a gift and show us each the way you have for us to go and the things you have planned for us to do since before time began. In Jesus Precious and Holy Name, Amen.

  49. Robin, thanks for the reminder to get our armor on and do battle on our knees.
    Your post made me look up the words to “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”
    Reading all the struggles we share, our adversary is very busy, for “he knows his time is short and his doom is sure.”
    His attempts to steal our hope, kill our peace and destroy our witness are pitted against Christ’s promises, strength and sure victory. Our Lord will kill him with one breath of His mouth (2Thes. 2:8).
    God keeps track of all of our sorrows and trials, He collects our tears in His bottle. “When I call to You for help, this I know: God is on my side. You have rescued me from death; You have kept me from defeat. And so I walk n the presence of God, in the lite that shines on the living. Ps 56.

    • Lord, I pray that You will bless Mo indeed.
      Allowing only the best to cross her path. You are her strong tower…always there. ..forever abounding in grace & love. The enemy may try to devour her & cause all kinds of issues to rise up, but God. Lord, You’ve got it all under control. Bless & keep her, be merciful unto her, & wrap her in Your arms. Amen.

  50. My young husband passed away two years ago. I have no children and no family. And now this past Thursday I put my sweet dog, Benny, to sleep. I had Benny for 14 years and at least when my husband passed, I still had Benny. Now I feel like I’ve lost my husband all over again. I miss them both! Please ask God to send me the right man for me. And for healing. Thank you.

    • Theresa, my heart breaks for you so much-I am so sorry for your losses. I hear you, sweet sister, have known the losses that you are facing in many ways and so does our strong, gentle, and loving Lord Jesus, who hurts with you. Rest in His arms today, dear sister-let Him help carry these pains. Praying that He enfolds you so gently today in His loving arms of safety and comfort. So many hugs 🙂

    • My heart and prayers are with you,, I lost my husband and cling to Christ and my dog who faithfully was by his side night and day.. Still as we visit the grave he sits right there not wanting to go home, he has helped me every day get out of bed and go thru grief, I can only imagine how much this loss hurts as I know that day I will also face and only God can carry me thru,, God’s strength and power to carry you

    • Praying for you Theresa. Praying God will comfort you in so many ways you are unable to count them. HE has a beautiful plan for you, He promises to give you hope and a future. Picturing you now resting under His wings while He prepares wonderful blessings for you.

    • Hi Therese,
      I am also a young widow. My husband passed away tragically when I was 26, he 27. It is certainly a journey and healing is ongoing. I pray you feel gods blessings pour down over you, that you feel strength and courage to live the life he would design for you. I have plunged through this darkness, seeking life, love and I have been blessed to remarry a wonderful man and have two young daughters. I am 36 and I hope this brings you hope to know you are not alone. Follow me at A Widows World on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you would like to connect. http://www.awidows.world praying for you.

  51. Lord I pray that Beth finds the perfect job soon. I know that you have something out that for her.

    I am 21 weeks pregnant. I have a 6 year old daughter and I miscarried 4 years ago. I have been filled with fear this entire pregnancy. The Devil tries to get in my head. I went into premature labor with my daughter and I have that fear again. I know God is faithful. He’s been so good to us. Please pray for protection for Me and this baby and that we make it till November. Thank you all so much.

    • Lord, we give you thanks that you are not the author of fear. That you are the author of life, the author of every breath, and you know each of us from before we are created in the womb. Oh Father, you know Andie’s fear. You know her anxiety, her past history, her gloom that hangs even now over these next coming months. Father in the name of Jesus I ask that you release her from this fear that has her in its fist tight grip, release her from what has her full focus. Lord focus her on You and ONLY YOU. Father surround her with your love, protect her mind, protect her thoughts, place your angels as a guard there to do battle for her against the enemy. Draw Andie closer into your word and prayer as she trusts you with the life within her and her own – never neglecting Christ within her. Father heal the grief within her, reveal to her the love you show when you take a baby from us, in your wisdom. Our understanding so limited, and yours so unfathomable. Oh Lord, bless her, keep her healthy, let her focus on You, and when fear shows its ugly face, may she immediately look away and straight into your eyes – bless her and walk these months with her as she grasps your finger as a child grasps their daddy’s. In the precious name of LIFE – Jesus, I ask, Amen

  52. I will be sure to read and pray for all these requests today. I have a Pinterest board for prayer requests as well. First for Therese, take comfort that Benny is safe with Lord, and your husband. Grief is a terrible thing to bear. Don’t let overtake you. Let the Lord love you as husband, and in Jesus name He is speaking to the heart of someone right now for you. Wait for Him to guide you. Talk to Jesus about everything. Get another dog, there is one who needs you. /// To Robin – Fantastic post! Let’s stay focused on Jesus, when we’re npt the enemy robs us blind.

  53. PLease pray for me- I have been in a place of waiting for the Lord to sell our home, for 2 years. I have learnt a great deal in this time but the waiting has also brought much indecision in our lives, and I really just need to settle down and grow in this time of waiting. I also need to grow in the fruit of the Spirit- and be far more outward thinking and moving than inward! It is almost as if I have retreated to a secluded little cocoon- where it is safe! Than ks.

