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Elizabeth’s story includes divorce, adoption, homeschooling, chronic illness, and lots of hope found in hard places. Her first book, Type Onederland, is available on Amazon. A second book, Begin, will be released in March. Elizabeth lives in the college town of Clemson, South Carolina with her husband and two children.

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  1. Elizabeth,
    First, Congrats’ on Clemson winning! I love your story of hearing your name being called. I believe that God is always calling our name and He always sees us, but somehow when we are in the midst of adversity, that’s when hearing our name and knowing we are seen can literally save our lives. Like you, I’ve gone through a lot of pain and adversity, but knowing I have a Savior who cares so intimately and deeply about me – one who carries me when I can’t walk alone – gives me hope. When someone calls your name, it takes it to a much more personal level. When we pass through the flame and God and others call our name and come to our aid, a strong bond is formed. We know that we are not alone and that God will not let the waters overwhelm us. Confidence comes when we know, deep in our heart, that we are known and our name is being called. Way to go in your race!!

    • Thank you Bev! We are so proud of our Tigers and the WAY they won! It was a victory for the kingdom!! And – amen sister!! Yes! You are so right…the intimacy with which God sees us can truly save our lives. xoxo E

  2. Wow I really needed this at the point I am at in my life! The scripture you used is the one I’ve been hanging on to. Isn’t it wonderful how God is always right on time? Thank you for being His willing servant! May He bless you richly!!!!

    • Renae ~ oh goodness! This is truly and example of God calling YOUR name…that he would lead you to this place and these words just when you needed them. Much love sister! E

  3. Thank you for this important aspect of encouragement. I am the generic cheerleader and didn’t realize this until now. How important to be intentional with using that personal name, and caring but showing that we are with someone in the race, along side, knowing them by name. Jesus is our cheerleader and calls us by name! He knows what our pain is and He is there beside us, helping us to endure it.

  4. Beautiful encouragement! So grateful for my saviour and that He knows my name! My daughter had massive strokes at birth and has severe deficits resulting from it. She wasn’t expected to survive yet God had other plans. The daily challenges are a hard race to run. I am so grateful for the people God placed in my life who are there to encourage me! Reading this post has also encouraged me to be present and encouraging to friends who are running hard races. Thank you! Beautiful words! Love that scripture!

  5. You are so right, we are never alone. God always sees us and is there every step of the way. Even when friends and the church don’t step into to cheer us or cook meals or serve us in any way. I love that the church and friends rallied around you, but sometimes they don’t and while we may feel alone and forgotten, we never are. God will minister to us in ways that once we are farther on in our race we will be able to look back and see that he was there the whole time.

    • Theresa Boedeker you are so right. Sometimes, no one steps up to help or to just be there for you. This post especially touched me, as my daughter was diagnosed with a chronic disease 2 years ago. I was so alone, so hurt in the lack of support from friends and family. I’ve spent the last 2 years forgiving them. I’ve never wanted to hold that against anyone but still wonder to this day why some people have to endure so many things alone. I always think of Jesus. As I know he was alone on earth but supported by his father.
      I’m struggling and holding on to my faith that someday things will get better.
      Elizabeth Maxon thank you for writing your personal story and inspiring us today.

      • Brandy, I am so sorry that you are facing such a big trial on your own. You shouldn’t have to, but sometimes that happens, even when it shouldn’t. It happened to us after a tragic accident, and for years I thought it was us. But now I know it was just others failing to do what they should have done. I am glad you are forgiving. I know it is easy to be angry, but when we turn our hurt into helping others and developing empathy for others in our situation or similar trial, God can turn our hurt into blessings for others. Our suffering is never a waste when we use it to help and minster to others. I will be praying for you and your daughter.

