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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Holley,
    Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel…at least I do. My brave does not look like stoic confidence…just the opposite in fact. I often feel like I’m not being a very good model of a brave Christian because I have a lousy poker face. Even if I try to appear brave, you can see right through to my doubt. I love the thought that “Brave is faith dancing the two-step with doubt.”

    I take comfort in how Jesus handled “doubting Thomas” aka….me. He didn’t chide him or rebuke him for his doubt. No, He held out His hands and lovingly beckoned Thomas to draw near and feel the scars on His hands. A lot of the time faith is believing what we cannot see, but I believe that God knows our doubts and is not perplexed by them (He is mindful of our frame). At least for me, He has given me times that I was able to touch Him in a way that helps to erase my doubt. Every trial that He brings me through, builds my confidence in Him. In that way He beckons me to draw near and touch His scarred hands.

    When I wrestle with doubt, in a sense I am wrestling with belief. I am wrestling because I want to draw near to Him. I think God would have more of a problem if I simply didn’t care…indifference. At least my doubts give Him something to work with…He knows my heart and that I want to overcome these doubts. Call me silly, but I believe if our heart’s desire is to draw near to Him, we can find our brave when our faith does the “two-step” with doubt. So needed this today…

    • ps. Until I get to Heaven and can see everything clearly and perfectly….there’s always going to be doubts while I’m here on this earth. Trying to let go of the guilt associated with my doubting….Romans 8:1.

      • Bev, sweet sister, praying for you in this place of doubt and guilt. I think about what you said so graciously about doubting and wrestling, leading us to greater trust in Him. I have felt such fear and guilt too over my doubts and worries. No matter how we feel, He loves us anyway. Praying the Lord lifts you up in His merciful and tender love today, leading you thorough the doubts and guilt to His love that loves us anyway 🙂

      • Thats what I have always thought Brave was. Not fearlessness but being terrified but doing it anyway because its what God wants you to do. And trusting that he will be with you every step as he promised. Im human Im what he made. Im not fearless.

        • I am trying to do what God wants me to do. Like your comments about not fearlessness and trusting that He will be with you every step. So far, haven’t got a person to directly support me in this effort, but God is all the support I need! Have friends that I am sure are praying for me and that helps.

  2. We are brave, show courage, when, although we are almost incapacitated by fear, we do it anyway.
    If it’s not scary then we don’t need to be brave;
    if it’s not near the edge, we don’t need Jesus’ help to keep us from falling off.
    and His grace is always sufficient.

  3. Holley, this post resonated. Yesterday at lunch, some friends discussed their childhood fears and those that have persisted into adulthood…clowns, spiders, etc. I listened. I spoke last. “I don’t think there was anything I was ever NOT afraid of,” I admitted. “I’ve outgrown some; the rest are just well-hidden.” Laughter. I like to make people laugh (happens rarely). But that comment was truth. The possibility that real bravery could be fear doing the hard thing anyway, gives me permission not to have to feel brave. I can just BE it. Thank you, Holley.

  4. Thank you, Holley. This is so true. This summer I faced some big fears. I had the same earth spinning feeling and people telling me that I was crazy. I let go of the control that fear had on me and I decided to let God have the control over me instead. What I found was freedom in Christ. If I had not been brave, I would have missed out on beautiful memories with my children and husband. And you know what? I’ve found that I am a little more braver than before.

  5. Thank you. I needed this. TODAY. Just yesterday I accepted an offer for a job I didn’t pursue and I can’t believe I am doing this. The difference between being brave and feeling brave is right in the pit of my stomach. But God knows what I need and will walk me through this. So I can be brave even when I’m scared. Thanks.

  6. Just reading this post gives me butterflies, remembering the things God has assigned that have scared me silly. The question I try to remember to ask is this: Would I want to miss this opportunity to prove Him faithful?
    Trusting for grace to go forward answering that question in faith!

  7. Thank you Holley. I saw the title of your blog and thought, “here we go.” Today, I have to be brave for reasons I’d rather not be. Bravery is needed for me the stay-at-home mom who has to work again, to take my late and short rent check to my landlord, to kiss my husband as he leaves for work although I secretly harbor feelings of resentment. Bravery is needed to say, “God, I am a mess and I can’t afford to have a panic attack…I don’t want to. So I fall apart quietly, piece by piece so no one thinks I’m going crazy, I just need to break.” I need the courage to fall apart in church without stares, at home without my kids outside my door, in my quiet place without my husband wondering why I cry. I need to fall apart so God can put me back together again.