  54. Oh Father – for Linda, her patience is exhausted. How can we even begin to have the kind of patience Jesus had? . . . we can’t. It is only Christ living in us who gives us a fighting chance at it! Father, my sweet sister Linda is so tired from the fight for patience, Lord may she find that very patience by giving up the fight and truly resting in You, relying on You!!! Fill her with a sense of humor towards this aggravation, Lord. Lord change her perception, so possibly patience isn’t needed?!?! Lord, let Your Holy Spirit fill Linda with an overwhelming PEACE in this situation. Be beside her, guide her words, her facial expressions, her tone of voice – Father, be the Holy Iron that smooths these wrinkles of tension into warm flatlands of grace. In Jesus Holy name, Amen
    I also am in need of prayer – my husband just had stents put in his heart last week and is still suffering chest pain/under huge financial burden/even mayo clinic cannot figure out what is wrong with me, severe pain/house on market/pray for strength

    • Crystal,
      I am praying for you and will do so each day. God sees you and knows your every need. Praying for house to sell, healing and peace.
      God bless you and your family.

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom! Just what I needed to hear! I will take this to heart! Praise God that we can gather and give each other strength and love at a good safe place! Praise His name for giving us each other! Thank you again! It means a lot to know someone really cares

      • ❤️❤️❤️ I will continue in prayer for you, Linda. . . Remember to exhale Jesus! I too am grateful for this opportunity of prayerful community. If you call on Jesus and call God your Father as I do, that makes us sisters! I love you, girlfriend. Continue to trust Him! Much love in Christ! XOXOX

  55. Tomorrow I start back to teaching. My principal is not a very nice person. She professes to be a Christian but her actions and attitude shows differently. She is very sneaky, lies and the tone in our school is an “I gotcha” tone. She has her favorites and those are people who don’t work, lie, and do their best to do the least amount of work. I don’t want to go back but no other door opened for me. Please pray that I am protected.

    • Father, in the name of Jesus we thank you for truth! And we ask You to walk with Kat every step of her day, walk with her, Jesus – and allow truth to reign! I ask that the lies and unfairness be shown for what they are, that wickedness in high places be brought down, that you protect your child! Father, I know that You see Kat and the fear, frustration, misery, angst, and “stuckness” she feels. Father, remind her again and again, that You never leave us or forsake us and when it feels so very dark and like You aren’t there, that she will embrace that darkness and turn it into a warm blanket of comfort and give thanks for it – knowing that the darkness is because it is indeed Your hand hiding her in the shadow of the cleft of the rock! That it is only dark because Your hand of protection is creating a shadow, a shield around her! . . . And without it how much worse it would be! Kat and I praise You for being God, and we do ask for a way out for Kat, for an opportunity into a different situation, created just for her by Your hand. Lord, we know that You are able, and because You are able, we are able – so, Lord, I lift sweet Kat to you, I bring her before your altar, I remind You of Your child and ask for sweet relief for Kat, and the strength to go on, and the wisdom to wear blinders when necessary. In the name above ALL names, Jesus ❤️

  56. My husband has abandoned me and filed for divorce. It was a complete blindside. 28 years of a life devoted to him and our children. Ripped away.

    • Tracie, I am so sorry for your pain and know what that feels like. I will be praying for strength for you and your children, and wisdom for the decisions ahead of you. Peace in your heart with where God leads you, and hope for a better tomorrow. Comfort for when you sleep at night and angel’s wings to brush away your tears.

    • Tracie,,I feel your pain. Ive been there but did survive. Just remember God sees all and he will take care of you. When one door closes another will open. Praying you find a new and better life ahead where you will be appreciated and loved. God bless.

    • Tracie, I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s ungodly choice. I pray that God will convict him and that he will turn his heart back to you. In the meantime, I know that Hos is close to the broken-hearted, and he will be your husband

      I am also in the midst of a divorce I do not want. My husband says he wants reconciliation, but insists that I submit to his desire to live with his parents, who do not respect me and have pushed me out of my rightful place as wife and mother. The enemy has infiltrated the situation, bringing lies and false accusations against me, to where I only have supervised visitations with them. I have been stripped of everything I value: my marriage, my kids, my home, my belongings, and my finances. I know God is for me, but I am desperate to see a manifestation of his power and favor. I need a breakthrough!

      • Thank you. I will be praying that God will show you how to proceed and that His peace will permeate your life. They will be done Lord. We praise you for your love and sovereignty.

