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Elizabeth is a wife, mother, picture book writer, dancer, art lover, and volunteer. She has an affinity for trees and finds joy in the outdoors year-round in Minnesota with her family and two black labs.

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  1. Elizabeth,
    I needed this post today. I am feeling somewhat frustrated and cast down. I am trying to use my gifts, but things, at the moment are not going smoothly. I feel tired and weary. Like the turkey, I know I have wings to fly – God gave me those, but I think I have not been allowing Him to be the wind beneath my wings that lifts me upward – I’ve just been flapping my wings awkwardly on my own trying to muster up flying. Your post reminds me to Be still and wait for Him to lift me up because with Him is the only way I can soar. Thank you…
    Bev xx

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. I published a similar post on my site just yesterday. We need to spur one another on and walk in the purposes God has for us – for His glory and our joy.

  3. So thankful for words that affirm all my awkwardness in taking flight — God has given me these wings, and I’m learning to use them, trusting that He will be glorified even in this process of realizing that I’ve been equipped!

  4. This is exactly what we share in our ministry where we talk about equipping people as witnesses for Jesus in every day encounters but I love the way you said it and shared from a moment that was poignant in your life. Beautifully written. Thank you. As I get older, I find that my instant recall isn’t so good and I am inspired by writers like yourself who can remember and pull that memory in a message to glorify God. That is truly from the Holy Spirit. Lord, give us all enough memory to share what YOU are doing in each of our lives to the people we encounter.

  5. Elizabeth.
    What a joy to read your post this morning. Thank-you for sharing your gift. Sometimes they might be overlooked, and it’s a matter of recognizing them. As Roman’s 12: 6-8 points out, ( writer, giver, teacher) etc. Yesterday a stranger accused me of not caring or giving enough. I might be mistaken, but it was tolerance I believe in this case I was equipped with.

    Have a blessed day all,


  6. Thank you for sharing your story with us! I’m already studying through 2 Cor so it was a great fit for my quiet time this morning. 🙂

  7. Excellent thought, Elizabeth. It’s so easy to be the turkey and yet God designed us for so much more if we just take that leap. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. I so needed this today. I work as an Women’s Shelter Outreach worker and have been feeling burnt out lately. I know God has put me here but I needed to be reminded of that this morning. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths Elizabeth! Blessings and love always xoxo

  10. Trying to find what’s next in my early retirement ? Thank you for the encouraging words I look forward to flying

  11. It’s interesting to me how God puts verses in my face repeatedly when He is trying to tell me something…thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  12. I’ve compared myself in lots of ways but never to a turkey. I do feel like I peck around and am always in someone’s way but the other day my mother told me I soared, maybe I’ve got wings after all, and I’m in the devil’s way, too bad, he loses to Jesus everytime.

  13. This is a joy to read your post this afternoon. I am feeling that same way Bev, frustrated and cast down, but I know who my redeemer is. I really needed that reminder today. God bless you Elizabeth.

  14. I too @ 83,am struggling. I truly believe that my gifts/strengths can still

  15. Thanks so much for this. I know God has equipped me, but I still second guess myself all the time. Seems I can’t seem to skip that step before relaxing and trusting. Going to ponder on this a while.

    • You aren’t alone in second guessing, Mary. (Have you heard Sara Groves song “Second Guess Girl”? She may have written it about me!) Thanks for your comments.

  16. Such a great analogy, Elizabeth! What a gift to read. Love you, my dear sister in Christ!

  17. Thanks Elizabeth. This surely is an encouragement that I needed. So, thanks once again and God bless you.

  18. Loved this, Elizabeth, and loved how your beautifully written words resonated with so many! How exciting that God is using your gifts and talents to encourage others in the faith! Think my creative writing is like the turkey’s flying…I don’t use the skills very often…sometimes I think I need a little yell from God to get me going! Thanks for this! Keep it up, girl:)

  19. Elizabeth,

    ‘God has already equipped you to serve Him wherever you are right now.’ I guess for now my wings must walk the road of aging parents & dementia. I’m frustrated where God has me, but I know He has plans for me and my life! I will try to encourage everyone I see and make their day better. May soon I can really fly!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • That is the hard part. We are equipped even if it isn’t necessarily where we would choose to be. I have some experience with the road you are on (my grandmother and as well as professionally) and it is so difficult. I can tell you from the other side that I have seen many blessings come out of that personal experience. However, I know that when you are in the thick of it, seeing is difficult. I am sure you are a blessing to your parents. Praying for you.

  20. I really liked your post Elizabeth and would like to share on our church’s fb page. The idea of being “equipped” to do God’s work is pertinent right now…and always really. I liked your post and hope I have you permission to share it…giving you the credit for writing it, of course. Thanks.