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Jami and her husband Justin live on a ranch in Texas. They are active in foster care and currently have seven children. Jami’s first book, “Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior,” launches October 2017 with Harvest House Publishers. Jami writes about Jesus, life, and lunacy.

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  1. Brought me to tears . We all need a day of rest. … and to just visit with one in need. I am sure you brought joy to the dear woman.

  2. Mom of six and all are on home on spring break. Being in northern Michigan we still have tons of snow. Hard to get outside for too long without getting cold. Kids have been loud and messy. I feel like I have been burning the candle at both ends. Rest. Be still in His presence. Thanks for the reminder. I needed to hear that this morning.

  3. Your story brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful to have such a moment. I’m sure you blessed that woman immensely as I’m sure she did you. So beautiful when God puts those situations in front of us and we follow his lead.

  4. So good!! What a sweet treasure and rest time!! I love that you talk about listening to the Spirit a lot recently. I am tying to tune my ear to listen better as well and not many talk about their experiences. It’s refreshing and encouraging. ❤

  5. Oh wow, this is such a sweet example of God’s personal love, both for you and for the woman you got to spend time with. What a sweet time. Thank you for being an example of stepping out in faith and obedience. This has prompted me to pray that God will use me even today to minister His love to someone who doesn’t know Him, and even someone who does but needs a fresh reminder of His presence and goodness! Love to you, friend!


  6. I love Devine appointments! Every time I yield to the opportunity He provides – I am humbled and blessed!
    Your timing is perfect – I am feeling pressed for time (house repairs to get it on the market, 3 weekly ministries, grandchildren & sports) and a woman who wants to get together this week that I was trying to figure out how to work her in. My brain said to “pass”, but He is saying figure it out.
    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Thank you so very much for these tears of gratitude that brought me out of moments of self pity. Bless you. Your words are such a blessing to have in my “in box” in the mornings.

  8. Jami,

    Thank you for listening and obeying God. That nice older lady just needed someone to talk with. God knows best what we need and how to give it to us. My dad lived his last years in assisted living facilities. I would go and visit him 3-4 times a week. Each time I would talk with or smile saying “hi” to the other residents. You never know how that would make their day. We need to heed God’s divine appointments-or as I say His “Ah ha or I should” moments. God knows what we need more than we do & He will find ways to give it to us while helping other people out.

    Blessings 🙂

  9. Had you been selfish you would have missed a devine opportunity. Thanks for the reminder to

  10. Wow!! Your devine appointment touched me deeply!! I love these God encounters. This lady will never forget and probably retelling to all she knows as you shared with us here. Reading this confirmed and encouraged me again (my husband told me the same just yesterday) that what I am currently doing without pay until my next full time job comes is not time wasted. It’s for such a time as this!!

  11. Thank-you for reminding me that people are gifts of rest if I take the time to enjoy them with my full attention. Put the screen away, the course of study, the writing, the dishes, the mud chunks on the floor and find rest as I look my lovelies in the eye and take in the dimples and the sparkle as a story is shared. I needed this kick in the pants today!

  12. Thank you for sharing this. I like this line most of all: “Deep within my need for order and efficiency, I am blessed with opportunities to rest.” And sometimes our idea of rest is different from the rest God is giving us. We just need to be open to His movements…

  13. Hr gives rest to us because everyone loves us. Sometimes it seems long overdue, but I wonder what I can change to receive his rest. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, friend!

  14. He gives rest to us because he loves us. Sometimes it seems long overdue, but I wonder what I can change to receive his rest. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, friend!