      • Tracie & Jennifer
        The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
        and saves the crushed in spirit.
        Psalm 34:18
        God has not forgotten you & in fact is near & will save you. Know also that He feels your pain. I want to pray NOW.
        LORD – So many of us sisters here feel this pain. I thank you for placing this scripture in your word for us, because you knew we would need it. You knew in this broken world, we would be broken. Father, I come before you not to place blame because I know the only true blame belongs in the garden of Eden. Lord, I come only to praise you because you are the God of healing, and comfort and strength. I ask for these women, these things. Lord, we come humbly & boldly – cleansed by your blood, and ask, Lord ease the hurt, the ache, the despair, betrayal, loneliness and the bruised and destroyed self esteem. Father rebuild these hurting women, to be used mightily by you. Give them strength to do the hard things that come next and know you are there.
        And in this moment, send your Holy Spirit to comfort, to wrap your arms around them, Lord you know them by name and you never leave us alone. Jesus bring peace and wisdom in the name above all names, Jesus

    • Tracie when I read this, it really broke me…so sorry for this heartbreak in your life…Father be the comfort that you are to Tracie at this time. Holy Spirit, fill the void with renewed joy unspeakable despite the hardship…Jesus embrace your bride. Lord, if it be possible and desirable, convict this husband, change his heart, heal and renew this marriage. In His Holy Name…Amen.;

        • Tracie & Jennifer
          The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
          and saves the crushed in spirit.
          Psalm 34:18
          God has not forgotten you & in fact is near & will save you. Know also that He feels your pain. I want to pray NOW.
          LORD – So many of us sisters here feel this pain. I thank you for placing this scripture in your word for us, because you knew we would need it. You knew in this broken world, we would be broken. Father, I come before you not to place blame because I know the only true blame belongs in the garden of Eden. Lord, I come only to praise you because you are the God of healing, and comfort and strength. I ask for these women, these things. Lord, we come humbly & boldly – cleansed by your blood, and ask, Lord ease the hurt, the ache, the despair, betrayal, loneliness and the bruised and destroyed self esteem. Father rebuild these hurting women, to be used mightily by you. Give them strength to do the hard things that come next and know you are there.
          And in this moment, send your Holy Spirit to comfort, to wrap your arms around them, Lord you know them by name and you never leave us alone. Jesus bring peace and wisdom in the name above all names, Jesus

  57. Please pray for my family as we are in the midst of a couple big life changes. We will be moving our only child into his college dorm on the 17th of this month. In addition, my husband and I are in the process of selling the home we have lived in for the past 18 years and having a new town home built. Please pray that God is with each of us throughout these changes. That he guides each of us towards the people and things that will be best for us. That we only take steps towards the people and things that will fill us with peace, love and joy and that he closes any doors to people or things that could possibly harm any of us spiritually, physically, psychologically and/or financially. I pray that my son flourishes in college and is successfull both academically and socially. And I pray that all works out for the best for my husband and me in selling our current home and moving into our new home. Amen and thank you!

  58. My granddaughter a single mom age 21 raising a child age 3 walking away from God,, father of Caleb struggling with addiction..please pray for Bri & Caleb to return to Christ & for protection..

    • Father God – thank you for this world we live in, for the beauty we can still find within the mess we’ve created. Lord I bring these broken people to you. This young mom running from you mad and scared and resentful because she lost her teenage years and blaming you, this man trying to fill the void with drugs – addicted, filling a hole to drown out his anger, his insecurities his missteps, this child – stuck in this brokenness, and my sister Renee – tired, concerned, worried and hurt. Lord I bring all this brokenness to You, and I ask for a miracle. Father, a bandaid won’t work, we need a heart surgeon – and that’s You, only You. Oh, Lord, cause this mama to remember you, to remember your love – reveal yourself to her once again – who you really are! And this daddy, cause him to realize that his need for an alternate reality is robbing him of his life – bring him to you. Lord protect this child. Father you said in scripture “my word will not return void” and we rely on this. Do a work in their hearts that only you can do.
      Father, for Renee, I pray that you would give her wisdom. That she would hear your voice and obey. That she would be able to love, to trust you, to discern the spirit, to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Father, that she would be used by you for your purpose and that the enemy would have no footing there, that she would not be manipulated but would stand calm and strong in your power and strength. Father give her peace and rest in the name of Jesus I ask, Amen

  59. After being out of work for 7 months and one month after unemployment ended, I’m finally working again. I’m making less than I was on unemployment. My husband has not been able to find steady work since last year because he has an arrest record and is on probation. Our landlord was willing to work with us as long as we were able to pay the utilities each month (still in her name) and something towards the back rent, which we were able to do. When I spoke to her last Monday and gave her an update and cash for the electric bill and part of the back rent, she didn’t indicate that there were any problems with us continuing as we have been. So I was very surprised when yesterday I received a certified letter from her with a form letter from the courthouse stating that we had 7 days to pay in full or be out, otherwise she would be taking us to court to evict us. There is absolutely no way I can do that ~ although God can if it is His will for us to stay here. I’m asking for prayers that either the funds become available for us to catch up on our rent so that we can stay, or that He opens another door that will allow us to move somewhere that has better job opportunities for both my husband and me. I know that God restored our marriage after my husband’s arrest, and I thought He opened the door that brought us here as a way to further heal us. But lately I don’t know what His plans are for us, and Satan seems to be doing a good job of destroying us. I’m on the verge of tears now ~ from exhaustion after two back to back days on my feet with 6a-2:30p shifts, and the fears that keep me awake.

    • Lord, you know each one of Cindi’s needs. I pray for your peace for her as you move to answer them for the highest good. We so often don’t understand the events in our lives. Help us all to trust you on whatever path you have for us. Grant Cindi your rest, Lord. Help her to remember she is precious and loved even when Satan tries to convince us otherwise. Amen and amen in Jesus name.