    • This is so true Theresa! Even when it doesn’t seem like our needs are being met by man they are being met by God. Sometimes it takes not having anything else to hold onto to remind us of what we truly have in Him. Love your perspective! xoxo E

    • Theresa and Brandy and Elizabeth, thank you for these words that echo so many places in my life. I have had seasons too where I have had to carry it all alone, yet never once did Jesus forget my name-thank you for reminding me Theresa. He has engraved them on Himself with nail holes that show His great love of each of us, His intimacy for us. I try to look at those times as times of deepening reliance and relationship with Jesus, but I have too to forgive and struggle with holding on to faith Brandy. You are right Elizabeth that He will meet our needs out of His glorious riches, I just have to remember to open up to letting Him 🙂 May we each seek and find him cheering us on as He holds our right hands, walking with us, sometimes carrying us through the sign posts of life 🙂

  6. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
    And through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you (Isaiah 43:2)

    This was the Bible verse on my daughter’s high school swim tshirt many years ago. I had always loved it! (I had kept her tshirt to do something with it after she ended her swim career.) When she completed her events, she always knew, I would yell ‘good swim, Danae’ above the crowd so she could hear it. Even if I didn’t show up on time when she would enter the water, as I needed to run pick her brother up at his school first, she knew I would be there at the end of her event as her fingers touched the time pad. (She usually swam in the first events then a few later.) She knew her personal cheerleader was there!
    Fast forward, two years out of high school for her, my husband and my kids’ dad died of a fatal heart attack. It was this verse that helped me through. (I made the tshirt into a banner to put right above my desk at work!) Yet, I had always been a little hurt of why God did you let this happen? Why didn’t my husband eat better? (He weighted 300+pounds.) This morning, as I read ‘He calls you by name, – you are mine.’ I re-read it, this person must be wrong, that’s not part of this chapter of Isaiah. I doubled checked my bible. Sure enough, it is!
    Wow! And Thank you! You just lifted a hurt off my back, and put a smile on my face reminding me, I am not alone. He was/is with me through it all cheering me on! I can do this! Sometimes in life it’s good to have a reminder, I have my own personal cheerleader ! Thank you again!!!

    • Oh I have chills Tricia! Thank you for sharing this part of your story with us and how beautifully it weaves into God’s greater story for all of us. Blessings on you sweet sister! xoxo E

  7. No matter how difficult the conditions may be, you will not face them alone. Thank you so much for remaining us that our God is always there.

  8. Thank you for sharing ❤ God bless your beautiful daughter and may God bless you with strength and peace to keep running the race ❤

  9. Lovingly story and encouraging reminder that He calls us by our name. We are a face in the middle of the multitude.

  10. Elizabeth,

    People cheering you on is a great thing. It makes the race that much easier to run. We aren’t supposed to run this race alone. God wants us in community. He expects us to encourage each other with love and “name calling”. Even if it is just a phone call, note or just a pray for someone. Cheering them on will help aid them in their race. Sometimes the race can be hard and we’re not sure who to talk to or where to go. Not to worry God is there cheering us on. Telling us I love you and you’ve got this! He will see us through all the races of life!

    Blessings 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing your story!! I so can relate! There are so many parallels God shows us when we train for our races in the physical race and spiritual one. I could totally relate to your story! Beautiful!

  12. Oh…YAY!! Seeing your beautiful face guest posting makes me smile! I’ve loved watching your journey through the years and absolutely loved this story. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that He knows my name. We miss you in Charlotte, friend!

      • Yes Elizabeth He is so wonderfully faithful always! I forwarded it to my friend of 40 years and it so touched her she just cried and cried…..good tears. She needed it too! You will probably never know this side of heaven just how many have been blessed and encouraged to keep going. Thank you again and many blessings to you Elizabeth!!!

  13. So true! There is something so beautiful in being called by name – like being known! Thank you for sharing this, Elizabeth. This resonated with me, as I was reminded of when you served communion at New Charlotte. You knew my name, and you said it when serving: “The body of Christ, broken for you, Heidi.” That use of my name has always stuck with me. Making the sacrifice of Jesus so personal for me. Thank you.

    • Oh wow, Heidi! You’re making me cry again! One of my most favorite experiences is communion. It means so much that you thought of that. He really does KNOW us!! Love you!