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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Becky,

    Just took the dare and I’m a Giver! I should have known this as I get pleasure out of helping people and doing for others! ‘I can embrace how God designed me and lean into the gift of happiness… and contentment!

    Blessings 🙂

    • I love that, Beth! Giver was my lowest score on the Happiness Style Assessment, which at first made me feel kinda like a jerk. 🙁 But I love how Jennifer emphasizes over and over again that God made each of us uniquely, we are a blend of all the styles, and we can celebrate how he made us AND how he made others. So I’m celebrating beautiful Giver you, Beth! xoxo

  2. Yes! What a gift it is to embrace the way God made us!

    I love that you are willing to be who He created you to be — because you daily reflect Him in your doing!

    I’m a Doer, too. Shocker.

    I loved the assessment in The Happiness Dare – and each chapter that goes deeper into the different happiness styles! The insight helps me love others who are very different from me better.

  3. LOVE this post, Becky, and I love seeing the unique things that makes you (and other Doers) happy. I am so the opposite. I’m a thinker, but this gives me freedom to enjoy my unique happiness. I love that we are all so different, this is beautiful.

    • Thanks, Devi! Yes, Jennifer’s book has also helped me find freedom in being who I am in Christ and experiencing happiness in the ways he wired me. I’m also high in Thinker and Experiencer, but not so much in Giver. I could feel bad about my happiness bent, or I can embrace it and shine godly happiness to the world around me. xoxo Thanks for being here, friend! I always appreciate your voice in the conversation.

  4. Wow, I just finished reading Chapter 5 and even though I’m primarily a Relater, I enjoyed reading that “God has wired each of us to experience the blessing of work.” This is a chapter I plan to re-read so I can gain more perspective on my doing. I thought about all the work I’ve done in the last 2 days and to be honest, most of it I secretly complained about. However, I got a lot of joy from baking a loaf of sourdough bread yesterday (my 2nd attempt) that was actually pretty good. And yes, I always get satisfaction from a made bed. Also, I become ~cranky~ when I can’t get much of my to-do list accomplished and I feel a let-down…

    Also, I believe that some of my extended family members are Experiencers, and I secretly shame them for paying for housecleaning, as they claim they’re not able to handle a vacuum cleaner — yet they take off to the beach or to a concert or a yard sale and have no problem navigating there. Some rarely cook (if at all) and love to eat in their cars or restaurants. So, I hope to learn how to relate to them. I know all work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy, but, I believe in a balance between work and play, right? Yes, “it is the joy of work well done that enables us to enjoy rest” and I can’t imagine not working at all. <3