  60. Lord, I see no path. Widowed, disabled by chronic illness, no family support, unable to go into a nursing home due to exreme allergies, raising a 14-year old who loves you, and little money left. No church support, owing more money than I have, tired and bed bound, I need You. I need help.

    • Father, You see Grace – You see her needs, her trials, how hard she is juggling things to make it all work. Lord she needs Your grace, Your mercy in this situation. Thank you for this woman who has been so selfless, who has raised this child in Your path. Lord sustain her financially, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Move the mountains that need to be moved so that her life can be an easier task, so that she may continue to make a difference in this child’s life. Lord, consider Your servant and have mercy, we ask simply for mercy and sustenance. Please Father, in the name of Jesus we ask for easement and joy! Hallelujah!

  61. Please pray for me. I am so lonely. I feel like I have no one. I don’t feel like God loves me. I have heard over and over that life has its ups and downs but mine continually goes down. I have prayed for joy and peace but still have an hurting heart. I don’t think I can continue to live like this much longer. Thank you

    • Father . . . Oh Father, I desperately call on Your name. I thank You for creating Kathy. I thank you that You know her name. Lord you see her tears, her exhaustion, her loneliness, her “doneness”. Since we walk by faith and not feelings we KNOW that you have not abandoned her. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
      and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 38:14 Help my sister Kathy to reach for You in the dark. To trust You in the dark, to know You are there in the dark. Bring her close to You, let her look for You and find You in her day. Let her say “I saw God today”. Lord hold my sweet sister in the palm of Your hand and send encouragement her way. May we not shy away from the hard things, but come together in them to find strength. Send her those who will strengthen her, send Your Holy Spirit to wrap Your arms of love and comfort around her. Remind her that she is always loved by You. I ask these things in the Name above ALL names, Jesus.

  62. My marriage is falling apart. My husband who has been saved for 20yr totally changed a few years ago to the dark side as I call it,,,he lives in sin and does not care about my feelings. We are totally unequally yoked. I only stay cause of finances,,but I have not given up hope that God will heal him so I can have my husband back. Its a lonely way to live,,im alone 50% of the time im very sad, miserable and hurt.

  63. Please pray for me as I am experiencing a rather rough recovery from reparative knee surgery on July 19th. Rather than my pain subsiding, it is both continuing and now disrupting my sleep. Thank you so much for taking my prayer request.

    • Lord, bless Mary as she goes through her recovery period. Minimize her pain & allow her to have restful nights. Heal her body like only You’re able to do. And we will forever give You all the praise, honor, & glory. Amen.

  64. Lord, I pray that You will bless Mo indeed.
    Allowing only the best to cross her path. You are her strong tower…always there. ..forever abounding in grace & love. The enemy may try to devour her & cause all kinds of issues to rise up, but God. Lord, You’ve got it all under control. Bless & keep her, be merciful unto her, & wrap her in Your arms.

  65. Lord, bless Mary as she goes through her recovery period. Minimize her pain & allow her to have restful nights. Heal her body like only You’re able to do. And we will forever give You all the praise, honor, & glory. Amen.

  66. I’m going through a season of war. I must gird myself & put on the armor of God. Sometimes I feel like giving up, especially when I’m stressed. My husband & I have been going through a rough few months. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. He’s distant, but still says that everything is okay. I feel that there’s more. School is stressful. I feel like the adversary is trying to devour me. But “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. “

    • Lord I pray for Graham. I ask you to fight for Graham and her husband. Through your power and the the weapons of truth, righteousness, faith, peace, the Holy Spirit, your word and prayer I declare that the tactics of the enemy are destroyed. Give her strength not to become weary but to know that it is especially during the times when we are weak that you are strong. Help her to keep her eyes on you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Precious FatherGod: I lift Graham up to your thrown of grace. May she be reminded that the battle is Yours alone. May she sense your peace in a very real way. I pray for her marriage that it would be a model of Your love and faithfulness to Your bride–the church of Christ. Precious Sovereign God, you are able! We will give you the glory and honor for the work You will do in Graham’s life and marriage.
      Now dear friends, could you pray for me to be in a Godly relationship with a man of respect? I am a widow and the desire of my heart now is to be in a relationship.

      • Father thank you that you are the epitome of love. That you have created us with a desire to give and receive love. Lord, you see the desire of Mary’s heart to love again. Lord, there is nothing hidden in us that you do not see or know. Lord I pray that your plan would include a loving, responsible, Godly man in Mary’s life. Father lead Mary, guide and direct her, place this man in her life, and let her focus be riveted solely on you. Let her eyes be stayed on you, fixed on you, until you and only you interrupt her gaze on you with him. Bless her Lord, honor her request, in the name of Jesus, Amen ❤️

  67. Please pray that I will grow in love, that I will make wise choices, that I will walk in integrity and be more like Jesus. And also that I will not live isolated, please send some godly trustworthy friends into my life.

    • Lord, I pray that You would give Trish wisdom & discernment to make the right decisions. Please send Godly friends into her life, so that she won’t feel alone. Allow these friends to be trustworthy & value their friendship. Give her everything that she needs & more. Amen.