    • Sweet girl, you touch me. I’m praying for you. May the strength of God be yours today, tomorrow and all days. Raising children, making the end meet in today’s world is such a struggle, but you are so brave as your mamma lion goes out into the world to protect her little ones, know that God is with you protecting you – his little one. He will not let you fall or give you more than you can deal with. He will walk with you, carry you, laugh with and cry with you. Be Brave dear girl. Reach out to your God knowing that he loves you more than anything just as you are and will hold you and keep you and yours safe through this journey called life. God bless you. I lift you up to Jesus today. Stay strong sister.

      • Tammy, thank you for your heart-felt prayer. I read your post in the privacy of my laundry room and cried ad cried. I am so thankful for a praying sister.

    • Lotoya,
      As I read your post, tears filled my eyes and I wept for you, my sister in Christ. I know exactly how you feel and it breaks my heart to know that anyone is going through what I am going through. I stopped and prayed for you and I will keep praying for you everyday. God is faithful and He will see you through this difficult time. This, too, shall pass. Rest in Him and know that He loves you deeply and wants the very best for you and your family. Stay strong and stay in the Word. The Holy Spirit will comfort you, my dear sister.

      • Kathy, thank you for helping me bear my burdens. Having someone pray for you who understands is a relief in a strange way…but you get it, and you went to the Father on my behalf. Bless you, and I will also pray for you.

    • Latoya,

      Praying for you sweet sister. It is so hard to be a stay at home mom and care for littles. That is a grand job and God is smiling down on you as you work diligently to care for those He has entrusted to you. Raising the next generation of Christian young people is hard. May the peace of God surround you now and always! Remember you are NOT alone–God is with you always!! I will keep praying for you and your family for God’s will to be made known and for you to have contentment!

      Blessings 🙂

      • Beth, thank you for your prayers! You are correct, littles are sometimes a handful! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I begin my search for working outside the home, my focus is always “how will this affect my family?” I accept the peace of God that you pray for me and my family. Blessings!

    • It takes bravery to fall apart so God can do his work in you. When I try and hold it all together and not let on how I’m feeling God can’t work in me. However when we accept we are broken and allow our brokenness to come out of hiding we become brave and we know God can heal the messes into messages and brokenness into God”s fullness. He loves you and my prayer is that you find some alone time with God and his word and let him heal all your hurts and mend your shattered heart. You are strong in your weakness! I’m praying for you and thanks for the other sister’s in Christ you are not alone!! God loves you so much!

      • Emme, your words remind me of my mom’s very advice. I spoke with her yesterday and allowed myself a mini breakdown – actually I had a few mini-breakdowns yesterday- and she reassured, “You need to allow your kids and your husband to see or hear you cry out to your Heavenly Father.” Why do I feel the need to keep it all together despite everything that’s going crazy? Shame. Pride. Shame, because I don’t want my kids to hear my slobbery cries, because that’s what I felt like doing. I don’t want them to wonder, “what’s wrong with Momma?” I don’t want them to know mommy gets tired, except when I yell, “Go play, I’m tired!” I want my husband to believe that he has a “strong black woman who holds him down” (rolling my eyes, I know). Pride, because I want to hold it ALL together. My momma did, until she reminded me of the many times I heard her praying and crying out to the Lord. As a child, I just thought, “there she goes speaking in tongues again.” Actually, I envied her commitment to the Lord. Pride, too, because I’ve been a practicing Christian for years and I thought I would have this thing down packed by now…and I don’t. Pride, because I don’t want to need prayer…So yeah, Emma thank you for your prayers and the permission, so to speak, to “fall apart.” Blessings