  68. Heavenly Father, I pray that you will meet the needs of all those who have commented and left their prayer requests. I will be sure to remember each one and left up their requests and needs to you. I ask them to pray for me as I am being the caregiver to my husband who has finished therapy after having open heart surgery. It is very trying right now and we need you to be with us dear Lord as he is nursed back to help. I pray that you will give me added strength to do your will in this service to my husband, as unto you. Amen

    • Lord Jesus, I lift cab mom to you. Thank you for her wording in her request for prayer – how her taking care of her husband is a service “as unto you”. Father give her strength when she is to tired too go on, a smile when she doesn’t feel like her muscles can make even one more, refreshing sleep at night, and unexpected help along the way – may she not be too proud or to quick to dismiss the help you send! Father let her know how much you love her as she is ministering to her husband, remind her: whatever you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done to me. I also pray for an astounding recovery and healing for her husband, in the name of Jesus, Amen

  69. Pray for me as a single mom, and as a daughter supporting my widowed mom. Pray for us in our finances. Pray for me with regards to my emotions.

    • Oh Father, I bring my sister Lucy before your throne – you see her, she is your beloved daughter. Lord, I thank you for her. For her honesty, here, now, in this moment – so brave. . . So brave, always – so brave. But Lord Lucy doesn’t want to be brave all the time. She’s really tired of being brave all the time. She’s trying to raise her daughter and take care of her mama and the finances are crushing down on her and . . . she’s brave and scared and brave and mad and brave and resentful and brave and exhausted and so so brave. Jesus, my sister Lucy needs to breath. My sister needs rest, and someone to help ease the burden – Lord send your Holy Spirit to wrap his arms around her, to comfort her. Father, let her know that if it all doesn’t get done it will be okay. Father I bring Lucy’s emotions and put them in the very palm of your hand – Lord, manage them. Take the fear, resentment, exhaustion and crush them into nothing and blow them away forever. Replace them with your love and joy and ease and rest – Lord I pray exhale for Lucy in the name of Jesus! Father don’t allow her to take out her exhaustion out on those around her who she loves.
      Father, turn around what the enemy has done to her – let her smile and relax when she feels that anxiety rise instead of yelling or snapping and she will truly be ‘Lucy the Brave’ the Lucy the Brave YOU created!
      Be the God of joy in her life, Lord bless her, financially, emotionally and spiritually and draw her to focus on you. This I pray for my sweet sister, Lucy the Brave, ❤️ In Jesus name Amen

    • Miss Lucy,

      I pray that all will be well for your family, and that you will all be comforted by the Lord.


  70. My pastor spoke this morning about keeping our eyes focused on Jesus in trials. But I admittedly am really struggling with that. I have a pretty dark past and currently feel like I’m stagnating in my faith because of struggles I’m dealing with. I have had a pain disorder for 7 years, and I’m 23, and now I’m having shoulder pain, with multiple negative tests, I am now waiting to hear if my myofascial pain has spread (which is problematic) or if I’ve had a misdiagnosis, and have something else (potentially fibromyalgia). As these health issues are going on, it concerns me for my future, that whichever it is will spread and cause more problems, that it’ll interfere with my work (and going back for a masters degree), and potentially hurt my hopes of one day being married and having my own family (because the enemy even now is telling me why would any man want to marry someone who is sick all of the time), I want to believe the promise of all things being worked for our good, and having a savior who sympathizes with our struggles but right now I am very scared no matter how much I talk about it or pray about it.

    • Logan, I pray that God will give you peace concerning your future and that he will take every pain away that you are currently suffering. He is able!

  71. I pray for Logan (the commenter above), dear Lord you see her struggles. Help her and show her how to reconcile with her past and not to take her past forward with her anymore. Dear loving Jesus I pray that you will calm down Logan’s pain and that you will pave the way forward with her medical care and provide her with the best treatment to heal her and she will know that you are with her so she can tell others of your glory. Lord, I pray that Logan will not think too much about her future but will know, through you, that she has hope and you will show her things and provide for her step by step for your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

    I am struggling with identity and where I fit in life and direction in life. I am 42, I’m not a wife or a mother or even got an amazing career. I know it’s not all about that (I would love to be a wife and mother). I just feel every door I push at doesn’t open as I try to make the most of this very long season of my life. I’m finding It hard seeing photos of everyones wonderful summers and lives on facebook and even think I have a friend that purposely doesn’t include me in her plans because I’m not in a couple of family – which is hard. I’m just finding it tough and sad and even though I should be so grateful of the freedom and time that I have without being responsible for others it can be a burden.

    • Louise, I can identify with your struggle and am also praying that God will give me direction. I’m a good deal older than you and still not sure where I fit in this life. I’ve had so many ups and downs, curves, hills, valleys, etc. that I just am not sure which way to turn most of the time. I’m praying that God will show us both what his divine plan is for our lives.

      • Kim, thank you for responding to my comment. It’s hard isn’t it to see sometimes where we fit? Regardless of age. I pray that God, too, shows us his divine plan for our life and I pray he uses those ups, downs, curves, hills and valleys for good and for others. Much love x

  72. I recently lost my younger sister to pancreatic cancer and am now watching my younger brother have to go through open heart surgery while his daughter lies in a comma from a brain injury. Life seems to be too much at times, but I know God is able! Please help me pray for my family during this difficult season we’re going through. Much appreciated!

    • Kim, always remember God is in control. Father I pray you give Kim and her family strength to endure during these trials. Lord I speak healing over her family, and comfort them as only you can. Let her keep her eyes focused on you Lord and not the problems she sees in front of her.
      Jer 32:27 “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for me?”

      Be strong and stay encouraged and know that God will bring you through this time.

  73. I have been keeping stro ng in my faith in our Lord, I had an emotional affair at work for aboput a 2 -3 months…I NEVER allowed anything to happen, I just needed someone to talk to, and I mainly talked about my husband(good only), how work was stressing me out sometimes, and his family, I never loved him, and I would never have left or leave my husband. I made the biggest mistake by not talking to my husband about it. I felt I couldn’t, he has some anger issues, and I did the worst thing ..I assumed. I assumed he would flip out on me.
    I know it was the enemies plan, I started drinking monster energy drink right before, I started seeing this other guy cute. And I asked him out of curiosity if he thought I was pretty…I kno…childish and foolish….Once my husband asked me about it, that’s where the worst came…I lied to my husband. Though it was only conversation and NO intimacy at all, I allowed my husband to think the worst , and with me lying instead of saying I cant communicate with u….well 2 years later and he still walks in unforgiveness, and has days were he says he is miserable and doesn’t want to be married anylonger, then days were he says he cant be without me,
    I am trusting God to do his will in my life,I just pray for my husband to soften his heart towards me. I wish I could say at the time I started drinking those drinks I stopped right away, but I fell, I allowed my flesh to come in , but GOD knows everytime an impure thought came up to my head I would always speak against it, I just wish I would’ve been stronger to just tell my husband. I pray that he will look to God and will want to work our marriage out. I love him dearly and want us to be able to move on and leave our past behind us..

    • Please pray for God to keep me strong in this battle for our marriage, I am in need of Godly influences in our lives. pray for reconciliation between me and my husband, that we will be able to overcome this battle. The enemy sees how strong my husband is and if hes doing that for God the devil will lose another one! Decree in the name of JESUS that God will soften my husbands heart and make me to be the wife God desires me to be. I am forgetful, I get easily distracted, and I continue to open my mouth at the wrong times. Lord I KNOW you are bigger than my problems. I just pray that my husband can see this as well, Also please pray for his son, my stepson, that he will come move back with us for the school year, opportunities, safety, and godly influence is more avail here than where his mother lives. Abba Father ,I put it in your hands.

  74. I need prayer for a broken relationship. Very sad. Believe this is temporarily God’s will, and God’s will is ultimately restoration. Just unbelievably sad, but hopeful. Living the verse, “I walk by faith, and not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7, but it’s been 8 weeks, and still very sad. Have been dating, ready to marry, but he was very depressed for a variety of reasons, and just left. I don’t believe this has anything to do with me, just the Lord needing to do some work in his life, but he thinks it has to do with me, just hasn’t told me why or what. We don’t really speak….only see each other at church for a courtesy hello and hug. Miss his children and grandchildren beyond measure. Definitely a Man of God who is after God’s heart, and I am definitely a Woman of God doing as well. Trying to live as a Proverbs 31 woman, and day to day Joy is a struggle. Thanks. Prayers for Joy in All circumstances for his to see God’s will and obey. Thanks.

  75. Please pray for me that God show me plainly what pain I’m not addressing. This is twice O. One morning He’s spoken of confronting pain but o don’t know what pain He’s talking about. Thank you!

  76. Please pray for my family and financial situation. Sometimes I read other posts and feel, “Lord, this is so small compared to others” but the Lord lets me know that nothing is too small for him. My relationship between my daughter and myself is in a terrible shape. Due to many things that have happened over the last 3 years (including physical altercations, many. many arguments, financial distress, anger so intense that I can hardly describe it, drug use and abuse and many more). To go into would take hours to explain. Please pray that the Lords Will will be done. That this anger that I hold against her will subside, that her issues with pain pills be taken care of and that most of all my granddaughter will not be scarred for life.

    • Dear sister, my heart goes out to you. I have 5 children, all grown now, but we have had many issues over the past 15 years, some of which are probably very similar to yours, and I also have been guilty of feeling a lot of anger, for which I asked the Lord to forgive me. There have been long periods of time when one or more would cut off communication with me and/or siblings, and at times it has looked totally helpless. God has given me the grace to forgive them, and I have prayed for a long time that the Lord would bind us all together in love. I found that it really helped when I was willing to ask their forgiveness for the ways in which I had hurt them. A miracle happened just a few weeks ago; after I nearly died back in April from an undiagnosed heart problem, it seemed to make them realise that life is unpredictable, and for the first time in over 10 years, we were able to ALL meet together for a meal in a restaurant. There are still many problems; only one is really walking with God, but this is a start, and I believe God will complete what He has started. So be encouraged dear sister; God still does miracles. Being willing to forgive is so hard, but God will pour His love and mercy into your soul, and give you a love for your daughter which will amaze you. Be blessed and watch God work.

  77. I’m experiencing a great amount of grief. My mom died 6 weeks ago (age 91)and my sister 1 week ago (age63) in a tragic accident. She was 2 years older than me and my only sibling. I have lots of questions, confusion, and emotions as God helps me through this most difficult time.