        • LaToya,
          You blessed me and warmed my heart today when I read your reply that my words remind you of your Mom’s advice! I have 2 grown girl’s that grew up loving Jesus and walked away from the Lord. I continue to pray for them and love on them but one will allow me to pray for her but other well that’s a whole story in itself. I believe God gave me a heart to speak in to the lives of women young and old. Pride and shame were very big challenges in my life and they still can be. I don’t think any of us ever arrive at a place where we have it all together. If we did we wouldn’t need Jesus. As I have grown in Christ I don’t always see it. Then I take a peek back and see how far he has brought me to date. I get discouraged and think I’m never going to get rid of my thorn in my side that I believe are there to remind me of being humble and open with the people I know who will love me and pray me through it. I still sometimes take months to get there and then I continue to ask God to help me. It’s in his timing and it’s always good. I always wanted to be the strong one and like you not let my kids or husband see me hurt. I realised by doing that I didn’t teach my children that God is our helper and we can’t do anything on our own. I’m so glad you had a Mom that showed her hurt to you and you saw her crying out to the Lord. It takes God sometimes to bring us to our knees like he did me and I was very uncomfortable but he’s not worried about our comfort he is more concerned about our heart. Thank goodness for that. We all need prayer and yeah we want to be the ones to be doing the praying but it’s bravery and strength that tells pride I don’t need you I need prayer! You got it and God will guide you and the walls will come down and you will emerge with a taste of freedom to let go of those mean friends pride and shame. Mommies do get tired and long to have alone time and that’s okay. One day you will have that. Right now you can try and get small rests and just recline into the Lord’s love. I will continue to pray for you. I’m glad you have a Mom that is there for you and that you are so strong in the Lord. This is a verse that I have mediated over many times and I want to share it with you.
          ” For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs. Zephaniah 3:17
          Blessing to you and your family.

    • You are not alone dear sister. I stand with you as well with prayer that we all continue to lean on God and allow him to direct us and keep us as we walk this world. As this community continues to pray with you from our hearts and mouths to His ears, rest assured in knowing that we are all with you in this journey.

      • Nakia, I’m not sure if you ever heard of a guy named Michael Jackson, but he sang a song with lyrics, “You are not alone. I am here with you…” As you mentioned, I am not alone and I’m thankful to have sisters like you to pray for me. So often, we feel alone because we’re afraid to raise our hand and say, “me too.” I’ve always been pretty shy, but now I question whether shyness has quietly become self-righteousness. Either facade, shy or self-righteous, God has a way of chipping away at them. I just frantically try to put the broken pieces back mumbling under my breath, “this is not who you are, this is not who you are.” But God. I am thankful for your prayers, each and every one of them. Blessings

  8. Thank you for this, especially the comment above – Guilt, I suffer so much in that battle if only my faith was stronger I wouldn’t be afraid to be brave. But then I remember, God helps me most when I am weak and he can come into my life and lift me up. I just have to remember to open my heart to him, and have faith. He’s never let me down. Every bad thing in my life has really only brought good to me, I just have to let it play through and see the journey that God wants me to walk. Sometimes it takes just a little longer to see what the good is – most of the time it strengthens my relationship with our lord. Wow I love how he works it all out. Be Brave and walk the paths with him, you will never be sorry you did.

  9. My first thought was…”I never feel brave”….then, as I kept reading I loved to connect with the message and agree; for me being brave is to simply show up! Sometimes just getting there and getting over all the self talk full of “Anxiety and what-ifs” makes me feel brave.

    • Yes!! I just show you and take a deep breath and whisper “God have your way”. You’re no alone!

  10. This was an interesting read and thank you for it. Reflecting on it and the word that comes to mind is “courage”. Whenever I think about the word “brave” I think of soldiers and the Apostles, and Jesus. Those who sacrifice for others and/or the greater good. However, your post makes me realize how I never applied bravery to life/myself but I’m growing every day knowing that God is with me, always….

  11. Holley- thank you for this! It is very timely for me as I sit in a guest house in Indonesia after a second whirlwind day of a visit to this strange land in this place that will soon become my family’s home. Brave has been His theme that He keeps knocking up side my hard head. I certainly don’t feel brave. Thank you for pointing out that these are the times He calls me to fall deeper into him with trust and love. It is a much needed reminder. Blessings!

  12. Holley, thank you for this much needed posting, these gentle words from the Lord. As I read it and listened to the words of our dear sisters here, I realized that doubt and other stuff leads us to a place of dependence on the Lord for the courage and strength, love and compassion to go forth in His love anyway. How He uses these negative things to make us strong when we are weak-there is such goodness in that as it displays His glory in us 🙂 My heart races with anxiety as I write these thoughts as I am dealing with loneliness and panic, but He helps me to remember that He, perfect love, lives in me even when I am weak and afraid, His truth in the face of evil. There is an old saying that I heard a long time ago: “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes its the quiet voice at the end of the day that says “I will try again tomorrow.”-Mary Ann Rademacher Reminds me of the perseverance that we have to have to run the race, trusting that the Lord will get us through. I don’t know, but it seems to be where this is leading me 🙂 May we all trust in the Lord today to bring us through the storms our doubt and weakness into a promised land. a spacious place, the pasture of His love and grace 🙂

    • Will pray for you today; that God’s encouragement and comfort be reassuring that he is with you; loves you and is guiding you in every perfect step. That even in the quiet they become loud and what you base your everything on. In Jesus name. Thanks for your honest thoughts as well as they also encouraged me; Blessings!