    • Jesus I thank you that you are the God of comfort, that you hold the very universe in your hands. Lord I bring Cindy before you, and I ask you for that comfort for her. Smooth out the rough edges of her emotions even now, Father, let her feel your peace in this pain – let her realize that her pain is only a symbol of her love. Father comfort her, help her not to question you, help her to trust you. Remind her that you see the bigger picture. Oh Father heal the holes in her life that have been suddenly left there – fill them with the love of you, Father, instead of the doubt of the enemy. Send the salve of the Holy Spirit and remind her daily that she is your daughter and that you love her more than anyone on earth ever could. Comfort Lord, sweet comfort, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  78. I was offered a full time job with an organization that is affiliated with the same one that I am now training at. Today I was informed that the salary offered has been lowered tremendously and it is for part time only. Please pray that God will re-open this door providing me with a full time job. I know God is able.

  79. Please pray for my son, Ben. He has just started his last stint in prison after years of having a drug problem. He gave his life back to God several months ago, and married a Christian girl, before receiving this sentence for an offence which happened two years ago. He had only been inside the jail for 36 hours when he was stabbed, severing the artery in his arm and nearly killing him. He had 5 hours of surgery to repair it, using a vein from his leg. He had to go back to the jail once he had recovered from the surgery; please pray for his safety and full recovery from his injuries, and that he will have many opportunities to witness for Christ.

    • Lord please cover Ben with your healing hands, and surround and protect him with your Angel armies. I pray that his faith will increase and he will see your will in his life. You are able to bring peace and we love and trust you!

      Lord I ask for prayer for my marriage and a very difficult financial situation. Your are always faithful

  80. I suffer from depression, anxiety & just downright fear. This has been a cyclical or seasonal thing for many years. Please pray God’s total deliverance and healing for me. I know my feelings lie to me and the enemy joins forces with my feelings and piles it on until I am in torment. I love the Lord Jesus so much and want my life to bring honor and glory to His Name. I am desperate!

  81. Praying for everyone on this forum. May God answer each and everyone of your prayers in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. I am struggling financially, have been for a long time now. I thank God for the the job I have but the pay is so small. Please pray to God to shine his light of favour on me. I am praying for either a well paying job or the wisdom and courage to start my own business.

  82. Please pray for a sweet young mother and father as they await test results on their 7 month old baby boy. The child is not thriving, has no muscle tone, is on a feeding tube… while they long to have answers, they fear the answers may be devastating to their hope of having a normal life for their child.

  83. Please pray for me. We have sold our home and move into a smaller place next month. Things were progressing quite well when last week my husband began having seizures and a stroke. he is home although unable to do very little for himself. It takes me most of the day to care for him yet the packing up etc and all the other things which have to be done when one moves still have a deadline to be accomplished. As we are in our 70’s I am not as quick as I once was. All our family live a long way away. I know that God is with me. I know that He said it was the time to move. I know that he made the place available. I know that He chose someone to purchase this home within a week of it going on the market. At present I am just so weary and wonder how things will get done. Please pray for the strength and peace and patience that I need in these days. Thank you.

    • Father, we come before you with our petitions, first giving thanks – thank you above all, that you are forever reliable! That you are our God – never changing, always there and forever reliable! Lord I bring Barbara before your throne, and you see her needs. She is asking only for these things: strength and peace and patience and I ask you to provide these things for her, but Father I dare to ask for so much more for her. Lord look on Barbara, your beloved daughter. Father, see your child, weary and struggling during this time. Reach down from heaven with your steady hand and steady her, with your helping hand and help her, with your guiding hand and guide her, Lord. Send what it is she needs. Send your Holy Spirit to comfort her, when she is weak be her strength, when she is overwhelmed, overwhelm her with your grace and love. Let her see you. Lord I pray for strength and healing for the sweet man she married, that you would raise him up strong and healthy once again, that you would fill them both with joy, because you are able, Father.
      Father be with Barbara, let her know how very much you love her, let her not feel lonely, because she is never alone, for you are with her, every step she takes. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

    • Barbara,

      My prayers are with you as you care for you husband. I know how hard it is to care for an elderly person. May God send help via friends or church family. I also pray for God to send healing to your husband. May you have a sense of peace and contentment in your soul.

      Blessings 🙂

  84. Dear Father in heaven, we know just how precious the little children are to you. Today I would ask for your tender love for the wee baby mentioned above. I pray for great wisdom for his doctors and I especially pray that your precious, loving arms will be around his parents just like a warm, soft cuddly blanket. I pray that they will know your love and peace as they await the prognosis for their precious little baby. Thank you dear Lord for your never failing love. amen.

  85. I am in another legal battle to protect my son, his father is an alcoholic who often puts our son in dangerous situations. He also happens to be an attorney – this makes it extremely difficult. However, my son is now old enough to tell others about his dad’s actions and behaviors (including verbal abuse), my prayer is that people LISTEN. I am not a fighter, I’m a peaceful person, and it takes a huge toll on me emotionally to fight this battle (not the first time with him). It is also a huge financial toll, and I don’t know where all the money will come from. Please pray for my son’s well being, his safety, and for truth, for what is hidden to be revealed.