  13. One of my favorite verses as I stumble along, sometimes brave and sometimes afraid and uncertain, tells me God directs my steps, even when those steps are the two-step you wrote about.
    Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs His steps.

  14. Thank you Holley for this message and for the comments of others. I really needed to hear this today. I need to remember that I am always braver than I thought with God’s help. That my asking for help from others is not a sign of weakness – it takes a lot of courage to ask for help. It takes more courage when they say “no” they won’t help me. So I am going to be Brave and trust that God has got me and knows all the details and has a way to get me through once again. God blessings!

  15. Thank you for sharing this story of inspiration and courage Holly! I have struggled more times than I’d like to admit to move forward trusting God in spite of my fears. The key is for me to obey my Savior’s leading and trust him. It does not mean the fear will go away but I am thankful that Jesus never goes away. He is always here with me. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful week and may God richly bless you and yours in all your endeavors!

  16. Thank you Holley for sharing this message. Often I find myself fearful of the things I can’t control or things that are unfamiliar. I want to be brave but I have struggled to recognize what that looks and feels like. Your message has given me clarity that if am present the battle is already won because great is he that is within me.

  17. Wow! Just what I needed today. Thank you for this encouragement, Holly. I am fearful of almost every meaningful decision that I make. But as I look back at some of the most scary, heart pounding, knee shaking choices, I see goodness. And the beauty that has come from those fear filled steps makes life richer and fuller and less scary.
    I love you and your willingness to keep letting God use your gift of encouraging the hearts of us women through words.

  18. Great clarification. Thx for your sensitive, listening spirit, and heart to communicate what you hear.

  19. Hi Holley,
    I feel the need to be brave this season- doing what I sense God has asked me to be faithful amongst what feels like a lot of noise and things that seem concerning and need to be paid attention to. Brave to resist criticizing myself for what seems like delay or anything else; I realize In that Mary and Martha Bible story – choosing Mary’s choice; is just that- a choice. With God I can do this and I will. Pray for your girl tho; seriously; – for no reacting to distractions and just following , listening to and resting in Jesus. (Wiping the tears and dribble from my eyes and nose before someone comes into the dining area at work for lunch ) oops they just came in…
    God bless – Angie from Boston

  20. This blog was very timely. I am almost 64 years old and going back to college to get four early childhood classes so I can be put on the approved list of speakers to conduct inservices in my state. Today is my first class. I texted my prayer partners this morning, “Am I crazy to do this?” My conflicting feelings are expressed perfectly in your blog. Even my prayer partners said the same thing – one said take the next step and the other one said to remember it is the Holy Spirit in you doing the work. God is so good to bring encouragement to me and so many others through your obedience to Him. Brave and courageous we march in alignment to answer His call wherever we are!

    • Exciting! God bless you Martha in your bold faith; may it be a life-giving time in a very special way – this time of studies.

  21. Really great post! I read somewhere a long time back that ‘Brave’ is not the absence of ‘Fear’ but the presence of ‘Courage’ – exactly like you said – the ability to just show up – where I would like to add – by trusting our Heavenly Father! Thank you for affirming your readers especially women by your simple but profound messages.

  22. I have had to show great bravery these past two years when I decided to leave an unhappy marriage after 25 years. I often wonder, at what part was I the bravest? When I told him? Perhaps when I had to tell my two daughters? Or was it having to sell the home that I loved to go some place that wasn’t “home” to me? Every day I have had to experience bravery when I head out the door to a job and a life so different from all that I had known. But the VERY best part of my new found bravery, even with all the pain, are two things; the first, knowing that I do not walk alone. That when God told me 5 years ago, “you are not fully living the life I gave you” and I finally became brave enough to answer the call, he has walked with me, or even carried me, every step of the way. Secondly, and equally as great, is that I now live by example for my two daughters of what deep faith AND great bravery are all about. Quite a powerful pair!

  23. I believe love is all that makes us brave, and not even our own but God’s. It ‘s one thing to have doubts but unbelief is another thing entiirely, Hebrews 3:12. We don’t want to fall into that trap.

  24. I battle panic disorder and agoraphobia and have a constant battle with fear. I trust God to see me through and do exactly what you said in this article. Wow, did you speak to me today!!! It’s hard but I ask God for courage and He always sees me through it….although not always easy! Thank you Holley and God bless you. You always have just the right words 🙂

  25. Wow! As I started reading, I was thinking to myself, “I could not have answered that question!” And then you said it for me. Bless you for sharing. Showing up seems to be about all I do anymore, and it feels wearisome. I want to feel brave, confident, assured. I am not any of those, not even close. I thought at this point in my life I would at least have the answers I always thought the adults in my life seemed to have, but as I get close to the age my dad was when he first developed health problems, I find I have even fewer answers than he did. I also realize that I don’t want the same severe anxiety my mother has always had, but can’t seem to avoid it. Struggling here…

  26. Holley,
    Thank you so much for the encouraging words today. Our small group last night was discussing David and Goliath. This story relates to what you were talking about. David did not set out to be a hero that day. He didn’t realize the bravery he would be required to summon when he woke up that morning. So many times we are called to be brave, no matter how little or small, without even realizing it! What I think is most important, is recognizing where that bravery comes from and knowing that when called to act in His name, we WILL be brave!!!

  27. Holley, each time I read your posts and responses of others being In-touch blesses me! Recently, it is clear, as a single woman, retired now, the two step is an amazing thought! Yes. I asked Jesus recently in doubt where do I go from here when doubt keeps knocking at my door. I’m not brave it’s been that I act that way I don’t want to be transparent. I so needed your thoughts. In a way, we are all transparent, God See’s and knows our doubts. I have asked Him to step right in the middle so I can just show up! From relationships to finances to my inner heart I need to take care of only what I can do. I’m doing more each day to strengthen and encourage gifts he has already given me. I guess you could say I had started a new dance with the Lord because I haven’t been brave on my own.
    The words of so many women on this In Courage post I identified with!

  28. Thank you for this. The liar and well meaning Christians influenced my own acceptance that my lack of faith displays my inadequate trust in God. Yet as I ponder what is so well written a direct speak to my heart is the fact that indeed I do dance that 2 step and I show up because of His grace never giving up that faith will win! And it does, maybe it changes to a wild samba but it does! In His grace alive! How merciful is our God!

  29. Thanks, Holley! I think you’re right! I think my first response is uncertainty at best and fear at worst. I know the truth and also that we get courage (bravery) when we face and move into and past the fear and yet that is still often my response. A bit over a year ago when I started my website and started putting my words, thoughts, reflections, opinions, and feelings “out there” online was one of the really hard things for me to risk doing. Of course, that is only one of many. I am grateful to say I am now old enough to have some history that nudges me to take a risk, but I still hesitate at the edge of the pool often. This was so genuine! Love that!!

  30. Hi Holley! I haven’t left a cooment for you in such a LONG time. I always get something to take into my heart from your posts, but (this is a crummy excuse) I suffer from severe, chronic depression and have a social anxiety disorder. Last February, that monster decided to surface with all of its might and even with all of my medication, it has refused to tame itself. Consequently, many days, I can read, but can’t get myself together to write.
    Your post today compelled me to write a comment. I cannot tell you how much of my prayer time is spent having a conversation with the Father and apologizing numerous times to him for my lack of faith. Most of my sessions end in tears. I know He tells us, “Fear not…”, and I always say to myself ‘I AM going to obey the will of the Lord’, then something comes along and I want more than anything to be BRAVE and find myself instead in FEAR. Immediately, I start shaming myself and thinking I must be a phony Christian, because if I had TRUE faith, I would not be fearful at all and would all ow the strength of the Lord to let me be BRAVE! And so goes this vicious circle round and round all of the time; and each time I condemn myself more than the time before.
    I have former friends who I shared this information with and was met with, ‘you are just not praying hard enough, or you are not trusting the Lord and His Word, because if you were’ ….. I felt ostracized within my group of friends, most of whom were other Moms I had developed friendships with through my children’s Catholic school and Church. I hope I don’t sound like I am pitying myself, that is not my intent at all. I have had this disease for 27 years and know the stigma the goes along with it, I accepted thhat fully many years ago. My struggle is within myself. Bravery, Fear, Doubt… thank you for this wonderful post today and I thank God for pressing you on to write about this. No matter what…He is good all of the time. God bless you Holley… Christ showed His face to me today in your post.