    • I went thru a similar divorce. It was very painful snd it occurred as I was losing my Mom to Alzheimers. Custody was split and my kids went back and forth which made a mess academically. Those 10 years were awful but I will fast forward to tell you the Lord was in control and had his reasons. My ex had a bad hard drug abuse relapse. I knew he had HIV and I saw him at a function for our son. He was practically skeletal. All the years and the hate fell away. I took him to the doctor and got him in a good rehab. It saved his life which mended all the anger and hate between my inlaws and me. My ex and I became best friends which was very healing for our children as well as for us. He went to Uganda on a mission trip. He had a massive heart attack and died 5 days before he was due to return to the US. Today I know that those horrible years of the kids shuffling back and forth gave them time with their Dad that they would not have had in the years ahead. He will be gone 2 years next week and we miss him greatly but rejoice that he had nearly 3 years of sobriety and a heart to do God’s will. His time in Uganda brought the message of salvation of our Lord, recovery from drugs and alcohol and that there is hope to live a good life even after HIV infection which in that country is huge. He had the virus over 30 years and that was not even what took him.

      Pray that your ex will turn from his anger amd evil ways. Prayers for your son’s protection from any mental or physical abuse that the situation has left him in.

      • Karen,

        I pray that God will intervene and allow people to hear you son’s pleas for help. May He send financial assistance your way. Also asking for peace and contentment in your heart, mind and soul!


    • My prayer request is for my 17 year old son that started hard drugs and ran away to be found and come home and begin a life of sobriety. Also for me my major depression and general anxiety disorders have been running rampent since he disappeared in June. The other nite he asked me to wire him bus fare home. I pray that it will truly be used for that and he will arrive home safely this week.

      • Paula,

        Praying for you and your son. I pray God will turn his heart around and bring him home. May God heal your broken and wounded heart, soul and mind. I pray for peace and contentment in your life!

        Blessings 🙂

    • Karen,

      I pray that God will intervene and allow people to hear you son’s pleas for help. May He send financial assistance your way. Also asking for peace and contentment in your heart, mind and soul!

      Blessings 🙂

  86. The Lord is able to do exceedingly above all we can anticipate! My brother needs help in a very big way. Our father passed away and before doing so, drove a cataclysmic-sized wedge between my brother and his son (my nephew). Now my brother is severely depressed and my nephew is doing all he can to make the situation worse. Please ask the Lord to intervene on my brother’s behalf, and stop this insane behavior. Thank you so very, very much.

  87. Praying for our kids as they enter another year into school. And praying for my oldest son who will turn 21 next month. I know he is struggling with what to do next and finding a purpose for his life. I have faith that in time, he will remember all that You, God, had done and given to him and may that stir his heart to remember Your Words Lord. You are good, true and deeply needed in each and everyday of our life. May we all remember how blessed we are even in tiring times, in difficult times, in times where we feel we are alone. Thank You for this message. Let us put on the armor of God and not become harden like the iron on the armor but filled with compassion for our fellow human beings who deeply need the love of Christ:)

  88. Please pray for my daughter, Aubrey. She doesn’t want a relationship with me and has been out of my life for 10 years. She has three kids I don’t know. My heart breaks, but there is nothing I can do any more. She talks with her siblings, and is seemingly satisfied with her husband and his family. Pray that God would turn her heart toward home and give her a desire to have a relationship with me. Pray that God would bring about reconciliation and restore what the cancer worm and locust have eaten. Only God can change her heart.

    • Linda~ I cannot imagine the pain you must feel as a mother wanting a relationship with your daughter and her family . My prayer is that the Lord will see fit to restore this relationship in HIs time. God is good and faithful. Be open to Him and what He shows you during this process.

  89. My prayer requests are not for myself but rather for my brother who has two children ages 16 and 12. His wife told him that she no longer loves him after he returned from a one year deployment to Afghanistan. He is devastated. They are seeking counsel but it is not going well. I would ask for the Lord’s will to be done in this marriage and tough situation.
    My other request is for a family who lost their only daughter, age 23 after a four year battle with cancer. She beat this awful disease twice but this third time it was too much for her weak body. She was the most positive, vivacious , Believer, lover of life, courageous person to have been through this horrible time. She is leaving behind her parents, 5 brothers, and her sweet fiance’, and sister’s in law, nieces and nephews, and a host of other family and friends. I am a better person having know her. Her name is Claire!

  90. My prayer request in the mist of my grief for the lose of my mother, I just can’t seem to get it together. You see I am a only child my dad died at my age of 11 years. As the only grandchild I had to help with my fathers parents and be a care giver. I was engaged to be married once but my mother had a fit with my future in-laws and the girl gave me my ring back. You see my mother was afraid of losing me. I have had twelve years of difficult times taking care of my Mother. Personal by myself, several nursing homes one medical situations after another, doctors, nurses, hospital’s, etc.. I brought my home several times , not giving up on trying to keep her out of a nursing home. My mother passed several months ago. I am all alone all the turmoil I had is over. I am divested and loss. I don’t like being all alone with not much family. There are days that doesn’t have much meaning.