  31. I love this a lot! Your definition of bravery will become my battle cry. When I turned fifty I decided that if a thing–a good thing–terrified me, then there was s good chance it was a thing I should step toward. And so I try to do this, and each time I show up for something I fear, I gain something even better than courage: deeper trust in God’s faithfulness to show up and make it all work out.
    Game on!

  32. To go right along with those red cowboy boots: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway” –John Wayne. (Are you old enough to remember the cowboy hero from dozens of westerns?!) Thank you, Holley, for the spirit-boosting statement: We DO have more courage and more answers than we often realize!

  33. What a comfort your words gave me. Being brave is what I’ve had to face during my son’s cancer diagnosis. I have often felt guilty because being brave doesn’t take away fear. Being brave for me has been the act of just getting out of bed and facing another day. Being brave has also meant taking bites of food even when I thought I couldn’t hold anything on my stomach. Being brave to me has meant going to watch my son have chemo put in his body and not breaking down in front of him. It hasn’t taken away the fear and doubts and insecurities at all. It has made me lean on Jesus and trusting Him to pull us through no matter the outcome. I’ve heard from friends….have faith and be brave. That’s so much easier said than done, but with Jesus all things are possible!

  34. I don’t have the patience to read most of the replies. I have my mammogram tomorrow morning. I’m scared not because there is any reason, it’s just what I do. I’m scared of so many things all the time. I can’t even think now. Jesus will get me through it, that I know.

  35. Holley,

    Loved the thought that being brave is doing what scares you because He asks. That being said I guess I’ve been brave a lot in my life, although you never would have known it. The first time was when a group was going to state prison for a “weekend mission” session with prisoners. I was part of the team that did the cooking while men went inside prison. Scary part was closing ceremony where everyone got to go inside the prison-walking through metal detectors, guard searches & double locked doors. We stopped in a main meeting room and the “prisoners” who were on the “walk” came in and talked with us. Talk about being scared to death. Turns out those prisoners were /are just common people who need someone to show them the love of God. BTW: it is called Kairos-after walk to Emmaus!

    Blessings 🙂

  36. This touches my heart on so many levels, Holley. I was so blessed to be able to attend the {In}Courage #IRL event in Springfield, Missouri. My take-away from the evening was also on the topic of bravery. As a writer myself, my heart held the insight given, “When a writer writes about being brave, it means she is feeling afraid. Writers often write about what they need in that moment.” Yes!!! I absolutely agree with this, yet I had never truly owned this realization. This explains why I often feel like I’m “preaching to myself” as Ann Voskamp puts it. Bravery and “only brave for Jesus” are common topics on my blog. It’s in THIS that I combat fear by speaking words of truth to others and allowing those very truths to wash over my own trembling soul. Thank you, Holley for being one of the truly brave–to write words that encourage and breathe hope in our hearts again and again. You’re pioneering the way for bravery even when you don’t feel particularly bold. Thank you, thank you!!! Wear your red cowgirl boots with great zeal. You can own it, because to us–you’ve always been brave.

    With love,

    • I am so glad that I read this comment Courtney. This is exactly how I write for my newspaper, and I always thought it was weird. Now I know its not. Thank you for this. I have been brave by writing about my struggles for many people to see. I have been brave in writing so that my parents can see my heart written in print. Thank you.

      • I am with you and for you, Victoria. I’m so thankful for Holley and the women at {In}Courage. Their authenticity helps us to be brave. I’m so thankful that Jesus makes us all brave. We can surrender our hearts and our work even when we don’t feel brave. We can write in a way that sparks hope for others even when we’re “preaching to ourselves” as Ann says. Keep being your genuine self and loving Jesus, Victoria. You are making someone else very brave. Holley, you encourage us more than you know, sweet friend!

  37. Thanks for your honesty. I had something traumatic happen a few years back that showed me I had no faith. It was replaced with pure fear. But looking back now what it did show me, was like you ladies, i had courage and faced it, doing the best I could. I’m a scared rabbit a lot of the time but still have a mustard seed of faith and believe that one day when we stand before Him, because we were brave, courageous and kept going, our perseverance will make us look absolutely fabulous.

  38. I agree. I remember a particularly difficult season of my life where the Lord showed me that faith does not mean the absence of fear. Even the Psalmist said, “What time I am afraid I will trust in Thee.” (Psalm 56:3)